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Kirishima’s never been one to judge. Really, he’s not the type to press if you’re not willing to share, either. Still, he’s pretty sure you’re at least allowed to say something if you happen to find someone who is definitely not your best friend sleeping on said best friend’s bed.

See, for whatever reason Todoroki Shouto is tucked in Bakugou’s blankets and wearing Bakugou’s All Might socks, Kirishima has no clue. Also, it’s kind of difficult not to get distracted from studying when the elephant in the room is literally snoring peacefully from the total distance of two feet behind you.

Bakugou does not seem to take notice of his concern. In fact, he slaps the back of Kirishima’s head in annoyance for being distracted.

“Oi, shitty hair, focus.”

And really, there’s no other way to calm his curiosity, nor phrase the question that’s been forming in his head for the past fifteen minutes, so Kirishima resolves to just ask and accept the bruise he will most certainly have somewhere on his body tomorrow.

“Are you and Todoroki a thing? Like, not that I mind at all,” he adds, “obviously ‘cause liking whoever you like is manly as hell, but I just want to know.”

Kirishima waits. Rather than hitting him, Bakugou just stares.

“What the fuck,” his friend replies, finally breaking the pause. “Did your hair dye leak into your braincells or something? Where is this shitty question coming from?”

It’s Kirishima’s turn to stare now. Bakugou can’t be serious, right?

“Dude. He’s in your room, using your bed to take a nap. You’re letting him use your bed to take nap.”

Todoroki lets out a small puff of air from behind them, silently emphasizing Kirishima’s point.

And yet, Bakugou frowns at him—confusion clearly written all over his face. “We were studying together earlier and then he said he was fucking tired, so?”

Kirishima shakes his head in frustration. How is this the same person who outsmarts more than half of the class? 

“Bakugou, bro. You’re not getting the point.”

Bakugou seems to take offense at that, because he sneers in response, “Yeah, well you’re not gonna get any points on your exam tomorrow if you don’t shut the fuck up and let me tutor you properly.”

Ah. Right. Kirishima is this close failing their physics class. That’s a thing that might happen.

Suddenly, answering drills for the rest of the evening doesn’t sound too hard anymore. He smartly decides to drop the subject, at least for now. Because Kirishima might be known for being steadfast and brazen, but he has long since learned to choose his battles wisely. (Gravitational equations aren’t exactly something he can fight with his fists, anyway.)



“This shit’s giving me the creeps,” Bakugou mutters under his breath.

Yorashi almost doesn’t catch it because he’s caught up in convincing Todoroki that they can make this friendship happen—soba and udon are similar in some ways! And for the most part, the remark is forgotten throughout the provisional license exam retake.

At the end of the day, all four of them get their pass. Yorashi thinks he and Todoroki make a good team. He really likes the guy, and their quirks seem quite compatible, so he says that much out loud. 

Todoroki thinks over it for a bit, but Bakugou roars at them to shut the fuck up; and that’s really all it takes to end the conversation.

Camie mouths over a ‘yikes’ from where Bakugou can’t see and gives Yorashi a look.

Ah, Yorashi thinks, recalling the words from earlier too. I might have offended Todoroki’s special friend!

“Bakugou! Can I have a word with you?” Yorashi has to make this right. Offending someone is the last thing he’d ever want to do.

For a second, Bakugou looks surprised at being spoken to, and ohh, Yorashi reflects, I really should have spent more time being friendly with him too!

Bakugou snaps out of it and nods before following him off to the side, wordlessly pushing his hands into his pockets.

Only when they are well beyond earshot does Bakugou pause to speak to him.

“So? Are you gonna challenge me to a fucking brawl or something?”

Yorashi whips his body around and plants both of his feet solid on the ground. He shakes his head profusely before bowing so low it hits the concrete. “I am sorry if my behavior made it seem like I was flirting Todoroki! That was not my intention at all, so please accept my humblest apologies!”

There is silence. Yorashi presses down further incase his fervor is lost in translation.

Bakugou splutters when he replies. “Why would I fucking care if you were flirting with him or not, holy shit, stand the fuck up!”

Yorashi obliges his potential new friend’s request. “You and Todoroki are together, right? There’s no need to be jealous, I just want to be his friend!”

Bakugou shakes his head. “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me here.”

The words don’t really bother Yorashi, because he just needs to know, “Am I forgiven?”

Bakugou rubs at his temples, slowly. He lets out the breath he’s obviously been holding, and snorts. “There was nothing to be fucking mad at you for in the first place.”

Yorashi beams the entire way back to the entrace of the testing site. His head might be bleeding a little, but they can all be friends now, so it’s worth it!



