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Eros and Apollo

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The white light by his camera flickers once, twice. On. He gives a wide smile and a wave to the camera, crossing one leg over the other and showing off the thigh high stockings he chose for the night. They’re sheer enough to show his skin through the black fabric, and he pulls his leg up enough to move his heels into view too.

“Hi, everyone! How’re you doing tonight?” His regulars are the first ones to show up and type, but he notices a few new usernames in the mix as well. It’s always nice knowing more than the same few people are showing up, but he’s equally as grateful for the people who decide to show up to support every one of his shows. The attention is something he’ll never miss.

Starting the show is always slow. He waits the first few minutes for more people to log on, not wanting them to miss any of the action. The nice questions and life details are pouring in. Denki started his next semester of college, good for him. Momo’s doing well with her shows lately. Himiko jumps right into making her own kinky requests; he ignores her for the time being with a laugh and a ‘be patient’. He makes a point to keep up with the simple small talk until the clock in the corner of his screen reads 22:15, and with that, he flips the metaphorical switch and gets into action.

Izuku Midoriya is now Deku.

The welcome messages are quickly replaced with requests for the night, questions of what’s going to happen, comments and compliments about his clothing choice. He never considered himself anything more than average before camming, but he had to admit the attention fueled his ego and his confidence, even if it was only a little at a time.

He sets his phone off to the side with a new playlist, all the songs viewers requested last time noticeable under his own voice. It’s not loud enough to overwhelm the sound of him speaking, but it set up an atmosphere he gained a notable about of viewers with. Low, sensual beats and a cute guy in thigh highs always caught a bit of attention.

Treating himself was the best part of starting a show. He never minded being able to feel his own skin under his fingers, revel in the slow strokes to his cock, do everything to make himself comfortable in front of the camera.

The fabric of the panties is smooth against his fingers, the shape of his cock clear under it but not yet revealed. He reads through the requests that are already lining up, commenting on the ones that sound particularly nice. For the time being, though, he lays back enough to show off his body and gets to work on his himself.

His fingers brush over his nipples, already hardening under the soft touch. They trail down his chest, stomach, stopping at the edge of his panties. Slowly, he moves towards the camera, pulling at the band and letting the snap of the garment echo through the room. It earns him a few compliments.

It’s easy enjoying himself like this. He can lay back, listen to his playlist, and rub his cock just enough to get him worked up for the evening. No one ever seems to mind the sight, and losing himself in that atmosphere isn’t difficult. Izuku lets his eyes flutter close, completely focused on treating himself.

Shouto’s voice cuts through the relative quiet of the room a moment later.

“Deku. Chat.”

“Hm?” He opens his eyes and sits up, leaning closer to read over the screen of his laptop, sitting on the edge of the bed. His vision was momentarily clouded, but he managed to make out the words, an amused smile spreading forming on his lips when they process. It’s a simple request, but he’s definitely willing to do it.

“Ooh… might have to up the price a bit if you’re asking for that much. I like the idea though,” Izuku carefully climbs off his bed, returning in sight of the camera a moment later with a box of toys. He takes out the requested one from the box and holds it up. “Let’s get up to five hundred coins, and I’ll take the big one. Deal?” He runs his hand up and down the shaft of the toy, feeling the smooth silicone under his fingers. The thought of taking it is enough to send a shiver down his spine, his cheeks growing more flushed than before.

Maybe he was a bit of a size queen.

Okay, wait, no, he was definitely a size queen. He could admit that about himself. His smaller toys didn’t do it anymore. He craved the stretch of the bigger ones, the feeling that took his breath away, make his toes curl, his heart stop beating in his chest. The pressure, the heft, the burn that came with the stretch no matter how long and how many times he prepared himself for it. He always needed a minute when he took it down to the base, sweat sticky on his forehead and breaths heaving in and out from his chest.

When the counter hit five hundred, he didn’t have to be told twice to prepare himself.

“Let’s see… vanilla or strawberry lube for the night?” Another moment passes. It only takes a minute before he’s opening up the bottle of vanilla lube and spreading it over his fingers. Deep breath, and he starts to slide one finger in. He made sure the camera could catch the slide, his eyes fluttering shut at the sensation. The stretch is never too fast; his viewers know he doesn’t do fast paced unless the price for the night is high. He’s slow, teasing, draws out every moment to enjoy himself.

The chiming of money rolling in spurs him on further, leaves him panting when he knows so many people are watching him. His fingers drive into his prostate, and he only pulls them away when the fabric of his lace panties grow too soaked in pre-cum and lube. Slowly, with eyes on the camera, he slides them down over his stockings, making a show out of taking them off without removing his heels.

“Damn… You really want me to take my favourite toy tonight, huh?” The wall of coins coming in sends his heart racing, but the endless stream of filthy comments being left is even more of an incentive to get things going.

He takes his time coating the toy in the lube, hand working up and down the shaft. It’s thick, long, and he can barely wrap his hand around it. The size and weight of it in his hand has him shifting his hips in anticipation, only glancing to the chat for a second before positioning himself over the head of the toy. He teases them, just enough, but he can’t help the excitement and sinks down onto the toy, uncaring of how lewd the moan falling from his mouth is. It doesn’t take much work for him to take the entire toy, used to the length filling him.

Still, he takes a moment to breathe. He parts his thighs to show the camera just how much that toy is filling him, tries to resist touching his cock for a moment. He can hear the music on his phone playing underneath his panting.

He doesn’t have to look at the chat to know what they’re saying. Momo always praises him for doing so well. Denki waits until he bottoms out to say something, dropping a tip without fail. It’s always the same people there, watching him fill himself up, leaving a wall’s worth of payments, telling him he’s been such a good boy that night. It’s satisfying.

Even more satisfying? Being given permission to move. It’s only a few more tips before he lifts himself up, revealing some of that smooth silicone, dropping back down when he craves the feeling of being full all over again.

It’s always a slow start, keeping his eyes on the camera, smiling while he reads the comments. He’s always sure to thank everyone watching and supporting him, basking in the praise he’s being given.

There’s never been fail in running his shows like this. He has his regular fans, the pleasure of his toys coursing through him, the comfort of his own room, his boyfriend watching, his favourite music playing. Every orgasm in front of the camera is satisfying, the pay is great, and he’s happy spending his time like this.

That routine is put on pause after that show.

