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Of Coffee & Camboys

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Min Yoongi had never really been one for porn – it just didn’t appeal to him, the overproduced, overacted nature of it all. It was all too shiny and messy and loud for his tastes. As such, any omnipotent figure with a front row seat to the current installment of The Min Yoongi Show would have been rather confused about what turn of events could have lead to this.

‘This’, of course, referred to the fact that it was 3am in the goddamn morning and instead of sleeping like any sane person would be, Yoongi was currently hunched over his laptop in the center of his bed, scrolling through pages and pages of thumbnails. Each featured a man – an actor – usually in various states of undress. Plenty of rippling muscles and absurdly large penises, each less appetizing than the last.

With a world-weary sigh, Yoongi rubbed the back of his hand across his eyes and he straightened his back, wincing at the resulting ‘crack’ emanating from his spine. He should really go to sleep; the glow of his alarm clock let him know he had under four hours until he needed to be up for work. Despite how used he was to functioning on minimum sleep, it was still in his best interest to not pull an all-nighter at the very least.

Pushing a sheaf of papers aimlessly onto the floor, he scrabbled for his phone, moving to close his laptop. With a quick last glance at the screen, he started to pull the lid shut, until – his body stopped even before his brain caught up with it, eyes narrowing as he ducked to stare at the bottom corner of the screen. As he moved around, the page had scrolled slightly, to reveal a small thumbnail that now caught his attention. Without thinking too hard about it, Yoongi found himself clicking on the thumbnail to making it fullsize, the site moving him automatically to the boy’s stream page. The image in question was bright, overlaid with a soft pink filter. Content wise, it was a little more tasteful than the majority, an angled shot that caught from just below his sharp hip bones to the bottom of his chin. No dick, no face, just a pair of perky pink nipples and proportions that seemed almost too perfect to be true.

The page in full was well set out, a pink and blue banner across the top of the screen bearing the name ‘Bunny’, garnished with a cute icon of a fluffy black rabbit. Basic info ran down the side of the page (Male, 21, Streams are every Thursday! ^u^) and an adjacent box was filled with video thumbnails. Even as he felt his cheeks heat up, Yoongi found his mouse hovering over one that showed the male – Bunny – in an oversized pink sweater and what looked to be thigh highs. All thoughts of sleep having fled from his mind, he hit play before he could think better of it.

The first few frames were fairly nondescript, a few shaky moments as the camera was adjusted, until Bunny pulled away, camera lens whirring as it focused on him. Yoongi couldn’t help but admire the set up – the video quality was crisp, the lighting soft. The tan skin of the boy’s thighs contrasted nicely with the off-white of the bed sheets as he stretched his arms, sweater riding up to his waist. The way the camera was set up, it only captured him from the neck down, likely in an attempt to retain some level of privacy. Yoongi knew it was likely the smart thing to do in this line of work, but he couldn’t help the twinge of disappointment.

Shuffling back to lean against the cool wall, paper crunching beneath him as he adjusted the laptop on his thighs, Yoongi watched as the other dragged his fingers from his legs up to his waist, fingers catching in the hem of his sweater, raising it to teasingly reveal a pair of lacy white panties, and the bolt of heat that shot through Yoongi and straight to his groin had him reeling. He hadn’t really considered cross dressing something he’d be into, but as the boy on the screen moves again, stocking clad legs rubbing against one another as he rolled onto his front, giving the camera a fantastic shot of his lace clad ass, Yoongi found himself gulping a little. He locked this new information into his brain to be dealt with at a later date, and simply let the video flow over him as Bunny turned back and finally pulled his sweater over his head. If his chest had looked good in the thumbnail – well it was safe to say it was nothing compared with seeing it in high definition. Broad shoulders running down into an impossibly tiny waist, the lean muscle moving beneath skin in stark contrast to the soft garments he wore – it was a lot to take in.

Bunny ran a hand down his chest, tweaking a blushed pink nipple as he did, before resting his fingertips along the waistband of his panties. He still hadn’t spoken, and the combination of his silence and the lack of a visible face made Yoongi wonder if that was the reason this channel didn’t seem to be as popular as others, despite the high quality of the video. He figured it was probably a fair trade, privacy in exchange for slightly fewer views.

The boy on the screen was now teasing at his underwear, hooking a thumb in the waistband and pulling slightly to reveal a dark trail of hair pointing tantalizing downward. Through the white lace, the outline of his hard cock was clearly visibly, precum already staining the fabric. Based on how little he had actually touched himself so far, it seemed likely he had either prepared himself before the video started, or was just really into the concept of being watched – either option was arousing enough for Yoongi to find himself shifting in place, adjusting the laptop to tug at his rapidly-tightening boxers. He knew it was only a matter of time before they were gone entirely, but he found himself clinging to the modicum of self control that allowed him to maintain them for the time being.

During his period of internal warfare, Bunny had finally given up on the teasing, and now he pulled the lace panties down entirely, the fabric catching over his muscled thighs as his cock sprang free, tip slapping lightly at his stomach. It was a very pretty dick, Yoongi found himself thinking – just a little below average length, flushed pink and curving towards his stomach. It looked just about the perfect size to wrap his fingers around, to run his tongue along. With a shudder, he couldn’t stop himself from reaching between his legs to palm himself through his boxers, just as Bunny did the same onscreen.

The camboy had curled his fist around his cock and was slowly stroking it, teasing himself even as his hips lifted of their own accord, bucking into the warmth of his palm. For the first time, a sound floated out of the speakers, a tiny moan that was far more arousing than it had any right to be. If the noise was anything to go by, Bunny’s voice was deeper than expected, but melodic and sweet. It had Yoongi cursing, finally giving up and shoving a hand into his boxers. He found himself moaning in time with the other as his grip tightened around his own throbbing cock, precum beading at the tip as soon as he touched himself. He kept his movements slow, still at war with a part of his own brain that was currently screaming at him about how fucking weird this was.

Bunny seemed to have no such reservations, snagging a bottle of lube from beneath a pillow, the lid opening with a ‘pop’, the thick liquid squirting out onto the boy’s fingers. As Yoongi watched, he rubbed them together, before finally reaching behind himself. From this angle, it was impossible to see just what was happening, but the throaty gasp that fell from his lips gave Yoongi a pretty solid idea of just how good it felt. He bit his lip, grip tightening, even as the other pulled his fingers out, rolling over once more to present his ass to the camera; and; more importantly, his pink flushed hole, glistening with lube and gaping slightly after the removal of his fingers.

A groan bubbled up in Yoongi’s throat at the sight, cock kicking in his hands. He tucked his chin into his chest, breathing heavily, as sweat gathered at the nape of his neck and his movement sped up. His dick was heavy in his hands, precum slicking his palms as he gasped and tangled his free fist into rumpled bed sheets. He watched through heavy lidded eyes as Bunny spread his own ass cheeks, arching his back in such a way that a shock of fluffy black hair was momentarily visible. He looked so soft, despite the lewdness of the situation; thighs still clad in soft silk, pink ribbons straining against the muscles as he pushed back onto his own fingers, easing in a second, and then - so quickly that he surely must have stretched himself earlier - a third.

Yoongi was already embarrassingly close, biting his own lip to keep from moaning too loudly, knowing from experience just how thin the walls here were. He curled his hand a little tighter, flicking his wrist on the upstroke, thumb dipping into the slit at the head of his cock, sensitive enough to send a shudder through his entire body. Onscreen, Bunny finally withdrew his fingers, a line of lube dripping from the tips, ass shining with it. Yoongi desperately wanted to draw his hands through it, lap it up, gently press his fingers inside that fluttering hole - even just imagining it, the tight wet heat, had his cock jolting once more, the pressure in his stomach building. Watching as the younger withdrew a glass dildo from somewhere offscreen and lubed it up, Yoongi found his hand gaining speed. Even as the other moved to tease his hole with the toy, he found himself gasping, chest heaving. As soon as the boy pressed it inside, pixelated body jolting, Yoongi felt the coiled heat finally release and a low groan escaping past his lips as he spilled over his hand, almost certainly ruining his shirt in the process.

As soon as the deed was done he couldn’t help but groan again, this time at his own complete lack of social grace. Cradling his face in his non-sticky hand, he scrunched up his eyes, rubbing at the crease between his brows. After taking a few moments to contemplate just how awful of a human being he was, the cum drying on his stomach became too pressing to ignore. Gracefully grabbing a wad of tissue from his bedside table, he mopped himself up, slamming the laptop lid on the still-running video and pulling his gross shirt over his head before discarding everything onto the ground. Whatever, his own moral corruption could be a problem for tomorrow's Yoongi - for now, he was going the fuck to sleep.

☆ ★ ☆

Tomorrow Yoongi was thoroughly pissed off by the decisions made by his prior self (for which he would take no responsibility - midnight Yoongi was a selfish jerk and deserved to perish). It was currently 6am and he was running on a solid three hours of sleep, thanks to the stellar decisions of the night before. With a tired sigh, he ran a hand through his hair, moving to flick the coffee machine on. Hoseok was late again as well, the asshole - if Yoongi could turn up on time in his zombie state, surely his eternally chipper workmate should be able to manage it.

As if he'd been summoned, there was a knock on the door, a bright red shock of hair hovering in the window as the one and only Jung Hoseok pressed his face against the glass, eyes wide and grin bright. Another sigh, and Yoongi paused his morning routine to cross the store and turn the lock, moving aside as the other tumbled through the door.

"Hyung! Hi!" came the immediate exclamation, followed by an unsolicited hug and a trademark heart smile. Grumbling, he pushed the younger off him, wiping his hands on his apron before affixing Hoseok with a scowl. "Why are you late this time? I don't care too much, but you know Namjoon's been picky lately - all his 'needing to create a professional work environment' and shit."

His reply came in the form of an all-too-endearing pout, complete with comedic eyelash batting. "Oh come on, I'm only a few minutes late! I was just so tired I slept through my alarm - you know, I only got 7 hours sleep last night? I think I'm dying."

Gently resisting the urge to murder this mess he called a soulmate, Yoongi rolled his eyes. "Just start setting the tables and shit out. And get the bins." Hoseok was protesting as soon as the words were out of his mouth, but he waved him off.

"You got here late, so you get the gross jobs. That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth."

He purposely ignored the others’ cry of "Was that a meme hyung? I love you!" as he headed back behind the counter, doing his best to mentally prepare for the inevitable rush of the next few hours.

☆ ★ ☆

 Work was busy as always, and by the end of his nine hour shift Yoongi was all but swaying on his feet. He wanted nothing more than to head home and collapse into bed, deaf to Hobi's pleas of video games and booze. It wasn't until he finally collapsed on his bed, shoes still on but fucks not given, that he dared reflect on the events of the previous night.

Honestly, he didn't feel too great about it. It was hot - god was it hot - but the boy in the videos had still been so young, and the memory of jerking off to it just rubbed him the wrong way. Straightening up, back cracking at the movement, he fished his laptop from where it had been shoved under his bed, fingers slipping on the cool metal until he hefted it successfully into his lap. When he opened the lid, he found it still paused on the thumbnail of Bunny with the dildo pressed into his ass. Willfully ignoring the stirring in his crotch, Yoongi clicked off the video, closing out of the tab and deleting the site from his browser history. There. It was gone, and he would never have to think about it again.

☆ ★ ☆

 Of course, things didn't go quite that smoothly. It wasn't even a full week later that Yoongi found himself knelt on his bed, two fingers stretching himself open and hand tight around his cock as he watched the boy onscreen riding a dildo like his life depended on it, moans filtering through the speakers. The toy in question was a glittery pink monstrosity, surely at least 10 inches and thick enough that the other could only just wrap his hands around it. Yoongi would be wincing at the thought of putting that anywhere near his asshole, if only the current situation weren't so fucking hot.

He had told himself he wouldn't do this again, but in his defense,  he was drunk and had apparently subconsciously memorized the url of the boy's channel. He had barely even had the energy for self-hatred when he had found it again earlier in the night, flippantly throwing his credit card details at an assuredly sketchy site in order to access the backlog of videos. That was almost an hour ago now, and while he was somewhat soberer, he was fairly sure he had never been more turned on in his life.

There weren’t that many videos; maybe thirty, running from about two years ago to the most recent, only a few days old. Yoongi had found that he enjoyed the original ones slightly better; whilst the camera quality was a little grainier, the sound a little tinier, as a whole they felt far more natural. They were far less cutesy and pink, instead just showing Bunny in casual white shirts and dark jeans - it seemed the cute image had been at least somewhat cultivated for his followers. The first videos were also a little laxer with the anonymity - while his full face was still never shown, it was clear he hadn't yet gotten the hang of angling the camera, leading to a glimpse of parted lips, a graceful neck, a mole beneath his earlobe.

To be quite honest, the fact that Yoongi could now identify these variances in videos definitely should have been more distressing than it currently was. Maybe it was the alcohol buzzing through his system (he should have known by now that soju bombs were the work of the devil) or maybe he was just a sexual deviant - at this point he couldn't particularly care. As he twisted his fingers, crooking them to press against his prostate, hand dragging at his cock just right all he could concentrate on was coming, until he suddenly was, teeth sinking into the meat of his own shoulder to quiet his moans.

