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Multi-Fandom Crossovers and One-Shots

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Leah is a hybrid gem like Steven. She is half human and half blue diamond. She uses a white katana as a weapon.

"Garnet?" I questioned walking into her room after Pearl let me through
"Garnet?" I questioned walking into her room after Pearl let me through. "Over here, Leah." "I heard what Amy said..." "It didn't bother me-" "Yes it did I can see it in your body," I growled and she glared at me. "You're upset." "What?" "Your movements are stiff and you are tense... Garnet talk to me." I demanded kindly. "Why should I?" "Because I care about you." Garnet froze. "You are the only one who doesn't care that my mother is blue diamond." I continued, "You're the only one who gave me a chance and listened to my rants when I was upset... now let me do the same." She looked at me and split apart into Ruby and Sapphire. "Why did you separate?" I asked confused.

"We wish to speak separately," Sapphire whispered quietly. "Alone." "Alright, Sapphire you first." Ruby nodded and walked away. "Phire what's wrong?" She looked up at me teary eyed and I melted. I quickly pulled her into a hug as she sobbed. "It's alright Phire." I whispered and rubbed her back. "It hurts so much." She wailed and I sighed. "It's alright Phire." After about 10 minutes she finally calmed down. "Hey, it's alright sweetheart I'm here," I mumbled. "I'm here." We sat there for another 15 minutes before the switched out. "Hey, Ruby." I smiled at her but scowled when a tear fell down her face. "Baby come here." I whispered and pulled her into a hug. She cried for at least an hour before she just whimpered. "You probably think I'm weak now..." She whispered. "Now... 'Crying doesn't show you're weak it shows you've been strong for far too long," I mumbled and she buried her head in my hair. "Can I call in Phire?" "Yeah..." "Phire!" I yelled and she came back in. "Hey-" I pulled her into the hug and that's what we did the rest of the night. Or, at least that's how Pearl found us.