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Death Comes To Us All

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The Parisian streets weren’t where she thought she’d be when her time came, it was pretty close back in England when her teammates fell, one after another in that battle. The fang on her pendant glows with a light that grows brighter as her vision grows darker; her partner lives on borrowed time, borrowed time that will end when their connection fades. The wound in her abdomen isn’t as painful as it should be, whether that’s from nerve damage or adrenaline she’ll probably never know. Each breath is painful as they’re forced from tired lungs, she’s fairly certain they’ll burst whether or not that’s something a human organ can do. Her life was always going to be a short one, she knew that when she almost bled out repairing her dad’s old car. She wondered if her new friends would miss her, the heroes she fought alongside and the other students who made her so welcome in a country whose language was impossible for her to learn. Her eyelids grew heavier, increasingly more difficult to open; the paramedics were coming, not soon enough. She felt an almost unbearable pain as the titanium that once housed her partner shattered, he was gone, soon it would be her turn. She closed her eyes for the last time, allowing herself to let go.