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Go Ahead and Punch Me

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     They had been dating nearly three years now. Three long years of fun, dates, kissing. Crying, looking out for each other. Three years of getting to know each other, She knew everything about him. Every nuance, knew his face, knew his voice. And that was the exact reason she now stood outside his door with her stomach in knots, willing herself to not just lose her guts right then and there. 


     “ C’mon Ochako, you can do this. “ She whispered to herself, her hands were shaking as she fiddled with her keys. She drops them, cursing her shaking hands, trying to quickly recover and regain her confidence, she bends over to pick them up, but as she is squatted over to grab them, he opens the door with a nervous shuffle.


   “ Oh Sorry- I just, I heard someone at the door. And I was nervous you locked yourself out or something. “ Izuku mumbled , reaching his hand out to help her stand up. She looked up at him with a half hearted smile, taking his large hand of help. It was funny just how much he had grown since they got together at the beginning of their second year of High School. He now towered over her like a skyscraper , roughly 6’7”. His arms where dense branches of muscle and scars, he seemed to look more like Allmight every day. Being out in the sun with hero work and training he had acquired quite a tan, more sun freckles scattered across his body. He was such an odd contrast to the once rather small boy he was, the only thing that looked familiar was his mop of a curly messy hair that never seems to be tamed.


     Ochako couldn't seem to meet his eyes, instead B-lining to the recliner next to the couch, pulling away from his hand, not even changing into her house shoes. Izuku let out a small sigh, his breath seemed to shake. And the tension in the room only thickened by the moment, as neither seemed to be able to look at the other. He slowly dragged himself over to the couch, sitting adjacent to her, close enough that their knees brushed.


     “ I saw Tsu on the news earlier today, she’s really making a name for herself working under Selkie, its so cool isnt it? “ Izuku said with a tiny smile, trying to coax her attention to her. Trying to keep some semblance of normalcy with her, but it only made Ochako feel worse. She just wanted to get this over with.


     “ Yeah “ She replied with a small nod , knees curling up to her chest as she peered over to him. Her first love, She will never feel the same way about someone else as she does Izuku Midoriya. She would probably love him until the day the died, but things change and people grow. She was no longer the love sick 15 year old girl who nearly botched her exams because Aoyama made her flustered by bringing up her emotions, She was an Adult , her feelings were much more mature than they once were.


     “ I’m Guessing by the way you’re acting, you know that Allmight invited me to America for Hero work and to get stronger and well I - “ He is cut off by the smaller girl.


     “ You’re breaking up with me “ She quickly interjects. The pained flash in his eyes only confirms it, and her stomach clenches again. But it needed to happen, Him moving to America for a year or two was only an excuse. They both knew it, that despite how much they loved each other, they just weren't working. There was never any sparks between them, there was no connection, they were familiar but that was the extent of their relationship. They knew each other so perfectly well, better than anyone else, and it was because of that they knew this wasn't working.


     “ Im so sorry Ochako-chan” Izuku whispers softly, resting a meaty hand on her knee. She can see the tears welling up in his eyes, his voice is quaking, It is taking everything in his power to not become a fountain. And suddenly she feels fine, her stomach is fine, shes okay. Her hand reaching down to rest on top of his with comforting pats. “ I-is there any way we could still be friends, even after all this?“


     She grabs both of his hands as tears start to run down his face, his sobbing contorts his face into an ugly weep. And she is finding clarity, smiling softly at him, reaching to pet his head softly. “ We’ll always be best friends , Deku. Its okay, it just wasn’t working out. Sometimes people aren't meant for each other in that way, and we both have so much growing to do to become good heroes. “


     This in turn only makes him weep louder, throwing himself into her arms, his muscular arms hugging her tightly around the waist as he buries his face into her shoulder, his body shaking with his tears. And she couldn't help herself from letting out a small ‘ pffffft ‘ of a laugh at him, wrapping her arms around his head, putting the back of his head. She murmers into her hair reassuringly, “ You’ll always be my favorite boy.”


     He pulls back , looking up with wet eyes. Sniffling loudly as he tries to wipe away his tears. He hugs her even closer, “ And you’ll always be my favorite girl, And I’ll be sure to write to you and visit and everything. “


     “ So when are you leaving? “ She inquired softly, still running her fingers through his hair.


     “ In about A month and a Half, but I uh…. I was thinking I could go stay with my Mom until then. It would be kind of weird if I stayed here …. I think


     Uraraka’s mouth felt dry, because as much as she wanted to see him more before he left. He was right, it would be better for both of them to be apart for a while. Things would not so easily transition from being in a relationship to being just friends and being okay with that. “ Yeah… Thats for the best, let me help you pack some. I always love to see your mom. “


     “ Well um…. I already finished moving all my stuff. “


     “ Oh…. “ That hurt a bit.


     In a perfect timing to break the awkwardness forming again, The Familiar ringtone of Izuku’s phone went off ( It was the same one from high school of Allmight’s voice saying “ A Phone Call is Here “ on repeat ). He quickly scrambled for it, looking down at the screen and opening it to press to his ear. He prys himself from Uraraka , pacing over to the other side of the room. Mostly making noises of agreement and nods, before finishing the call with a , “ Ill be there in a minute, I’m on my way right now. “


     He closes his phone before looking at Uraraka with a knowing look, She pops back, “Hero stuff?“


     He nods meekly, “ The world needs Deku, I gotta get going. But we’ll grab coffee soon, okay? “


     “ Okay “


     He walks over to her and leans in, before jerking still. Realizing he almost instinctively went for a goodbye kiss. He fumbles to correct his mistake by kissing on her forehead goodbye, and then quickly books it for the door, tossing a wave goodbye over his shoulder.


     “ Goodbye “ She says mostly to herself.


     And as the door clicked shut behind him, instinctively Uraraka reached for her phone. Pulling up Iida’s contact, she sends a message to him.






Hey can I come over? : Me


Motor Calves: Of course, I’m making lunch right now if you would like to join me.


Yeah : Me
that sounds perfect : Me
Be there in like 20 : Me


Motor Calves: See you then , Uraraka-San.