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Shouta dragged himself down the hall towards the kitchen. He was grumpy and sore all over. Whoever did this too him was going to pay dearly. "Aizawa-Sensei," Hitoshi piped up.

"Don't call me that." He grumbled. Shortly after graduation, Shinsou started working at the same agency as him. Since then he tried to break Hitoshi of the habit. He didn't want his coworkers to think he favored the boy, and like all of his former students that made it into the big leagues, he didn't want them to rely on him to magically fix their mistakes. He wasn't their teacher, he was their coworker, he viewed them as equals.

He rummaged around the fridge grabbing a jelly packet before slamming the fridge closed. He made his way over to the couch dropping down on it. Hitoshi was sitting on the floor in front of him, leaning against the front of the couch playing some video game.

"How are you feeling?" Hitoshi paused the game, giving his former teacher a glance. Shouta let out a pained hiss, as he shifted to get more comfortable.

"How do you think?" He didn't mean to snap at Hitoshi, but he just wanted to kill someone at the moment. He rubbed his swollen pectorals. After getting hit with a unknown quirk a few nights ago, he went home deciding not to worry about it. When he woke up however he quickly realized it was a problem he couldn't ignore. His new cup size caused him to be mistaken for a woman on more than one occasion. It made his back sore, and his chest felt heavy. The worst part though was the ruined shirts. He'd catch Hitoshi staring at him a few times, only to look down and find two distinct wet spots on his shirt. He was glad Hizashi was on at a promotional event in America, the blonde would probably never look him in the eyes again. He had to call off from both his jobs, and with Hizashi gone that left Hitoshi alone to deal with a very pissy Shouta.

Hitoshi simply ignored the other man's tone, going back to his game. Shouta downed the jelly packet, watching the boy and his game. He didn't get the appeal, but it was Hitoshi and Hizashi's thing, so he never questioned it.

He shifted uncomfortably on the couch. Maybe if he took off the bra Nemuri gave him? It'll help with support! He tried to unclasp the garment, but he couldn't seem to manage.

"Here let me." Hitoshi shifted to unhook the back, before returning to what he was doing. Shouta sighed slipping off what he was convinced was some sort of female torture device. He rubbed where the underwire had irritated his already sore breasts. Nobody seemed to know how to reverse the effects of this quirk, and that just made is mood even more sour.

He started shifting uncomfortably again, the rough texture of his shirt was rubbing against his nipples. Hitoshi paused the game, tossing the controller aside standing up, straddling the older man's waist.

"I hate seeing you like this." He looked down at his former teacher, tugging off the older man's shirt. "Let me help you." He leaned down, taking one breast into his mouth. He licked and sucked at the nipple, and Shouta gasped, arching into the boy's mouth. Hitoshi moaned when liquid squirted into his mouth. He eagerly drank up the milk, loving the taste of Shouta. He massaged the breast slightly.

Shouta gasped and moaned. He never thought he'd be in this situation, nor did he think it'd feel like this. He found himself thrusting up without thinking. He gripped Hitoshi's purple hair, holding him to his breast. He loved the feeling of Hitoshi's hot mouth, and him licking and sucking his sensitive nipples. He briefly wondered if he could cum from just this.

It felt like all to soon Hitoshi was pulling away. Shouta stared at the boy with lidded eyes. "Hitoshi..." Before he knew it he was being pulled up into a kiss. He immediately melted into it. He never thought about Hitoshi this way, but now he didn't think he'd be able to think about Hitoshi any other way.

The boy maneuvered them so he was laying on his back, pulling Shouta on top of him. "Hitoshi..." Shouta panted looking down at Hitoshi. "The other one, please." It hurt so much, and the feeling of Hitoshi's mouth on him was amazing.

Shouta scooted up, so his chest was directly above Hitoshi, holding onto the arm rest for support. Hitoshi didn't waste anytime, leaning up to suck on the other breast. It was hard for him to stay in the position, but fortunately Shouta used one hand to hold him in place.

Hitoshi moaned, eyes lidded, sucking on Shouta, drinking his milk. Shouta gasped, grinding against Hitoshi. "Good boy, Hitoshi. Drink it all up." He moaned. Hitoshi's tongue ran over the bud. He was a middle aged man, grinding against Hitoshi like a highschooler.