In spring, they take a trip to watch the cherry blossoms in Shinjuku, and Kaminari considers it to be the perfect opportunity to cop everyone out of his favorite side dishes.

A picnic isn’t a picnic if there aren’t bentos. And sharing is caring, right?

First, makizushi rolls from Yaoyorozu’s large actually-to-share koraku, then nimono from Iida. Midoriya gives him some tonkatsu slices, and Mina passes him a piece of chicken karaage. He even gets an egg roll from Todoroki, kudetama-style, and though it turns out to be a bit spicy, Kaminari thinks it’s delicious all the same.

He makes his way over to Kirishima with the intention to steal some grilled fish, but Bakugou actually stops him from asking to drop something in Kaminari’s box himself.

“I made that shit myself, so it’s definitely gonna taste good.”

Kaminari eyes the tamagoyaki from Bakugou with mild suspicion. It is also decorated like an imitation of kudetama. Huh. Well, it probably won’t taste the same. There’s no way that…haha…..

Nope, Kaminari thinks when he bites into the omelette, one hundred percent sure that can’t possibly be the case.

Except. The extra kick of pepper is exactly the same as earlier.

Well shit. Kaminari didn’t see this coming.

It shouldn’t be big deal, by any standard; and the issue isn’t about Todoroki, not at all, because everyone’s had a crush on him at some point. The issue is Bakugou not telling him, because they’re supposed to be close, aren’t they?

“Well?” The classmate in question asks, tone expectant.

“Yeah. It’s good, just-” Kaminari replies, distracted. Maybe he’s just not ready to spill. Kaminari doesn’t think Kirishima ever mentioned knowing about it either, after all. Maybe he shouldn’t ask.

“Just what?” But he really, really wants to.

“Did you, uh, by any chance, make Todoroki’s lunch today?”

Kaminari closes both eyes and ends up peeking out of one. He can see Kirishima freeze from where his classmate is sitting behind Bakugou. He locks eyes with Kaminari and motions to cut it out with his with his free hand, silently warning him to drop the subject.

“Um, yeah?” Bakugou scrunches his eyebrows together, nonplussed for the most part. “You think strawberry shortcake over there can make a bento of this quality? He’s shit in the kitchen.”

Kirishima can probably read his mind, because his friend starts doing the motions more aggressively; but Bakugou really didn’t seem so bothered by the question. And in all honesty, Kaminari’s never been that great at keeping his mouth shut. It’s not like he’s against this or anything—he just wants to know.

“Right,” he starts, “Sooo, when did you guys start going out together?”

A small explosion rings in his ears. A few of their classmates are staring in their direction now too, so Kaminari’s sure he didn’t just imagine that.

“Can you repeat what you just asked?” Bakugou asks, voice surprisingly level and calm despite it all.

C’mon dude, you can’t be that oblivious. You definitely made Todoroki’s kiddie egg roll too.”

“Ex-fucking-cuse me? ”At that, Kaminari gulps down his curiosity. He rethinks finding it worth it to ask anymore, because if Bakugou didn’t seem angry earlier, now the look on Bakugou’s face makes it clear that if Kaminari wants to make it to the end of hanami season, then he doesn’t really need to know after all.

“Nothing, haha, nevermind.”



Yaoyorozu already knows she’s in for a long night when she agrees to tutor Mina, but she didn’t expect to have Bakugou added into the equation. At the moment, he’s only watching television, so really, there shouldn’t be a problem if they keep to themselves.

They are, however, taking a small break, and Mina wanders over to point at what their classmate is wearing. “I swear, I’ve seen that sweater somewhere before.”

Yaoyorozu has a pretty good idea where, but knows it’s best to keep the knowledge to herself.

Bakugou flicks through the channels with little regard for Mina’s comment. “Does it look like I fucking care?”

Yaoyorozu thinks to quickly have another drill prepared, so as not to have Mina and Bakugou making a scene. It’s not too late yet, but some of their classmates might be trying to catch up on sleep. It would be awful to wake them up at this—

“Aha! I remember now! It looks exactly like one of Todoroki’s!”

Yaoyorozu freezes. A hairsbreadth too late. What is the most strategic way to salvage this now?

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” Bakugou slams the remote on his side. “Maybe that’s because it fucking is the half-and-half’s.”

“What?!” Mina’s response comes as no surprise, but Yaoyorozu wishes her classmate would have softened the blow, if even just a scant. 

Bakugou actually stands up from his position on the couch to bark at her. “You have a problem with that, space bug?”