He and Shouto already packed up for the night. He takes a quick shower, changes the sheets, and rolls into bed with his boyfriend. Shouto’s fast asleep the moment he wraps his arms around Izuku, but Izuku mindlessly scrolls through his phone until he’s tired enough himself.

There’s a new message, from one of his viewers. It’s nothing more than a link to a blog. They don’t send an explanation for it; merely the blog link for Izuku to click on.

The fact that it’s a porn blog doesn’t come as a shock to him. He’s been messaged other people’s profiles before. That’s not what gets to him.

For a moment, he feels his heart sink into his stomach. He recognises some of the people, but what catches his eye the most is the gif set of himself there, all the images from the show he finished that same night. When he clicks on the tag with his cam name, he’s taken to an entire page full of pictures, videos, posts, everything about him.

There has to be every single thing he’s ever done there. Each of the posts come with a timestamp from the night of that show or even from the date of the post, given that some of them are pictures taken from his camming Instagram. He also notices that… they all link back to his pages, actually. All of the posts go back to his own websites, and he’s almost grateful that they do. Looking at the amount of likes and comments on each post, he briefly wonders if some of his fans came to him because of that blog.

His eyes wander back to the name over at the top of the page. The blogger says his nickname is ‘Red Riot’. He’s some guy in his mid-twenties that doesn’t seem to live too far from Izuku, when he does some searching, but he’s sure they never ran into each other before.

It’s a little freaky, admittedly. How long had this guy been watching his streams? Did he drop coins without Izuku noticing, or did he keep silent all the time? Normally, he’d been perceptive of who his viewers were and what they liked. He would’ve had to been distracted every single time this Red Riot guy was in the chat, if he were even there at all.

Those few minutes of curiosity turn into an hour’s worth of searching before Izuku actually goes to bed.



Shouto’s in the kitchen when he wakes up the next morning. There’s no way he’s been up long, with the sound of the coffee pot going. He greets Izuku with a mumbled ‘good morning’ when he walks in, not moving from his spot against the counter.

“Can I… ask you something?” Shouto only replies with a hum. Izuku stands across from him, trying to take a breath.

He explains the entire scenario to his boyfriend, as he continues to make himself a cup of coffee. It’s clear that he’s listening, even if he’s busying himself with a task. Shouto never was a morning person until he had his cup of coffee. He takes a sip from the steaming mug, and Izuku finally finishes his long-winded explanation.

“What do I do, Shouto?” Izuku watches him take another sip of his coffee, add sugar, and stir, all without looking up to meet his eyes. He’s still leaned up against the counter, strands of hair sticking up from rolling out of bed.

“He wasn’t being creepy, was he?”

“No, not exactly… It was a fan blog. He seemed super excited and everything, going on about how ‘manly’ it is to put yourself out there like that.” He makes Izuku wait for another moment, standing and drinking long enough to at least swallow down half the mug of coffee in his hands.

“Then I think you should reach out to him. Show your appreciation if he’s not being weird about the whole thing. There’s no harm done in talking to someone.”

“Thank you, Shouto.” He drags his boyfriend into a hug, careful not to bump his cup of coffee, his heart settling comfortably in his chest when he feels an arm wrap back around him in return.

There weren’t enough words to describe how grateful he felt for his boyfriend. He knows most people wouldn’t have been okay with his decision to become a camboy. For the month he was contemplating it, he felt sick even thinking about bringing it up to Shouto. There was a chance he would be rejected, turned away, that their relationship would be over at that.

But no. Shouto shrugged. Gave him a kiss on the forehead and said that it would okay if he wanted to pursue that. He even offered to help out with some of the behind the scenes work, even if was opposed to being on camera himself. All he asked was for their sex life to stay off the internet.

The morning’s easier after Shouto finishes his coffee and Izuku eats breakfast. He doesn’t have a shift to work for the day, but Shouto’s off to do his own job. It leaves him alone with his thoughts for a few hours.

Izuku goes through his blog again. He searches through all the different people on there, how thoroughly tagged everything is, how often posts are made. It seems like the blog isn’t too old, but it’s been around long enough to have a fair amount of attention. Red himself makes a few posts about the shows he intends on watching, how he feels about a few of the guys he’s seen, thanking people for recommending new ones to watch. It’s a little surreal, still, for Izuku to see himself every few posts, but not on his own webpage. This Red guy doesn’t seem bad though.

He spends the next few days contemplating what to ask during the next show. Did he even want to ask? Maybe it would be a little weird to ask about one person in particular when he usually tried to pay attention to everyone in his audience. He can already hear the jokes the others would make about it.

Or, maybe, it would all be fine. He asked about all of his regulars anyway, so would it really make that much of a difference?

It’s not until the night of the show that he finally makes a decision.

He starts the night off asking if anyone knew about that blog, and the responses surprise him. At least ten of his regulars found him because of that, and a few people expressed their surprise that he didn’t already know about Red Riot’s blog. He briefly thinks about the fact that he’s most likely on the stream, watching him talk about his blog to all his viewers.

If he weren’t used to focusing on his own body, he knows the thought of this mysterious blogger would completely throw him off balance for the night. Yet, he continues fucking himself with one of his favourite vibrators, responding to the requests he’s given, paying full attention to the show.

In the back of his mind, though, he imagines Red watching. Did he watch every show of Izuku’s or just record them? Maybe he had another alias to send coins and messages? How did he feel about Izuku taking the pretty red vibrator for the night? He can’t help the curiosity in the back of his mind, repeating a few times over in his mind, eyes glued to the camera.

It’s exciting. He wants to know what this man sees, what he feels, how he gets off to the sight of Izuku laid out pretty on the bed. Does he call out his screen name when he orgasms on camera? Does he move his hands the way Deku does, wish he had the same toys?

He doesn’t expect to cum to the stream of his own questions, but, well. There’s a first for everything.

The smaller, easier to handle thoughts are still going through his head even after cleaning up. They’re there during his shower, while putting the sheets into the laundry basket, while laying back down on the bed with Shouto by his side. How long does it take to make all those gifs? How long has he been watching Izuku’s show?

“You looked distracted tonight, Izuku.”

“Huh?” He looks over at Shouto.

“I said you looked distracted. Something on your mind?” Shouto runs a hand through his hair, resting it against his cheek. Izuku exhales and places his hand over Shouto’s.

“Only a little. That one blogger I mentioned to you… Do you think he’s posting up pictures of tonight’s show right now? It’s weird knowing someone’s watching all of my shows that closely.” Shouto raises an eyebrow.