As he collapsed back onto his pillows, energy seeping from his limbs in such a way that he could only bring himself to swipe lamely at the spunk on his stomach with a discarded shirt, he couldn't help but realize Just how Truly Fucked he was.

☆ ★ ☆

His daily routine really didn't change much - head to work at an ungodly hour of the morning, grit his teeth and smile at customers, ignore Hoseok's pestering and Namjoon's philosophical discourse, head home and work on his music before eventually routinely shredding it - apart from those late hours, when he would bring up Bunny's page with guilt squirming in his stomach, until he finally gave in and shoved all shame aside.

It wasn't every night, but over the weeks since his misguided channel subscription, it had steadily become a more and more frequent occurrence. He had already watched all the videos at least once, and now found himself rewatching them, all the while growing more and more infatuated with the mysterious 'Bunny.'

It was stupid, he knew that - he knew nothing about the boy, not even what his face looked like. But the few defining elements he noticed, he clutched onto: a One Piece book left on the bedside table, a G-Dragon poster pasted to the wall that could be glimpsed in some videos, the delicate silver necklace he always wore (Yoongi still couldn't figure out what the charm was meant to be; a kind of bird maybe?)  

It was potentially creepy and definitely not a road he should go down, but he couldn't help but wonder about the boy in the videos; from what his motivation for making them was, to what kind of food he might like. He was becoming dangerously attached, but he simply couldn't bring himself to stop.

Even at work, he couldn't help but think about the other, to the point that Hoseok finally confronted him, hands on hips and mouth pulled into a triangle.

"What's going on hyung? I know you're always kind of out of it, that it's part of your whole thing, but you've already made three different orders without coffee and it's only 9am."

The younger tapped his foot as he waited for and answer, eyes narrowed in a somewhat futile attempt to look threatening. Grasping at mental straws, Yoongi tried to think of how he could best wriggle out of this conversation.

Clearly someone out there was looking after him, because just as he opened his mouth to spew bullshit the bell above the front door chimed, announcing the arrival of a new customer. Shooting him one last stink-eye, Hoseok turned back to the counter, face instantly transforming back to its sunshiney default. As he launched into his opening spiel, Yoongi glanced over his shoulder to check out who it was he had to thank for his safety. The figure who jumped into his field of vision was a recognizable one - Kim Taehyung, one of their regulars. He was, however, accompanied by an unfamiliar face. The boy with him hovered somewhat awkwardly behind him, thick black hair falling into his eyes, fists shoved deep into the pockets of his dark hoodie.

Even as Yoongi watched, Taehyung turned to him, deep voice carrying easily over the counter.

"Jungkook, what did you want?"

The suddenness with which the other reacted to his own name was almost amusing, head snapping up as his eyes widened comically. It was cute, at odds with the casual demeanor he seemed to be working towards. When he spoke, his voice was sweet, a little higher and softer than Yoongi would have expected for someone his size.

"Oh um, I don't really like bitter things ... do you have anything sweet? But also still caffeinated ...." As soon as he finished talking, he looked back down at his shoes. Even from this distance, Yoongi could see the flush working its way across his cheekbones. He couldn't help but think that this mysterious new customer - Jungkook - was painfully cute.

Hoseok had been nodding along the entire time the other was speaking, and now nodded, scribbling on his order pad.

"How does a macchiato sound? Maybe something with flavored syrup to take the edge off the bitterness? Caramel is probably the sweetest we have, if you're okay with that."

Jungkook nodded his agreement, hand reaching to fiddle nervously with the tie of his hoodie.

"That, uh, that sounds good, thank you."

With a nod and a smile to both, Hoseok finished up his scribbling, before turning back and handing the order list off to Yoongi. Glancing over it - there was really no need, he'd clearly heard both their orders - the elder moved to the coffee machine.

Early hours and occasional awful customer aside, Yoongi enjoyed working at the cafe. The repetitive motions of making drinks was soothing, and easy enough on his often sleep-deprived brain. The atmosphere of the shop itself was also lovely; the shop owner, Kim Seokjin - who also happened to be Namjoon's long term boyfriend - had brilliant taste when it came to interior decorating. The entire store was paneled wood, wide windows spanning the front of the store and flooding the interior with natural light. The tables and chairs were also wooden, beautifully patterned with roses. Live flowers were the centerpiece for each table, and a low planter was also visible along the windowsill, soft purple violets peeking through the soil.

Humming under his breath, Yoongi finished up with the drinks, loading them onto a tray before sliding open the divider that separated the counter and seating area. The two boys had set themselves down at Taehyung's usual table, in the corner, next to the window. They seemed deep in conversation, but broke it off as he neared them, Taehyung shooting him a bright grin.

"One large hot chocolate with extra chocolate powder, and one regular caramel macchiato." he intoned, setting the drinks down in front of their respective owners as he spoke. In response, Jungkook flashed him a small, shy smile, even as Taehyung nodded energetically.

"Thanks as always Yoongi-ssi. This is Jungkook by the way - he's a first year in the music course, he was having trouble studying on campus since it's so loud around there, I thought he could do his work here sometimes! Do you think that would be okay?"

Yoongi was nodding before the other even finished, tucking the now-empty tray under his arm.

"Of course, you know Seokjin's rule - studying here is fine as long as you buy something every few hours. The wifi password for the day will always be at the bottom of your receipt." He bowed slightly to Jungkook, the other shyly inclining his head in return. "It was nice to meet you Jungkook-ssi, I hope to see you again in the future.”

It was the spiel he had to give to all their customers, but in this case the sentiment was genuine. The boy seemed polite, and Taehyung was one of their best customers, so he could assume he wouldn't invite anyone overly disruptive into the store. The fact that his nervous smile and shining eyes were essentially adorable didn't particularly hurt either. 

☆ ★ ☆

As promised, Jungkook started regularly attending the cafe after that. At least once a week he would make an appearance, always ordering his caramel macchiato (apparently Hoseok's suggestion had gone down well) and then parking himself over on the corner table, papers spread out in front of him, headphones firmly in his ears. Yoongi often found himself wondering what it was he was working on - Taehyung had said he was a music major but hadn't specified what strand. He had considered asking more than once, but the boy's somewhat closed off demeanor, complete with Yoongi's own anxiety, meant they still hadn't communicated outside of ordering drinks.

His relationship with the enigmatic Bunny, however, had only grown more sordid - if graduating to occasionally leaving comments on his videos could be described as such. A week or two after meeting Jungkook, Yoongi finally attended his first ever camboy live stream. While there had been a few previous streams tucked within Bunny's video archive, he still wasn't entirely sure what to expect when the notification lit up his phone screen.

Luckily, he was already at home, having gratefully left work a few hours earlier. He was currently meant to be working on the song looping on his computer, still unhappy with the chord progression. Hesitating for a few seconds, he hovered between the two possibilities, before finally giving in to the inevitable and closing out of the program to pull up Bunny's streaming site.

There was no live video yet, just a dark feed with a timer counting down in the corner. The chat feed running along the right side, however, was already full of enthusiastic viewers, comments streaming in rapidly.

( 1min ago )     69BigDaddy69: cant wait 2 see yoru tight fuckn ass babe

( 52sec ago )    xXbunnygirlXx: oppa ur so sexy I wish you would fuck me! ^u^

( 37sec ago )    hungbigdickhuge: you want this dick slut

( 14sec ago )    adam778: lol time to jerk it i guess

Cringing at the crudeness of the other viewers, Yoongi wrinkled his nose. Yes, Bunny was someone streaming for money, but he was still a person - he deserved as much respect as anyone else. His fingers hovered over the keys for a few seconds, but he finally gave in.

( 1sec ago ) Gloss93: i hope you had a nice day :)

It was doubtful that the camboy would even notice him within the sea of comments, but he felt slightly better for writing it, reassuring himself once again that even though he watched these streams, he wasn't as aggressively entitled as many of the other viewers seemed to be.

Even as he finished that thought, the camera flickered on, video unfocused for a few seconds before it adjusted to show Bunny pulling back from the camera. More of his face was in the shot than usual, however it was still carefully cut off just above the nose, his mouth covered with a dark face mask. Settling back into the bed, he gave a little wave. At his appearance, the comment section flooded once again, drowning Yoongi's comment among a sea of new filth. Onscreen, the other leaned forward, seemingly reading the comments, before the tapping of keys filtered through the speaker.

( 1sec ago ) bunnyboy: Hi guys! Welcome to today's stream - it'll be a little shorter than usual, but I hope everyone enjoys themselves!

Lent into the laptop as he was, the camera focused in on his thigh, baby blue shorts riding up as he shifted slightly. Gulping a little, Yoongi blinked the image away, turning back to the chat box. Luckily, Bunny's bright pink text was distinguishable enough that he could avoid reading the majority of other comments.

(22sec ago) bunnyboy: I couldn't decide what toy to use, my hitachi or a new cock ring, what do you think? ^u^

The replies were already flooding in as viewers gave their personal preferences, the artificial clinking of the donation tone sounding rapidly as everyone clamored to cast the deciding vote. Hand dancing into view, Bunny made a small finger heart as the donation counter spiked, and Yoongi had to tell his heart to calm the fuck down. It was such a stupidly sweet action, something the camboy often seemed to do; a way to express his appreciation without speech.

The donations continued for about a minute, their pace rapidly slowing, until Bunny began typing again.

(1sec ago) bunnyboy: @69BigDaddy69 thank you for your donation! Looks like I'll be using the cock ring today uwu

Reading through the message, Yoongi couldn't hold back the sour curl of jealousy in his stomach. It made him uncomfortable that these people thought they had some right to the boy, that they could treat him like an object and just get away with it.

'But that's his job;' his brain helpfully supplied, 'You're just as bad as them anyway - you're watching him too, thinking awful things about him. At least they're paying for it.'

Suddenly, he felt sick, clenching his teeth together and rapidly pushing his laptop away as he slammed his eyes shut. He shouldn't be doing this - he already knew that. He needed to stop, before his own self hatred truly reared its ugly head. There were already enough reasons to hate himself - he didn't need to feed more wood to the fire.

☆ ★ ☆

It was only a matter of time before Namjoon realised something was up. While not always the most perceptive in terms of his surroundings, the younger had spent enough time with Yoongi throughout their seven years of friendship to be fairly tuned in to his scattered emotional state. It was almost inevitable that he would realise the other was even more on-edge than just his usual state of sleep-deprived over-caffeinated paranoia.

It had been two weeks since the liveshow, and Yoongi hadn’t allowed himself as much as a peek at Bunny’s channel, guilt coiling in his stomach when he so much as thought about the camboy. The rapid one-eighty in regards to his sex life had left him cranky and irritable, and it was after snapping at a customer one too many times that Namjoon finally put his foot down.

Teatowel flung over his shoulder and arms crossed, he cornered Yoongi in the backroom, foot tapping a steady rhythm into the wooden floor.

“Okay, what’s up?” he demanded, a perfectly shaped eyebrow rising ever so slightly.

There was no need to even stop and consider just what he was referencing - Yoongi knew he’d been being a little bitch, and he knew exactly why. It wasn’t, however, a topic he was particularly burning to talk about, so he settled for an annoyed scowl, hands digging deep into his pockets.

“What do you mean? Nothing’s ‘up’.”

It was childish, but he felt like being a child. The somewhat exasperated sigh that escaped from Namjoon’s lips let him know that the other was unimpressed with this turn of events. There was no verbal response, only an uncomfortably long dose of eye contact, as the other’s eyebrows steadily climbed higher up his forehead. As loath as he was to lose any sort of conflict, Yoongi found himself looking away first, blinking his dried out eyes rapidly. Some hellish part of his brain kept nudging him, whispering that just maybe venting might be nice, and anyway, if he didn’t give in, Namjoon’s eyebrows looked poised to fly right off his face.

With a long-suffering sigh, Yoongi drew his hands from his jacket, fingers immediately moving to scratch the back of his neck, a nervous tick he’d picked up way back in high school. Resolutely staring at his shoes, he cleared his throat, feet shifting nervously in and out of his field of vision.

“Okay like … you can’t judge me -”

“You know I never would.”

“- yeah okay but you can’t.

A heavy breath, and he steeled himself to just spit it out and get this conversation over with.

“A month or two ago I started … watching this camboy. Like, at least once a week or something fucked. But then I got weirdly attached and now I feel gross and jealous and guilty even thinking about him which is stupid because I don’t even know the guy and like that’s his job  and I know I’m being stupid and insensitive but I keep getting so upset and then I get mad at myself and then-”

“Woah, woah okay, slow down.” At his words, Yoongi allowed himself a glance up at Namjoon, whose hands were now raised, eyes just a little too wide, expression coloured with concern. Instantly, his brain began to sort through the different ways he could defend himself - despite having just gone on a full minute spiel about his own awfulness - and he opened his mouth, only to be halted once again by a wave of Joon’s hand.

The other was clearly sorting through the details of this outburst carefully, brow furrowed. It was a tortuously long few moments before he finally spoke.