Mina opens her mouth to speak, and then closes it again. She looks like she’s trying really hard to find the right words, but the study session probably exhausted her more than she let on. That just won’t do.

Yaoyorozu draws the line there. She decides the kindest thing to do would be to speak up for her friend and get a hold of the situation.

“Bakugou-kun, I don’t think Ashido-san was trying to offend you, she’s just a little bit shocked.”

Bakugou turns to face her, teeth bared. “Why the fuck would she be shocked?”

Yaoyorozu considers her options, but being honest is probably the best one. She’s not really a fan of making things up. (All quirks aside.) “Well,” she starts, unsure how to gauge the situation now. “I guess she wasn’t aware that you and Todoroki-kun were in a relationship. Sorry, you were waiting for the right time to tell us, right?”

Bakugou turns a bright shade of red. From the anger, embarrassment, or general mix of both, Yaoyorozu can’t quite tell. “Waiting for the right-what?!”

“I understand why you’re upset, but don’t worry,” she does her best to sound soothing. “We won’t tell anyone until you two are ready.”

“Until we’re ready?!”

Apparently, not soothing enough. She’ll have to find another way to end the exchange.

“I’m going to help Ashido-san up to her room now,” Yaoyorozu feels a little bit terrible about being glad her classmate has retained her state of speechlessness, but it does make for a real and polite excuse to get out of the common area.

She’s noticed it before, of course, but she’d never think of confronting either of them like this. Though privately, Yaoyorozu thinks it is a genuinely good thing, because in the midst of all the danger and peril their lives revolve around, having someone beside you to face it with is a rare relief. She knows that firsthand.

It’s why she calls out over her shoulder when she doesn’t need to, and why she can smile when she remarks, “Oh, but Bakugou-kun, know that I’m truly very happy for the both of you!” Because despite the irritated noises that come in response, she can still say that she really is.



Jirou can’t believe how hard it is to track Todoroki down. She just wants to return his notes before the end of the day. Really, the dormitory grounds are big, but this is getting ridiculous. There’s homework to do and music to listen to. She and Momo are supposed to watch a movie together later, too.

She sighs, about to give up and try again on Monday instead, just as someone passes her by in the hall.

When Jirou realizes who it is, she knows she’s saved from wasting her time.

“Hey! Bakugou! Come here for a sec.”

Bakugou stops in his tracks to fix her with a glare, but ends up stomping closer anyway. “What do you want?”

“Here,” she pulls out the notebook and gestures for him to take it. “I borrowed this from Todoroki earlier, mind returning it for me?”

Bakugou takes the papers from her, but points at them with an unsatisfied look on his face.

How weirdly contradictory, she thinks. But then again, this is the dude who likes Todoroki, who is an actual walking contradiction of elements, so it kinda does make sense.

“Why the fuck should I be doing this again? You are perfectly capable of giving it back yourself.“

Jirou holds back the urge to roll her eyes a bit at that. Isn’t it obvious already?

“You’re seeing each other, right? I figured he’ll pass by your dorm later, so it’d be much easier for you to hand it over.”

Bakugou doesn’t seem to understand her logic. “Huh? What do you mean by that?!”

Jirou does not have the time for this, seriously. If Bakugou can’t discern the fact that he is in a committed relationship, she does not have to tell him. Boy problems are not her thing. Boys in general, are usually not her thing.

“Anyway, I really have to go give my parents a call now, so thank you in advance!”


Thank you Todoroki’s close-range combat notes, Jirou thinks as Bakugou calls after her. But in some cases, good old-fashioned running really is the best way to go.




“You’ve got that pouty look on your face,” Todoroki says it like it’s just a mere observation, but to Bakugou, it is most definitely a shitty insult.

He leans into the side of his covers, drawing circles on the sides of his forehead. “Only for the sake of not fucking blowing up my room, I will graciously pretend you didn’t just insinuate that I am capable of pouting of all fucking things.”

Todoroki has the nerve to actually roll his eyes. “Never mind that, you keep getting distracted by your phone. What’s bothering you?”

“Nothing. It’s fucking stupid.” It really is.

Todoroki hums. “I don’t doubt that.”

Bakugou turns to glare at his classmate. “Then why the fuck do you care?”

“Katsuki,” Todoroki meets him eye for eye, sitting up from where he’d been lying on Bakugou’s bed. “I don’t care if it’s stupid. I want to know anyway.”

And really, Bakugou hasn’t been able to deny the fucker much lately. Todoroki’s been growing on him like a leech. He scruffs up his hair in frustration. Why is this happening again?

