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Declaring feelings. (Declarando sentimientos)

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The millionaire rolled his eyes after looking at the newcomer coming down from the elevator, what was there wrong stained? He did not remember inviting her. He looked at her, and came to the conclusion that this blue dress did not favor him at all. He continued to criticize her in his mind, unaware of the presence of a person who looked at him mockingly.

"Anthony?" He heard that delicate and hoarse voice leave the Captain's lips. Looked at him with little emotion and waited for him to continue. "You're good?"

"Good?" Raised his eyebrows. "Of course, I'm perfect."


"Why you ask?"

"Because you were annihilating Sharon with his eyes."

"Yes, I don’t know who invited her."

"I did."

Stark narrowed his eyes, looked at his temporary companion and came over, leaning over the bar.

"Do you like her?" He asked, rested his face on his hand; staring at him.

"What? No, I don’t like her."He frowned. "she is my friend."

Stark laughed.

"She does not see you like that."

The Soldier bit his lips, he realized that for Natasha, but he did not want anything else with that blonde. He liked another person ... maybe one he's seeing at that moment.

"Nat, says the same thing" he raises his eyebrows in a mocking gesture. "I only invited her to go out once and I do not think anything else happens."

"Do you believe?"

"She's cute ..." he shrugs, feigning disinterest at the tan's reaction.

"It's not cute, Rogers."

"You say why you don’t like her."

"Sure, and because it's not pretty, Cap."

"You don’t know her."

"Sharon used to consider her a cousin, yes, I know her enough" he took his glass of red wine. "You are defending her, then you like her."

"No." He shakes his head from side to side. "I don’t like her.”


"I like someone else."

Tony lowers the glass of his lips to give a malicious look to the flushed blonde. Was the Captain in love? And why did he suddenly feel as if that angered him? He squeezed the glass, and smiled slightly pretended.

"Can I know who?"


"What? Come on, Steve, you left me with the doubt! "He demanded.

"I can’t tell you."

"And why not?" He frowns. "Falling in love is normal in this life, walking museum."

"Because it's uncomfortable, besides, you haven’t fallen in love."

"But you do," he says, walking out the other side of the bar and sitting on the high bench facing Rogers. "Now tell me, Who stole your heart?"

The older one noticed the child's hazel orbs, his beautiful smile and his eagerness to know it. He looked tender, more than usual.

"If I tell you, believe me, it would be suicide."

Then Tony looked at him suspiciously.

"Man or woman?"


"Do you like a boy?" He opens his eyes and mouth a little, he was not confirming it, but Steven brought many secrets with him.

"T-Tony n-no ..."

Tony needed to take a breath, that had confirmed his recent suspicion. Really, he would not have imagined that, much less the Captain who comes from those years where that was seen badly. Still, Steve was a very understanding person and accepted / adapted everything new in these years.

"I know it?"

"Wait to? No, you're confusing ... "Rogers fell down when he saw who he was talking to, let out a sigh and lowered his eyes. "It's something bad?"

"No, it's not a bad thing."

"In my day that was ... horrible and they beat you, they even killed you for that."

"We are in another era, Cap. The people of today are more civilized and aware that this is not a disease or something horrible. "

"Then they accept it?"

"Most, there are still people with closed minds, but it’s very rare to find one."

"It's a relief, really."

Tony smiled delicately.

"I know it? Is it from here? " Unable to avoid it: he looked at Thor.

"You know him quite well."

Stark looked away, something told him that the soldier liked Thor, the two were always together when meetings were held and a while ago he had seen them talk happily, that did not concern him, in anything, but it was strange. Besides, he does not think that God likes Steve, he suspected a crush on Loki because of the melancholy story of a while ago and if so, the blonde he had in front of him would be sad-if Thor liked him, of course- but he could be wrong.

"And you think that person likes you too?"

"No, I don’t think so."

"Have you talked to him about your feelings?"

"As I told you: it would be suicide."

"And how do you know that? It could be that you like it too. "

"The boys don’t go him."