"Why didn't you mention this earlier? You're clearly struggling with the moral implications of this, but you know I'm always happy to help. And either way, I think you're being far to hard on yourself." he paused for a few seconds, tapping a finger to his lip in consideration.

"Watching porn is completely natural, but I know it's something you've always been uncomfortable with. It makes sense that if you found something, or someone, you liked, you might fixate on it. To the point where you even form some level of connection with the producer, such as you seem to have. Really it's entirely logical if you think about it."

His casual evaluation of the situation that had been causing Yoongi so much distress makes the elder's stomach turn over. He isn't quite ready to take Namjoon's appraisal of him as a decent human at face value, but it smooths the edges of his jagged nerves nonetheless. Shifting uncomfortably, he wrings his hands together. Joon still seems lost in thought, clearly contemplating the morality of the sex work industry, or some shit. Yoongi lets him have his few moments of contemplation before loudly clearing his throat.

Gaze snapping up to meet the smaller man's carefully closed of expression, Namjoon waits as Yoongi opens and closes his mouth, before finally speaking.

"So like ... what do I do about it? I can't stop thinking about him, even though I don't know a fucking thing about the boy other than the exact specifications of his dick. What deep and introspective words of wisdom do you have to offer me?"

There's a few long moments of silence, but finally Namjoon shrugs, running a hand through his hair before imparting his advice.

"Shit dude, I don't know. Get laid or something, I guess?"

☆ ★ ☆

It isn't until later that night, a few hours after work and, by extension, Yoongi decking Namjoon for his crude suggestion, that the other allows himself to dwell on his friend's words. He had already ruled out the one night stand suggestion - sure, it had been a while since he'd had sex, but he'd always struggled with no-strings-attached fucking. Hoseok had once told him that he had a habit of 'catching feelings' and honestly, the other hadn't been wrong. Regardless, his current state of mind didn't feel to Yoongi like something that he could fix with a quick shag.

Honestly ... the more he thought about it, the more he wondered if there was even anything to fix. Maybe he had been catastrophizing? Like Namjoon had said, watching porn was perfectly natural - god knows the younger had spent enough time drunkenly telling Yoongi about all the weird shit he'd watched people put in their butts. It seemed probably that the other was right, and the main reason this was shaking him up so much was because it was unusual for him. The jealousy? Well, that was a harder topic to resolve, but perhaps it would simply resolve itself with time ...

The more he circled around the topic, the more he found himself trying to validate his own behavior. Somewhere in his brain, he knew he was just formulating excuses to let himself go back to Bunny's channel, but in his current state of semi-mania, he found that little voice far easier to ignore than usual.

It wasn't long before his, admittedly already shaky, resolve shattered, and he found himself reaching for his laptop, chewing on his bottom lip even as he typed in the url he already had memorised. The page loaded quickly, a brand new video - only a day old - catching Yoongi's attention immediately.

Without even allowing himself time to succumb to guilt, he thumbed open the link, settling back against the wall. Still worrying his lip between his teeth, he drummed his fingers on the edge of his laptop as the loading bar filled. When it did, Bunny was right there in all his soft glory, sending little pangs of happiness shooting straight to Yoongi's heart. Ignoring the absurdity of the situation once again, he hit play, eyes trained on the figure onscreen.

Bunny was dressed a little more casually this time, in a soft, oversized white shirt with some sort of embroidery along the collar, lace socks, and a cream garter belt stretched around one thick thigh. Throat suddenly dry, Yoongi watched, entranced, as the other gave the camera a small wave before he got straight down to business. Hands skating up his sides, he pushed his shirt higher, until it bunched beneath his armpits, dusky pink nipples already standing at attention.

Gulping, Yoongi could already feel his dick hardening in his pants. It looked like it was going to be a long night.

☆ ★ ☆

Cracking open his tired eyes the next morning, Yoongi found himself with surprisingly few reservations regarding the previous night. Despite his thirsty ass dick having been ready to go for hours, his general state of exhaustion had him closing his laptop and sinking into bed immediately after catching up with the new video. Slightly sticky, yet sated, he had slept better than he had in weeks

Rubbing a hand over his face, he forced himself upright, sleepily stumbling from the comfort of his bed to the bathroom, tugging at the gross crusty patch on his boxers. God, sex was just so pleasant

As he stood beneath the hot spray of the shower, soapy water running down his back, he couldn't help but think of Bunny once again, suppressing a small grin as he remembered a particularly sweet moment in the video last night where the camboy had gotten his underwear caught on his garter belt. The tangle had resulted in a good minute or so of struggle, ultimately devolving into a frustrated little huff of air as he gave up all potential sexiness and yanked the offending garments off

Humming as he stepped out of the shower, Yoongi thought of the other even as he snagged a towel from the rack, wondering once again what the other might look like, might sounds like. He was whipped and he knew it, his pervasively romantic nature steadfastly ignoring the lunacy of the situation

Luckily, Namjoon didn't work Thursdays, leaving Yoongi to man the store with a somewhat hungover but still painfully cheerful Hoseok. While the other couldn't pass on an opportunity to point out Yoongi's uncharacteristically zen state, he dropped the issue after a few well placed stink eyes. Regardless, the dancer seemed to forget anything had been different than usual as soon as he launched into a spirited retelling of the night before. Nodding along as he half listened, Yoongi wiped down a recently vacated table, before finally being interrupted by the chiming of the shop doorbell

"Welcome to Autumn Leaves, I'll be with you in a moment!"
Hoseok was already shouting a greeting, head popping mercat-like over the counter. Confident that the younger could handle it, Yoongi was prepared to ignore the new arrivals, until Hoseok's next words carried over.
"Oh! Hi Taetae, Jungkookie too! What brings you here?

That got Yoongi's attention, head snapping up just a little too fast as he stared over at the two boys. Taehyung was already leaning over the counter, hands deep in the pockets of his silky trousers, caramel hair falling into his eyes as he laughed at something Hoseok had said. Jungkook was a few paces behind him, fidgeting nervously with the hem of his white shirt. As Yoongi watched however, he glanced up, only to lock gazes with the elder. Eyes widening comically, He immediately glanced away, reddening ears visible even from a distance.

Smiling to himself, Yoongi swiped a cloth over the table once more. Jungkook was very cute - it was useless to deny it. So was Taehyung of course, all long, tan limbs and brightly patterned, low cut shirts, but he wasn't Yoongi's type (and anyway, Hoseok had called dibs almost immediately after first laying eyes on him.) Jungkook, however, was broad across the shoulders, with a strong nose and heavily lashed doe eyes. A surprising dichotomy of muscle and fluffy black hair - Yoongi just wanted to wrap him up in a blanket, and also maybe suck his dick.

Casually shoving the washcloth into the pocket of his apron, he strolled over to the counter to join Hoseok. Nonchalantly gathering a handful of mugs, he wandered closer to the register and it's two customers. Hobi gave him a slightly confused side-eye as he set the mugs down but primarily ignored him, busy typing in the other two's orders.

This close, Yoongi could see Taehyung and Jungkook a lot more clearly, from the small silver ring that glinted on Taehyung's lip, to the freckle on the right side of Jungkook's neck. The latter was still resolutely avoiding eye contact, glancing around at the cafe interior. Glad for a chance to subtly check him out, Yoongi drew his gaze over the boy, lingering on the black stitching along the collar of his shirt. It seemed familiar, dark words in english. With a start, he realized it was remarkably similar to the shirt Bunny had been wearing in his last video; perhaps even the exact same. Stifling a weary laugh, Yoongi rubbed at the back of his neck. It looked like the world wasn't going to leave him in peace. Of all the fucking coincidences ...

During his period of staring, Taehyung had finished paying, and a sharp elbow in the ribs from Hoseok bought Yoongi back to reality. Leaning in close enough that his dark hair rubbed across Yoongi's cheek, Hobi hissed out a quiet "Stop perving and start frothing milk" that earned him a (gentle) cuff across the back of his head.

The beverages were ready soon enough, and Yoongi loaded them onto the tray, stepping out from behind the counter and heading over to the table in a trek reminiscent of the very first time he had seen the two together. Deep in conversation as they were, the boys didn't look up until he set the drinks down on the table, earning a sunny grin from Taehyung and shy smile from Jungkook. He was already turning to leave, chest a little warmer than it had been a few minutes earlier, when Tae's deep voice stopped him.

"Hey Yoongi, you do a lot of music production stuff right? Jungkook is having trouble with one of his pieces for college, I said maybe you could help."

When Yoongi turned, he caught Jungkook frantically waving at Taehyung to stop, expression panicked. As soon as the younger noticed he was being watched, however, he went stock-still, hands rapidly retreating to his lap.

The elder hovered for a few seconds, unsure what the best reaction was. A beckoning gesture from Taehyung finally broke his resolve, as he took the few steps back towards the table, carefully tucking the drinks tray under his arm. Uncertainly, he came to a halt, poised at Tae's side. The younger impatiently gestured to the empty chair between him and Jungkook, a clear indication to seat himself. Hesitantly sinking into the seat, Yoongi settled back against the arm furthest from Jungkook, doing his best to look relaxed. Clearing his throat a few times, he finally broached the ensuing silence.

"Uh so ... what exactly was it that you needed help with?"

There were a few awkward moments of pause as Jungkook's gaze darted wildly, as though he were searching for an out from the situation. Eventually, he seemed to admit defeat, shoulders falling with a gentle sigh as he slid further into his chair. Hands laced together, he kept his eyes trained firmly on the table even as he addressed the elder boy.

"Well like - I study music, but I'm more focused on vocal work and instruments than production, but like I'm taking a production course this semester for the credit and uh, I'm kinda struggling with some of the software? I mean, it's probably not even anything you use, I told Tae not to mention it, it's uh ... it's kinda stupid ..." He trailed off with a quick glance at Yoongi from beneath his lashes, red still spilt across the back of his neck.

As cute as he was, the nervous energy radiating from Jungkook was obvious, and Yoongi found himself quickly pushing aside any prior reservations.Crossing his arms over his chest, foot tapping lightly, he addressed the dark haired boy once again.
"What program is it? I have experience with a few. If you bring in your laptop or whatever else you use, I'll give you some pointers."

Finishing with a firm nod he watched as Jungkook brightened slightly. Perhaps he hadn't expected such a positive reply, or he was simply glad the interaction seemed to be over for now - either way, he uncurled slightly from his hunched position in the chair, reaching to brush aside his bangs and make steady eye contact with Yoongi for the first time. The grin he offered up was still small and shy, but bright enough that Yoongi could feel his heart lurch.
"That would be ... really great, thank you! Um, I guess I can come in next time you're working? Or whenever would be best?"

Nodding in agreement before he even registered the words, Yoongi all too easily found himself listing off the dates and hours of his next few shifts, even as a voice in the back of his brain repeatedly drove home the fact that he was well and truly fucked.

☆ ★ ☆

Against his better judgement and for lack of anywhere else to vent, Yoongi found himself texting Namjoon later that night.Curled up on his bed, he read over the text he had spent the last hour composing one final time before finally hitting send, immediately tossing his phone aside so he wouldn't have to deal with the repercussions of his actions. Feeling like a teenage girl in a B-grade romantic comedy, he crushed his face into a pillow, only to be roused by the buzzing of his phone. Scrambling to find it, he swiped to unlock it, heart beating rapidly as he waited to gaze upon Namjoon's words of wisdom.  

Yoongi: Hey so I think I have a crush on a customer is that like a health and safety violation

Namjoon: Fuck yeah Hobi owes me $10
It's the Jungkook kid right? Tae's friend?
Just go for it I won't snitch to Jin.

Yoongi: were u betting on my fucking love life i hate you both

Namjoon: Nah we both knew he was your type, we were betting on who you'd talk to about it first.
Reassuring to know you still love me the most.

Yoongi: i will literally murder u in ur sleep don't fucking test me

With a disgruntled sigh Yoongi rubbed a hand across his face. When and why did he acquire such bitches of friends, and why had he thought it was a good idea to hang onto them for so fucking long? The answer still eluded him.

His phone was still buzzing at his side, and against his better judgement he found himself checking it once again.

Namjoon: No but like seriously this is probably healthy for you.< br/> You were stressed about the whole camboy thing, right?
It seemed to be negatively impacting your sense of self and general mental stability.
Maybe if you have someone you like and have feelings for around you in everyday life, you'll be able to forget your attachment to the other guy and just watch porn like a normal human.
Either way I support you.
Just don't fuck him in the breakroom you know Jin hates it when we do that.

Yoongi: oh fuck off we all know its you two who left those stains don't fucking try me

Despite how much the interaction left Yoongi wishing he had something to put a fist through, he had to admit it was possible that Namjoon had a point. Since his brief interaction with Jungkook, he had barely spared a thought for Bunny - perhaps he really could put aside his unhealthy fascination with the camboy? He couldn't help but hope that might be the case.

