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“One more day,” Bill murmured sweetly, cupping Ford’s face affectionately in his small, silky hands. “One more day until we can be together in the physical world.”

Ford smiled, leaning in to Bill’s touch and pulling him closer. “I can't wait,” he said, meeting Bill’s eye.

“Me neither,” Bill replied, flipping his eye into a mouth and pulling him into a gentle kiss. Ford felt his cheeks flush as Bill’s lips pressed against his own and he held Bill lovingly, caressing his sides.

Bill sighed out happily. “I love you,” he told Ford.

“I love you too,” Ford replied. “I'll love you until the end of time.” He hugged the dream demon tightly, stroking his back.

“Out of all the brilliant minds I've inspired… you were always my favorite. You do know that you're the first one that I've felt so intimate with. You're the first one that I've loved,” Bill said quietly.

Ford felt his heart twist with affection. “R-really?” he asked. “Why… me?”

“Because you're special, Fordsy,” Bill told him. “I love everything about you… you're sweet, you're beautiful, you're determined… I love the way you hold me,” he added, snuggling into Ford’s chest.

He blushed. “I love holding you,” he admitted. Bill looked up at him and brushed his hand against his cheek.

“You're adorable,” he murmured, causing Ford’s face to heat up even more.

“I… you're cute too,” Ford squeaked out, smiling sheepishly.

Bill chuckled, kissing him again. Ford deepened it, letting go of his hesitation and allowing Bill to nip his bottom lip gently. He felt a small spark of desire ignite inside of him and he opened his mouth slightly. Bill got the message and his tongue snaked out to explore.

“And I love the way you touch me,” Bill whispered.

“I l-like the way you touch me too,” Ford murmured against Bill’s lips. His face flushed as he felt small sparks of wanting run down his spine at Bill’s words.

Bill stroked his hair. “I know,” he said, moving his hand down to tickle his neck gently.

“B-Bill….” Ford sighed, leaning into the pleasurable touch and squeezing his triangular frame.

The dream demon broke the kiss, still holding his face lovingly. A bridge of saliva connecting their tongues. “Can I go further?” he asked, blinking so that his mouth converted to an eye.

Ford nodded, his breath hitching. “Please,” he begged. Bill’s hand snaked down and slid underneath his shirt, brushing against his nipple. Ford sighed, feeling arousal ignite inside of him.

“I know you like it when I do that,” Bill said.

“Of—of course you do, you creep,” Ford joked quietly as Bill tweaked his nipple.

Bill chuckled, flipping his eye back into a mouth and letting a long, black tongue slither out to lick behind his ear. “You're calling me the creep.” He stroked Ford’s chest, earning a quiet moan. “You think I haven't seen what goes on in your mind…?”

Ford couldn't hold back a moan. “Y… you tease me about that way too much,” he stammered, embarrassed.

Bill let his hand slither down towards Ford’s belt. “That's because I love it,” he murmured. He pulled away and pulled Ford’s shirt over his head, and Ford let him, shaking with desire. “And I love you,” he added, pulling down his pants and petting his chest.

“N… no more teasing,” Ford whined. “Please, Bill, t… touch me… nng,” he moaned as Bill grabbed his cock gently and started stroking, causing pleasure to jolt deliciously through his body.

“I love you,” Bill told him again. “So very m-much,” his voice wavered as Ford’s hands, which had been gently grasping his bottom angles moved to rub his bottom side.

Ford knew that Bill’s erogenous zones were similar to that of a human, as his sensitive spots were located in between his legs. He remembered the first time they had sex so vividly, where he had just started fondling Bill’s bottom side out of instinct, the way Bill had moaned out his name, setting his whole being aflame with desire. The memory fueled him even more, and he pressed down, letting his fingers sink into the hole that was beginning to open up inside of Bill.

“Y… you're good at this….” Bill praised quietly, sounding a bit out of breath as Ford worked him open. The grip on his cock tightened and he hissed in pleasure.

“Hhh… f-fuck, Bill….” Ford moaned, pulling Bill closer to him to he could tongue the inviting entrance that had formed on Bill’s bottom side. The blue liquid glimmering at the edges of the crack tasted inexplicably sweet, and Ford sucked on the opening.

Bill sighed. “Fordsy… Fordsy, Fordsy, Fordsy….” he quietly moaned the nickname, and Ford shivered as Bill’s hands caressed the head of his dick.

“I love you,” Ford told him in between licks. He sucked desperately at the sweet blue fluid, letting the taste fill his mouth and linger on his tongue. He loved licking Bill like this. Not that he would admit it. But Bill tasted delicious and the sounds that the dream demon made were of pure ecstasy.

Bill slid his hands down to massage Ford’s balls. “We say that too much,” he joked weakly, his voice quiet and filled with lust.

