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In Deniall

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Apparently, Snow is part of our crew from now on. It's like he's permanently glued to Baz’s side. Or Baz to him, hard to tell. He eats with us, sits next to us at classes, drinks the afternoon tea with us. And it's not just him, he brought the whole package. Snow+Bunce in one. Dev complains they could have brought Agatha with them at least, but she sits alone at the other end of the room.

And don't let me start on their sappiness, for magic’s sake. They constantly hold hands and when they think we're not looking, Baz puts his tongue into Snow’s mouth. Gross. Like watching your parents do this. Right next to your grandparents.

"You've wasted 7 years of our lives plotting against him, Pitch, so you could share his saliva?" Dev asked when we first found out. Not that they'd tried to hide it. After the Christmas holidays, they marched to the dining hall together, hand in hand, and sat next to us. Casually. Bunce came shortly after, bringing a book, and joined us like it was the most normal thing in the world. She didn't seem affected by the fact our venom might have been contagious.

Baz gave us one of his sneers and replied: "As if you had anything better to do." 

"Actually, we had," Dev said but we all knew we hadn't.  

"Are you a gay chicken, Dev?" Baz arched his eyebrow and Simon next to him growled. He didn't interact with Dev and me at first. Probably afraid we'd have taken his Bazzy away from him or something. (For all the Aleister’s love, don't tell Baz I've just called him Bazzy. He would skin me alive.)

“ 'course not,” Dev said, his jaw pushed forward. 

“Yeah? So this doesn't freak you out?” Snow said boldly and grabbed  Baz’s chin. He gave him a proper kiss right in front of us, the first of many to come. He then winked at Baz making him blush like crazy, I swear on Morgana.

“I liked it better when he was just plotting,” Dev murmured towards me, so Baz wouldn't hear him. Though, I think that bloody prick could still hear him somehow.

I wish you could see Baz blushing. I've never seen him blush before, but now he does it almost constantly. I took a photo of him on Dev's phone, and we plan to send it to him as a Christmas card. He will probably make us drink the potion Alice had, to reduce us to the size puttable to a bottle he will be able to throw to the bottom of a sea, but it will be worth it.



"She still hasn't replied," I complain when Niall comes back from the shower. I'm on my bed, phone in my hands, and checking the text messages for the millionth time today. I know we aren't permitted to have phones, but I met this girl, Lessia, during Christmas break and she gave me her number. I brought my phone with me 'cause she said she'd write. But nothing, yet.  

"Maybe she just forgot? Try again and if she doesn't reply, then you will know," Niall offers while putting on his black joggers.

I do as he says, but honestly, I don't expect much. My luck with girls shows me its back. There's a middle finger involved, too. 

"You think I could finally have a chance with Agatha now?" I slide the phone under my pillow. 

Niall chuckles, knowing about the stupid crush I've had for ages. "You and your Agatha. Give her time, bro. Snow's just broken up with her."  

"Yeah. You're right. So what are we doing now?"

Niall looks at me pensively, then at the window, and then he grins. I know what this means really well, so I stand up, put on my shoes and grab my jumper from a chair. Niall does the same, and soon we're sneaking out the window to the lawn. They say the first floor of Mummers house has the crappiest rooms but we can't complain. The rooms are small in here, but I'm not able to count how many times we've snuck out like this. We aim to the Cloisters, synchronized.  

"I was thinking we could ask out those two next to Keris’ room… Sandy and Mandy?" 

"Yea, bro, good pick," I confirm. Niall bumps his shoulder against mine. I cast Knockin' on heaven’s door! the romantic spell used for asking girls out. We wait under the windows, hypnotizing the one on the second floor. The window opens and Sandy’s face peeks out, her brown hair waving around her like a hand fan. There are two lamps nearby, so we know she can see us.

"What do you want?" she hisses.  

"Come out!" Niall shouts, although not too loud because it's already ten and he doesn't want to attract any unnecessary attention.  

"And bring Mandy too!" I add. 

"You crazy? It's past ten, guys!" Sandy says shaking her head. 

"Oh come on, it's just walking, not breaking into Minotaur’s cabinet!"  

"Still, it's past the curfew!"  

"Who's there?" Mandy’s head shows up in the window too. 

"Hey, Maandy!" Niall greets her, extending the first syllable of her name which reminds me of one old song. I go over the lyrics in my head, grinning. It's perfect.

I start singing, Niall quickly catching up. You kissed me and stopped me from shaking ... and I need you today, oooh Maaandy!  

"You're both crazy," Mandy is laughing, putting her hand in front of her mouth. I hope she blushes a little but in this light, it's hard to see it. 

"Go to bed. It's late," Sandy repeats again and hushes Mandy inside. 

"Just for fifteen minutes!" I try.

"We promise to give you back safely," Niall adds. Mandy sends us a smile, blows a kiss, and then disappears inside. 

"We're going to sleep," Sandy says resolutely and I know we lost the battle.  "And you should do the same. If someone finds you here, you're cleaning the kitchen for the next month. Good night!" she waves and disappears too. I'd knock again but I know it would be pointless. 

"Let's just go to the pitch," Niall says, not happy but not sad either.

I look at him wearing the challenging smile I'm sure he knows well by now. "The last one buys drinks at Captain’s!" I shout already breaking into a run. I don't turn to see if he follows. I know he does.



We're running for our lives, I manage to spell our legs Quiet as a mouse! so we don't get caught. But this distraction earns Dev a few seconds on me. And he sure as hell won't win.  

We jump the waist-high gate and run to the centre of the pitch. The brat is still two steps ahead. He's almost there, so I jump at his back bringing him down. We land on the grass, not really softly, and roll in the dirt, wrestling for the win. 

We finally stop, laying on our backs and heavily panting.  

"I won anyway," Dev turns his head to me, the winning smirk on his lips. I mean, probably. It's too dark here to see properly. 

"You forgot to spell your sneakers, idiot. We could have got caught," I say but I'm not that angry as I sound.

"You're paying for all my drinks, mate.” I bet he's sticking his tongue out, awfully pleased with himself. 

"Lucky me you don't like dandelion wine," I wink though he can't see it. We tried it once and stayed with the beer. It was also too expensive. 

"We could go to Captains’  this Saturday," he suggests. 

I hum approvingly and we stay there lying in silence for a while. It's January, and I'm ashamed I didn't think of wearing a coat. Crowley, I'm nineteen, I should know such things. We're still heated up from the run for now, and also it's nice to be here, thus I'm not standing up yet. 

Dev breaks the silence first. “I didn't know Baz was gay.”

“I didn't know Snow was gay.” We're both laughing. 

It's me who speaks next. "You know we're slowly running out of girls here?" 

"I know. It's shit," he sighs.  

"Don't worry bro. We'll rock it on Saturday."  

"Because we're sexy motherfuckers," Dev adds.

"Yeah. We fucking are," I agree.