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Good Bad Habits

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Infiltration successful, no evidence, ninja-style.’ Toru Hagakure mentally cheered herself. What had once been an innocent self-training exercise in infiltration had eventually turned into full on spying. The victim of this mission was her fellow student Izuku Midoriya, whom she’d been taking a liking to throughout their time at U.A. High. With the implementation of the dorm system, she now had a perfect opportunity to steal a nice view of the boy.

She’d been planning this in the back of her mind for the better part of the day, and when she finally saw Midoriya heading towards the showers, she literally leaped at the opportunity to rush ahead of him. She was of course, nude, so as to fully take advantage of the invisibility her quirk provided. Waiting in the shower hall, Hagakure reflected in her mind that she was acting no better than Mineta. The hypocrisy wasn’t lost on her, but this was a topic she needed to think about later, hot boys are far more important.

Midoriya entered the room as Toru began to shake with excitement. This wasn't her first time spying on a boy like this, she’d made a bad habit of peeking in on any boy she’d found interest in. She had interests, and Midoriya at this point had fully captured them. He was timid, but not without conviction, and through his time at U.A. she’d noticed him becoming more confident. With each attack on the school, and each battle that Midoriya fought, he’d become stronger, more powerful, sexier. Midoriya hadn’t just been growing mentally, his muscle mass had seemed to grow alongside his quirk proficiency, how could she not  want to see him in his natural form?

Hagakure was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she hadn’t even noticed Midoriya was already stripping down, only snapping back to reality when she’d heard his humming. Quietly, she peeked around the corner she couldn’t afford to make any sound until the water started running. He first removed his shirt, unknowing of his transparent audience. The effect on Hagakure was immediate. He was lean, but toned and muscular, she wanted so badly to move her hands along that powerful body she’d become infatuated with. His hands moved down to remove his pants, and Hagakure’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

N-no way… does he stuff his c-crotch? How the hell does he hide that?’

Midoriya’s briefs were holding back a monstrous protrusion, they had to be stuffed with socks or something!

Her accusations were proven wrong when Midoriya fully stripped down, revealing a flaccid, knee-length member.

It hung between his legs, where it belonged, waving tantalizingly as he moved towards the shower, his cock accompanied by a pair of large, heavy balls. In shock and moving shakily towards his stall, Hagakure could feel the trail of arousal dripping behind her as she crawled forward. Midoriya continued to hum to himself, as he washed himself, running his hands along his chest, down his torso, ending their journey at his length. At this point, Hagakure could no longer help herself, moving her own hands down to her nethers, completely soaked, though not by the running water. She watched as Midoriya began to grow somewhat excited as he cleaned his incredible package, rubbing her leaking cunt as his tool began to twitch and grow in length and girth.

Oh god, oh god, how much longer can it get?’ She thought to herself, stifling a moan as she started to plunge her fingers knuckle deep into her muff.

At this point Midoriya was no longer stroking his cock to clean, but for pleasure, it continued to grow, gaining over half of its flaccid length before peaking in size. Ramping up his speed, he began to grunt and moan to himself, not holding back too much considering no-one else was there. This served to increase Hagakure’s arousal further, shuddering as she rubbed her fingers along her sweet-spot, wishing it was Midoriya doing this to her. The thoughts were too much to bear, as the volume of his sounds began to grow, she began to hold back her own noises slightly less, letting out gasps and light moans. Throwing her head back, she found herself in the throes of a leg-shaking orgasm, squirting evidence of her pleasure onto the tiles in front of her. Midoriya took no notice, continuing to pleasure himself, thinking of all the beautiful girls at U.A. that he’d come to know. He grew closer and closer to his own orgasm, until finally reaching his peak and shooting rope after rope of his thick seed across the shower stall, hitting the wall across from him. Stealthily, Toru crept towards the dripping load on the shower wall for a taste, trying to avoid Midoriya’s continuing orgasm.

The taste was incredible, and the combination alongside her masturbation and the stall’s fragrance of sex was too much to bear, bringing her to another powerful orgasm. Both utterly satisfied by themselves, Hagakure absentmindedly moaned to herself one last time.

“Wh-what?! Who’s in here?” Midoriya shouted, unaware of the intruder’s location or identity. In a panic, Hagakure quickly ran out of the shower room, desperately trying to dry herself off before running out, as her victim continued to ask who was in there with him.

Toru quickly ran to her room, throwing herself onto the bed and under her covers, reflecting on what just happened.

“This is bad. This is really bad.” She said aloud to herself, there were many things wrong with this situation.

“What if he figures out it was me? Why did I do that, it’s so wrong! Oh no, if Uraraka finds out, what will she do? We made a promise to her not to do anything with Izuku while she got her feelings sorted! Why do I want him so bad?!

The normally cheerful girl continued her panic, eventually leaving her room to find something sweet to eat. She needed to take action, she needed Midoriya, and she needed to talk to someone. Luckily, she had a friend that was experienced in this sort of thing, she’d be the perfect one to ask.

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<NowUCM3> hey

<NowUCM3> hey

<NowUCM3> hey mina

<NowUCM3> u ded

<NowUCM3> i wanna talk

<TruffulaTree> Toruuuuuu I was asleeeep

<NowUCM3> its important :(

<TruffulaTree> U say lots of stuff is important lol

<NowUCM3> im for real now, serious time ok?

<TruffulaTree> Ok

<NowUCM3> so theres a cute guy

<TruffulaTree> Ok

<NowUCM3> are u gonna ask who it is

<TruffulaTree> Just say it!!

<NowUCM3> ok so its midoriya

<TruffulaTree> Uh I mean

<TruffulaTree> Hes kinda cute I guess?? Not rly my style I think but hes cool

<TruffulaTree> And didnt ura like call dibs or something or is that the problem??

<NowUCM3> yah thats the problem!

<TruffulaTree> Ok so uhm just

<TruffulaTree> Ask him if he likes u?? Or dont idk im not awake yet

<NowUCM3> thats not good advice :(

<TruffulaTree> 2 tired... What do u like about Midoriya anyways?

<NowUCM3> hes so sweet and he puts others before him, hes such a hero ! <3 <3

<TruffulaTree> Not really confident though

<NowUCM3> maybe i can help? hes rlly ripped too and his dick is stupid big, but u didnt hear it from me ;p

<TruffulaTree> Toru!!!!!!! What have you been doing?? U peekin??

<TruffulaTree> Now u sound like grape boy!!

<NowUCM3> sryy i know its really bad. dont tell anyone k?

<TruffulaTree> Ok, but u should stop doing that, its creepy, im telling u because I care

<NowUCM3> :(

<TruffulaTree> I think u should talk to Ura, im too dumb to handle this situation k? she will probably understand

<NowUCM3> whats her tag so i can add her?

<TruffulaTree> UUravitYY

<TruffulaTree> Im gonna get back to my sleep now, good luck!! Love u!!!

<NowUCM3> thx mina!




'C'mon Toru, you can do this!' she spoke in her head. She'd been staring at her phone screen for around five minutes trying to figure out how to best approach the topic with Uraraka. After some thought, she decided it'd be best to just talk in person. They barely knew each other, and being willing to discuss things face-to-invisible-face would make look slightly better than if she'd just hid behind a digital barrier. At this point, she'd go for anything that could take some weight off her guilty conscience.



Nervously, she made her way to Uraraka's room, her heart may as well have leaped out of her chest by the time she got to the door. 'Uhm, yeah would it be okay if I were to steal your crush away from you?' she thought to herself, this plan was falling apart by the second. There was a brief moment where she considered turning back and trying to forget any of this ever happened. Mina would never let her hear the end of it, though. 'Okay okay, serious time, the time is now, I'm gonna make a new friend!' Relaxing her posture, she knocked on the door and waited.


And waited...


And waited a bit longer...


'Welp, this was an awful idea! Guess that's done with so I can fina-' Uraraka's door opening startled Toru from her thoughts. In the doorway stood – no – floated Uraraka, who looked as if she was about to be terribly sick.


"Hagakure? What are you doing here? Ngg..." she tried to slowly lower herself onto the ground, but gave up and simply released herself onto the ground. "S-sorry if that sounded rude, it's just unusual for you to even talk to me!" Breathless, she pulled herself onto her feet, looking at where she assumed Toru's face would be.


"It's fine, I was just thinking about how we barely know each other, do you maybe want to hang out a bit?" Good. That was good. Maybe this wouldn't be so hard after all!


"Sure! Just *hrp* give me a minute," mumbled Uraraka. Leaving the door opened, she ran over to her trash can and relieved her nausea. Looking dazed and miserable, she stared up at her guest. "You can *grk* come on in... I am so, so sorry about this..." She continued to vomit into the garbage as Toru stepped fully into the room.


Hagakure ignored Uraraka's situation out of politeness, instead electing to ask "So what were you doing in here before I interrupted?"


Once again standing to grab a paper towel, Uraraka wiped her face. "Trying to get some more practice with my quirk, how can I be a pro if I can't even make myself float? I get nauseous when I stay afloat for more than a few seconds." She laughed awkwardly, wanting to shift the subject off of her unappealing weaknesses. "Well I don't have much to do in here but watch TV, is that okay with you? I've only got one chair but I can sit on the floor!"


"Y-yeah that's alright!" Toru replied, "What sorta things do you watch?"


"Uh- ahaha, I don't know just whatever's on I guess!" Uraraka tried to laugh off the question as she turned on the television.


Her laughter turned to panic as her TV began blasting the latest episode of Pining for Justice. "W-woah hahaha! I-I love making fun of these s-shows! They're so bad, haha!" Wide-eyed and blushing, she rapidly flickered through several random channels.


"I didn't take you for a girl who'd be into heroic soap operas, Uraraka!" Toru chided, teasing her host for the apparently embarrassing moment.


"I-I'm NOT!" Uraraka shouted back, "...Just that one."


Toru laughed and bounced excitedly, this wasn't going too bad! "Don't worry Uraraka, Yaoyorozu loves that show!"


"G-glad to hear it, heh..." replied Uraraka, not entirely comforted by that fact.



They continued flipping through channels until settling on some sort of action/drama/sci-fi show neither of them had seen before. Toru thoroughly enjoyed the comedic scenes and dialogue of the show, while Uraraka levitated more towards the well choreographed fight scenes. She also enjoyed the romantic tension between the main protagonist and his best friend, though she'd never admit that. They sat for around an hour watching the show until Uraraka decided to further press Hagakure on why she'd decided to hang out with her.


"Hey, Toru," she spoke.


Toru turned slightly towards Uraraka, "What is it, Ura?"


"You can call me Ochaco. Can I ask you something?"


Toru shifted uncomfortably, "Y-yeah, of course Ochaco!"


Uraraka noticed Toru's sudden awkward stance, "What's the real reason you came here today? Did something happen?"


The sudden question caused Toru to panic slightly, "Don't worry about it," she said frantically, waving her hands in front of her. "W-we can talk about it some other time!"


Okay, something was definitely up. "No, we've never hung out before, and I don't think it's like you to randomly hang out in near-stranger's dorms on weekends." Uraraka continued her line of questioning until Toru finally gave in.



The invisible girl sighed, "Okay, okay, I wanted to wait a little while longer, but please don't get mad at me!"


"I promise I won't." Ura replied.

"Pinky swear?" Toru asked as she held out her pinky finger, forcing Uraraka to take the unbreakable pact. She sighed and waited a moment before giving her true motives, "Okay, it's about Deku."


Uraraka cocked her head, "Izuku? What about him?"


Hagakure began to fidget around in the chair, "D-do you plan on asking him out anytime soon?"


This question caused Uraraka to gasp with a shocked expression on her face. Before she could go off on Toru, she remembered the pinky swear, anger was no longer an option, so she tried to be more understanding about this.


"Didn't I ask all of you not to try anything with him?"


Turning fully towards her host, Toru responded, "Y-yeah, but that was like, months ago! You haven't done anything with him and I think he's really cute!" She slithered closer, pressing her cheek up against Uraraka, and running her hands over the girl's shoulders. "Plus, he's really huge down there, y'know." Toru instantly regretted her words.


The comment granted Uraraka enough power to break free of the pinky swear. "W-what the hell?! What do you mean?"


"Shit! I'm sorry! Forget I said anything!" Hagakure yelled, jumping back into her seat and going into full-on panic mode.


Uraraka was completely red at this point, "N-no! What have you been up to?! *GASP* Have you been spying on him?!"


"I'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorry!" Hagakure repeated, stomping her legs onto the floor and hiding her invisible face.


"I'm more mad about that than your question, that's just... creepy." said Uraraka, calming down a little. "I could report you to the school for that!"


On the verge of tears, Toru begged, "Please don't! I will never ever ever do it again! Just please don't tell on me!"


"Don't worry I'm not gonna do that to you, I don't think you meant to do anything bad," Uraraka gave a shadow of a smile before continuing, "Besides, you're right about me not doing anything."


Toru let out a sigh of relief, "Thank you so much! I-if you really like him, I can just try to stick to the promise we gave you..."


"N-no, don't worry about it!" Uraraka wasn't entirely sure of herself. "Uh... how did he look?" she covered her face as the words left her mouth.


Now this was a change in topic Toru could get behind. She started to crawl up to Uraraka again as she lowered her tone of voice. "So hot. You can tell how hard he's worked for his body," she continued as she recalled from memory, "All big and muscly with that cute face of his, he's got the best of both worlds."


Uraraka had seen Izuku shirtless before, but only briefly, she'd always been attracted to his commanding form, especially endearing when compared to his much softer personality. The thought of rubbing her hands along his chiseled chest dominated her stream of consciousness, making her feel particularly excited. Her breathing quickened as Toru continued to whisper about how incredible Izuku looked in the shower. Lost in her passions, she paid no mind to the fact that Toru had moved one of her hands into Uraraka's lower regions, placing the other on one of the brown-haired girl's perky breasts.


"H-how big was he~?" Uraraka moaned in between heavy breaths.


"The head was at his knees, and that wasn't even full length." Toru let out a soft moan as her recollection of the scene aroused her nearly as much as her current proximity to her new friend. The stirring heat in her loins was growing too much to bear, Uraraka was close to cumming from Toru's all-too-enthusiastic assistance. The one-sided effort of the situation didn't feel fair, so Toru decided to pull away as Uraraka neared her climax, leaving the shape of her fingers visible from the layer of glistening arousal.


Uraraka tilted her head upward and groaned as she attempted to finish herself off with little success, "D-damn it."


She must not have much experience with this.


"You should put in more effort next time," Toru chuckled lightly at her teasing, "I have another question for you."


"Wh-what is it?" Uraraka replied in a tone somewhere between frustrated and aroused.

Toru pulled herself back into her seat, looking down towards Uraraka as the girl slowed down her attempts at pleasuring herself as Toru did. Things had gone surprisingly well so far, now was the time to go in for the kill,


Licking her friend's juices off of her hand, she spoke in a slightly hushed tone,"What do you think of me and you sharing Midoriya?"


Uraraka paused for a second, looking up at Toru's face expecting to see some sort of joking expression, but alas, she was invisible. Completely serious too. She gave the first response that came to her mind, "That would be nice, but..."


Toru leaned slightly closer to her friend, "But...?"


Completely giving up on satisfying her arousal, Uraraka straightened herself out and tried to shift back into a serious tone of voice, "How would that even work? Would he like that?"


"Pfft, we could make it work easy! We could both hang with him at the same time, easy! Unless you prefer one-on-one, then we could like, do a schedule or something, there's so many ways!" Toru had spent far too much time thinking about this, "Oh, and trust me Ochaco, most boys I know would probably give up their quirks for something like this."


Uraraka pondered over it for a moment before deciding she loved the concept, "Well I'd be for it! That sounds like fun!"


Toru may as well have been flying with how high she was bouncing with excitement, "Yay! Thank you thank you so much!" She pulled her friend into a hug, squeezing Uraraka so hard that the girl could hardly breathe.


"Uh, do you think you could do most of the talking first, though? I have no idea how to go about something like this." Uraraka managed to speak as she tried to escape from Toru's death grip.


"Yeah! Leave it all to me," The invisible girl shouted in a tone that was far more menacing than she'd meant for it to be, "Well, I should go searching for some food. You wanna come?"


"Nah, I'll stay in here for a little while," Uraraka replied as she walked towards her bed. "It's been a long day, I'll be down in a bit though!"


Toru left her new friend's dorm feeling more optimistic about how the rest of the day would turn out. She figured it would be best to plan out how she'd get them into Midoriya's bed, or preferably into their beds. The symbol of peace staring upon you from every corner doesn't exactly make for a romantic or sexy mood. As her thoughts rolled around in her mind about food and sex, she figured Mina would be fully awake by now, might as well update her.




<NowUCM3> hey mina

<NowUCM3> hey mina

<TruffulaTree> Hey girl!! Did u talk to Ura?

<NowUCM3> ya we hung out a bunch in her room

<TruffulaTree> Oh cool, what happened?

<NowUCM3> talked about midoriya and we decided to share him

<TruffulaTree> Wow, didn't expect that

<NowUCM3> me neither tbh thought she was gonna say no

<TruffulaTree> U gonna ask him today or??

<NowUCM3> prob tomorrow, ura doesnt want to go first

<TruffulaTree> Kk

<TruffulaTree> U know since im awake u could have just come to my room to tell me this lol

<NowUCM3> too hungry, its my mission for food now, no detour >:3

<TruffulaTree> Ah ok, whatever you scavenge, bring me some. Surprise me, k?

<NowUCM3> for sure <3

<TruffulaTree> Thx <3



The next morning, Hagakure woke up to the sound of her alarm, the same one she'd set yesterday to spy on her crush. This time, however, would be different, there would be no abuse of her powers, she'd do things right. Feelings of guilt and dirtiness swirled around her drowsy mind as she picked out her outfit for the day. She settled on a simple pink tank top and a tight pair of white shorts that seemed to emphasize her surprisingly large rear. 'I wonder if he's a tits or ass sort of guy' she thought to herself.


The day continued as normal, Toru hung out a bit with Mina in the common room, and chatted with Uraraka when they crossed paths. It was later in the afternoon that Toru decided to hit up Midoriya over text and ask him to come visit, they had already added each other for school work prior, so it hopefully wouldn't be too weird or sudden. The request was a straightforward 'Hey, wanna come hang out? I'm bored.' Midoriya didn't ask many questions, and said he'd make his way over.


'It's gonna be a great day.'  Toru promised herself that much.

Chapter Text

Today was turning out to be a boring day.


Izuku Midoriya stared blankly at the ceiling of his dorm, unable to decide on any particular activity. School had been canceled these past couple of days due to some undisclosed issues with the power grid. Hm, villain attack? Pure accident? Doesn't matter, school is out. This leaves Midoriya with another set of issues, though. He had no idea what he wanted to do. Maybe he could go out to watch pros battling off the daily villain attacks, or he could just hang out with some friends. Would they be busy? He'd been pondering this over the past couple of days instead of actually making a decision. As a result, he hadn't really accomplished much of anything, nor had much of interest happened.



That is, of course, unless you count a mysterious voice in the shower to be noteworthy, and Midoriya certainly did.



Who had it been in the showers yesterday morning? They left as soon as he realized their presence, and he had only caught a slight sample of their voice. It didn't sound masculine, and he admittedly didn't know how to distinguish any of the girls' voices save for Uraraka and Hatsume. Perhaps some sort of spirit had decided to haunt the showers of U.A's dorms. Obviously the intruder had to have been stealthy considering that nobody noticed anyone aside from him leaving the men's showers. This fact held the most significance to Midoriya, and the more he thought about it, the more he began to suspect a particular classmate. Could it have been Hagakure? Why would she do that?


Midoriya snapped back to reality, noticing that he'd been murmuring to himself with increasing volume, people in the halls could probably hear him by now. His text tone had brought him back to the real world. It was probably Uraraka wanting to chat or Mei Hatsume pitching one of her ideas to him, not that she'd rely on his opinion, more that she just liked talking about her "babies". Obviously it could be one of his other classmates, but they didn't text him nearly as much.



Almost as if his earlier thoughts had reached her, the message was from Toru Hagakure. The coincidental timing was especially unnerving considering they rarely interacted, and had never texted outside of discussion about school assignments. Any uneasy feelings subsided once he read through the message and realized it was simply a request to hang out. Still a bit strange, but it'd probably be rude to pry deeper. Could it be a prank? No, he had to have trust in his classmates, they'd never do anything like that to him. Except maybe Bakugou. Yeah, he'd do that.


Murmuring again.


Midoriya gave a concise reply to Toru's invitation, he'd be over as soon as possible. Getting dressed would be required first, however.


He slipped out of his pajamas, tossing them off to the side, laundry was something to worry about later. Changing out of his All Might briefs would be preferable too. 'W-why would she ever see my underwear anyways? Do I really need to change?' he briefly considered. Yeah, it'd be embarrassing if Toru were to see them, can never be too careful. He stripped down fully, allowing his lengthy flaccid manhood free from constraint.


Midoriya had never considered himself to be anything more than "above average" in any regard. Even when considering that most underwear was terribly uncomfortable around that area, he never thought there might be something a bit different about him. His size was just something he'd grown used to, not even subconsciously comparing its size to the admittedly small number of other dicks he'd seen in his life. Hell, the tip even hung down slightly past any modesty towels he wore in the shower rooms. The only other boy to take notice of this was Todoroki, who simply stared wide-eyed at the beast with Midoriya blissfully unaware of what the boy was so shocked about.


Even now, as he was struggling to fit himself comfortably into a different pair of briefs, his only thought was 'Maybe I've put on too much weight?'



Getting himself fully dressed and ready, Midoriya made his way to Hagakure's dorm. The reason that she would invite him over still eluded him. 'Her friends must all be busy today' was the most likely reason he could imagine.


Upon approaching her dorm, he puffed up his chest to feign confidence, he needed everything he could get to help him talk to a girl he barely knew. He knocked twice on the door, "Come in!" he received in response. As he entered the room, Midoriya was overwhelmed at the sheer girlishness of Hagakure's room. The dorm was clearly thrown together from things that she found to be cute or pretty individually rather than having a set style. It almost felt like a crime to be a man in this room. Regardless, it was quite adorable and fitting for Hagakure's traditionally girly personality.


"Hey, Midoriya!" the girl cheerfully exclaimed. Jumping out of the pile of stuffed animals on her bed, she quickly bounded over to her guest and bounced excitedly up and down.


"H-hey, Hagakure, sorry I took a little bit to get here, I was just surprised by your invitation is all!" he laughed nervously.


Toru shrugged, she was wearing gloves to appear more expressive. "Well none of the girls wanted to hang out today, and you seem like a pretty cool guy, so I thought it'd be cool to get to know you better!" It was a decent excuse considering she thought of it on the spot, and it wasn't exactly a lie. "Anyways, just sit wherever, get comfy! My bed is pretty comfortable but it's kinda small!" She turned towards the small coffee table she'd placed her TV remote on, bending down to pick it up and making a bit of a show out of the process. Midoriya knew better than to stare at a woman like that, and turned his head to distract himself from the excellent view of Toru's eye-catching butt. This irritated the invisible girl, he's too damn polite. She'd need to be more forward.


The television flickered on, "There, ambient noise!" Toru exclaimed. "What sort of stuff do you like to do, Midoriya?" she questioned as he walked towards her bed to sit down, with her following suit.


Struggling to form a sentence while sitting next to such a (presumably) cute girl, Midoriya could only stammer out "N-nothing too interesting, really!" Every time he moved himself even slightly he made contact with another stuffed creature. "Where'd you get all of these, Hagakure?"


Toru laughed, "You can call me Toru." she paused for a second, rubbing a hand on the back of her head, "Uhm, I guess you could say I collect them! I've gotten them from all sorts of places I've been to!"


"That's pretty cool Haga-" he stopped to correct himself, "Toru" he chuckled lightly, picking up one that resembled some sort of fuzzy squid creature, "I like this one!"


"Really? His name is Mika! He's one of my favorites!" the invisible girl swiped the squid from Deku's hands, holding it up to her chest. "Ohmygod I want to tell you all about these guys, is that okay? I love them so much!"


Deku was happy to see Toru so passionate about something, she was already starting to open up! "Sure!" he replied.




The next hour or so mostly consisted of Toru talking about her massive collection of stuffed animals. She described every detail of their names and origins. Midoriya listened intently, interjecting only to ask questions or give acknowledgment to his host's statements and stories. The whole time, Toru had been subtly getting closer to him until their thighs met.


Midoriya blushed and panicked at the contact, her skin was so soft and plush, not unlike one of her stuffed creatures. "O-oh, sorry Toru! I'll give you some space!" he stuttered as he dropped himself off of the bed and onto the floor.


Toru was partially impressed by his restraint, but mostly frustrated by it. 'This boy' she shouted in her mind.


"Uh, Izuku, why'd you do that?" she asked, attempting to hide her annoyance.


"Well we were awfully close, and I didn't want to intrude on your personal space!" he lifted his head up to look at her, simultaneously surprised at the use of his name.


Toru patted her hand on the space next to her, "Hah! Silly, don't worry about it! Get back up here, unless you're allergic to fluff or something." She winked, but the effect didn't translate well considering her quirk.


"Y-yeah, alright." Midoriya softly spoke as he stood himself up. As he stood, Toru couldn't help but notice the growing protrusion in his pants. Was contact all it took to turn him on? Regardless, the evidence of his arousal gave her a slight confidence boost.


"O-oh uh, hey Izuku, I wanna show you something, it's hilarious!" she strode across the room to her laptop, giving Midoriya plenty to look at from behind, he didn't even bother to look away this time. Instead, he paid full attention to the swinging gait of Toru's wide hips as she picked up the computer and brought it over. "It's like, monkeys watching people do magic tricks, just look at their faces!"



Together, they spent a considerable amount of time laughing together over silly videos involving all sorts of animals. Midoriya took much more of an active role in this interaction, the two giving plenty of commentary and enjoying each other's company. At this point, he couldn't help but feel incredibly attracted to Toru. She was so bubbly and fun, bringing him out of his shell in only a couple of hours. He couldn't see her face, but the way her clothes fit her body made her look gorgeous. The more he heard her voice though, the more he thought about how much she sounded like the voice in the shower, he must have been mistaken. There's no way a girl like her would be into a timid guy like him.


At that very same moment, Toru was thinking about how he was already so obviously into Uraraka, 'He likes her so much, would he even want me?' She needed to get an answer. She'd be happy to even be with him at all, regardless of any favoritism he might show towards Uraraka.


If this plan even worked, that is.


They watched a couple more videos and talked for a bit before Toru sighed and rested her head in Midoriya's lap, facing towards the ceiling. This was getting to be too much for him, he spoke up, "T-Toru, uh..."


He was interrupted by her voice, "Izuku, I need to talk about something." That shut him up instantly, before he could respond, she continued: "How do you feel about me, or Ochaco?"


Midoriya's face turned completely red, he would probably need to choose his words carefully. "U-uh, I think you're both great!" was the most generic response he could churn out.


"Really? Because me and her have been talking lately." Toru replied, turning slightly to look her guest in the eyes, she drew a heavy breath before continuing. "W-we, um..."


Midoriya knew she was about to drop some sort of bombshell onto him, but he had no clue what to prepare for.


"We both want you to be our boyfriend!" the invisible girl shouted while lifting herself up, lifting herself with her hands on Midoriya's shoulders onto his lap while facing him.


"H-huh?!" Midoriya was awestruck by this statement. 'What the hell? Is this real?' he screamed internally. The reaction wasn't just internal either, he could feel the heat stirring in his loins as his cock began to harden at this revelation.


"Both of us! We'd share you! We both like you a lot, what do you think?" the words came rapidly, firing off at breakneck pace from nervousness and excitement.


"I-I... I uh... Y-y..." the boy couldn't even form a proper sentence, this was all happening so quickly. Like a dream come true. His head was completely clouded with thoughts.


"Really?" he stammered, ready to be cruelly pulled out of this fantasy world.


"Really." Toru replied, pulling her face closer to his.


He felt like he was about to faint. Subconsciously, he'd placed his hands on Toru's back, pulling her closer as his hands trailed downwards.


"Y-yeah, yeah I'll do it." Midoriya spoke in a hushed tone. Not the most romantic response, but he got the point across.



"Oh Izuku..." Toru moaned. "That makes me... so happy" she said as she suddenly pulled her lips into his. The kiss was completely unexpected for Midoriya, but he didn't resist. It wasn't an intense makeout session. Neither of them were very experienced with this at all, though Toru at least had some experience with intimacy. They broke the kiss as Toru noticed that Midoriya had moved his hands down to her ass, holding it in a firm grip.


