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“Benjamin, please. This path that you are on.. It only leads to suffering. These people here, they have nothing to do with your quarrel with me. She, has nothing to do with it. If you want to kill me, just do it now. I’ll give you the bloody sword.” Killian pleaded with his son.
Ben laughed.
“Thats, precious really but you see, She, makes you happy. So she has everything to do with this as you called it, quarrel. I want to destroy you like you destroyed my mother and then, and only then will I possibly give you mercy and kill you. I might just let you live alone, and hurting for the rest of your days begging for the mercy that she once begged you for.” Ben snarled.
“I’ll be seeing you. Give Jordy my best, I’m sure our paths will cross soon enough.” He grinned before walking away.

Killian was making a dead run for the library hoping like hell Jordan would be there and that this wasn’t just a cruel joke his son had set up. Would she be alive when he found her? Would there be anything left of her? He dialed her phone for the fourth time and she still wasn’t answering it.

When he finally reached the clock tower there was no sign of her outside of the library doors. He yanked the door open and walked inside.
“Jordy?” He asked looking around there were only two other people in here that he could see. “Jordan!” He shouted.
Belle approached him with her hands on her hips.
“You can’t just come in here shouting, Hook.”
“I bloody can, and I will. Where is Jordan? Have you seen her?” Killian asked.
Belle pointed to a series of shelves in the back of the library were Jordan was standing with her headphones on listening to her music with her back turned. Killian hated those damn things. She’d put them on whenever they would have a spat when she wanted to give him the silent treatment, which he also hated. Killian walked over to the shelves in the back of the library and linked his hook around Jordan’s upper arm pulling her further out of view before pulling the headphones off her ears and tossing them aside.
“Answer your bloody phone woman!” He hissed at her.
“Killian! What the fu-” Jordan started but Killian cut her off pulling her to him and crashing his lips into hers as if he’d never kiss her again backing her into the corner of the library
She pulled away from the kiss.
“I can’t tell if you are mad at me, or if you just missed me.” She said breathlessly and those were the two best kinds of kisses in her opinion.
“Both.” He muttered kissing down her neck.
“Why are you mad at me? You told me to meet you at the library instead and you are the one who is late.” She hissed as he bit possessively into the favorite spot on her neck and at that moment she didn’t give a damn what he was mad about anymore.
“You know what that does to me..” She breathed.
“Mmm.” Killian growled and put his hook through the metal ring in her choker pulling her closer to him, which he also knew drove her crazy. He looked her in the eyes and she knew at that moment she wasn’t dealing with Killian Jones, she was dealing with Captain Hook. Her Captain.  and Gods be damned if she didn’t love it when he got this way. She loved all aspects of him, she loved his light side, and his dark side, sometimes provoking the darker side of him was fun. No one ever said Jordan was completely sane.
“I know, precisely what it does to you love.” He whispered and quirked an eyebrow at her. “Be a good lass, and stay quiet.”
Jordan’s eyes widened but Killian could still see that spark of mischief. His Jordan was always one for pushing the limits.
“Killian.. We..we’re in the library.”
“I don’t give a bloody damn where we are. I want you and I want you now.” Killian purred in her ear and nipped at her earlobe.
Jordan was just glad she had made the split second decision to wear a skirt today.
“What if someone sees?” Jordan asked but continued to lift her skirt a bit and slip her panties off stepping out of them.
“Then I imagine they will be in for quite a show.” Killian smirked and took the panties and shoved them in his jacket pocket. Jordan made quick work of his belt buckle and the zipper on his pants pushing them down just enough.
“What’s got you so riled up anyways?” She asked as he closed the space between them pinning her to the wall. She hooked her legs around his hips.
“I don’t ask much. Just that when, I call you..” He said and thrust his hips forward. Jordan bit her lip to keep a moan from escaping.
“Four. Bloody. Times.” He grunted punctuating each word with a thrust that had her seeing stars already.
“You answer the damn phone!” He hissed at her.
“I’m sorry, I was listening to my music I didn’t hear my phone. Y-ou shouldn’t have be-Ah! Been late!”
“If you would have answered your phone, you would have. known why. I was. late.” Killian argued breathlessly and quickly clasped a hand over Jordans mouth to muffle the moan that she couldn’t catch in time. He felt her walls clench around him. He leaned in and bit her shoulder to muffle his own moans as they finished together.
Killian brought his head up and rested his sweaty forehead on hers smiling at her.
“You alright?” He asked.
“Yeah. pleasantly numb actually.” She breathed and smiled at him before pecking him on the lips. “I’m sorry if I worried you Killian.”
“It's alright love, just..can’t be too careless, I do have a lot of enemies.” He chuckled. “And they know the only way to get to me is to hurt you and if anyone hurt you, I don’t know what I’d do.”
“No one is going to hurt me Killian.” Jordan reassured him. “Now, come on. I’m hungry and you promised me a cheeseburger.”
Killian smirked and pulled away from her fixing his pants.
“As you wish my love.”
Jordan held her hand out.
“What?” Killian asked.
“My panties.” Jordan said.
“Oh.. no no, I’m keeping them.” Killian grinned and bent down and picked up her headphones handing them to her and leaning in.
“Incase you can’t behave yourself at dinner love.”
Jordan raised a challenging eyebrow at him. In that case, she would most definitely not be behaving herself at dinner.


