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Requiem for a Leaf on the Wind

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you have no home, no destination,
no aim,

the first rule is
don’t fuck over the group
but of course the first question
who is the group?
and really what you mean is
don’t fuck people over
or, in other words,
be kind,
even to the ones who fuck you over,
maybe especially to them, if they need it so much more than you
the second rule is
don’t get fucked over
always be the one doing the fucking
don’t wait around for other people to screw you
don’t hesitate to be generous
above all
don’t wait for the choice to be taken from you
the third rule is
life and everything in it
or maybe it’s
claim what’s in front of you before it’s gone
because down the road isn’t assured
and behind is—nothing
and you are only
and life is only
but only if you
take it

and because you are kind
and because you won't wait
and because you choose
you have landed here
o drifter, o landless one
and here you make your stand
on a spit of frozen dirt
you choose
here and no farther
you strike
cursed blood and bile
and the group might be fucked
but at least they won’t be dead
you hope

it was a kindness—