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The true story reprise

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Hello, this is my first fanfic on this account, I had to take down my old account for personal reasons, but I had made fanfics before, granted not good ones, but I think my English has improved. The first three chapters will really close to my other fanfic by the same name, I only wrote six chapters, therefore, the first chapter would have the context of two chapters in them so the first chapters will be twice as long as my other chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, these characters all belong to Rick Riordan. Please enjoy.

Third person POV


September first, the first day of school. And all around mean girl Andrew Tanaka was still on her bed snoring away blissfully unaware that school would start in only an hour, her hair was a rats nest and drooled covered her face. She was supposed to wake up five hours ago to put on her makeup, pick the most fashionably late clothes, and don't me started on her hair. But the young demigoddesses alarm was unplugged, she would have been there all night if it wasn't for a maid who was passing by and saw her still asleep.

"My lady, are you aware that school starts in an hour", She said while shaking her.

"What", Drew yelled, she looked at the clock, holy crap if she didn't hurry she as gonna be late. Not to mention that it took at least half an hour to get to the school, so Drew only had thirty minutes. Drew jumped out of her bed, took a ten minute shower, instead of an hour-long one, she wore a black tank top and an old camp shirts, that was too small to fit her, and if it wasn't for the tank top her whole stomach would be showing, for the pants she had decided on ripped black jeans -cause ripped jeans are always in style- along with a hot pink cashmere sweater which she stuffed in her bag, which thankfully had all her supplies and a fully charged phone. For makeup she only had time to apply a layer of lip gloss before running from her room, putting her pink sneakers on and out to wait for the limo. When she got in the limo she decided to put her waist long her hair in a high ponytail. She sighed in relief after finding out that she only took twenty minutes, she still had time. The limo turned on and the next thing she knew she in the front of Brooklyn Academy for the gifted. Rushing out of the limo she hid in the parking lot praying to the gods that no one would see her. Then she heard a growl, turned around and screamed.

Sadie's morning was going quite nice that is until she realized that it was the bloody first day of school, not to mention her brother would be joining her. Well at least Walt would be there she thought as the three walked to the school on the warm fall while Carter and walk rambled about some useless sport. Everything was going fine until a loud shriek rang in the air. Carter and Walt stopped talking and Carter looked at Sadie. "What was that".

"Let's find out," Sadie said running after the noise, Walt and Carter followed afterward.

Drew looked at the animal or thing next to her. It didn't look anything like the other greek monsters she had fought, she was sure that it wasn't a greek monster at all. It has long ears the shaped like that of a doney's, but the face of a jackal, the body also resembled a jackal but much more muscular though still unnaturally lean and lined with dark black fur, it was the size of a horse with legs as long as it's body the tail an eyes where what I'm sure made it a monster, the tails end was shaped like a devils pitchfork. But it's eyes it looked like they were just about ready to pop out, they were a bright yellow and if had a look like -I gonna kill you-. Drew circled the animal daring it to pounce, she was not gonna lie, she was a bit shaken but she was not going to die today.

"I spent most of my life killing things like you" Drew spat at the creature. It growled in response, then pounced in her direction. Drew dodged, she grabbed a dagger from her backpack then threw it on the ground. Swiftly moving them to the back of the monster Drew tried to strike it in its hind legs but failed, the creature was just to fast, way to fast for Drew's taste. Drew kicked the monster, it only stumbled back in surprise but that gave Drew a few second of another attack, This time she stabbed the monster and dragged the dagger down, its blood sprayed on her shirt, great how was she supposed to explain that one to her teacher. Drew went towards the neck hoping to take the thing out for good, unfortunately, the monster regained it's composter and used its hind legs to kick Drew. She now in a bush with the air knocked out if her, Ok now she was mad, running towards the creature, she jumped on top of it grabbing on to its fur the monster trashed around but gave up after a few minutes.

"You think you can scare me, ha try riding a pegasus", Drew taunted as she took out her knife. She stabbed the monster on the back of its neck. The monster howled but didn't seem to die. It started trashing out more if Drew didn't kill this thing she would get thrown off and most likely died, so she did the only thing she could think of.

