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Freedom Lies In Being Bold

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I woke up Thursday morning and felt around the bed. Oliver wasn’t there. I got up and pulled on my shorts and exited the bedroom. I smelled breakfast. I quickly descended the stairs. Oliver was in the couch reading. 

“Good morning,” he said getting up. 

“Morning,” I said. 

He walked to me and wrapped me in his arms tightly. I wrapped my arms around him. I wondered if he would mention last night. I didn’t want to. “So, today is the last day before school. We should go get whatever you need,” he told me.  

I nodded. “Yes, and I actually need a haircut,” I said to him looking up at him.  

He ran his hands through my hair. “Ok,” he said. “Go eat something and we’ll get going. I’ll make an appointment for us. I could use a haircut too.”

I nodded. 



I had eaten, then dressed. Oliver drove us somewhere he liked to get haircuts. He was pulling into a parking spot. 

“So, how much were you thinking of cutting off?” He asked. 

Me from the beginning of summer would have just taken this as a normal question, asking just that: how much was I planning to cut off. Me from now had gotten to know Oliver better. Oliver sometimes made small talk, yes, but I now almost always knew when little questions meant more. I loved that I could sometimes pick up the slight difference in his voice and tone. I, of course, wanted to be an expert in all things Oliver. 

“Only a little bit, whatever has grown since I left Italy, is all,” I said glancing at him. I felt my face getting warm. I didn’t even know why. 

We walked inside and the lady at the desk looked at us. “Well, hello there Oliver! How are you?”

“Hey! I’m good thank you!” Oliver looked at me. “These lovely ladies have been cutting my hair for a few years now. We’re in good hands,” he said, flashing his perfect smile to the lady at the counter. 

“Ah, you’re as kind as you are handsome!” She said, putting her hand on her chest. She looked at me. “You must be Elio?”

“Yes, nice to meet you,” I said pleasantly.

“Ok, come on in,” she said waving us in. Oliver and I were seated beside each other. “Monica, Adrienne, your ten fifteens are here!”

I saw two women walk up. “Oliver! How are you?” They both said and started chatting to him. I just stood aside and took it all in. They were quite loud, actually, but so pleasant. 

After greetings and small talk he gestured to me, “This is Elio.”

It was followed by a chorus of “Elio, hi!” And one of them started touching my hair. “What gorgeous curls! Don’t tell me you want to cut them off!” 

“No, no, just a trim,” I laughed. 

There was a lot of chatting and asking questions. A chorus of “Oh! You’re Italian!” and “You speak French! How dreamy!” and “Classical piano? How fancy!” It was a totally lovely experience. I saw why Oliver loved the place. 

Finally, my hair was trimmed and Oliver got a cut and he was looking so much more handsome than even I thought was possible. 

We got into the car. Oliver looked at me. “I need to go home and shower, I’m itchy all over!” 

“Me too,” I said chuckling. 


We did just that and changed. We then went to a couple of places and got me school supplies, which was quick. We decided to go eat after. We drove to small Greek restaurant called Daphne’s close by and were eating outside in the patio when his phone rang. I saw a big smile spread across his face. 

“Hey!” He said when he answered the phone. I looked at him. “I’m so looking forward to you guys being home!” He looked at me. He looked so happy. “He’s good. His first day is tomorrow. It’s a short day, just - yeah you remember.” He grabbed my hand and squeezed it “Ok! 6:05 pm. Absolutely. Later!”

He gave me a big grin. “What?” I asked. 

“Chris and Josh are coming home tomorrow, you remember?” I nodded. “Anyway, they want us to pick them up at LAX and then they asked if we wanted to spend Labor Day weekend with them. What do you say?”

I felt butterflies in my stomach. I nodded. This made me so happy and excited.  

“It’ll be so great!” Oliver said squeezing my hand. He looked so happy. He looked up at me. “So should we go buy you some clothes?”

