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Ice Play

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-- Ice Play --

3-15, 12-4
You know the place.
Don't be late.
Friday 10:00pm.

Looking over the note for the umteenth time, Barry Allen turned it over in hopes of revealing more information. Sadly, there is nothing on the pristine white piece of paper aside from those words.

Sighing, Barry leaned back in his chair, glancing up at the clock in his forensics lab at the CCPD. It's already 8pm and it's already Friday. He only got the note that afternoon.

Thinking it was odd the note would say Friday instead of tonight, Barry had tracked down the mail circulation guy who claimed he had no idea who sent the note. He had only found it this morning, on the floor, underneath a desk. No telling how long it was there.

Glancing at the note again, Barry wondered if the Friday in question was actually tonight or maybe it was last week. Growling softly, he squinted at the note as he held it up to the light.

Wait ...

Sitting straight up, turning on the desk lamp, Barry held the note near the light. There it was, a tiny sparkle of a blue snowflake inserted in between the two sets of numbers. Whatever those numbers meant.

Frustrated, Barry leaned back in his chair again, staring up at the cloudy sky through the skylight. It's still light out, this being summer. Weather report claims heavy rain tonight.


Startled, Barry sat straight up, spinning his chair around to the voice. Captain Singh stood in the doorway, arms crossed, clearly angry. Well, angrier than usual.

Sighing, wondering what the Captain is going to accuse him of this time, Barry stood up. "Um, yeah? You need something, Captain?"

"Yes, for the electric bill to go down. Damnit, Allen. I can't have you sitting up here all night long accomplishing nothing. Out of the entire building, I don't know how it's possible, but your lab uses up the most voltage."

Okay, this is a new complaint. "Uh, sorry about that, Captain Singh. I guess I hadn't considered the ... "

Captain Singh cut him off. "Of course, you didn't, you never think about things like that."

Barry stood rooted to the floor as he watched the Captain run a hand over his eyes, mumbling something he couldn't hear.

"Uh, sir? Is everything okay?"

Captain Singh sighed. "Go home, Allen. That's an order." With that, the Captain turned and left.

Wondering what that was about, and not surprised that the Captain didn't answer his question, Barry proceeded to follow orders. Tapping into the Speed Force, he straightened up the lab, turned off his desk lamp, grabbed his bag and stood at the entry to his lab. He really didn't feel like going home right now.

Glancing at the note again, an inkling of an idea forming, he pocketed the note. Shutting the light off, Barry Allen headed downstairs and out of the precinct.

Only to be blasted with a massive wave of heat. Quickly glancing around, he doesn't see the source of the heat. Gazing around, he relaxed as it was quite clear that it was only the blazing summer heat, based on all the people walking around in their summer outfits, many with large cold drinks in hand.

Laughing silently to himself at his paranoia, Barry Allen headed down a few blocks toward a bookstore. He really wanted to find out what the numbers meant and seeing as he had no other plans on a Friday night, a bookstore is just as good a place to be.

Entering the small bookstore, Barry found an older lady at the desk. Normally, he would tap into his speed to find what he needed but he didn't have the heart to create a mess in here. It's a family-owned bookstore that's been around for at least three generations and the last thing he wanted was for the nice lady to spend her Friday cleaning up the mess caused by his whirlwind.

Instead, he walked over to the desk.

"Good evening, m'am. I was wondering if you have any books on codes and where I might be able to find them?"

The lady, most likely in her seventies, beamed up at him. "We have a few computer coding books and a book of Morse code but no other."

Not letting on his disappointment, Barry shook his head. "I was hoping for other forms of coding, military, navy, or something."

The lady seemed to ponder his words. "My husband was in the Navy for over thirty years. We often exchanged letters using codes. Might I be of service?"

Barry couldn't believe his luck. Fumbling in his pocket, he pulled the note out. "That's great! You see, I received this today and I wanted to know what the numbers could mean."

Handing it over, he watched as the lady studied the numbers and even held it up to the light. A sparkle glinted in her eye.

"You might want to recite your ABCs."

Huh? "Uh, pardon?" Barry clearly didn't understand what she meant.

The lady laughed softly, greatly amused. "You seem like a smart guy, based on your CSI bag. To be baffled by something every child learns at a young age, is quite a delight to my eyes. It's nice to see an honest person that doesn't claim to be perfect."

Barry understood the humour in her words, laughing a little himself.

"Think about my words, young man. I wish you success at finding your special friend." The lady beamed at him, handing the note back.

"Um, yeah, thank you. I appreciate your help, m'am. Thank you, have a great night!" Barry left quickly, annoyed at the heat in his cheeks, knowing the lady had seen it, based on her continued soft laughter.

Checking his watch, it's nearly 9pm.

Wandering aimlessly down the streets, he pondered the lady's words. ABCs, something every child learns at a young age.

Barry paused near the waterfront in the southern district near the Central-Keystone bridge. A familiar area, one he's been in many times. Not the safest of areas, nor the brightest, the area has a lot of old buildings and warehouses. He's not exactly sure how many of them are legit, or even abandoned, or how many people squatted in them.

He let his feet take him wherever they will, as he continued lost in thought. Nearly 10pm and it finally clicked. ABCs, the most common code in the entire world.

Hauling out the note, he matched up the numbers to their corresponding letters. He laughed out loud at how long it had taken him to figure it out. Leave it to Snart to put two signatures on the note; one in code COLD, the other only visible in the light.

Feeling a vibration, Barry hauled out his cell phone. Cisco was calling.

"Oh, hey, Cisco. What's up?"

"Aren't you a bundle of sunshine in this crazy heat?!" Cisco sounded exasperated. "Where the hell are you? The radio is crazy busy tonight with trees catching fire due to people not heeding the Fire Ban warning."

Seriously?! Barry glanced at his watch. 9:58pm. "Uh, got held up. I'm sure the Fire Department can handle it, surely?"

"Yeah, Barry, they're holding up just fine being in at least ten different places at once. Oh look, there's another one a few blocks north of the Labs."

Exasperated, knowing damn well that Snart doesn't like to be kept waiting, Barry gave in. "Fine, I'll be right there."

Zipping to STAR Labs, Barry wondered what Snart could possibly want. The last few times they met, either by accident at Jitters or while on Flash duty, Leonard Snart had passed on some invaluable information which led to the CCPD arresting some very well-known mob bosses and breaking up criminal rings. Barry always figured that with less criminals on the streets, Snart and his Rogues would have more freedom to do whatever they wished. Not that he really minded as the information have been quite solid. Central City became much safer and that's all that truly mattered.

Nabbing his suit and continuing northward, Barry pondered why Snart would risk sending a message to him at work. On a busy night like tonight, with all the fires, Snart could easily have just called upon his pyro buddy, Mick Rory, to start another fire and wait for him to show up.

Putting the thought aside, Barry Allen, as The Flash, concentrated on saving as many people as he could, saving as many buildings as he could, saving as many pets and teddy bears as he could. After his seventh building of the night, Barry called in to Cisco.

"Any others?"

"Nah, man. All the fires have been neatly doused. How many teddy bears did you save tonight?" Barry could imagine his friend leaning back on his chair, feet up on the desk, probably holding a jumbo size ice-cold drink.

"At least a hundred of the fuzzy things. I swear to god, if I see another damn Beebo in a burning building, I'm gonna let the cursed thing burn." Honestly, Barry Allen had absolutely no idea how the blue furball with a voice chip became a hit sensation. It seemed like every child in Central City had one, along with various other merchandise like Legos, t-shirts, lunch boxes, even BluRays of the Beebo Movie and television series.

He heard Cisco laugh over the comm. "Yeah, I hear ya, man. Wanna come back and rest up before heading back out on regular patrol?"

Before he could respond, a crackle in his other ear is heard. As he pondered why his suit had a second comm, a husky voice spoke.

"You're late, Flash."

"Late? Who's late? Are you late for something, Barry?"

Barry sighed. "Nothing, Cisco, don't worry about it. I just forgot I needed to take care of something. I'll check back later."

"Ba ... "

Barry turned off the comm to STAR Labs and focused his attention on the new comm as he sped southwards again.

"Yeah, sorry. City's been plagued with fires tonight ... "

"I'm sure the good people at the various Fire Departments can do their own work for one night, hmm?"

Annoyed with the interruption, Barry sighed. "Look, I'm free now so I'm on my ... "

Snart cut the comm, Barry trailing off his sentence.

Aggravated, Barry pounded on the door to announce his presence before phasing through. He's not sure why he's angry with Snart. After all, he's only a criminal who is obsessed with punctuality and makes it very well known that whoever is late will never again be tardy. Maybe it's the heat getting to him. Lots of people get growly with excess heat, and he had more than his share tonight with the weather and the fires.

"SNART!" Barry roared, walking into the spacious living quarters of the warehouse nestled in the curve of the river down in the South-East corner of the district. "What the hell do you want that you had to send a note over ... "

Barry stumbled, confused, his sentence left unfinished.

Straightening up, looking behind him, Barry didn't see anything that would have made him falter. Taking another step forward, still glancing over his shoulder, Barry felt immense cold on his suit. Snapping his attention forward, he stood eye-to-eye with Captain Cold.

"Nice of you to finally show up, Flash. For one so speedy, I continue to be amazed by how tardy you always are."

"What do you want, Snart?" Barry seethed, annoyed with himself for letting Snart get this close to him. Thinking to speed-swipe the Cold Gun out of the other's hand, Barry attempted to do just that but only succeeded in a normal-pace movement of his hand, clutching the barrel.

