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The Questing Years

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On September 1,1991,Harry James Potter boarded the Hogwarts Express. It was a calm London day,and the train was full of passengers. He was ready to get away from Uncle Landon,Aunt Sarah,and his cousins Jena,Millicent,Hannah,and Nicolas. They were good people,but sometimes just too overbearing for Harry.

Because this timeline has no Tom Riddle,except in a supporting role,Harry wasn’t the Boy Who Lived. His parents had died when he was five,in a broomstick accident in Wales. He had gone to his mother’s brother because his mother’s sister,Petunia,was too preoccupied with her husband Vernon and their son Dudley. His Uncles Sirius,Remus,and Peter came over for regular visits,and it had been agreed that when Harry became thirteen Sirius and his wife Merula would adopt him.