“I honestly don’t need clothes, Oliver,” I said to him.  

He nodded. He looked into my eyes and bit his lip. “Were you done eating?” He asked me.  

“Yeah,” I said. 

“Come on, then,” he said standing up. We took our trays and threw our trash out.  

We made our way to his car and got inside. He looked at me again. “What?” I asked him. He looked away. “Tell me!” I exclaimed. We laughed. I looked at him intently. 

He sighed and turned his body towards me. “Remember the other day when I joked saying that I was looking at sex toys online?” He asked me. I felt butterflies in my stomach. “Why don’t we go to a store and look around? Maybe we’ll see something we like,” he said looking at me. I knew he was trying to read my reaction.  

The warmth in my face and neck told me I was probably blushing harder than I ever had in my life. His hand instinctively reached for my face and stroked my cheek. I nodded at him. “Yes, take me there,” I told him. The look and sexy grin he gave me was to die for. I had to look away. I felt myself getting aroused. 


We took off. I glanced at him every now and then.  My stomach was doing summersaults. I wasn’t sure what to expect. 

I turned his radio on and went through different stations till I found something I like. He turned into State St. we drove a little more and then turned into a parking lot. I looked around. It was just a normal parking lot, like so many. He parked and we got out. I looked all around. He laughed. “It’s that building goose,” he said.  

I looked at it. It was a line of four stores and the one he pointed to looked like the one beside it. I looked at him confused. “That?”

“I mean, would you feel better if there was a giant flashing penis on top of it with an arrow pointing down to it?”

I punched him on the arm playfully. Once we were almost at the door I saw there was a sign on it that said “The Adult Store.” My stomach did another summersault and I felt my face and neck grow hot. I quickly walked in.

My eyes opened a bit wider as I stepped in. It was a lot bigger than it looked from the outside. The inside was bright. Just bright. There was dance music playing, but it wasn’t too loud so it was just nice background noise. I looked around. Suddenly Oliver was beside me. He laced his fingers with mine as he took hold of my right hand. “We can leave if -“

“No, shh,” I said looking up at him and smiling. I didn’t feel shy anymore. I was so damn excited. I stepped forward and started looking around. 

“Hey there!” A pleasant voice came from my left. I looked. It belonged to a young man, early twenties, dressed in a red shirt and jeans.  

“Hi,” Oliver said. I just smiled at him. 

“Was there something specific I could help you find?” He asked. 

“We’re just looking around,” I said, finding my voice. 

“Ok, if you need anything, let me know!” He said. I smiled and nodded. I looked up at Oliver.  

We kept walking and looking at things. “So... what did you have in mind?” I asked Oliver quietly. I looked up at him and bit my bottom lip.  

He took my face in his hands. “You tell me, I don’t want to do anything that you’re not ready for,” he said.  

I nodded, my heart was pounding. I was panting. I couldn’t believe this. I had so many things running through my head. “I don’t even know. I want to do everything to you and have you do everything to me,” I said. 

Oliver laughed softly and pulled me close. He kissed the top of my head. He grabbed my hand again and we kept walking. 

“You can tie me up,” I said. I glanced back at him. 

I loved the way his eyes looked at me. “I want to,” he said. 

We looked around and picked out quite a few things. Well... a lot of things. The pleasant store clerk came around and handed us a basket each which was helpful. 

When we were finally done we went to the register. “Well, I normally ask customers if they found everything they needed but it seems you two didn’t have any trouble finding anything at all!” Oliver laughed and I felt my face grow hot.  

“Do you two like reading together or two each other?” He asked. 

“What?” I asked.  

“Oh just over here,” he pointed to a display on the counter, “we have some really nice erotic fic -“ 

“Yes. Oliver, take one.” I said. Why had I never thought of this? I asked myself. 

Oliver looked at me, slightly surprised. He looked at the books and grabbed one. 

“Oh, that’s a good one, my boyfriend and I love this one,” the clerk said as he started ringing us up. 


