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She and Miki have been friends for what feels like forever, but Aya can’t ever remember blushing around her. But here she is, blushing as she watches Miki fix a bike. She just can’t take her eyes off of Miki and…

Miki is really pretty, isn’t she?

Wait, where did that come from? Since when has she ever thought of other girls like that? To be honest, when has she ever looked at someone so pretty it makes her blush?

Is this…

Is this what happens when you have a crush on someone?

But then that means…

Does she have a crush on Miki?

It’s so weird to think of, but it does make sense. But still, her heart pounds and she doesn’t know what to do. If she has a crush on her friend, what is she supposed to do?

Crap, this is so awkward.

“Hey, Aya, can you pass me a cloth?” Miki says. “I really need to wipe my hands. Wait, are you okay? You look really red.”

“I’m fine!” Aya says, passing Miki an oil-stained red cloth. “I’m just a bit hot.”

“Are you sure?” Miki says. She stands up and looks at Aya, and she goes even redder. “You look like you’ve just learned something really important.”

“Yeah, maybe,” she says. She sighs. “Uh, how, how would you feel if… I had a crush on you?”

Miki stares at her, eyes widening. “Well, I guess… I’d want to go on a date with you.”

When Aya realises when she means, she laughs nervously. “What, really?”

Miki blushes too. “Yeah, really. We’ve been friends for so long, and… well, I think I like you too. So, do you want to go on a date?”

And as she blushes, Aya hugs her and says, “I’d love to.”