“Look, it’s not a big deal,” he sighs, “Deku just texted me to ask if we’re fucking dating or something. Honestly, it’s like everyone’s been asking me that lately.” He sends his phone another glare, consciously willing it to combust in his palms without the use of his quirk at all.

“Oh,” at the very least, Todoroki doesn’t seem to be bothered by the implications, because all he does is make a subtle noise of acknowledgement at the admission. “Well, give it here.”

Bakugou figures what the hell, Todoroki can tell Deku himself. Bakugou sure as fuck isn’t planning on typing out a reply; so he hands Todoroki the phone without much other thought.

It doesn’t take long for him to pass it back, so Bakugou surmises that’s the end of that. Todoroki goes back to lazing around, and he goes back to studying, now finally able to focus. Bakugou gets about a fourth of the way through the assigned modern hero art history reading before his damn phone starts beeping again.

What the fuck does Deku want now?!

The banner alerts let him know that it’s a just bunch of cutesy stickers, but when he views the messages, Bakugou can’t fathom why Deku would be sending him balloons and hearts and—Bakugou has to squint to read—a congratulations? What the fuck?

He ignores the emoticons to scroll upward and check what Todoroki ended up replying, and again, what the fuck?

“Um, Half-and-Half,” Bakugou starts, “Why did you send Deku a fucking thumbs up?”

Todoroki sits up and blinks at him. “Because it is the emoticon equivalent of the word yes?”

“No shit, asshole,” Todoroki cannot be fucking real right now. “I mean, since when did we start dating? Last time I checked, we’re barely even friends.”

Todoroki stops blinking and fixes him with a look. Bakugou tends to not be fond of it because it always means getting a mentally taxing bomb dropped on him. “Well, when was the last time you checked?”

“I don’t fucking-“ Bakugou recoils, “Why the fuck would I have to check?”

“Really? Try thinking it over now.”

Bakugou, for the life of him, cannot understand why he complies, but it’s not like he’s going to finish up readings with whatever the hell all of this means hanging up in the air anyway.

“Okay,” This should be easy. “We aren’t close.”

“We’re on first-name basis. I’m sitting on your bed, wearing socks that you lent me.”

“We don’t know anything about each other.”

“Your favorite food is anything spicy,” Todoroki counts on a finger, “you don’t actually hold grudges for very long,”—Bakugou kind of winces at that—“And everyone always says you’re an exact copy of your mom, but you wish people would see your dad in you too—which I definitely do, by the way.”

Because there are other more pressing things at hand, Bakugou pretends that last one doesn’t hit too close to home, for now. Fuck Todoroki for picking up on that, really.

“We haven’t talked about this at all.”

“We’re talking about it right now.”

Bakugou grunts. Okay, not as easy as he expected. “Fine. We don’t hold hands.”

“Do you honestly think that’s a good idea considering both of our quirks?”

Well. They could have still made it work. But whatever, Bakugou does not care about holding Todoroki’s hands anyway, right? Right.

“We don’t do shit that couples do in general.”

Todoroki raises a questioning eyebrow at him in response.

Bakugou’s mind decides it’s a good idea to react to that by flying through a happy little reel of all the times he’s been asked about their relationship, except now with context.

Sleeping over in each other’s dorms. Normal. Getting jealous. Okay, that was not an actual fucking thing that happened, and it does not count. Making Todoroki a bento during cherry blossom season. That’s…that’s slightly less normal. Occasionally sharing clothes and not bothering to return them. Not quite normal. Todoroki dropping by every day to freeload and Bakugou just allowing it to happen. Definitely not fucking normal.

“Fuck. We’ve never even kissed.” At this point, Bakugou’s more concerned about that being a fact in and of itself rather than it holding against the notion of their relationship as more-than-friends.

Todoroki contemplates that statement for all of five seconds. And then, without warning, there are hands cupping the sides of Bakugou’s face and pulling him in for the briefest, most innocent, leave-you-hanging type of peck on the lips in all of fucking history. (As far as Bakugou is concerned, at least.)

“There,” the asshole says when he pulls away, looking proud of himself. “Satisfied?”

In what universe does Todoroki Shouto expect Bakugou to say yes to that?

“No,” Bakugou is definitely not fucking satisfied, because apparently, he’s been in a relationship for the better part of six months now, completely unaware. Which means he’s just missed out on six months worth of affection from his now-confirmed significant other.

“We have to do it again, for real before I even start to be okay with this.”

Todoroki lets out a breathy laugh and flops over on his back. Bakugou watches as he stretches his hands up to reach for the ceiling, or maybe something else.

“We can kiss as many times as you want. That’s not going to be an issue with me.”