We were driving back home. I had told Oliver to put the top of his car up so I could look through and look at the things we had bought. I had meant to, but had started reading the book instead. The clerk was right. It was hot. 

“Judging by the blush on your face, I’d say you like what you’re reading,” Oliver said. 

“Ha ha,” I blushed even more. I closed it and put it back in the bag. “It’s good,” I said.  

I looked at the plain white bag. You couldn’t see through it. I was happy the bags were discreet. I suddenly imagine Kat seeing them. 

Oliver’s phone suddenly rang. We looked at the screen in the car. It was Kat. Oliver pressed the button on his steering wheel. 


“Hi sweetheart. Listen, I’m having dinner with friends so I won’t be home till late. Rose is off this evening remember, so you and Elio pass by somewhere to get you something for dinner.” She said. 

“Ok, sounds good. Bye.”


“What do you want for dinner?” Oliver asked me. 

“You,” I said without missing a beat. I loved the way he laughed at my silliness.


We drove by California Pizza Kitchen and got something for dinner then drove back to Kat’s home. I carried the pizza to the kitchen and Oliver took all of the bags we had upstairs. 

He came down soon after and sat beside me at the kitchen island and started eating. I was still reading the book. I looked at him as he sat down and kept eating and reading, hiding my smile behind the book. 

“You know, it’s meant to be for both of us,” I heard Oliver say.  

“I’m just getting ideas,” I said. I closed the book thought and put it down. I reached my hand out and he gave me his and we held hands as we ate. 

Once we were done we cleaned our dishes, I grabbed the book and went upstairs. I was undressing when Oliver came into my room. He only had his boxers on. 

“So, what are we trying our first?” He asked, gorgeous, perfect grin on his face. My heart was pounding. But I knew what I wanted. 

I went to the bags from the store. I went through everything. “I can’t believe we got so much stuff,” I said looking back at Oliver and laughed. He laughed as well.

“Won’t know what we like till we try it,” he said shrugging. I nodded. 

I looked through and finally found what I was looking for. I opened up the box and took out the satin blindfold. I walked to the bed and showed it to him. “Blindfold me,” I said. I also handed him a bottle of warming lube we got. 

He stood up. He was already hard. Seeing his erection and the wet spot at the front of his boxer briefs made me hard. “Ready?” He asked me softly. I nodded.  

He put the blindfold on me. I was right beside the bed so I climbed on and laid on my back. I had a huge grin on my face. I was so hard. 

I felt the bed dip as Oliver got on. I felt his lips on my neck. His lips felt so good. Not being able to see really heightened what I felt on my skin. 

“Your skin is so beautiful, baby,” I heard Oliver whisper. I felt his tongue lick along my collar bone. I moaned. I then felt his hand wrap around my erection. He stroked me slowly. I suddenly felt his lips wrap around the tip. I moaned again. It felt so good. I felt his hands running up and down my body.  

I was so turned on. Oliver sucked me harder. I felt him get in top of me. His lips were suddenly at my neck again. Kissing it and sucking it. His erection rubbing on mine. Everything felt so good. I heard his pants and moans. They were so sexy. He worked his way down my body again. 

I was panting as I laid on my back, not being able to see anything. I was going to turn on my stomach, when I felt his hand on my right hip. “No,” he said. “Stay on your back,” he said. 

I stayed. I felt him slide two fingers in me. He started sliding them in and out of me. I then felt his warm, wet mouth around my erection. His fingers and mouth working in rhythm as he pleased me. 

I moaned loudly as reached down and felt around until I grabbed his hair. His other hand grabbed my behind and squeezed me. Hard. I groaned. I thrusted my hips into his mouth. He sucked harder. I pushed his head down with both my hands. This was too good. Too good. He sucked harder as his fingers slid in and out of me faster. Suddenly I came. A lot. My body shook. Oliver swallowed it all. It felt amazing. I laid there panting. I felt Oliver get up.  