“Izuku, I bought a third of your toys. I’ve been here for every one of your shows.”

“Th-that’s not the point,” Izuku sighs, “You’re different. I’m dating you. I know you. It’s just that I never thought about what people might be doing during my shows.”

“Don’t overthink it. People enjoy what you’re doing, and so do you. That’s what matters most.”

He repeats those words to himself over the next few days, during work, while cleaning, while showering, while breathing. People enjoy what he does, and that’s all there is to it. He doesn’t need to think too much about it, no.

Yet, it’s still the same as the other night, with the amount of thoughts going through his head when it comes down to his show. He can’t help but wondering if Red’s on the other side of the screen, watching every one of Izuku’s moves, maybe pleasuring himself too. The feeling of so many people watching was always a driving force, but knowing so much more about that one person, knowing he was looking so closely, observing everything he did, saving it all for later- it’s what gets Izuku to break.

He doesn’t hesitate to message Red after the show is over, making sure to be thorough in his explanation of how he found the blog, why he’s messaging him, and adding his thanks for all the attention he gained from the blog too. He hadn’t even used his account on that website in years, but it still linked back to all his current pages.

Of course, he doesn’t expect a response back immediately. He doesn’t even want to see a reply in the first few minutes after sending the message. With that in mind, he turns off his phone for the night, replaces the sheets, gets a quick shower, and falls asleep with Shouto by his side like every other night after a show.



Izuku wakes up the next morning to a reply from Red, not long after turning on his phone. He doesn’t even want to read the message preview, that only making his heart run rampant with anxiety. It takes a solid minute for him to actually click and read the whole thing.

Oh my god, Deku?? I love your shows so much, I never thought you’d reach out to me haha. He adds on a few emojis, all wide smiles Izuku can feel through the screen. There’s another message shortly after it.

Man, so cool to see you appreciate everything I do here, but I have a question- ever think of doing a joint video with King? Like, you two would look hella good together. I can’t imagine the hell of a show you two would make. I could help coordinate it !!

Admittedly, the question throws him off a bit. He knew of ‘The King’, of course. It’s hard not to know of him when he’s easily one of the most popular on the site; even Izuku watched him on the nights he wasn’t doing his own shows. He exuded the vibe of an alpha male, all power and dominance and overwhelming strength in photos alone. From the few streams he watched, he even acted that way. Even though he was a bit too cocky to handle at times, he was good. It’d be a lie if Izuku said he hadn’t considered reaching out to him, especially considering his... size.

Going to talk to King seemed like a death wish though. Foul mouthed, rude, not exactly easy to approach. He wasn’t the friendliest cam star out there, for sure. He wasn’t known for being a ray of sunshine; people joined his stream for the aggressiveness. The one time he paid attention to the chat, it was all filled with people who wanted nothing but for Katsuki to take them. It was a completely different audience than his own, unsurprisingly.

He types a quick message back to Red, after considering it. A short explanation on the fact that, yeah, he would at least think about the idea of a joint show, especially if Red was somehow able to help coordinate a show and take some of that weight off his shoulders. He couldn’t guarantee that it would go through, but doing a show with King would be something out of a dream, to say the very least.

There’s a lot more to consider beyond just reaching out to King. Despite all the time he spent camming, he never really did do a joint show. Anything beyond masturbation was only for Shouto, after all. Besides, there was no one that really interested him like that. He stumbled upon pictures of guys that he found attractive, but his thoughts never went beyond that. It’s strange spending so much time thinking about someone other than Shouto.

He makes a point to sit down and talk with Shouto about the whole situation that night. It’s a huge question, something that hadn’t been addressed between them before. Sure, Shouto was more than fine with him camming, but meeting up with people was something else entirely. It involved being physical with people Shouto had never met. That wasn’t in their spoken agreement.

Even with his mind a little scrambled, he maps everything out for Shouto. Possible meeting times, what King is like, exactly how physical things could get in a cam show (though Shouto was well aware, monitoring Izuku’s shows every night he did them), and… the idea of being intimate with more than Shouto.

“Would you be… okay with that? I-I mean, you have all the right to say no to me. I would totally understand if you’re uncomfortable and don’t want me to-”

“Izuku,” Shouto rests a hand on his shoulder. The look in his eyes is enough for him to shut up. Firm, but caring, knowing that if he didn’t say anything, Izuku would keep speaking until he couldn’t breathe. It always got him to hear what Shouto had to say. “Do whatever you want to for your shows. Sex doesn’t equate to love, so if you’re telling me what’s going on… Go for it. It’s your job.  I’ll still be here for you.”

“I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. You… haven’t even met him.”

“I can go with you to meet him. It’s not that hard to work things out.” He ruffles Izuku’s hair with a light smile, leaning over to kiss his cheek. It calms him down enough, grounds him, makes him think a little more rationally about the whole situation.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring Shouto along to meet these guys. Not only would he be there for the moral support, but it’d make Izuku feel better knowing that they all knew each other before a potential show took place.

“I’m watching the show, though. If he hurts you, he’s getting his ass kicked. That King guy seems like an ass.” Izuku can’t help but laugh.

“He can’t be that bad in person. It’s probably just his persona. I’m not so,” Izuku makes a vague hand gesture, hoping it’s enough to fill the lack of words to describe himself, “in person myself.”

“Oh, good to know I’m not dating a size queen.”

“Shouto!” Izuku shoves his side, but he can’t hide his laughter. His deadpan humour is always appreciated. He’s able to relax with Shouto for the rest of the night, his mind at ease from the reassurance.

Izuku waits until the following morning to contact both Red and King.

He gets back to Red first. They exchange names and photos and details, and he seems like a nice enough guy. Eijirou lives two hours away and is more than willing to help him out in whatever way needed. When Izuku messages King, he doesn’t get a response immediately, but he’s patient enough to wait for one. They all had their own lives, and he wasn’t one to get back to all his own messages the second they were sent.

He’s shocked when he reads the message King sent him in response, a day later. He seems… nicer than expected. Maybe he wasn’t an asshole off camera. He introduced himself as Katsuki and gave all the information Izuku needed. Sure, it was with all the unneeded cursing, but it was a message, at least. It’s a bigger surprise when he finds out that Eijirou lives with him. Izuku would have to ask for more on that later, but they share an apartment. Eijirou had already talked to him about exchanging all of their info, and Katsuki makes sure to drive the point home that he’s a ‘scheming bastard’. If he is, he’s certainly one Izuku can appreciate.