She laughed softly, "So now you're all confident?"


Midoriya snapped out of it in an instant "Ah! I-I'm sorry!" he shouted as his faked confidence melted away.


"No," Toru replied in a soft whisper, "I like it." She lowered herself off of Midoriya and got onto her knees, placing her hands on the waist of his pants. "I should give you something to really bring up your confidence."


"T-Toru!" Midoriya started to object before being interrupted,


"No, let me do this for you!" she demanded. This was going a bit faster than Midoriya would like, but at the same time, he didn't really want to object. It's a good thing he'd decided to change clothes earlier.


Toru was ready for this, she'd spent most of last night practicing on one of her "toys". 'The time is now' she said, licking her lips, as she removed the barrier separating her from the prize. Midoriya's cock stood proudly at full mast, leaking a thick trail of pre from the head. It looked terrifyingly big up close.


"Fuck, you're huge!" Toru exclaimed as she moved her gloved hands onto it.


"H-Huh?" Midoriya looked down at Toru in response. "Really?"


Her laugh was barely audible, partially from his obliviousness over his size, but mostly from her fear of it. Maybe she wasn't ready for this. "H-have you like, never seen another dick before Izuku?"


That felt like a loaded question. Midoriya couldn't even stammer out a response before Toru continued.


"Just trust me, I've seen plenty of cocks, and I've never seen one comparable to this."


The statement had some... troubling implications, but her words served the purpose they were meant to, giving Midoriya a significant boost to his self-esteem.



Toru put her face up against the towering cock in front of her, continuing to move her hands up and down its shaft. It had an overpowering, musky scent that clouded her thoughts to anything beyond servicing her new boyfriend. In her lust, she planted several kisses along the base. Midoriya's breathing grew heavier along with his girlfriend, one of two, apparently. He'd need to discuss this with Uraraka later, but there were more urgent things on his mind at the moment. Completely soaked, Toru removed her pants, moving her panties to the side as she began to pleasure herself. Sticking out her tongue, she dragged it along Midoriya's shaft until she had to stand to reach the head, planting a kiss on its tip.


It was time to put all that practice to the test.


Midoriya's copious amounts of pre had helped to lube himself up in addition to Toru's spit. Neither of them were ready to go all the way just yet, but they were ready for this. Toru wrapped her lips around the tip of Midoriya's cock, finally getting a full taste of his manhood. Inch by inch, she took his dick into her throat, eventually having to stop to get used to the feeling of having a real dick nearly choking her. It was thick, girthy to the point Toru was surprised she'd taken as much as she did. She pulled her face away from his dick, this was going to be a process.


"J-Just give me a second, this is gonna take time." Toru's drew a deep breath before attempting again. For a moment, Midoriya was worried, but this girl was full of surprises.


After several attempts, Toru finally managed to deepthroat the entirety of Midoriya's length, making it seemingly vanish into nothing. Her body rewarded her with an intense shiver of pleasure that sent a stream of moisture trailing down her thigh. She began to bring her head up and down, slowly increasing her pace until she was basically using his cock to throatfuck herself. Midoriya brought his hands onto her head to guide her at a pace he was comfortable with. The feeling was intense for him, but he had some ability to hold himself back due to several nights of pleasuring himself. Toru moaned into her boyfriend's dick at him suddenly taking a semblance of control, bringing her into a strong orgasm that left a stain of girlcum on the floor under her.. Maybe he was actually becoming more confident?


Toru continued to simultaneously finger herself and suck Midoriya's cock until the boy threw his head back and exclaimed "Toru! I'm gonna-!" In this moment, she quickly pulled herself off of his cock as he moaned loudly. Toru held her mouth open, watching as he finished the job himself. He aimed his load at her mouth, shooting off several ropes of cum into her throat, but it was too much for her to swallow all at once. Almost just as much cum was landing on her face, body, and the space behind her. The taste of Midoriya's cum was intoxicating, and she thoroughly enjoyed the warm feeling of it covering her body. She decided that it would be good to document the occasion. She pulled herself up to Midoriya's softening cock and bringing her free hand up to form a V with her fingers, snapping a selfie of her freshly bukkake'd form.



Midoriya's orgasm subsided, and he lowered his head to view the cock-drunk invisible girl knelt in front of him. "T-Toru, can I... do that for you too? I-I don't think it would be very fair if I didn't."


This thought made Toru blush. She looked down towards the carpet. "Don't worry about it... I got off during all of that, there's no need!" Returning her gaze back to Midoriya, she could see that he didn't agree. "O-Okay... if you want to."


He'd never done anything like it before, but as Toru climbed up on the bed, Midoriya couldn't help but feel like it was his duty. In those next moments, and with Toru's guidance, he explored her body, learning more about the invisible girl's beautiful form than he'd ever thought he would. With a kiss and exchange of affection, they left each other a few hours later feeling completely satisfied.


It really was a great day.



Later that night, Toru lay in her bed, affectionate thoughts of Deku swirling around in her head. She looked at the photo she'd taken in the moment, it didn't look quite as romantic as it had seemed to her at the time, but it was still hot. She decided to send it to Ochaco to tease her, and to another friend as more of an update. Toru was eager to see what reactions she'd get from the recipients.




Mina Ashido was chilling out in the common room when she'd felt her phone buzzing. It was probably Toru, she was supposed to do something with Midoriya that day. 'I wonder how that turned out?' she thought to herself. She pulled out her phone, ready to either congratulate or console her friend, she expected she'd need to do one of those. What she didn't expect was a photo, or the contents of it. There was her friend, face covered in cum, holding up a peace sign next to a massive cock she could only assume was Midoriya's. Fuck, Toru said he was big, but this... She wasn't joking around. Words failed Mina, as there was only one that could fit her thoughts in that moment:




Chapter Text

Ochaco Uraraka gazed toward the foot of her bed. She searched for words described how she'd been feeling that day. Anxious fit, but it implied active worry. Apprehensive. That was the better term. Her face held a glazed expression as she continued to sort through unrelated concepts and ideas to ease her mind.


'This is so dumb, why did I agree to this?' Almost like a mantra, these words repeated in Uraraka's mind. It was less the agreement she'd made with Toru to ask out Izuku together, more that she'd let her do it alone. What if this was secretly some plot that Toru had hatched to steal him right from under her? Sure, it was an unlikely possibility, but not entirely irrational considering the invisible girl's sudden intrusion yesterday. Tension building in her mind, she nearly shrieked when her phone went off next to her. It was a message from Toru. Uraraka shakily went through the process of unlocking her phone. Questions buzzed around in her mind. 'What did he say? Did she trick me? Did anything even happen between them?'


Any questions she had were answered by the three messages received:



<NowUCM3> he said yes ;p

<NowUCM3> and he wants to talk to you bout it tmrw in person



Ochaco breathed a sigh of relief. She'd been worried – a bit jealous, even – over nothing. She probably went over to his house, had a fun time, then ask- wait what?


Her train of thought ground to a screeching halt once she looked at the third message. It was a photo. It depicted what she could only assume was Toru's face, freshly covered with a massive volume of cum, pressed up against a towering cock. The invisible girl innocently held up one hand in a peace sign while the other held the monstrous member close to her face. That thing belonged to Izuku? That same sweet, nervous boy she'd come to love? Of course, to be fair, she hadn't seen many penises in her lifetime, but she had no idea they could grow to that size! Toru was absolutely telling the truth before.


Truth be told, Uraraka didn't care much about how large a man's penis was. That being said, the fact that such a timid boy was packing heat like that made it so much more appealing. She usually tried to stay clean-minded, but these circumstances were making it difficult. Biting her lip, she thought of Izuku holding her, telling her how beautiful she was, loving her all over. They would make love for hours. It was a warm and happy fantasy. She could feel the heat growing between her thighs as she held her phone close to her chest. Wait.


Damn. U.A was going to be resuming its normal schedule tomorrow. It would be more difficult to find the time to engage Izuku one on one with all of their classmates sticking their noses into the business of others. IIda would be easy to deal with, he was pretty understanding. Others like Jiro and Tsuyu tended to eavesdrop without really realizing it. Oh, and Mineta.


No. No more worries, this was something that could be dealt with tomorrow. 'Well, maybe I could see Izuku now...' she briefly considered. Of course, she was too nervous to even confess to him face-to-face, let alone talk to him afterwards. Those talks could wait until tomorrow.


A few hours later, as she was getting ready to sleep, thoughts of Izuku, Toru, and herself returned to her stream of consciousness. She realized that Toru had made more progress with her crush in one night than she had in several months. She never even had the courage to confess to him! This revelation ignited something within Uraraka. A competitive spirit that was suddenly encouraging her to push further, do even more than Toru did. 'Hmph, she used her mouth? Well, maybe I'll let him f... fu... take my virginity!' she exclaimed proudly to herself, stumbling over her own thoughts. Triumphantly, she threw herself onto the bed and wrapped herself in blankets before thinking again.


'Wait, what did I just say?'





Izuku Midoriya woke the next morning to the blaring sound of his phone's morning alarm. No matter how relaxing the song he chose, it always managed to piss him off to wake up hearing it. All Might's face covered the walls, and for a moment, Midoriya thought that he had dreamed the events of the previous night. It was all too perfect. As he went to turn off the alarm, he noticed he'd received some messages just before waking up:


<UUravitYY> Good morning! Can we talk alone about what Toru said to you last night?

<UUravitYY> We can try to get away from everyone around lunch, is that ok?


Midoriya was elated, it really had been real. He gave a swift reply:


<Dekiru2> Yes!

<Dekiru2> and good morning!


Quickly and confidently, Midoriya went through his early morning routine, getting school-ready within minutes. Nothing of note occurred until he reached the common room. As he passed through, he noticed Mina Ashido stare at him from across the room. There wasn't any hostility behind it, seeming more like a deer-in-headlights sort of look. Upon noticing her gaze being returned, Ashido drew a sharp breath and returned to her business. Weird. Does she know anything about what's going on? Her and Toru are pretty close. Maybe she even sent Toru onto him for some ulterior motive, why else would all of this be happening? Maybe even-


"It's too EARLY for this shit, Deku!" Bakugou shouted as he stormed past Midoriya.


Well it's a good thing Kacchan caught him mumbling before someone else heard him. Ashido was way too cool to pull off any sort of mean spirited stunt. Toru and Uraraka both had feelings for him, and the invisible girl asked on both of their behalf. He was just going to have to accept this, and move on.


Midoriya quickly ate and started to make his way towards the building's exit. On his way, he glanced towards Ashido, who was very clearly trying not to look towards him. He gave her a short greeting, "Good morning, Ashido!"


Her apparent nervousness immediately washed away upon hearing this, and she gave Midoriya a wide smile in response. "Hey Midoriya! Did ya sleep well last night?" She couldn't help but give a sly wink as the words left her mouth.


She clearly knew what was up. "U-uh yeah! Hah! You could say that." Midoriya stammered, averting his gaze towards the floor.


Ashido laughed, "Have fun, my dude!"


It was a bit of an odd thing to say, and gave even more evidence that she knew what had happened the night before. Midoriya didn't mind other people knowing, but he wasn't sure just how in the loop Ashido was on his new relationship. It didn't ease his mind when he caught Ashido stealing a quick glance at his crotch before quickly turning away and grinning. He might want to bring up the topic of privacy with Toru. He knew she was a transparent person and all, but this was ridiculous.


'Hah! I need to write that down.' He laughed to himself as he made his way towards the main campus.



Upon reaching the school's entrance, he saw Uraraka and Iida standing out front talking. Iida noticed Midoriya's presence first, and called him over, sending Midoriya into a sprinting pace.


"Good morning, Midoriya." Iida spoke with a large smile.


"Hey Iida!" he replied, shooting a look towards Uraraka as if to say 'Does he know?' His girlfriend caught on to the unspoken inquiry and shook her head. Now wasn't the time to talk about it anyways, class was soon to be in session.


He felt somewhat guilty that he had made no attempt to contact Uraraka the previous night, he could have even visited her in person. Then again, Midoriya was drained after his escapade with Toru, he wasn't in any state of mind to be talking about serious relationship stuff. Besides, they had agreed to discuss everything during lunch!


The trio made small talk for a few minutes before Iida pointed out that class would be starting soon. They made their way to homeroom as normal, though not without the slightest amount of extra contact between Midoriya and Uraraka. They joined at the shoulder almost subconsciously. Over the past several months, class mates had teased the pair for their closeness, yet unwillingness to take things any further. Even now, most would barely notice any difference from the pair's normal behavior. For Midoriya and Uraraka, however, this contact felt much more intimate in their minds, a light display of affection before they'd decided how the relationship was going to work.


As they entered homeroom, the couple allowed some distance for form between them. They wanted to avoid any possibility of teasing today.


Immediately, Midoriya noticed the clump of girls sitting on top of the desks at the back of the room. The only one not in the group was Tsuyu, who was busy talking to Tokoyami. Toru was turned towards the doorway, and instantly changed posture as she saw Midoriya and Uraraka enter the room. She began to bounce with joy and wave wildly at the duo. In this same instant, a couple of the girls in the group started giggling, and Mina shot a playful look in Midoriya's direction. A wide smile spread across her face as she beckoned Uraraka over.


Iida, feeling awfully out of the loop, bent forward and spoke, "What's going on, Midoriya? Have the girls done something to you?"


The boy looked over at Iida, who held a worried expression on his face. 'Does he think they're harassing me?' he wondered. Midoriya attempted to give a disarming response, "I-I have no clue, I think it's more about Uraraka than me!"


Iida straightened himself while simultaneously crossing his arms, "Hrm, well I'll need to ask her about it later. They're acting terribly suspicious, and it's my responsibility as class rep to ensure that each of my classmates feel safe!"


"Haha, yeah, good idea, hah! Who knows what they're up to?" Midoriya shifted around slightly, almost certain he knew exactly what the group was discussing. His suspicious behavior did not go unnoticed by Iida.


"Midoriya, if you know what's going on, it hurts me to know that you don't trust me enough to say so." he proclaimed.


Iida was genuinely concerned. Midoriya leaned back with a hand behind his head and attempted to reassure his friend, "Really, I don't know what's going on! Uraraka seems fine, so it's probably nothing." Good, that came out well. "If I did know, you'd be the first one to hear about it, trust me!"


Finally convinced, Iida nodded his head, "I do trust you. If you say that everything seems fine, I'll trust your judgment. I can act somewhat irrationally in my attempts to protect my classmates, I apologize for pressing you on this matter."


That made Midoriya feel terrible, "It's okay, really, I understand! You're a great class rep if you care so much about your students!" He gave Iida a genuine smile, which was returned in kind.



Class began shortly after, and for the next few hours, it was a standard school day. At lunch, however, Midoriya remembered that he and Uraraka had agreed to talk one-on-one. The three of them sat at their usual spot, finishing their food and chatting before Uraraka politely addressed Iida.


"Err, Iida? Could me and Midoriya talk about something? Alone?" she asked nervously.


Iida was confused for a moment before fulfilling her apparent request, "Absolutely! Just call me back over when you need me. Until then, I shall remain over there!" He pointed at a table two rows down. Marching over to the table, he sat himself next to Tsuyu, inserting himself into the conversation she was having with someone from General Studies.


The pair sat in awkward silence, both waiting for the other to speak first. Unsure of how to even start, Uraraka initiated the conversation.


"S-so, I guess we're a thing now?" she spoke softly, shifting in her seat as she did so. "You, me, and Toru?"


"Yeah," Midoriya replied, looking straight ahead at his girlfriend, "I had no idea you even liked me that way."


She blushed slightly, "I've had feelings for a while, but I wanted to focus on being a hero instead. You have Toru to thank for me confessing." This was hard, maybe talking in a massive room filled with their peers wasn't the best place to be discussing this. Midoriya looked more uncomfortable than before. Uraraka realized she'd have to be the forward one in this situation.


"You don't look so good, Izuku," she stated bluntly.


The statement sent Midoriya into a small panic, he was already messing everything up! "S-sorry! I've just never been with any girls like this before! I don't really know what to say!" He continued to spout off near gibberish in his panicked state, causing Uraraka to enter a giggling fit. Her lighthearted reaction calmed his nerves.


Clearing her throat after that little incident, Uraraka tried to break the romantic tension, "You're so cute when you're all worried. You don't have to get so worked up over nothing! Why should this be any more awkward than before?"


She had a point, there. Midoriya chastised himself mentally for his silly behavior. She was still the same girl he'd known during his time at U.A. However, he couldn't help but see her in a new light with their recent relationship upgrade.


"Y-you're right," he spoke in a softer tone, "it shouldn't be awkward." He straightened himself out, wearing a look of determination as he continued, "That's why I'm going to learn how relationships work! I'll work hard to become the world's number one boyfriend!"


That came out way louder and hammier than he meant it to.


Uraraka's face turned completely pink as she covered her mouth with her hands, trying her hardest not to burst into more laughter at her boyfriend's behavior. "Pfft... Just think of it the same as before, but now..." Her words trailed off as she leaned over the table. "We can do whatever we want!" she exclaimed, quickly giving Izuku a peck on the cheek and sitting herself back in her seat.


Midoriya's face turned the same shade of pink as his girlfriend's. The kiss was less passionate than the one he'd shared with Toru the night before, but felt just as affectionate.


Almost as if the thought of her had summoned her forth, Toru called out to the couple.


"Hey guys~!" she spoke loudly, bounding over to the table. She slid into the seats, moving next to Midoriya and pressing up against him. "Am I interrupting your talk?"


The sight of Toru pressing herself into Midoriya irked Uraraka. How could she be so bold having only really known Midoriya for a couple of days?


'Maybe she should sit next to him too!' she spoke to herself. This was starting to feel more and more like a competition to her.


Following her own thoughts, she stood out of her seat. "Not as long as there's room for me!" she shouted while sliding herself into the open space on Midoriya's right. She surprised herself with the move, it felt more like an instinct than a conscious effort. Her normally shy approach to relationships and discussing them seemed to dissipate when she thought about Toru and the progress she'd made with Midoriya. Perhaps Toru was giving her the motivation she needed to be forward with him?



Midoriya felt as if he was about to faint. This was really happening. "U-uh, maybe we shouldn't be doing this, w-we might get in trouble! Does anyone even know about... this?"


Toru heeded his words and backed off of him, with Uraraka following suit. She rubbed her hand on the back of her head and spoke, "Yeah, that's kinda what I was talking to the girls about this morning, I hope you're okay with that!"


"Well," Midoriya figured, "they were probably gonna catch on pretty fast, so it's good you got it out of the way!"


"In fact," Toru started to lean against him again, "Ashido mentioned how she's interested in 'getting a piece of you'"


"Oh! Oh, well, uh, maybe we should talk about that some other time. I'm already overwhelmed as it is!" Midoriya spoke in a disingenuous tone, Toru could tell he wasn't entirely opposed to the concept.


Uraraka, on the other hand, was pissed. This was not part of the agreement. She interjected loudly, "No! It's just supposed to be the three of us and that's it!" That sounded controlling. She took a deep breath before continuing, "You know I've had feelings for Izuku for a long time, him having a second partner wasn't even in consideration at first! I'd at least like to wait a while before thinking about getting anyone else involved..." Her voice cracked a bit during those last few words. She'd been in love with Midoriya, but had chosen to focus on hero work. It was a perfectly rational decision, now she was starting to feel punished for making that choice.


"Uraraka..." Midoriya started, "we can all talk about it whenever you're ready. As long as I have the two of you, I'm content!"


Toru was slightly disappointed, but understanding of her friend's feelings. "I'm sure she'll understand! Take as much time as you want to think about it, it won't be nearly as fun if you're not into it!"


"Y-yeah, I'll think about it..." Uraraka replied with a weakened inflection. Midoriya pulled her closer, putting her at ease and causing her to let out a sigh of contentment.


"You two should hang out together later, like, just the two of you. It would only be fair considering I got Izuku all to myself yesterday!" Toru suggested to the closely snuggled pair.


Midoriya smiled warmly at the suggestion, "That sounds great!" Uraraka grunted and nodded her head in agreement.




The conversation trailed off from there, the next couple of minutes were filled with content silence and lunchroom ambiance. Once it was time to head back to classes, Toru split away from Midoriya and Uraraka to hang out with Ashido. The remaining pair similarly joined back with Iida, who was eager to describe what he'd talked about with Tsuyu's table.


The conversation mostly revolved around some hypothetical morality situation that went over Midoriya's head. He didn't understand most of it, but Iida made it sound interesting. Uraraka had already heard and discussed the whole thing with Tsuyu herself, much to Iida's disappointment. It was entertaining in a 'would you rather' sort of sense. The conversation was interrupted, however, as they walked past the development studio. A familiar voice called out to Midoriya in particular.


"MIDORIYA, JUST IN TIME!" the voice boomed from the workshop. Of course, it was Mei Hatsume. Iida and Uraraka's moods were killed near-instantly by the support student's intrusion. "I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU TO TRY!" she shouted, despite it being mostly unnecessary as she was quickly closing the distance between them. Before Midoriya could react, Mei pulled out a small gun and fired a dart directly into his neck.


Midoriya started to scream in pain and shock as Iida immediately began to chastise the offender. "Hatsume! How dare you? What have you done to Midoriya?"


"Could you please ask first?!" Midoriya yelped as he pulled out the dart. Uraraka was half panicked, half amused by the bizarre situation.


Despite Iida yelling in her face, Hatsume didn't flinch backwards and maintained her standard smiling expression. "That is baby number four-hundred-twenty-seven! I don't have a name for it yet, but I collaborated with a fellow student to create them! Once they have a sample of DNA from the user, the compound in the darts can mimic the effects of emitter quirks!" she was very excited as she described the invention. "For some heroes, range will no longer be an issue!"


Midoriya started to feel a bit hot, "H-hey, Hatsume? What kind of quirk this dart mimicking?"


"Oh, their sweat acts like a debilitating aphrodisiac!" Mei said with a wide smile, staring intently at Midoriya for any signs of the dart's effectiveness.


"O-oh, no..." Midoriya groaned, as a rather significant sign of effectiveness began to let itself show. His face flushed as a large, obvious bulge started to form in his pants. He looked Mei in her scope-shaped eyes "How long does it last!?"


"No idea!" she replied, noticing the growing protrusion in his crotch. "But it's working so well! This is going to be my greatest baby yet!"


Uraraka and Midoriya realized that they were running late for class, and took the opportunity to leave as Iida continued to scream at Hatsume.



What followed for Midoriya was a long several hours of agonizing arousal. Every student in the school that was even mildly attractive to Midoriya became a distraction and an obstacle. During the last few minutes school, all he could think about was getting out, getting to his dorm, and getting off. He didn't want to hang out with Uraraka thinking only about sex the whole time. Sure, they were dating now, but he didn't know how far she was willing to take things.


His plans were cut short by Uraraka asking if he wanted to hang out immediately after school. In his mind, he wanted to ask her to wait a bit, but before he could get the words out, he found himself already in her room. Next thing he knew, they were snuggled up together on her bed. The aphrodisiacs were beginning to wear off, and Midoriya was thinking more rationally. Uraraka had her arms curled around him, comfortably curled at his side as they discussed foreign heroes.


"Germany's got a really awesome one, Übertragen! You know him?" Uraraka said, eager to talk about one of her favorites.


"Yeah! The one with the injury swapping quirk?" Midoriya lit up, he was a huge fan of the guy, perhaps the All Might of Germany.


Uraraka's excitement only grew as she got up to look through a small notebook she'd hid inside a drawer. "YES! I got an autograph from him when he came to Japan a couple of years ago, see?" she turned to two separate pages that had the words 'THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT, OCHAKO! - ÜBERTRAGEN' written and filled in to the point that it probably killed the pen used to write it.


Midoriya could feel himself nerding out, "So cool! Do you have any more autographs in there?!"


"Yeah, wanna see them?" she replied, already turning the book's pages.


They had a wonderful time talking, watching TV, and snuggling. Every once in a while, they would entwine themselves into a series of long, passionate kisses. Making out was intense for both of them, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of exploring each other's mouths, and to some extent, their bodies. It was turning out to be everything Uraraka had hoped it would be, except for one thing. In the back of her mind, she was still jealous of Toru. Her own feelings had brewed much longer, and become much more intense. She felt a need the take things farther than the invisible girl.


During one bout of kissing, in between panted breaths, Uraraka asked Midoriya a question, "I-Izuku... have the aphrodisiacs from earlier worn off?" The primary reason she'd asked was that she'd felt her boyfriend's eye-catching bulge prodding into her.


"They've weakened, mostly," he replied, holding her hips as he spoke, "but you're really bringing them back to full power."


It wasn't an exaggeration, either. This whole time he'd been feeling the same intense urges he'd felt during school. It took all he could to not just take Uraraka then and there, he wanted her to be ready.


Uraraka locked her dreamy gaze with Midoriya's, almost as if she'd read his mind in that moment, she spoke, "I think... I'm ready. I want for you to be my first."


Instantly, an issue crossed into Midoriya's mind, "But, we don't have any-"


He was interrupted by his girlfriend suddenly standing up and walking back over to her drawer, pulling out a small packet containing several pills. "Don't worry, I was prepared!" she spoke in a half-humorous-half-flirtatious tone. Popping one of the pills into her mouth, she made her way back over to the bed.


"H-here, let me start, I have some experience." Midoriya nervously spoke, lifting his shirt off of his body and exposing his heavily muscled chest.


That was the part that Uraraka had found most physically attractive about him. Her reaction to seeing his bare chest was instant, nearly drooling, she started to rub her hands over his abs. She moved her hands to his back, feeling the musculature of his form, planting kisses onto his pecs as she did so. Gently, Midoriya pushed her off so he could continue. He removed the pants that had been constraining his arousal for the better part of the day, leaving only his pair of briefs that were nearly being torn by the massive manhood they were attempting to contain.


Uraraka had begun to strip herself down as well, quickly removing her shirt and pants as Midoriya did. She tried to make it look sexy, but she didn't really have to. Just the act of being near-naked was enough to have a serious effect on her boyfriend.


As Uraraka presented herself before him, Midoriya had moved closer, ready to undo her bra for her. Toru had taught him how to do this during their time together. He unhooked the straps on her back, letting her large breasts bounce out freely. His jaw dropped, he'd never seen a girl's chest in person before, though Toru had been completely naked in front of him the previous day. This was different, he could see Uraraka's.


She giggled lightly at Midoriya's reaction, taking the opportunity to remove her plain white panties, leaving a pearlescent trail of arousal as she dropped them to the ground.


Midoriya was awestruck, and quietly spoke, "You're beautiful, Ochaco." He instantly blushed at his usage of her name, "S-sorry!"


She merely laughed in response, "It's okay, Izuku."


He couldn't stand it any longer, pulling off the gray briefs holding him back, allowing his cock to finally spring free.


'Good god!' Uraraka spoke to herself, it was even bigger in person. It proudly stood at attention, distending far from Midoriya's body. Beneath the monstrous shaft hung a large pair of round, heavy balls, and a distinctively masculine musk filled the air. It almost felt like Midoriya had a secret aphrodisiac quirk of his own. She was prepared for all of this, grabbing a bottle of lube from her seemingly bottomless drawer. A generous amount was applied to Midoriya's cock, Uraraka rubbing her hands along the shaft to spread it along. The mixture of this and her own natural lubricant would be more than enough.


"Okay, I think I'll be most comfortable doing it like this,"she moved herself onto the bed, presenting herself to him on all fours, "Is this okay?"


"I-it's perfect, you're perfect." he said as he positioned himself on top of her, pressing his tip lightly against her entrance.


She grunted at the contact, "Please, start slowly, I'm new to this."



As soon as he started to push forward, he could tell that she wasn't lying. Her inner walls clamped down on his first few inches like a vice. It wasn't unspeakable pain, but his girth combined with it being her first time caused some blood to be drawn as he continued to fill her.


"P-please stop for a second!" she grunted as she felt something inside of her break, she certainly wasn't a virgin anymore. He wasn't even sheathed halfway inside of her, and she needed a moment's rest to take it all in.


She took a deep breath, "Okay, keep going."


The first few minutes were grueling, particularly for Midoriya. Her pleasure came before his in this moment, however, and he wanted her to feel love, not pain. Eventually, he managed to bottom out inside of her, held completely within. Her pussy had taken his cock's shape with surprisingly little resistance in comparison to his size, feeling almost as if they were a perfect fit for each other.