☆ ★ ☆

A chance to test Namjoon's theory presented itself only a few days later, in the form of a liveshow notification blinking onto Yoongi's screen. Engrossed as he was in the piece, he almost ignored it, only just catching the word 'Bunny' out of the corner of his eye. While his immediate instinct was to click and load up the site, Yoongi found himself wondering if that would be in his best interest. The last live show he had tried to involve himself in had resulted in less jerking off and more depressive spiraling, and there was a possibility the exact same situation would arise once again.

After a few moments of hesitation, he finally made a decision, selecting the notification. Fingers drumming nervously on the edge of his laptop, he reassured himself that everything would be fine - he had been spending even less time fixated on the camboy over the past few days. This was just a step on the path to forgetting.

He was still jumping back and forwards on the topic when the camera flicked to life, the familiar view of Bunny leaning into the laptop, silver necklace charm dangling in front of the lens. This close, it was clearly some kind of bird, wings spread in flight.

Pulling back, the camboy gave his usual gentle wave, long sleeves bunching around his palm. He tugged at the hem of the striped pink and white fabric, covering his thighs in a practiced show of modesty.

He looked soft as ever in his white cotton shorts and socks, pink ribbon threading around the hems, if a little more casual than usual. Perhaps he was tired? Yoongi found himself absentmindedly wondering after the others health, before snapping back to reality and stopping that thought process in its tracks. He was meant to be detaching himself from the camboy, not falling deeper into the rabbit hole. Shaking himself, he tried desperately to slip into a state of nonchalance, even as Bunny slowly drew his fingers along the inside of his thighs. This was definitely going to be a lesson in self control.

☆ ★ ☆

When the screen finally went dark thirty minutes later, Yoongi found himself heaving a dramatic sigh of relief. His hands were threaded through his bedsheets, fingers numb from being clenched together, and his dick had been painfully hard for what felt like forever - but he'd done it. He'd watched an entire stream without touching himself.

He felt like he'd accomplished something monumental; clearly, this was a sign that like any normal person, he could watch porn without worrying about the fact that Bunny stopped in the middle of the stream to yawn at least four times. This was truly a victory to be proud of.

And if he jerked off in the shower before he went to bed there was certainly no correlation to the events of hours earlier.

☆ ★ ☆

The next day dawned bright and early, curtains opening on an entirely new Yoongi. He was chill, he was zen, and he certainly didn't have an emotional attachment to a camboy whose face he had never seen. For today, he had a date with Jeon Jungkook.

Okay - it wasn't a date, persay. He had work, and it just happened that the younger would be there, and he was meant to teach him some program or another. Specifics weren't necessary though, when the fact of the matter was that he had a pre-established meeting with a very cute boy who may or may not be a homosexual.

He was at least 10% more animated than usual when he made his way into the coffee shop, and it didn't escape Namjoon, whose raised eyebrow still wasn't enough to kill Yoongi's good mood. Resolutely ignoring his friend, he gently hummed under his breath as he tied on his apron.

It wasn't until a slightly sarcastic "You're really excited about seeing that kid, huh?" that he finally acknowledged the other, cutting a sharp glare in his direction. Namjoon remained entirely unaffected, far too used to the elder's stink eye at this point, simply shrugging nonchalantly in reply.
"Hobi told me. It's a hot topic, what can I say - it's been ages since anything interesting happened to one of us."

Making a mental note to spit in Hoseok's drink next time they went out, Yoongi rubbed the back of his neck with a sigh.
"Yeah, I'm looking forward to it, whatever. Don't make it a big fucking deal or anything."

The dimpled grin that split Namjoon's face made Yoongi fidget, even as the other took a step forward to clap him on the back.
"Yeah dude, don't worry. And I'll cover for you when he arrives - just take your break then or whatever. If you go overtime it's fine, I won't tell the boss man."

Muttering a quiet, "Please don't tell me that's what you call your boyfriend in bed," Yoongi shook him off an shuffled towards the back room, if only for an excuse to escape the conversation. He was grateful, really, but he didn't feel comfortable putting too many expectations on this meeting - it might not even mean anything, and if he built his hopes up, it would just hurt even more when reality came knocking.

☆ ★ ☆

Jungkook wasn't scheduled to arrive until a few hours later and Yoongi found himself growing increasingly anxious as the minutes ticked past. Finally, a few minutes before the time they agreed on, he came stumbling through the cafe door, hair windswept and cheeks dusted with pink. He hadn't seemed to have noticed Yoongi yet, situated behind the coffee maker as he was, and the elder watched as he adjusted the strap of his bag, running a hand through his hair before glancing around with wide eyes.

Taking pity on him, Yoongi stepped out from his hiding place with a small wave. Catching the movement, Jungkook gave a small smile, bouncing over to the counter in a way that had Yoongi stifling a grin behind his hand. The younger came to a stop just before the bench, dark lashes fluttering rapidly as he blinked down at Yoongi, who once again had to come to terms with the fact that the other was far larger than he had any right to be.

Wiping his hands on his apron, Yoongi cleared his throat.
"Just give me a moment, I'll go grab Namjoon and then we can talk." Gesturing at the cafe proper, he continued. "Just grab a seat or something and I'll come find you."

Nodding, Jungkook started to turn, before coming to a halt, seemingly realising he had forgotten something.
"Oh, is it okay if I order a drink before you go Yoongi-ssi?"

Cheeks reddening at the sound of his name dropping from the boy's lips, Yoongi nodded mutely, ducking his head slightly. Typing in the familiar order and accepting Jungkook's card, he prepped the drink quickly. It wasn't until he passed it over the counter to the other that he finally spoke.
"You know ... you can just call me hyung, if you'd like."

Heart far too fragile to deal with deal with any kind of response, he promptly turned on his heel and dashed away, moving just a little too fast to catch the dark red flush that blossomed across the younger boys cheeks.

☆ ★ ☆

After a good few minutes of bemoaning his own homosexuality to Namjoon (who responded with a gentle pat on the back and the phrase 'That's rough buddy') Yoongi finally gathered himself and headed back into the cafe. There was a slightly irritated looking customer at the register, but he quickly crept out from behind the counter. namjoon could deal with that one - he'd volunteered himself after all.

Jungkook was seated at his usual table, drink already half drained and foot tapping nervously against the floor. He looked up with a small smile as Yoongi approached, pushing aside his bag so that the elder could sit down next to him. Hyper conscious of how close the chairs were, Yoongi slid into the spare seat, fidgeting a little before he finally got comfortable.

The younger boy already had his laptop up and running. Glancing at the screen, Yoongi noticed the icon for a sound production software he used regularly - luckily, it seemed like that was the one Jungkook was struggling with, as he clicked to load it onscreen. Just before the program popped up, Yoongi caught a glimpse of an image thumbnail that seemed ... oddly familiar? It was gone before he could place it, however, and he shook the thought off, attention turning back to the boy next to him.

He was staring intently at the screen, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth as he tapped on the table next to his laptop. When the program finally loaded fully, he turned his gaze to Yoongi, starting slightly when they made eye contact. There were a few awkward moments of silence, before Yoongi took it upon himself to break eye contact with an cough. This seemed to bring Jungkook back to earth, as he rapidly turned back to the laptop, fiddling around with something as he addressed the elder.

"So, ah, I have to create a guide track, and I've got the base vocals in, but I need to cancel out the background noise in some parts? But I can't figure out how to segment it and do that so I was hoping maybe you could help ... hyung."

Trying his best not to react to the title - regardless of the fact that his heart was beating at a million miles an hour - Yoongi kept his expression neutral, even as he reached over to the laptop, arm brushing gently against Jungkook's shoulder. Doing his best to concentrate on the task at hand, he explained the process thoroughly to the younger, who nodded in understanding every few moments, expression almost dangerously focused.

When they finally finished, he sat back in his seat, arms crossing over his chest - making his biceps bulge in a way that was so alarming that Yoongi almost fell off his damn chair -  as he nodded.
"I see! I guess it wasn't that hard ... sometimes I just make things more difficult for myself than they actually need to be, you know? It's silly but ... I have trouble accepting it when I can actually do things well, haha ..." trailing off, he blushed a little, opening his mouth as if to apologise for talking too much. Yoongi was already waving him off however, chest warm.
"No I understand. Sometimes it's hard to believe that you're actually capable."

Now that he had demonstrated what he needed to, there was really no need for Yoongi to stay - especially not when his half hour break had already ticked over - but he couldn't bring himself to move away. This was the closest he had ever been to the younger, and he didn't want to give it up yet. All they'd talked about was work, and there was so many things he wanted to ask; do you enjoy your classes? How do you get your hair to look so soft? Also would you like to maybe kiss me?

Luckily, Jungkook seemed to feel the same way, shifting slightly in his chair before finally turning to Yoongi.

"So, um, Tae mentioned you do music production stuff ... are you like, studying or something?"

Pouncing on the opportunity to keep conversation going, the elder curled his hands into his lap, fiddling with the ties of his apron.
"Yeah, I do some production in my free time - it's not for school though, just a hobby. Sometimes I do some freelance work for a few different artists, but usually it's unpaid, thus this job." He gestured around the cafe as he spoke.

Jungkook's eyes were wide as he watched his hands, expression awed enough that Yoongi's chest felt a little tight. He trailed off, leaving the younger blinking over at him. There were a few awkward moments of silence, but Jungkook quickly seemed to catch on to the fact that Yoongi had finished, rushing to speak.

"Ah, that's so cool hyung! You'll have to send me some of your stuff some time - I mean, like, if that's okay of course?" he grabbed his phone off the table, fingers swiping over the screen to unlock it, before leaning over to offer it to Yoongi.
"You can give me your number, if you'd like?"

Warmth spread across the back of Yoongi's neck as he leant forward to accept the proffered device, head spinning with the possible implications of the others statement. Fingers brushing as he accepted the phone, he was about to pull back when something just beyond his current field of vision caught his eyes - the delicate silver chain around Jungkook's neck had slipped out from beneath his shirt collar, swinging gently. Hypnotized, Yoongi stared at the charm as it swung; a charm that was painfully familiar. A small bird, its wings spread in flight.

His stomach lurched, his brain running through the possible explanations. It was an odd coincidence to be sure, but perhaps the charms were just popular recently. And the fact - the fact that Jungkook had the same necklace as Bunny meant nothing. Even as his mind flashed back to the shirt he had seen Jungkook wear only days after Bunny live streamed in it, even as he finally noticed that Jungkook's soft, dark hair curled almost exactly the same way the camboy's seemed to - he knew it meant nothing. Of course it did, to think there was any connection would be sheer lunacy.

Even as his mind ran through a million different scenarios and excuses, a small voice spoke from above him, jolting him into action, fingers closing around the phone automatically.
"Hyung, are you ... okay?"

Yoongi shoved his thoughts back, offering Jungkook a forced smile as his fingers numbly plugged in his name and number. He went to hand back the device, only to pause midway. He had to know.
"That's ... a cute necklace. Where did you buy it?"

His chest felt tight as the others face lit up, fingers closing around the charm as he moved forward to give Yoongi a better view.
"Oh, you mean this? Tae bought it for me! Isn't it lovely? He had it specially made, since he and Jimin used to joke that I was like a seagull. It's actually a really funny story - "

Yoongi's vision felt like it was fading as his stomach lurched, free hand coming up to cover his mouth. Jungkook's phone clattered from his hand to the table, chair scratching against the floor with a screech as he abruptly pushed himself upright. He couldn't even think, head splitting with confusion and guilt. He could hear Jungkook calling after him, asking if he was okay, but he ignored it, wrenching open the counter door and stumbling into the backroom. Back hitting the wall, he slid to the ground, arms curling around his knees as he buried his face into them, breathing short.

He didn't even know how to process the enormity, the sheer absurdity of what had just happened, so ... he didn't. He crushed his eyes closed, dug his nails into the palms of his hands, and let everything go blank.

It might have been hours before Namjoon found him, or it might have been minutes - with the way the world was currently tilting, Yoongi couldn't say for sure. What he did know, however, was that eventually there was a gentle hand on his shoulder, urging him to uncrumple himself and look upwards. His friend stood over him, expression gentle. When he spoke his tone was soft and soothing.

"Hey, Yoongs, are you okay? I'm sorry, I was talking to a customer and I didn't see what happened ... Jungkook is gone though, do you need anything?"

Yoongi didn't want to think about Jungkook, about how much his little freak out much have perturbed the younger. He probably thought he was a freak; and he wouldn't exactly be wrong.

Realising that Namjoon was still waiting for an answer, he gave a small shake of his head, not quite trusting himself to speak. The hand on his shoulder smoothed back and forth in small soothing motions and the other man nod, expression understanding.
"Okay. I think you should head home now, alright? I can handle everything here. If you want to talk later, you know you can always call me ... I'm sure Hobi and Jin feel the same way."

His breathing was still short, chest still tight, but Yoongi could feel his heart rate slowing somewhat as he made his way back to earth. He could deal with this - even if 'dealing' just translated to cutting Jungkook out of his life entirely. Everything would be fine after a nap.