They plan a time to meet up, after that. Izuku will drive up to a café close to where they live, and they’ll talk for a few hours there. It’s not for another week, when they’re all off of work (or out of class in Eijirou’s case), but the nervous energy at the thought is already rushing through him.

Shouto convinces him that it’ll be fine. He won’t be there for the occasion after all, but he said to call if anything happened. Even in the days leading up, he’s constantly reassuring him that it’ll be alright. It’s helpful knowing that he has someone who wants this all to work out aside from himself.

By the time the day actually comes, he feels alright. Still, he tries to focus on the music playing in his car on the way there and not the potential of what’ll happen. He won’t know if they’ll hit it off until he’s there, but that’s soon enough. There’s not a point to racing through each and every possible scenario when the reality is such a short time away.

The café isn’t hard to find. He finds a parking spot around the block and walks the rest of the way there.

Eijirou’s the first person that he spots, standing just outside the entrance. The red of his hair is even brighter in person, held back into a little ponytail, bangs in his face. The sun only seems to make it shine more.

“Izuku! It’s so great to meet you, man.” His smile is even more blinding than his hair. Izuku reminds himself to wear sunglasses the next time they meet up.

Eijirou drags him into a friendly hug while he’s fixated on that. He’s not much taller than Izuku, but the few inches of height difference is enough for him to notice in their hug. More importantly, his chest feels solid, and okay, cool, now he won’t be able to focus on whatever conversation they’re about to have.

“Katsuki’s going to be here soon. He wanted to park the car in a better spot, but he told me to go ahead and find you.”

“Ah, alright. Nice to meet you too, by the way.” They take their seats at a little table outside. It’s not too long after that Katsuki finds them, gesturing to come inside. He insists on paying for all of their drinks, and neither Izuku nor Eijirou fight him over it. They all get their own orders of coffee, then go back outside to sit at a table and talk with one another.

It’s nice out. The sun beats down warm and strong against them, but a light breeze keeps it from being too hot at the same time. Izuku feels like he can stay out here the entire afternoon; good weather, good coffee, and a couple guys willing to arrange a cam show with him. Perfect.

Before the silence can last for too long, Izuku brings up one of the questions that’s been sitting in the back of his mind since messaging them both.

“So… how did the whole blog thing work out when you live together?” Katsuki’s eyes widen. He whips his head around to Eijirou.

“I swear to fucking god if you-”

“This is one of my favourite stories, listen to this,” Eijirou leans closer, leaving Katsuki to pout next to him in silence. “Katsuki refused to tell me what he did most nights for all those hours. He already had a job, and he always told me when he was studying back when he took classes. He wasn’t bringing anyone home, so I kinda assumed he needed some time to himself to… you know. A lot of time, but like, I never bothered him or anything. But then, there was this one night, I was talking to my friend Denki, who’s super into watching cam shows, and-”

“Denki? Like, the one that watches everyone’s streams? You know him?” Izuku interrupts.

“Yeah, I do! I’ll tell you more about that another time, but he’s what got me to start my blog. So, it was Denki who sent me a bunch of pictures from Katsuki’s stream one night, without knowing we live together. It, uh, definitely caught me off guard. Sparing the details of everything I saw, it was kind of a lot to take in. Kinkier than I expected, if that’s possible. Katsuki was pissed that I brought it up out of nowhere, all red faced, spilling the cereal in the kitchen and everything.”

“Wouldn’t have been so mad if you weren’t so fuckin’ awkward about bringing it up to me the next day. You made it sound like you thought it was weird.” Surprisingly, Katsuki’s cheeks actually look a little bit pink.

“Hey! How was I supposed to say ‘bro, a friend sent me pictures of your dick last night, is that what you’re always doing? Good for you and your kinks!’?”

Izuku nearly chokes on his coffee. They continue with their banter while Izuku clutches his stomach, trying to remember how to breathe through his laughter.

The rest of the afternoon is easy from there on. There’s still the forced, business-like talk when it comes down to future shows a while in. Katsuki’s clean and tested himself just the previous month. Izuku’s clean himself, for certain, and Eijirou offhandedly comments about his own good records. From there, it’s preferences, profit, frequency, and other matters that Izuku has to pay decent attention to. Even while paying attention, Katsuki jumps from one subject to the next the moment Izuku acknowledges what he’s saying.

“We’ll split the profit 60/40, since it’s my shit being used. If we go to your place, the majority will be in your favour instead. Deal?”


“You can spend the day at my place. Bring clothes and whatever you need for the show that I don’t have. Feel free to shower there too." Katsuki, despite speaking so informally, is thorough about all of the arrangements. He’s clear about what he owns, what he’s willing to pay for if neither of them have it. All in all, it sounds like everything will work out well. They already have a date set.

With business talk over, they go back to getting to know each other. Most of it is stories about wild things that’ve happened while they were doing their shows, and what things they never thought they’d enjoy. It’s an easy way to get to know Katsuki, inside and outside of his sex life, and he manages to learn a lot about Eijirou that way too. Those hours spent at the café go by fast. Izuku’s driving back to his apartment sooner than he’d hoped.

When he gets home and sees Shouto, he’s still glowing from the afternoon spent there. Shouto’s happy to listen to him ramble on and on about what kind of people they are, how Katsuki compares to his persona, the fact that they’ve already arranged a time to try out their first show together.

He doesn’t say much, asking a question now and again, but the expression he wears is enough for Izuku to know that he’s just as happy as he is.



The nervous energy he feels the night of their joint show is somehow less than what he felt the day they met. Yeah, his heart is still racing. He’s also pretty sure it took four attempts to start up the car’s engine. Halfway through the drive, he pulled over to quadruple check that everything was in his bag. But hey, in the end, he made it all the way to their place, got out of the car, and knocked on the door all without having a heart attack.

Eijirou’s the one that greets him at the front door with a smile and lets him in. He shows him the different rooms, leaving him at the entrance to the bathroom while he goes to tell Katsuki about his arrival.

Izuku jumps in the shower the moment the door is closed. It’s a little anxiety inducing, making sure he’s cleaned himself up thoroughly, but he knows it’ll all be fine. Carefully, he dries off every inch of his body, taking out his bottle of lotion and making sure his skin is smooth. He changes into the lacy boyshorts he brought, folding and setting aside his other clothes to change back into later. He spends the time drying and styling his hair, too, even if it’ll probably end up ruffled up by the end of the night. Presentation is important. His fans always admired the extra bit of effort he put into his appearance for a show.