Slowly and methodically, Midoriya began to pump himself in and out of her warm tunnel, eliciting blissful moans from the beautiful girl under him. It wasn't much of a hard, sweaty fuck, but closer to slow, passionate love-making. She became more and more accustomed to his shape, taking him with increasing ease and eagerness. As resistance decreased, Midoriya's speed would slightly increase, placing his hands on her plump ass for leverage.


"Y-you can go faster ah! if you want..." Uraraka spoke between her moans, feeling utterly entranced by passion and infatuation her boyfriend.


He wasted no time in taking her up on this offer. Harder, he began to pound his cock at a more rapid pace. Each thrust seemed to cause her voice to increase in pitch slightly more, moaning his name as he started to claim her. Something was burning inside of Midoriya, an animalistic desire to breed. The aphrodisiacs he'd been given were clouding his thoughts outside of pleasing himself and his partner. Any outside noise was blocked out in favor of their moans and the wet sounds of a hard pounding.


As he continued to fuck Uraraka with increasing vigor, he discovered a certain spot that would make her shiver whenever he made contact with it. Memorizing its location, he would intentionally drag his dick along the spot, soaking it with pre and causing Uraraka to cry out. Her orgasms seemed endless, with the girl cumming repeatedly from Midoriya's savage thrusts.


Midoriya's moans continued to increase in intensity as he reached his peak. He pressed himself onto Uraraka as he spoke in a surprisingly hard tone, "Ochaco, I'm close!"


"J-just do it inside!" she managed to reply as she reached a similar state of ecstasy.


They came in unison, Midoriya drenching Uraraka's inner walls with a thick layer of his spunk. He remained buried inside of her until his orgasm finally subsided, pulling out with an audible plop! Her eyes were rolled up towards the ceiling, her body slightly shaking from the sensation of her well-filled pussy.


Midoriya threw himself beside her, wrapping his arm around her waist. "Sorry, I don't know what came over me."


Uraraka gave a content moan and turned to face him, "I don't know what you mean, you were great."


They pressed their faces against one another's, making out in the afterglow of a good first time. Something about those aphrodisiacs must have done something to turn him into a sexual beast. He'd have to try it again sometime.


"Izuku?" Uraraka spoke softly, looking him in the eyes.


"Yeah?" he replied.


"I love you."


Without hesitation, he smiled, "I love you too, Ochaco."





Mina Ashido hung out in her usual spot in the common room, Kyouka Jiro sitting right beside her. The pink-haired girl stared down somewhat dejectedly at her phone, slightly disappointed by the rejection of her request to "get to know" Midoriya. To be fair, Toru had told her that they'd think about it, but it felt the same as rejection.


In her carelessness, she swiped over to the photo that Toru had taken during her night with Midoriya at the very same time Jiro glanced over.


A sly smile crept across Jiro's face as she quickly swiped Ashido's phone from her grasp. "Hey, what's this, now? Gotta be Midoriya, right?"


Ashido started blushing hard, "Don't worry about it! You're not supposed to see that, give it back!"


Jiro ignored Ashido's pleas, instead continuing to tease her, "Wow, he's pretty gifted, huh? Hey Tsu, come check this out!" she shouted towards the frog girl.


This was beginning to piss Mina off, "No, no! Don't look at it! Dammit Jiro give me my fucking phone!"


Tsuyu didn't even have to approach to see what they were talking about, she could tell from across the room. "You really shouldn't be flaunting around nude photos of others, Jiro," she croaked.


"Yeah, yeah I'm just messing around, jeez." she huffed, rolling her eyes as she returned Mina's phone. "You wouldn't mind sending that pic to me, would you? It is pretty nice."


Ashido wasn't sure how to answer that, "Uh, you should probably ask Toru for it."


"Yeah, yeah, sure. She could probably make a killing off of selling pictures like that, though. Midoriya really is full of surprises." Jiro shot a playful look towards Ashido.


"I'll say, kero. Have you seen what he looks like underneath his clothes? He's shockingly buffed out." Asui chimed in, she'd had plenty of times where she'd accidentally (sometimes not) felt up the boy.


The conversation was killed in an instant by Kirishima running into the room. "I swear to god I heard somebody say nudes, what's going on, I've gotta see this!"


Jiro gave the intruding boy a death glare, "I think I'm gonna go to my room, now," she scoffed as she walked away.


Kaminari was slightly disappointed at the lack of any ensuing drama, the word 'nude' being mentioned at any point usually meant something was going down. 'Hmph, just boring times as always in these damn dorms,' he thought as he started to make his way towards his room.


Asui and Ashido eventually walked back to their own dorms as well. Everything was quiet, and within the next hour, the entire building was calm and fast asleep. Even in her dreams, Ashido would be plagued by frustrated thoughts. It wasn't fair, she hadn't been feeling like this before, why now? Her thoughts were all about Midoriya. Why is it that suddenly when her friend is dating him, she had to find him so damn cute?


Uraraka needed to make up her damn mind already.

Chapter Text

U.A's Development Studio was truly a tinker's dream. The room was originally meant to serve as Power Loader's workshop to modify students' costumes. Things had been different this year. Instead, a different character had essentially taken residence in the workshop. Mei Hatsume.


Hundreds upon hundreds of failed and incomplete inventions lay strewn across every nook and cranny of the Development Studio. She would refer to them as her 'babies', showing infatuation and fascination with each individual until they would be tossed aside for her next spontaneous idea. Some worked better than others. Some were simply disastrous. A good many caused damage not only to the workshop, but to other students. In each of these incidents, Power Loader would be there to "discipline" Hatsume. This usually consisted of him simply telling her off and threatening further action, though he'd never actually do anything. Mei knew that he considered her mind far too valuable to hamper, so she often pushed the boundaries of what would be considered acceptable.


That being said, Power Loader was beyond pissed this time.


"...and I don't even want to know how many students you actually shot with the damn thing." he shouted, waving around Hatsume's newest baby. It was a dart gun of her design, meant to give close-ranged emitter heroes an edge in combat by mimicking the effects of their abilities.


She grinned widely, not quite understanding what she had done wrong,"I lost count, I needed a large sample size!"


"I said I didn't want anymore explosions in here, perhaps I was foolish to think you'd realize I wanted you to stop building anything that could harm students." In his anger, he threw the gun onto the floor. "Even then, I wouldn't have thought you'd actively antagonize them!"


Mei simply shrugged, "Well obviously, how else was I supposed to test the aphrodisiac?" She'd shot multiple students with her darts, warning each merely seconds in advance, and with dubious consent. The turn-on quirk, it turned out, was infectious to some degree. It became less potent with each carrier, but it had still managed to make about a fifth of U.A's student body maddeningly horny.


Power Loader was about to scream. "The POINT is that I don't want you building weapons in my studio! You've acted recklessly before, but this is something completely different. I don't believe I have any other choice, Hatsume."


Her heart began to sink, and the smile she'd been wearing the entire day began to fade. There was no way- he'd never...


"...than to suspend you from the Development Studio." he finished.


No, no, no. This was nightmarish. Inconceivable. The worst possible thing she could have imagined. Mei felt a need to beg, "W-wait, no! I won't do anything like this again, I'll even destroy the gun! Just let me toss it out, you can be on your way, and we can pretend this never happened!"


Power Loader shook his head, "No, you clearly don't listen when your infractions go unpunished. If I see you in here at all in this next week, your leave will be permanent."


A week?! Sure, to some, this may seem like a trivial banishment, but when you spend a good two-thirds of your day in the damn place, it would seem as if your whole life had been thrown off balance.


She felt like she was on the verge of tears, "No, no! C'mon, there needs to be something I can do to make up for this!"


"Doubtful," he replied, "though you can start by apologizing to the students whose lives you disrupted today."


Mei nodded her head rapidly, "Yeah! I can do that! I'll fix everything, then you'll let me back in, right?"


Power Loader groaned, "Probably not, but we'll see." He was very much lying. He had no intentions of letting Mei back into the workshop during the next week, it'd be like a vacation for him. Though, it wouldn't be a particularly relaxing vacation if she continued to harass him into letting her back in early, so he decided to send her on a wild goose chase instead. Anything to keep her out of his hair.



Mei took the bait perfectly, almost bolting out of the studio as soon as school was finished. She usually stayed in the workshop for a few hours after school ended, and she wanted to get back to her usual schedule ASAP.


There was a slight problem, though.


She had no idea what student's she'd actually used her baby on. The patient zeroes were already difficult to recall or locate, it was hopeless to try searching for secondary cases of horny bastards. Everyone was forgettable, she didn't give a damn about many students at U.A, especially the ones she'd used as guinea pigs.


Well, there was one she liked.



Making her way to her friend's room, Mei started to shout for him while rapidly knocking on his door.




No response.


She continued for a little while, nearly bashing the door open with her repeated knocking. There was no way she was gonna give up on this. Her repeated attempts to summon Midoriya were only halted by a voice behind her.


"He's not in his dorm right now," a distinctly feminine voice spoke.


"Eh? Where is he then?" Mei replied.


Mei turned around to view the stranger she'd been approached by. She was confused by what she saw, or rather, what she didn't see. The girl's body was completely invisible, her presence only noticeable by the plain clothes she was wearing.


"Ochaco Uraraka's dorm. You're Mei Hatsume, right? With the Zoom quirk?" the invisible girl continued to speak, boring Hatsume.


"Uh-huh, yeah. Where is Uraraka's dorm?" she interrupted with a visibly uninterested expression.


The invisible girl jumped slightly at Mei's interjection, "O-oh! Uhm, fourth floor, girls' side, end of the hall!"


"Okay, bye!" Mei shouted, dashing towards the elevator, leaving her invisible acquaintance utterly confused by what just happened.



Well, there was obviously a girl in this dorm. A very excited girl with a very creaky bed. This was all of the information Mei bothered to gather as she started banging on the door of Uraraka's room.


A few moments passed, but all of the noises emanating from the room continued. She started to hear a male voice to, must be Midoriya.






Mei figured out exactly what was going on. She'd dug her own damn grave. How could a couple be so loud and not have the entire building complaining about the noise? Were all the other students off banging each other too?! How was she supposed to apologize under these conditions?


"Arghhh! Damn you, Power Loader! I bet if you could hear how very obviously happy these two are right now you'd rescind your beliefs that I've disrupted their lives." Mei sighed, they did sound like they were having fun in there. She had no time for such things, however. Well, not until now, that is. Even then, there wasn't a single boy in U.A she'd even consider thinking about in a romantic sense.


Well, maybe besides... No. From the noises she was currently hearing, he was clearly taken. Oh well. This was a total waste of time at this point.


'I'll just talk to him later.' Mei thought to herself as she walked back towards the elevator. The sounds coming from Uraraka's room reached a peak, causing her to slightly blush behind her constant smile. They must be having a wild time in there.






Midoriya was woken up by his phone the next morning, and was instantly greeted with the sight of his girlfriend dressing herself.


"Good morning Izuku!" Uraraka smiled as she turned toward him.


He blinked twice, still groggy as he attempted to form a response, "Uh... good... morning."


She laughed lightly at his languidness, "I know now's not exactly a good time, but I'll forget if I don't ask now." This brought Midoriya to attention, as much as he could afford in his recently woken state. Looking away slightly, Uraraka continued, "Would you really be interested in inviting other girls into this thing we have between you, me, and Toru?"


Normally, Midoriya would have instantly given a resounding 'yes', for now though, all he could manage was "Oh... kay..." before slowly climbing out of the bed. He was still nude from the previous night, causing Uraraka to run her eyes up and down his muscular body, biting her lip as she did so.


Catching herself staring, Uraraka snapped herself out of her trance. "Well... I guess I'd be fine with it if you're interested, I trust all of them," god, his body was really distracting. "Your clothes are over there, might want to put them on before heading back to your room," she giggled.


He looked down towards the spot she'd been referring to. Contrary to her wild claims, there were no clothes to be found in that particular spot. For some reason, Uraraka found this troubling lack of clothing to be especially funny, attempting to hide her laughter by covering her mouth. Midoriya figured out why rather quickly, as he looked up to see his clothes floating a few feet above his head. Continuing her laughter, Uraraka released her quirk's grip on the clothing, letting them flop down onto Midoriya's weary face. The situation elicited laughter from the boy, fully awakening his mind.


"Sorry, sorry, I should be letting you get ready!" she apologized, grinning widely at Midoriya now that she'd finally woken him up.


"Heh, it's alright, you snapped me back to reality," Midoriya responded as he dressed himself.


Uraraka walked over to him, "I had a great time last night."


Fully dressed, Midoriya wrapped his arms around her, "Me too." Suddenly, he pulled her in for a kiss that seemed to last for hours, time well spent in their minds. It broke as suddenly as it began, with the couple saying their see-you-later's and I-love-you's before Midoriya headed back to his dorm. It would only be about an hour before they saw each other at school, but he already felt some heartache being separated from Uraraka. These feelings were dampened somewhat when another lovely figure greeted him in the elevator.



"Good morning!" Toru said gleefully, bringing Midoriya into a hug as soon as he was close enough.


Midoriya eagerly returned her affections, "Good morning, Toru!"


Releasing him from her death grip, Toru made him bend down slightly so she could give him a peck on the lips. She lightly bumped him with her elbow while speaking, "How did things go last night with Ochaco?"


Midoriya went wide-eyed at the inquiry. Sure, they were all part of this, but he still felt awkward discussing it.


"U-uh, you know, we uh... kissed and stuff!" he stammered.


"Oh yeah, I bet you 'kissed' aaaaaall night long with how threadbare you look!" she spoke in a flirtatious tone, giving Midoriya a quick swat on the butt as she did so. The sudden strike elicited a yelp from the boy.


"W-well if you're so curious to know why don't you join us sometime?" Midoriya said without really thinking about the implications.


"Mm, good thinking! I'd totally like to make that happen~" Toru happily replied.


It took him a moment to register that he'd just accidentally asked and been granted permission for a three-way. Smooth.


"Oh, that reminds me!" Midoriya exclaimed, "I think Uraraka is okay with Ashido being part of this. I'm not sure though, I was really out of it when she was talking and the subject changed really quickly."


"Pfft, you have no idea how lucky you are," Toru teased, "if the other guys find out about any of this, they'd probably try to kill you!" The elevator doors opened to the second floor as she continued, "I'll be sure to mention it to Ashido, she'll be really happy to know."


Midoriya nodded in response. When he went to leave, he suddenly grabbed Toru's ass before slapping it as he walked out of the elevator.


Toru let out a small scream in response before chiding him, "Izukuuuuu!"


He looked back towards her as he walked down the hall, "Revenge."


As the elevator doors were almost shut, Toru suddenly remembered something, "OH, IZUKU! MEI HATSUME WAS LOOKING FOR YOU!" She wanted to ask if he'd spoken with her the previous night, but the doors were already shut after her first declaration.


'Huh? Really? I guess I should talk to-' his thoughts were interrupted by his phone buzzing.



<NowUCM3> mei hatsume was lookin for u


<Dekiru2> Lol I heard you


<NowUCM3> o lol


<NowUCM3> did u talk to her?


<Dekiru2> No


<Dekiru2> Oh god


<Dekiru2> Do you think she heard me and Ura?


<NowUCM3> lmao maybe


<NowUCM3> gonna shower, talk to u at school, love u <3


<Dekiru2> Love you too



He backed out of his chat with Toru, checking his recent messages. He noticed he'd received multiple chat requests the previous from a new contact. BabyMaker37. There was only one person that could be.



<BabyMaker37> Is this Midoriya?


<BabyMaker37> Please respond, there is something important I need to say.


<BabyMaker37> Hey.


<BabyMaker37> Midoriya?


<BabyMaker37> Really, it's important.


<BabyMaker37> This app is cool.


<BabyMaker37> Haha. Look at these.



Scrolling down, Midoriya found that Hatsume had sent him dozens of memes and images. It was a good thing his phone was on Do Not Disturb yesterday. He accepted the chat request and began to respond.



<Dekiru2> Hatsume?



The response was near-instantaneous.



<BabyMaker37> HEY MIDORIYA


<BabyMaker37> Did you see my pictures?


<Dekiru2> Yes.


<BabyMaker37> Did you like them?


<Dekiru2> Your memes are top quality.


<BabyMaker37> Your praise means nothing to me, I'm on another level.


<BabyMaker37> KIDDING




<Dekiru2> What happened?


<Dekiru2> To make you apologize I mean


<BabyMaker37> Because I felt bad about shooting you.


<Dekiru2> Stop lying


<BabyMaker37> Because Power Loader banned me from the Dev Studio so now I'm apologizing to people so he can let me back in.


<Dekiru2> Oh okay


<Dekiru2> How many students did you shoot?


<BabyMaker37> Many. Plenty more got the aphrodisiac spread to them through contact.


<Dekiru2> Wow


<BabyMaker37> Yah I lost track, be proud I remembered you haha.


<Dekiru2> I feel so special :D


<BabyMaker37> Good. I'll talk to you later.


<BabyMaker37> One more thing: you and your girlfriend should try and make your "activities" less obvious to the entire building. HAH!



Well, shit. Hopefully she was exaggerating with that last part.






Midoriya entered U.A holding hands with Uraraka, Iida third-wheeled alongside the two.


He smiled lightly at the couple, "Congratulations on your relationship, you seem very happy together."


"Thank you Iida!" Uraraka responded while turning towards him, "when are you gonna get a girlfriend?"


Iida was startled by the response and stammered, "I... Well... That kind of thing isn't important to me right now, Uraraka! I'm sure the right lady will come along some time in the future!"


She nodded, "I was kind of the same. Part of me knew I liked Midoriya but I wanted to focus more on becoming a pro. I guess it's a good thing Toru came along to push me forward!"


The group continued their conversation down the halls. As they walked, Midoriya noticed Kirishima giving him a sly smile and a thumbs up as he passed them. Midoriya responded by grinning nervously and shrugging.



They approached homeroom, and saw Jiro standing outside the door with her back against the wall. Her eyes narrowed slightly when she noticed the them heading to class, "Well if it isn't the newlyweds! Ashido's been looking for you, shouldn't keep her waiting any longer."


Iida went in first, followed by Midoriya and Uraraka. As soon as they entered her vision, Ashido rushed them.


"MIDORIYA, MY DUDE!" she pulled up Midoriya's arm and forced a high-five unto him, "WANNA SMASH LATER?" The words were spoken so loudly that he nearly wanted to cover his face from embarrassment. All of the girls in the class were already watching the situation unfold, with Ashido's words bringing several of the guys to attention. Sero's jaw dropped at the sudden attention Midoriya was receiving from not one- but two girls.


"Uh- er- that's fine, but... can we talk about it later and... not scream about it in front of the entire class?" Midoriya weakly replied.


"Talking about screaming," Asui inserted herself into the discussion, "Yaoyorozu was just talking about the things she was hearing from the room below hers, you must have been really giving it to Ochaco, Midoriya. Kero."


Yaoyorozu gasped at her name being mentioned, glaring at Asui with an offended look on her face, "Tsu! Don't-" She let out a long sigh, putting her hands over her face and hanging her head.


Ashido was mostly ignoring everything around her, focusing on Midoriya and Uraraka, "Was it true what Toru was saying? That you'd let me join you guys?"


"TORU?!" Sero shouted while standing up from his seat.


"Yeah... but..." Uraraka started before being interrupted by Jiro poking her head into the room.


"Hey if you guys are starting a big fuck-triangle thing, I'm in," she snickered before going back into the hallway.


Midoriya was starting to feel overwhelmed, it was already enough being crowded by girls, but with them all essentially asking to have sex with him in a populated classroom, he couldn't form words.


Toru saw the chaos from her seat and got up to intervene for her boyfriend, "Hey, this is nice and all, but could we maybe talk about this some other-"


She was interrupted by Bakugou in the doorway, "WHAT IS GOING ON?! GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE DOOR, YOU'RE BLOCKING TRAFFIC."


Iida joined in to yell at the crowd for blocking the doorway and harassing Midoriya. It was all becoming too much for the boy.


"Okay, seriously, stop harassing him, let's all talk about this later." Toru stamped her foot on the ground.


Jiro appeared in the doorway behind the pissed off Bakugou, "Harassing? That's rich coming from the bathroom spy."




"Whoa. Uh, yeah... sorry..." Ashido spoke in a low tone, sliding over to make way.


Toru turned towards Jiro, who looked mortified by what she'd just said, "Fuck, sorry." she said partially to Toru and partially to Midoriya.


"I don't care about the shower thing, I'd already figured that it was you in there a couple of days ago. You don't have to worry about it, Toru." Midoriya spoke, "Look, I think you're all beautiful, and I'd be perfectly fine with doing whatever you want to do with me, but we need to talk about this in a more secluded space, okay?"


"Y-yeah, cool." Ashido mumbled while moving back to hear seat. She felt shitty about being obnoxious and causing chaos, but she was actually more attracted to Midoriya now that he'd shown a more assertive side. Like he said, though, now wasn't the time to talk about this.


"Okay, great. Glad that's done with. I don't know what just happened and I don't care, just let me GET TO MY FUCKING SEAT." Bakugou yelled, sending everyone walking back to their desks.


As Midoriya sat down, Sero whispered to him, "Hey Midoriya, do you think you could teach me a thing or two?"






The rest of the school day went by uneventfully. After everyone had gotten home, Toru took the liberty of starting a group chat with 1A's girls and Midoriya.



<NowUCM3> hey all! can everyone meet at my dorm? i want to continue the conversation from this morning


<NowUCM3> also jiro no more throwing shade, k?


<JackOnJackOff> yeah okay sorry.


<FroppyJalopy> Busy. Will join asap


<NowUCM3> ok! cant wait :P



Toru was giddy with excitement. If it all worked out, this was gonna be fun.


Midoriya and Uraraka were the first to arrive, with him holding the door open for her. They immediately sat themselves on the bed as Toru joined them.


Snuggling up beside Midoriya, Toru greeted them, "Hey guys~!"


"Hey Toru, ready to loan off our man?" Uraraka teased, toying with the idea in her mind.


"You know what? I like the way that sounds, we could start a business off of this." Toru replied half-seriously.


In the same instant, Jiro let herself in without knocking.


"I would have come as soon as you sent the message to everyone, but I was listening to music at the time," she spoke in an exhausted tone.


Uraraka cocked her head, "Can't you just pause music in the middle?"


Jiro seemed genuinely offended by the thought, "Ura, please don't ever say that again."


Toru said nothing during all of this, simply glaring at Jiro. Her foot was tapping on the ground repeatedly, almost as if she was waiting for Jiro to say something.


Her apparent irritation was noticed by her newest guest, with Jiro holding a guilty expression, "Hagakure, are you still mad about what I said this morning? What happened to 'no throwing shade'?"


Toru sighed, "It just really stung is all."


"Midoriya said he's fine with what happened, there's no be so strung up about it!"


"It's just the idea of it! It was just so... wrong. Abusing my quirk to get a free look at a naked boy isn't what I'd call heroic," the invisible girl hugged Midoriya harder, "I'm so lucky to have him forgive me so easily. It's just something I want to be an awful part of the past, and not who I am now."


Jiro gave a small 'hmph' and replied, "Got it, got it. Sorry again."


Toru bounced lightly to show approval as two more guests entered the room. Yaoyorozu waved nervously and quietly sat herself down. Ashido, on the other hand, nearly threw herself into the room in her excitement.


"Hell yeah, everyone's here! We're starting this without Asui, right?" Ashido exclaimed, barely containing her enthusiasm.


Uraraka nodded, "I think so, she'll be here in a little bit so she can join in on the conversation whenever."


"I don't think it'll take that long," Jiro stated plainly, "Midoriya, everyone in here wants to fuck you. What's your verdict, yes or no?"


Midoriya went wide-eyed and began to stutter, "W-wait, don't just put me on the spot like that! W-why would you even want to do something like that with m-me?" He wrapped his hands around both Toru and Uraraka's waists, he had some idea of what the other girls' reasons would be.


Yaoyorozu cleared her throat, "Well, Ashido had shown us some photos of you and Toru-"


"Did not! Jiro sent those!" Ashido interjected.


"We saw photos of you and Toru," she continued, glaring at Ashido before looking back towards Midoriya, "and we found out that you're very... erm..." She began to blush, unsure of the right words to use to avoid sounding vulgar.


"You're hot as hell and your dick is huge," Jiro interrupted before things could get too awkward.


"Uhm, you're very sweet and heroic as well..." Yaoyorozu scratched at her neck, clearly Jiro had taken the words right out of her mouth.


Jiro threw her arms into the air, "Am I wrong, though?"


Yao averted her eyes, this felt so perverted, "...Err, no..." She pushed her heavy breasts together with her arms, still looking off to the side, "I was actually wondering if... I could see it? In person, I mean."


Midoriya gulped, "Do I really have to in front of everyone?"


"I mean, if you want me to believe it was all smoke and mirrors and you've actually got an adorable little two-incher down there... You can pussy out." Jiro chided.


Toru looked at Jiro, "You shouldn't pressure him into doing things he doesn't want to do."


Jiro scoffed at the reply, "Is someone gonna keep a tally of how many times Hagakure says some hypocritical shit? Seriously, the fuck's up with you today?" She bent towards Toru, holding her arms out as if she was about to giver her a hug, though with the tension between them, it probably would have been more like strangling.


Toru's face wasn't visible, but anyone watching could tell that she was fuming. Her anger, however, was rapidly subsiding as her breathing pace slowed, "Y-you're right. I'm sorry."


"Forget about it, just forget it ever happened, any of the shit we've said today." Jiro laid herself down on the floor, spreading out her arms and legs, "I don't know if the stuff that Support Class girl did has been messing with us or something, but I've said some regrettable shit, and so have you. So forget about it all, okay?"


"Yeah. Okay." Toru replied, bouncing lightly.


"Wait, Jiro, were you shot by Mei's darts too?" Midoriya asked.


"Yeah, and I've been horny as hell ever since," she suddenly closed her legs as the words left her mouth, "It's been getting weaker though."


Toru leaned forward, "I was affected too, actually. I wasn't shot, but Izuku must have spread it to me."


"Sorry about that!" Midoriya laughed nervously with a guilty expression, "Well I noticed that after me and Uraraka... did... y'know, that, the effects of the aphrodisiac quirk went away."


Jiro blushed while placing her hands on her stomach, "Are you suggesting that we fuck? Because I'd probably rather go after someone else."


Midoriya cried out in panic, "I didn't mean it like that! I mean, not like I wouldn't want to or anything, I'm just saying that if you have any sort of orgasm it could-"


"Hey I don't wanna be a jerk," Ashido interrupted, "but you kinda left Yaoyorozu hanging, you gonna show off or not?"


"Okay, alright, I'll do it," he replied, puffing his chest to feign confidence. He quickly stood and stripped himself of his pants, then removing his underwear to let his massive manhood hang loose.



Ashido made her thoughts obvious with a wide, open-mouth grin. Yaoyorozu pressed her thighs together, moving her hands to rest on her lap as she stared. Jiro looked to be in shock, silently mouthing 'holy shit'.


"Okay, Uraraka," Jiro coughed to gain her attention, "that's not even his hard length, and you mean to tell me you took all of that?"


Uraraka said nothing, only nodding her head and smiling.


Yaoyorozu suddenly stood, walking over to Midoriya and getting on her knees, "I'd like to touch it. Please."


Midoriya was taken slightly aback by the request, rubbing the back of his head and nodding his head.


Shakily, she wrapped her hands around his shaft, struggling to fit them entirely around his girth. She began to move her hands in a pumping motion, Yaoyorozu wasn't a virgin by any means, but she'd never done something like this for a man before, and especially not for one so virile. Attempting to find a good rhythm, she focused less on the speed with which she was stroking, and more on how it might be making him feel.


"Does this feel good, Midoriya?" she looked up at him to see his reaction, though his rapidly hardening member was giving her and idea of how he felt.


He grunted and nodded in response, "Your hands feel- nnf-! So soft!"


His pleasure served as encouragement for her to continue. Her eyes widened as his cock continued to grow in length, pulling itself upwards to spear itself outwards from his body. Precum had begun to leak from the tip, with Momo catching some on her finger. She made a show of tasting his pre for herself, moaning loudly as she licked it off of her hand. The effect she was having on the boy gave her more confidence, making her feel like some sort of seductress. At the same time, she was starting to feel as if she had less and less control. When he was horny, it seemed like Midoriya was a completely different person, quickly becoming more dominant and confident. She wanted to avoid showing her submissive streak off to her friends, but the fact that she was on her knees in such of a strong, virile man was making her feel incredibly hot. Just the thought of him pinning her down, completely dominating her from behind, grabbing her-


She was startled from her thoughts as Tsuyu suddenly entered the room. The frog girl froze once she realized what they'd been doing without her.



