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Three Souls, One Heart Beat

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Three Souls, One Heartbeat


Captain America. A name that withstood the test of time within American history and culture. A complex science experiment that grew to become a beacon of hope within times of hardship. A being that is associated with metamorphosis, american patriotism, perfect morality, last but not least, and heavy punches towards nazis. A hunk of a man that struggled to even look in any vacinity of a women; exterior not quite matching internal mannerism. He was someone that stood at over six feet and weighs around two hundred pounds with an indestructible frisbee painted to resemble the American Flag.

A man that held an impressive resume within the eyes of his nation yet he struggled to make become accustomed to the new age. Someone who dreamed about the endless possibility the future held; fantasies about flying cars and ray guns visualized newspaper comic book artist. All the hope and optimism was wasted within this new era that he did not belong in; an era he was thrusted into abruptly. The world he knew was one of depression while a war broke out from all corners; the second world war that he doubted he’d ever experience within his lifetime. A life where everyday was a struggle, perhaps Steve wasn't quite ready to abandon the lifestyle yet.

His entrance into the new age wasn’t one that calmed his mind. It was one of panic and confusion with the walls around him that manifested into the new world. Steve struggled to comprehend the buildings that surrounded him and the vehicles that honked at the man. Utter turmoil blocking his ability to bask in the beauty that was modern day, a world that he fought to achieve that rewarded him with bewilderment and discomfort.

Steve didn’t seem to catch a break as he began to fathom the time he spent within the ice. It seemed like he was watching from another world, another perspective. He saw himself react in silence as he gleaned over the various files presented to him regarding old memories. It was the first time that Steve considered the serum as a double edged sword; it had blessed him with the strength to make change a reality but cursed him with a sad reality. The cells within his body seemed to have a longer life expectancy than most, even know Roger barley grasp that he’d live to witness the lives around him wither away with time as he would still stand with vigor and strength. He was now understood he was a tree among flowers.

Even in today's standard.

Steve wished for isolation but found himself trying to bury himself in work to fill the odd feeling resonating in his chest. Now with the help of Natasha he began to understand the advancements around him. Natasha tried her best to teach him about common pop knowledge that the everyday joe would need to know. Icons like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and Queens. Compiling a playlist of hits varying from multiple decades to help the transition, or that’s what the women hoped.

Work became the grounding anchor within his life but all good things come to an end and old wounds were opened, seasoned with salt.

He learned about the remains of Hydra being intertwined with SHIELD.

He learned about the identity of The Winter Soldier; something within him sparked and he felt hope flourish for the first time since his slumber. A quest opened its door before him, a journey of holding onto the past.

Then began the Avenger Initiative.

A journey that hadn’t reached it’s peak climax.
Asgard: Odin’s Throne Room

The God of Thunder stood in silence within the throne room of his father. Staring at the crowd before him; mind wandering the outcome of today's trial. Thor shifted with nervous tension as he awaited the arrival of his brother, Loki: God of Mischief. Anticipation of the various sentences his brother could face seemed to nestle within the pit of his stomach. Frigga attempted to comfort her son with a sad smile but it did little to calm his turmoil. A deep sigh exited his body as he saw his brother return; hair tangled and unkept with grease. Even so Loki kept his charismatic smirk to annoy the various members of the council that attended; the members themselves shaking their heads with vexation.

Loki was walking with diligence towards the throne as the feeling of despair decided to make itself at home within his chest. He threw a charming smile towards his Father with the intent of irking the one-eyed man. He wore a simple green button up that was now littered with wrinkles and black slacks that dragged along the floor. He had accepted his fate before the Law of Asgard and Earth. He was unable to give any information on how he was able to obtain the Tesseract. Who gave it to him? Where did it come from? Were questions he himself asked while contained between five white walls and a wall of energy. His mind was vacant.

The room was enveloped in silence as Loki stood with his chin up high; bowing before his Father. His action resembled what one might see in a cartoon character, a character that magnifies every aspect of their movement in the attempt garner annoyance from passer bys. Exaggerating every tiny action to further add insult but whether it was inertial is unclear. Odin looking down at his son with a stare of distaste yet there was sorrow laced with in his eyes. Loki is a son regardless of blood; none of that mattered to the old man. Yet he struggles to get the message across.Here stood his Son that commanded an entire army to invade the planet Midgard. A man that had a questionable moral judgement and an ego that could rival the most egotistical of men across the multiverse. There stood a frost giant that held two infinity stones in his clutches; bringing with him an entire army prepared to conquer the earth. A stone that could open portals connecting realms together with such ease and grace, one that would only close with an energy frequency similar to itself. The only source capable was one of such rareness yet two were on Earth. A scepter with the power to alter one's subconscious without the victim feeling a thing, a power that caused the cracks within the Avengers begin to form. A stone that affected the God of Mischievous himself. It was theorized among the court that this stone was responsible for the memory lose Loki suffered of.

A dark void filled his mind as the Avengers stood before him within Stark Tower. He knew enough to understand the situation he was in and his life before but there was a span of utter complete darkness that caused Loki to shiver and tense. Those who poked and prodded his mind for answers were thrown back by the force that protected the void. No one dared attempt to break through the spell, the strongest of magic users felt the darkness that radiated from the man. It seemed to cling to the man but seemed to be created from an outside force.