Jordan could tell that something was bothering Killian, he was constantly looking over his shoulder, and Killian was never really afraid of anything so seeing him this way bothered her too. She reached out and put her hand over his. He turned his head back to her and smiled.
“What is it love?” He asked.
“You tell me.” Jordan replied.
“Jordy, it's nothing.” Killian assured her.
“Then why do you keep looking over your shoulder like the bloody boogeyman is behind you?” She asked.
“I’m telling you love, it’s nothing just eat your food so we can finish date night on the ship.” He winked.
“As thrilled as I am for round two, Killian I am worried about you.” Jordan frowned.
“You have nothing to be worried about.” Killian smiled and squeezed her hand.
“If you insist.” Jordan narrowed her eyes skeptically at him. The bell on the door jingled and Killian’s head whipped around again.
“Relax it's just the savior.” Jordan snorted. Killian looked back at Jordan who had a displeased look on her face.
“Love, you have me. She does not.”
“I know.. I just wish she’d..leave.” Jordan mumbled and locked eyes with Emma who looked up at her and glared. Killian noticed the instant spark in Jordy’s eyes and knew things were about to get interesting. Jordan pushed her plate of food over across the table and stood up and strolled to to Killian’s side, and instead of just sitting in the booth next to him, she sat on his lap and brought a trail of kisses up to his ear.
“Love if you keep up what you are doing we aren’t going to make it back to the ship.” Killian murmured.
Jordan nipped his earlobe and tugged it with her teeth.
“Then she can watch you do all the things, she never let you do to her, to me.” Jordan purred.
“You bloody insatiable little siren.”  Killian growled into her neck.
Jordan smirked at him and brought her lips to his. He tangled his fingers in the dark brown hair on the back of her head attacking her lips with his.
Emma walked to the table and cleared her throat.
“A little busy, Swan.” Killian said as he pulled his lips away from Jordan, who pouted at him.
“This is a family oriented establishment Hook, there are children here. Including my son. You remember Henry?” Emma asked crossing her arms. Jordan turned her head glaring at Emma.
“Are you trying to guilt him?” She asked.
“Jordy..” Killian said in a low warning tone.
“No, what I am trying to say that is if you two want to throw yourselves at each other to do it somewhere else.” Emma said and rolled her eyes.
Jordan frowned.
“Were you not enjoying the show, Swan?” She asked.
“No, I wasn’t and neither was anyone else.” Emma spat.
“Maybe you could learn a few things.” Jordan smiled.
“What could I possibly learn from you Jordan?” Emma asked. Jordan looked down at the sparks coming out of Emma’s twitching fingers.
“Jordy, enough.” Killian whispered. But Jordan pressed on.
“Well, for starters you could learn how to keep a man, so they don’t run off and find someone else more equipped to handle them.” Jordan grinned watching Emma’s eyes darken. Emma clenched her fist and Jordan started to wheeze, and gasp trying to breathe as her airways were constricted by an invisible force.  
“Swan!” Killian hissed. “Stop!”
Emma blinked and looked down at her hand and opened it instantly. Jordan gasped and choked for a minute before laughing.
“So, the perfect little savior isn’t so perfect.” she wheezed. Killian shifted moving Jordan off his lap.
“We are leaving.” He said glaring at Emma.
“Jordan, I didn’t me-”
“Save it Swan.” Killian spat and then looked down at Jordan
“You. come on.” He said slipping into the Captain voice, that she normally loved but she could tell this time he was actually upset. Jordan stood from the booth giving Emma one last glare before sliding out and letting Killian out. Jordan went to say one more thing to Emma but Killian took her hand pulling her along with him outside.
“I was just going to tell her to have a good evening.” Jordan insisted, but Killian knew better. He glanced at her with a skeptical look in his eyes and a raised eyebrow.
“Well..maybe with a few added and there.” Jordan mumbled. “Besides that was fun.” Jordan grinned
“Fun?” Killian scoffed. “I don’t believe watching Emma use her magic to choke the life out of you is fun.” He grumbled.
“Are you really mad?” Jordan asked. “I’m fine.”
“Yes, Jordan. I am mad because for a split second, you weren’t!” Killian shouted at her. She didn’t flinch. She just stood there and crossed her arms.
“Are you quite done?” She asked.
“No, maybe.. I don’t know!” Killian grumbled and started walking ahead of her. He loved her, all of her even the insane bits that liked to tug out his dark side, he even loved how possesive she was back at the diner, but he knew that an angry Swan could actually hurt her which is why he had told her to stop but Jordan was not one for following instructions unless she wanted to.  Jordan sighed and hurried after him.
“Stop walking so bloody fast!” She whined.
Killian kept walking.
“Killian!” She grumbled in frustration.
Killian stopped and turned around.
“We don’t like it, when others can’t follow orders now do we love?” He asked.
“Okay! I’m sorry. I was just poking fun at the savior. I didn’t mean to actually upset you.” She frowned. “Forgive me?” She asked and batted her eyelashes at him sticking out her bottom lip
“Oh C’mere you..” Killian sighed and wrapped his arm around Jordan’s shoulders pulling her close.
“Aww yay.” Jordan grinned.
“How is one supposed to stay mad at you when you look at them like that?” Killian asked.
“Beats me.” Jordan winked. “So what is left of date night? I still think you need to put a tv on the ship.”
“I am not putting a tv on my ship.” Killian chuckled. “And I don’t know, that little stunt, makes twice today that you have made me fear for your life. Bad form lass.” Killian chastised her.
“How the devil was I supposed to know she’d go psycho Swan? And we already.. Went over me not answering my phone.” Jordan smiled with a small blush spreading across her face at the memory of their time in the library this afternoon.
“You know bloody well, what you were doing Jordy. Lying to the Captain. Also bad form.” Killian said.
“But.. you know I always make it up to you, Captain.” Jordan purred and reached over cupping the bulge in his pants as they walked.
“You, are just a naughty little thing this evening.” Killian growled. “What am I going to do with you?” He asked stopping and tilting her chin so she was looking at him. Her orange eyes were darkened with lust and she licked her bottom lip.
Whatever you wish.” She whispered.
“Now that, my love. Is Good form.” Killian grinned