"Oh, we're already starting? Alright, kero." She spoke before rapidly extending her tongue and wrapping it around Midoriya's shaft. Yaoyorozu took her hands off of his cock before Asui's tongue could reach them. She was slightly disappointed, but intrigued to see what Tsu could do.


She had seemingly no trouble speaking with her tongue out, "I've always wanted to do something like this, but I've never met a guy with a dick big enough for it to be any fun." She strode over to the boy, wrapping more of her slick tongue around his prick with each step. Upon reaching her target, she instantly deepthroated the entirety of his length as the girls of 1A looked on in awe.


"Ohmygod, Tsu, you have no idea how long that took me!" Toru shouted, becoming increasingly aroused by the display.


Asui paid no mind, she'd had plenty of practice with using her mouth and throat, as well as fellating several men. Despite this, Midoriya was still proving to be a bit of a challenge for her, even with use of her frog physiology. She jerked him off with her tongue as she vigorously bobbed her head up and down his dick, essentially facefucking herself. Her pants were down slightly, her hand forced into her cunt, rubbing herself off. Eventually, she unimpaled herself from the brutal fellatio once she'd felt his cock begin to throb heavily, feeling up his swollen testes with her tongue as she did so. He was close, but she wasn't going to let him finish just yet. Upon release, she threw her head back and starting gasping for air, continuing to get herself off.


"H-hold off- guh... -a bit longer," she managed to speak as Midoriya let out a frustrated grunt. She'd wrapped her tongue around his sack, apparently intending to blue-ball him for a bit, perhaps to give the other girls an opportunity to join in.


Ashido had been touching herself absentmindedly through all of this, gleefully exclaiming "You're a goddamn champion, Asui! Lemme get in on this!" as she hopped towards Midoriya.


Momo was practically drooling at the sight of Midoriya's now spit-covered cock, though she was hesitant to join Ashido and Asui in servicing him. She looked up at his face, and saw her gaze returned by his. The exchange was wordless, but something about his glare compelled her to help in sucking him off. Maybe it was just her perverted submissive mind telling her to do so, she didn't care.


Ashido swirled her tongue around on his cock before moving back a bit, "Mmmfuck! It tastes so good! Unless it's Asui's spit or something, then... gross." She was also quite experienced with sex, but she'd never been so intoxicated by the taste of a man's cock before. Was she also under the effects of the aphrodisiac? Whatever the case, she was more eager than ever before.


"Shut up and suck dick, if we're making this a team effort, I'd like to join in." Jiro said, crawling directly in front of Midoriya, licking the tip as she wrapped a hand around it.


Toru and Uraraka looked at each other, uncertain of what to do to participate in what was apparently a group activity. His cock was fully occupied, one might say. Simultaneously, they had the same idea. Joining the rest of the girls on their knees, the two girls positioned themselves beneath his balls, Uraraka cupped in her hand and kisses on one while Toru attempted to fit the other entirely into her mouth.


For more comfort, Midoriya laid himself back onto the bed, Tsuyu crawling up right next to him while continuing to stroke the base of his dick with her tongue. She had one arm wrapped under his back while rubbing her other hand along his sculpted chest. The other girls had re-positioned themselves to suit the change.


Midoriya was finding it harder and harder to not lose control. He was drowning in beautiful women, each on their knees or by his side, servicing him. Pleasured moans and looks of pure ecstasy combined with the intense stimulation forced him to reach his peak. He threw himself into a sitting position with a near-bestial shout, warning the girls that he was about to cum. They all circled around his dick as he aimed it forward, Tsuyu squeezing hard with her tongue to milk him. In preparation, Yaoyorozu, threw off her shirt. She hadn't worn a bra, so her massive breasts dropped out unrestrained.


His orgasm made itself known in a near-eruption of cum, splattering each of the girls on their face and chest. Momo in particular seemed to want to catch as much as she could onto herself, relishing the feeling of his warm, thick spunk covering her tits and face. Ashido preferred to swallow as much as she could, fully enjoying the taste. Jiro, however, was embarrassed to show any form of pleasure in being cum-soaked.



Midoriya laid back on the bed, wordlessly panting as he attempted for form coherent thoughts, "I- I... Uh-"


"M-Midoriya," Toru panted, "you are officially the luckiest guy in U.A."


Tsuyu realized something fairly quickly, "Hey Toru, do you have any spare clothes? I can clean up my face with my tongue, but I could use a new shirt."


Toru had been prepared, "Yeah. Towels in the bathroom over there for everyone else, and you can borrow some of my clothes if you promise to return them by tomorrow."


"Thanks much, kero." the frog girl spoke as she got up to get towels for everyone.


"That was soooo much fun!" Ashido shouted, "I can't wait to have more fun with you, Midoriya!"


"M...Maybe tomorrow," he sounded worn out. He could "recharge" quickly, but he knew they'd be here all day if he continued. Tomorrow was Friday, they'd have plenty of time then.


Uraraka chimed in, "Yeah, I'm sure we'd all like to spend more time with Midoriya, but he should have some time to himself. It wouldn't be fair if we forced ourselves onto him all the time."


Jiro stood up and wiped some cum off her face, "Well, I'm up to fuck whenever, give me a shout if you're up for it."


"Yeah, please, let's do some of this outside of my room. I'm gettin' a little tired of it smelling like cum in here," Toru complained while stomping her foot on the ground.


"Oh, wait!" Midoriya suddenly sprung to life, "Jiro, did you... er... cum during that?"


Jiro looked at him quizzically, "Yeah, why?"


"Have the aphrodisiac's effects gone away?" he continued.


"Well, I guess so," Jiro spoke, catching a towel thrown by Asui, "but I think my problem might just be that I'm horny for you," she teased, winking as she cleaned herself.




Midoriya returned to his dorm feeling more self-assured, checking his phone once he stepped inside. Mei Hatsume had been busy. Her current favorite thing to do since she couldn't work on her babies properly was to send memes to Midoriya. He didn't understand everything she sent him, but he found her quirky sense of humor endearing. Come to think of it, there were a lot of things about Hatsume that he found endearing. In the back of his mind, he often thought about asking her out, but there was no way she'd be interested in him. Whenever they talked, he felt stupid just listening to her. He was no slouch in the brains department, but Mei was just on another level.


Still, though, even as friends, he wanted to hang out with her. He felt especially bad for her considering she'd been temporarily banned from her favorite place in the world. Maybe he should ask if she wants to hang out sometime over the weekend.



Yeah. That would be nice.



Chapter Text

Mei was absolutely relentless with her message spamming. It would happen in short, unpredictable bursts. Midoriya would be sitting around when he'd suddenly be bombarded with memes and requests for conversation. Oddly enough, in text, Mei seemed far less energetic and boisterous. Perhaps it was because she had more time to gather her thoughts instead of forcing him to wade through her stream of consciousness. Instead of prattling off about every little detail of every one of her babies, she'd spend time describing her new ideas or concepts. Not that she'd particularly care about his opinion on them, but she enjoyed discussing their designs.


This morning he'd woken up to nearly a hundred separate images and several more tangents about ideas she'd had. It was almost concerning, they came at random points during the night. Did she sleep? He'd imagine the Dev Studio was her main outlet for her energy, and from what he'd seen she hadn't been doing much since the ban. In fact, she hadn't been acting entirely like herself outside of texting, either. Her smile had faded, and she lacked her usual head-held-high stride.


She did have other friends and hobbies... right?


Regardless, something must be up. He'd definitely need to hang out with her over the weekend. If she wanted to talk about her problems, she probably wouldn't even ask him, instead ranting the instant she thought everyone else was out of earshot.


Oh well, they wouldn't be crossing paths much if she wasn't in the workshop all day. If he did see her, he could just ask to hang out then. If they didn't see each other, she'd no doubt be willing to talk over text.




Midoriya met up with Uraraka and Iida as usual, walking to homeroom while holding his girlfriend's hand. Upon reaching the room, Iida went in first as usual. As Midoriya and Uraraka attempted to enter the room behind him, a human barricade suddenly stepped out into the doorway. Kirishima was blocking the way into the classroom, staring at Midoriya with an excited grin on his face.


He stuck his arm out and gave a thumbs up, "If it ain't Midoriya, my man! You're a fuckin' animal, dude!"


Midoriya was taken aback by the praise, he'd expected harassment more than anything, "U-uhm, thanks! What makes you say that?" He attempted to push past Kirishima, but he wouldn't budge.


"Don't act like you don't know what's up, Uraraka here and Toru?!" he made himself appear to be tearing up. "sniff, It makes me so proud I could almost cry, you've changed so much since I first met you!"


"Y-yeah, thanks, very manly!" Midoriya replied, still attempting to push past without applying much force.


"Unfortunately, there's a troll toll to pay for such badassery," Kirishima suddenly wore a grim look on his face, the enthusiasm had left his voice.


"What? Huh?!" Midoriya started to panic slightly.


Just as suddenly as it had vanished, the smile returned to Kirishima's face, "One fist bump, man! Hit me with all you got!" As he spoke, he turned his arm to stone, apparently expecting Midoriya to fist bump him using his quirk.


Uraraka had her arm wrapped around her boyfriend's, particularly amused by this whole situation.


Midoriya rolled his eyes, "Oh yeah, of course!" Putting in the bare minimum of One for All's power, he bumped his fist into Kirishima's, the impact creating a miniature burst of wind.


"Come on, that was lame!" Kirishima groaned, "Hit me harder, let's GO!" He pulled his arm back as if to throw a punch, launching one towards Midoriya's fist.


This time, he put in more effort. As their fists connected, a small shock-wave formed, blowing a heavy gust on surrounding students. One particular student had her papers blown away from the wind, sending her into a screaming frenzy.


"HELL YEAH! YOU CAN PASS!" Kirishima yelled, flexing his arms as he stepped aside. Uraraka squeezed Midoriya tightly before walking to Asui's desk to talk.


Midoriya breathed a sigh of relief as he sat down, 'Well, some people at least know about Toru and Uraraka, does anyone know about the others? More importantly, would they even care?'


Kaminari, Mineta, and Sero would probably be pretty pissed. Kirishima would likely be more impressed than anything. Most of the other guys either were into girls from other classes or just wouldn't care about it either way.


'This really is a lot to take in.' he murmured to himself. His mind flashed to images of the previous night. All of those beautiful girls on their knees for him, covered in his cum. It seemed to awaken something almost bestial within Midoriya, driving him to act in ways he wouldn't normally. Apparently, this wasn't a bad thing, Ashido and Yaoyorozu in particular seemed to enjoy it.


Wait a second, Ashido...


She'd been looming over his desk trying to get his attention, "Midoriya, what're you mumblin' about?" she spoke, snapping him out of his trance.


He looked up towards her, "W-woah, sorry! How long have you been standing there?"


She shrugged, "Just enough to hear you talking about me enjoying something, it don't matter. I was just gonna ask if you wanted to hang out with me today?" Her face was mere inches from Midoriya's as she put on her most convincing begging face, "Come on, I've been so patient for some one-on-one time!"


Thinking for a moment, Midoriya backed up slightly from Ashido, "I don't really have any other plans today, when would you want to hang out?"


Her desperate facade washed away as she was suddenly beaming, "Aw yeah! I'll text you to come over after I'm done eating, I'll be sure to save some room, though," she shot a mischievous smile towards Midoriya.


"H-huh? Why?" he asked, though he had some idea of what she meant.


"In case you bring some to share, if you get my meaning," she spoke in a sultry tone, rubbing her hand over Midoriya's crotch.


Midoriya pushed her hand away before he started getting too excited, "Wait, if you plan on doing a lot of that..."


"You worried about my acid? Might get your dick burned off?" Ashido asked, tilting her head. She'd heard this all before.


He nodded, "Not trying to be rude! Has it happened before, though?"


"Pfft, no. Well, almost," she looked at Midoriya, who looked mortified by her response, "Don't worry, though! I'm prepared this time, they've got all sorts of stuff for people with our special requirements."


"I'll trust you know what you're doing," he laughed awkwardly.


"You don't have a choice now that you've gotten my hopes up, if you bail out on me now, I probably will burn your dick off." As Ashido spoke, Midoriya struggled to determine whether or not she was joking.






Midoriya would arrive at Ashido's dorm that afternoon, knocking several times only to have it drowned out by the pop music she was blasting. Once it was clear that she wasn't going to hear him, he let himself in. Ashido was dancing on top of her bed, singing along to the music when she noticed her guest.


"HEY MIDORIYA!" she shouted as she leaped off the bed, "HOLD ON I GOTTA TURN THIS DOWN!" Gliding to her radio, she turned the volume knob until the song was little more than a murmur.


Wasting no time making himself at home, Midoriya sat down on Ashido's bed.


Ashido ran back to the bed and threw herself onto the mattress, rolling onto her back to look at Midoriya, "What took you so long to get here?"


"Well I decided to hang out with Toru for a little while, I just lost track of time!" he replied, laying himself down perpendicular to Ashido.


She moved her body so the she could lay parallel to the boy, "Didn't you tell her you were gonna be coming over to my place?"


"Not until a few minutes before I left, she was so disappointed... I need to make it up to her!" He looked down to see that Ashido had already moved one of her hands over his crotch, she certainly wasn't wasting any time.


"You're too damn sweet!" she chided, taking notice of his rapidly reddening face "I can't believe you're still getting flustered over this sort of thing."


That struck a nervous chord in the boy's mind, "W-well it just seems like I'm always doing it with someone different, so it's a whole new experience."


"Hah, don't worry, your face is so cute when you're embarrassed!" she cheerfully exclaimed, leaping up from the bed to move towards her dresser, "I hope you don't mind that I'm not really in a talking mood, we can chat later. I'd like to just skip to the fun part!"


Well, that was pretty much the whole point of this get-together. Still, Midoriya had been expecting a bit more interaction at this point.


"You remember what I said about being prepared? Here's what I was talking about," she pulled out a small black box, "I got these delivered express, customizable condoms, weird huh?"


Midoriya took a closer look at the labeling, 'Behemoth, acidproof'


Opening the box, she pulled out a single wrapped condom, "I hope these things fit you, the ones I got are designed for dudes with monster transformation quirks and shit like that."


He started to go through the usual routine of stripping down before being stopped by Ashido.


"Nuh uh, just leave it to me, dude," she spoke as she ripped open the packet, pulling out a pink condom. Acid poured out of her fingertips as she poked one end, "I wanted to test this out first, we should probably make sure this is the end that doesn't wrap around your dick." The acid merely pooled up, not burning through at all. These things were pretty impressive! Ashido grinned, tossing the condom onto the ground and pulling out another, "Let's get a fresh start just to be safe."



Midoriya could feel himself hardening as Ashido held the condom playfully in her mouth. She quickly yanked down both his pants and briefs, only to be smacked in the face by his fully erect cock.


She rubbed her cheek, "Fuck, dude! That thing's a weapon, I gotta be more careful. Or not, maybe I like getting cockslapped, eh?" Wordlessly, she stood and placed both of her hands on Midoriya's chest, simultaneously feeling him up and pushing him down onto the bed. "Wow, you're rock hard everywhere! Keep the shirt on though, you might need the extra layer of defense against my quirk."


He had the foresight to bring a blank shirt he didn't care much about, and with how horny Ashido seemed, it was almost a necessity.


As she started to slip the condom onto his cock, Midoriya had one more question, "Wait, can't just control how potent your acid is?"


"Hard to keep control of anything during sex, you should know better than anyone," she replied with a wink. Keeping him held down with her hands, she positioned herself over his prick, "I'm gonna try to take it all at once, don't worry about me."


He simply nodded and watched as she lowered herself, enveloping herself around his cock. The process was faster than it had been with Toru or Uraraka, Ashido was clearly more experienced. Regardless, she breathed in sharply after a certain point, nearly reaching the base on her first attempt. Midoriya tried to reposition himself to make it more comfortable until being stopped by Ashido slapping a hand on his chest.


"Don't. Worry. Just give me a second," she hissed as she continued to drop her hips, Midoriya soon bottoming out inside of her. "Damn, I have never felt this full before, not even close. Just let me get comfortable."


She began to move her hips up and down, leaning her upper half over Midoriya. The sensation was surprisingly intense for him considering the condom he was wearing. Her walls we soft, clamping tightly around him to provide a plush, malleable feeling. Almost as if she were dancing, she started to sway her hips as she moved up and down, manipulating his cock to brush up against whatever part she pleased. Sometimes he would scratch a particularly intense itch, eliciting a shout of pleasure in response.


"Hah... Dude, you wanna put in some effort?" she teased.


Midoriya was almost in a trance from her skilled riding, "S-sorry, you're really good at this."


"From what I've heard, you are too, so go ahead and show me!" she leaned down to kiss Midoriya, swirling her tongue around his for only a moment before pulling back. All of this was more than enough to send him into a frenzy. He suddenly grabbed hold of Ashido's hips to forcefully slam her down at his own pace, thrusting upwards to meet her halfway. Each thrust sent waves of pleasure throughout her body, her voice keening with increasing intensity. Pounding savagely, his hold on her thick, plush thighs grew more desperate, as if it was keeping him from losing control.


"Oooh, fuck! I wasn't expecting this much!" she wailed as he continued wrecking her cunt from below, "I looove it! Come on, make me into your shape, ruin me for anyone else!" She bent down to make out with him again, moaning into his mouth as she reached her peak. Heavy streams of girlcum ran down her thighs, causing a slight stinging sensation as they made contact with Midoriya's skin. She was obviously trying to keep control of her acid, but it was a struggle. This was why they had the condoms, after all.


Midoriya was also close to reaching his peak. Ashido took notice from his heavy breathing and throbbing cock, taking the opportunity to throw her shirt off. Her perky breasts bounced rhythmically to the hard fuck. Without warning, Midoriya found himself in the throes of an intense orgasm, the condom ballooned endlessly with the heavy amounts of spunk being poured into it. The orgasm was quick, intense, and furious as the fuck itself, with both of them feeling as if they'd been through an intense workout.


"Phew, ngh... That was... great," Ashido spoke, temporarily satisfied as she lifted herself off of his cock.


Midoriya sat himself up, trying to yank off the condom while keeping it from spilling on the floor, "I... want to go again in a few minutes. Is that okay?"


"You came this much and you can still do more? You don't even have to ask," she replied, helping him to pull off the rubber. She pinched the open end between her fingers, mesmerized by the copious amounts of semen he'd filled it with. So thick and warm, she almost wanted to drink all of it. In her peripheral, however, she noticed something that she couldn't ignore. Not directly gazing at it, she noticed some mysteriously floating liquid starting to puddle in the corner of the room. It didn't take long to realize what was going on, and she tied the condom up into a balloon.


"Before we do that, though, I need to address something," she turned towards the corner, "we've got a voyeur here. Toru, you're not as sneaky as you think you are." Without hesitation, she threw the cum-balloon at the wall. It impacted in midair, hitting the invisible girl right in the face, but impressively, not bursting.


"Owwww~! How'd you figure me out?!" Toru whined, pussy juice leaking from the space below.


Ashido stomped, "How'd you get into my room? Did you follow Midoriya or something? Also, you're like, the biggest squirter in the world. How'd you not notice you were getting your cum everywhere?"


Toru's tone was increasingly pitiful as she spoke, "I'm sorry... I just liked the idea of watching but I was kinda embarrassed to ask..."



"...Why don't you join?" Midoriya chimed in, drawing the attention of both girls.


Ashido shot finger guns at the boy, "You know what? Yeah! We've got some lemons here so let's make some fuckin' lemonade or however that saying goes."


"I'm ready, but I need a bit of a push to get me going," Midoriya spoke, idly stroking his soft length.


Toru seemed more than eager, "I'll help!" Midoriya was shocked by the sudden sensation of lips smacking against his, she must have rushed towards him immediately! She grinded her crotch against his, moaning into his mouth as his hands attempted to locate her rear. Eventually he found his way, placing both hands on her ass and giving a hard squeeze. Feeling perfectly claimed, Toru pressed her chest harder against Midoirya's, practically humping him in her excitement.


Viewing this display, Ashido found herself getting excited as well. She strode towards the infatuated couple, "Move your hands Midoriya, I want a turn at all this." Placing her own hands on Toru's rear, she moved her mouth towards Toru's cunt, clearly visible from the liquid arousal dripping onto the floor. The invisible girl at this point was sitting in Midoriya's lap, making out with the boy as he sat on the bed. His rapidly growing erection separated the two slightly, the tip reaching up into Toru's cleavage. Ashido decided her goal would be to get the two as on edge as possible. Upon reaching this decision, she threw caution to the wind and thrust her tongue into Toru's muff. Juices smothered her face as she licked her friend's cunt, being certain not to leave any particular spot without attention. Special attention was given to her clit as Ashido flicked her tongue upon the particularly sensitive spot every few seconds, giving Toru a pleasurable shock.


In this intimacy, Ashido was learning more about her friend's appearance than she ever had previously. Suddenly, she wished she could see Toru without her quirk. Moving her head back from her friend's pussy, Ashido decided to tease her a bit, "It so sucks you're invisible, Toru. All of this ass and the only way guys can appreciate it is behind a barrier of clothes."


"Ngh... Quit talking and get back to doing what you were doing," Toru groaned.


Ashido flashed a playful grin, "Why should I? Looks like you've got something perfect for plugging that little hole of yours," she spoke as she gestured towards to massive cock prodding against Toru's form.


Midoriya agreed with a nod, "Get onto your back," he commanded in a shockingly stern tone.


Toru obliged, sprawling herself across the bed, legs spread for entry. Ashido crawled over her friend, spreading the invisible girl's pussy with her fingers, "Here's your target," she spoke in a playful tone. Eager as she was to see her friend pounded, she wanted to help Midoriya in any way she could.


Words of warning exited Toru's mouth as she nervously spoke, "Uh, I've never actually had sex with a real guy before... but I've practiced with toys and stuff, so I hope it's not too bad!"


"Since Uraraka got used to him so quickly, I think you'll do juuuust fine, 'specially with all that natural lube you've got leaking out down there~!" Ashido spoke in a low voice.


Without a second thought, Midoriya slipped himself inside of Toru inch by inch, recalling the same process he used with Ochaco. Mina was right, her friend was unbelievably wet, he had hardly and problems fitting his whole length inside, eliciting several gasps from Toru.


"O-oh god, I took it all!" she cried, placing her hands on Midoriya's arms as he placed them on the bed for support.


Ashido bit her lip and her eyes narrowed, "Mmf, you've got some serious talent!" She backed off a bit as Midoriya started to thrust into Toru, manipulating his hips slightly as he'd apparently learned during their quickie with each other. Sitting against the wall, she began to play with her own cunt, fingering herself as she imagined Midoriya taking another turn with her. Wet, rapid smacks were resonating through the room with each savage thrust he made in his assault. Toru had gotten used to him almost effortlessly, desiring for him to go faster and faster and rewarding him with moans of increasing intensity.


"W-woah, stop, stop Izuku!" she suddenly exclaimed.


He seemed confused, "Huh? W-what is it, did I do something wrong?"


Ashido was equally confused, pulling her hand away from her muff as she tilted her head at Toru.


"No... This just isn't fair to Mina!"


Mina shrugged it off, "Don't worry about it I've had a bit of fun, and watching my best friend get fucked is pretty fun."


"No I'm gonna worry about it," she spoke as she removed herself from Midoriya. Nudging him, she pointed towards Mina, "Izuku, pin her against the wall!" Within an instant, Mina's face was pressed against the dorm's wall with her arms restrained.


The sudden turn of events startled her, "Woah, woah! Hold on a second!"


Midoriya's face turned red, "Sorry, sorry, I should have asked!"


"No, I'm fine with it, just warn me next time. Ease up a bit, though, you're fucking strong," she let out a deep sigh. "Start out rough this time, I wanna be ruined for other dudes."


The words seemed to have the intended effect, sending Midoriya into an immediate rut. Sheathing his cock completely inside of her, Midoriya let out a surprised yelp. Within seconds he was plowing her as if he had no other purpose.


As she attempted to talk, the sudden bursts of intense pleasure slightly slurred her speech, "Ohh fhuuuck~! Giff it to me haaaard!" she wailed. Large, powerful hands pinned her against the wall, he was obviously using his quirk. The idea that she couldn't do anything to stop this sent a pleasurable tingle up her spine.


For Midoriya, this almost felt like an intense workout. A layer of sweat covered his body, relying completely on his hips to thrust forward while his hands pinned Ashido's. Each powerful thrust sent her farther and farther into nirvana, her eyes rolling back in her head. Toru enjoyed the sights and sounds almost as much as the feeling of it. The lewd smacks of the rough pounding were enough to get her dripping, touching herself to relieve the heat.


In the midst of the rough fucking, Ashido had another request, "M-Midoriya, pleash, grab my hornssh!"


He didn't question it, releasing his grip on her arms and instead moving his hands to the pair of horns on her head. Holding them tight, he pulled her head back slightly for leverage. A flood of femcum ejaculating from her pussy in combination with her screams of delight gave enough of an idea as to how sensitive her horns were. She could hardly think, only managing to wail "Ooooooh gaaaaawd~" as her orgasm continued. As it would seem to fade, Midoriya would suddenly pound with intense vigor and speed while reaffirming his grip on her horns, sending her into another chained orgasm. Her quirk was almost completely out of her control at this point, burning several holes into the blankets and sheets. The couple paid no mind to this.


"Hoo-hold on Midoriya, I have an idea, ahn~! Throw me onto my back!" she exclaimed in the midst of another climax. He obliged, curious to see where she was going with this. "Toru, sit on my face!"


The sudden mention of her name startled Toru, "Huh? Do what?!"


"C-cum on, team effort~!" Mina slurred out in response.



With no further questions, Toru threw herself into the fray, sitting herself down on top of Ashido. Immediately her entrance was perverted by the pink girl's tongue. Her intentions were clear – she wanted to ensure the three of them felt maximum pleasure from this experience. It worked in a sort of synergy, as Midoriya brought Mina to orgasm, her efforts on Toru would increase. Individual thrusts would pulse through her body causing Toru to bounce slightly, much to Ashido's amusement.


Midoriya continually ravaged her cunt, almost relentless in his assault. At one point, Toru assaulted Midoriya with a passionate kiss, moaning into his mouth from Ashido's skilled tongue. Each member of the trio was close to reaching their peak, making their proximity known through their steadily increasing noise. Midoriya's massive cock throbbed inside of Ashido. letting her know that he was close. Pillowy thighs pressed into his sides when he felt her legs wrap completely around him. Deep, guttural grunts escaped his mouth as he thrust harder and faster into her snatch than ever before, finally throwing his head back as his orgasm made itself known.


All three of them came at once, filling the room with the sounds and scent of sex. Ashido's belly began to visibly distend from the amount of cum being shot into the condom by Midoriya. Toru could hear her friend attempting to catch her breath, her face completely covered in the invisible girl's juices. As the impressively long shared orgasm subsided, the three room went silent for several moments.



"Well," Ashido panted, "you guys won. I am never gonna be able to fuck anyone else again without thinking of this."


Midoriya wasn't sure what to make of that, "Is that a bad thing?"


"Nope!" she replied with a wide grin.


"What now?" Toru asked sliding over and wrapping her arms around her boyfriend.


"I'm kinda tired actually, you guys wanna hang out for a bit? We can go another round when we're all recharged, I've still got the rest of the box of these things," she pointed to the box of condoms. From Midoriya's estimates there were about eight remaining.


"Do you think we can make use of all of them?" he asked, knowing all too well what the answer would be.


Ashido pumped her fists, "Abso-fucking-lutely."




Later that night, the trio decided to spend the night in Ashido's room. Their supply of condoms had been depleted from their repeated bouts throughout the day. Curled up on the bed together, they found themselves drifting off the sleep. Midoriya was roused from his light sleep by the sound of his phone going off. He got up from the bed, eliciting a disappointed sleepy groan from Toru. Of course, the notification had been from Hatsume sending him memes in the middle of the night.


Wait... Hatsume...


Oh, right!


<Dekiru2> Isn't it late for you, Hatsume?


<BabyMaker37> Genius never sleeps.


<Dekiru2> Exactly, go to bed


<Dekiru2> jk


<BabyMaker37> HAH! Well what are you doing up this late?


<Dekiru2> You woke me up


<BabyMaker37> Oh.


<BabyMaker37> My bad.


<Dekiru2> Actually it's good you woke me up, I remember I wanted to ask you something


<BabyMaker37> ?


<Dekiru2> Do you want to come over tomorrow?