☆ ★ ☆

As soon as Yoongi arrived home he fell into bed, emotionally exhausted from the rollercoaster ride of emotions the day had brought. It wasn't until almost six hours later that he roused himself, even as the sky grew dark. He had dreamt of pastel lace and ocean birds, and soft dark eyes beyond them all. When he rolled out of bed his head was throbbing and his throat was dry - with a groan, he found himself stumbling to the kitchen for a glass of water.

Pausing, he rested his forehead against the cool steel of the fridge, finally allowing himself to dwell on the events of the day. It had been months since he'd had a panic attack - and of all the fucking things to set him back. He still wasn't quite prepared to unpack the Bunny = Jungkook fiasco, but now that he was removed from the situation he could admit that his reaction maybe have been a little over the top.

With a sigh, he rubbed at the back of his neck, letting his eyes fall closed. What was the protocol for this situation? If he googled 'what to do when your crush turns out to be your favourite pornstar' would the answer magically reveal itself? Maybe he should call Namjoon. But ... not right now.

For the time being, distraction seemed like the best strategy, so he prepared to throw himself headfirst into music. He had the next day off and he didn't need to sleep for at least twenty four hours - everything would work itself out, probably.

Steadfastly ignoring the fact that it was 6pm at night, Yoongi started up his coffee machine, ready for a productive night. As he waited for the water to heat up, he fished his phone out of his back pocket, absentmindedly turning it on. A message from Namjoon asking whether he'd gotten home and if he felt any better flashed up first - he thumbed out a quick response, telling the other not to worry. As he went to close it, he realised there was still an unread notification on a message. Confused, he clicked to open it.

Unknown: Hi hyung, it's Jungkook
I hope it's okay to text you?
I'm not sure what happened today, but if I made you uncomfortable I'm really sorry ...
I hope you're okay! If I did anything wrong let me know okay?

Yoongi's heart clenched as he read through the messages. It seemed so Jungkook to immediately assume he was at fault, despite having done absolutely nothing wrong. The guilt in the pit of Yoongi's stomach started to grow once again, until he tamped it down, marking the messages as read and then pushing them firmly out of his mind. He would deal with it later.

☆ ★ ☆

For Yoongi, the next day dawned around 3pm - he had thrown himself resolutely into his music, editing tracks over and over and over until the early morning, only falling into bed after the sun had risen. His sleep was restless but luckily dream-free, and when he woke he felt at least a little more stable than the day prior.

After pottering around in the kitchen and generally putting off what he knew he needed to do, Yoongi finally pulled his phone out, keying in Namjoon's number and pressing the call button with a sigh. The other picked up almost immediately, a tinny 'Hey dude,' filtering through the speakers.

Joon didn't waste much time on pleasantries, following up his greeting with a quick, "So, what are you calling about?" in a tone that implied he knew exactly what. Following his lead, Yoongi decided to dispense with any flowery language, cutting straight to the point.
"You know the camboy that I was getting stressed about?"
"Yeah, Bunny or something, right?"
"It's Jungkook."

There were a few moments of confused silence, before the younger probed further, clearly confused.
"It's Jungkook? Do you mean like ...he watches this boy as well?"

With a sigh, Yoongi ran a hand through his hair, the absurdity of the situation still not lost on him.
"No. Like, the camboy, Bunny - it's Jungkook. It sounds crazy I know but like ... he has this necklace he always wears in streams, and Jungkook has the same one. I thought it might just be a popular brand or something, but I asked Jungkook and he said Taehyung had it made specifically for him. And also like, now that I look back on it, he's worn clothes Bunny had in livestreams a few times; they even have the same fucking freckle on the side of their neck."

There was a pause as his friend took in all this information, carefully digesting it. Yoongi found his foot tapping impatiently on the floor as he waited for a response, but Namjoon's characteristic thoughtfulness left him on edge for a full few minutes. When the other man finally replied, his tone was careful, as though he was concerned about Yoongi's potential reaction.

"That's ... one hell of a coincidence. But if it is the case, you have to tell him Yoongs. He seemed genuinely upset when he left yesterday; and regardless, it's unfair if you know this secret of his and don't tell him you're aware. I would also suggest not mentioning it to anyone else."

With a heavy exhale, Yoongi rubbed the back of a hand against his eyelids.
"You're right, I know. I won't tell anyone else of course - I only mentioned it to you because I don't know what the fuck to do. And I'll ... I'll talk to him, I have to eventually, the kid already texted me and he thinks it's his fault. I just like ... need a few days. Do you think Jin would be okay if I skipped my next few shifts? I just fucking ... I don't know if I can go to work when he might be there, you get me?"

Before he had even finished speaking, Namjoon was already humming in agreeance.
"Yeah, of course man. I'll explain it to Jin, I'm sure he or Hobi can cover if need be. Just let me know whenever you're ready to come back - and look after yourself, okay? I haven't seen you like that for a while, you scared the shit out of me."

Scrunching the wristband of his sweater in a fist, Yoongi gnawed on his lip. He knew Namjoon meant well, and ultimately it was reassuring to know that people still cared about him, but he was currently in such a stew of guilt that it was just a little too much. Quickly giving his goodbyes, he ended the call. There were a few moments of hesitation as the unanswered messages from Jungkook caught his eye, but he still wasn't quite in a place to deal with them. Dropping his phone onto the counter, he shuffled back to his room. If he was going to skimp out on his real job like a fucking loser, he should probably get back to his music. A distraction seemed like the best possible idea right now anyway.

☆ ★ ☆

The next few days passed without fanfare, a blur of guide tracks and the same three minutes played over and over until Yoongi is certain that it's perfect. Without work, there had been no reason for him to leave his apartment or even maintain a normal sleep schedule, and it isn't until he receives a series of joking-yet-secretly-impatient messages from Seokjin that Yoongi accepts he has to deal with things at some point.

It's that realisation that has him fidgeting on his bed, phone in his grasp as he opens and closes the message app. It had been a full half hour since he had decided he needed to get it over with and reply to Jungkook - but it was easier said than done. Finally, Yoongi forced himself to pause, to concentrate. The messages from the younger were still in his inbox, taunting.

With a gulp, he clicked to open them, fingers hovering over the keyboard before he finally keyed out a reply.

Yoongi: it's not your fault kid. can we talk? i work tomorrow, my break is at 2

He hit send, readying to launch his phone into the abyss when a buzz alerted him to a new message. With a start he realised it was Jungkook - had he happened to coincidentally be looking at his phone, or had he been waiting all this time for a reply? Yoongi sincerely hoped it was the former.

Jungkook: Ok hyung! I'll see you tomorrow then ^^

Sighing, he tossed his phone onto the bed. Not a single word about the three day long gap before his reply - Jungkook really was too good for him. Now he just had to break it to the kid that he had seen his dick in HD at least twice.
Tomorrow was going to be so fun.

☆ ★ ☆

The day in question arrived far too early, leaving Yoongi a jittery mess all the way from home to work. There was still a good five hours before Jungkook would arrive, and he tried to convince himself to stay calm. He was rostered on with Hoseok, who, fortunately, was still blissfully unaware of the entire situation. Greeting Yoongi with a cheery wave and a smile, he immediately launched into a detailed account of his life since the two had last seen each other. Thankful for the distraction, the older gave him a grin, glad for the constant stream of chatter as he put himself to work.

The following hours seemed to simultaneously go too quickly and yet painfully slowly all at the same time. Yoongi found himself wincing at the clock every time the hour ticked over, growing increasingly antsy. Hoseok gave him a few weird glances but didn't comment, a fact that Yoongi was eternally grateful for.

Shortly before the clock hit twelve, the cafe door pushed open with a ring of the doorbell as Jungkook stepped inside. Yoongi's eyes were instantly drawn to him, taking in all of his parka glad beauty - and god, now that Yoongi knew what he hid beneath those puffy jackets and oversized tees, it was all he could do not to blush.

As he watched, the other boy unwound his scarf, looking up as he finished, only to make immediate eye contact with Yoongi. He paused for a moment, eyes widening, before offering a small, shy smile, reminiscent of their first meeting. Even as his chest constricted, Yoongi nodded in return, trying to force some semblance of a grin onto his own countenance.

Once the younger boy finally looked away, Yoongi returned to resolutely cleaning the cup he was holding - it was definitely already spotless, but his brain didn't seem to be functioning at a high enough level to move onto anything else. He didn't have too long, however, before Hoseok was slapping him on the back with a low whistle.

"Ohhh man I understand why you've been all skittish today now. You've got a date with Jungkookie right? Fucking hectic dude, you can take your break now if you want. Remember to always use protection though! I'm not ready to be an uncle."

With a tired groan, Yoongi halfheartedly splashed the soapy water in his direction. Setting down the cup and wiping his hands (even as his friend walked backwards away from him with far too much eyebrow wiggling for things to be comfortable) he resigned himself to the fact that he couldn't put things off any longer.  

Jungkook was already seated at his usual table, fiddling with his phone as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He looked up as Yoongi approached, expression still a little anxious but ultimately helpful. As soon as the elder came to a halt in front of him he shoved the phone in his pocket, directing his gaze to his feet as he spoke.
"Ah, hi hyung! I was just about to go get some coffee? If that's okay ... Did you want anything?"

Shifting from one foot to the other, Yoongi resolutely avoided eye contact as he cleared his throat.
"Uh, I was actually hoping we could go for a walk. You can grab a drink before if you'd like."

Before he had even finished speaking, Jungkook had shot out of his chair, scarf thrown haphazardly around his neck.
"Yeah no that's fine of course! I don't need to get anything, we can go now if you want?

Part of Yoongi strained to tell the younger it was fine and he could take his time; but the vast majority of his being just wanted to get this the fuck over with. A nod in Hoseok's direction (that received an all-too-saucy wink in reply) and he was leading the younger out of the store.

It was chilly outside, the cool nip of winter just beyond the horizon. With a shiver, Yoongi pulled his flimsy jacket tighter around his shoulders as they set off. Jungkook trailed after him without a word, clearly still unsure as to what this meeting entailed. Waiting until they were a decent way from the store, Yoongi finally came to a halt. The younger man almost stumbled into him, but steeled himself at the last second. It wasn't until Yoongi looked back that he realised just how close they were, his eyes only inches from Jungkook's nose. Swallowing, he took a swift step backwards. He'd definitely need a respectable amount of distance between him and the gentle giant for this conversation.

They were situated somewhat dramatically in the centre of the walkway, but the chilly weather luckily meant there was very few pedestrians out and about. Jungkook still hadn't spoken, and despite Yoongi having run through this scenario hundreds of times over the past few days, he still couldn't quite force the words out. They were locked in an awkward stand off for a few long seconds before a passerby skirting around them snapped the trance.

Rubbing at the back of his neck, the elder of the pair deliberated for a few more beats before finally deciding 'fuck it' and throwing caution to the wind.
"Okay so, you're probably wondering why the fuck I freaked out the other day right?" A shy nod in response, and Yoongi continued to plow on. "It's - fuck, it's not fun to explain, but I kind of had a panic attack. Because, well. I know who you are."

When he looked up, Jungkook's eyes were wide, expression confused as he tilted his head to watch Yoongi.
"You 'know who I am'?" he repeated, clearly not quite understanding.

Heart pounding, Yoongi scrubbed the back of a hand over his face, realising that he couldn't be as vague about this as he would prefer. With a deep breath and a pounding heart, he continued.
"Jungkook, I - I know what you do. I know about - about Bunny."

As soon as the last name dropped from his lips, the younger's face drained of colour as he took a step back. Even as the panicked expression disappeared, replaced with stony indifference, Yoongi swore he could feel his heart breaking. Raising his hands he quickly rushed to follow the statement up.

"I mean, it's not - I found it by accident, I was already watching Bunny's stuff and I only just realised it was you. And like, I'm not fucking going to out you or anything. I would never do that like holy shit I'm not that much of an asshole. I just felt like I had to tell you, you know? And if you never want to fucking see me again like that's ... that's cool I get it! Whatever is best for you, you know?"

Yoongi was rambling, but he felt a painful, visceral need to let Jungkook know he didn't have any ill intent. He had already forced himself to come to terms with the fact that the other might never want to see his face again, but he hoped they could at least part on amicable terms.

The younger man hadn't replied, hands shoved deep into his pockets as he stared down at the pavement. Yoongi's heart constricted painfully as he waited, anticipation pricking his neck like a thousand tiny needles. Finally, Jungkook looked up. His face was still guarded, but his eyes were gentle enough that it felt almost like reassurance. With a deep breath, eyelids fluttering, he replied in a tone far more gentle than expected.

"I - I'm glad you told me. I would appreciate if you kept it to yourself? Not many people know and like ... I'm not sure what others would say. Um, I'm not angry though? Like, I'd like if you could explain further at some point, and I can be more careful in future but like. I'm ... not mad."

As he spoke, Yoongi could feel his heart steadily growing lighter. He immediately rushed to reassure the other, taking a slow step forward, hand coming out to hover just above Jungkook's shoulder.
"Of course, I won't tell anyone. Namjoon - my workmate from today - knows, but I promise neither of us will ever tell anyone else. And - and if you are upset or mad, that's okay, you know?  And thank you, for listening."

