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My OTP One-Shots

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"Last stop, the grocery store!"

"Izuku, why are you so excited about going to the store?"

A light pink dusted Midoriya's cheeks, as he was still getting used to getting called by his first name. 

"And why did we bring Uraraka with us?" Todoroki questioned further.

"Watch it young man, or else I won't be your future baby's godmother," Uraraka said and giggled.

Todoroki smiled and glanced over to his left. To no surprise, Midoriya's face was as red as cherry. They were planning to adopt a girl in the near future, though Midoriya argued that they should adopt a boy instead just so they could be called "The Boy Family". Todoroki, Uraraka, and Iida were all against it. Heck, even Bakugou was against it. When Midoriya asked him what he thought, he said "I don't want your new family to become a meme, Deku. It doesn't need to have two layers of shit. You're enough." Kirishima laughed in the background of their apartment. Midoriya had to admit that it was a little funny, even though he got roasted hotter than Todoroki's flames.

Once the three arrived at the store, they all immediately ran into the snacks isle. First they hit up the chips. Midoriya pulled a bag of vinegar chips off the shelf. Todoroki gasped.

"I thought you were bae," he scoffed. "Turns out you're just fam."

"Shouto, we've been engaged for seven months."

Uraraka covered her mouth and tried to keep a laugh from escaping between her hands.

"Yeah, okay, but sour cream and onion are much better," Todoroki said, crossing his arms. 

Midoriya blinked and laughed. "Are you kidding me? Vinegar is superior to all of the chip flavors."

"Vinegar is digusting. It taste as if Satan took a shit on fried rice that was covered in salt and vegemite," Todoroki shot back. Uraraka laughed. "Todoroki, did you mean to make that rhyme?" Midoriya laughed again.

"Sour cream and onion tastes"

"Like good! I'm glad you agree!" Todoroki took the bag of vinegar chips out of Midoriya's hands and replaced it with a bag of sour cream and onion. 

"Okay, you win Todoroki. But now the next time we have to go shopping, you have to do it all," Midorya said while putting the bag in the basket and smirking. Todoroki placed a kiss on Midoriya's forehead and said, "Alright, broccoli boy."


As they left the chip isle to go get other things, Uraraka thought to herself,

Personally, I prefer barbecue chips.