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Runaway dreams

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Betty Cooper is a broken soul. She is a scared, bruised and fragile woman. She'd ought to be after everything she'd experienced. At such a young age as well. It can take a toll on you. Effect you in ways you thought were impossible.

Riverdale is all she's ever known. Welcome to the town with Pep. That's the welcoming sign entering Riverdale. That's nor the reality of that small town. It isn't peppy or welcoming. It's the complete opposite.

A dark town full of gangs, mobs, killers and over all the darkness that consumes the town.

Her childhood was an utter tragedy  .  Everyone just see's her as the daughter of the black hood.

Was she just the daughter of a killer? Of some one mentally unstable. Does that make her evil? According to the town of Riverdale.

Yeah, it did.

They didn't see what she truly did for that town. She was the one to figure it out. She was a victim of the black hood that lives to tell the tale. She was the one to bring him down. Yes, his own daughter.

That didn't seem to be enough for the town. Her saving what's left of Riverdale's innocent wasn't enough for them to accept her. She was of his blood, share the same name. Just because she had those certain aspects she couldn't live her life. She was living in the shadows of her fathers actions. The consequences are left down to her. She was facing the cruel actions of the town.

It effected her the most.

Betty Cooper is a guarded woman. She built walls yay high so no one could deceive her again.

She sacrificed the most important person in her life just so he could live. She knew he had a life to live, dreams to succeeded. She would rather danger herself so the people she loved can still live today.

Her ex boyfriend. That's who she's sacrificed. It hurts too much to think about it. The pain of losing him all over again. The pain of the knowledge he's probably moved on by now. The pain of the knowledge she knew she hurt him in away that she knew it would hurt him. And for that, that tears her apart each day and every day he cross her thoughts.

Watching him from a far. She understands how creepy that may sound of her but she didn't care back then. She needed to know that he was coping. She needed to see him smile every once in awhile. She just needed to see that he's okay.

Watching him fall deeper and deeper into the serpents hurt. It was like a stab through the heart.


She knew she was the reason for those chain of events. She was his constant and vise versa. They both lost each other when she did the one thing that actually saved his life.

The backlash from the residents in Riverdale worsened. She rarely went out when she lived there. She even stopped going to Pops.

Yes you heard that right.

The only place she felt safe in her teenage youth. The only place that gave so many hours sheltering them from the darkness. The only place giving them a few hours of normality.

Every step she took at of her four walls of her own apartment were to college. A college in Greendale as she couldn't face going to Riverdale Community college. Yet being there was just as bad. The taunting. The bullying.

Betty Cooper is committed. She leant that from her mother Alice Cooper. She stuck at college. She did it to get her degrees. The degrees she spent hours of hard work getting for. Also to help her get away from Riverdale.

The taunting followed her back to her home life. The threatening comments on social media. The amount of death threats in letters she received each week. The egging of her windows and smashing of them.

Her mental health was bad in high school but now she hit the state of depression. Making her scared hands open up old wounds that were never really healed.

She didn't feel safe in Riverdale anymore. She couldn't be there anymore. She wouldn't have known what would have happened to her if she didn't get out when she did.

Some people say she ran away from the consequences.

But were they really her consequences?

No they weren't. She had fallen in to the backlash of the towns hate. The town was and is still angry, they can't hate the black hood as he's locked away but they can hate his blood. His daughter.

But if you ask her she'd say, she's running away with her dreams. Trying to escape the darkness and find some colour and light in her life.

That's why one night. She was searching the Web for journalists jobs. She found one. They didn't care where in the world you were from they would pay for flights, get your stuff shipped over and give you some money until you officially started working for them.

She applied on a whim. She wasn't getting her hopes up. It would be the perfect job for her. If she doesn't get it she'll carry on searching. A month later, she got an email through accepting her for the job.

She had two weeks to put her place up on the market, pack and say her goodbyes.

She did all of that in a heart beat. No looking back just looking forwards. No regret just the ambition to do well. Most of all its a fresh start. A new city, a new country and hardly anyone cares about a small town news in America when there's bigger fish to fry. Plush it happened years ago now.

She went out their with the insensitive that no one new her. This is her chance just to be her. No history or her demons following her to Europe.