“Loki Laufeyson, God of Mischief, you stand before the King of Asgard and The Council Members for your acts against Midgard. Two months prior you took the possession of the Space and Mind Stone while harnessing its power to open a space bridge that allowed an army of Chitauri to reach Earth...How do you plea?”

Odin watched as Loki rolled his eyes at every word, every breath, and every pause the man took. The All Father caught off guard by the laid back nature his son was presenting to everyone. Frigga struggled to decide if it was a mask or the real Loki. The Loki that never missed the mark when it came to a well calculated insult. The Loki that showed his emotions through his eyes; anger, sorrow and disgust embodied through them but not many could decipher. She felt a wallow in self pity begin to form that soon blossomed into grief and shame; for even she was unable to differentiate between the masks and Loki and for that she questioned her motherhood.

“Guilty,’ was the word that exited the raven haired mans mouth. He said it loud and bold for all to hear. It was pointless to argue even if his mind was tampered with but he was the one to carry out the task given to him by someone superior. He had little knowledge on how to command the army and even less to locate a single Infinity Stone. He’d accept any fate given to him; for who would sympathize with a Frost Giant.


“By the grace of the Celestial's the army was destroyed before reeking havoc of all of Midgard. Casualties and mortalities were kept a minimum, thankfully. Under normal circumstances you’d be executed at regardless, however certain details have come to our attention. Mental manipulation was at hand along with alterations to your memories. Leaving this trial in neutral ground but actions have consequences,” Odin tapping his fingers along the armrest of his golden throne with diligence and caution. Forehead scrunching up with frustration.

Whether it was regarding the trial or his inability to put Loki through bars is up for debate.

“Asgard has been in touch with Earth and we’ve reached an agreement. Loki you are sentenced to live on Earth within the Avenger Tower and aid in whatever task they request. Your actions will reflect on whether you deserve to be pardoned under both rules of Law. Understood?”

Loki felt his eye narrow as his head jolted forward under sheer shock and surprise; not truly believing the words that were just stated. He’d expect to have himself publicly executed and have the even broadcast to Earth for such crimes. A life condemned to white walls and food not even worthy of a rat. This was an interesting proposition given to him by the universe. A second shot at life some may proclaim. Another opportunity to become better and improve himself from the inside out. Move forward as a better person, a better son and a better brother but with the resentment still burning in his soul Loki doubted all but one.

Loki merely smiled and nodded before Odin. For the God of Mischief was not being asked but told.


Avenger Tower

Conference Room


Clint stared at the floor as Fury informed them on the outcome of Loki’s trial; a name that would send shivers down his spine with panic attacks on the ready but that wasn’t the case. His regular therapy sessions with a therapist has improved the once mental shatter that was the god's doing. He pieced himself together with ease and comfort within the tower. Secluding himself away from the avengers as he sat on his bed eyes exploring his new room. Constant nagging was ingrained within the tower by Steve and Natasha, sometimes Thor, urging the bird man to join group events and interact with them once again. Often pointing out the lack of Tony’s presence within these events in the hopes that he’d be left alone. His soul surprised by Tony’s silent support.

Join em when you’re ready

With a simple pat on the shoulder.

His eyes wondered to Tony situated in the back of the room eyes centered on his illuminated crotch. Smirking at the actions of the mans that consisted of small jabs towards Fury that would only agitate him. Yet the man held a fondness beneath the frustrated scorning. Similar actions that caused a super soldier's vein to explode with frustration and anger while he and Nat sat in the back enjoying the show.

The man was an enigma within the group; they witnessed that of a man who’s mastered his image within fame and excellence. His attitude of mannerism was one that poked everyone’s funny bones; self aware of the atmosphere around him. Enjoying the small jabs at ones age or calculated pokes in the hopes of seeing a jolly green. Always content in spending time with the giant until his science bro returned to him.

Tony in the eyes of many was simply seen as an annoying bitch. These are the words hand selected by Clint within the first interaction between the genius and himself . An irritable frown laced into his face but as quick as it came it also left. Opening up to Tony as they discussed improvements to bows and arrows; he found himself smiling as “reviewed” Tony’s creation. He found himself laughing as the constant bickering between Tony and Steve only grew in ferocity and volume over the simplest of subjects. Bruce often muttering ow tired he was of the “battle of the egos”; praying for them to click amongst themselves. In these situations he often was surprised of the amused and entertained expressions that Natasha avoided.

Wait a minute

Lost in thought Clint became unaware of the silence that filled the room and the eyes now glued to him. Tony still focused on the light between his legs; tapping fingers encasing the room in it’s rhythmic pleasure. Clint removing himself from his mind and looking around the room. Both Steve and Natasha having clenched jaws and quaking body’s with anger while Bruce looked at Clint in confusion. Fury biting his lips as he waited for something. What he couldn’t be sure of himself. Face shifted in confusion as he realized he must’ve missed something. Probably something important. Must be something important. Really important.

“Would you like me to repeat it?”

“Sure”, the assassin replied as he placed his hands behind his head and feet on the table. Leaning back on the chair with a cheeky grin.



“Any new information regarding the upcoming target, SOMBRA?”

“I’ve accessed multiple satellites capable of finding him with facial recognition but we lack the data needed to execute with accuracy. I recommend-”

“Stark Industries.”

“Obviously, pendejo.”