<BabyMaker37> Yes please!


<BabyMaker37> I am so bored!


<BabyMaker37> My life has become a living hell!


<BabyMaker37> Please help! :^D


<Dekiru2> Awesome! I think?


<Dekiru2> When will you be over?




<Dekiru2> Ok! Just text me before you get there!


<BabyMaker37> YES. OKAY. You may return to sleep now!


Midoriya turned his phone of without another word. If he continued to reply the conversation may as well go on infinitely, Mei loved to get the last word in. Despite his tiredness, he felt like he was riding high, especially when he slid back into bed between the two beautiful girls he'd spent the day with.


The girls both pulled themselves into him in their sleep, feeling comfort in his presence even subconsciously. In return, he held them close, drifting off once again. He'd need plenty of rest, even now he could feel that he had a long weekend ahead of him.

Chapter Text

Midoriya woke the next morning between Toru and Mina, his arms wrapped around both of them. The former had her head resting on his chest and the latter snored underneath a pillow. They both seemed so peaceful, it'd be rude to wake them up. He'd have to leave sometime soon, though, today he was supposed to hang out with Mei Hatsume, and he had no idea when she'd even show up. Not wanting to ruin their sleep just yet, he laid in silence for a small while, enjoying the ambient light of the sun shining through the windows. What sort of things would Mei want to do, anyways?


After about ten minutes of nothing much at all, Midoriya pulled his arms out from under the two girls, eliciting a groan of disappointment from Toru as she was roused from her sleep.


"Izukuuuuuu..." she murmured drowsily, lazily patting her arm on his chest. Ashido had yet to wake up, still snoring and babbling in her sleep.


Wanting to make this quick and painless, Midoriya whispered, "Sorry, Toru, I'm gonna be hanging out with Hatsume today."


She attempted to reach for him as he got up, missing completely, "Uraraka... not gonna like... that..." The invisible girl rose her head blew a raspberry at the boy, "Doesn't like her..." Drowsy from the sudden activity, she dropped her head back onto the pillow.


"Uraraka doesn't like Mei?" This was news to him, "Why not?"


"Jeaaaaaalooooooous~" Toru drifted back off to sleep as she drew out the reply.


Huh, well. Either Toru was completely out of it when tired or Uraraka was actually threatened by Hatsume. If the latter was true, he'd definitely need to take her out to make it up to her. Maybe it'd be best to talk it out with her first? He doubted that would be of any use, as he'd already made the promise to hang out with Hatsume, and she didn't seem like the type to take no for an answer.


'Maybe I can invite both of them over for a-'




He was over complicating this. Why would Uraraka be jealous at all anyways? These past few days he'd been with several girls including her, and she'd been relatively fine with it. Besides, this isn't even a sexual encounter. He just wants to cheer up a friend who's been having a rough couple of days.


He stopped for a second and considered the implications of the arrangement, 'I still can't believe what's happening, I actually invited a girl to hang out?' His confidence was through the roof these past few days. It was hard to believe that at one point he couldn't even look at a girl without babbling like an idiot. Impressive.



Stepping into his dorm, Midoriya wondered whether it was really a good idea to hang out in his dorm. He personally loved his collection of All Might decor around his room, but it made some uncomfortable. During their very loose planning he brought this up to Hatsume, but apparently she still hasn't fully unpacked or really cleaned her room at all since moving in. Besides, she was a fierce competitor in the realm of hero nerdiess, she'd probably appreciate it as much as he did.


'Well it's still early morning, so I should probably head down to the showers until Mei-'


He was interrupted by a string of text notifications.


<BabyMaker37> MIDORIYA


<BabyMaker37> ARE YOU THERE


<BabyMaker37> I'M COMING OVER


Abruptly, the door swung open as Mei rushed into the room.




He jumped in surprise, "M-Mei! You know you're supposed to give warning when you're starting to make your way over, not when you're already there!"


She brushed off his complaint, pounding her fists into his chest from excitement "NOT MY PROBLEM! YOU JUST NEED TO REACT FASTER!"


"W-why are you s-so energetic?! How much did you sleep?" he pushed her out of his personal space.


Not taking the hint, she moved in closer again, causing the boy to give up at even trying to keep her off, "TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP, SO MUCH STUFF I WANT TO MAKE WHEN THAT DAMN POWER LOADER LETS ME BACK INTO THE DEVELOPMENT STUDIO! I AM GOING TO DIE."


Suddenly, Mei blinked twice and backed away, taking in her surroundings. The reticles in her eyes went into and out of focus as she looked at the All Might figures and posters adorning Midoriya's abode. Midoriya tensed slightly in preparation for a cascade of criticism. Fears turned to excitement when he noticed a wide toothy grin spread across her face.


She cleared her throat, "Midoriya, your room is AMAZING. WHERE DID YOU GET ALL OF THIS?!"


"I-it's nothing, really, just random junk I've collected over the years, that's all!" he chuckled awkwardly, this sort of praise was alien to him, "W-WOAH DON'T TOUCH THAT!"


He chased her around for a brief moment as she dashed faster than his eyes could see between each figure. Her attention span was less than a millisecond, apparently. Rapid-fire questions and trivia relating to All Might traveled from her mouth at mach eight, nearly impossible to distinguish as any human language. This was far more than any reaction he'd been expecting.


She froze in the center of the room, turning to look at Midoriya, "I NEED SOME OF THIS STUFF, LIKE RIGHT NOW. BRING MONEY, TIME FOR SHOPPING!"


"Ahh, wouldn't you rather talk about your inventions first or something...?" he attempted to take her mind off of this, shopping was not his favored activity today.




Finally, he caved in, "Okay, okay, just please stop yelling!"


"Got it, come on!" she spoke as she bolted out the door.


He sighed as he grabbed his wallet. Just like that, they were off.






Midoriya had led the way, Hatsume trusted that he'd show her a good place to buy hero merchandise. Rarely did she ever find time for such a thing, but with her banishment came a surplus of free time. They stopped in front of a store that had windows lined with figures representing all sorts of pro heroes. Apparently they'd gotten there just in time for them to open that day, the store was devoid of people besides a single customer and employee.


"Here, Fan Justice, it's my favorite place to get hero stuff from right now!" Midoriya spoke excitedly. It wasn't that he hated shopping, he just couldn't restrain himself when he did.


As soon as the words left Midoriya's mouth, Hatsume ran through the front doors, rapidly beckoning for him to follow, "Show me around! I want to see everything!"


The pair caught the employee's attention immediately, "It's early Midoirya, even for you," she spoke in a sarcastic tone, raising her eyebrows as she did so. Everything about her just screamed 'hero nerd'. Her hair was long and unruly, flowing down to her butt and looking utterly unkempt. Either hygiene wasn't a necessity to her, or she just didn't have the time for it. Mei liked her already.


He apparently recognized the girl upon first glance, "O-oh, Anaki! You don't usually work weekends!"


Anaki looked surprised, "And you don't usually respond when I talk to you, brought a friend today?"


Mei butted in before he could introduce her, "I'm Mei Hatsume, remember the name, it'll be everywhere within the year!"


"Oh, are you that girl from the sports festival? The one who fucked up Iida?" the employee suddenly seemed more invested in this discussion.


"Yes! At least I'm pretty sure I am," Mei spoke before whispering to Midoriya, "Iida is the guy that you're friends with, right?" She received a nod in response. Mei was disappointing that this girl had remembered the name of Iida, who she'd used as free advertising, but not hers.


"Woah, nice, you've got some pretty badass tricks up your sleeve. I just got kind of bored of watching you for like an hour or whatever," Anaki adjusted her glasses, "Kiono Anaki, please call me Ana."


"I don't think we'll be meeting again so I don't care that much!" Mei blurted out.


"Oh," Ana grimaced in Midoriya's direction, "Okay then, do you guys need help with anything? Midoriya knows this place better than his home I'm sure, he can show you around if that's all you need. We're kinda understaffed here."


Midoriya looked concerned, "You're not hiring though, are you?"


"This is seriously the most you've ever talked to me," she giggled, "But no, it's not that we don't have people, it's just that they're fuckin' lazy." Realizing what she'd said, she slapped a hand over her mouth, "Whoops. Not work-friendly speech, sorry about that."


Their conversation was interrupted by the other customer in the store calling for Ana, "Gotta deal with this guy, my dudes. Lemme know if you need anything!"


Midoriya looked over at Mei, who looked ecstatic as she gleefully shouted, "Today is the greatest day ever! I've already made a new friend!"


"Oh, Ana? She's pretty cool, I've always been too nervous to say much to her," he absentmindedly flipped through a box of comics on the table next to him. Already he could feel the money attempted to jump out of his pocket. It would take everything he had, all of his resolve, all of his-


Mei sped over to a poster that caught her eye as she broke into his thought bubble, "Midoriya, Midoriya! This poster has like a HUNDRED heroes on it, and it's the size of my wall!"


"WHOA, WHAT? LET ME SEE IT!" he shouted, clamoring over to view the design himself.




Uraraka sat in the common room's kitchen, eating pancakes that Sato had made. It was a bit unusual for Midoriya to sleep in on weekends, usually sticking to his school schedule. Even more unusual was the fact that he had yet to respond to her texts within a minute of them sending. He did stay the night with Toru and Mina, she'd imagine that would be pretty hard to wake up from, let alone actually get out of bed. This made things even more bizarre when Toru came out of the elevator unaccompanied (more-so that Midoriya wasn't with her rather than Mina, that damn pink girl was so lazy on weekends).


"Hey Ochaco! Good morning!" Toru cheered as she waved her arms.


"Good morning," Uraraka responded as she cut into her breakfast, "Where's Deku?"


Toru shifted her legs, thinking carefully about her words, "Oh! Uhhhm... You might not like it."


Uraraka froze upon hearing this, "What's going on?"


"He's hanging out with Mei Hatsume, I think they were in his room but they're not anymore..."


Well, there went any chance of her hanging out with Midoriya like she'd wanted to, "I see. Well... I hope they're having fun!" Her words weren't insincere. In the past, she'd been incredibly jealous over Hatsume, the way she got a long with Deku, her extroversion, her stupid big...


Well, she was still jealous in some ways.


The relationship she'd been sharing with Midoriya, Toru, and the others had helped to alleviate these feelings, though deep down Uraraka could never completely shake them off. It was a bit different with Hatsume. Whenever she and Midoriya interacted it was as if nothing else existed around them, they'd fully sap each other's attention. Dammit, they'd always gotten along so easily. She'd accept Hatsume into the relationship with open arms, though not necessarily an open mind.


It would be a challenge to fully accept and build a relationship with her, but if it would help to make everyone as happy as possible, she'd make the attempt.



"Hey, Earth to Ochaco, you there?!" Toru yelled, snapping Uraraka out of her thoughts.


The surprise nearly caused her to knock her plate onto the floor, "Ahh! Yes, yeah I'm fine!"


"Are you gettin' jealous in your head?" Toru chided, "Cause there's no need, this means we can hang out together all day!"


Uraraka was elated by the suggestion, "That sounds great! You really mean it?"


Toru bounced to signify a positive response. Lemons into lemonade, that's what Mina said.





By the time they go to checkout, Midoriya and Mei are completely weighed down by bags of merchandise.


"Woah, dude, pulling no stops on your birthday money are you?" Ana teased as the pair placed down their load of purchases, "You guys paying as one of am I gonna have to ring up you and your girlfriend separately?"


Midoriya blushed at Ana's relentless ribbing, "U-uh g-girlfr-... I don't think-"


"Duhh, yeah we're paying together! We gotta get out of here fast because I'm starving!" Hatsume interrupted, closing her eyes and patting her stomach.


Ana nodded and started scanning items, giving commentary on each as she did so, "Hm, vinyl figure, eh? You know these things are way overprice-"


"We do not care!" Hatsume smiled, in her mind she was teasing back, it didn't occur to her that she might be sounding rude. It may have been obvious to some how physically uncomfortable Ana was with Hatsume's interjections, but she was blind to it.


"She means that we like them anyways, I just really needed the Mount Lady one!" as soon as Midoriya spoke, Ana started grinning at him again.


"Glad she's got a translator. You guys are dating, right?" she spoke, though her tone hadn't changed, Midoriya could feel a hint of seriousness behind her words.


He looked towards Hatsume, wanting her to respond, but she was staring off at another section of the store. Clearing his throat, he mustered up a retort, "W-why do you want to know so badly, would you like to be in her place?" It took all of his courage to spit that one out, he couldn't help but smile at how proud he was.


Ana was blank-faced, she blinked twice in his direction, "Wow... that was lame," she snickered. "You're pretty cute when you're trying to be a big man, Midoriya. That said, I don't think you need me with what you've got going on here." Leaning in closer and whispering, she continued, "She's so into you, she's practically feeling you up whenever you're having a conversation."


As if the cashier's words had awoken Hatsume, she turned to Midoriya, crouching slightly and placing her fists on his chest, "Midoriya! They have so many keychains over there!"


"Hold on there, eagle-eyes, I'm still scanning your shit," she pounded a fist on the desk, "Sorry. Not work-friendly." Scanning the last few items, she rested her hands on the counter, "27,475 yen."


It was expensive. Combined they had more than enough to pay, and it was worth it.


"Now are you gonna buy keychains or not 'cause it's getting close to lunch and I have a little chat with the no-show cashier," Ana spoke as she punched her open hand.


Midoriya almost dropped his bags, "C-close to lunch?! How long were we here?"


"Three hours!" Mei exclaimed, "Am I right?"


Ana looked at her phone, "Yeah you got here at like eight, so you're pretty spot on. You spent a lot of time nerding out about the stuff we've got here. Respectable." She gave a thumbs up after the statement.


With all this talk about time, Midoriya was starting to realize just how hungry he was, "Well I guess we should go get something to eat, then." He turned to where he thought Hatsume would be, but she was already off looking at the hero keychains. Noticing this, he coughed loudly to get her attention. It didn't work, she was mesmerized. Taking initiative, he walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Hatsume, we should find a place to eat, we don't need anymore stuff today."


She stopped for a brief moment before looking up towards him. Suddenly, she grabbed him by the hand, "Great idea! Since you showed me this amazing place, I'll lead the way this time!"


It wasn't long before she rushed them out the door, leaving Ana waving and shouting "Have a nice day!"



Mei was surprisingly light on her feet, even without the help of her "babies". Her grip on Midoriya's hand was tightly held, however, and he had no issues keeping up. On the way, she was making conversation, "How do you feel about western food, Midoriya?"


He wasn't certain of how to respond, "Uh, it's fine. I'm actually not that familiar with it!"


"It's so cheap and greasy," she paused for a moment, "Which is why I love it!" They made several sharp turns across the sidewalk, Midoriya struggling to not be thrown into people. "Any good support student, like myself, has a completely packed schedule, we have no time to sit somewhere and eat! For this reason, the introduction of western fast food chains to Japan is the greatest innovation in centuries!"


Suddenly he was inside a building, Hatsume had rushed them in so quickly he didn't even see the name of the place. The air itself felt deep-fried. Yeah, this was American alright.


"Heh, what do I even get from a place like this?" Midoriya spoke, feeling completely out of his element.


"I'll surprise you! Trust me, I've eaten everything they have here!" Mei reassured him.


They waited in line, eventually reaching the front. Once there, Hatsume did all of the talking, leaving Midoriya standing awkwardly next to her. He couldn't really catch a word out of the rapid-fire order she was spouting off. Surprisingly, the cashier caught it all just fine, they must be used to high energy customers. It was a relatively short process of ordering, waiting, and sitting down. Hatsume didn't even start eating immediately, instead watching Midoriya and smiling.


He awkwardly smiled and laughed when he noticed her staring him down. Carefully, he took out the burger she'd ordered for him, taking a large bite of it.


"DO YOU LIKE IT?" she yelled before he could even swallow the damn thing.


It was like an instant impact of several different flavors fusing into one grease-trapped amalgamate. Not that bad, actually. Each bite made him want to take another, it was gloriously unhealthy. The taste wasn't even all that amazing, it was just addictive. He gave a simple thumbs up in response to Hatsume's inquiry.


She pumped her fist excitedly and finally started to eat her food. Almost in an instant, it was gone, shocking Midoriya with the speed at which she vacuumed the sandwich. Patting her belly, she sighed in satisfaction, "What next, Midoriya?"


He finished off his burger before replying, "Next? Er... we could just hang out in my room for a little while?"


"Yes! We could look at all the stuff we got!" she cheered and raised her arms.


They cleaned up and headed back to U.A.






Once they made it to Midoriya's room, Hatsume made herself right at home. Tossing her bags onto his desk, the started to sort out all of the merchandise she bought. He followed her example by taking out his purchases as well.


She slapped his hand when he reached to place something on the desk, "No, I need space! We don't want to get our stuff mixed up!"


"Right, sorry," he nodded, placing his stuff on the bed instead.


He sounded a bit hurt, perhaps she should attempt an apology? "Er, sorry for snapping a bit there!" Before he could give any sort of reply, she pulled out a figure of Kamui Woods and started rattling off, "Isn't Kamui Woods just the coolest? I want to make something that can tie together like a dozen people at once, just like he does!" She pouted, "But I'm still banned from the Dev Studio and I can't handle it!"


"You've been doing pretty well today," Midoriya interjected.


"Uhh, that's obviously because you're hanging out with me," she poked a finger into his forehead, "What made you want to do that anyways? You barely come to see me in the workshop."


Coming up with an answer was tough, he didn't want to make it sound like he pitied her. He also didn't want to make any overly bold statements. He sighed, "I just wanted to cheer you up after you got banned from the Development Studio. We've been talking a lot so it seemed like a good time."


Hatsume's face was inches from his, her scoped eyes were drilling into his soul. Without warning, she moved in and planted a kiss on his forehead.


She smiled for a moment until the realization of what she'd just done crept over her. 'No, no, no. Why can't I ever restrain myself?!' Escape was necessary after that.


"Okay, bye Midoriya~!" she sang as it became quickly apparent that she was smiling to hide the fear.


He ran to the door, blocking her path, "H-Hatsume, wait."


She stopped, still smiling while gritting her teeth, face covered in sweat. Her stuff was all packed up, she so badly wanted to leave, "YES MIDORIYA?"


"W-what did you j-just do?" he stuttered.


Her quirk was fully activated, studying every detail of his face to get an idea of how he felt about her actions, "I ASKED WHY YOU WANTED ME OVER, YOU ANSWERED AND NOW I AM LEAVING GOODBYE."


He wasn't impressed.


She huffed and sat on the floor, "I'm, uh, sorry I kissed your forehead?"


"You don't have to apologize!" he waved his hands in front of him, "I just want to know why you did that."


"I guess your face is just that kissable, I really, really want to leave right now. Can I do that? I apologized!" she shouted.


Frustration made itself known in Midoriya's expression, "Why are you hiding your feelings now of all times?! If you like me and I don't like you back, you'd never give up trying! How do you really feel, Hatsume?! Do you like me, Hatsume?!"


She held her breath for a moment before blurting out, "YES! CAN I LEAVE?" Her fake smile faded away and she threw her face into her hands, "You're already dating someone, right? I won't talk about any of this ever again, I'll move back to my workshop by the end of the week and you'll never have to visit me. I can be the support class tinker-girl again."


Midoriya was somewhat confused, "W-Why does it have to be like that? Our relationship is pretty open anyways, so I don't get it..."


Her head jolted back up, "Does that mean you're actually interested in me?"


He gulped and nodded his head, it felt a little weird to be inviting Mei into the arrangement without consulting anyone else first.


She jumped upwards, looking excited, "Does that mean you'll kiss me?! I've never kissed a boy before! That first one does not count."


He was taken aback, she wasn't drop-dead gorgeous or anything, but she was certainly attractive, with excellent assets to boot. Perhaps her in-your-faceness turned potential lovers off. Regardless, he nodded again, instantly feeling her lips press into his. It was brief, but enjoyable nonetheless.


Pulling away, she looked slightly intoxicated. Her grin was more subtle, her breathing more relaxed, "Does this mean you'll... er... have sex with me?"


Now he was downright shocked. She'd never even kissed a boy before, now she suddenly wanted to fuck?


"You and that other girl sounded like you were having a lot of fun from what I heard. I've never done anything like that before, but now that I really think about it, I'd like to." she giggled, feeling up the rapidly hardening bulge in his pants. "You're such an amazing specimen. Muscular, powerful, virile," she whispered, "I think you'll have plenty of girls lining up wanting you to just breed them."


How was she so good at dirty talk?!


"I've read up on all sorts of studies and experiments involving sex, I know a bit about it even if I've never done it myself!" It was almost as if she'd read his mind.


He clenched his fists, there was definitely something intriguing about her phrasing before. It was egging on a primal urge, a need, "W-We can if you w-want to." It wasn't a question anymore, he wanted to fuck her, he wanted to breed her. Snapping himself out of it, he paused, "Wait, I don't have condoms or pills or... anything like that! I should go get-"


She leaned herself on the desk, putting her hands against her chest, "Nah! We're doing this right now." In one swift movement, she threw her shirt off, revealing her hefty endowments. She apparently hadn't been wearing a bra all day. Midoriya's cock throbbed at the sight, and he freed himself from his constraining trousers. What a coincidence, he hadn't worn underwear either.


She bent over the desk and pulled her pants down her thighs, exposing her pert, healthy rear as she smiled back at the boy, "Come on, get to it already! Take it slow at first."


Nodding and grunting, he grabbed his cock with one hand, stroking it the rest of the way to full mast. Mei's eyes widened at the sight of such an amazing endowment. He lined himself up and prodded against her love tunnel, making sure that she was wet enough to slide into. Calling back to his experience with Uraraka, he pushed himself in slowly. Her breathing was becoming fevered as her virginity was broken, causing a slightly painful sensation.


"Y-You are... so virile," she stammered, her vision starting to blur. It was an intense combination of pain and pleasure, and the pain would fade over the next couple of minutes. Her cheek was pressed against the table, she didn't want to move in fear of hurting herself before she'd gotten fully used to his size, or any size for that matter. She'd made "babies" to practice with before, but nothing of this magnitude.


Each thrust was gentle, more to mark a new checkpoint than anything. Mei was finally starting to revert to her normal self as the pain of her first time subsided.


"Yesyesyes! Keep going like this, let's increase speed slowly~! Everything will be so much more gratifying!" she spoke as she slapped her rear.


Midoriya had placed his hands on her waist, keeping a firm grip. This was a feeling he was getting all too accustomed to, another beautiful woman letting herself be taken by him. It was empowering, he wanted to protect them all, love them all.


Hatsume wasn't quite moaning, but would let out a gasp or extended grunt with every slow pump, "This- ngh... is so good. If only I was building something while doing this, ahh yes!" She moaned at the thought, working while fucking sounded like heaven in her mind.


Suddenly, just as Midoriya was starting to quicken his pace, she received a phone call.


"Don't stop, I'll take this," she grunted. He had no plans of stopping, so he nodded his head in return. Holding the phone to her head, she answered, "Hello?"


It was a support agency, she'd been getting several calls from these sorts of corporations that curious about her babies. Each one was a significant ego boost for her, at last, her genius was being recognized!


They inquired about what she was doing, and she spoke, "Making babies." Not untrue.


The conversation continued as one normally would, with Mei trying her hardest to maintain composure. Midoriya was frustrated with how well she was succeeding, so he decided to ramp up the pace. His grip on her waist tightened, and he forced himself into her in a sudden hard thrust. Mei couldn't help but keen from the sudden push.


"Sorry! Something landed on my foot, stupid junk, don't shock me like that!" she hissed, shooting daggers in Midoriya's direction, but maintaining her smile. Her knees were almost pressed together, quivering as Midoriya continued his assault. He bent himself over her, pressing his chest into her back. Mei was forced to cover her mouth when she wasn't already speaking, holding her moans was becoming increasingly difficult as he pounded with growing vigor. Eventually, she forced her face into the table and slammed her fist down, shouting "I'm sorry, you'll need to call me later!"


Her head turned slightly towards him, betraying some of her animosity, "I'd tie you up in the workshop if you weren't doing such a great job."


The desk was shaking with the force of Midoriya's thrusts, vibrating the wall it was positioned against. He only hoped Aoyama wasn't in his room at the moment. Mei couldn't even try to hide her pleasure, openly moaning and giggling from the sensation of being filled repeatedly. Midoriya's heavy balls swung into her clit with each thrust, causing her to shudder with the repeated contact to her love-button. After about a minute of this, she was in the throes of a leg-shaking orgasm, made evident by the pleasured look on her face and the stream of drool hanging from her mouth.


In the midst of her own orgasm, she felt Midoriya's cock throbbing inside her, his was fast approaching. She turned towards him again, "I-if you're gonna cum, you'd better pull out soon!"


He merely grunted, unrelenting as he continued to plunge her insides.


She chuckled lightly, "Maybe you want to cum inside, eh? Was I right about the whole breeding thing? How many girls do you have in your open relationship now, three? Four?" Her words were causing him to ravage her with even more force, "You want to knock every single one of them up, don't you? You want to help me make some real babies?"


Midoriya gave no worded reply, nearly roaring as he reached his peak. He plugged himself inside of her completely, making sure to flood her womb with his seed. Painting her walls white, the warm feeling was felt throughout her body. Each pulse of his cock was letting out rope after rope of his baby batter, filling Mei to capacity and causing copious amounts to leak out onto the floor.


Creampied beyond belief, she lightly pushed him out of her pussy as she rolled onto her back, "Ah... I um... Probably shouldn't have encouraged you like that, my bad!" she patted her belly twice. Her smile was somewhat nervous, "Maybe we should actually go and get some plan-B-type pills, because this is pretty risky."


The change between horny Midoriya and normal Midoriya was like night and day, "O-Oh shit! I'm so sorry! I'll run down and go get some, okay?!"


Mei's happy grin returned, "Heheh! Good! Maybe we can make some babies for real down the line," she winked.


His face turned beet red as he pulled his pants back up and ran out the door, "D-Don't joke about t-that!"


Once he was gone, Mei breathed a sigh of relief. It looked like she'd finally found a way to pass all this spare time she had left.






Momo Yaoyorozu sat alone in her room, her latest creation held in her hands.


'It's perfect,' she thought to herself, in awe at her handiwork. She'd been studying a reference for what seemed like hours, being sure to mimic every detail, and using memory to fill in the gaps left by the picture's angle.


This was, of course, referring to the bukkake'd selfie Toru had taken of herself next to Midoriya's cock. It was just so... manly. Her experiences with the boy had awoken fierce sexual desires she'd been hiding within her bosom. Passionate, lustful, submissive. She thought of him holding her down, leaving her powerless as he took her like no man before.


It wasn't the first replica she'd created, but it was the best one. She'd included several special features into this one. It was capable of vibration and faux orgasm using a cum imitation she could also produce with her quirk.


With her thoughts and new toy at her side, she would be in for hours of solitude and pleasure, though in the back of her mind, she knew. None of this would compare to the real thing.



All she needed to do was ask, right?

Chapter Text

Sunday morning.


The previous night was a bit of a haze for Midoriya. He couldn't remember specifics, but after the first bout of fornication, things calmed down significantly between him and Mei. Intimate, but in a different way. Her temperament completely changed, being less in-your-face and more laid back, slowly describing her ideas and thoughts to him as they laid together. Quite sweet, actually, he could feel a smile forming as the morning sun illuminated his freshly woken form. He'd put on blankets though, hadn't he? Why was he so cold?


His smile faded as he opened his eyes to see Mei shining a flashlight on his face.


He jolted upwards, "M-Mei?! What are you doing?!" he yelped.


The flashlight flickered off as her head peeked out from behind it, "Studying your form! Your body is actually quite incredible, you know."


"Can this wait until later? I at least want to wake up fully."


She pressed her face and hands against his chest, feeling up his chiseled, muscular form as she did so, "Uggh, okay. It'll be easier for me to examine you in the Dev Studio anyways, you'd better promise to visit me in there for evaluation. Once I'm unbanned, that is."


"For sure!" he said with a wink, which Mei returned once she'd pulled herself off of him. Midoriya lifted himself out of bed, stretching as he unintentionally showed off his fully naked body.


Mei couldn't help but blush and activate her quirk, taking in every small detail of his near-flawless figure. Toned, muscular, hung to hell and back. It didn't help that he'd yet to shower, and his strong, masculine musk was emanating from his body. Intoxicating, it clouded her mind, if he didn't shower every day, female students might think he had some sort of aphrodisiac quirk!


Aphrodisiac, the dart gun? Wait. No. That's not what she wanted to pick out from that.