Snart's eyes had closely watched the movement, clearly amused. "What's wrong, Flash? Speed caught your tongue? Or in this case, lack of speed catching you frostbite?"

Realising the cold seeping through his glove, Barry let go and started to shake his hand in a hopeless attempt to warm it up. Bewildered, he glanced down at the gun. It's powered on, humming, but not actually blasting any of the coldness at him as Snart kept his finger off the trigger.

Side-stepping away, Barry stumbled again only to feel the gun back on his suit again, higher up above the emblem. Panicking, he wondered what the heck could be wrong.

"Best watch your step, Flash. These old buildings have a lot of loose floorboards. Wouldn't want you to plaster your face to the ground." Snart smirked, increasing the pressure on Barry's chest ever so slightly.

"What did you do?" Barry's voice sounded chilled.

"Hmm," Snart was gazing down the red suit and met his green eyes again at the question. "Nothing to concern yourself with, Flash."

Enraged, Barry took a step closer to Snart, unmindful of the now painful press of the cold gun. "Bastard, what ... "

Snart raised his gun and pressed the muzzle directly under Barry's chin, halting his movement. Staring into his ice blue eyes, Barry could only swallow, tightly.

Great, what a night. Captain Singh on his case for the increase in the electric bill, the mysterious note that led him here, the fires around Central City which made him late getting here. Now his powers appear to gone, and Captain Cold is making his entire body feel chilled. Although, did he really mind that too much? After all, it's bloody hot outside and despite being insulated in his suit, Barry still felt the incredible heat of all the fires. Now, without his powers, the effects of the powered up cold gun had increased a great deal. What the hell is Snart's game here?


Cold gun pressed beneath the other's chin, Leonard Snart gazed into those beautiful green eyes. He always had a thing for green eyes, as they always seemed to complement his own blue ones. To have his Flash be lucky to have those glittering gems, Leonard felt pretty damn lucky himself. To have the speediest, most popular guy in Central City before him, trembling with the chill, in his main hideout, Leonard felt extremely lucky.

"You were nearly outside my door, Flash, then you dashed away." He watched as the gems flinched. "You know how I value my time."

Not expecting any sort of response, Leonard slid the muzzle of his cold gun down along the other's throat, hearing a slight exhale of breath. Reaching his left hand out, he caught the kid's chin, holding his gaze. He really did have the perfect eyes.

Leonard held The Flash's gaze, watching every single blink, every single flicker, widening and half-lidding, seeing every emotion as he moved his cold gun. The muzzle slid along the chest, circled the emblem, and continued along covering up the entire torso in the chill. He smirked as The Flash let out a ragged gasp as the gun kneaded along his sides.

"Mmm, I daresay you seem to be enjoying yourself, Flash."

"Fuck ... you," Flash gasped out, intensifying his gaze.

"Touchy, touchy."

Leonard returned the muzzle back to the chin, pressing upward. He placed a hand on the lower back to prevent Flash from moving away. Scanning his eyes downward, he felt pleased with what he saw trying to break free of the tight fabric below the waist.

"You know, Flash, things would go much easier if you just lose the suit. I'm quite certain you'd feel ever so much better." Stepping closer, Leonard let his thigh press lightly against the clear outline of Flash's erection, hearing a wonderful groan at his boldness.

Stepping back again, loosening the tension on Flash's chin, he felt the reaction he was waiting for. Flash's hips lurched forward ever so slightly at the loss of contact. Smiling, smugly, he savored victory in his conquest of The Flash.


Barry gasped through the chill as the cold gun roamed his torso and slotted back nicely under his chin. He could barely focus on what Snart was saying. What the hell was he doing? He should have told Cisco where he was going. He winced immediately at that thought as he didn't want his best friend to get hurt.

Much to his annoyance, Barry felt his fabric tighten. Focusing his eyes back on Snart, he realised the other had barely glanced away, only that brief moment where he was quite certain Snart had seen his erection. He couldn't catch the groan in time as Snart's thigh lightly pressed into him. He felt worse at the sudden contact, and cursed himself as his hips betrayed him, seeking contact.

"Are you still wondering why I requested your presence tonight, Flash?"

Even though he was no longer being held, Barry couldn't move. His breath caught at the sight of Snart standing a few steps away, seemingly relaxed, with the cold gun aimed at him. The other was wearing simple pair of black pants, and a tight tank shirt in a dark blue colour. Despite the casual clothing, he was most mesmerised by those eyes that kept up their intensity into his own. He felt heated as those eyes scanned down his body, lingered, further down the legs and back up again.

"Uh," Barry couldn't think of what Snart could possibly want. For that matter, he could barely think of anything as his brain had clearly checked out for the night.

Barry blinked as he felt rough hands on his arms, squeezing tightly while thumbs circled and pressed. Glancing over his shoulder, he met a heated gaze.

"Hey, Red. Nice of you to visit." Did he just ... Barry couldn't believe that the pyro, Mick Rory, could purr.

Facing forward again, he saw that Snart hadn't moved, but his smirk got smirkier. Is that even possible? Barry shook his head, clearly not thinking straight.

He tried again. "Why am I here, Snart? What do you want?"

He watched as Snart tilted his head, pondering the question. He pressed on. "You know it's dangerous leaving me a note at the CCPD. Whatever it was you wanted, you could have just used our regular method to have a chat."

"Sounds like he still no gets it, boss." Mick laughed deeply, close to his ear. He was so close, Barry could almost feel the heated breath on his cowl-covered ear.

Heart thudding, he attempted to pull away but felt the pyro tighten his grip, pulling him back into the bare chest. Wait ...

Barry blinked again, glancing back over his shoulder and yes, Mick Rory wasn't wearing a shirt. Lowering his gaze, he did see pants. He exhaled in relief, ignoring the laugh at his ear.

The relief was short-lived as Barry's eyes flew open at the touch of teeth on the back of his head, tugging at the fabric. Mick moved a hand up to move the fabric off his jaw just as he pulled the cowl back.

"Much better. Hello, Barry."

Barry didn't respond to Snart's greeting, only scowled at the bastard in front of him, now standing much closer. He felt his body tense as Snart leaned in closer, a mere inch away. Without thinking, he pressed back into Mick who welcomed him by wrapping his burnt arms around his waist. His body suddenly started to tingle.

"Mmm, I can feel how frustrated you are at having your body betray you like this."

Barry shuddered at the cool breath on his face. He hadn't realised his eyes had lidded until he felt the cold gun press into the side of his exposed neck, snapping them open again. He moved his neck away from the gun, but the chill followed. He felt the muzzle knead into his neck and upward along the ear.

"Wha ... what ... " Damnit, Barry couldn't get any words out. The sensations spreading through his body was quickly becoming unbearable. Didn't help that Mick kept a tight hold on his waist, pulling him back into the heated groin.

"What do you want, Barry?"

What did he want? What Barry wanted was for this to stop but all that he could get out was a groan that sounded needy. He tensed when he felt the gun press into his left ear. He felt his lips chap at the chill and ran a tongue along them, belatedly cursing himself.

He heard Snart chuckle. "Just as I thought."

Barry felt the cold gun lower again to press into the side of his neck. He quickly felt Mick's heated breath on his chilled ear, the dampness as the pyro ran his tongue along the back, teeth grazing the lobe. He also felt a thumb sliding along his lower lip.

Snapping his eyes open again, he fell into Snart's gaze as the other prodded his lips open. Hating his body, he felt his lips part to allow entry. The thumb grazed along his lower teeth, and entered further to stroke the tip of his tongue. He felt his own tongue swirl around the thumb, resulting in a low chuckle.

He felt a sudden pain of loss when Snart removed his thumb.

"Hold still."

Hold still? Barry rolled his eyes then arched an eyebrow, as if to say 'Seriously'? With his powers gone, the pyro holding him tightly, pressing him back into his erection, chewing on his earlobe, he highly doubt he'd be able to move away anytime soon.

"None of that, Barry. I want you as still as possible."

Barry felt the cold gun move forward again, to his chin. He kept his eyes on Snart, trying so hard not to satisfy the asshole with a reaction.

"Good. Keep holding."

Snart raised the gun higher, grazing along the chin, resting just below his lower lip. Barry remained still.

"Good. See? I knew you could follow orders. Now, drop your eyes and take a look at my gun."

Puzzled, Barry did as instructed and instinctively pressed further back into Mick, releasing a gasp as the now naked erection pressed heavily into his tight fabric.

"Mmm, so close. You had to move. You know what that means now." Snart spoke so dangerously low, Barry broke out into a sweat. He knew very well what was coming.

Barry's eyes remained on the finger that was on the trigger. His body pulsed as he heard a click, as Snart removed the safety. He watched the finger knead lightly along the trigger, mesmerising him. He swallowed, wondering what setting the cold gun was on.

"Shall we continue?"

Barry tried so hard to ignore Mick's kneading of his ass, the erection pulsating along the thin fabric covering his crack. He raised his eye back up to Snart, then back down at the gun again.

"A nod of the eyes means affirmation."

Wait ... what? Barry snapped his eyes back up and felt the muzzle press on his lips. He desperately told his mouth to not move.

"Tongue, Barry."

He felt the coldness press harder, enough to bruise his lips. Against his will, his tongue slithered out to meet the muzzle, keeping his lips closed. Snart kneaded the muzzle against the tip.

"Need a little more, Barry."