Seeing that the other hadn't made any move to stop him, he gently dropped his hand to pet Jungkook's shoulder, once, twice, before pulling it away. The younger boy was still watching him, expression oddly fond.

Realizing he hadn't yet made every point he felt he needed to, Yoongi quickly moved to follow up his previous statement.
"Oh, and of course I'll stop watching your shows. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable."

Jungkook was still watching him, head tilted slightly to the side. For a short moment, there was a glint in his eyes that Yoongi had never made note of before - however it was gone in seconds, replaced with his usual serene expression as words dropped sugar sweet from his lips.
"I'm glad you offered; but in terms of people watching ... if it's you, hyung, I don't think I'd mind."

☆ ★ ☆

After Yoongi's brain resumed functioning and he stumbled his way back to the cafe - alone, Jungkook having departed with a wave and a small smirk - he found himself once again sinking to the floor in the back room. Once again he was perplexed yet enchanted by the enigma posed by the younger.

Even just dwelling on Jungkook's parting phrase had his cheeks heating up again. Had he really just explicitly told Yoongi that he'd be okay with the elder watching him jerk off on camera? It seemed at odds with the Jungkook he knew - but then again, it was still near impossible for Yoongi to reconcile the strong but shy coffee shop regular he had developed a crush on with the flirty, pastel persona of Bunny. Clearly, Jungkook wasn't quite as vanilla as he might seem.

And - oh god. The sudden realisation came crashing down on Yoongi with the force of a thousand bricks; Bunny had explicitly stated multiple times that he was interested in men. Wiping his sweaty palms on his apron, Yoongi pushed himself to his feet. This was fine. Everything was fine. He was just going to get back to work before Hoseok came and teased him - he could have a breakdown on his own time.

Luckily for Yoongi's sanity, Jungkook made no further appearances in the coffee shop that week. While his gay little heart cried out for any sign of a fluffy pink head of hair and sparkling eyes, Yoongi ultimately knew that the short period of separation was probably for the best. He needed time to come to grips with the (quite frankly, unbelievable) events of the past week. By the time Saturday night came and he had talked things through with Namjoon, he felt a little more certain of the way forward. He had liked Bunny, and he had liked Jungkook - the fact that the two of them happened to be the same person shouldn't be any sort of detriment. There were still so many things he didn't know about Jungkook, and by extension his camboy persona, but the fact that he desperately wanted to learn more felt like evidence enough that this was something worth following up.

Having finally pulled his brain from its hamster wheel of anxiety, Yoongi was settling down for his first early night in a while when he was interrupted by the soft vibration of his phone. With a tired groan he flung his arm out, feeling around for the device on his nightstand. Upon locating it and checking the screen, however, he suddenly found himself bolting upright.

Bunny is going live! Click here to join him <3

It was with sweaty hands that Jungkook set up his recording equipment, pausing to quickly rearrange his fringe in the camera screen. Stomach fluttering  with a nervous feeling he had almost forgotten, he paused to take a few deep breaths and center himself. The show itself was nothing special; if anything, what he had planned was almost casual compared to some streams. What made it different was the realisation that Yoongi might be watching.

Truth be told, Jungkook had been crushing on Yoongi for months, even before he met him. Taehyung had come home one day gushing about a new cafe he had found, (and the cute boy who had made his drink and given him 'bedroom eyes') regaling Jungkook and his roommate Jimin with accolades of both the coffee and the staff. Jimin had smacked Tae over the head and demanded he stop hitting on strangers when he already had a smoking hot boyfriend, and they had both thought that was the end of it.

Of course, they had underestimated the tenacity of Kim Taehyung, who had swanned in the very next day brandishing his phone like it held the secrets of the universe. Upon viewing his boyfriend's prize - a slightly blurry photo of a dark haired man smiling from behind a counter - Jimin had quickly changed his tune. He made sure to scold Tae about being a creep for a good two seconds, but Jungkook thought it was rather undermined by the fact that he immediately saved the photo onto his own phone.

Reluctantly admitting that the boy in question was fairly cute, Jungkook had been about ready to wash his hands of the matter when he noticed a dark pink smudge in the corner of the photo. Much zooming and squinting finally revealed the smudge as another employee, really nothing more than a fingerprint of faded dye and pale skin. Taehyung hadn't made any mention of a second man, so Jungkook brushed it aside and returned Jimin's phone, happily forgetting about the incident for the next two weeks.

Taehyung had made a few more trips to the shop before he made mention of anyone beside his 'charmingly fuckable' crush. It was really pure accident that Jungkook was nearby at the time, attention diverted just enough that his ears perked up at the mention of the cute cashier having a producer friend. Somewhat intrigued, he had found himself scooting his wheeled chair closer to Jimin and Tae. Conspicuous as the action was, Jimin cut a look in his direction before raising an eyebrow and loudly inquiring as to whether Taehyung knew anything more about this 'friend'.

Over the next few weeks, Jungkook collected the small tidbits that Tae made sure to drop whenever he was nearby - the friend's name was Yoongi, aka aspiring rapper Agust D. He was shorter than Taehyung, and frequently seen sporting steadily faded pink hair and a scowl. Hoseok (Tae's cute coffee boy) had said Yoongi was a sweetheart, but he may have simply been delusional.

As creepy as he felt about it, Jungkook eventually found himself typing the mysterious rapper's name into google, surprised with the plethora of results it yielded. He had assumed that 'aspiring rapper' was code for 'soundcloud musician but edgy', however it seemed as though Yoongi had genuine talent. Listed as a producer on at least one song Jungkook actually knew and a vast array of others, he did indeed have a soundcloud, but his music was ... well it was good. Hard  hitting and grungy, a gravelly voice spitting rhymes over experimental beats - Jungkook was entranced.

His roommates thought it was hilarious, his infatuation with this boy he had never even seen. Jungkook brushed them off with scowls and exasperated sighs, until Tae's pouting and his own curiosity finally got the best of him and he trailed along to the coffee shop one day.

Yoongi was everything he'd dreamed him up to be, small and delicate, pink hair in a state of disarray as he frowned determinedly at a mug. The neckline of his shirt was a little too low and the sleeves were a little too long and Jungkook thought that maybe this was what love at first sight felt like.

After that it was hard to stop. He didn't want to seem too eager, but he couldn't stop himself from tagging along whenever Taehyung invited him out. When he and Yoongi finally spoke, he felt like his heart was exploding every time they made eye contact - it all seemed to be going so well, until it suddenly wasn't. Convinced that he had somehow been the cause, Jungkook had spent days agonizing over the interaction; and ultimately, it was because of him, but in a way he had never even expected. Realising that Yoongi knew about his double life as Bunny had been ... well, it was more than a just a shock. However, it almost seemed like fate. Crazy coincidence aside, Jungkook's last prospective boyfriend had left him in the dust upon learning of his side job. Knowing that it wasn't something that he would have to stress over bringing up, knowing that Yoongi knew and seemingly enjoyed it ... well, it honestly made Jungkook like him even more.

And now, here he was, fiddling with the hem of his shirt as he waited for the hour to tick over so he could start the show. He had sent out the initial alert, but there was really only one viewer he cared about.

Chewing on his bottom lip, Jungkook went to reach for his phone, before pausing. There were still worries clattering around in his head, the fear that maybe he had read the signals wrong, that maybe he was overstepping his boundaries. With a firm shake of his head he dispelled them, resolutely snatching up the device and typing in a single, important message.

☆ ★ ☆

Yoongi was having a fucking heart attack. It had only been a few minutes since the fateful notification had popped up on his phone, but he had already gone through at least seven different possible courses of action and their outcomes. The eighth was being readily prepared when his phone buzzed once again, stirring him from his reverie.


Hi hyung! I hope you're still awake ... I'm gonna do a show soon, and like, if you're not comfortable with it just ignore me
But it would be nice if you popped in or something ...
If you don't want to that's fine though!

The little speech bubble that signified Jungkook was still typing popped up even before Yoongi finished, before disappearing, then appearing again a few seconds later. This on and off continued for about a minute before it finally seemed to pause for good, leaving Yoongi alone with his thoughts and a terrifying set of messages.

Rubbing anxiously at the back of his neck, he read over them once more. There was ... really no two ways to interpret it. Jungkook had just explicitly invited him to watch as he beat his meat.
He'd be lying if he said he wasn't already half hard.

There wasn't much need for deliberation. Jungkook was hot as fuck and Bunny was hot as fuck and having the ability to reconcile the two was honestly blowing Yoongi's brain. His main hang up about the whole affair had been panic regarding his own interpretation of Jungkook's words, but the younger had just spelled it out pretty clearly .

With a pinch of trepidation but more than a smidge of excitement, he tapped out a short reply, hitting send before he reached for his laptop.

Yoongi: i'll be there :)

☆ ★ ☆

The stream had only just begun when he logged into the site, Jungkook waving at the camera. With a start, Yoongi realised his shirt was the same one he had been wearing the day the two of them first met. He wasn't sure if it was a calculated move or an unconscious decision, but it had his chest constricting with a wave of anticipation.

The comments were pouring in, and Jungkook seemed to be following them closely, waiting as the number of viewers steadily rose. When he was finally satisfied with the current audience he gave a small wave once again, before standing from his bed and disappearing out of view for a few short moments. When he returned it was with a glittery pink dildo in hand, flapping comically as he waved it at the camera. Unable to hold back a grin, Yoongi rolled his eyes at the antics. Jungkook was just ... so cute.

He got significantly less cute, however, as soon as he tugged his shirt off. Hidden beneath oversized shirts and jackets, it was easy to forget just how broad Jungkook's shoulders were, how perfectly the curve off his chest tapered into the v-line of his hips. Throat suddenly dry, Yoongi found himself swallowing a gulp as Jungkook made quick work of his pants also. It almost seemed as though he were in a rush, and Yoongi allowed himself a few indulgent moments to wonder if maybe it was because the younger was just as eager as he was.

It was only a matter of time before Yoongi was forced to wriggle out of his sweats, dick bobbing free of it's confines to sit against his stomach. Onscreen, Jungkook had already worked half the (almost painfully large) dildo inside himself, head thrown back, the bobbing of his adam’s apple as he gulped clearly visible. Yoongi's dick twitched against his stomach, precome beading at the tip and smearing across his abdomen. In any normal situation he would have been grimacing, but now wasn't the time for disgust. Jungkook had finally sunk the full way down onto his toy, a quiet gasp filtering through the laptop speakers.

Clenching a fist around his cock, Yoongi knew he wouldn't last very long - luckily, it seemed as though Jungkook felt the same, breaths already coming faster as he worked himself up and down. The slide was a little dry as Yoongi began to work his fist, but he was past the point of caring, struggling to keep his eyes focused on the screen as pleasure tingled through his veins. Biting at his lip, he forced himself to slow, not wanting to come before Jungkook; it was silly, but it felt unfair to finish before the younger man.

There wasn't long to wait as Jungkook finally curled his own fist around his dick, twisting his wrist in short, jerky strokes. Speeding up until they were moving at the same pace, Yoongi felt the pressure in his stomach steadily building, quiet gasps filling the room. With a cry, Jungkook dropped his hips once again, white spilling from his twitching cock as he moaned.

For Yoongi, that was all it took. His cock kicked violently and his vision crystallised as he crumpled forward, moan spilling from his lips. Cum covered his stomach and he struggled for breaths as the aftershocks ran through him. In the corner of his hazed-out vision, he could see the comment section of the stream going wild.

( 22sec ago )    xXbunnygirlXx: omg what! i thought oppa never spoke?

( 17sec ago )    hungbigdickhuge: fuck bayb you sound so god

( 4sec ago )    adam778: holy shit did he just talk he sounded so hot

Jungkook seemed to have realised his mistake, wave short and a little panicked as he reached forward to shut off the camera, leaving Yoongi alone with a dark screen and pubes full of drying come. With a groan, he extracted himself from his bedsheets, waddling to the shower in his own personal walk of shame. When he returned a few minutes later however - complete with fresh underwear and a stomach scrubbed clean - he found his phone screen lit up, a text waiting for him.

Jungkook: I hope you enjoyed yourself hyung! Sleep well <3

It was with a fond smile and a warmth in his chest that Yoongi typed out his reply, hitting send before he finally curled up beneath the covers once again, ready for the night of rest he so deserved.

Yoongi: i did, especially the end :)

ur always very cute

i hope you sleep well too

The next week was interspersed with semi-frequent messages, short sweet texts that Jungkook found himself looking forward to each morning when he woke up. Yoongi's texts ranged from questions about Jungkook's hobbies, to pictures of the cat that lived next door, to the very occasional selfie - no matter what, they were all endearing.

As happy as he was with this new development, Jungkook found himself longing for more and more every time they spoke. He wanted to run his fingers through Yoongi's hair, to press kisses to the curve of his jaw. There were only so many things one could communicate through  words alone, and Jungkook's heart was full to bursting with secrets he longed to spill.

It seemed, however, that Yoongi's feelings mirrored his own. Jungkook's Friday morning routine was thrown off by by a text from the elder, inviting him to meet after work that afternoon.