Rogers smiled a little, calming his inner depression for that, he was trying to get Stark's questions not to come up like thunderbolts and discover him, even so, he did not want to hide it anymore. Since they defeated Loki; He could not contain himself, they won his feelings towards him. Three years of that happened, now he imagined how in love he must be with Tony.

"Are you sure?"

"A lot."

He saw the grimace that made him millionaire and squinted, was he saying with that grimace that this man was a fool or something? Wow, I was wrong interpreting things.

"Do you think he would reject you if you tell him?"

"I don’t think, I'm sure."

"I'm surprised you're not optimistic about this, Captain."

"I accept my reality."

He thought darkly, Steve should go with that boy and tell him everything, take a chance. What did it matter? It was not as different as fighting with horrible monsters. I was going to tell her, but a certain redhead came to her side to interrupt the conversation, she looked at him with a raised eyebrow and she just smiled apologetically.

"I have to talk to you," he said, turning to the older man, who nodded and informed Tony that he would be back in a short time. He darkly accepted. Natasha took him to the other side of the bar, noticed that no one could hear and looked at his friend.

"What do you want to talk about?"

"Choose and fast: Tell Anthony what you feel for him or tell Sharon you're not busy."

"What? Why?"

"I don’t want to be bothered anymore, Rogers and you are my best friend, you will do me that favor."

"Just why am I your best friend, will I risk my friendship with Stark too?" He crossed his arms. "I can’t do it, Nat."

"Tell him what you feel, fuck, it's available."

"First of all: Language, second: Tony doesn’t like boys and third: You can’t force me to choose."

Natasha smiled mischievously.

"I'm going for Sharon," he warned, pretending to go for her. He took her by the hand and looked at her reproachfully. "You already decided?"

"Don’t bring Carter."

"Good luck with Stark, Cap."

Romanov gave him a little smack on the shoulder with a smile, Steve sighed resignedly and turned on his heels to go back to the brunette. Tony looked at him when he dropped on the bench, did not look back, was full of grief. How would you tell the man who has his feelings in front? No matter how much he gives, he has no idea.

"I think you did not do well with Natasha."

He took a breath and faced him.

"It was just a talk of obligation and best friends ... I think."

"Mm ..." he raised a confused eyebrow. "Returning to our previous talk, I want to tell you that you should risk it, it's not like you're going to lose your life for that."

"I know, but it's difficult."

"More difficult than beating Loki or Ultron?"

Rogers laughed low.

"No, not a joke."

"And yet we beat them, How bad can it be to tell a person you like?"

"Not so much, but no ... it's embarrassing."

"Come on, Rogers, at least think about it."

"I've thought about it many times, and I will not risk it again."

Tony tasted the wine staring at him. What did he mean?

"Again? To what?"

"After Peggy I do not want to suffer to have another broken heart."

"She broke your heart?"

"Not like that, but I know what it feels like and I think telling that person would be much worse."

Stark sighed.

"I'm not good at giving love advice, I have not fallen in love with someone and yet, I'm begging you to tell that person what you feel. Even if I just want you as a friend, you must know it and so you do not be excited about one day he will listen to you. Break free."

"You would do it?"

"I would, yes. But I don’t know that feeling that strong. I have loved the women who were my partner, and even there. "

"He's strong, Tony. We are talking about a boy. "

"It does not change anything, even if it was a woman and you would not like it, I would reject you."

Steve repeated those words several times, would it be so bad to tell Tony that he likes it? Well, he was giving him advice about love and he would never have imagined it, but he would not know how to tell him what he feels in a snap or maybe he would run away before he reacted. Now that you think about it, how would you react? Would it hit him? He does not know and he will not know if he does not tell him. Even so, Tony's words were true, whoever could reject him.

"You're right."

"Let's make a deal" he filled his cup again. "If you decide to tell him, I'll help you."

"You can’t."

"And why not?"

The blond took the cup of the tan, giving him a long drink and then left it in front of the other. Tony did not flinch because of that, they had shared many things before, what intrigued him was the lost look of Steve. Rogers turned to see him, he had made the decision.

Fuck everybody.

"Because that boy, that person, is you."