Barry gasped as he felt Mick grasp his erection. He hadn't felt the pyro move his hand. Instantly, he felt the cold gun press inward, sliding along the tongue. He tasted the coldness of the underside, shuddering ... at the chill? The intensity? The thrill? He no longer knew.

The cold gun hadn't pressed too far back, much to Barry's relief. It only slid back and forth along the tongue. He closed his eyes, willing himself to relax, letting the gun continue sliding. Last thing he wanted was for Snart to accidently press that trigger.

"Good, so good, Barry."

He felt his cheeks flush at the praise. His eyes popped open again when the muzzle rubbed along the inside of his mouth, stroking the sides, then twisting sideways. He felt the gun penetrate further, feeling it lightly poke against his gag reflex then retreat. His throat worked overtime trying not to cough.


Inhaling through his nose, feeling the pyro rub a thumb over the head of his erection, he silently cursed his suit for caging him so tightly. His attention refocused on Snart as he pressed forward again, reaching the gag spot. Barry struggled a bit but managed to swallow, and again, feeling the gun press even further back. One more swallow and the muzzle pressed tightly against the back.

"Good. That wasn't so hard now, was it?"

Barry glared at him.

"And still so feisty. That's what I like about you, Barry. Always wanting to take control of any situation. I do love a good challenge. Always feel extra satisfied when I conquer my prey." Snart chuckled again, eyes shimmering in delight.

Barry's eyes closed as he let out a muffled groan, his head leaning back more against Mick. The cold gun pulled back briefly and slammed in again, his lips and tongue sliding along. He felt it knead a bit, wiggle, pull back again, and pressed further in. He swallowed again as the gun tipped, sliding downwards. His tongue lapped at the underside, vaguely aware that he was dangerously close to the trigger. He didn't care.

Well, more accurately, Barry felt too damn exhausted from earlier tonight to bother caring much about anything right now. He really wasn't in the mood to be playing ice games with Cold, no matter how much his body was enjoying being cooled down. Okay, maybe he cared a little bit as he realised he really was enjoying this. Still, his irritation hadn't subsided much and he felt the compulsion to push the asshole. Barry briefly wondered how it would feel . . .

"Hmm, you're taking this better than I expected, Barry."

Barry ignored him. He lightly moved his head up, not changing the angle, as he sought more of the muzzle. He swallowed once more, taking in more. His tongue grazed along the casing around the trigger. He felt the flesh of the finger.

"Barry ... "

Barry ignored the warning tone, stroking the finger with his tongue. He raised his tongue just enough to press the tip along the nail. He flicked his tongue, he felt the finger shudder. He pressed against the nail, feeling the finger press back against his tip. He opened his eyes slightly, holding Snart's gaze.


Barry heard the startled tone as he pressed his head forward, his tongue pressing heavily on the trigger. He raised his lip in a grin as he tasted his own victory as the cool ice flowed down this throat.


Wrenching the cold gun free, Leonard clasped Barry's face in both hands, seeing the eyes drop closed, and pressed his lips against the speedster. He inserted his tongue, feeling the chill. Dropping his hands, he ran them along Barry's neck and throat, desperately kneading in some warmth.

"Barry, you fucking idiot." He thumped a fist on the kid's chest, meeting his lips again.

"I got dis."

Leonard pulled back as Mick turned Barry around, pushing him onto his knees. Prying the mouth open, Mick pushed his leaking erection inside.

Leonard's brain couldn't seem to function as he watched his friend glide his cock in and out of the kid's mouth, not realising how it could possibly help. He lifted one of Barry's hands, pulling the glove off. Holding it, he felt some heat, but chilling fast. Rubbing vigorously, trying to warm the hand, Leonard heard Mick grunt and watched as he stood still. He wondered if the heat of the cum would be enough to warm up his Flash.

"Damp'ner," Mick growled out softly. He spoke so quietly that it was a moment before Leonard's brain registered the word.

When his brain caught up, Leonard hurried over to where the dampener device was clipped on the wall and flicked it off.

"C'mon, kid. Youse got lotta life yet. Don't give up on me now."

Leonard heard Mick speaking softly, watching him stroke Barry's hair, continuing his thrusting. It was mere moments when he saw Mick harden fully again, thrusting more aggressively. Leonard could only just stand there and watch, shocked at how the night turned out. He hadn't expected Barry to take control like that.

Hoping it'll help, Leonard knelt down behind Barry and found the zipper, pulling down. He shoved the suit off his shoulders, pulling the arms free. He placed his palms on the speedster's back, kneading in warmth. All over the back, he rubbed his thumbs into the lower back, and kneaded up the sides. He wasn't sure if he saw Barry's fingers flutter, or maybe it was the way Mick launched his seed down the kid's throat.

"Damnit, kid. Wake up already. Think of yer friends, yer family. Think of Central City and all the people waiting for you. Think of all the blue furballs that need to be saved." Mick growled, grunting at the end of each comment as his orgasm continued.

Wrapping his arms around Barry's waist, Leonard pressed into his back. He spoke softly into his ear. "Barry, come back to us."

Leonard felt a shiver ... no ... a vibration, as Barry's back rippled. He watched the lips twitch, colour coming back, as they moved on Mick's cock.


Leonard pulled back, leaving his hands on Barry's waist, kneading. He watched a hand raise to grasp the base of Mick's cock, squeezing. Barry picked up the pace as he sucked on Mick. Leonard felt him vibrate, watched as Mick hardened again. The hand fell away as Barry lurched forward, taking Mick in fully, still vibrating. Within moments, Mick's eyes glazed over as he sent his hot seed down the kid's throat again.

Leonard heard the pop as Barry released Mick from his mouth.

"All those fucking furballs can go burn in hell." Barry spat out the words.

Mick laughed heartily. "I like dis kid."

Mick ran tender fingers along the side of Barry's face, cupping him, pulling the kid's gaze upon his heated ones. Leonard watched as his friend stroked his thumb along those damp lips, collecting the cum that lingered. Much to Len's surprise, Barry caught the thumb and sucked on it, never averting from Mick's gaze.

Mick grinned like a kid in a candy store. "Nice. Youse a good guy, Red."

Leonard watched as Mick bent forward and gently planted a kiss on Barry's forehead. "Gotta go clean up. You kids have fun." With a tousle of the hair, Mick wandered off, humming.

Barry sighed and tipped backward, falling against Leonard who was still kneeling behind him. Leonard wrapped his arms around the speedster's chest.

"Len?" A soft inquiry.

"Yeah, I'm here, kid." Leonard felt immense relief fill his core, extremely grateful that Barry turned out okay.

"Mmm," Barry sighed, contently, eyes half-lidding. "Love your cold gun."

What?! "Barry ... " Leonard gritted his teeth.

"The way it felt on the thin fabric, how it felt directly on skin, my neck, my ear, my lips." Leonard felt Barry pulse at the memory. "How you thrusted inwards, gently at first then harder." Barry licked his lips. "I swallowed down as much as I could. The angle of the gun, how deep down it went, the ice felt ... felt ..." Barry's body spasmed but only for a moment.

"Barry, enough." Leonard couldn't bear to hear anymore.

"I need more."

"What?!" Leonard couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Barry ... "

Barry sat up, twisted around, resting his palms on Leonard's thighs. Leonard felt his breath catch as he saw the flicker of lightning in Barry's eyes. He didn't react as Barry leaned in, catching his lips. He felt the prodding tongue, parted his lips and let himself be kissed deeply.

After what felt like minutes, Barry pulled back, licking his lips. Leonard gasped for air.

Damnit, he needed to tell Barry what happened. "Barry," Leonard's breath was ragged.

"Hmm?" Barry tilted his head, encouraging him to continue.

"Damnit kid, you nearly died. That was a foolish thing to do, wresting control like that." Gads, he was so furious at Barry.

"But I didn't die. Len," Barry grasped his hands, turning the palms up, running his thumbs lightly along them. Leonard shuddered at the contact as Barry captured his eyes again.

"Len, I wasn't in any danger."

Those words seemed to penetrate his soul, words that didn't make any sense. "The dampener field was on. You didn't have your powers."

Barry nodded. "Yes, my powers were gone which made the experience even more exhilarating."

"But the ice blast," Leonard growled, confused. How can Barry be so damn calm?!

"Cooled off my parched throat nicely. Do you realise how bloody hot it is out there? Combine that with the fires I had to take care of, I was practically roasting alive." Barry leaned in, stole another kiss.

Leonard pushed him away. "Barry, are you okay? You nearly died." He wasn't ready to let this go as the kid clearly wasn't taking this seriously enough.

"Hmm, yeah. Perfectly fine. Sure, I passed out there but I knew I wasn't in any real danger."

"How can you be so damn fucking calm about this?!" Leonard growled out, surprised that Barry hadn't flinched.

"Len, look at me." Feeling a hand cup his face, Leonard gazed into Barry's still sparking eyes. "I'm fine. I wasn't in any real danger because, truth be told, I trust you. Completely. I'm calm because one of us needs to stay calm."

Barry thrusted two fingers past his lips, preventing his words. Continuing, "I know this spooked you. I get it. It's way more than enough to spook anyone. Insane, actually. But it is what it is. The experience turned out differently than you planned and stuff like that happens." Barry leaned in for another kiss as he removed his fingers.

