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please (me)

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Here taeyong was, mindlessly wandering on the internet. It was late in the night & he had school the next morning, his mother would scold him if she found him in the depths of the internet at this hour in the night.

Taeyong was a little, on the odd side. Taeyong had a love for being praised, he enjoyed it when people would tell him he looked good or did something good. It made him feel proud of himself & his self being.

The sound of the mouse clicking was almost relaxing to taeyong, he had gotten used to it after being on his computer for over 3 hours. " what's this?" taeyong mumbled looking closely at the computer screen. www.wewantsubsanddoms./com. He looks at the screen for a second, the homepage nothing but a creme white color. He refreshes the tab and finally, something popped up. ' profile '
He decided to change his profile picture into a selfie he took not that long ago, his black hair was outstanding. He does everything else he felt as if he needed to change and refreshes it once again.

' you have one message ' He read that and and blankly stared at the screen, not knowing whether or not he should click on the inviting message. He flicked his eyes across the clock near his door ' 1:03 AM ' he figured he had enough time as he usually slept at 3 or so.

Taeyong clicks on the message and lets the page finish reloading. There the message sits. ' Hey~ ' He scrunches his nose a bit, pressing on his profile photo. " Woah. " Taeyong mumbles, the person in the photo was unbelievably pretty. He looked somewhat on the older side. His eyes were almond shaped. ' Dom Daddy Doyoung ' he reads over that as a sensation tingles over his whole body. Knowing the mess he'll get into after responding, he takes his cue.

tae tae - uhm hi there!
d.d.d. - hey there babe
taeyong blushes a bit at the small pet name made.

tae tae - hi, im pretty new to this so- mind explaining me a bit more?
d.d.d. - oh sure, basically this place is made to have subs & doms meet up talk & shit.

Taeyong nods to himself. So this really is just a place for hook-ups. Taeyong hasn't been with anyone, he's still a virgin so this is incredibly intimidating to him.

tae tae - oh alright, thanks for explaining
ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ also, you look cute! my name is taeyong, and you?
d.d.d. - no problem baby, thanks for that but you're so fucking hot.. holy hell im getting hard. im also dongyoung but doyoung is alright

Taeyong reads the lines over and over again. He was hard, that made his cute tummy tingle a bit.

tae tae - so wyd?
d.d.d. - roleplay with me baby boy. im getting hard over here.

Taeyong gulps, roleplay?? He's only done it once but with a good friend of his and the topic was on Harry Potter. He continues to type im something he'll probably regret later on.

tae tae - tell me what to do daddy

d.d.d. - fuck you're making me harder than i already am * kisses you and bites your pink plump lips *

tae tae - mmh daddy, i'll take care of you. * kisses you back and straddles you *

d.d.d. - * holds your hips while you grind your hips onto mine * who's good boy are you. * moves down towards your neck, leaving red bites to linger. *

tae tae - u-ugh im your goodboy daddy. * grinds on you while i unbuckle your pants. *

d.d.d. - ughn you're doing so well for me, suck me off baby. * grabs ahold of your head and you taken over daddy's body *

tae tae - * sucks your long, wet dick from the tip to the bottom.*

Taeyong hasn't actaully ever written anything like this but he's been on tumblr for a long time so he knows the memo. He's shocked as he feels his member ache in his shorts. He can't help but dig his hand in his shorts & beneath his panties- yes he wears them & starts to stroke his length re-reading those messages.

d.d.d. - mmmhm you're doing such a great job for me, thank you baby for helping me come. I want to meet you, hopefully you don't live too far away.

Taeyong reads the text with wide eyes- HUH. what the fuck was he going to do. He wipes his hand off his shirt and texts back a reply.

tae tae - uhm idk i live in seoul so.. also, just to let you know, im 18, graduating high school this year~

d.d.d. - i live relatively close. also, im 25, hopefully that isn't much of a age-gap. let's schedule a meet up, how about next thursday, i'll pick you up at 5pm & we'll call it a date. how does that sound like?

Taeyong reads the text, he's filled with ecstasy & is thrilled. He lets doyoung know he's free

tae tae - im free that day, i'll look forward to meeting you & i'll make sure to look nice to please you daddy. let's meet up at the cafe near pearl street, here's my number~ ___________

d.d.d. - hmm i look forward to meeting you too baby. try not to get too excited alright. goodnight

tae tae - goodnight daddy doyoung

Taeyong is still shocked, he closes his computer & makes his way towards his bed. He's excited, although he still doesn't know if this is the right thing to do, but still, he can't wait for what holds him on that day. Taeyong slowly falls into a deep sleep, only having 5 hours to sleep before waking up again for his dreaded school.