Jungkook instantly went into panicked overdrive. This was a date, right? It certainly seemed that way, but a second opinion was always useful; thus how he found himself knocking down Jimin's door with a hand over his eyes and phone outstretched in the other arm.

"Holy shit Minnie I need advice. Also please tell me now that you're not fucking Tae so that I can unshield my eyes."

His reply came in the form of some suspicious squeaking as Jimin cleared his throat, voice just a little too strained.
"Uh, yes. It is definitely safe and there is definitely not a dick in my ass."

With a world-weary sigh, Jungkook resigned himself to the fact that this conversation would be happening in the dark. Living with Taehyung and Jimin was generally a positive experience, but there were times like these where he found himself harbouring a few regrets.

"Whatever, hi Tae." he did his best to ignore the cheery 'Hey Kookie!' he received in reply, ploughing on with his problem.
"Okay, so Yoongi-hyung asked me to meet him for coffee after work today. Do you think that it's like ... a date?"

There was a thoughtful hum from the general vicinity of the bed as Jimin seemed to consider this question, before following it up immediately with "Of fucking course it's a date you nerd. Are you seriously still stressing out over whether or not he likes you? He's seen your dick like a hundred times, I'm pretty sure he's hooked."

If it weren't for the fact that he was trying to retain his innocence (he didn't need to see his best friends fucking again) Jungkook would have mustered up a fairly powerful scowl in reply. Instead, he was forced to settle for an annoyed sigh. Honestly, he was glad for the reassurance, but he wasn't going to let Jimin know that.

"Whatever. I'm gonna go and put on some really loud music while I get ready to leave. Please for the love of god try not to add to my mental scarring any further than you both already have. " he backed out of the room as he spoke, pulling the door firmly shut - he swore he could hear a startled moan as he made his exit, but did his best not to well on it. Some things were best left unexplored.

One of the perks of his wardrobe consisting almost entirely of white t-shirts was that Jungkook never had to stress too much about what to chose - he was dressed and out the door within the hour, glad to escape the apartment.

Arriving at the cafe a little earlier than scheduled, he hovered on the curb outside for a few minutes before gritting his teeth and pushing through the door. His mind was strong and his heart was protected; everything would be fine and - oh fuck.

Yoongi was in his usual spot behind the counter, hair crushed beneath a dark beanie, flannel shirt slipping off his shoulder. He hadn't yet seen Jungkook, deep in conversation with the most objectively beautiful person the younger had ever laid eyes on.

The handsome stranger straightened, pushing a swathe of blonde hair back from his forehead as he made direct eye contact with Jungkook, face breaking into a pleasant smile. Despite the fact that Jungkook was already mentally in a committed monogamous relationship with one grumpy barista, he felt his heartbeat spike dangerously.

The man beckoned him closer and Jungkook felt oddly compelled to obey, worried that maybe this was a messenger from the gods and if he disobeyed he would turn into a pillar of ash or some shit. As he approached, Yoongi looked up, eyes crinkling into crescents and mouth pulling into a beautiful, gummy grin. A few moments of nervously silent eye contact ensued as they both came to a halt, before an unfamiliar voice interjected with a bright cry of "Well who's this goddamn snack!"

Jolted out of his reverie, Jungkook felt his eyes go wide as he turned to the blonde man. Leaning across the counter, the other stretched out a hand, seemingly radiating light at this point. Resisting the urge to shield his eyes, Jungkook anxiously moved to grasp the proffered limb, giving it a quick shake before pulling back. He was too slow, however, palm still caught firmly in the other man's grasp as he looked him slowly up and down.

It was starting to teeter on the precipice of uncomfortable when Yoongi's hand shot out to smack the blonde's arm, sunny grin instantly replaced with a scowl.
"Jin what the fuck, let the poor boy go. You already have a boyfriend, stop hitting on everyone else's dates."

With a dramatic sigh Jin finally let go, eyes fluttering shut as he pressed the back of a hand to his forehead. His voice was heavy with feigned regret when he spoke, directing his words more at Jungkook than Yoongi.

"Goodness, the youth these days. No respect, I tell you."

Yoongi was already rolling his eyes, reaching to untie his apron before the elder even finished. Throwing the garment on the counter, he scrambled out from behind the bench to join Jungkook. He flipped a lazy bird at Jin, who responded by gasping in shock and yelling "You have to be nice to me! I'm your employer!" after the two of them as Yoongi gripped the sleeve of Jungkook's shirt and pulled him from the shop.

He halted once they were out in the chill air, pausing to button his overshirt and rearrange his beanie
"Sorry about that. Seokjin own Autumn Leaves -" he jerked his head back at the coffee shop "-but also he's a fucking drama queen. Just like, ignore anything he say."

With a small smile Jungkook waved him off.
"Oh it's fine. I have a friend like that - well, you met him actually. Kim Taehyung? The one who keeps flirting with your other coworker?"He scuffed his feet on the pavement, shoving his hands in his pockets as he glanced up at the elder boy. Yoongi was watching his fondly, a dusting of pink across his cheekbones that could have been a blush but was also maybe just the cold.

Realizing that Jungkook was done talking, Yoongi started slightly, coughing into a fist and looking awkwardly to the side.

"Oh yeah haha, he seems ... fun. Hobi thinks he's cute though so like, it's fine." He paused to look back at Jungkook, firmly holding eye contact for a few moments before looking away - and yeah, that was definitely a blush this time.

"Anyway, I kinda had a place in mind that we could go but I don't know if you'll like it? So if you wanted to do something we can do that instead."

Before he even finished speaking, Jungkook was nodding enthusiastically. He was itching to see what Yoongi had been planning, hoping it might give a little more insight into the elder's mind. Yoongi was watching him closely as he responded, a hand rubbing at the back of his neck, expression a little anxious. He looked relieved at the enthusiastic response, clearing his throat and averting his gaze even as he extended his hand, palm up.

For a few long seconds, Jungkook simply stared blankly at the hand, before he put two and two together. His own hand shot out swiftly, gripping Yoongi's hand perhaps a little too tight. The elder boy didn't complain, however, simply drew Jungkook closer before he turned away from the cafe.

Jungkook didn't even spare a thought to consider how silly he must look trailing after Yoongi like a lost puppy, too caught up in the feeling of the elder's warm fingers tangled with his own. His hand was surprisingly soft, looked oddly small and delicate clasped with his own. It made Jungkook's heart feel like it was going to overflow.

The walk to Yoongi's goal wasn't too far, and the few streets seemed to fly by. Finally, they rounded the corner only to be confronted by a garish yellow and blue sign, splashed over with some sort of red retro text that Jungkook could only hope was ironic. He winced, wondering just who would do such a thing to their own business - but before he knew it, Yoongi was waving to open the automatic door and tugging him inside.

The store interior was no less cringey, a checkered chessboard floor broken up with cushioned booths painted the same lurid shade of red. The whole aesthetic experience was so overwhelming that Jungkook didn't notice Yoongi had dropped his hand until the elder leant forward to speak directly into his ear.

"It's hideous, but don't mention it or Hyuna might kill you. Hyojong was in charge of the decorating, and let's just say his taste is uh. Eclectic."
He jerked a thumb towards the counter where a dark haired girl seemed to be painting her nails, expression disinterested. She hadn't even looked up when they walked in, too busy squinting down at a nail (also red, Jungkook noted).

Crossing to the counter, Yoongi plopped firmly into a cushioned bar stool, elbows on the counter. Jungkook pulled himself away from the horror of the interior long enough to follow him, hands clasped nervously in his lap. Loudly clearing his throat, Yoongi finally caught the attention of the girl, who gave both him and Jungkook a once over before stoppering her polish bottle with a sigh.
"Yoongi, why do you persist in coming here even in autumn? You do know that you've convinced Hwitaek that staying open all year round is a good business practice, right? I think we've had like two customers this week, no one wants to eat a damn ice-cream cone in the middle of winter."

Flicking her dark curls over a shoulder, she moved to pluck a metal scoop from the bench, drawing Jungkook's attention to what he now realised was an ice cream display case. The store had more of a nostalgic diner vibe than a desert store, but he decided to heed Yoongi's earlier advice and kept his lips zipped tight.

The boy in question gave a nonchalant shrug, leaning forward to sarcastically flutter his eyelashes up at her.
"What can I say, maybe I just miss your beautiful face."

Snorting, Hyuna pointed the scoop threateningly as she quirked an eyebrow.
"A solid point, but taking into account the fact that I already have two entire boyfriends, I'd appreciate if you kept it in your pants. Anyway -" for the first time, she fixed her gaze on Jungkook, who found himself shrinking into himself on the stool, "-who's the newbie? I haven't seen this one around before. He's cute. Is this asshole treating you okay honey?"

She addressed the last part of her statement directly to Jungkook, who, after stammering for a few seconds, finally managed to collect himself enough to force out a vague reply.
"Uh - yes, he is, yes ma'am. He's very nice to me."

It seemed as though he had done something right, as her face broke into a beautiful grin, even as she wagged the spoon at him.
"I'm glad to hear it. He acts tough, but we all know he's a softie. Also, please never call me ma'am again."

Before Jungkook even had a chance to apologise as profusely as he felt the need too, Yoongi was laying a gentle hand on his leg, leaning into him as he shot back a reply.
"I'll have you know I'm tough as fuck. Also I'll take the same as usual. Please."

Hyuna pursed her lips, eyebrow rising once again, but slid open the ice cream cabinet nonetheless, grabbing a paper cup to fill to the brim with a flavour that looked suspiciously like cookies and cream. Surveying his options, Jungkook politely waited until Yoongi's order was complete before requesting a cup of the caramel fudge. Reaching into his pocket, he went to draw out his wallet, only to be stopped by Yoongi's hand on his elbow.

"Don't worry, I've got it." came the casual statement. Jungkook wanted to protest, but before he could even formulate an argument Yoongi had handed over his card.

Dipping his head to utter a shy 'thank-you', Jungkook slid his ice cream towards himself, tiny red spoon at the ready.

At Yoongi's beckon, they ambled over to one of the booths along the window, sliding in across from one another. The seats were surprisingly comfortable, plushly cushioned and roomy enough for Jungkook to stretch his legs out, feet bumping against Yoongi's. The weather was definitely a little too chilly for ice-cream, and Jungkook's first bite had him wincing at the coldness. It was good though, rich and chocolaty, and he thought he could understand why Yoongi liked it here.

The elder was engrossed in his own cup, and Jungkook gently nudged him with the toe of his shoe in an attempt to get his attention. Startled, Yoongi looked up mid-bite, expression comically worried. Offering up a reassuring grin, Jungkook positioned his elbows on the tabletop, leaning in as he spoke.

"So, um, how do you know about this place? I've never heard of it before."

Swallowing, Yoongi held up his hand for a few seconds of pause before he replied.

"Oh, I did some work for one of the owners, Hyojong." he jerked his head towards the counter, where Hyuna was now fiddling with her phone. "He, Hyuna, and their other partner own this place. I like sweet shit and I get discounts under the provisory that I'll look over tracks sometimes."

Making a noise of understanding, Jungkook let his eyes roam over the glaring interior once again. This Hyojong fellow sounded like a character and a half - it seemed right though, that Yoongi would enjoy somewhere as weird as this.

Yoongi was currently watching him closely, eyes darkly intense. Feeling his cheeks go red, Jungkook coughed slightly, shifting in his seat. In an attempt to deflect the attention that was making him feel more than a little tense (in the best possible way) he found himself finally dropping the question he really wanted an answer to.

"Um, anyway, I hope it's okay to ask? But I've been wondering ... how did you find my ah, videos? And how did you realise that I was, you know ... Bunny?"

At this, Yoongi immediately broke eye contact and seemed to retreat rapidly into the depths of the seat cushions, face turning a similar shade to the interior. It was endearing, in a funny sort of way. Finally, with a startled cough, he shifted awkwardly in the seat before he seemed to gather himself enough to reply.

"Uh, well. It genuinely was just a crazy coincidence. I was on, y'know, a site. And all the videos seemed so boring, and your thumbnail just seemed more interesting? And then you turned out to be really fucking cute and even though I felt creepy I couldn't stop watching."

Jungkook felt his heart go fuzzy at this admission. Yoongi thought he was cute? He didn't think anyone had ever responded that way to a video of his dick - if he wasn't so completely infatuated he might have been insulted, but as it was he regarded the elder with a fond gaze, even as he continued to ramble.

"Actually though, it took me a long time to realise it was you, just because it was so fucking unexpected. It was the necklace that did it though." here, he gestured towards the silver chain that even now disappeared into the neckline of Jungkook’s shirt, "You always wore it in streams, and when you said it was made specifically for you, I realised."

Surprised, Jungkook clutched at the charm in question. He hadn't even thought about the possibility that the necklace would be recognizable - he simply never took it off, and had assumed that most viewers were a little too distracted by his asshole to be contemplating the significance of a piece of jewelry. Then again ... Yoongi certainly wasn't most people.