He makes his way to Katsuki’s bedroom a few minutes before it’s time. He and Eijirou are at work setting everything up, from the lighting to the position of the pillows. Clearly, presentation important to him too. Izuku’s instructed to stay in a chair off to the side, until Katsuki calls him over.

Being there to watch Katsuki start his show is surreal. He was already an alpha male to begin with, but the vibe increases tenfold the moment the camera is turned on. He lets his body take on a more relaxed pose, showing off the expanse of his muscles and hard lines of his body. He’s always started every show completely nude, not bothering with a strip tease unless someone specifically paid for one from him. He called it a waste of time to start off clothed if he’d end up the same way in the end. Even knowing this, it’s a lot to take in up close and personal. Izuku can’t ignore how it already has him turned on.

He watches and waits, letting him get everything going. He’s talking to the people he’s familiar with, reading through requests and denying them. Eijirou’s sitting off to the side with Izuku, just out of camera shot, watching it all happen too. It’s after a few more denials that he looks directly at Izuku with a lopsided grin that makes him melt.

“Nah, none of that shit, I have something special tonight. Deku, c’mere.” Izuku shakes off the nerves and makes his way over to the bed. Watching the chat go by so fast is… satisfying. There’s already a few people dropping coins just at the sight of him. He can’t help but laugh a little bit at all the reactions.

“Hi, everyone! Sorry I’m not on my own channel tonight, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity,” Katsuki leans over and presses a kiss to his cheek, winking at the camera. “We’re not dating or anything like that, but changing things up for both of our shows seemed like a good idea.”

Talking to the viewers about the night really doesn’t last long. Izuku only had time to notice a few of his own regulars, alongside people he’d never seen before. Before long, Katsuki’s making his demands, getting Izuku set the way he wants him to be. There really wasn’t much hesitation to get everything moving.

The lube and condoms are set on the bed, and the camera’s set at a good angle. Katsuki licks his lips, looks at him, and finally speaks up.

“I don’t feel like toys this time. All I’m doing tonight is fucking you until you can’t breathe.”

It’s a simple enough comment, but it takes his breath away. King was always crude and blunt on camera, but it’s strange hearing those comments directed towards him specifically. It sends heat rushing to his face and a deep pang of arousal right through his core.

All he can manage is a soft, shaky, “Yes, King.”

He’s pushed back into the bed with that confirmation. Katsuki’s leaning over him, an air of dominant male, aggression, power. Izuku can’t look away from him.

His wrists are pinned above his head with only one hand. Katsuki takes his time to run his hands along his body, stopping just short of the lace panties he’s wearing. He only lets go of his wrists to move further down. Izuku’s heart picks up its pace at the sight of Katsuki’s head between his thighs.

“No touching yourself tonight, Deku. Got it?” He nods in reply at first. “Say it.”

“Yes, King.” The command’s suddenly a little harder to follow when Katsuk bites down on his thigh hard enough to break the skin. He tries not to jolt up at the sensation, the burst of pain coming as a shock.

Watching Katsuki lick up his blood is a little surreal. His legs are pulled closer to Katsuki, and the lace is removed without an ounce of effort. Wearing nothing more than that seems like an even better choice than it did earlier. Katsuki is already opening the bottle of lube they set aside earlier, dragging him into a kiss. It’s nice and distracts him from the feeling of being stretched open by fingers that aren’t his own. The longer it goes on, though, the harder it is to keep himself composed, wanting nothing more than for Katsuki to fuck him already. Really, he does it to himself so often that he knows Katsuki is just making a point.

The loss of both his lips and his fingers is a bit much to bare, but the disappointment is immediately replaced by the fact that something better is coming. Momentarily, it crosses his mind that he’s never been happier to watch someone put a condom on already.

“Get on your hands and knees for me.” He wastes no time doing as Katsuki says. He’s looking directly at the camera, this way, ass up in the air and staring at everyone who’s watching them. It’s thrilling.

The only warning that he gets is his legs being shifted further apart before Katsuki’s pushing into him. He’s hot, heavy, and Izuku feels full. He curls his fists into the bedsheets and tries not to rut back into him before he can even bottom out. It’s pointless, when he knows Katsuki doesn’t want to waste time either.

His pace is brutal right from the start, not at all giving Izuku a chance to breathe. He knows exactly how much Izuku needs this.

He’s overly aware of Eijirou’s eyes on him the entire time. It’s different from the look Shouto gives him, full of adoration, knowing they have each other. Eijirou’s hungry, staring with nothing but lust. It’s almost overwhelming in the way that he gazes at both of them in between camera shots.

Izuku’s eyes close at a particularly hard thrust, his back arching and a strangled gasp leaving his mouth. The sound of coins being dropped in the chat rings in the background right after.

Fuck , like that. H-harder, King.”

“Little louder for us, Deku.” A firm slap to his ass follows the command.

“Harder, King!” The grip on his hips is strong enough to leave bruises later. Katsuki does as he pleaded, driving right into his prostate with every thrust.

He doesn’t have the mind to think about how loud he might be. All that’s on his mind is King, how good he’s fucking into him, the way his thighs are shaking with the exertion, the fact that he couldn’t hold himself up any longer and that his cheek is pressed against the bedsheets, body nearly bent in half just so can Katsuki can go deeper.

Katsuki’s moans are heavenly. The broken ‘Deku’ that leaves his lips is a sound he’ll have playing in his mind for years. It’s too much to have all at once, and the force of his sudden orgasm so intense he sees stars.

Their first show is a success.

Over the next few months, Eijirou became their ‘official’ coordinator and, admittedly, a really good friend to have around. He would wordlessly take his own exclusive pictures and short videos from the side lines, but he helped with starting, the clean up, uploading all the content, organising funds. He enjoyed every minute spent with Izuku and Katsuki, no matter what he was doing.

His company was always appreciated, and it didn’t take long for Izuku to consider him a close friend. They had some casual outings now and again, opportunities to get to know each other, talk outside of a bedroom setting.

Shouto started merging into their friend group after a while, happy to be around regardless of the topic of conversation. He and Katsuki didn’t get along in the beginning, but it wasn’t long before their petty arguments turned to friendly teasing.

