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"So," Ben murmured to his girlfriend softly, his eyes on some other people right now. "Is this thing between Bill and Stan supposed to be a secret or something?"

Bev snorted. "Hardly," she said, the corner of her lips quirking up a little bit. "The only people who don't know Bill and Stan love each other are Bill and Stan themselves."

Ben snorted too, shocked. Just shocked that she would say it like that. Though he did know her so he guessed he shouldn't have been.

Meanwhile Mike who had been standing around listening, laughed. His laugh turned rather abruptly into a coughing fit though. 

"I can't believe you're out today, Mike," Eddie piped up next to Mike, arms crossed stubbornly. "Who cares about Stan and Bill and all of this gossip? It's old news. Sorry Ben," he added, because Ben was a sweetheart and he didn't mean anything against him when he just said that that second then. "Why aren't you just in bed?"

"Oh." Mike's voice was obviously gone. "I feel fine."

"That's what we're gonna put on his gravestone," Ben said. "'He felt fine'." 

Despite that, Mike laughed again. He loved his friends.