London was beautiful, she thought. It wasn't too small. It wasn't quite. The noise filled the silence she's been willing to fill.

London had been the perfect chose for her to move to. The cafes the amount of experience they had to offer due to her job. The businesses of the places she goes knowing that she's not alone.

Betty Cooper had officially left Riverdale a few years ago today. She had been thriving in her job. She has been promoted twice in the time she's been there.

She loves the atmosphere of the office. The chitter chatter and the buzz. The constant amount of work flow they get through. The people she's met. The people she's befriended.

She's learned a lot about not opening her heart up to people and trusting them. That's why she has very little friends in London. She had two Sam Sloan and Avery Grey.

They had showed her around the city, learnt her how to be a true British lass. By that teaching her the Yorkshire ways.

Sam works in the fashion department for the magazine they work for and Avery in the social media team at their magazine.

Sam is a petite tall woman. With very defined facial features. You could cut yourself on her jaw line. She has long brunette hair which is natural straight which Avery is jealous of. She has a grunge aesthetic and pulls of dark colours well. They suit her complexion.

Avery is the smallest friend. She has striking blue eyes with hint of grey in them. Her hair is crimson red a bright ginger colour. You can see her form a mile away. Her hair is naturally curly it can be like a lions mane on some days she can't tame it. She has a retro and vintage aesthetic. She loves that style and pulls it of flawlessly.

They are her best friends. Some days she feels like she's replaced Kevin and Veronica but she knows she hasn't. It's hard to keep that friendship going with the different time zones. They try there very best. They put time and effort in and they do succeed at it. It takes everyone's efforts for it to succeed.

In all honesty it's hard Veronica and Archie live in NYC. They have stopped there since they fell in love with it since College. Kevin lives in LA and has a busy work life. He too stayed there since college. She misses them with all her heart but she is so thankful to her friends in London.

She would be lost with out them. She would be an outsider in the city if it wasn't for them two. She would have sunk further into her depression if it wasn't for them too. In away this new city gave her a new lease of life. A gasp of fresh air.

In the few years she's lived in London she has gained so many new experiences. Travelling with her new friends. Working on articles she would never have thought herself as a writer would.

She is Elizabeth Cooper here. Not Betty Cooper. She has escaped the darkness that follows that name. Her work colleagues call her Izzy and her closes friends call her Liz.

At first it was a strange adaption as she use to hate being called Elizabeth. But now she loves it. London has giving her the chance to rediscover herself as a person. It has given her that push factor to let go of holding on to the past.

What about her family?

Well, she still speaks to them. Alice is still in Riverdale. She has no idea how her mother is putting herself through hell each and every day. Her mother is such a strong woman. She inspires Betty. Yes they may had their difference in the past but this trauma has brought them together closer than ever.

As soon as Betty told her mother about moving to London she was supportive of that chose. She could see what toll it was taking on her daughter. That is the worse image a mother can see of her daughter. It's haunting.

As for Polly and the twins. There happily set shop in San Francisco. They have some knowledge of their family history and how their father died. There happy, they visit her mother. The haven't seen Betty since she moved out to London. They face time constantly. The twins miss there aunties.

As for Cheryl she is in New York with Archie and Veronica. She loves the atmosphere there. How it's always busy and crowded so she won't feel alone ever again.

She spoke to them when she could. Time zones and her new life takes you in a different direction to where she'd had planned.

Then there's Sam and Avery, they've become her family there. She loves them so much.

London pricing for homes are incredible expensive. They were all living in cramped apartments with people from the office they didn't know. So a year of her being in London they found a three bedroom flat and has been sharing that ever since.

She would imagine is she did move to NYC it would be similar if she lived with Veronica. There's not a single day that goes by and she wishes what ifs. What if it was different? What  if she was still in America? What if she was still with the love of her life? All the what ifs.

It's hard not to look back on the past. It's hard only to keep moving forward. She had done that. She needed to to do that for herself.

It was her runaway dream.

And with that runaway dream she made something of her self. She rediscovered her self.



A fresh start.

That's where she has been for years now. She has faced the struggles so she can be where she is today.

No matter where about's in the world she is, there is always going to be a crown shaped hole in her heart.