It’s a good feeling to see his boyfriend getting along with not only his new colleagues, but his friends. That knowledge is relieving too, in a way. Any worries Izuku had about his work and his relationship disappeared in those weeks

Planning becomes easier when they’re always around each other, and he and Katsuki do five more joint shows in the next few months. Shouto stays in the room for the last one, half on his phone, half watching. Katsuki didn’t care, and Shouto didn’t mind being there, sitting next to Eijirou, so long as he didn’t have to be in the middle of it all. He was Izuku’s ride home for the night, but he didn’t want to stay alone in the living room through the duration of the show.

Shouto’s quiet until they’re actually in the car, on their way back to the apartment. The songs on the radio are nothing but background noise, a faint hum in Izuku’s mind. Tonight’s show was noticeably longer than the last few, but it was by far the most profit-earning. Shouto has something else in mind.

“It’s different being in the same room.” The comment is sudden. He doesn’t take his eyes off the road. Izuku looks over and doesn’t miss the shade of red that his face turns.

“But… did it bother you?”

“Not at all. It’s different, not bad.”

It brings him back to the first show he did, without any expensive toys or fancy lingerie yet. Only a few people watched, but it was enough to give him the first taste of the thrill. That feeling spread to Shouto, too, who suggested staying in the room for the show before knowing he would watch every evening. Really, it was a tiring night, but it was one that Izuku would never forget.

Not every night ended like that, of course. More often than not, Shouto would watch, then spend the rest of the night cuddled up in bed with him after everything was put away. He never did have much of a sex drive. But, on that one night, he made it clear just how much he loved Izuku.

No matter how many times they experienced ‘different’ things, that would never change.



It’s a week later that Katsuki suggests yet another show. Their most recent was their most successful, so a follow-up sounds like a good idea.

They plan that night like any other. Izuku goes over to Eijirou and Katsuki’s place, takes a shower, and joins in on cue. It’s simple. Shouto decided to stay home and watch from his own laptop.

The setup when he gets there is similar to the last times. Katsuki starts everything as normal, asking about people’s weeks, confirming and denying requests, and advertising some new videos he has. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. A few minutes in, Izuku joins him on the bed, greeting him with a chaste kiss and saying hello to everyone watching.Eijirou’s already on the sidelines, ready with his camera. All of it comes to him like second nature now.

Suddenly, that streamlined night seems to slow. It’s the way that Katsuki’s eyes linger on Eijirou for a little longer than usual. He’s thinking of something, but he doesn’t stop talking about what he’s going to do to Izuku. He looks back to Eijirou when he asks for the lube from the drawer, just barely in shot of the camera. Eijirou reaches and opens the drawer for Katsuki without a second thought. He stands up and tries to hand it over, simply enough.

Katsuki takes Eijirou’s arm before he can move out of shot or even hand the lube to him. Izuku watches the moment he pulls Eijirou down onto the bed, yanking his shirt up to get a look at his chest.

“Come on, thought I’d just let you be the errand boy again, Red?" Izuku looks back to the chat out of curiosity, and- they like it? Plenty of people are already leaving tips, asking for more of Eijirou. Izuku leaves Katsuki to do whatever he wants for a moment, reading out some of the responses to the two. He can see Eijirou’s face flush the same shade of red as his hair, and the effort he puts in to squirm away from Katsuki seems to diminish by the second.

“K-King, come on, lemme go back to-”

“Nuh-uh, I call the shots now. My channel, my show, my rules. You’ve been on the sidelines for too long. It’s time to do what I want,” Izuku doesn’t have time to protest before Katsuki is turning back to the camera, a shit eating grin blooming across his cheeks. “Okay, who wants to see the redhead lose the shirt completely?”

Unsurprisingly, when Izuku looks back at the chat, the viewers are all for it. Coins are being dropped left and right and… well. If Eijirou is down for it, why not?

“You heard ‘em! Let’s see those abs, beefcake.” Izuku stays out of it but watches the both of them anyway. Eijirou seems flustered, nervously twiddling the fabric of his shirt between his fingers.

“Maybe he needs some help… Hey, Deku, why don’t you show Red over here how to strip?” Izuku’s not going to say no to that. He might not be ready for the sudden command Katsuki gave him, but who wouldn’t want to put their hands all over Eijirou?

He takes the opportunity to walk over and play along with Katsuki’s nonsense. He runs his hands along the smooth muscle, barely constrained by the thin fabric covering his body. With how close they are, Izuku takes the chance to lean in close to whisper into his ear, making it look seductive on camera, at the very least.

“Are you sure you’re alright with this? Squeeze my hand if this is fine,” He feels a warm hand take his own and give a light squeeze. “Okay, good. Just relax for me, Red. I’ll make this good for you. All you have to do is tell us to stop, and we’ll be off of you.” With another squeeze of his hand, Izuku starts taking him apart piece by piece.

It’s no issue getting his shirt off, that’s for sure. But then? Izuku is left with a plane of muscle. He kisses, licks, kneads the muscle under his hands, working his way up until he can bring Eijirou into a kiss. Gently, he reaches his hand around and takes out the tie he kept his hair up with, giving his fingers a chance to run through the red locks.

For a moment, Izuku’s breath is taken away. His hair is long enough to fall over his shoulders and frame his face just right. It falls over his eyes too, and honestly, if Izuku wasn’t already certain that he was gay, Eijirou would sell him on guys for the rest of his life.

He leans in and curls his arms around Eijirou’s neck, kissing him in a way that has Katsuki whistling from his place on the bed. Izuku is absolutely entranced, his heart pounding harder when he feels strong arms wrap around his back. Heated, passionate- he’s momentarily unsure of whether or not he can breathe anymore. He can’t hide his look of disappointment when he has to pull away to take a deep breath, suddenly realising how impulsive the decision to kiss him was.

“Shit, uhm, sorry.”

“No, no, don’t be. I mean… We’re supposed to be putting on a show, so...” The moment of silence is broken by a raspy sounding Katsuki speaking up.

“Oh, what the fuck, this is my channel. I should be in this.” Izuku turns and looks over at him. He adjusts the angle of the camera a little bit, gesturing for them to both move back further on the bed. He climbs on and moves close to Eijirou, pulling him up and bringing him into a kiss without a word.

None of this was according to plan, but he doesn’t have a single complaint. Eijirou’s into it, Katsuki’s having fun, Izuku gets to try something new, and all the viewers are on board with it too.

