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The Black Death Is Stronger than Jet

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The Black Death is Stronger than Jet

By Milady Eysabelle Perfume Holmes

It was the Middle Ages. It was on the Spaceship Buboes. There were three cowboys and a kid and a dog. People know it now through legend forever more as…


Jet got the plague first. It was from Ein. Ein had fleas, cos Ein a dog, right?

Jet: Oh dear God God in heaven what is the matter with me? I feel sick and this thing on the side of my neck like a pool ball under my skin except pool not invented yet?

Ed: It is thee Black Deathe! Yoiks! Eye shall run now from it!

Faye: Mother Mary! To the convent goeth I!

Spike: Forsooth, mofo, I outta here now! Oh hey there Vicious. Go kiss Jet.

Vicious: No.

Ein: Barke! Th' herald angels sing!

And so Jet he died from the Black Death all alone and nobody cared.