Not moving away, foreheads pressing, Barry went on, his breath warm on Leonard's skin. "You were right, though. I did like it. All of it. My body was eager, so ready for whatever you had planned. My brain ended up being a bit tardy though," a giggle. "You did nothing wrong, Len. Nothing. You gave me what I wanted, what I needed, what I craved. I'm grateful you had back-up for our first real encounter. Adding Mick into the mix really heightened the experience."

Barry stroked his cheek ever so softly. Leonard felt all his tension dissipate, the anxiety subsiding. He leaned forward, capturing Barry's lips, thrusting his tongue inward. The last of the chill swiftly removed as Barry hungrily took him in.

He pulled back, gasping. "We can't do that again, Barry. Not with the safety off. It's too dangerous."

"Mmm, but the danger is what really woke me up. You had it at the lowest setting ... "

Leonard interrupted, painfully, "It was a little past medium setting."

"Huh," Barry seemed to take in that piece of information. "Mmm, maybe the lower setting won't make me pass out. I tell you, it really did feel good going down."


"Len, it's okay. I'm fine. Powers or no, my body can still handle whatever you thrust inside of me." Barry giggled as he pulled Leonard into another kiss, the lightning from the eyes fading away.

Legs straining from kneeling down for so long, Leonard tilted backwards, Barry following. He felt the kid jam a hand down his pants, causing him to gasp into that delicious mouth.

"Mmm, doesn't take you long to harden up." Barry nipped the tip of his nose as Leonard felt the pre-cum start to flow under the attention. Barry sat up, legs straddling him, as he pulled his hand out. Leonard gazed at those sticky fingers and shuddered as Barry licked one clean.

"Tasty. Want some?"

Before he could respond, Leonard felt two sticky fingers thrust into his mouth. He sucked them clean, savoring the taste. Barry leaned down again and thrusted his tongue back into Leonard's mouth.

"Now then," Barry commented as he stood up. "We have some unfinished business."

Leaning up on his elbows, Leonard arched an eyebrow up at him. "Oh?" He couldn't say any more than that as the sight of having his Flash stand above him like this, his face and chest bare, erection still caught in the fabric, those green eyes gazing adoringly down at him ... he shivered.

He heard Barry's blasted giggle. "Yeah. Mick tormented me for far too long. I need you inside of me." He whirled, removing the last of the suit then straddled Leonard again.

He felt the speedster nuzzle his pants, causing him to fall back down again, groaning. "Damnit, kid. Just remove 'em already."

With Barry mouthing him through the fabric, Leonard felt himself fully harden.

"Is that an order?"

Leonard glared at him. "Yes, definitely an order. Move it."

"Geeze, you always this grouchy when you're hard?" Barry flashed the pants and boxers off in a blink. "Mmm, nice. Not as thick and rough as Mick's, but definitely longer." Barry took him in fully in one swallow. Pulling back up, Barry licked the head. "Definitely smoother. I honestly can't say which I like better." He sucked on the head, making slurping noises. "Both taste equally good."


"Impatient, sheesh. Fine, fine." Barry gave a final lick, bemused at how much it twitched. Leonard thrusted his hips upward, glaring.

Pushing himself up, Barry straddled Leonard, letting the pre-cum flowing cock graze along his crack. "Mmm, this is gonna feel good."

Sanity clicked in as Barry was aligning himself. "Wait!"

Barry looked down at him, puzzled, the cock tip pressed against his anus. "Len?"

Gads! How his Flash looked so gorgeous paused like that. Leonard took in the sight, imprinting it on his memory. Oh, right. "Supplies."

Barry giggled. "Don't need 'em, Len. It's one of the main benefits of being The Flash. We're safe, perfectly safe. Nothing to worry about."

"Don't you need to lube up?" Len inquired, dearly wishing sanity could take a hike.

"Nah, your pre-cum is flowing quite excessively. Way more than enough. Here I go!" With that, Barry pressed down, hard and fast, although thankfully, not Flash fast. Leonard gasped at how good it felt, feeling his own body tense up.

"Damn, way better than I expected." Barry began to bounce lightly as he rode him. "Mmm, nice and smooth is a good match for an equally smooth hole." Barry slightly adjusted himself. "Oh yeah, that's the spot ... " Barry gasped out that last word as his own cock rose to full mast and began leaking pre-cum.

"Damnit, Barry!" Leonard felt the tightness, feeling the orgasm start to wash over him.

"Let yourself flow into me, Lenny."

That's an order Leonard was more than willing to follow. He kept his eyes on Barry as he filled him up, watching how the kid's tongue hung out of his mouth, eyes half-lidded in pure bliss. A beautiful sight.

Emptying the last of his load, Leonard sat up, and forward, pushing Barry down on his back. With a final thrust, Leonard pulled out and latched his mouth onto the speedster's cock, now flowing freely. A couple of strokes with his mouth, Leonard took him in fully. He felt Barry's body pulse and squirm as he came, feeling the warmth plummet down into his gut.

Pulling off with a pop, Leonard cleaned Barry with his tongue, making sure to give extra attention to the anus. He grinned at how Barry moaned as he thrusted his tongue inside, and even louder as he latched his lips on the hole, sucking out every drop.

"Fuck, LEN!"

Pushing himself up, Leonard pressed his cum-soaked lips onto Barry's mouth, letting the last of the juices flow down his throat. Licking the soft lips as he pulled out, Leonard dropped his head down to Barry's ear, biting the lobe.

He whispered huskily in Barry's ear, "Victory is mine." He chuckled as Barry shuddered.


Savoring the afterglow, Barry couldn't help but be extremely pleased. True, he hadn't known what he was getting himself into when he tackled the puzzle of the note. If sanity existed, he would have tossed the note aside, but he does love a good mystery.

Rolling onto his side, he watched as Len's chest rose and fell, eyes half-closed. Sure, there was a bit of a tense moment but all worked out okay. Barry is fine, Leonard is fine, Mick is fine.

He reached out his hand, resting fingers along Len's lips. As expected, Barry felt his fingers sucked into that lavish mouth, tongue twirling around them, sucking them deep. He wiggled his fingers at the back of Len's throat, receiving a grunt in response. The sight made him harden instantly, a moan emitting from his lips. He felt teeth run along his knuckles, he began leaking pre-cum again.

"Fuck, Len!" He attempted to retrieve his fingers but Len held on, refusing to let go, swallowing and sucking hard.

Pressing his forehead down on the floor, Barry gasped and cursed as his newest orgasm struck him heavily. He didn't care about pouring out onto the floor.

A leg spasmed as the last of the cum flowed out, kicking at something cool. Panting, Barry maneuvered his leg to catch the object, and pulled it close. Pulling his fingers free, he sat up, feeling coolness pressed along his crack. He shuddered at the sensation, craving it.

Twisting slightly, pushing back, he felt the muzzle slide along and press oh so nicely against his balls. Gasping, he rocked himself into the muzzle, using his feet and legs to hold the cold gun close, uncaring if the safety was off, unmindful of where the trigger was. Feeling another orgasm coming on, he rocked harder. With a final thrust, using his legs to press the cold gun hard against his balls, Barry cried out as his cock unleashed another load.

He collapsed forward, body twitching as he came down from the high.

"Fuck, kid. How the hell long can ya go?"

Moving his head, Barry saw Mick re-enter the room, pants on, still no shirt. He grinned, satedly as the pyro came over and kneeled down. Twitching his ass in invitation, he felt Mick thrust two fingers in. The sensation was utterly devine as the cold gun was still right behind him, cooling down the surrounding area. He inched back toward it, gasping at the contact.


Barry hissed as the fingers were removed, followed by the cold gun. He rolled onto his back, glaring up at Mick.

"Shouldna play with dangerous things, Flash."

Barry reached for the gun and failed as Mick stood up. Growling, he stood up and launched himself at Mick who side-stepped neatly.

"Calm down, kid. It's fer yer own good."

"Shut up, Mick. Give me that." Barry roared at him, always reaching but Mick kept the cold gun out of his grasp.

Eyes sparking, he launched himself at the cold gun but Mick twisted it out of the way, causing Barry to land hard on the floor.


Barry paused as arms wrapped around him tightly.

"Damnit, Len, let me go!" He wriggled, unsuccessfully.

"Barry, calm down. That's an order." The low, threatening growl, gave him pause.

"But ..."

"But nothing." Barry hissed as Leonard bit his earlobe. Len continued, "The cold gun isn't a toy, Barry. It's dangerous, which you very damn well know."

"I can handle it!" Barry attempted to lash out but Len held his arms tightly, twisting them up along his back. "Argh!"

"Len's right, kid. Ain't no way we's lettin' you solo this thing."

Barry panted, glancing up at Mick, words not registering. He felt his eyes spark again, contemplating how to get the gun away from Mick. What he hadn't expected was for the pyro to butt the gun along the side of his head. The sparks fell away, replaced by black spots.

"No more sparking, kid."

"Are you calmed down enough?" Leonard spoke sternly, but more softly.

Blinking his vision back into focus, Barry nodded. He inhaled deeply, taking in both Leonard's and Mick's scents, exhaling slowly. Again, another deep breath, he leaned back into Len as he exhaled. "Yeah," he rasped out. "Sorry, don't know what came over me."

"It's fine, you're okay, Barry." Leonard spoke soothingly, loosening his hold, stroking his arms. "You're most likely experiencing some after-effects of the ordeal."

Barry shuddered and groaned, annoyed at how he could have hurt his friends. "I could have hurt you both."

Mick laughed. "You? Hurt us? C'mon, kid. How long we've been buttin' heads? We got smarts, we know how to take a hit and give back tenfold."

