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My OTP One-Shots

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“death-senpai i-i...” mineta stammered and blushed. cherry blossoms fell from the tree above them. death-senpai leaned in towards mineta. 

“i love you so much, mineta-kun,” death-senpai said as he closed the gap between the two. their mouths moved agains each other and death senpai poked his tongue in mineta-kun’s mouth. a low moan escaped mineta-kun. they pulled away and a trail of saliva connected them. 

“oh~death-senpai~” mineta said more or less seductively. they went back into the kiss more rough than before. death-senpai grabbed mineta-kun’s hips. the kiss escalated into something more passionate and lust filled. 


and then the tree fell on them and killed them both and when it happened yaoyorozu looked up at the sky and said “he’s dead. i felt it.” then every girl in the whole school clapped. the end.