Intoxication? She didn't drink, that wasn't it either.


Shower? Oh right, she needed to shower. It was something she rarely had time for, but if she was going to be spending more time in close proximity to Midoriya, it would be crucial. Maybe she should get around to cleaning her room too.


Meh, maybe.


"Yeah, uh... I should head back to the support class dorms! I've got ideas I need to put on paper! Bye~!" she yelled, darting towards the door.




Midoriya looked up to respond, but she was already gone. Mere seconds passed and his phone began to buzz, was she texting him already? He checked his notifications, to his surprise it was actually from Toru:


<NowUCM3> did u have fun with hatsume? ;p


<NowUCM3> me and ura spent the night, u wanna hang out for a bit?


That's exactly what he wanted. Finally, some familiarity. For the past week it seemed like he had to get used to a new girl every night, it'd be nice to spend some time with Toru and Ochaco.


<Dekiru2> Yeah, I'll be there soon!




Emboldened with purpose, Midoriya had gotten ready in record time. He flew through the door like a speeding bullet, sprinting so quickly he didn't even register Yaoyorozu's presence until they collided. As fate would have it, they landed in a rather compromising position with him on top.


Midoriya lifted his face off of her chest, expecting to see a startled or annoyed expression. Instead, she seemed almost anxious. Her breathing was hastened, face reddened, appearing as if she was waiting to see what he would do next. In this moment, he noticed he'd subconsciously pinned her down. He immediately threw himself onto his feet and began apologizing profusely upon this realization.


"I-I'm so sorry, Yaomomo- er- Yaoyorozu! I was in too much of a hurry!" He held out a hand, eager to help her back up.


Her face was beet red. Ever since that night with the other girls and Midoriya, thoughts of him lingered in her mind. Thoughts of being pinned down, dominated by him. Such submissive desires had seemingly sprouted from that initial encounter. She'd sucked boys off before, but never gone all the way, she didn't even really desire to. With that being the case, why did she feel such a strong need to be taken by him, and in such a lewd way? It was safe to say that being accidentally thrown down and held by Midoriya did plenty to further inflame her passions.


Shakily taking his hand, she spoke, "D-Don't worry about it. We can all get carried away sometimes, I was actually coming to speak to you, Midoriya."


Oh dear.


"Really? What do you need?"


"I'd like for you to be my study partner tonight."


He narrowed his eyes, "Me? Why me?"


"Well, I'd like to restore normality between us. Since the little 'get-together' we had a few nights ago, I've had trouble getting... less than pure thoughts of you out of my mind," She emphasized the 'less than pure' part, glancing away as she spoke those words, "I'd either need to confront the issue head-on, or avoid you entirely. Being the vice-president of the class, it would reflect poorly on my conflict resolution ability if I were to simply ignore the problem, so I'd like for us to study together. Alone."


Once she was done talking, she tried to straighten herself out and maintain a neutral expression, both attempts failed. She only succeeded in looking more flustered than before.


Midoriya sighed, "Um, Yaomomo, if you're trying to proposition me, you don't have to be so strung out about it."


She babbled incoherently for a moment before spitting out a response, "It's a yes or no question, Midoriya."


"Of course I'll do it!" he said, trying to keep his tone positive despite the awkward exchange.


"G-Good. You can come to my dorm around eight, is that okay?"


He nodded, "I'll be there."


She returned his gesture, and with nothing else to say, parted ways with the boy. Her feigned stoicism was obvious to any potential onlooker. From the depths of her being, she screamed internally. Every time she looked at Midoriya she felt it, a tinge of submission. Her mind was in the gutter. The only way to fix this was to sate her inner desires, right? She'd do anything to sate the lust corrupting her thoughts, she was a Yaoyorozu, dammit.


Before anything else, however, she'd need a change of clothes. That little run-in had gotten her a bit excited, sullying her panties and shorts with her arousal. 1-A's vice-president could absolutely not be seen in this condition.






After a quick shower, Midoriya led himself to Toru's room, where he found her and Uraraka snuggled next to each other on the bed.


"Izuku!" Toru chirped at sight of the boy, she separated from Uraraka and patted the spot between them, "Come on, join the fun!"


He practically threw himself onto the bed between the girls, glad to finally have time to relax without a bed-shaking fuck. It was a nice, wholesome time, the three hanging out and talking about whatever was on their minds. Uraraka seemed a bit off, though. Her laughter seemed forced, and she kept zoning out and blankly staring at his face.


It was during one of these moments that Midoriya would try to snap her out of it and figure out what was going on, "Hey Ochaco, is something wrong?" he asked, looking visibly concerned.


"Ah!" she jumped back, startled, "N-No. It's nothing, I'm fine." She smiled and laughed to make herself seem more convincing, but Midoriya wasn't buying it.


"You're acting really strange," he said, Toru bouncing in agreement, "This... This isn't about Hatsume, is it?"


The look on her face confirmed her feelings, "I- well- I just don't know, Deku. This was supposed to be between just you, me, and Toru. Now it feels like every girl in U.A. is ending up in bed with you!"


"Ochaco..." he pulled himself closer, considering his words, "If you're not comfortable with any of this, please just tell me. I don't need anyone else, just you and Toru."


"D-Deku- I- I don't know," she said as she began to tear up, "You're too sweet. I just love you so much and I'm worried you'll find a better girl than me."


He held her in his arms, moving his hand through her hair, "Heh, I don't know if any could measure up to either of you."


"D'aww," Toru said, finding the exchange adorable.


Uraraka looked up at the invisible girl and giggled, wiping a tear off her face, "Deku you're just... You're too good for anyone. M-Maybe you should be something for every girl to experience," she said. Suddenly, she darted up and pecked him on the cheek.


"Hey, I'm all for letting you two have your moment, but don't forget about me!" Toru yelled, leaping over and hugging the couple. "Oh, this reminds me! Have you heard of that movie ManForce? It's hitting theaters next Saturday and I think you guys would really like it!"


"Oh yeah! The one with Blaine "The Boulder" Dodson? It looks awesome!" Midoriya yelled in response.


"I dunno, it looked kinda cheesy to me, all of the movies he's in are kinda mindless," Uraraka said.


"You gotta admit though, he's pretty hot, muscly too," Toru said, elbowing Uraraka.


"Er... I guess," she blushed, pushing herself back into Midoriya's chiseled chest. She clearly had a body type preference.


"Let's all get tickets to see it together on opening night!" he yelled, pumping his fist in excitement.


Toru leaped up on her feet, "Awesome!"


Uraraka thought for a moment before smiling and nodding, "It's a date!"






The trio hung out like this for the better part of the day, eating lunch and dinner together, they simply enjoyed each other's company.


Of course, as the hour approached the promised hour of eight, Midoriya made his way to Yaomomo's dorm. He parted ways with Toru and Uraraka, giving loving goodbyes and see-you-laters to the both of them.


Upon reaching Yaoyorozu's dorm, he tapped twice on the door, gaining a quick response:


"Ah! Just a moment!"


There was rustling among various other noises that Midoriya didn't bother to question. Patiently waiting, he stood in place, waiting for 1-A's vice-president to open the door. After what seemed like an eternity, Yaoyorozu opened the door, standing straight and looking much more self-assured than before. She looked as if she was trying to prove something.


"Midoriya! Come in, please!" she said, smiling and making way for the boy, "Try and squeeze through, I have yet to rearrange in here."


It was certainly a tight fit, the furniture, that is. The bed seemed to take up half the room, leaving just barely enough room to move around between it and other furnishings. Ignoring the poorly thought out arrangement, it was actually a rather pretty room. Everything looked expensive. Midoriya was almost afraid to touch anything for fear of ruining its value.


"U-Uh, Yaomomo? Where do you want me to sit? There's ah... not much room to seat myself comfortably!" he spoke.


Yaoyorozu pointed towards the bed, "There, your books and your body. I'd assumed you'd jump right for the bed, considering how many other beds you've been in recently," she said, raising an eyebrow as she finished.


"Well that's the thing, heh. It feels a bit like an obligation at this point, and I wanted to make sure we were both on the same page!" he said, "I wasn't entirely sure if this was going to be a normal study session or not!"


Her face turned a bright red, "O-Of course this is a normal study session, Midoriya! The goal of this is to achieve normality in our friendship, n-not muddle it even further!"


She spoke to herself internally, 'I wonder what he's going to do in response to that? Hopefully I've planted a seed of doubt in his mind, all he needs to do is take action and-'


"Oh, that's a relief actually!"


Yaoyorozu's jaw practically dropped, "E-Eh?!"


"W-Well there's just been so much happening between me and all the girls here, it's good to know that you're willing to avoid making anything strange!" Midoriya smiled innocently.


"G-Good. I'm glad we have this understanding," she said, attempting to remain calm on the outside, internally, she was singing a different tune: 'What the hell? What the hell?! I thought for sure he'd try something! Perhaps I wasn't obvious enough. but what else can I do?'


"I've actually been having a lot of trouble remembering geometric formulas, could we start with that?" he sat himself down, actually ready to learn.


'Well, I should focus on helping my classmates first and foremost.' She eyed Midoriya up and down and gulped, 'As difficult as this may be.'



Difficult, as it turned out, was an understatement. Part of her genuinely wanted to study alongside Midoriya, her repressed side had more lust-driven plans. It was all so frustrating. She'd been dropping hints for the past hour or so, slowly becoming less subtle, but he'd never take action. Why did he have to be so damn pure? At this point, she was getting close to straight-up asking him to rail her, but that was not how she wanted to be perceived.


Admittedly, she couldn't help but feel a little hurt at Midoriya's complete acceptance of her claims that this was to be nothing more than a "normal study session." It was no secret that most guys in 1-A would kill for this kind of attention from Yaomomo, but he was simply taking it in stride. Hell, she'd worn more revealing clothes than normal for him. A cute, lowcut pink shirt and a particularly high up pair of shorts. Never in her life had she felt so desperately that she needed to impress one of her peers.


That was the most exciting part of it all.


She'd tried desperately to deny it, and for a moment she even thought she'd succeeded in suppressing it. Now that he was right in front of her, however, it was undeniable. Poor Momo wanted Midoriya, and she wanted him bad. His firm musculature, his increasingly good looks, that massive, hypnotic bulge between his legs. She wanted to get another look at his manhood ever since she'd been on her knees for it only a few nights before. She wanted to kneel before him once again.


'What has gotten into me?' she said to herself. Never in her life had she been a submissive girl, why was the idea of acting as one so enticing to her now?


It was becoming more and more clear that she needed to take action. So, without second thought, she slammed her book shut and spoke.




He looked up with a tinge of nervousness, "U-Uhm, yes Yaoyoro-"


Before he could finish, her lips were upon his. The kiss lasted for a few moments before breaking, leaving them both panting.


"Y-Yaoyorozu! I t-thought you said-"


"I'm sorry I deceived you, Midoriya," she interrupted, "But I think... This is what we need."


She pulled him close, falling backwards onto the bed with him on top. In the midst of their kissing frenzy, they knocked all of the books off of the bed, which was soon going to serve a slightly different purpose. Their tongues pressed together, swirling around and bridging the gap between their mouths. Yaoyorozu was no slouch when it came to smashing face.


Pulling back for a brief moment, she spoke between breaths, "Don't be gentle, force yourself onto me." In response, Midoriya tightened his grip around her body still trying to avoid hurting her, only slightly forcing his tongue farther into her mouth. Grunting in frustration she spoke again, "Harder."


Following her guidance, he placed one hand behind her head, forcing her face into his. A moan of delight escaped her lips and echoed into his, she was finally getting what she wanted.


This lasted for a bit longer, the make out session breaking apart once Momo decided what she wanted next.


"M-Midoriya, I want you to do something for me."


"What is it?"


"C-Could you, erm... Nevermind," she covered her face nervously.


He reached out a hand reassuringly, "No, I'll do anything you want!"



"Well, I want you to, ah- Could you please just tear my clothes off?"



For a moment, he didn't respond, certain he had misheard. When she didn't repeat herself, he tried to confirm what she'd said, "Aren't your clothes k-kind of expensive?"


"They're not that valuable. You don't have to do it, I can just strip-"


"No! I mean, if it's what you really want I'll do it!"


A light smile spread across Momo's face as she brought herself close to Midoriya again, pressing her breasts against his chest. Again their lips made contact, and she felt his hands trailing up her back. They made a slow and methodical journey, feeling around her body until they gained a firm grasp on her shirt. Effortlessly, and with an audible 'RIIIIIIIP', her shirt was torn in two and thrown off to the side. Something about such a bestial act sent a pleasurable tingle up her spine as she audibly shuddered with glee.


Midoriya was almost drooling at the sight of her breasts, constrained only by her lacy bra. They were undeniably massive, beating out even Mei's heavy endowments.


Her arms moved over her chest and torso as she eyed Midoriya's clothed body, "I'd be happy if you would strip yourself down before going any further."


Reacting instantly, he stood and flung his shirt over his head. His pants went next, revealing his near-torn briefs, just barely constraining the monster held within. Midoriya noticed Yaoyorozu's mesmerized expression, and he turned an act as simple as removing one's underwear into an enticing reveal.


Whereas Midoriya had to stop himself from drooling, Momo didn't even bother trying, embracing her perversions. With every inch of his manhood revealed, she subconsciously moved closer and closer. Down past his large, heavy balls, the head rested slightly below his knees. Yep, no mistakes or exaggerations in her mind, he was hung. A stream of his musky, masculine scent entered her nostrils, causing her legs to completely buckle, it was too much to handle.


"P-Please, stay standing," she said, her hands shakily moving towards his cock. She rested on the bed, grabbing the shaft and moving it up towards her face. Kisses were laid upon its length, peppered in between slobbery licks around its girth, moving upwards towards the head. She pulled herself closer and closer to the base of his dick with each passing moment. Eventually, her head came to meet with his sack, and she placed herself fully under him. His balls rested themselves firmly on her face, and she relished the feeling. A deep breath filled her lungs with his musk, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. Her next desire was decided once she'd felt copious amounts of precum leaking onto her partially exposed body.


Moaning intensely, she managed to form a fragment of speech, "My mouth, please."


He obliged, but not without some hesitation. It'd been standard up until now to treat blowjobs more delicately, but that wasn't exactly what this was. On her back, it was more like she wanted him to fuck her mouth as if it was just another hole.


He slid himself into her throat, inch by inch. To his surprise, she took it all with gusto, she'd clearly had some practice. He gently slid himself in and out to avoid unnecessary pain. It wasn't entirely unappreciated, as she hadn't deepthroated a man his size before. That being said, she wanted more. She made her desires known by grunting and motioning for him to step up his pace.


"Are you sure?" Midoriya asked, getting the hint.


She nodded, bracing herself for his full force as dollops of precum flooded her throat, a natural preparation for what was to come. Midoriya grabbed hold of her head and rapidly increased his pace. If it was what she truly wanted, he wasn't going to let her down.


The change in his demeanor was drastic, within seconds he'd gone from a gentle lover to a ferocious machine. Yaoyorozu's gag reflex was almost nonexistent, her body just made way for more dick, which it eagerly received with each of Midoriya's rapid thrusts. Precum had mixed with her saliva to form copious amounts of natural lubricant, dripping down onto the floor in the midst of his savage pounding.


It felt so right in her mind, it was all coming together. Her mouth, just another hole to him. A firm grip on her head prevented her from gaining any leverage in the situation. All she could do was take it as he pounded her throat repeatedly, sliding in and out in a blur. Lewd, wet smacking sounds drowned out all others in the room, second only to Momo's muffled moans, ever increasing in intensity. Each throb of his dick further expanded her throat to suit it, turning her even more into his perfect cocksleeve.


Exactly as she wanted,


In the midst of her ecstasy, she hadn't even noticed him tear off her bra and throw it onto the floor. He snorted through his nostrils in a bestial fashion as he mauled her breasts, grabbing both of her bouncing tits in his hands. By this point she'd gone almost completely cross-eyed. She let out a moan louder than any before, an obvious sign of her climax, made more evident by the moisture staining her shorts and leaking onto the bed.


Her orgasm was soon to be followed by Midoriya's own. With a deep grunt, his cock throbbed and pulsated, suddenly shooting a thick stream of cum into her stomach. It didn't take long before she was at maximum capacity, and it started to leak out of her mouth and onto the floor and mattress.



Once his climax had subsided, he slowly unsheathed himself from her mouth with a lewd 'POP'. Yaoyorozu's expression made her look hungover, drowned in pleasure. She'd been well and truly throatfucked, but her desires weren't fully sated.


Midoriya himself looked nervous. Part of him was afraid he'd gone too far, "Y-Yaomomo? Are you okay?"


"Guh... Yes I'm... I'm fine," she responded, pulling herself upright and massaging her throat, "That was... Incredible. One could only describe you as a beast, Midoriya."


"O-Oh, uh, thanks! Haha... Should we uh... Get cleaned up?"


"No, give me a moment. I want to go further."


He rubbed his head, "Well, are you sure? I went kind of rough on you there... How much further do you want to go?"


"I'd like for you to take my virginity, Midoriya," she replied, wiping some of the cum off of her face to give a clear view of her serious expression.


"W-Wait, you mean you've never-"


"No," she snapped, "I've never gone all the way with a man before." Part of her almost felt insulted at Midoriya's assumption. Did the boys at U.A. believe that she was some sort of school bicycle because of her looks and endowments?


He looked somewhat ashamed over his presumptions, attempting to stutter out a response, "Oh, s-sorry, it's just you're so pretty, and..."


There's the sweetness again. She couldn't help but smile at his overt kindness, "Don't worry, there are more pressing matters at hand." Punctuating her statement, she presented herself to him, inviting him to tear off her bottoms as he'd done to her top.


He needed no further instruction, getting to work at tearing off her shorts and panties immediately. Once he'd stripped her down, a thought crossed his mind, "Wait, do you have any sort of protection?"


Casually, she opened a drawer in the desk beside her bed, pulling out and popping a pill into her mouth. She cast a side glance in his direction, trying to look flirtatious and playful.


Midoriya's mouth slammed shut, "Oh."


"Remember," she started, "Whatever you do, don't be gentle. I've practiced this for longer than I'd like to admit."


As a quick test, Midoriya looked down at her pussy, rubbing two fingers along the outside before sliding them in. She was certainly tight, but it was obvious that she wasn't lying. Regardless, it would be appropriate to prepare for just a bit longer. He pumped his middle and index fingers in and out, making sure to increase his pace to ensure he wasn't "too gentle". It was a quick and pleasurable process. Her own hand spread her pussy farther open, massaging her clit as his fingers plunged her insides.


"I-I'm more than ready for you, Midoriya," she said between wispy breaths.


"Okay. Maybe you should lay on your stomach for this."


"It's not a maybe. If you want me to do something, just tell me to do it," she said, staring him in the eyes.


He returned her gaze, she wanted him to wash away his kindness just for the moment. It was a wordless transmission, and he was willing to comply.


"On your stomach. Now." His tone this time was more stern and commanding, he assumed that's what she was looking for. It turned out to be exactly what she wanted, as she rolled onto her belly, holding her ass in the air and keeping her face planted on the bed.


'I feel so exposed like this, it's so exciting,' she moaned to herself. She glanced back at Midoriya, who planted his hands on her ass, preparing to take her.


"Midoriya, I... I need you to..." she trailed off, wanting so badly to state what she wanted, but simultaneously wanting instruction to do so.


"What do you want me to do?" he asked, still in a false-aggressive tone.


"I want you to f-fuck me. No, I want you to-" the look in her eyes betrayed her lust to him, "-to break me."



Without another word, he thrust forward, completely filling her with his cock in one swift movement. It was almost like a switch flipped in Momo's head. Her eyes crossed and she let out a whorish moan, not even caring who could possibly be listening. Midoriya's hands moved away from her ass and onto her arms, holding them in place, she'd probably like that. It was a rough fuck right off the bat, him not even attempting to start off slowly.


"Ah, yes! Just like that!' she moaned, "Please- oh! Please berate me, I've sunken so low!"


This was starting to get far outside of Midoirya's nature, but in a way, he was starting to enjoy it. He'd watched more dom/sub based porn than he cared to think about, but he could easily parrot the sort of things he'd heard in those films.


He bent down towards hear ear and spoke in a low growl, "You're not lying. I thought you were supposed to be vice-president of our class, a role model. Not some common whore." Immediately, he felt a little bad, insulting others generally did not feel good to him. Guilty feelings washed away when he saw a look of surprise and desire wash over Momo's face.


"Y-Yes! I'm just a filthy fucking whore!" Her language had been excessively foul that night, it felt like her whole brain had been consumed by her sheer lust. It didn't help that they were being metaphorically fucked out of her at the moment.


She continued to babble similar dialogue between her moans and gasps before Midoriya decided to take more initiative. Deftly, he grabbed both of her wrists into one hand, shoving three fingers from the other into her mouth.


"Look who's murmuring now, you like to talk a lot, huh? Maybe we should put that mouth to better use again after this is done," he said, hoping to excite Momo even further.


His words served their intended purpose as evidenced by her near instant climax. It felt everlasting, with each of his powerful, forceful thrusts seeming to extend its duration. Her cunt was clenching hard around his dick, convulsing against his meaty shaft. The sensation was pleasurable for both of them, further accentuating each individual pounding Midoriya gave to her, practically brutalizing her pussy.


Just as she preferred, she felt totally at his mercy. Overwhelming strength restrained her arms behind her back, forcing her to remain open with his fingers, and her tongue lolling out to drip saliva onto the sheets. Few words were shared between them at this point, with Midoriya entering auto-pilot in the midst of the rough fucking. She could tell he was getting close, judging by his deep, guttural grunts growing in volume.


Suddenly, his hand released its grasp on Momo's wrists, instead going for her hair. He pulled her onto her knees effortlessly. In a split second, one hand covered her mouth, and the other buried itself into her breasts.


"Oh, God!" she moaned into his hand, in the midst of yet another orgasm.


Midoriya didn't bother to speak, only peaking in volume of his animalistic vocalizations. This was the only warning that Momo received before she was filled with a torrent of his seed. Thick streams of it shot straight into her womb, providing a thick coating to her insides. Momo rubber her hand along her stomach and watched as it visibly distended from the sheer amount of cum being pumped into it.


It was too much to handle, the combination of Midoriya's orgasm, his masculine musk, and him forcing her body into his.


So much sensation, beautiful sensation.


Everything flashed to black.




It felt like time skipped forward, and she was suddenly tucked under the covers. She bolted upwards in a cold sweat.


'W-Wait, no. Was that all... A dream?' she spoke to herself.


Her eyes scanned the room, seeing no sign of Midoriya until she looked directly to her left. She would have been startled under other circumstances, but he looked genuinely concerned.


He grinned awkwardly before speaking, "Yaomomo! I'm, uh, glad you're awake. I took things way too far."


"No, you were incredible, but... Erm," she said almost absentmindedly, still dazed and confused, "Did I pass out?"


"Yeah. I was really freaked out, I'm so sorry about all this!"


"Don't apologize, Midoriya, it was perfect. In fact, the reason I woke up so scared was because I thought I dreamed all of that up," she poke and gave a genuine smile. She felt like some sort of romance movie protagonist, and couldn't help but hide her face. Fluffy emotions weren't her strong suit.


"Oh, wow," he said, "Well I'm still a little worried about you, are you going to be okay? I can stay here for a little while longer to-"


"Really, I'm fine, I'm just not very used to such intense feelings is all. Besides, it's getting late, and it's a school night," she suddenly hopped off the bed and stood up, "You should go back to your dorm."


"O-Okay. If you say so."


He redressed himself fully and walked towards the door.


"Goodnight, Momo!"


"Goodnight, Midoriya." She turned in his direction, watching him open the door.


As he turned to leave, Momo abruptly ran to him and bent slightly. Her hands pressed his face into hers, and they shared a brief kiss. It felt much longer than it actually lasted, taking only a couple of seconds. After it broke off, Momo looked nervously off to the side, struggling to return Midoriya's astonished gaze. Realizing she'd managed to make things awkward with her silence, she cleared her throat, bowed slightly, and closed the door for Midoriya.


He stood in stunned silence for a full minute before finally walking back to his room. What a night. Momo certainly had some unique tastes, at least in comparison to the other girls he'd been with up to that point. He honestly wished he could have stayed the night, but she had a point. Education was most important, he needed to continue hero work, trivial things like romance and sex could never-





<FroppyJalopy> Hi. Is this Midoriya? I forgot. Sorry.






What the hell is a 'Froppy Jalopy'?

Chapter Text

What a weekend.


Midoriya sat in homeroom, feeling absolutely drained. It seemed lately hat no matter how much sleep he got, it was never enough. Not helping was the fact that he'd made plans to hang out with Tsuyu later that day. Just a tired morning. In fact, he couldn't even remember the start of it, as if he'd just blacked out and appeared in class.


"Deku!" a voice called out to him, warm and friendly. Ochaco!


"Hey... Uraraka..." he replied, attempting to seem cheerful and ready to learn. The attempt failed miserably.


"Are you okay Deku? You seem out of it," she said with a look of concern.


He gave an unenthusiastic thumbs up, "Yeah I'm okay... I jus... just... I just-" he attempted to speak before dropping his face into the desk.


"Deku!" Uraraka wailed. Her fright quickly turned to a small fit of laughter when she realized that he was alive and well. Some concern remained in her mind however, "Have you been getting enough sleep?"


Midoriya's head barely lifted up from the table, "I dunno... Probably not..."


"Maybe you should take a break from all of this sleeping around you've been doing, I'm kinda worried about you," she said with a neutral expression, displaying the seriousness of her words.


"No it's just morning grog... grug... grogginess... I'll be fine later,"


"Hm, if you say so. I don't want my lovely Deku dozing off in the middle of a test!" she smiled, lifting his head up to meet her own. A light chuckle escaped her lips before she pressed them on his forehead. The slight display of affection was enough to bring Midoriya marginally closer to reality, the boy fully opening his eyes. After a few moments, Mr. Aizawa entered the room and the class went silent.


"Good morning everyone," he started, glaring at the crowd of students in front of him, "Before we start our standard procedure I'd like to bring up some anonymous complaints I've received from students. This is regarding the noise level of the dorms during night time hours."


"Oh no," Midoriya thought to himself.


"I'm going to make this brief and I will not repeat myself. After 8:00 you are to keep all noise in your dorms to a minimum, some students have trouble sleeping when their ears are assaulted with your music among other things," Aizawa said, briefly turning his gaze to Midoriya and a few of the girl students, "Anyone found breaking this rule will be subject to punishment, and that includes expulsion. Am I understood?"


"Yes sir," the class said in unison.


Aizawa nodded and pulled out some papers, "Good. Now let's move on."




Later in the day, 1-A took a math test in Mr. Ectoplasm's class. In what felt like an instant, it was over and the students were left with a decent chunk of free time. Midoriya sat in his desk, staring at the tabletop in front of him and nodding off.


"How do you think you did?" a voice spoke to him, startling Midoriya.


"H-Huh?!" he yelled, turning to see Toru crouched next to him.


"On the test we just took, silly!" she said as she moved closer.


He sighed in relief, "O-Oh, sorry, you just startled me a bit! The test was pretty easy!"


Toru scoffed, "Pfft, maybe half of it! I started to guess on some of the questions."


Their conversation was cut off by a new voice, "What are you two talking about over here, kero?" Tsuyu spoke. She kneeled on the floor beside Midoriya's desk, placing her arms on it. A long tongue dangled out the side of her mouth, which Midoriya found a bit odd, she didn't normally have issues keeping her tongue inside.


Almost by instinct, Toru wrapped her arms around Midoriya, "We're just talking about the test, how was it for you, Asui?"


"Call me Tsu," Tsuyu said in response, subtly moving her tongue downwards, "I thought the test was pretty easy, kero. Mr. Ectoplasm usually gives us fairly simple exams. Except for fractions, he likes those a lot."


Toru groaned, "You guys are making me feel so dumb! Both you and Midoriya said this test was super easy, but I probably failed it, and I like fractions!"


"Fractions are cool!" Midoriya said in a reassuring tone, "You're super smart, Toru! I'm sure you did-" He cut himself off, there was a sudden sensation crawling up his leg. Long, thin, some sort of muscle... Tsuyu's tongue? He gazed in her direction, and noticed that her tongue had moved under the desk. Not only that, but she was looking right at him.


"What is she up to?" he thought. Part of him felt that he should stop her, but the other part was curious to see what would happen.


"Did what? Terrible? Awful? I messed it all up, Izuku!" Toru whined and squeezed him tighter.