Mick knelt down in front of him, resting on one knee. The cold gun casually in his grasp. He felt the pyro cup the side of his face, smoothing a thumb along his lower lip. Barry licked it, saw Mick smile sweetly.

Barry groaned as Mick placed his other hand on his bare chest, feeling the coolness lingering from the cold gun. The fingers kneaded, digging in, causing him to gasp. He felt the hand move away, causing him to curse.

"Always wired, eh, Flash? Should I put the damp'ner on again?" Mick chuckled.

"Fuck you, Mick."

"Go ahead, Mick." Barry glanced back over his shoulder at Len, only to be met with the other's tongue thrusting in his mouth. He groaned, feeling himself harden at the same time he lost touch with the speed force.

"Barry?" Len inquired.

Gasping, Barry leaned back further into Len's embrace. "Fine. I'm fine. It's ... a bit unsettling not having my powers. Give me a sec."

Feeling his body shudder and settle into the role of no powers again, Barry breathed deeply, closing his eyes. All these years of battling these two across Central City, he had never once paused to take in their scent. Both so musky, Mick with an extra scent of intense heat, Len a cool sweetness like a breath mint. Both smelled so intoxicating, pushing all his senses to the max.

Licking his lips, he suddenly felt different lips on his. Parting, he felt the heated thrust as Mick's tongue explored his mouth. Again, like the cocks, Mick's tongue is thicker and rougher than Len's. He loved every inch of it, of both of them. Barry wondered how he had gone so long without having both of his nemesis claim him. So wonderful, so delicious, he had never felt this way before with anyone.

Barry groaned deeply inside Mick's mouth, his cock pulsating painfully. His eyes widened as he felt the cold gun on the floor, the muzzle nestled against his base. They fluttered closed again as Mick pinched his nipples, his mouth still trapped by Mick's. So much in bliss, he barely felt Len's hand stroke his tip.

Pulling away, gasping, Barry yelped as Mick lowered to bite a nipple. "Fuck, Mick!" He felt the tongue ravage that same nipple, pressing, stroking, nipping again, sucking. Another hard bite, Mick pulled, causing Barry to release another orgasm.

"Fuck, kid. Yer like the Energizer Bunny. What the hell you runnin' on?"

Panting, Barry grinned up at Mick. "Speed force. Keeps me going, and going, and going ... ARGH!"

Mick had picked up the cold gun and slammed it hard into the agonised nipple. He kneaded roughly, Barry could hardly catch a breath. Holding the gun in place, pressing firmly, Mick set his attention on the other nipple. Slathering the nipple, Mick bit down hard, pulling, and relinquished control of the cold gun. His hand now free, he roamed over Barry's erection. Barry felt the chill in the hand, and thrusted upwards. Mick squeezed while continuing to ravage his nipples.

His body pulsating uncontrollably, Barry felt a hundred different sensations course through him. As Mick provided attention to both his nipples and his cock, Leonard had regained control of his cold gun and was now stroking it along his thighs. He has no idea what the setting is at but it didn't matter ... it felt too divine. Seeing as it was just body stroking, he hoped it wasn't the lowest setting. He could take more, a lot more.

He pressed his leg into the cold gun, rubbing it. Len pressed the muzzle down on the knee to flatten the leg out again. Biting back a curse, it came out anyway as Mick bit hard again.

"Damnit, Mick! You're tearing into my flesh!"

A deep chuckle is heard. "Good. I hear ya heal fast."

"Not THAT faaaaaaa..." Barry cried out as Mick squeezed him into another orgasm.

Panting, struggling to move, Barry leaned forward only to be met with Mick's tongue thrusting inside his mouth again. He groaned as the pyro straddled him, holding his face steady in his palms. There was no getting up. Mick held him possessively.

Leaning forward into Mick, Barry attempted to move his legs beneath him. He wanted to take a bit of control of the situation. Succeeding, he knelt up on his knees, pressing his palms against the burnt flesh, kneading his fingers into the chest.

He shuddered, a full body shudder as the cold gun grazed down his spine. Who knew how sensitive his spine could be?

He felt Len's hand squeezing his ass. "Leeeen ... "

"Busy," came the reply, followed by a finger grazing his crack. Barry wiggled, wanting more. The finger departed. Barry huffed in annoyance, Mick thrusted his tongue in his ear.

"Damnit, Len!"

"Hmm? What?" Barry felt the cold on the back of his neck. He leaned back into the muzzle, felt it pull away.

"Stop fucking with me, Len!" Mick thrusted two fingers into his mouth. Barry tried to pull away but Mick held him close, thrusting deep. Barry groaned.

A tap of the gun along his backside, Barry noticed the change. It felt, less intense. Damnit, he needed more intense, not less. He squirmed against Mick. He felt the cold gun thunk the side of his head, the opposite side to when Mick had done the same. He stopped squirming, lightly sucking the fingers.

"Stop it, Barry. You know the rules here. My gun, my pace, my rules." Leonard leaned in close to his ear. "Are we clear?" Barry could only nod, trembling. "Good." He felt Len run his tongue along his ear before pulling back.

Mick removed his fingers, leaving Barry panting. He wondered how long this night will last. He had no idea what to expect when he arrived, thinking it was just going to be another swap of information. Instead, Barry got way more than he bargained for. This ... THIS was the very last thing on his mind, being utterly tormented by his two most dangerous nemeses; his two most favourite nemeses. He should be hating this, should have escaped when the dampener field was off, but no. He was enjoying this way too much. Who knew his body craved this kind of contact?

Since becoming The Flash, Barry has had a few relationships but they never really went anywhere, especially with always having to hide his identity and couldn't risk his powers sparking into play. Plus, any kind of contact, he had barely felt as his power buzzed within constantly, always deflecting in its attempt to keep injuries away. Sure, he could still feel the contact but they were greatly reduced, a punch often only feeling like a tap. Soft touches, caresses, his body could never register.

Now? Barry felt himself emit a long, satisfied sigh as his thoughts roamed, his body relaxing in Mick's embrace. Now he has the means to give his body exactly what he so desperately needed. He hadn't known he needed this, had craved this, until part way through this visit. Apparently, Len knew, and had known for a long time. He planned this, waited for the right moment, had even acquired a dampener field that really helped Barry to feel everything. Yeah, Barry had to admit to himself, he wanted this so much, loved it so much, loved how ...

Barry inhaled sharply at the sudden contact on his backside, bringing his attention back to the present. Not chilled, just Len's hand stroking him and kneading. How long had he been lost in thought? He heard Mick chuckle.

"Welcome back, Red. Ready to go again?"

Barry blinked in confusion. He really couldn't have been out of it that long. "Wha ..."

"Ten minutes." Len spoke from behind him, now stroking both sides, softly, tenderly. Barry didn't bother to hold back his groan. He wants this, he wants them, and they definitely knew it.


Increasing the tension while kneading, Leonard listened to every sound that Barry let out, as he let his hands roam the smooth, delicious back, grazing nails along the spine. He leaned forward, running his tongue along that spine, deliriously enjoying the panting sounds. He went lower, sucking at the lower back, pleased to see little bruises forming. He knew the bruises will be gone within moments of turning off the dampener but that doesn't diminish the pleasure of plastering his Flash's back with them. For the next several minutes, he proceeded to do just that, causing the most wonderful of sounds.


Barry gasped and panted, cursed quietly, and let out a long groan as Len administered attention to his lower back, so close to his crack. He forced himself not to move, not to raise his ass as he didn't want to risk losing contact with those wonderful hands, that treacherous tongue. He lost all track of time as Len kneaded, rubbed, pinched, stroked, and lathered his entire back with his tongue, sucking, nipping, biting. Barry panted heavily with each tongue stroke, gasped with each nip, groaned obscenely with each bite. He didn't care, he was loving this. The only sane thought on his mind right then was how bruised his back will be when Len was done. He silently cursed his healing powers for healing way too quickly. Once again, Barry was truly grateful for the dampener field as the device will prevent the healing, letting him savor his bruises, his marks, a little longer.

Mick hissed, capturing his attention. Barry blinked as he realised he had sunk his teeth into the pyro's neck.

"Fuck, kid."

Before he could stammer out an apology, Mick kissed him deeply, thrusting his tongue in once again. Barry panted as Mick pulled back. He shivered as the other lathered his neck, using both tongue and lips. He groaned as Mick sucked hard, nipped and bit, pulled on skin much as Len is doing to his back.

A pause had left his body pulsating, shivering, shuddering, panting. Len had pulled back, lightly trailing a finger through the saliva, Mick humming while flicking his tongue in his ear. He didn't know how long this pause lasted. He didn't care, it's their pace. All he can do is endure and feel.

Without warning, Barry screamed his loudest yet as Mick sunk his teeth into the spot between neck and shoulder. He held on for what seemed eternity. Barry's vision blurred, he couldn't think, couldn't focus, there was just so much pain ... so much pleasure!

Mick pulled back and kissed him again. Barry could taste the metal tang. Pulling back, he saw the blood on Mick's lips, saw the grin. He leaned forward again, sucking on those lips, running his tongue along the teeth, collecting every red drop. He paid no mind to the burning pain.


Mick delighted in hearing Barry scream, very pleased with how loud he could go. Pulling away from his lips, Mick bit the tip of Barry's nose and ran his tongue over it. He felt the kid shudder under his roughness.

