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Elrond's Greatest Achievement

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'Everyone, this is Elrond.' Maglors hand on his shoulder was comforting. And Maedhros presence behind him gave him a sense of security. He could not deny that he was somewhat nervous.

It was, after all, not every day that you met the infamous sons of Fëanor. Meeting one of them was already terrifying, meeting two of them grounds enough for hysterical screaming; so meeting all of them... - Well...let’s just say that even the most stout-hearted elf would be reduced to a quivering mess.


There was a reason after all, why even the Valar treated this family with extreme wariness and caution.


So Elrond was quite proud of himself that his expression of discomfort merely manifested itself in mild nervousness.


And he was even prouder of himself, when he managed to look completely unconcerned, as he was suddenly pierced by five pairs of curious, assessing eyes.


A dark-haired Elf rose from his sitting position and stepped forward. „I am Carnistir.“, he said simply and gave Elrond a quick once-over.


'I have heard of you before.'


'Oh?'. So Maglor had talked about him. He was quite touched.


' are the one who did something very brave.'


Elrond, fearlessly, defiantly securing the retreat of his host out of Eregion, as he stood alone against the might of Saurons army.


 'Something, that was very memorable. An act, nobody will ever forget and worthy of being written down in the history books.'


Elrond establishing Imladris, The Last Homely House East of the Sea, as a stronghold and refuge.


'It was astonishing. '


Horns blowing in the wind. Banners, proudly displayed, dancing through the air. Elrond, undaunted,  fighting back-to-back with Gil-Galad, valiantly facing down the never-ending forces of the Abhorred One.


'But extremely dangerous...You played with fire. And you survived.'


Elrond moving quietly, swiftly, deadly. Wraiths screeching in murderous anger. His sword glittering in the pale moonlight; driving away the shadows of the Nine.


Caranthirs face split into a grin.


'You are the one who bit Nelyo!'


Elrond face-palmed.




Everywhere around him was destruction, carnage and death. As the tall red-haired elf grabbed his brother and started to lead him away, Elrond lost it. He broke out of Maglors grip and bit Maedhros only remaining hand. Hard.