Killian and Jordan laid in tangled, sweaty heap on his bed.
“Bloody..Hell..” Jordan panted and pushed her sweaty matted bangs off her forehead.
“What are you so sweaty for, I did all the work.” Killian smirked.
“Well, for starters, it's  hot in here, and you don’t have air conditioning and  I would have done some of it, but someone likes to be in command in bed.” Jordan said and arched a brow at him.
“Well, it is my ship, and I am the Captain.” Killian shrugged. “And you did specifically say, I could do whatever I wished.” He winked.
“I did say that, didn’t I.” Jordan grinned and kissed his chest. “Mmm.. Jonesy? ” She said and walked her fingers up his arm.
Killian gave her an unamused look. One he hated that nickname, and two she only usually said it when she was about to ask him to do something he didn’t want to do.
“What?” He asked.
“I’m hungry.” She replied.
“Well, than someone should have ate their dinner instead of acting like a Harlot in the middle of Granny’s and agitating Swan.” Killian mocked.
“You love it when I act like a Harlot.” Jordan propped herself up on her elbows. Killian chuckled. Jordan was perhaps the only woman at this time that would not be offended by being called a Harlot.
“This is true.” Killian smirked and then sighed when she snuggled into him.
“Please darling?” She asked.
“You’re honestly going to make me get up, and go out to acquire you a cheeseburger?” Killian asked.
“Aye.” She winked and kissed down his treasure trail. “If, you do well on your quest for said cheeseburger, no pickles, mustard, no mayo by the way..” She trailed off as she kissed along his pelvic bone making him tense.
“You will be greatly rewarded, my Captain.”
“You bloody tease.” Killian hissed threading his fingers through her hair. “Fine, fine. I will go, same rules as always.”
“Yes, yes.. Lock the Cabin door answer for no one except you. Honestly Killian, its Storybrooke, nothing is going to happen.” Jordan sighed as Killian rolled off the bed and slipped his pants on.
“Its, Storybrooke, something is Always happening love.” Killian corrected her.
“Okay, I will lock the door. Bring me a milkshake too extra whipped cream.” She winked. Killian pulled his teeshirt on.
“Do try to behave yourself while I am gone.” He insisted as he sat down putting his boots on and lacing them.
“I will.” Jordan smiled and strolled over and kissed him. “Be careful out there. Watch for the boogeyman.” She smirked.
“Mocking the Captain. Bad form. You are testy tonight.” said with a raised eyebrow.
“And I’m sure you’ll find a way to make me pay for it, go! Before Granny’s closes!” Jordan whined.
“Alright, I am going.” Killian sighed and left the Cabin.

It was a clear night, and although Killian liked it when she stayed in the Cabin at night when she was alone on the ship, Jordan liked to look at the stars. She had her light hooded jacket on with the hood pulled up to keep her hair from blowing all over the place.  She heard the boards on the deck creak and she spun around.
“Killian I was just out for a se-” She started to explain but there was no one there.
“Gods Jordan..” She sighed “You’ve gone and gotten yourself spooked now.” She turned back around and was tackled to the deck by a hooded man with a bandana over his mouth. He pinned her to the deck by her wrists but Jordan was not one to give up easily. She lifted her feet and kicked as hard as she could making the man release her. She jumped to her feet and stood with her fists raised as the man came at her with a dagger. She blocked his slashes, and cried out as she missed one and the dagger sliced into her cheek.
“That bloody hurt!” She growled and lunged forward The man and grabbed the back of his hood He grabbed the back of hers and they both yanked their hoods down at the same time. Jordan looked at the mop of dark hair on the top of the man's head and looked into his crystal blue eyes that were now widened.
“Wait.. a bloody minute..” she mumbled but he pulled the bandana down around his neck. Jordan gasped.

((This is just a basic collage of Jordan's look if anyone was curious :P))