As he roamed down the heated neck, lapping up lingering traces of blood, Mick let his thoughts roam as he nipped, bit, sucked his way down to the elbow. Barry's scent fully engulfed him, he couldn't help but bathe in the pleasurable sensations, moving instinctively.

Mick had known Lenny had been making plans to capture The Flash for years now. Well, previously, it was just Barry Allen as he had joined Lenny on a few of those visits to the precinct. A cute, young face with green eyes and tousled hair, Mick never cared if he was cuffed, always trying to catch the kid's attention. He did get a brief stare once, saw the heated flush in the cheeks. Naturally, Mick grinned his toothy way which caused him to scamper off.

Other visits, Mick had always caught sight of Barry, seeing how hard he was trying to stay out of sight, but he knew the kid was there, watching him and Len. Mick always thought the kid had good taste, as Lenny definitely was a fine piece to look at.

There was one visit, shortly before the Particle Accelerator blew, when Mick decided to be bold and walked into the CCPD by himself. He remembered laughing as he had stood in the middle of the room for ten seconds before a dozen or so guns were aimed at him. Two of the beefiest officers had come up behind him, tackling him down to the ground, cuffing his arms behind his back. Mick hadn't put up a fight, letting their bodies press into him, holding him down, feeling their weight, the roughness of their arms and a couple others, as they patted him down looking for weapons or anything else. All the while, Mick had gazed upwards until he caught Barry standing out in the open, staring, unable to move. Mick had captured his eyes, holding his gaze. He grinned, ran his tongue over his lips, a tilt of his head toward the kid suggestively, a slight upward thrust of his ass. He remembered the flustered cheeks, the eyes dilating, the slight tremble.

When Mick was hauled to his feet, the officers pushed him forward to find a holding cell. Mick took great pleasure in seeing Barry rooted to the floor as he passed by, still watching the pyro, not even noticing his own erection that Mick saw quite clearly. Mick knew it was just a matter of time.

Particle Accelerator exploded while he was in Iron Heights, where Mick had remained for the better part of a year. It was actually safer in the Heights at the time as a lot of crazy Metas cropped up all over Central City. He hadn't wanted any part of that.

By the end of the year, he had enough of his stay and got himself out, tracking down Leonard wherever he happened to be hiding out. Within days, Mick discovered The Flash running around. When he finally found Len, and they had their first encounters with The Flash, Mick knew that it was the kid from the precinct. There was no mistaken them beautiful green eyes, that sparkled far prettier than the largest of diamonds.

Mick thought the suit was a nice touch. He always liked red, like fire. Seeing how the suit fit like a second skin, so smooth on his lithe body, accentuating all the right assets, caused Mick to heat up way more than usual, way more often. He pointed this out to Leonard one day, who had only hummed in agreement. Mick knew he was thinking, planning, plotting.

Every encounter with The Flash was a learning experience, gathering data on his powers, how he reacted, how he moved, how he thought, how he looked. Mick enjoyed the hunt, the dance, the eyes, the ass. He never missed a single moment when the front of the tight suit would shudder and form, Mick always making it a point to keep facing The Flash. He enjoyed being the distraction, keeping The Flash's attention as Lenny would fire off his cold gun. All those times he caught the kid along the backside, Mick's own erection grew at seeing The Flash's suit straining against his. It was during those encounters that they realised The Flash liked the cold gun, adding that vital piece of information to their plans.

As much as he enjoyed the hunt, Mick felt relieved when Leonard finally told him it was time. The last required piece of the plan was acquired: the dampener device that would subdue The Flash's powers. Mick really liked the sound of that. He couldn't wait to hold a struggling Flash in his arms, knowing full well he couldn't escape.

Pulling his head back, Mick hummed at his handiwork along Barry's arm, silently counting all the bruises, the marks. He had made sure to cover every inch, front and back from shoulder to elbow. He had also left some teeth marks along the elbow. He felt Barry shudder as he turned his forearm, inside up, and trailed his fingers lightly to the wrist. He pressed his tongue into the wrist, licking roughly in the sensitive spot, feeling the tiny bones just under the skin. Upwards he went, adding more bruises and teeth marks.

Yes, today was indeed a good day. Mick had feared that Barry wouldn't show up, especially when he dashed off right before he reached their place. He felt relieved when Barry did finally appear, and luckily, he was in suit! Mick had hardened up immediately when he held on to the kid. After all this time, all these years of hunting, he finally had his ... their Flash in his grasp. Mick knew Lenny wanted the kid as much as he did, if not more. That was fine; Mick was more than willing to share. They hunted together, so it's only natural they get to devour their meal together. Besides, with the both of them tormenting the kid, they had so many options to explore, so many combined ways to make him shudder, make him pant, gasp, groan, moan, scream and the multiple orgasms were way more than what Mick expected. He and Lenny had never known this piece of information before. Oh yeah, they were getting a lot of new data tonight!

Finishing the arm, and now nibbling on those slender, tasty fingers, Mick realised his pants were soaked. Glancing down, he saw Barry's cock bouncing as it emptied the last of its load. Raising his eyes back up, he saw the other's were closed, breathing ragged.

"Not gettin' worn out on us, are ya, kid?"

No response, which momentarily worried Mick. He glanced at Len and saw his concentration. Looking down Barry's back, he saw the reason why the kid was utterly zoned out. Mick let out one of his best devilish chuckles. He was so focused on Barry's arm and lost in thought that he hadn't noticed that his buddy kicked things up a notch. He adjusted himself, the kid leaning on him more, raising that smooth ass a little higher.


Lathering the back up a bit more, Leonard began kneading heavily into Barry's ass. He knew he was causing bruises, especially when his fingers dug right into the flesh.

As he darkened up the ass, he mouthed lower and lower until he grazed Barry's crack with his tongue. The angle was a bit awkward for him, so he only managed some light flicking. Mick was so lost in his own marking that the pyro hadn't thought about readjusting the kid. That's fine; Leonard was enjoying seeing Barry's arm lathered in bruises.

Straightening up, he ran his right arm over Barry's, capturing his fingers. Leaning forward, he nibbled against the unmarked neck, causing some very nice moans. Yes, Leonard realised that the groans had turned into serious moans of intense pleasure. All those years of planning was certainly worth it. He savored every moment of the biggest heist of his career.

Fingers still entwined, he moved Barry's arm until he had the kid grasping the permanently hardened cock. Releasing his fingers, he watched as Barry stroked himself, seeing more pre-cum appear. Leonard breathed heavily in his ear, reaching around to torment the right nipple. He wondered if Barry knew what was happening, or if he was too out of it to register anything.

"Barry." No response, the kid's eyes were closed, breath heavy. Leonard licked his cheek, seeing the skin ripple beneath.

"Barry, you with me?" Still no response but Leonard did notice that the hand had paused in its stroking. He nibbled the earlobe.

Leonard pondered. He wanted to do something, to see how the kid would react, but he needed to get his attention first. He pinched the nipple hard, hearing the gasp, seeing the eyes pop open, although momentarily. It was enough.

"Barry, you want more?" He let his voice purr on that last word and received a full body shudder in response as Barry unleashed another load.

Grasping his hand, he made sure Barry scooped up some of the fresh cum and raised it to his mouth. Barry sniffed and licked his own hand; his eyes were barely registering anything.

"Clean your hand good, Barry, and you'll get something nice."

He chuckled, watching as Barry lapped up his own cum, sucking on his hand, cleaning up every drop. The fingers were soon inserted, one by one. When there were two fingers left, Leonard claimed his hand and sucked them into his own mouth. He heard Barry's hum of pleasure.

"Where in the world do you get your insatiable hunger from, kid?" He received a white lathered grin in response. He rubbed those coated lips, letting Barry suck on his fingers until both lips and fingers were clean.

"Alright, can you wiggle a bit?" Leonard gripped Barry's ass, feeling the wiggle but the kid couldn't move much with how Mick was holding him steady. Still, there's a bit more room now.

Leonard reached his hand down, rubbing along the crack and pressed against the hole. Barry's back straightened, nearly arching, as he thrusted two fingers in. Pleased, knowing that he has Barry's full attention, he reached behind him for the cold gun.

Breathing in his ear again, Leonard flicked out this tongue giving it a quick swipe. "What I'm about to do next, you need to remember to talk to me. Can you do that?"

Barry only slightly nodded. Not good enough.

Removing his fingers, he cupped Barry's chin, turning him toward him. Barry flicked out his tongue, Leonard inserted them.

"I need words this time, Barry. Not nods, groans, moans, but actual words. Can you do that?" Removing his fingers, he allowed Barry time to breathe, take in the seriousness of his tone. He studied the green eyes, as they slowly regained their focus. Mick had just started in on his wrist.

"Y'yeah. I'm with you. I'm good. I'm here. Yeah."

Leonard watched as Barry composed himself a bit more, voice steadying. A little broken up by gasps due to Micks administrations, but the words were solid.

"Good." He stroked Barry's cheek tenderly.

"The dampener is staying on," Barry's eyes flew open at that as Leonard continued, "but only because none of us is ready for you to lose your markings yet. We need to enjoy you like this a little bit longer."

He felt Barry attempt a light giggle, heard his reply. "Y'yeah, I'd like to see them before they disappear."

"You will, Barry. You most certainly will. Got a nice mirror you can gaze into."


This kid is unbelievable. "You really want pictures?"

"Y'yeah. I'd like to remind myself about tonight, how marked up I got."

He chuckled. "Sure, kid. Pictures wouldn't hurt. They'll be good reference for next time."