"Calm down, shh, your fine I'm here to help", Drew charm spoke. The monster stopped, Drew got down and hesitantly pet it. "You will leave me alone", Drew made sure to make her voice as sweet and friendly as possible. "You sure are wild, what about algoris that shall be your name, or just al for short, the Greek word for wild", the monster seemed to be ok with the name, To think that they were ready to kill one another, a few minutes prior, funny what charmspeak could do.

"D-drew", Drew turned to see a cute boy, wait was that Walt. It was Oh crap.

why do the fates hate me so, first the stupid alarm didn't wake me up, so I look like crap, next I get attacked by some monster now I look like a manic, and all in front of a cute boy. Danm.", Drew thought as Walt walked closer

"Hey Walt", she smiled, then realized that Sadie Kane and a dark skin boy were behind him. My smile soon dropped "Sadie" I say with distaste she hoped that the mist concealed the monster.

"Drew what do you see", Walt said, Drew panicked at this.

"Um-a really big dog", Drew said uncertainly. Walt took Drews hand (much to Sadie's distaste) and pulled her away from the creature.

"It may have rabies", Walt explained.

Drew turned around to the dog and said "Ya, it should leave", When the creature didn't move she repeated her sentence using charmpeak, it took a few seconds but the creature then ran away not before glaring Carter.



Drew is a mortal, right now she has no idea what type of trouble she is in. Right now she doesn't even know that she's in danger. If we hadn't come during the right time she would have been dead. I finally got a good chance to look at her, and she looked terrible. Her usually perfect inky hair that was in princess curls was now a rats nest that had bits of twigs and leaves, her shirt was covered with dirt and blood, while her arm the claw marks and scratches. I had also noticed that she wasn't wearing any make-up and had dirt plastered all over her face.

"Drew", I asked, " What happened, are you OK".

"Er, um I fell", Drew responded, which may have explained the twigs and leaves but the claw marks. Drew must have realized this because she then quickly added, "The dog scratched me But I'm Ok".

"She's quite strange for a mortal wouldn't you say", A voice that did not belong to me rang in my head. I ignored the jackal-headed goddess and went back to Drew.

"Are you sure? I could take you to the nurse's office", Carter offered to look at Drews wound. Some blush rose on Drew's cheeks.

"And you are", Drew said moving closer to Carter as if to get a better look.

"My brother", Sadie spat looking at Drew venomously.

Drew somehow ignored Sadie and went back to Carter. "Well, thanks hun but I think I got it from here", Drew took out a lemon square and some bandages, after eating the lemon square she put on her bandages and smiled at us. "Well, we better get to class". She walked past us leaving me unsure of what just happened. Anubis was right, she was a strange mortal indeed


Tell who the heck did Drew Tanaka a think she was flirting with my boyfriends, that girl has the nerve to hold hands with Walt, then basically flirt with my brother. I swear to Ra the next time I see her I will put a curse on that stupid little face of her, she wou-

"So Sadie what do you think", Carter said breaking me out of my thoughts.

"About what?".

"About the mortal girl Drew, were you not listening at all", he scolded for like the eighth time today.

"Nope", I proudly admitted, earning a roll of the eyes from Carter.

"Well what do you think about her", Walt said breaking our soon o be fight.

"Well, she's bossy, annoying, rude, and wears so much makeup she looked like a clown and a cake had a baby", I answered.

" So basically you", Carter said. I was going to respond after glaring but he was not done". "You know maybe if you paid more attention you would see just how dangerous this truly is, a mortal had almost died yet you're still worried about her flirting with Walt", Carter yelled earning a few stares from the other students.

"You don't know her like me. This girl is a git, and has been making fun of me for a year".

"Are you so selfish that you care more about her making fun of you, then about this girls life".

"Um guys", Walt interrupted," people are staring. I turned to see that he was right, and few of the students were now looking at us.

Carter sighed "We'll talk about this at lunch". he then picked up his pace and was no longer in the conversation".

"Here's my class", I stopped at the door which said 423 and walked leaving Walt alone.