He pulls Eijirou back towards him a moment later and takes a second to appreciate the dazed look in his eyes. Katsuki looks annoyed by the move.

“You have to tell us what you want, Red.” Izuku runs his fingers under his chin, watching his face turn an even brighter shade of red. It’s cute how flustered he gets.

“I… can it be anything?”

“No shit it can be anything.” Katsuki sounds a bit impatient, but Izuku’s not sure whether it’s because of himself or Eijirou anymore.

“You know enough about both of us. It’s okay to ask for what you want.” Eijirou licks his lips at Izuku’s words, looking between the two of them.

“Let me strip the rest of the way first.” Izuku nods and gives him a bit of space. Katsuki folds his arms over his chest and waits.

Eijirou checks to see that he’s in good view of the camera before pulling at the loose joggers he’s wearing, tugging them past his thighs, off his ankles. He’s good at taking his time, working his angles. It shows in the way that he carries himself, but more importantly, with the reactions from everyone watching. All those months of taking photos paid off well.

All that’s left to come off is the boxer briefs he’s wearing. It’s another slow reveal, no surprise. He shows off nice hip bones, a trail of dark hair, and when he pulls them the rest of the way down-

“Oh, holy shit.” Izuku doesn’t bother hiding his surprise, a spike of arousal hitting him hard and fast. If he thought Katsuki was impressive, well.

“Um, Deku?” Eijirou asks.

“S-sorry! I…” Words dry right up in his mouth. He can’t keep his gaze up at Eijirou’s eyes before they wander back down, openly staring at the length between his thighs. He can’t bring himself to be embarrassed about gaping. The chiming of coins doesn’t seem to matter much anymore. “Oh hell, please let me ride you.”

The colour that Eijirou’s face flushes is something he’d never be able to forget. He doesn’t dare look at the chat behind them, far more focused on taking Eijirou’s cock as fast as humanly possible.

“But uh, what you want to do, first?”

“Hold up,” Katsuki interrupts, “lemme read some of these requests, then listen to whatever Red was gonna say earlier. Deku, you’re not allowed to touch your cock tonight. I only have a plug for you to use until Red’s ready. It’s in the bottom drawer.”

He takes that as his cue to get off the bed. It doesn’t take long to find the toy he’s talking about. He pulls out the lube Eijirou meant to bring earlier, along with some condoms. He tosses them all onto the bed and climbs back on himself after.

Katsuki busies himself with Eijirou while Izuku works himself open. He watches Katsuki leave a trail of bite marks along his neck and shoulders, reading some of the viewers’ suggestions aloud while moving from place to place. Eijirou seems out of it, slowly nodding in reply.

It’s almost disappointing pushing the little plug inside of himself instead of having one of the two people right in front of him. He tries to distract himself from the desperation, moving closer to Eijirou.

“So, Red, is there anything specific you want?” Izuku waits for a reply. He averts his gaze, then says it all in a near-whisper.

“As long as I have both of you at some point, I’m happy.” Katsuki pulls him back in for another kiss, tangling one hand into his hair and tugging at it. Eijirou lets out a surprised moan, dragging him further in. He’s back to being distracted.

Izuku lays on his stomach, taking Eijirou’s cock in hand. It’s clear he doesn’t expect it from the way he jolts in Katsuki’s arms, trying to close his legs up. He’s fun to tease. Katsuki tries his best to act nothing but dominant on camera, and it doesn’t leave much room for Izuku to mess around. Eijirou’s different, unexpected in all sorts of ways. He can wrap his lips around his cock and learn that he tangles his hand into Izuku’s hair much gentler than Katsuki does.

With a soft, pleased gasp from Eijirou, Katsuki’s back to marking his neck. It’s an opportunity to ask more questions. He pulls his mouth away from Eijirou’s cock before he’s back to being non-verbal.

“Is there anything you’re uncomfortable with?” Izuku asks. Eijirou blinks a few times before answering.

“No, uh, not really. As long as you tell me what’s happening, I’m okay.”


“I’m tying you up. Arms behind your back, blindfolded. Sit up straight, Red. You grab the shit I need, Deku.” King wasn’t the kind to ask questions. Katsuki had the decency to half the time, but ‘King’ didn’t bother with it when what mattered was getting what he wanted. Without a word, Izuku pulls away from his spot in between Eijirou’s legs and finds everything that was asked of him.

Eijirou obeys his command without being told twice. He’s sitting in front of Katsuki with his back straight, flushed and ready for more. Izuku hands over the blindfold and rope, and Katsuki gets to work without any hesitation. Eijirou’s wrists and part of his forearms are tied behind his back, not with the most intricate ropework but enough to keep him comfortably restrained. He lets out a huff of air when the blindfold is tied behind his head. His cheeks are ruddy, colour not completely hidden by the cloth. Izuku leans forward and rests a hand on his cheek, thumb brushing over the edge of the fabric.

“Are you ready?”

“Y-yeah, I am.” It’s a relief being able to take the little plug out of his ass, setting it aside. The anticipation almost makes it hard to focus, but Izuku slides the condom onto Eijirou’s cock, finding the lube and slicking him as much as he needs. Slowly, he climbs over him and sinks his hips down onto his cock, steadying himself with one hand

He can barely take a breath in, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes. His hands are splayed out on Eijirou’s chest in an attempt to hold himself together when he takes him in completely. When Eijirou asks if he’s okay, he’s almost unsure of whether or not he can formulate a response beyond a few broke syllables. He’s thick, hot, filling him up in a way that none of his toys were ever able to accomplish. It’s nothing he can’t handle though.

It goes beyond just him and Eijirou; Katsuki’s eyes are on him, Shouto’s watching from a city away, and every person logged into the stream is focused on them. Everyone can see each roll of his hips, hear the breathy little moans he’s getting Eijirou to make. God, he hopes it’s a moment none of them forget.

Katsuki props Eijirou up on his elbows, pulling him into a kiss and giving attention to his own cock. The sight of Katsuki, unable to restrain himself, is somehow able to arouse Izuku even more. It’s with visible hesitation that he breaks away from their kiss, shakily putting both hands on the bed and looking back over to the chat. He spends only a few moments reading the chat when his eyes widen.

“Deku, stop ridin’ him for a minute and read this.”

Izuku listens to him and stops. He takes a few deep breaths, trying to keep himself together while sitting on Eijirou’s cock. It’s a struggle finding the willpower to stop moving and look over to the chat. He doesn’t even know which one Katsuki’s referring to.