Just a moment later I felt him grab my legs and pull me. I had no idea what was going on. “Get on your hands and knees,” I heard him say. I did as he asked. He grabbed my hips and dragged me across the bed. 

“You’re at the edge of the bed and I’m standing behind you,” I heard him say. I heard the tear of the condom package. I felt him enter me. I moaned loudly. He started thrusting in and out of me. He was pretty forceful but I loved it. I craved it like this. I wanted it just like this. 

“Yes. Yes. Fuck me. Yes.” I never spoke like this but I was so turned on.  

I heard as Oliver groaned. “You’re so fucking perfect,” I heard Oliver say. 

It was hot and hard and fast and when Oliver came we collapsed on the bed. Oliver took my blindfold off. We were quite sweaty but we laid there holding each other. 


When we were finally able to move, we went to shower. We were holding each other under the shower head, water cascading on us.

He kissed me. “Elio?” 


“How often do you masturbate?”

I furrowed my brow and looked up at him. “What? Why?”

A huge grin spread across his face. “Just want to know.” 

“Why?” I asked again.  

He chuckled. “I know we can’t always have time alone, but I was thinking instead of masturbating, you can just tell me you want me and we can see what we can do,” he said. 

“But I want you all the time,” I said. It was the truth. “I want you every day, all the time.” I said. 

He kissed me deeply. “God you’re so amazing,” he said. He looked at me again, big smile on his face. “Every day?”

“Yes,” I said furrowing my brow. “There isn’t a day that I don’t want you.”

“Do you masturbate every day?” He asked me. 

I shrugged my shoulders. “Depends,” I said. He smiled at me and kissed me again. “I mean like if I know we’ll be alone several days in a row, I won’t, but, during the week, when I know we won’t be able to, then yeah, I do.” I said. 

“And if you didn’t?” He asked. 

“My head would fucking explode from the fucking hard on I would have all day!” I said. He let out a laugh and kissed me. “I’m serious!” I said as I leaned on him, “I get so hard. Everything you do. When we’re riding, when we’re in the pool, when you breathe,” I said laughing.  

He looked down at me. “I want you just as badly baby. Just as bad. Everything about you turns me on,” he said kissing me. “Hence the marks I love to leave on you. I enjoy the memory of each one I made,” he said. 

I kissed him passionately. “You haven’t left any lately,” I said with an exaggerated pout. 

“No,” he said. “We start having sex and I think of nothing else,” he said holding me tight. “Next time I’ll make sure I leave some during foreplay.” 


After a while we got out and got dressed. He sat beside me on my bed and held my hand. 

“How you feeling bout tomorrow?” He asked me. 

“School or meeting your friends?” I asked him. 

“Both!” He said with a smile. 

“With school, I guess I feel pretty ok. Hannah texted me and it turns out we have three classes together,” I said. 

“Yeah? Which ones?”

“AP English Lit, AP Chemistry and AP French.”

“Are all your classes AP?” He asked. I nodded. “Of course they are. You’re taking French?”

“Yeah and AP European History. If I already know it why not?” I said. He laughed. 

“Summer is over and you never taught me to surf,” I said.  

He laughed. “Finally,” He said, holding his arms up, “something my precious angel doesn’t know!”

I looked at him. “What are you talking about?” 

He looked down at me, “Although sunny California is a year round surfing destination the prime time for surfing here is actually in the winter months,” he said. “I was thinking we could start sometime in November.”

He put his arm around me and pulled me close. “I knew that,” I said. 

“Of course you did, baby,” he said as he kissed me on the forehead.


We laid down on my bed and chatted some more. I fell sleep sometime after. I woke up later, everything was dark. Oliver was sleeping soundly beside me and the moon was shining in through the window. I turned and wrapped my left arm around his waist and pulled myself close to him. I pressed my cheek to his back and fell back to sleep.