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The Apartment Down the Hall

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Yoongi looked up at the shiny, tall building that he was gonna be living in from now on, outside the window of his ride. He brushed his black hair out of his eyes. "Thanks." He mentioned towards the Uber driver as he climbed out the seat and grabbed his suitcase and bag from the trunk of the car.

After checking in at the desk he got his key and took the elevator up the the 4th floor, where his apartment was.

"Shit, where's my phone?" He thought nervously, feeling his empty pockets for the device. Digging around in his bag he grabbed it. "Thank God I didn't leave it in the car" he sighed, relieved.

The elevator beeped when it reached the forth floor. Yoongi walked along the hallway looking at his phone to check the room number. 415, 416, 417, he saw one by one glancing at the numbers. Not looking where he was walking, Yoongi bumped straight into another person walking to their apartment, knocking the person's stuff and the contents of yoongis opened bag from earlier all over the carpet floor.

"Oh my God I'm so sorry!" The man exclaimed. "No, I'm sorry, I was the one the wasn't paying attention." Yoongi insisted. The man was stunning, his shiny Amber colored hair shaping his long, defined face, and chocolate brown eyes, that seemed to sparkle looking back at him.

Yoongi bent down to pick up the stuff on the floor from his bag and the man bent over too to help him. "Here, lemme help." He said as he picked up a DVD case and put the rest of things in Yoongi's bag. "Haven't seen you around here before, you just now moving in?" The man questioned seeing his luggage. "Yeah, I'm in room 420. I'm Yoongi." Yoongi said, nodding. "Oh cool! I'm in room 415, the names Hoseok!" Hoseok replied smiling. Yoongi couldn't help but blush a little because this dude was so cute. Yoongi zipped up his bag and they both stood up.

"Well let me know if you need anything!" Hoseok waved and grinned as he headed the other way down the hall. "Yeah, for sure." Yoongi replied back cracking a smile, which was rare for him, honestly. "Hoseok, huh." Yoongi thought to himself stupidly smiling.

He finally found the room 420 and unlocked the door. The apartment had a simplistic theme, the floor a light color of wood with a grey fluffy carpet with several plants placed around the room. There was a couch with a TV and a coffee table with a candle on it. The atmosphere was homey and comforting.

"I heard the door, Is the new roommate here?" A deep voice questioned. "I dunno, go check." Another one replied. A tall man came from around the corner. "Hello! I'm Namjoon." He exclaimed. He had broad shoulders, dirty blond hair , and little dimples when he smiled to greet Yoongi. "Hi, I'm Yoongi." Yoongi replied politely. "I'll come show u your room, these apartments are pretty big actually." He motioned towards himself.

"Your room is more towards the back, not near ours." Namjoon continued. A man with dark brown hair and pink, big lips walked towards them. "Hey, I'm Jin! I'm Namjoon's boyfriend." He stated and waved. "This is Yoongi." Namjoon replied before Yoongi could say anything. He thought they made a cute couple. "Well here it is." Namjoon said while opening the door. "Make yourself at home." Namjoon smiled and walked away leaving Yoongi to unpack.


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Yoongi put the last thing in his suitcase on his bed, it being his pillow. "Finally." Yoongi sighed. It was pretty late by the time he'd unpacked. He saw the dvd player connected to his TV in his room and had an idea. He had bought some trashy porn dvd because he had been pretty lonely lately and thought it was funny too, porn plots usually being rediculous. He digged around in his bag and pulled out the DVD. He stared at it for a second.

"Love, Simon?? What the fuck?" He questioned, confused. He remembered the mishap from earlier. "You've gotta be fucking kidding." He scoffed the image of Hoseok taking his porn dvd rolling through his brain. He put his hands in his face and groaned. "What. The. Fuck! What am I gonna do now! He probably thinks I'm some disgusting perv!" Yoongi whined.

Yoongi stared at the romcom the Hoseok had dropped. "Well, he probably wants this back." He thought. "Maybe he hasn't put in the DVD." He continued. "What room? 415? I guess I should head over there to give it back." Yoongi thought. He combed his hair with his hands in frustration. "I guess I can pray he doesn't know what it is." He scoffed as he opened his door and walked to the exit of the apartment.

"Have a good night!" Jin said to Yoongi as he was leaving. "Thanks you too." He said with a tiny smirk and opened the door.

"I guess here goes nothing." Yoongi sighed as he approached the door of apartment 415.