He was still unnaturally red, eyes trained on the table as he fiddled with his spoon. Impulsively, Jungkook reached out to lay a hand on his wrist, meeting Yoongi's eyes when he finally looked up.

"Please don't feel guilty hyung. If anyone was going to find out, honestly, I'm so glad it was you."

Hoping that the genuine nature of his comment reached the other, he gave a gentle smile, pleased as the racing pulse he could feel beneath his fingers began to slow.

The more they spoke, the further Jungkook found himself falling. Yoongi was sweet and attentive, even if he did his best to hide beneath a facade of toughness. He listened intently whenever Jungkook spoke and asked thoughtful questions - and oh god, his laugh. It was amazing that everyone who heard it didn't fall madly in love.

Hours ticked by without either of them noticing, until Hyuna finally kicked them out of the store (though when Jungkook looked back as they walked away, her expression was incredibly fond). Hands linked, they stood under a streetlight as darkness finally began to encroach. Jungkook desperately didn't want this date to end, racing through possible excuses to spend just a little more time together. It was Yoongi who spoke first though, a blurted query of, "Would - would you like to come back to my place?"

Shyly making eye contact, even as his heart threatened to beat right out of his chest, Jungkook nodded.

"Yes ... I'd - I'd love to."

☆ ★ ☆

By the time they arrived Yoongi was almost vibrating with anxiety. He'd had to let go of Jungkook's hand, palm far too sweaty for him to confidently keep hold of the younger. When he finally unlocked his door - after trying and failing to mistakenly use every other key he owned - he immediately went into overdrive, darting into his bedroom to hide the few hundred pairs of boxer shorts and dirty shirts that littered his floor.

In the meantime, Jungkook stood blinking in the doorway, taking in the recording equipment on Yoongi's desk, the faded Scarface poster above his bed, the tower of records and CDs stacked in the corner of the room. The lighting was a little dingy, the bedsheets a little crumpled, but for a bachelor pad it was definitely passable.

Finally, all the offending clothes were safely thrown under the bed or in a closet and Yoongi straightened, brushing dust off his jeans. Mind racing with the enormity of this situation - because holy shit Jungkook was in his room, he'd invited Jungkook to his house and he'd said yes and what did that mean? - he sank onto his bed, fiddling with the sleeve of his flannel shirt.

Eyes still a little wide, Jungkook haltingly crossed to join him, perching a few feet away, posture far too impeccable for him to be comfortable. With a gentle sigh, Yoongi relaxed as best he could, head falling against the wall, before he gently extended a hand to the younger.

"You can ... come sit up here if you want?"

There were a few moments were Jungkook simply blinked owlishly back at him, and Yoongi almost backtracked on his statement, but then he was moving, crawling up the bed to tuck himself into Yoongi's side. His head rested on the elder man's shoulder, his knees pulled up to his chest. He was taller than Yoongi, and broader, but he seemed to fit perfectly.

Sucking in a surprised breath, Yoongi's hands flailed for a few moments, before finally finding a home, wrapped gently around Jungkook. Breaths ghosted across Yoongi's collarbone, and Jungkook's elbow was digging into his side, but he honestly couldn't care less. This was - well it was everything he'd never allowed himself to even dream of. It was oddly sweet, oddly innocent, when taking into account the number of times he'd seen Jungkook's dick, but ... it was perfect. He couldn't ask for anything more.

So when warm lips pressed a gently kiss to his collarbone, Yoongi almost jumped out of his skin. Shocked, he gazed down at Jungkook, who had wiggled so that they were chest to chest. The younger man blinked up at him through his eyelashes, expression calculatedly innocent, even as he leant forward to place another soft kiss to the arch of Yoongi's neck.

And oh, that was ... it was a lot, the feel of soft, warm skin pressed against his pulse. Eyes fluttering shut, Yoongi let his head fall back, unable to stop the small groan that slipped from his lips. A giggle from next to his quickly pulled his attention back, however. Jungkook's head was tilted to the side, hair falling in his eyes as he looked at Yoongi with an expression so fond it almost hurt.

"You're cute hyung. I didn't think you'd be this sensitive."

Yoongi could feel his cheeks heating up, and his lip pulled into a pout. There was no time to be defensive, however, as Jungkook leant forward to capture his lips with his own. Yoongi's mind went blank as soon as he felt the slide of smooth lips over his own, and suddenly all he could worry about was the fact that it had been months since he last applied chapstick. His panicked hesitation seemed to come across the wrong way, as Jungkook pulled back, expression troubled.

"I'm sorry, was that not okay?" he went to pull away, but Yoongi was already there, hands reaching out to grasp the side of his face and draw him closer, press their lips together once more. This time, he was sure to reciprocate, gently tugging at Jungkook's bottom lip with his teeth in a way that made the younger gasp. His mouth fell open, tongues sliding together as Jungkook's hand cupped the back of Yoongi's neck.

Finally, they had to part to gasp for a breath. Jungkook's cheekbones were stained with colour, lips slick and eyes bright. Yoongi thought he was probably the most beautiful person he had ever seen.

For a few comfortable moments, they simply took one another in, even as Yoogi's thumb rubbed circles into the line of Jungkook's jaw. It was the younger who spoke first again, seemingly coming to terms with the fact that, oddly, he was the one in charge here. His voice was a little deeper than usual, sultry and more beautiful than should be humanly possible.

"Hyung, if it's okay with you ... I'd really love for you to fuck me."

This had Yoongi choking on his own saliva, shoulders wracking as he coughed, so overcome by the sheer unexpectedness of it all. When he recovered, he could see Jungkook laughing to himself once again, expression pleased.

While there was nothing more that Yoongi would like than to fuck him - and oh god even just thinking about it had his dick twitching in his pants - he did his best to compose himself. He wanted to do this right; he didn't want just a quick fuck, he wanted Jungkook , wanted to hold him and wake up with him in the morning and all that domestic shit. He wasn't going to screw up now.

"I'm just checking ... you know that's not why I invited you back right? Like, shit, if you want to I'm so down. But I'm also down with just like cuddling, or watching a movie or something. I don't expect anything, y'know?"

He had barely even finished before Jungkook was nodding, expression reassuringly confident. "I know, hyung, but I want this. I've ..." suddenly shy, he averted his eyes, ears glowing red with embarrassment. "- I've been thinking about this ever since I found out you watched my streams. I want this, and provided you want it too, then ... yeah."

That was all Yoongi needed in the way of an answer, surging forward to press a kiss to Jungkook's cheek, his forehead, his nose - everywhere he'd dreamed of touching. The younger boy whined a little, reaching out to push him back just enough to yank the fabric of his shirt over his head. It was far less delicate than it ever was during streams, far less refined, but Yoongi couldn't give a shit. This was real, Jungkook's chest laid bare for him , nipples budding in the cool air.

Interested, Yoongi reached out to rub the pad of his thumb across the left bud. Jungkook always concentrated a lot on his nipples during a stream, and Yoongi had guessed that they must be fairly sensitive. It seemed his suspicions were correct, as the man beneath him whined gently, eyelids fluttering shut. Pleased, Yoongi leant forward to lap at the other nipple, tongue swirling around the soft flesh as he pinched the other bud beneath his fingers. Jungkook jolted at the contact, a startled moan falling from his lips.

As Yoongi worked, the youngers hands worked to find a point of purchase, running along his shoulders, his back, to tangle in his hair as Jungkook bucked up once more with a whine. The movement pressed the steadily growing tent in his pants against Yoongi's thigh, and the friction felt so good that he couldn't help but repeat the movement. Catching on to him quickly, Yoongi pressed his leg forward, grinding onto Jungkook's hardening cock.

His own situation was getting a little painful, crushed as it was in tight jeans, so Yoongi paused to pull back (appreciative of the needy whine from Jungkook that his absence triggered) and remove some of his own garments. First went the beanie, followed by both shirts. As he moved to pop the button on his jeans, Jungkook's hands joined his own, pushing them aside to palm cheekily at Yoongi's crotch before finally undoing the button and zip.

Pushing the jeans down his thighs, Yoongi tugged the offending item of clothing over his feet, finally leaving him only in his boxers. While he had struggled with his own pants, Jungkook had managed to remove every speck of clothing from his own body. Yoongi swore he could feel his eyes physically bulge out of his head as he took in the heavenly sight before him. Jungkook's hair was mussed, thighs straining, dick prettily curved against his abdomen. He was so fucking beautiful and Yoongi was so fucking lucky.

The boy in question was pouting up at him now, reaching out to tug at the elastic of Yoongi's boxers. Suddenly shy, the elder moved to shimmy out of his underwear. Yoongi generally wasn't too concerned about his own appearance, but when faced with a god like Jeon Jungkook, it was easy to feel a little self conscious.

He needn't have worried, however, with the way Jungkook's eyes lit up the minute Yoongi's dick sprang free, tongue swiping over his lip in a way that had precum beading at the tip. When the boxers were finally thrown somewhere off the side of the bed, Jungkook surged forward, shamelessly pressing the line of his hard dick into Yoongi's thigh as he leant to speak directly into Yoongi's ear.

"One day I am going to suck the hell out of that dick, but right now I'm a little too impatient." he punctuated his speech by rutting forward slightly, clearly eager to prove his point. Yoongi had no qualms, however. He'd store the image of Jungkook on his knees away for later, but for now he was more than happy to lay back against the head of the bed, pulling Jungkook gently on top of him.

"There's lube and condoms in the bedside drawer." he said, blushing slightly. "If you wanna grab it, I'll prep you."

This time it was Jungkook's turn to go red, eyes darting to the side. "Um. Actually it might not be necessary."

Yoongi was about to protest, before the implications of that statement finally hit him. Holy shit.

" Do you mean uh, like?" Jungkook was nodding before he even finished, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth, and Yoongi was fairly sure his soul had just left his body. He lay there, slightly numb, even as Jungkook reached over him to fish the necessary items out of the bedside table.

His prediction was fairly accurate, Yoongi watching in awe as Jungkook slid two slick fingers inside immediately. He threw his head back with a gasp, and it was all Yoongi could do not to cum on the spot. Breathing out a low 'holy shit' he watched as the younger pressed his fingers deep inside, scissoring them gently.

It wasn't long before Jungkook was fucking down onto his own fingers, even as Yoongi fisted his hands in his bed sheets, dick painfully hard and leaking on his stomach. Finally, after what felt like years, Jungkook withdrew his fingers, reaching blindly for a condom.

When he finally touched Yoongi's dick, the elder couldn't help but groan, squirming where he lay. Jungkook gave a small laugh as he rolled on the condom, smile fond. Moving to hover above Yoongi, who reached to grip his waist, steadying him.

"I just have to warn you, I don't think I'm going to last too long." Yoongi managed to bite out, doing his best to retain some semblance of sanity. Luckily, Jungkook seemed to be in a similar state, nodding rapidly as he gripped Yoongi's cock with a breathy 'yeah, me neither.'

Finally, finally, he moved to sink down slowly, a slight resistance as the head of Yoongi's cock stretched his rim, but then with a jolt it slid inside, and Yoongi was gasping, fingers digging into Jungkook's side because holy shit it felt good. Jungkook was tight and warm, slide slicked with lube, and he was gasping and squirming above Yoongi and he was so fucking beautiful.

Doing his best to hold still, Yoongi breathed deeply even as Jungkook moaned, swiveling lightly. When he finally adjusted to the stretch, he began to slowly move, hips rising and falling shallowly. The friction was so good that Yoongi couldn't help but moan, eyes struggling to stay open - he didn't want to miss a single moment of this beautiful sight.

Jungkook gradually began to pick up speed, aided but Yoongi helping him as he rose and fell. There was little speech, just gasps and the slap of skin on skin mingling in the quiet night, until Jungkook finally fell forward, whimpering a 'please move, holy shit' into Yoongi's chest.

The elder was more than happy to comply, hips snapping up immediately, and Jungkook let out a strangled moan of surprise in reply. Even as Yoongi thrust up, he pushed down to meet him, nails scrambling on the elder's chest as his breaths shortened. Yoongi could feel the telltale heat curling in his stomach, pressure building as it all became just too fucking much. With his last thread of sanity, he reached between them to curl a palm around Jungkook's dick, tugging gently.

That seemed to be all Jungkook needed, a loud cry leaving his lips as his cock jumped in Yoongi's hand, spurting white. His ass tightened almost painfully, pushing Yoongi over the edge with a surprised moan, visions shattering as his hips twitched, hands crushing Jungkook against him.

For the next few minutes, there was little between them except short pants. Finally, Yoongi moved to awkwardly pull his dick from Jungkook, who squealed lightly at the movement, prompting them both to devolve in laughter. Crawling to cuddle into Yoongi's chest, Jungkook gave a happy sigh, apparently uncaring of the sticky mess of cum they were both currently lying in.

It was sticky and it smelled and everything was uncomfortable, but Yoongi couldn't give a flying fuck. He pressed a gentle kiss to Jungkook's forehead, heart buzzing with warmth.

Porn? Well Min Yoongi would argue it wasn't all it was cut out to be. But really, who gave a fuck? He didn't need it anyway; he had everything he could possibly want right here in his arms.