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Namjoon bit the end of his pen as he stared at the digital clock on his computer. 12:55, he had another four minutes before he needed to move. He stared at the computer in front of him, a half constructed email sat. The cursor blinking, begging for his attention.

He felt his desk mate, deputy and best friend, Yoongi’s eyes look at him over the top of the partition between them, smirking. “A watched pot never boils you know.”

“Shut up.” was all he could articulately manage as he checked the clock again, 12:57.

“Namjoon!” He heard the intern call as he walked up to their desks. He internally groaned, closing his eyes, before opening them quickly once more. He plastered a smile over his features “Jungkook, sorry I’m just about to…” The younger looked at Namjoon with puppy dog eyes and he felt his resolved crumble “How can I help?”

“I just wanted to ask you about this email I received from one of our stakeholders. I don’t think I should respond as it seems like something the comms team should deal with, but I wanted your opinion, as it relates to the project.” Namjoon glanced at the clock out of the corner of his eyes, 12:59.

He took the printed email out of his hand and glanced over it quickly, he sighed and looked at the clock again, this was going to be a long one. “I promise you I’ll help, but I need to go on lunch right now.”

He heard Yoongi snicker behind the partition and he reached out kicking him underneath the desks.

“But I was…” Namjoon stood and moved out around him, Jungkook looked at him confused.

“I’m sorry, I promise, just let me get my lunch. Come find me in 20 minutes.” He looked at him as apologetically as he could manage, before speed walked out of the office to the chorus of Yoongi’s laughter behind him.

“Never interrupt a man and his sandwich” he heard Yoongi mutter to Jungkook as he swiped himself out of the door and ran towards the elevators.

Namjoon felt bad for pushing his newest intern to the back of his priority list but he had places to be. He pushed frantically at the button on the elevator for the canteen and he bounced on the heels of his feet hoping he’d make it in time.

Thankfully his elevator made no stops and he ran towards the line, skidding to a stop.

“You’re late. You’re normally in front of me.” The person in front of him giggled as the line inched forward.

“I got held up.” Namjoon replied, as he tried not to breathe too hard and give away the fact he’d run here.

“The busy life of a director hey?” The man smiled up at him as he winked.

Namjoon looked at him bewildered “how did you..?”

He giggled “Your photo is in the company newsletter this month, it was all about the development you designed.”

“Ah...” Namjoon’s role as the director of architecture had been highly publicised lately given the successful project he had been managing. For the last year or so Namjoon and Yoongi had worked on a new eco housing development in an area of the city that is currently sitting abandoned. The final pitch for the idea took place two months ago and had been a resounding success. They were due to present at the board this month with their proposal on what companies to use and how many jobs they could hopefully bring to the local area.

“... Yeah they were a bit sycophantic in that article.” He shrugged his shoulders and scratched the back of his neck, laughing abashedly. He felt overwhelmed, this was the most they’d interacted beyond head nods and occasional hellos.

“I liked it.” They both grabbed their sandwich, both chicken salad, as they inched towards the till grabbing a drink as they did. It was the same routine every day. Namjoon wouldn’t miss it for the world.

“Thanks. Hey, I didn’t catch your name?” Namjoon asks as the smaller man pays and smiles up at him.

“I didn’t throw it, but it’s Jimin.” He smiles wide, eyes crinkling up into half moons as he backs away waving.


“I’m in love.” He falls into the empty chair next to Yoongi and spins it as he opens the coke bottle to take a sip.

“Sandwich boy again?” Yoongi looks up, Namjoon could see the laughter in his eyes.

Yoongi was his top designer, his right hand man. He is always be with him at large meetings and events. They’d worked together for more years than they both could remember and he was the only person Namjoon felt he could count on when the chips were down. When their old boss retired they both applied for the director position but Namjoon secured the role. Yoongi actually felt relieved when he found out he’d missed out on the position, insisting that he didn’t really want it anyway. He had never been fond of board meetings or managing budgets. Always leaning toward the creative side of their roles.

“Make fun of me all you want, but he’s an angel.” He sighs dreamily still spinning.

“Do you even know what his name is yet?” Namjoon nods excitedly “thank God, it only took you six months.”

“Fuck you.” Namjoon muttered laughing.

“Careful I’ll go to HR.” Yoongi deadpanned and Namjoon shook his head in response, still giggling.

“It’s Jimin, by the way.” He heard Yoongi type quickly as he spun with his back to him.

“This him?” Namjoon stopped his spinning and turned towards the screen.

“Yes!” A picture of Jimin faced him, his previously dyed red hair standing out proudly “although he’s blonde now.” Jimin changed his hair colour so frequently he couldn’t keep up, it was pink not three weeks ago.

“He’s cute.” Yoongi mutters as he scrolls through his bio on the work intranet “he’s in finance,” he mumbles “looks as though he started to work here a year ago.” He scrolls some more “he’s working on… oh wow he has just taken over our account.”

Namjoon jumped to attention nearly falling out of his seat “you’re joking?!”

“Nope.” Yoongi flicks over to Namjoon’s calendar. “You have a meeting with him tomorrow at three.” Yoongi giggled.