"No, I'm sure you did great! You really don't give yourself enough credit," Midoriya said. In that same instant, he froze completely. Something was pressing itself against his crotch, and he knew exactly what it was, who it was. He turned to Tsuyu again, "What are you doing?!" he mouthed.


Tsuyu didn't acknowledge his silent objections, instead continuing the conversation with Toru. She spoke surprisingly coherently considering her tongue was out. With each word uttered she would massage her tongue harder into Midoriya's rapidly forming bulge.


Toru was blissfully unaware of the situation, "Oh, Tsu! Do you want to come to the movies with Izuku, Ochaco, and me? We're gonna see ManForce!"


"Ngh- Toru, that's uh, supposed to be just the three of us," Midoriya spoke, trying to keep his arousal from being shown in his speech. It was certainly making itself known in his pants, as his cock formed a very noticeable protrusion trailing down his leg.


Tsuyu was wide-eyed, it was even bigger than she remembered, "I don't think I'd be able to make it anyways, kero. I've got other plans this weekend," she spoke. She'd had enough of the barrier separating her tongue from her target, and slipped it directly into Midoriya's pants.


"AH!" he yelped, garnering some attention from his classmates. Tsuyu was being discrete enough to prevent anyone from realizing what was happening, however, and interest was quickly lost. "Uh, y-yeah, that too! If you ever want to- mmf- hang out with us some other time though, that would be cool!"


"Uh, Izuku?" Toru started, "Are you alright? You're acting kind of funny."


He came up with a quick excuse, "Y-Yeah, I'm fine, just bit my tongue!" Tsuyu's tongue, on the other hand, had wrapped itself around his dick. She gently squeezed it, flicking the tip of her tongue across the tip of his cock. Each thick vein pulsed in a display of his virility, threatening to spill pre onto the floor below. Tsuyu didn't seem to mind this risk, in fact, it seemed that she was encouraging the outcome. Her tongue shifted its position, moving from his shaft to his balls. For a brief moment, she played with them, lifting and licking them before finally wrapping her tongue around them and his cock at the same time.


As much as he tried, Midoriya could hardly hold the conversation with Toru. Involuntarily, thick splurts of pre began to run down his leg, and his face went pale. Tsuyu caught wind of this, and quickly released her grip on his manhood. Instead, she moved it into the leg of his pants, catching every last bit of pre onto her tongue. No evidence was left. Her tongue receded into her mouth, bringing the copious amounts of pre with it. She was almost overwhelmed with the taste. It took everything she could from letting out a loud moan as she swallowed, feeling the warmth run down her body.


Midoriya, at this point, had begun massaging his bulge himself. He needed full release. Could he really do it in class?


"Damn it, Tsu!" he groaned to himself, he'd rapidly been reduced to a horny mess by her shenanigans.


Was he really going to jerk himself off in the middle of the entire class? Tsuyu was once again ready to provide assistance, in addition to taking care of herself. A puddle of femcum had started to form underneath her, visibly dripping from underneath her dress.


So close. This was crazy, it could get him expelled from U.A! It could-





Of course.



Blue-balled by the bell.






During lunch, Midoriya ate quickly and excused himself to his friends. They didn't question him as he left.


Of course, he'd been overwhelmingly horny since math. The closest private space was the locker room near the pool, so he moved there. Quickly, he removed his pants and briefs, letting his monstrous cock swing free. He couldn't help but groan loudly. It felt so good to give it all room to breathe.


The shower turned on, and he stepped inside.


"Hah, I wonder if Toru followed me into the showers again?" he joked to himself before getting to work.


His hands wrapped around his length, barely even covering half of his flaccid state! It was a familiar process, though one he'd recently had no need for. Slowly, his hands traveled along the shaft, working him up further and further. It hardened and grew inch after inch. In no time, he'd worked himself to full length, his cock standing proudly at attention as thick ropes of pre dripped from its head.


Once he was ready to really get to work, he heard the door open. Toru? No, she would be more discrete.


Whoever it was, they were moving towards him. They probably just wanted a shower. Regardless, he couldn't help but feel nervous now that he'd have to keep quiet.


Suddenly, they stopped right in front of his stall. Wait, no- it couldn't be.


The curtain flung open to reveal Tsuyu standing in the shower entrance.


"Hi, Midoriya," she said plainly, as if this were a normal situation to be in. She was completely stripped down. Though unexceptional in any particular area, Tsuyu still had a nice, shapely figure. Athletic was the best way to describe it, with a pair of perky C-cup breasts and a bubble butt that was a bit large for the rest of her figure. Naturally so, she'd need a healthy lower half to perform her impressive jumps.


Midoriya tried to cover himself up, but with little success, "A-Ah, Tsuyu! What are you doing here?"


"I couldn't wait, sorry about earlier, kero," Tsuyu said, "You look like you could use some help, can I join you?"


"Sure! I-I mean if you really want to!" he stammered, his cock visibly throbbing from the idea.


Tsuyu closed the curtain behind her, "I want to do something first if it's okay."


"Uh, yeah! What kind of thing?"


Without another word, she pulled herself into him for a long, deep kiss. Midoriya was shocked for only a moment before he placed a hand behind her head. Passion turned to lust within seconds, and they found themselves in the midst of a sloppy makeout. Tsuyu thrust her tongue into his mouth, easily wrapping her tongue around his. Pressing and prodding against each other, they played like this for a while until Tsuyu felt something between her thighs.


It didn't take much thought to figure out what the long, thick object was. His cockdragged along her pussy as Midoriya lightly thrust forward and back, causing her to moan and croak into Midoriya's mouth. If she so chose, she was confident that he could lift her into the air with his dick alone. That wasn't necessary, however, she needed something else.


"Guh- hold on," she panted. Like a blur, she moved onto the ground and started to drag it along Midoriya's length, "Your cock is really big, Midoriya."


"I-I've been told," he sputtered.


Tsuyu used her tongue to feel up Midoriya's balls. So round and heavy, full of the thick seed she'd grown to miss since last time. She wrapped her tongue around his cock and began to jerk him off, receiving loud grunts of pleasure in response. Midoriya couldn't hold himself back, instinctively thrusting himself into her mouth at first opportunity.


Her eyes went wide and she removed herself from his dick, "No, wait."


"Oh, d-did I do something wrong?" Midoriya said in a worried tone.


"No, I'm just too full from lunch, and the other lunch you fed me earlier. I don't want too much of your cum to go to waste, kero," she said nonchalantly.


Midoriya was left a bit bewildered, "Well, er... Okay!"


She stood up and pressed herself against the wall, "Here. Do me here. Today should be a safe day," she spread her pussy lips and presented herself for Midoriya.


He nodded and positioned himself behind her. Wordlessly, he rubbed his fingers along her entrance, sliding them inside after a few moments. His pace quickened as Tsuyu's arousal grew, evidenced by her quickened breathing and croaks. It wasn't long before her cunt was leaking a long stream of arousal onto the ground to be washed away by the shower waters.


"J-Just mate with me already, kero," she said between her cute moans.


Midoriya placed his hands on her hips, prodding his cock into her slit. Entry proved to be difficult due to her tightness, but he eventually forced his way in. Tsuyu gasped loudly and quivered as he pushed in several inches. Her inner walls wrapped around his length like a vice, tighter than any girl he'd been with before. Every vein along his length threatened to complicate things even further, throbbing against Tsuyu's insides and sending rushes of pleasure along her body with each pulse. Her pleasurable convulsions would cause her pussy to tighten even further, squeezing Midoriya's cock to the point that he could hardly feel it. This would eventually subside, however, as her pussy finally molded itself into his shape.


"S-Sorry about that, kero. I've always been really tight down there because of my quirk, " she said bluntly.


Midoriya bottomed out inside of her, "Is there anything else I should know about your quirk before I go on?"


"Well, you won't really need to hold back, my body is prepared for this."


Those words flipped Midoriya's inner switch, and he went to work. Forcefully, he thrust himself into Tsuyu's cunt repeatedly, battering it at full speed right from the start.


"W-Woah, ah- oh- Midoriya, wait, ngh!" Tsuyu moaned in the midst of his assault. She wasn't expecting him to take her so literally. She didn't bother to stop him, though, instead allowing him to force his body into hers. Her ass was raised in the air and her face was pressed into the wall, Midoriya applying pressure onto her back with his upper body. The sheer power of each individual thrust was enough to elicit a loud, drawn out moan from Tsuyu, "M-Midoriya~ oooooooohhhhh."


Her tongue rolled out of her mouth and onto the shower floor. Shakily, she attempted to raise her tongue, but she was far too overstimulated. Midoriya was plowing her cunt hard, and she could hardly think straight. Eventually, her tongue managed to find its way to her pussy and provide extra stimulation. It dragged along her clit and wrapped itself around the based of Midoriya's sack, licking and playing with them like earlier. They were so firm and heavy, Tsuyu had begun to harbor a lust for them.


After several minutes of the rough fuck, Tsuyu decided she wanted to try a different position, "Wait, Midoriya!" she shouted.




"I want to change it up a bit, kero," she said. Slowly, she pulled herself off of his cock, letting out a long, lewd moan as it dragged along her love tunnel. There was a wet *pop* once it exited fully, leaving her cunt noticeably gaped, eliciting another moan from the frog girl as pussy juice squirted from her muff. Shakily, she laid her back on the floor, spreading her legs, "Let's do it like this."


Midoriya, of course, needed no further instruction. He lowered himself onto Tsuyu as she wrapped her arms around his back.Their lips met once more, his cock slowly plugging her muff once more.


In this new position, the couple worked up a new rhythm. More effort was required on Midoriya's part, but Tsu's adorable moans were plenty of encouragement. He raised his upper body, using his arms to support himself, and gyrating his hips. Like this, he was able to pound relentlessly. Tsuyu's legs wrapped around his waist, trapping him in. Not that he planned on escaping.


Their moans increased in intensity. No doubt they would fail to notice anyone else entering the locker room, nor would they care. As far as they were concerned, they were the only two people in the world in that moment. Tsu's tongue was stretched into Midoirya's, she couldn't help but want to kiss the man currently holding her in a mating press. Was it even still lunch time? It didn't matter. Time seemed to stop just for the pair of lovers.


After what felt like hours to the couple, Tsu felt the all-to-familiar throb of Midoriya's cock. He was finally at his limit. She was ready for it. Midoriya's pounding was ceaseless, stopping not even for his orgasm, allowing for an explosion of cum to escape from Tsuyu's cunt as he thrust into her. Her eyes crossed and toes curled as she entered an orgasm of her own, mixing her own cum with his. The shower water washed away the evidence of this coupling as it was produced.


Eventually, the two were left panting side by side, near-silence broken only by the water hitting the floor.


Tsuyu turned onto her side to look at the boy next to her, "W-Wow, Midoriya. You really are some kind of machine, kero."


"Is that a good thing?" he said in response.


She only nodded to acknowledge him, not saying another word. They both started to doze off in the warm water until-




"Oh no," they both said in unison.





Fortune had clearly been on the side of those two. They made it to their classes perfectly on time, though soaking wet. Their excuse was that they'd fallen into the pool, and it was surprisingly well accepted despite their actual clothes being perfectly dry.



Later, Tsuyu sat in the common room, reading to herself. There were a few others in the room, but none interacting with her. That was the case until Jiro sat herself next to the frog girl.


"What's up, Tsu?" she said in an uninterested tone.


Tsuyu didn't look up from her book, "Reading."


"That's pretty cool, uh..." she trailed off, fiddling with her ear jacks, "About earlier..."


"Earlier?" Tsuyu looked up from her book.


"Yeah during lunch. You and Midoriya straight up left, did you two...?"


"Yes, kero." Tsuyu croaked, looking slightly nervous.


"Well, shit, guess I've been left in the dust, huh?"


"If you want to do it with him, you should just ask."


Jiro blushed and crossed her arms, "Yeah? Well... I don't know what he'd want with me. I got no tits, almost no ass, and I'm not even a mega-sub like you or Yaomomo, no offense."


Mega-sub? That didn't seem entirely correct, but whatever, "None taken. I think you need to be more confident in yourself, Jiro."


"Hah, fuck that. I'll be confident when Midoriya's at my door begging to fuck me. From what I've seen, he's not into twigs, so why bother, y'know?"


"He's a really sweet guy, kero, and you're a very pretty girl."


"Well I'm not one to get on my knees and ask for him to 'please oh please have sex with me Mr. Midoriya!'" Jiro snickered, "I want him to show me he likes me."


"Who knows, kero," Tsuyu said, "Midoriya is full of surprises."

Chapter Text

"Looking for a ride to your secret location, where the kids are setting up a free speed nation for you~!" Kyouka Jiro sang to herself as she hopped off the bed. Bare feet made contact with the cold checkered floor, gray and black. It practically screamed punk-rock. Hell, the whole room did. Instruments lined the walls and corners of the room, Jiro was more familiar with some than others. From time to time, she'd play for her closest friends. She was musically inclined by nature, and her quirk suited that perfectly. In fact, she was using it on her phone right now, plugged right into the phone's audio jack.


She strode towards her collection of vinyls, consisting largely of western music. Records sounded cleaner to her, but they were far less convenient in the modern age of downloads and streaming. Still, it was fun to show off her collection to anyone who was interested. Not today, though. Nobody had offered to hang out after school. It was going to be a lonely afternoon of listening to music and-




Jiro jumped. She hadn't invited anyone over. Thinking over it for a second, she had a slight idea of who it might be.


Opening the door, she spoke, "Tsu, if you're feeling sorry for me, I don't need- huh?" Looking around, she didn't see anyone directly in front of her. Her gaze shifted lower, only to be met by a pair of friendly eyes. Midoriya blocked the doorway on bended knee. Jiro sighed, "Midoriya, what are you doing dude?"


"Uh, hey Jiro! I'm here, uh... begging you to hang out!" he replied.


"Why are doing this?" she hissed.


Midoriya was somewhat confused at Jiro's reaction, "Tsuyu told me to!"


Jiro almost threw her face into her hands in embarrassment. Of course she told him everything. What a complete disaster.


"You're here to beg, huh? Well you're doing a pretty shitty job grovelling all things considered. Try again."


"Yes, okay!" Midoriya cleared his throat, "Jiro, you're so beautiful! Please, please let me into your life, I'll do anything for you! I don't think I could bear-"


"Okayokayokay please stop right now." Jiro said, throwing a hand over her mouth to stop herself from laughing, "Just come on in."



Midoriya stood up and followed Jiro into her room. It was a stark contrast from the other girls' rooms, being less room-like and more garage-like. Certainly not how one would expect somebody's room to look, though that wasn't at all a bad thing.


"So, whaddya think?" Jiro said as she fell backwards onto the bed.


Midoriya was elated, "It's so cool! I didn't get a good look last time!"


Jiro's eyes widened, "Oh! Well, uh... thanks. I wasn't really talking about my room though, should've specified."


She lifted her head to look at Midoriya. He stared back, one could practically see the gears turning in his head.


"Midoriya, did you really come here just to look at my room or whatever?" she said, though she was already coming to her own conclusion.


"I- I didn't really have any plans for anything when I showed up here," he replied, "Tsuyu just said that you probably wanted to see me!"


He smiled towards Jiro, though her reaction was anything but pleasant.


"There it is, that's what I thought," she snapped, almost seething, "You didn't come here by your own will, one of your other girlfriends sent you to pity poor old Jiro, yeah?"


"Woah, no! That's not-"


"I don't care!" Jiro yelled, "I don't want to hear anymore of this, I don't need anyone to feel sorry for me."


There was a long silence as Jiro's breathing began to slow down. Midoriya could think of nothing to cheer her up, instead electing to leave her be. Jiro's eyes followed him as he made his way to the door, and in a moment of guilt, she second guesses her feelings.


She sighed, "I'm sorry, don't go."


Midoriya turned, "No, you're right, I shouldn't have-"


"Shut up and get over here, I've got something I wanna ask you."


He nodded and moved to the bed.


Jiro dejectedly stared at the boy, "Did you really mean all that stuff you were saying when you showed up here? Like that I'm... beautiful?"


"O-Of course, Jiro!"


A light smile began to form on her face, "That means a lot," she began to blush and curl up, "I rarely hear that from guys, especially when there are better options."


"Better options?" Midoriya asked.


"You know, like Yaomomo and Uraraka and shit. Girls with shape, I guess. Me? I've always been a stick."




"I've always thought you were pretty cute, but you were obviously into Uraraka. Literally everyone could tell," Jiro grinned.


Midoriya rolled his eyes, "Well, I'm here now, and I plan on staying a while!"


"Right, that must mean something," Jiro winked slyly, "You've been talking me up plenty, but I haven't seen any action."


"Oh, well, what do you want to do?" Midoriya asked.


Jiro looked speechless, "You really did just come here to talk, didn't you?"


"We can do anything you... Ohhhhhh!"


"I think you've figured it out," she teased.


He nodded and stood up, pulling his shirt over his head.


"You came in here grovelling to me, and I think I like having that position over you," Jiro said, "When you're done doing that, you'll listen to me. Understand?" Midoriya threw his shirt off, revealing his muscled chest to her. Looking him up and down, she bit her lip.


Jiro's words had Midoriya feeling slightly out of his comfort zone. Often, he'd been the one completely in control, but there was something thrilling about agreeing to Jiro's demands. Though that didn't mean he wouldn't get back at her. He slowed down his pace drastically, taking his sweet time in removing his pants, much to Jiro's disdain.


"You wanna speed this up? We're gonna fuck tonight, right?" she spoke.


Midoriya gave no verbal response, throwing his trousers aside and removing his boxers, letting his member hang loose.


"...Fuck" Jiro mumbled under her breath. Regaining her composure, she spoke, "Get on the bed."


"Aren't you going to-"




He gulped and laid down on the bed, awaiting further instruction. Despite everything, he could feel his mammoth cock hardening as Jiro's eyes trailed over it.


"I'll admit, uh... Your body is... wow." Jiro spoke softly, crawling onto the bed. She positioned herself above the boy, remaining fully clothed, "I want to see if your endurance measures up to your size." Without another word, she slammed her butt into his dick, painfully close to hotdogging if not for her pants being in the way. Slowly, she began to grind herself along its length.


Her instructions were simple: Do. Not. Cum.



Jiro forced herself onto his cock as hard as she could, being sure to push herself as far along his length as she could. Midoriya at this point was rock hard, leaking precum onto the bed as Jiro did her best to drive him over the edge. He grimaced each time she completed a cycle of her back-and-forth movement.


"Already struggling, you just want to be inside something, right?" she asked. He could only whimper in response, attempting to thrust forward. She laughed breathily, "You're only making it more difficult."


Jiro herself was struggling to seem completely unfazed. She was loving the effect she had on Midoriya, savoring every passing moment of her control. Of course, she wouldn't allow him to move his arms, keeping herself positioned over him. She slid her pants down in the midst of her dry-humping, leaving her panties as the only barrier of entry. Her shirt was the next to go. The bra would remain on, Jiro wishing to tease her new toy in any way possible.


All of this was, of course, serving to make the "game" more difficult for Midoriya. Pressure running along his entire length caused his cock to throb and leak, eager to enter something. Similar to sex but lacking a certain sensation. It felt good despite this, but that was the worst part. Any time he started to feel close, he would remember Jiro's rule, and hold himself back. This task was becoming more and more difficult, and he could feel his load building up.


The game went on like this for several minutes, Jiro trying her best to torment Midoriya into firing off, but he kept up surprisingly well.


Jiro was simultaneously impressed and slightly offended that he had lasted this long, "How are you feeling Midoriya? Pent up? Need release?"


The boy clenched his teeth and nodded.


"Hmph, let's kick things up a notch then," she spoke as she sat herself up, still supported by the beast underneath her.


Her panties slid down her legs effortlessly, leaving behind a slick, glistening trail. As she sat herself back onto Midoriya's cock, the increased sensation hit instantly for both of them. Her head flew back, Jiro barely managing to stifle a moan of slutty pleasure. Midoriya couldn't manage that much, grunting loudly underneath her. The pace of the game increased drastically, flesh sliding against flesh as Jiro threw her hips back and forth.


"Fuck yeah! I love that throb. Do it more, I want to feel every fucking vein," she cried. Her words became reality as each thrust forward would have her clit rubbing along Midoriya's thick veins, throbbing and pulsing against her quivering cunt. In the moments that followed, pleasure had built far too much for the girl, causing her to cry out "Cum, do it!" amid the throes of her own orgasm.


Midoriya shot off almost instantly, thick rope of cum shooting across to the other side of the room. Another quickly followed. Then another. Within seconds, Midoriya was letting loose load after load of cum, splattering the wall and floor in front of him in copious amounts. Jiro could feel each pulse underneath her, shivers crawling up her spine with each throb. Without thinking, she threw herself onto Midoriya and pulled him into a passionate kiss. Their tongues twirled and traded moans until both of their orgasms finally subsided.


A few moments of breathy silence followed, both teens lying in the afterglow of Jiro's challenge. She turned to look at the fruits of her labor, the white river soaking the other end of her room.


"Holy... shit..." she panted wide-eyed, "that is... that is a huge fucking load." In that same instant, the scent hit her nostrils, enveloping her mind in a powerful cloud of musk. Her eyes almost rolled to the back of her head, and she immediately felt on the verge of another orgasm. She gasped once more, "I think we'd better warn all the girls not to let you get too pent up, huh?"


"Yeah, it gets kind of, uh... Full?" Midoriya groaned.


"No shit," Jiro teased, "well you probably could've given my room a white paint job if you really tried. If you hit any of my records though, I'll probably kill you."


Midoriya gulped, unsure of whether of not she was serious.


Jiro laughed at his worried expression, "That's for later though, you've got a quick recharge right? We can stretch this out as long as we want."


"I'll be ready again in just a sec, what kind of stuff did you have in mind?" he spoke softly.


"Mmm, I have a few ideas. How about we get you nice and prepared first?"


"What do you- URK!" Midoriya grunted, suddenly face-to-face with Jiro's dripping cunt.


"I wanna to see how skilled you are. Do a good job and I might suck you off, maybe. Eat me out."


Midoriya, again, needed no further instruction. With the way Jiro was positioned, her thighs held a vice-like grip around his head, almost pressuring him into the lips in front of him. As if he'd needed any encouragement. Placing his hands on her ass, he began circling her inviting snatch with his tongue, eliciting a shiver from the girl above. He paid special attention to the cute pink button that had revealed itself to him, rapidly becoming aroused himself. Jiro's reaction made itself known by the girlcum dripping onto Midoriya's face, the boy making sure to lap it up as her legs quivered.


Jiro grew frustrated with the lack of full entry, "H-Hey, you gonna start going at it for real or what? Quit fucking around at the door and just let yourself in."


He made no attempt at a verbal response, letting his subsequent actions speak for themselves. Jiro's body perfectly accommodated Midoriya's tongue as it entombed itself within her wet snatch. Her thighs clamped harder around him, and she almost forced herself into his face as if to suffocate him. Moans reverberated through her body into his head, giving physicality to her pleasure. As he went to work on her, his cock was looking more and more inviting, standing fully erect in front of her. Dollops of precum leaked from the tip, giving evidence that his heavy balls were already working up another load.


Wordlessly, she gave in, and decided to reward her plaything. Unsure of how to handle such a large tool on her own, she lowered her head slowly. It was a workout for her jaw muscles. Each inch saw Jiro gag, coming back up to breathe every few seconds or so, only to try again. Impressively, she managed to brute-force her way to the bottom of his shaft, a very noticeable bulge forming in her throat from the obstruction she had oh-so-happily accepted. Precum practically deposited itself straight into her stomach as Midoriya groaned in pleasure. His grip on her ass tightened, as if to claim it for himself as he pleasured her in turn. Bobbing her head up and down, Jiro no longer made any attempt to hide her enjoyment, moaning into his cock as she cupped her hands around his balls. Each heavy orb would hardly fit in one of her hands, exciting for a girl that wanted to get close and personal with the massive load such virility could produce.


Jiro was snapped out of her daze by frustrated grunts from the boy beneath her. She reluctantly pulled herself from his cock to speak, "What's that dude? You gotta speak up."


Midoriya didn't seem impressed, his only reaction being to thrust forward, nearly hitting Jiro across the face with his dick.


"C'mon, make me cum a few more times and maybe I'll- URK!" Jiro yelped as she was suddenly thrown off of Midoriya's body. Effortlessly, he lifted her and threw her onto her back, towering over her. His face was drenched with girlcum, failing to mask an expression of lust and anger.


Jiro began to stutter, "W-Wait Midoriya, this wasn't p-part of the game! Maybe we've d-done enough for today!" Without thinking, she spread her trembling legs as she spoke. Inviting enough, Midoriya slid the first few inches in without warning. Jiro yelped in pleasure and pain, not as experienced with this sort of thing as she'd like to be. She couldn't back out now, however. The tables had turned, Midoriya's immense strength had her pinned where he wanted her. And though she tried to claim otherwise to herself, that turned her on.


He was holding back as best he could, given his sudden dominance. Each inch felt like a marathon to Jiro, as Midoriya's bullish manhood reached depths she never thought possible. Just as suddenly as he'd forced in the first few inches, Midoriya slammed in the rest of his length.


"Fuck!" he practically roared, squeezing Jiro's hips tightly. She could no longer form words, only moan at how good, how right it felt to be so utterly filled and owned. Is this what it was like for Momo? Ah shit, they'd created a monster.


She remembered the Midoriya that had appeared on day one of school, stuttering and nervous. A far cry from the man brutally breeding her into submission. Her hands clung onto his back, overwhelmed from the pulses of pleasure being sent throughout her body with each thrust. At this point, it was one long, continuous orgasm as her cum sprayed onto his thighs.


Inserted in between her moans were attempts at speech mostly consisting of "Ohfuckohfuck YES! Oh my GOD!" Each moment without his cock holstered inside of her felt like agony. She yearned to feel him thrust without care for her own pleasure, for him to destroy her cunt for any other man.


Midoriya himself was lost in his own world. The sheer animalistic pleasure of brutalizing and claiming a pussy for himself was too much to bear. His thunderous grunts of pleasure grew in volume, signaling his impending orgasm. A familiar feeling at this point.


Jiro could tell what was coming, "Cum on me! If you do it inside I'll fucking kill you!"


He followed her instructions one last time, his voice rumbling deeply as he pulled out. Jiro pulled herself up in front of him. After a few seconds of getting himself off, Midoriya threw his head back and roared "Fuck yes, take it ALL!" As if held back for decades, the floodgates opened, spraying a torrent of cum onto Jiro's near-limp body. Light moans left her mouth with each new rope of cum that made contact. So warm, so much. By the time Midoriya finished, he had covered almost her entire body in thick seed.


"W-Well that was something," Jiro managed to speak.


That seemed to snap Midoriya out of his silent afterglow, "I, uh, I'm really sorry Jiro! Y-You're just so beautiful and-"


"I'm gonna stop you right there dude. As much as I appreciate you sucking up to me and your generous, ah," she wiped a bit of cum off of her arm, "gift, I gotta get clean."


"Of course, yeah!" Midoriya blurted, resisting the urge to bow in fear of being mocked, "S-Sorry again."


"It's fine, really. If you wanna really make up for whatever you're apologizing for, though," she tossed him a towel from her barely-bathroom as she wiped as much cum from her body as she could, "you could clean up around here."


Her body was fully revealed to him once more, and he hadn't quite gotten the chance to appreciate it during their rut. Flat all around, sure, but well taken care of and explicitly feminine. Beautiful in its own right, Midoriya desperately wanted to say something. She'd clearly noticed him looking her up again, and tried to hide herself from blushing by turning towards the door.


Dressing herself, she broke the temporary awkwardness, she spoke, "W-We should uh, do this again sometime. Don't you think so?"


Midoriya perked up immediately, "Yeah! Totally!" he stopped himself from getting too excited, had to play it cool, "I-If, you're cool with it that is."


"Hmph, yeah well I think I'd be cool with it considering I just asked you, stupid," she chuckled, "now if you'll excuse me I seriously gotta do the walk of shame to the shower. God I hope nobody smells me, I might die."


And with that, she was out of the room, and Midoriya was left to clean up his mess. He'd do it eagerly. After all, it felt good to follow instructions.

Chapter Text

Midoriya sat around in his dorm room, not doing anything particularly interesting. Even though his escapades with his classmates had only started a few days prior, it felt like it'd been going on for over a year. Though he'd proven himself to have high stamina, the constant encounters were taking their toll.


"It'll calm down soon," he thought, "once they've all gone at least once it'll probably get stale."

