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Raging Rebel

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"Geez, aren't you ready yet?" I shouted to my best friend Ramsey.

"I can't decide which suit to pack!" She yelled back in her accent.

"Bring them both. I don't want to miss the flight."

"Who say's I have only two?" She leaned against the door jam, arms crossed. "And I'm out of room."

I sighed and lugged my own suitcase into her room. I tossed it on the bed beside her own, opened it and motioned for her to fill the empty space I'd reserved for souvenirs. Looks
like I'd be buying a new suitcase to take home.

"Eve, I love you." She put three sets of bikini's in my bag and zipped it shut again.

"I know." I told her. "Now lets go."

We entered the living room, bags in tow. My cell rang and I answered, knowing just who it was by the ringtone I'd assigned him. He only called when he had something important to say.

"Can't talk. Gotta catch our flight."

"Evelyn." Dad's voice was calm, laced with urgency. He spoke quickly. It made me stop in the middle of the room and Ramsey knocked into me. Luckily, I grasped the end of the couch before I tumbled over it. "Some very dangerous people are coming for you and your friend. They're going to question you about the chip. Cooperate with them but do not tell them where it is." I put the phone on speaker just in time for Ramsey to hear dad mention the chip. "I have a rescue team coming for you in 48 hours. I'll retrieve your things for the two of you to still go on your trip when they bring you to me. Trust me. Evelyn... Please."

Dad hung up without a real goodbye, let alone telling me he loved me. I was used to it by now. Twenty five years of little to no affection can really lower your expectations.

"Where is it?" I frantically asked her. "Grab it and lets go!"

"I... I don't have it. It's with Safar!" She was trying to stay calm but I saw it in her eyes, heard it in the way her voice raised.

"You sent it to my ex boyfriend!?" I all but shrieked at her.

"You said he could be trusted!"

"He can. But my ex boyfriend?" I was having trouble getting past that little tid bit.

The door to our apartment burst open and I turned to see 4 men enter. Neither of us were really fighters, despite Dad's line of work. I clenched my fists and raised them in front of me, the way I've seen people do in movies. So much for cooperating.

One of them walked forward, arms raised in front of his chest, palms facing me.

"We ordered not to harm." He said in a heavy Russian accent. "You come, we be gentle."

By the time he mentioned gentleness, he was already too close for comfort and instincts I didn't even know I had caused my fist to fly, catching his jaw. He reached out for my arm and when I pulled away, I fell back over the couch, forgetting how close I'd been standing to it. Adrenaline hit me and I kicked him as he reached again, catching his chest with my sneaker. I used the end table to pull myself up as two goons advanced again.

A choking noise came from behind me and I whipped around to see Ramsey being held by her neck so forcefully that the guy was lifting her off the ground.

"We been ordered not to harm, but who to care if one of you dies? You know as well as she, where chip is, yes?" He asked, pulling her higher into the air.

"I don't know how to use it." I told him. "You'll need to keep her alive for that, wont you?"

He thought about that for a second and loosened his grip. Ramsey massaged her neck, taking sharp, tiny breaths.

"You no fight, we no hurt." Repeated the one I'd knocked down.

I couldn't fight worth shit, and Ramsey was like my family. I'd thought for the briefest of second that I could take these men, and I was sadly mistaken. My outburst could have gotten her killed and I wouldn't wish harm on her no matter how much she pissed me off. I felt my hands being tied behind me. I glanced over at Ramsey, they were tying her hands too, with thick, black zip ties. After placing black bags over our heads, they shuffled us into a car that had been idling outside.

Dad better be right about this rescue team coming for us. If not, I would hate him for as long as I still lived.