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His Chaos

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He wouldn’t have thought of doing this. Blood and ash stuck to his clothes, and he fought the temptation to lie down and whimper like some wounded dog. His pride, however, was too powerful to ignore and he raised his head to look toward the destruction he created. A chaos at his fingertips, wisps of dense fog surrounded him while the smoke and fire rose.

He lost his gun awhile ago, and even his friend’s voices were a distant memory to the horror that clung to his beating heart.

“What did I do?” he asked himself, a whisper amongst the blaze.

He was surprised that he wasn’t shaking from fear, or even shock. Except he couldn’t stand up, maybe he is in shock. He looked around, all he could see was concrete debris and several bodies, blood splattered on the ground in a deep red that almost looked black.

Clearing his throat, “Jonathan?”

He hoped he hadn’t been killed by the destruction. Except the man wasn’t exactly keen on dying any time soon, and usually escaped death on many occasions.

Taking a deep breath, Evan slowly rose to his feet. Fingers flexing, he searched the debris, made sure not to get too close to the fire, but it reacted to his presence anyway.

“Shit,” he said, waving his hand in front of it and the fire pushed back. “This is going to take forever.” He wandered away, stepping over thick glass shards that were scattered across the ashy ground like rough hewn diamonds.

He knew the others were here somewhere. He could feel them, as if their pulses were at his fingertips, as if he shared breath with them, and most were erratic, some were calmer than the others. The pain they felt was heavy in the air, and the taste of blood collided with it. They were close, but he was still searching for Jonathan.

“Where are you?” he asked under his breath, making sure not to linger on the dead bodies that were lying lifeless on the ground, shock and fear forever registered on their faces before the inevitable came to its fruition.

He should’ve known that something like this would’ve happened, he should’ve been more careful, and even that was terrible in on itself. He didn’t even think about the many people that surrounded him and his friends, the panic had escalated in his heart, racing through his veins, then everything came to a complete and utter stop.

Evan looked down at his hands, confused, he had used too much, exerted enough force, and as the guilt settled in the pit of his mind. He looked for his friends, and tried to justify that he did everything for them and things had ended the way they did because of this reason.

As he moved through the debris, he heard something. A crackle of glass and rock, the fog moved in and out, and the form became more solid as they walked closer toward Evan.

There was a sense of hope in Evan’s gut, but there was also an alarm going off in his mind that this was wrong.

Whoever it was raised something in their hand and fired. His hands moved up to defend himself, whatever energy he had was gone for the moment, and nothing appeared before him. It wasn’t a bullet that stuck from his skin, but a pointed dart.

“Sorry about that,” the man said, a cigarette between his fingers, a smile spreading across his dried lips. “We had to make sure that it looked like we were after your friend, but in truth, we know what you are and what you’re capable of.”

Evan’s legs buckled and he panted hard when his knees hit the ground, his body was becoming numb and his vision was blurring.

The man knelt down in front of him. “Did you really think you could hide amongst vermin? They don’t even know what you did, they only tasted the raw power you have inside of your body. If only they we have you, they won’t ever find out.”

Evan squeezed his eyes shut when the man picked him up, and he did one last thing he could muster, he sent a signal out from his mind and pushed hard before blacking out.