Suddenly, he remembered. He had a date with Toru and Uraraka in a few hours! ManForce, was it? Elated, he began rummaging for some decent clothes, brushing his teeth, attempting to comb his ridiculous hair, and shaking off that disembodied hand grabbing at his shoulder.


Wait, what?


"Can I come in?" a familiar voice said.


Oh no.


"I mean, the goal is kinda to see you naked anyways but if you're not cool with that than we can just head on out."




Midoriya had a feeling he knew who the voice was referring to. Setsuna Tokage's voice. Class 1-B. He wished he could just stay silent and pretend he wasn't home, but Tokage's hand gripping his shoulder would make that a bit impossible. Yeah, not hard to tell where this is heading.


"W-Who all is there?" he said.


Several voices giggled behind the door before Tokage spoke up, "Well there's me, Emily, Komori, Kendo, Pony, and Kodai. Shiozaki didn't want to join in."


Midoriya gulped and reached towards the door.


"I'll let you in," he said. Admittedly, he was pretty horny, but there were a few questions that needed answering.


Behind the door were all of the girls described. Yanagi was up front, face parallel to Midoriya's in the doorway. Pony and Komori were at her sides, looking eager and pleased to see him. Kendo stood behind with some apprehension next to Yui, who looked like she felt nothing at all. Finally there was Tokage, who was sort of everywhere, her head resting and grinning on top of Yanagi's.


Yanagi eyed Midoriya up and down, "Ah. It's you. You may display your penis to us now."


"W-wait, n-no!" he shouted, pointing towards his bed, "we need to talk about something first!"


"Tch, lame. Let's hurry before Komori gets bored," Tokage said. The group pomf-ed onto Midoriya's bed and waited for him to stop being such a wimp and say what he needed to say.


"So I have a, uh, a date in a little while!" he stammered pathetically, "I'm not just going to sit in here for hours and, er-"


"So wait, is that a no on sex then?" Tokage said, "if so that's totally cool."


The other girls nodded in agreement with exception of Komori.


"Well n-no, but we should make it kind of quick, alright? How did you even find out about this whole thing anyways?"


Kendo spoke up, "That would be Ashido, she wouldn't stop bragging about it."


"Yeah, she said you had a mushroom thiiiiiiis big!" Komori said, stretching her arms outwards almost as far as she could.


"I was like, 'No way!', so I had to see for myself," Tokage said, grinning as her detached hand slid further down his body, "Like, there's no way she wasn't exaggera-"


Suddenly, she stopped, and her eyes widened. Her hand fondled the massive bulge that was rapidly growing between her fingers, "What. The. Fuck. How did I not notice this shit before?"


Pony was the first of the other girls to really take notice, "Aah! Wow!"


Midoriya didn't feel like stopping it, all of the girls were taking notice and displaying interest. His bulge had grown down towards his knee at this point, and Tokage wasn't letting up. She continued massaging the area and watching it grow and harden with each passing moment.


Komori eagerly pressed her face into his groin and breathed in. Her eyes rolled upwards as her lids twitched, "Mmm, it's so strong and potent~! I can't wait, can't wait any longer! Show it to me now!"


That was all the encouragement he needed, almost ripping off his pants and boxers to unleash the beast. His cock sprung forward, uppercutting Komori and flicking a large rope of precum onto her face. As always, his temperament had suddenly changed. His muscles flexed and he groaned animalistically.


"I think I might need to use this," Kendo said, growing her fist to match Midoriya's size.


"Mm. Maybe so," Yui said.


"Astounding," Yanagi said, creeping behind Midoriya. She used her quirk to lift off his shirt, rubbing her hands along his muscular chest as it was revealed, "Powerful, masculine. An utter alpha male," she kissed his cheek. Her plump lips left a trail of saliva behind on his cheek as she turned his head towards hers. The pair breathily made out while the other girls tried to figure out what to make of the situation.


"D-don't g-go without m-me~!" Komori said, shivering and touching herself on the floor.


"Well, I guess he's open for business. Who wants to go first then?" Tokage said.


Pony reeled back, "Is it going to be Yanagi or Komori? Either way I think I'll be okay just watching at first!"


Tokage looked around, "Yanagi is occupied and Komori is cock drunk, we need another volunteer and it ain't going to be me."


"But you started it," Yui said.


"Well, yeah! I didn't think actually be this big!" Tokage yelled with her face bright pink, "C'mon, anyone? Look at the poor guy, he's crying!" She pointed towards his dick, which was leaking a heavy flow of precum onto the floor.


"I'll start, uh, I guess," Kendo said, slowly moving her enlarged hand towards Midoriya's cock, "I can at least do this."


Her giant hand wrapped around his dick, gripping it firmly. Midoriya groaned into Yanagi's mouth, but she shushed him and allowed Kendo to continue. Gulping, she started to move her hand back and forth. Her quirk allowed her hand to fully wrap around Midoriya's dick, no easy task. Each throb of his veiny shaft made her feel uncertain, but slowly she started to feel confident in her abilities. She pumped his dick with increasing speed, coaxing out ropes of pre that spurted onto Komori, who lay on the ground.


"I should probably close the door," Tokage said, not quite closing the door fully before returning her attention to the show before her.


Pony suddenly seemed more curious and tilted her head, "Can... Can I taste some of it?"


"Be my guest," Kendo said, giving Midoriya's cock a few more forceful pumps.


Pony climbed off of the bed and onto her knees. She opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out, catching as much of the precum as she could. Her mouth shut and she took in the taste before swallowing and letting out a slutty moan, "Aah, it's so yummy!"


Tokage was barely holding herself together, looking both excited and nervous, "Yeah? Well why don't you go for seconds?!" She shouted, forcing Pony to deepthroat Midoriya's cock up until a shocked Kendo's fist.


For a moment she wondered if she'd taken things too far until she noticed Pony eagerly continuing. Clearly inexperienced, she sloppily slurped on his dick without much thought or technique. Her head bobbed back and forth in rhythm with Kendo's hand, making Midoriya's dick throb harder.


Pony threw her head upwards as she released herself, gulping down more of Midoriya's pre. For a brief moment, she went cross-eyed, "Mmm, reeeally reeeeally yummy!"


Yanagi broke from her long makeout session with Midoriya, "The alpha male still awaits orgasm?"


"Yes, but I doubt that will be for long," Yui said robotically, pointing towards him and staring.


He grunted and grabbed hold of pony's horns, startling Kendo into releasing her grip. Pony's surprised yelp was quickly silenced by a mouthful of cock. She could hardly breathe as her entire body felt as if it here stuffed completely full. Had she been wearing a choker, it would've surely snapped, yet she didn't gag. Midoriya brutally fucked her face until he allowed a small window of reprieve.


Pony's breathing was labored and her body showed signs of intense arousal. Her nipples were wholly visible through her shirt, spurts of milk were leaking from her breasts, and femcum sprayed between her shaking legs. Makeup running down her face, she threw her head upwards and cried out, "Oh my gawd, yeeeeesshhhh!"


Grunting again, Midoriya gripped her clothes and ripped them off of her body with ease. She didn't even mind in her stupor. Her heavy, perky breasts squirted streams of milk as she came again. The rest of her body was beautiful as well. Thick, powerful thighs, a pale, round ass, and a perfect hourglass shape. If she wanted, she could've been a model.


He wasted no more time, throwing pony onto the bed while the other girls watched in awe. She began yelling in English again, "Oh fuck, oh FUCK! I'm so fucking horny! I need you to breed me!" No mistaking it, she was in heat.


"Holy shit," was all Tokage could manage.


Yanagi had removed her own clothes as well, sitting herself down on Pony's face. She coerced more milk from her seat's breasts before speaking, "This is for humanity's benefit," she leaned in and kissed Midoriya again, "Sow your seed, you unstoppable beast."


Komori lifted herself up and watched excitedly as Midoriya forced his cock into Pony's pussy. He let out a long groan, a perfect fit. It seemed that her horse-like anatomy had unforseen benefits, as she had no problem fitting every inch of thick cock. She bucked her legs and moaned into Yanagi's cunt, eliciting a soft moan from the latter.


Kendo was somewhat disappointed that she'd been thrust aside, "Well, what are we supposed to do?"


"Hmm, yeah, I've decided that I want a turn," Tokage said, ignoring Kendo's question entirely. Her detached head floated towards Midoriya, "D-don't judge too harshly. I've never done anything like this before." Then, without further warning, she pecked a kiss onto his low-hanging balls before properly licking and tending to them. He'd begun to properly fuck pony, and Tokage's treatment served to fuel his libido.


Kendo bit her lip, "Well, okay... Yui do you want to-"


She was interrupted by Komori planting her lips onto her own, Midoriya's precum still covered most of her face.


"Try some~!" she said eagerly.


Kendo silently obliged, sliding her finger across Komori's covered forehead and getting a taste for the substance the others had become so obsessed with. She licked her lips without shame, and didn't resist Komori pouncing her. Within seconds they were making out on the floor, giggling into each other's mouths.


Yui was left alone and increasingly aroused. She didn't normally have such feelings, but then again, she didn't normally find herself in sexual encounters. Something about Midoriya's naturally massive cock appealed to her in a way different than the other girls. She could pretty much buy fake dicks of any size she wanted and use her quirk to alter them, but none of them could compare to what she was seeing. It looked so raw and bestial. Even if she didn't show it outwardly, she was just as horny as anyone else in the room. Pony was crying out as Midoriya brutalized her poor, needy cunt, and Yui wondered if he would make her behave similarly. Her hands silently slipped towards her nethers while she watched the others enjoying themselves. As she started to pleasure herself, she noticed a figure watching through the doorway.


"Shiozaki?" she said.


Everyone stopped and look towards the door. Everyone apart from Pony of course, who still had her eyes rolled back, frustrated that Midoriya had stopped fucking her. With a lewd pop he pulled out and left her cunt gaping and dripping.


Shiozaki was trembling, taken aback by the display, "No... you may keep going," she spoke softly. Vines from her hair closed and locked the door behind her, "I was curious, and I think that I would like to stay and watch. But I will not... partake directly." She looked around and sat down in a seat, nodding for the others to continue in an attempt to make things slightly less awkward.


"Uh, cool," Tokage said, a floating hand now cradling one of Midoriya's heavy testicles. She was in her own world.


Pony huffed and lifted Yanagi off of her face, "Mmf, okay! Put your huuuuge cock back in me please? Pleeeeeeeease?!"


He obliged, content to have another girl watching his performance.


Yanagi backed off of Pony entirely, "Hmm. Shift positions, prostrate yourself before him, Pony."


"Wha?! Mmf! What does- aah!- that mean?"


"Doggystyle," Kendo said before she continued mashing face with Komori.


The pair followed Yanagi's suggestion, and Midoriya continued his assault on Pony's womb. To her, it felt as if her entire pussy was a g-spot. She couldn't help shuddering and crying out with each thrust, synchronizing her vocalizations with his. His body was tensing up, and Pony knew precisely what that meant.


"Come on, come on! Oh fuuuuuck! Breed me! Cum inside!" she begged.


Midoriya couldn't handle it anymore, he hardly cared about the consequences. They both knew what they needed. With a loud roar he filled Pony's cunt with a torrent of seed. She cried out and came again, squirting milk from her breasts and spraying pussy juice onto his groin. Her belly bloated, filled with the thick load that Tokage was helping to encourage through her 'service.' Large amounts were spilling out, a bit of it falling onto Tokage's face and breaking her concentration. Shiozaki's jaw dropped at the sheer amount that he had produced, quickly closing her legs together once she noticed them subconsciously opening apart.


Pony started to blank out, "Oh god, oh my god. It feels... so... gooooood." Within a few more seconds, she was fast asleep, Midoriya's sweaty body hunched over her. He slid his cock from her freshly destroyed pussy, letting more of his thick, white load spill onto the ground.


He climbed back onto two feet, his cock swinging between his knees as he turned to face the conscious women in the room, "Okay, *huff*, who's next...?"


No one else got a chance to answer before Komori sprung off of Kendo and onto Midoriya, "Me, I need you to do that to me with your giant impudicus~!"She was too quick, somehow she was already naked and in his arms.


Tokage had lapped up as much cum as she could from her face and the floor, returning herself to Midoriya's sack, "Impudi-whaaaa?" she groaned as she pressed her face into his massive balls. Pulling back, she gasped, "God DAMN this taste! It's making me crazy I swear. I'm gonna try something more this time, that okay big guy?"


Midoriya murmured something resembling a 'yes', and Tokage took it as a challenge. Her mouth opened wide, and with great effort she managed to fit in one of his testicles. After only a few seconds she was gagging and sputtering, giving up for a moment before trying again. This process continued, herself paying no mind to anything else happening around her.


Kendo sat herself next to Pony's resting body, cleaning cum off of the newlybred with her tongue. Once the realization of what she'd just done hit her, she tried to hide her face, 'This is humiliating, why am I acting like this?' She looked towards the other girls and decided that it probably wasn't worth thinking about.


Near the edge of the bed, Komori was giggling while piecing together how she was going to handle the dick in front of her. Ideas came and went, too much fun to be had. Tokage's muffled moans coming from below caused a light bulb to go off in her head, "Tokage~! Look up here! Hurry because it's very important!"


Tokage took her time in removing herself and responding, and looked utterly dazed, "Ehh? I'm busy."


"Help me help me help me!" Komori said, jumping up and down.


Tokage's body, whose floating hands were knuckle deep in her muff, sat up and positioned itself over Midoriya's dick.


"Nah, I think I'll help myself. Mleh!" she said, sticking her tongue out at Komori.


"Wait, no! It's my turn!" she wailed in frustration. Her grin faded as she watched Tokage's body lower itself downwards, instantly accommodating his thick cock.


Tokage's eyelids lowered as she slowly pushed herself back into Midoriya's sack, "Ooh yeah, that's the stuff." She couldn't fully fit Midoriya, only reaching about halfway before needing to lift herself up again. Her back arched a shiver ran through her torso as she suddenly felt empty, each inch of cock that exited left her increasingly wanting to be stuffed full once more. Before she could truly pick up the pace however, Komori threw her off.


"It's supposed to be my turn! He wants me more, see?!"


They looked towards Midoriya, whose head was hanging back and mouth agape. His cock twitched, eagerly.


"Looks more like he's upset that you interrupted us," Tokage said, using a hand to push Komori back. Her other hand used a finger to scoop some of the precum that was dripping from his tip, "He's saving all this good stuff for me."


Komori reached out desperately towards the dripping cock, but was being held back by Tokage's open palm. She flailed her arms wildly, trying to swing at her opponent's body to no avail. It was taking everything she had to not just spew spores everywhere and be done with it.


"How about this," Tokage said, "you sit back and watch while..." She turned her head around and looked at Midoriya once more, "While Yui... fucks... Midoriya...?"


Yui, now with Midoriya's cock bottomed out inside of her, paid little mind to either of them. Only when Tokage coughed for her attention did she provide it, "Mm? Oh. You were wasting time and I wanted to have sex. So that's what I'm doing now." She grabbed a dildo that she'd brought with her and grew it to roughly Midoriya's size, "Here, maybe this will work for you."


While Komori was just excited to have something stuffed inside of her, Tokage wasn't having any of it. Her head floated towards Midoriya's and stared him straight in the eyes, trying to ignore the sounds of Komori stuffing herself full of fake cock. Jolting towards him, she used both of her hands to pull Midoriya's face into hers and forced her tongue into his mouth. Her torso barely managed to wedge itself what little open space remained between him and Yui.


Yui closed one eye and tried to keep a neutral expression, "You're being- mm- unreasonable."


"Oh sorry, I'm not getting in your way am I?" Tokage winked, Midoriya's muscular arms now wrapped around her. Her breasts pushed into his chest, she was nearly pushing him off of the bed.


Yui tried her best to enjoy herself, but Tokage was making it extremely difficult, "Nnf, fine," she said. Pulling out and allowing a small moan to escape, she instead pressed her pussy against the base of hid dick. Her clit rubbed against the shaft as she started to move up and down.


Tokage took the hint and turned herself around. Her head continued making out with Midoriya, but her body started to mimic Yui's motions. Midoriya grabbed her tits from behind, encouraging her. Both girls' cunts were soaked, covering his dick with femcum as they moved. Komori took notice of the new situation, a grin starting to spread across her face. Locked onto a new target, she tossed Yui's dildo aside.


"Heehee~! Ready or not, here I come!" she said, and immediately got to work on Midoriya's tip. She tried her hardest to give him additional pleasure with what little skill she possessed.


"Good effort, I'll give you some encouragement," Tokage said, shifting a hand towards Komori's pussy. Naturally good at multitasking, she kept up the pace in working with Yui whilst also giving the mushroom girl some attention. The effect was apparent immediately, Komori wasn't quite moaning as much as giggling maniacally.


"M-maybe I can ha-help better like this~! Heehee!" she said. Standing up, she moved Tokage's hand away and spread her pussy wide. "Could you help me please, Lizardy??"


"Guess I'm just here to support everyone else huh?" she groaned. Temporarily, her focus moved from grinding on Midoriya's dick to making sure Komori didn't instantly impale herself on him/ Good thing too, since her legs were shaking as soon as his dripping head was pressed against her entrance.


"Heeheehee, finally~!" she said, moving her hair out of her eyes. Yui and Tokage's presence limited how far down Komori could go, so her ride wouldn't be quite as fun. At least that's what she figured.


Midoriya. who had been quite unresponsive for the past few minutes, thrust upwards without warning. As soon as Komori had gone down as far as she could, he took initiative. His cock also slid past Yui and Tokage, surprising both of them. Komori herself looked stupefied.


"Mm. Are you okay Komori?" Yui asked.


"Hah... haha, more..." she responded.


Tokage held her hand to her ear, "What was that? Speak up."


"I want more!" Komori wailed. Midoriya shifted position and began his assault.


Tokage threw her head back from sudden stimulation, flicked drool as her tongue lolled out. Yui gritted her teeth, trying to maintain composure. As Midoriya picked up the pace they couldn't keep up, and were thrown off. Komori now had him all to herself, just like she wanted. He was using her like a cocksleeve, forcing her up and down, making her giggle in glee. As he thrust upwards, she slammed downwards. Such force would have made her legs give out completely had he not taken control.


As Midoriya groaned and his cock throbbed, Komori cried out, "Ah- Aha~ Let me off! I want to catch it all!"


His orgasm drew near, and he pulled Komori off of his dick. Jerking him off the rest of the way, she enjoyed the feel of each pulsing vein. Sperm shot into the air as Midoriya cried out. The first few spurts hit the ceiling, but more of it was either dripping down or flying through the air.


"Soooo much~!" Komori cried gleefully, catching as much as she could into her hands. Much more of it ended up covering her face.


Tokage rolled her eyes, "Yeah yeah, okay. You've had your fun, can it be my turn now?" Her comment fell on deaf ears.


"Heehee, hahaha!"


Yui coughed, "It should be either Itsuka or Reiko's turn. They've spent the least time with him. after all."


Yanagi snapped out of an almost hypnotized state from watching cum spray into the air, "Oh! Certainly not, I must ensure that the remainder of you are undoubtedly impregnated before I partake."


The girls all looked toward Kendo, "W-wait, do I really have to?! Why not Shiozaki?!"


"Absolutely not! I only want to... observe!" she said in response, shutting her legs together and attempting to stealthily brush her hair vines away from her crotch.


"Are you here to 'observe' too, Kendo?" Tokage said, looking unimpressed.


"No! AH! Fine! I just wanted to prepare more!" she responded angrily, "I mean I've seen big guys but... You know!"


"None of the others have had many problems so far."


"Yeah well, Pony's a horse, Yui's got that thing," Kendo pointed towards the massive dildo on the side of the bed, "and... well. I don't even know about Komori." The latter was having too much fun to notice she was being talked about.


"Well Midoriya's a gentle boy," Tokage said, patting the recovering boy on the back, "I mean... I used to think he was at least."


"Yeah," he mumbled, looking down, "I'll try to take it easy."


Kendo sighed, "You're so damn sweet. Okay, I'll do it."


While she and Midoriya started to move into position, Tokage looked over at Shiozaki.


"You sure you don't want to join? It's okay if you don't."


"Yes, I'm sure," she replied, frowning.


Tokage nodded, but shot a sly grin and winked, "Dunno if it counts, but I bet those vines could do some serious work."


Shiozaki may have had an aversion to sex, but she was curious, and could definitely take a hint. She twirled one vine around her finger, "O-okay."


"Think on it."


Kendo was backed up against the wall, Midoriya towering over her on his knees. Cum was still dribbling from his dick onto her stomach, which made her think of how she was going to clean up after all of this.


Midoriya's focused expression returned, "I think I'm ready to go. Are you alright with this?"


"Y-yeah, let's get on with it."


He nodded and started to rub his dick along her slit, making her shudder. Right as he started to prod into her, she yelped.


"Wait! Shouldn't we do a little foreplay first? I'm not really lubed up or anything."


"O-oh, sorry."


He moved his cock away, instead rubbing his middle and ring fingers along her cunt before forcing them inwards. Kendo shivered again, grabbing onto his shoulder. While he fingered her, she leaned her head towards his and pulled him into a quick kiss. Her other hand slowly started to increase in size and stroke his cock. She was getting into it.


Properly prepared, she breathed heavily, "Okay, let's go."


She was tight. Really tight. As Midoriya pressed inwards, she grimaced in pain. If he tried to pull back however, she would punch his shoulder and push him back into her. Despite her best efforts to take everything, he only reached the halfway point before she couldn't take anymore.


"Hah hah, okay, hold on for a second,"she said, pulling herself upwards slightly, "Okay, keep going."


Slowly, carefully, he started to fuck her. It felt a bit different than his past encounters. Her cunt was resistant despite its wetness, and it felt incredible. She clearly felt the same way, letting out cute moans in between her heavy breaths.


Shiozaki had started to rub herself with her vines again. They looked so sexy, and she hated it. The temptation to partake in her most carnal desires was beginning to overwhelm her, and she thought about what Tokage said. Thoughtlessly, her vines started to move towards the lovemaking couple on the bed.


Kendo's eyes were closed, so when she felt something rubbing along her face, she assumed it was Midoriya. Then she felt something else, then another. She opened her eyes and almost shrieked, "What the fuck?!"


Midoriya thought he'd done something wrong and immediately stopped fucking her. He looked around and noticed the vines that were starting to coil around him and Kendo. They both focused on Shiozaki, who had two fingers stuffed into her cunt.


"I... I couldn't -mmf!- resist," she said.


Kendo chuckled, "This isn't at all what I expec- GRK!" Before she could finish talking, a vine was shoved into her mouth. Her hands were restrained, being pulled outwards and forced down. Another vine coiled around Midorya's neck, tightening when he tried to pull it off.


"Please, continue. I've decided that this is what I want."


Kendo growled, but didn't really fight back. Midoriya however was only spurred on by the vines coiled around him. Both were becoming increasingly turned on, fucking each other with growing intensity. It felt like he was hitting her deeper and deeper, Kendo's moans were muffled by the growing number of vines throatfucking her. Another wrapped around Midoriya's waist and started rubbing her clit.


Shiozaki was truly enjoying herself, using her vines to fuck herself in rhythm with Midoriya and Kendo. She'd never used her quirk like this. Well, at least not on others.


"If you two are so eager to ruin yourselves, why not go all the way?" she said, forcing Midoriya to bottom out inside of Kendo.


"Aah! Oh my god. I did it," Kendo thought, feeling fuller than ever before. Shiozaki's encouragement was certainly helping. Her hips were bucking into Midoriya, taking advantage of her newfound looseness.


He was overwhelmed, unable to think because of the vines wrapped tightly around his neck. It felt as if he were some kind of beast being held back from a breeding frenzy. A pretty apt description, actually. All pretense of a gentle bout of lovemaking had gone out the door, they both just wanted release.


"Animals. Both of you, now finish yourselves off."


Kendo suddenly became wide-eyed, tugging at Shiozaki's vines. Once she was finally free, she gasped, "Wait! Don't cum inside, I'm not ready for that!"


Shiozaki allowed Midoriya to pull out, wrapping her vines around his dick. Yui crawled over and kissed the tip of it.


"Please, finish inside of me, if you'd like."


Midoriya didn't stop to think before he flipped Yui onto her back and started plowing her.


"Mm! I didn't realize you would be so eager."


He pushed her into the bed, forcing her into a mating press as his heavy balls slapped against her ass. Her legs instinctively locked around his back, and she accidentally let a moan escape in her stupor before she promptly covered her mouth. Kendo didn't feel left out, Shiozaki was making sure to keep her filling full using her vines. It was too much, they all came within seconds of each other. Yui was blasted full of another powerful orgasm, Midoriya grunted, relishing the feeling of pumping another womb full. Once his orgasm had subsided, he immediately went towards Tokage.


"Woah, stud. Aren't you still tender or something?" she said nervously.


Without a word, he lifted up her torso and started fucking her raw. She'd been waiting for her turn, so she was pre-lubricated. It was hardly even three seconds before her first orgasm, then another, then another.


"Aah my god! W-what a f-fucking stud!"she moaned, Midoriya rapidly and forcefully bouncing her on his dick. Obscene amounts of femcum squirted out with each thrust, her eyes were crossed and her long tongue flew freely.


Shiozaki and Kendo could hardly believe what they were seeing, but said nothing. Kendo was being fucked by at least ten vines coming from various angles, so stranger things were clearly going down. Not that she could complain, Shiozaki was mimicking the thickness of Midoriya's cock by coiling a clump of vines around eachother, fucking her in a similar rhythm.


Shiozaki was feeling a torrent of emotions. Though she'd resisted temptation to let Midoriya fuck her directly, she still felt like she'd been claimed by him. His strong musk filling the air tempted and turned her on like nothing else she'd ever experienced. Yesterday she never would have dreamed of using her quirk to fuck her classmates, or anyone for that matter. Now here she was, trying her hardest to make both herself and Kendo cum.


In this sense, Midoriya was almost inspiring, as Shiozaki started to mimic what he was doing to Tokage. As she lifted Kendo in the air, she said sternly, "Are you sure you don't want his seed?"


"Ngh- I- I don't know..." she said, cumming again mid-sentence.


Yanagi appeared from behind Kendo, "When you feel prepared. It's only sensible to desire the powerful genes that an alpha male will sow through you."


As if by command, Midoriya unleashed another load into Tokage, who cried out in approval. Yanagi smiled lightly and placed one hand on her stomach as she watched Tokage cumming her brains out. Her stomach bulged from the semen being pumped into her, an amount far greater than any average orgasm, and this was still in spite of the several orgasms Midoriya had already experienced.


"It's my time," Yanagi whispered to him, wrapping her arms around his chest. Soft, juicy lips pressed against his ear, she whispered, "Get me pregnant."




A few hours later...


Midoriya woke up surrounded by the girls from class 1-B, each one leaking a copious amount of cum. That was aside from Shiozaki, who'd only managed to get it on her body instead of in her body.


"You're conscious," Yanagi said, standing up and allowing a trail of cum to flow onto the floor from her ruined cunt.


"Y-yeah. How long did that take? My memory is fuzzy."


"Three hours," she spoke as if everything were perfectly normal, "you are a beyond adequate breeder, Midoriya. You and I had intercourse ten times at minimum."


"B-breeder?! Well I don't know about that,"


"We will likely bear your children some time after graduation. Regardless of whether you managed to impregnate us all here today."


"Oh my god..." he muttered, unsure of what to think about all of this. Just over a week ago he was fairly innocent, now he was being told that he'd gotten almost every girl in the other class pregnant?


"Oh? Are you unsatisfied with this?"


"I mean, well, isn't it just- well I mean it's kind of early for that kind of thing, right?"


Yanagi giggled lightly, "You haven't refused. Have confidence, Midoriya, we all wanted it."


He gulped, unsure of how to respond.


Wait a second.


Wasn't there something he needed to do today?


His eyes widened, "Oh no, my date!" Like a hurricane, he tore his room apart trying to get dressed and ran out the door. The other girls were left still asleep, with Yanagi watching over them.


"What a funny boy!" she giggled. Still nude, she walked into the hall and moved towards a window. Her flesh started to melt away, revealing a still lighter form underneath. Silver hair turned to blonde as Toga's true form was revealed.


"Just give everyone aphrodisiacs or something, give that boy a bunch of sex-enhancement quirks!" she said to herself, licking her lips. "Weeeeirdest plan ever, at least I got something out of it!"


She patted her belly, still full of Midoriya's cum. Before she could be noticed, she crawled through the window and started her grand escape from UA. Ninja style.