Leonard clearly heard the squeak in Barry's voice, saw the startlement in his eyes. "Next time?!"

Oh, Barry, you really don't know what you got yourself into, huh? Leonard lightly laughed at the thought. Out loud, he replied, "Of course, next time, Barry. You didn't think that just one session with you, after all those years of planning, would be enough for us, did you?"

Barry blinked, dumbfounded. "Uhh ... "

"Look, kid. This was a heist years in the making. Do you regret coming here tonight?"

"N'no. Of course not."

"Want to come back? Play some more?" Definitely a loaded question, one not easily answered. Leonard waited patiently as he leaned in close, nuzzling Barry's neck just under his chin, taking in his scent. Delicious.

He felt the slight dip of the chin.

"Barry? Use your words."

He heard him swallow, followed by a very faint word. Oh, he knew what Barry said but the volume wasn't loud enough.

"Speak up, Barry. Do you want to come back here? Again and again? Let us ravish and torment your body into countless orgasms? Do you want that, Barry? Do you want more markings, turning your entire body black and blue? Want to feel chilled, Barry? Frigid? Cold?"

"DAMNIT, YES, SHUT UP!" Barry practically screamed at him. "Alright, yes. I'll come back. You guys can do whatever you want. Just, stop talk...ARGH!" Barry orgasmed again much to Leonard's delight. He heard the panting. "The ... more ... you guys tire out, the less heists you can perform."

"Oh? Is that what this is all about, Barry? You tiring us out for heists? Thought you liked being our prey out there, all our banter, the dance, letting us watch you harden up during our battles." He chuckled at Barry's flush. He continued. "You do have a point, though, Barry. After the heist we pulled today, no other will ever come close. Quite the dilemma. Still, I don't want to eliminate them altogether as I do enjoy ourselves getting it on in public."

Barry groaned and instantly hardened up again.

"Besides, I thought you liked it here because you wanted to be here, not just for some devilish scheme of your own. Why are you here, Barry?"

"I, I ... I ... "

"There are more letters in the alphabet, Barry. Care to share them?"

Barry broke out in laughter, which was completely unexpected, but Leonard felt relieved that Barry was feeling more like himself again. He couldn't help wonder what Barry found so amusing. He waited patiently for the speedster to continue.


Barry's laughter soon subsided, laughter as he remembered the ABCs that landed him here. Catching his breath, he turned his head back to Len's, catching his eyes.

Wait ... what was the question again?

Leonard must have saw his confusion as he asked again, "Barry? Why are you here? With us? Tonight? You had an opportunity to dash away when the dampener was off, yet you remained."

True, Barry thought about that earlier, pondered why he hadn't run off. What could he say? He's not really sure of the words himself.

"I ... I'm not entirely certain." Barry paused, collecting his thoughts. "I want to come back. I think it's the not knowing what to expect that has me intrigued. I know the mystery won't always be there, but when that time comes, I know you would have done way more than enough to make absolute certain I keep coming back. It's not because you're forcing me to, I know that doesn't sit right with you. But you're making this ... all this ... into an incredible experience that makes me want to come back, because I want to be here. I want to enjoy these new experiences, these new sensations, with you, with Mick. And DAMNIT, LEN! I know you got that blasted cold gun in your hand, I can feel the chill. Hurry up and do something with it!"

He heard that blasted low laughter, but there was no hint of irritation, only amusement.

"C'mon, Len," he whined out the words, desperate. "Pretty please?"

"Fine, since you asked so nicely."

Barry heard a click and the setting being adjusted. He held his breath in anticipation.

"One more thing, Barry," Leonard began, but Barry interrupted.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Use my words, not my heated moans out of immense pleasure, I get it, now move it."

Barry wasn't sure if he regretted sounding so needy. Soon as the last word came out, his back immediately arched as an intense chill wedged between his ass cheeks. He moaned, loudly. His whole body shuddered as the cold gun was raised higher, gliding over his slick back. He exhaled slowly, feeling every single press of the muzzle.

Belatedly, he remembered. "I ... ahh ... mmm ... " Barry hissed as he felt a cold trickle run down his spine. "off ... safety ... "

"Mmm, correct. The safety is off, Barry."

The cold gun continued gliding around his back which felt ... cold. Barry shivered. "Cold ..."

"Yes, Barry?"

Barry tried to think of more words. He pressed against the cold gun.

"Something you want, Barry?"

Damnit ... "gin ..."

"Gin? Thought you couldn't do alcohol, Barry."

The cold gun lowered, pressed lightly into the very tip of his crack. He wiggled. He needed a word. Taking a deep breath, "Again."

"Oh! You liked that, huh?" He pressed a little harder, a little lower. "Where would you like it?"

Barry could barely think, the chill so near his hole has evaporated all rational thinking, whatever he had left. Wait ... that's not right. "Sec ... "

"Of course, take as much time as you need, Barry."

Barry felt the cold gun leave his crack and rest lightly on his hip. He took in some deep breaths, clearing his head a bit. He felt Leonard running a hand along his back, softly. Barry needed to control his thoughts, calm himself down. He can't afford any irrationality ... wait, is that even a word? He can't afford to lose control, like he had earlier.

Barry took a few minutes, breathing in and out, allowing himself to feel the soothing hand on his back. He started feeling Mick again, chewing up his arm. He wondered how long ago he lost that sensation, of Mick darkening up his arm? He shuddered, realising how close to losing himself he came.

"Barry?" He heard the concern in Len's voice.

"I'm fine, good. Just needed a moment." Another couple of breaths, he exhaled slowly, gasping at another bruise forming on his arm. Good, he can do this. Focus on Mick, let Leonard send chills through him. He's got this.

"Ok, I'm ready."

"Good, you've gotten better, Barry." He flushed at that comment and felt the cold gun move. "Request?"

Barry knew what he wanted but also knew he wasn't fully prepared, especially with the dampener on. "Press just above the crack, a short trickle." Start small. He's got this.

The cold gun moved into position, pressed, kneaded, pulled back slightly.


Barry nodded, forcing himself to relax. "Y'yeah."

His breath caught as the cold ice trickled down into his crack. He felt a finger on his lips and sucked it in. He needed the distraction. He focused on the finger for those long five seconds. Was it only that short? It seemed way longer.

Barry gasped when the trickle ended, the cold gun removed. Before Leonard could inquire, Barry gave a final suck on the finger. "Fine, fine, fine ..." Okay, suck the finger again, collect his thoughts. "Ok, I'm good, I'm fine, that was ... was ... " Was what? Barry thought another moment, nibbling. Another bruise refocused his attention to Mick. He glanced down, startled at how black he was. He wiggled his ass a bit and felt Len's fingers kneading him.

Barry exhaled slowly. "Gooooood .... so good."

"I'm pleased. You're doing very well, Barry."

"Setting?" He had to know the setting that was at.

Leonard didn't hesitate. "Just a tad below medium. Request?"

Barry liked that setting, but felt it was a bit too intense on the first night especially with the dampener field on.

"Lower, decrease, longer." Could he do this? He believed so.

"Very well." He heard the setting change. "Lowest setting?"

Barry nodded. "Y'yeah."

"Into your crack?"

Barry thought, deciding to be bold. "Lower. Press against my hole but don't push in, or maybe just right above it."

"Muzzle's a little too big to fit in that tight hole of yours, Barry."

Barry shuddered as he felt the cold gun slide down into his crack, and lower until it just barely reached his hole. "Sec, keep holding."

"Of course."

Barry took some more breaths, focused back to Mick. "Definitely not the kind of day I expected when I woke up this morning," he let out a giggle.

"Oh, I don't know. I woke up this morning with every intention of capturing you and brutalising your body. I think the day turned out fairly expected, better actually."

He heard Len hum. He felt a tiny nudge. He felt another bruise on his arm. He exhaled slowly, inhaled again, and braced himself.


Barry screamed at the steady cold stream on his currently most sensitive spot. Thankfully, it wasn't near as cold as the earlier trickles. It was better, much more tolerable, invigorating! He gurgled out the last of the scream, his eyes lidded, tongue hanging out. He needed to say something, anything!

" ..."

He felt Len's finger again, sucked it in. Focused on sucking to keep his head clear. He let himself feel. Every single ice particle slithered down past his hole, some likely finding entry. The cool stream was beyond all comprehension. Nothing else in the universe could compare. There were no words. No words to describe ... describe ... Mick was sucking his fingers. Lots of fingers. He felt his body shudder into another orgasm. Words no longer existed.


Leonard kept the stream going, at its lowest setting. Five seconds, passed. Ten seconds. Barry kept up sucking on his finger. Fifteen seconds.

He concentrated on Barry's body, watching the ripples, the shudders, how he sucked on Len's finger. He gave Barry another finger, feeling how it was sucked in. Thirty seconds.

He felt Barry's orgasm, watched how his body reacted during it, and watched the recovery. Forty-five seconds.

Recovery from the orgasm was going too slow. A finger slipped out, the other barely hanging in, tongue barely moving. Breath sounded too ragged.

Leonard removed the cold gun just as Barry gave a weak attempt to pull away. Snapping on the safety, he tossed it aside and wrapped his arms around Barry.

" ... d ..."

"That's right, Barry, we're done." He nuzzled his speedster's ear.

They stayed like that for a few minutes before Mick's voice broke the silence.

"You owe me a pair of pants, Red."

Leonard opened his eyes as he felt Barry's back shudder, in laughter. He grinned at Barry's words, "Fuck you, Mick."