Everything felt way more intense like this, and he could already feel his orgasm approaching. He ground helplessly against the boy.

"Hitoshi...Hitoshi... AH!~" He ground himself into Hitoshi as he came. He moaned weakly as Hitoshi keep drinking up the white liquid, sending jolts of pleasure through his over stimulated body. Finally after the last of the milk dribbled out Hitoshi pulled away. Shouta panted looking at him. Hitoshi seemed to notice the way the arm holding the older man up was shaking, helping him lay down.

"Feeling better?" Hitoshi asked, as casually as if this was completely normal.

"Yeah..." He said, finally catching his breath.

"Good." Hitoshi smiled at him, before standing up, picking up his controller and going back to his game, as if nothing happened. Shouta might have been able to convince himself nothing did happen, if it wasn't for the stickiness between his legs, and spit cooling on his breasts.

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"Dinner!" Shouta called. He felt better the rest of the day, but now his chest was starting to feel full again. It wasn't hurting yet, but it was really uncomfortable. He set down two servings of rice and grilled fish on the table. It wasn't much, but cooking wasn't Aizawa's strongest skill.

He sat down, watching Hitoshi enter the kitchen.

"I'm hungry." Hitoshi whined.

"Dinner's ready." Shouta let out a surprised noise when instead of sitting in his chair, Shinsou straddled Shouta's lap, tugging on Shouta's shirt.

"I don't want that." He mumbled, pulling off the annoying clothing, before latching on to Shouta's nipple.

"Ah! Hitoshi!" Shouta gasped out. He let his eyes slip shut, enjoying the feeling of Hitoshi suckling him. He let his hands snake around the boy, one holding the small of Hitoshi's back, the other supporting his head. He let out the occasional soft moan, or shaky breath. Hitoshi sucked him dry, before moving to the other side.

Hitoshi never tasted anything as delicious as Shouta's breast milk. He wasted so much of it those past few nights where he let Shouta simply suffer, and leak on his shirt. Now that he knew, he wasn't going to waste even one more drop.

"Hitoshi!" Shouta gasped, holding onto the boy. He could feel the milk squirting out of his nipple, it was a strange feeling, but not an unpleasant one. He felt himself getting hard again, and he was sure Hitoshi could feel it too.

They sat their as Hitoshi fed off of Shouta's milk. The air felt heavy and hot, and the noises Shouta was making were becoming more frequent. All too soon for Shouta's liking the last of the milk dribbled out, and Hitoshi pulled away.

"I want more." Hitoshi mumbled, pouting slightly.

"I'm out, Hitoshi." Shouta panted. He ghosted his fingers down Hitoshi's waist, he wanted to hold the boy, but was afraid to take things to far.

"No you're not." Hitoshi stated matter-o-factly. He slid off Shouta's lap, onto the floor, fiddling with Shouta's belt, and fly. He quickly tugged Shouta's clothes down around his ankles. "I want your other milk."

Before Shouta could even open his mouth, Hitoshi took Shouta in his. Shouta threw his head back crying out. If he thought Hitoshi's tongue felt good on his nipples, it felt so much better on his dick. He couldn't help thrusting up into the warm cavern. The boy seemed to know how to use his mouth, sucking and bobbing his head, running his tongue up the shaft and around the head, occasionally dipping the tip into Shouta's urethra. Shouta would have wondered if Hitoshi did this a lot, but it was hard to think about anything when he was getting the best blow job of his life.

Shouta gripped the seat of his chair, letting his head fall back. He couldn't help his heavy breathing, or the loud moans escaping his mouth. He could feel Shinsou's hand's gripping his thighs tightly, as well as Hitoshi's saliva starting to slip past Hitoshi's lips down his shaft, and when Shinsou slurped up his saliva, and hollowing out his cheeks, Shouta cried out. Hitoshi obediently drank up his former teacher's cum. It didn't taste good, like Shouta's milk did, but that didn't matter to him. What mattered is that he wanted it inside him, he wanted to be full of Shouta.

Once Hitoshi was done he stood on shaky legs, every intention to go about like nothing happened. He let out a surprised noise when Shouta grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him into his lap, with a hungry kiss.