“King? Which part were you talking about?” Katsuki glances between him and Eijirou, then moves over to Izuku. He rests a hand on his shoulder and whispers the plan into his ear.

It’s a miracle that Izuku’s kept himself from coming the entire night. A real, honest to god miracle.

He runs his hand along Eijirou’s chest, appreciating the body below him. He doesn’t stop the motion while speaking up.

“It might be a bit uncomfortable, but do you mind laying against your arms?”

“No, uhm, that’s fine.” Eijirou leans back and gets comfortable on the bed. Izuku takes a deep breath, licking his lips before asking the next question.

“And… do you mind taking King too?” It’s beautiful watching the way Eijirou struggles against his own bindings, biting down on his lower lip.

“N-no, please, I want to.” Izuku looks back up to Katsuki. He’s satisfied, clearly, but seems a bit shocked too.

“Tilt your head back, Red,” Eijirou does exactly as he’s told. “So obedient for me.” His lips wrap around Katsuki’s cock, slowly taking him in bit by bit. The view is incredible, even more than the fact that he’s able to take Katsuki so well. He swallows him down without any effort, not even struggling while doing so.

Izuku waits to move again, giving them time to adjust. There’s not a way for him to say to stop, but he’s not showing any signs of discomfort either. He’s willing to do a lot for them both.

Katsuki’s the one who gives him the signal to go on. He’s slow to get going, at first, not wanting to overwhelm Eijirou with Katsuki’s movements too. For once, it’s almost torture trying to ease his pace and feel every bit of the stretch, but then, he takes another look at Eijirou.

There’s no struggle there. He’s willing and pliant, hands bound behind him, sucking Katsuki’s cock. Eijirou’s gorgeous like this, filling Izuku up, pleasing them both so effortlessly.

“So, so good for us, Red…” Eijirou ruts up into him, a muffled moan leaving his mouth. Katsuki curses under his breath, his pace faltering. He’s trembling under Izuku’s hands, trying to thrust into him without moving too much for Katsuki.

Izuku lets his voice be heard, no longer trying to move at an easy pace anymore. He holds onto Eijirou’s hips and bounces on his cock just the way he wants. Katsuki’s praising them both for working doing so well, but it’s the soft, constant ringing of coins from the audience that gets to him the most.

“You’re going to let me come in your mouth, right, Red?” Katsuki pulls out of his mouth, the sound of Eijirou’s panting immediately filling the room.

“P-please, King.” It’s only a few strokes of Katsuki’s hand before he’s coming, into his mouth and onto the blindfold, one hand resting on his cheek. Eijirou licks his lips and swallows, showing them both a satisfied grin.

Izuku doesn’t last long after that. Any of that restraint he had is gone, white hot lust clouding over any other senses. He can feel Eijirou come after him, screaming a slurred version of his and Katsuki’s names.

He memorises the sight beneath him when he can focus again. There’s cum soaking Eijirou’s chest, the blindfold splattered with Katsuki’s. He looks perfectly ruined, trying to catch his breath, flushed and worn out in the afterglow.

It takes him a moment to get off of Eijirou, but once he manages that much, he moves closer to take off Eijirou’s blindfold. His eyes are unfocused and glazed over, barely able to watch Izuku. Izuku helps him sit up and unties the rope around his arms next, making sure it didn’t injure him. The first thing Eijirou does is move an arm over his face to cover his blush.

“You did great, Red.” Izuku leans in and presses a soft kiss on the back of his hand.



Izuku is the first one to say good night to all of the viewers, and Katsuki takes the steps needed to actually shut off the camera and end the livestream. Izuku’s already gotten to work on discarding the used condom and putting everything else back into its place. Eijirou hasn’t moved from the bed.

“Eijirou? Are you okay?”

“‘m fuckin’ fantastic, oh my God. Pretty sure I came so hard my soul left my body, shit.” His arm hadn’t left its place from over his eyes, but Izuku can still see the tired, satisfied grin on his face and the redness spreading back across his cheeks.

“Get up, man. We’re not sleeping in all this filth. Bathroom’s across the hall, go take a piss and clean up a bit. You too, Izuku.” It’s said with some level of fondness, but he doesn’t miss the tiredness in Katsuki’s voice either.

“I’m spending the night here?”

“Where the fuck else would you spend it?”

“Back home…?”

“No. There’s no way in hell I’m letting you drive all the way back home. You’ll drop dead from exhaustion before then. I can talk to Shouto myself if he has an issue with me trying to keep you from getting killed.”

“O-oh, no, that’s not necessary, I’ll text him. Come on, Eijirou.” Izuku offers his hand out, and Eijirou lazily takes it, pulling himself up from the bed.

There’s no point in giving each other the privacy of having the bathroom alone, all things considered. They go through the motions in silence, but it’s surprisingly comfortable.

Izuku can’t ignore the shades of red and purple blooming across Eijirou’s skin. Those wouldn’t be fading any time soon. He sees the marks of his nails where they pressed Eijirou’s hips and the teeth marks Katsuki left down his neck and across his shoulders. It adds to the fucked out look he has going for him.

They make their way back to the bedroom, where Katsuki’s mostly finished with putting on all of the new, clean bedsheets. Eijirou shifts from foot to foot, staring at the bed.

“Is this bed even big enough for all of us?”

“Was it big enough for Izuku to ride you on and for you to suck my dick?” Izuku flushes at the vulgar comment, but Eijirou doesn’t even flinch. It must be a benefit of living with Katsuki. He doesn’t bother with a response.

Katsuki’s the first one to flop back onto the bed, followed by Eijirou, leaving Izuku to find a good spot on the bed next to both of them. Eijirou pats the pillow on his left side, and he curls up right there.

Even if it’s a bit cramped, it’s warm with them both in the bed. He’s comfortable pressed up against the side of Eijirou’s chest, blanket covering his legs. Quietly, he reaches over and grabs his phone from the bedside table, sending a text to Shouto about staying there for the night. His phone vibrates in his hands with a response less than a minute after.

Really, he loves Shouto. Eijirou and Katsuki are great friends, but nothing feels better than the unconditional support he gets from him. In his most tired, vulnerable state, that’s all he can think of.

His phone buzzes one more time that night. He’s almost asleep, phone starting to slip out of his hands, but the last thing he reads from Shouto rings clear as day in his mind.

I think I might have to try this camming thing too sometime.