"Try it, brat."

Leonard nearly lost his balance as Barry lurched forward to kiss Mick. Leaving them to their tumble, he stood up and stretched, grimaced at his own erection. Mick noticed and shoved Barry toward him. Leonard happily accepted the offering and thrusted into Barry's throat, allowed him a moment to swallow, then pressed further down. Within moments he was sending his hot sperm down the delectable throat.

Pulling out, leaving a messy trail on Barry's lips which dribbled down to his chest, Leonard turned toward the bathroom. He hummed contently as he heard Barry howl, knowing that Mick had plowed right into his chilled hole.

Passing the dampener on the wall, Leonard flicked it off and headed for the shower. May as well make Mick actually work for his pleasure. He grinned evilly as he heard his buddy gasp and growl as Barry regained strength. Okay, maybe Barry will growl a bit at not getting to see his markings, but Leonard was quite positive that his Flash will forgive him once he sees the video footage. After all, there's always surveillance cameras here. Surely, Barry knew that?

He shut the door, tuning out Mick's roar.


Laying back on the couch, Leonard lazily rubbed his fingers along Barry's nipples. He smiled at every soft moan knowing damn well he caused them. He likes that. This. Taking control of the Scarlet Speedster, his Flash. Leaning forward, he kissed Barry on the forehead, letting his tongue linger on the flesh. Barry sighed, contently.

"Barry," he spoke softly, not wanting to startle the finally exhausted speedster.

"Hmm?" Barry looked up at him, smiling sweetly, parting his lips invitingly. Leonard obliged, granting him his fingers.

"Do you understand what happened today?" A question to start the conversation that needed to be discussed.

He felt the sucking slow down as Barry pondered the question. Tongue swirled, curling around each finger. Leonard loved how that tongue can curl. He felt his fingers pushed out; he moved his fingers back down to Barry's chest coating both nipples with the speedster's saliva.

"I do." Barry responded. "I tried to take control of the situation earlier tonight which nearly killed me, could easily have killed me, and in turn, could have really hurt you guys. That ... side-effect was scary. I thought I had it under control, but I started forcing you to use the cold gun again. Each time you noticed, you pulled back, I pushed harder not realising what you were doing." Barry paused, collecting his thoughts. Leonard didn't hurry him.

"In hindsight, I know fully you were in control of the situation, and it's your duty to make sure my body responds properly. It's also your duty to watch for warning signs, triggers, and to act accordingly." He glanced up at Leonard receiving a smile in return.

"Correct. You did lose control of yourself, but we brought you back to your senses again." He pinched a nipple, receiving a groan.

"Guess I'm pretty lucky you know how to do so."

"Absolutely. And Barry? Anytime you are feeling out of sorts, something is bothering you, or you just need some physical contact, you can always come to me and Mick, right? Communication here is the key."

"Mmm," Barry parted his lips, tongue draped along his lower lip. Leonard gave it a rub.

"You understand about the cold gun?" Another serious question.

"Yeah. Your gun, your rules." He felt Barry sigh, clearly not liking the answer.

"Do you know why?"

"Yeah. You know your gun inside and out. You know each of the settings, how the cold comes into contact with objects and flesh, how it forms, crystalizes. You know how low the temperature goes with each setting, the highest setting being absolute zero that can flash freeze. It's a very intense, extremely dangerous weapon, not to be taken lightly." Barry paused again, biting his lip in concentration.

"That medium setting when I pressed the trigger, it was a nice setting, very intense, but definitely not when the dampener is on. I wouldn't dare try the max setting even with my powers. It's a different story when you're just tormenting my body, gliding the cold gun along every inch of me, pressing into my neck, my nipples, along the thighs, my cock, wedged up in my crack. Quite exhilarating all that. Still ..." Another pause as Barry gazed up into his eyes again.


"I wouldn't mind trying the lowest setting down my throat, see how it feels. Adjust it higher over time as my body gets used to it." Leonard couldn't help laughing lightly at that innocent smile.

"We'll talk about it but no dampener when you're deep-throating my gun. Also, as Mick stated earlier, you don't get to solo the cold gun, ever."

"Yeah, I know. Safety factor and all. I'd also prefer Mick to be around during those times. He's a pretty good back-up guy." Barry grinned impishly.

"HEY! I ain't nobody's back-up guy!"

Leonard laughed as Mick entered the room, watching as the pyro stomped over and rammed three fingers down Barry's throat.

"I takes you just as well as Lenny does, maybe even better. Anything you no like, or feel wimpy about, speak. We's here to ravage you every chance you land yerself in our view. Clear?"

Leonard watched the drool flow out the side of Barry's mouth as Mick roughly thrusted his fingers. He wasn't sure if Barry actually nodded in understanding or if it was due to the abuse his throat is receiving.

A cell phone buzzed.

Leonard picked up the cell that was sitting on the table, seeing who was calling.

"Cisco." He pressed the Answer button and held the phone to Barry's ear. Cisco spoke so loudly that he heard every word.

"Barry! Where the hell are you? You were supposed to be out on patrol after that last fire but you never contacted me back."

A silence, as Mick grinned evilly, stroking Barry's tongue.

"Barry? Talk to me! Where are you?"

With a final thrust down his throat, Mick removed his fingers, leaving Barry gasping.

"Geezes, are you okay? Do I need to come get you? What happened?"

"Cisco," Barry croaked. He swallowed, trying again. "Cisco, I'm fine. Really. I, uh, lost track of time."

"Whew, that's a relief. And so NORMAL for you. Seriously, Friday nights are supposed to be spent doing whatever it is you're doing, not patrolling the city chasing down criminals. Right?"

"Uh ... right."

"So speak. What were you doing?"

"CISCO! Sheesh, I was just, lazing around. Was pretty worn out from those fires that I took a nap and ... well ... geeze!" Barry bit his lip as Mick rubbed a nipple.

"Man, you really are the most boring, normal guy I know." A beep came through the cell phone. "Hold on a sec."

Barry gasped as Mick changed tactics, now sucking on the nipple.



"You sure you're okay?"

Barry attempted to push Mick away but that only resulted in teeth on the nipple, pulling, causing him to harden right up. He heard Mick giggle and felt the gentle pat to the front of his boxers.


"I'm fine, Cisco, really. What was that beep?" Barry regretted the question immediately.

"Oh, right. It's another fire."

Barry sighed. "Call the damn fire department. I've had enough heat for one day." Mick thrusted his hand down his boxers, gripping Barry hard, stroking his thumb along the tip roughly. Barry felt his whole body pulse and heat up.

"The Big Belly Burger, closest to the bridge, it's at risk."

Mick's head snapped up sharply, catching Barry's eyes.

Leonard laid there quietly, taking in the conversation. He watched Mick hoist Barry up and pushed him toward the discarded suit still lying on the floor.

"You still got your suit?"

Leonard tossed the phone at Barry, watching him fumble both it and the suit. "Uh, yeah, right here. Give me a sec. On my way." Barry cursed, struggling to pull the suit over his erection.

"I's got you." Mick knelt down and took the cock fully into his mouth, giving a few heavy, long strokes. Leonard will never tire of Barry's expression, his pure-bliss mode, with that devilish tongue hanging out.

"Barry? Who was that? Are you with some ..." Leonard laughed as Barry hit the End Call button and dropped the phone as he emptied his load down Mick's throat.

"Thanx, Red! Go and grab us some grub. Needs a bit of extra energy to tear you apart again." Mick shoved Barry toward the door. Leonard watched as Barry pulled the suit fully on, grinning at the wet spot, and watched his Flash zip out the door.

"You really think you can go another round, Mick?"

Mick pondered the question, thoughtfully. "Nope, got nothing left in me. Doesn't mean I can't make the kid's head turn to mush again. Dunno what his limit is. Think we'll ever find out?"

"Hmm," Leonard thought about Barry's insatiable hunger and shook his head. "Doubt it, not anytime soon at least."

"Mmm, would be fun to try and find his limit. Think he'll continue hanging out with us?"

Leonard had to grin at that. "Absolutely. The Flash is ours after all. We ruined his delicious body for everyone else. He'll never be satisfied if he wanders."

"If he wanders," Mick growled, "I'll hunt him down, slap a damp'ner collar around his neck, and haul his ass back here. Lock him up, make sure he doesn't leave for a week, maybe a month."

"I believe you. Let's make it a year to lock him up."

"Think how tickled pink he'd be, not having to rescue any blue furballs for at least a year." Mick's grin grew at the thought.

Leonard laughed, enjoying Mick's humour. Gazing after his pyro as he wandered off, he knew Mick was right. If Barry ever did wander, they would track him down and remind him who he belongs to.

Leonard had adored the kid since the day they met, long before the Particle Accelerator exploded, having seen Barry at the precinct during each of Len's visits. For years he had fantasized of wrecking the kid utterly and completely. After the explosion, and Barry had woken up as The Flash, Leonard thoroughly enjoyed their encounters. Pulling heists used to be his job; they soon turned into the best entertainment he's had in years, trading banter and dancing with The Flash, flirting, enticing him. Every night he had gone home, fantasizing over the slim figure in that extremely tight outfit, hugging his ass, every line of his body. Making many plans on how to capture him and make him his.

Closing his eyes, he smiled satisfyingly, at finally having conquered the Scarlet Speedster. He'll be back. Leonard was quite certain of that fact. Moments later, he drifted off into a blissful sleep, listening to the pitter patter of rain on the roof.