“But it's true,” Ford replied breathlessly, reaching out his tongue to thrust it inside of Bill’s hole, and Bill let out a whimper. “I love you. So very much,” he murmured while tongue-fucking the sweet tasting opening.

“I—ah—I love you too,” Bill panted, squirming slightly against Ford’s tongue as his shaking hands stroked his hard cock.

Ford nipped the slit gently, and Bill moaned. “You're beautiful,” he murmured unconsciously. He felt something inside of Bill wriggling against his tongue and his cock twitched. He pulled his lips off of the demon’s bottom side and the tentacle slid out of Bill’s entrance.

He felt a shiver run down his spine at the sight. Bill's anatomy was also strangely attractive to Ford. He had a few… rather unorthodox kinks and Bill was the perfect sex partner. He remembered writing an entry about it in the journal: Based on my research and recent events, I can conclude that Bill experiences one of the many things that humans must endure; sexual desire. I have observed before that he is not limited by the restrictions of hunger or exhaustion, so why does he have a sexual drive? Need more investigation. His erogenous zones are similar to that of a human’s, his most sensitive spot being between his legs on his bottom side. He has a passage that only appears to open up if he is aroused or physically stimulated, and his entrance excretes a blue fluid, perhaps lubricant. There are long, black tendrils that lie deeper within him, and he seems to be able to consciously move them. I have yet to ask him, but I can guess this is true based on the rhythmic way they writhe and twirl around you when you are inside him. It feels

He had stopped writing and burned the page immediately.

“Can I?” Bill asked quietly, bringing him back to the present.

“F… fuck me,” Ford begged softly, clutching Bill’s warm frame to his bare chest as the tendril slid down his body and stopped at his entrance, the tip teasing the puckered hole. “Please, Bill….”

Bill shuddered against him and let the slick appendage slip inside of Ford, stroking his walls so lightly it almost tickled. Ford moaned. “A-ah,” Bill sighed gently. He pulled out and thrusted back inside slowly. Too slowly.

“Harder,” Ford whined in frustration. “I'm not f-fucking made of glass,” he hissed.

The dream demon chuckled weakly, his voice shaky with pleasure. “Wow, someone's eager,” he teased quietly, but nonetheless he picked up the pace and thrusted in more quickly, going deeper as well as he picked up the rhythm, while his hand was still rubbing Ford’s cock.

“Nng… a-ahh...!” Ford moaned loudly as the tendril inside of him brushed against his prostate and pleasure ignited inside of him. For a brief moment he wondered what it would be like to have two of Bill’s tentacles inside of him. “B-Bill,” he whimpered as the tentacle rubbed against his sweet spot, drawing back every few seconds to tease him. Ford thrusted down against it, wanting more. Needing more.

Bill pounded into him harder, moaning. “Hhhh… you're getting tighter….” he panted, giving his cock a gentle squeeze and drawing a desperate whine of relief from Ford.

It was too damn good. There weren't words to describe how delicious the pleasure wracking his body was. Before he met Bill it might have been to much. Ford had never really been sexually active—of course there were the few quick, clumsy masturbation sessions, but that was… more of a health matter than for pleasure. But then Bill, his beloved Muse came along and awoke these strange desires.

At first he dealt with the sickening needs solo, trying to push away the fact that Bill had access to the deepest expanses of his mind and was probably aware of the attraction, was probably aware of what he'd done while thinking of Bill.

It was the dream demon who made the first move, by taking Ford by the hands and pulling him into a gentle kiss. The relationship didn't take long to escalate to a sexual one.

“P… please… more,” Ford begged, arching his body. Bill thrusted in and out, making sure to strike his prostate with every thrust, causing Ford to melt into a hot, moaning mess.

“You look so good like this,” Bill murmured, sighing out in pleasure.

Ford moaned at the praise, grinding down against the appendage that was massaging his sweet spot. “Keep—oh, Bill—keep going…. I'm close... ah…!” he pleaded, shaking with pleasure.

Bill moaned. “Did it s… seem like I was g-gonna stop, IQ?” He thrusted in harder, earning a loud cry of pleasure from Ford.

“I—I think I'm gonna come,” he warned.

“Come for me, then,” Bill whispered sensually.

“Ahhh—Bill, p-please—oh,” Ford cried out, his orgasm hitting him like a truck. Bill fucked him through it, milking every last drop out of him before releasing himself.

They held each other close, panting as they basked in the afterglow. Bill’s tentacle slipped out of Ford and slithered back into the opening in which it came out of. It was beginning to seal up again, blue fluid—and Ford’s own come—glimmering at the edges.

“I love you. So, so much,” Bill told him, pulling him into a slightly sloppy kiss. It lasted an unmeasured amount of time, and Ford felt Bill’s lips pressing sweetly against his own until he woke up.