"Hitoshi," He panted, voice gruff. "Did you really expect to slip away this time?" Hitoshi felt himself tense, unsure what Shouta was planning to do with him. Shouta slipped his hands down to Hitoshi's ass, pulling the boy closer. Giving Hitoshi's neck a small bite.

"Ah!" Hitoshi gasped, grabbing Shouta's shoulders. "Shouta..." the name felt weird on his tongue, having never used it before. Shouta pulled away, tugging off Hitoshi's shirt, moving his hand to twist and pinch at Hitoshi's nipples.

Hitoshi felt his fly being undone, his clothes being tugged down just enough so Shouta could slowly stroke Hitoshi's shaft.

"I'm sorry,"

"Huh?" Hitoshi looked at Shouta confused.

"You ate so much. You must have been so hungry. I haven't been taking good enough care of you." He smirked, kissing the boy hungrly. His hand sped up, and Hitoshi broke away with a moan. He came shortly after, resting his head against Shouta's shoulder.

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Shouta startled away, turning over in his bed, seeing Shinsou hovering over him.

"Hu-- wha? Hitoshi?" His voice thick with sleep, "What did you call me?"

Hitoshi gave a small whimper. "I'm hungry, daddy." Shouta felt his eyes widen. Hitoshi just called him... He quickly tugged off his shirt, sitting up against the headboard, pulling Hitoshi closer to him.

"Come on, baby. Let me take care of you." They moved into what had become their standard feeding position, Shouta holding Hitoshi in place. He sighed contently, as Hitoshi fed. This was starting to become his new favorite activity. He was starting not want to go back to normal. He loved the feeling of feeding his Hitoshi.

"Hmm..." Hitoshi hummed. His face relaxed. He felt safe and cared for like this. Shouta reluctantly pushed him away, gently.

"Here, let me..." He tugged down Hitoshi's shorts, before gently grabbing the lube, slicking up his fingers before pressing the digits into Hitoshi. The boy let out a moan, grabbing Shouta's shoulders, resting his head in the older man's neck. He rocked back onto the fingers, it felt good, having his daddy take care of him.

"Daddy! Daddy please!~"

"Sit up baby." Hitoshi sat up on his knees, letting Shouta pull out his fingers, and slip off his sweats. He pulled Hitoshi down, sliding into him easily. "Ah..." He moaned. "Baby, you feel so tight. God!"

"Daddy!" Hitoshi whimpered.

"I know," He shifted, "come on," He placed a hand on the back of Hitoshi's neck, pulling the boy towards his nipple. "I know you're hungry." Aizawa moaned, when Hitoshi eagerly accepted. The older man held the boy close, thrusting up into him. They both moaned, the feeling of the combined actions was better than anything else they've felt before.

Hitoshi rocked back on Shouta's cock, moaning, moving to the other nipple once the first ran dry.

"Look at you baby. Always so hungry." Shouta chuckled. Shinsou eagerly drank, pulling away only to gasp or moan when Shouta hit his prostate. Every time he pulled away however, Shouta pulled him back down into place. "Be a good boy, and finish eating."

"Daddy...AH!~" Hitoshi cried out, mouthing sloppily on Shouta's breast. After a few moments Shinsou latched back on, eagerly drinking. Aizawa watched. Hitoshi's eyes were lidded, his face red with a light coating of sweat. He hummed and moaned around the bud.

Shouta came feeling the last of his milk leave him, Hitoshi following him over the edge, feeling his daddy's cum filling him up. Hitoshi fell forward clinging to Shouta, panting.

"Daddy...Daddy..." Shouta, hugged the boy, rubbing soothing circles on his back.

"Shhh... I got you, baby. Daddy's got you..." The two stayed like that.

"Shouta I'm--" Hitoshi forgot to close the door letting Hizashi get a good look at his two roommates. Both were completely naked, pressed close to each other. Shouta's cock in Hitoshi's ass. "Gonna sleep in at the studio... Sorry to interrupt!" He quickly made his leave.

Hitoshi looked at Shouta with a look of dread. "Should we--"

"Nah, it's fine. He'll be back in the morning." He said shifting to lay down, pulling Hitoshi on top of him. "Let's sleep. We can deal with that in the morning." Hitoshi shifted to get comfortable, burying his face in Shouta's neck.