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the cutest boy ever ( BTS GROUPCHAT FIC)

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yoongi created “ I’m so GAY”—


yoongi : holy fuck I just saw the most beautiful man 


Yoongi : he made my DOM jump OUT


jimin : OOO yoongi who is it !


Yoongi: idk but he’s such a cutie I wanna tie him up UwU


Namjoon: uh yoongi little bit too much info


Yoongi: Namjoon stfu don’t think I don’t know you call Jin “ Daddy”


Yoongi: he’s so beautiful ugh I’m sending a pic 




Namjooon: uh um I don’t call jin “daddy”


seokjin:  stop lying 


jungkook: omfg that’s hoseok I know him , I know his Instagram 


taehyung:y u at the airport yoongs


Yoongi: picking up my mom but JUNGKOOK GIVE ME THE @


Jungkook: it’s @hoseokie94




Yoongi : oh my god he’s fucking beautiful 


Yoongi: what a cute twink I’m going to wreck him ugh :))))


Taehyung : I need myself a twink Fr


jimin: fuck uwu i love tying up cute boys 


jungkook: ;)) hey jimin


jimin: ur a cute boy y not uwu ;)


jimin: come over @ 10 ;)


jungkook:  okay ;)


namjoon : well there’s a new couple


Yoongi : OMFG the cute boys coming my way ABORT MISSION


Taehyung: OOFOF talk to him 


Yoongi : he just - he just came up to me and told me “ hi yoongi right I love your music so much your truely amazing , do you think i could have your number ? I mean if it’s okay uh” and he let out a embarrassed whimper


Yoongi : omfg I’m goong to wreck this boy and also he has my number now I’m SHOOK 


Seokjin: bitchh wtf u just pulled a cute twink #goals


namjoon: Im right here bitch


seokjin : love u babe


Yoongi : well gotta go !! Talk to u dirty hoes l8r


— 1 day later  —


taehyung : thought I should let y’all know I  pulled a hot ass twink last night and guess who tied his ass up and got called daddy 


Jimin: shit what’s his name 


taehyung : I thinks it’s like joo hyunsoo or some shit like that


Jimin : no fucking way


Taehyung : what


jimin : dude u just fucked a famous ulzzang


Taehyung : HDJDJ I DID


Jimin: bro he looks dom af wtf


Taehyung: bro... he is such a sub like ,, he begged me to fuck him and call him “ baby boy”


Jimin: IM SHOOK WTF r u still with him


Taehyung : Yes HSJS he’s asleep he told me not to leave in the morning  last night before we went to sleep 


Jimin: this is him omfg 




Taehyung: shit he really is a ulzzang JDJDJ


Taehyung : he’s waking up gtg chim


Jimin : Byeee tae , update me what happens later