Another voice joined the pair “should I ask why you’re looking at cute men on your lunch break?” They both spun round to look at Yoongi’s long term boyfriend.

“Hey.” Yoongi smiled up at him in the way that was only reserved for Jin. “This is sandwich boy.”

Jin gasped and leant his forearms on the back of Yoongi’s chair “Jimin, is sandwich boy?”

“You know Jimin?” Namjoon stared up in bewilderment at his broad shouldered friend.

“I’m the HR director, I know everyone.” He winked at his younger friend and rolled Yoongi’s chair away slightly as he grabbed the mouse, scrolling down to his team.

“He works with Tae” he points at his picture on the screen “Jungkook has the biggest crush on him, it’s so funny.”

“Who’s Tae?” They both look at him in confusion.

“Taehyung?” They both looked at each other blankly before looking at Jin once more. He rolled his eyes “You two need to start paying more attention to people.”

“They both report directly into Hobi.” Jin shrugged as he brought his hand up to his lip, fiddling with it concentration.

“Finance director!” They both cheered, pleased in the knowledge that they were right.

“Oh wow, you two actually know someone.” He grinned at them sarcastically. They both rolled their eyes at him in return.

Jin clicked onto Tae’s profile picture as a voice sounded behind them “Namjoon.”

Namjoon spun in his chair, grinning at his intern “Jungkook! Come here.” He practically ran over desperate to be a part of the group in any way.

“So what do you know about finance?” Namjoon asked as casually as he could manage.

“Nothing much, I know Taehyung works there…” A small smile spread across his face. “... He reports to Hobi, he seems nice...” Jin stood up straight, throwing his arm around him as he spoke and Jungkook leaned in happily “... There’s another guy there too, he’s a bit smaller, I think his name is Jimin? He’s sweet though. Always asks me if I’m okay.”

“And are you?” Jin asks pointedly.

“I’m great.” They all grin at him.

Namjoon makes to stand, grabbing his forgotten sandwich “email?”

“Email.” Jungkook repeats and moves with him back to his desk.


The next day Namjoon sits at his desk, his leg shaking as he stares at the clock once more. 12:58.

“A watched pot…”

“I know Yoongi.” Namjoon cuts him off.

12:59. He bolts up from his seat and runs towards the elevator area. He hears Yoongi laugh in the distance.

He practically skids to a halt at the back of the line. He feels a tap on his shoulder as he spins round “You’re back to usual today.” Smiling up at Namjoon.

“No intern bugging me today.” He smiled as they made their way down the line.

“Jungkook right? He’s a sweetheart...” Jimin smiles fondly.

Namjoon wishes desperately for that smile to be about him one day. “He is.”

“... Completely smitten with Taehyung.” Jimin giggles as he shakes his head.

They get to the front of the line and they both reached forward as they do every day.

“Oh.” Was all they could utter in unison as they stared at the one last chicken sandwich.

“You take it.” Namjoon smiled at him, checking out the other options as he frowned. Seafood, nothing but seafood. He reluctantly picked up a salmon sandwich before putting it back quickly, he couldn’t submit himself to that. He resolved that he would just grab a muffin and call it quits as the line moved again.

“Share with me.” Jimin muttered to his side.

“What?” Namjoon looked at him, confused.

“Share with me. There’s a bunch of tables we could share it with some crisps.” He held up a packet of Doritos and Namjoon felt his stomach rumble.

“If you’re…” Namjoon cut himself off as Jimin giggled.

“For a director you lack so much self confidence.” He nudged him with his elbow and grabbed them both a drink. Two cokes. He’d remembered what Namjoon drank, he felt his heart clench slightly.

Jimin reached for his wallet but Namjoon was quicker, handing over the cash before Jimin could register it.

“Thank you.” Jimin muttered. Namjoon only smiled in return.

They walked over to a table towards the back, next to the wall of windows. Namjoon stared out across the skyline. The canteen was located at the top of the 30 floor building and it allowed for a spectacular view. Jimin separated the sandwich onto two plates and poured some crisps onto each one.

“I searched you on the thing.” Namjoon confesses, “finance, right?”

Jimin nodded “Yep, don’t get too worked up. I stare at numbers and spreadsheets all day.” He winked as he placed a crisp in his mouth.

“Tell me about it.” Namjoon says with wide eyes, genuinely interested in anything and everything Jimin could possibly say.

Jimin looks taken a back for a second “really? No one ever cares about finance…”

“Well I do.” Namjoon says with a shrug.

Jimin giggles as he shakes his head. “You asked for it…” he launches into a long winded discussion about what he gets up to in his day to day working life. He giggles as he tells Namjoon the funny things they get up to in finance, including multiple monthly team meetings which have dissolved into dance battles somehow. He laughs as he tells Namjoon about the time he and Tae changed all the keys on Hobi’s keyboard, he couldn’t work out why he lost the ability to type and spell for at least a week. He also grumbled about the desk phone he has, as the number three just doesn’t quite work and it makes his life a nightmare some days.

Namjoon makes a mental note to talk to Jin about sorting a new phone for Jimin as he listens to him talk, completely enamoured. A sudden desire to protect Jimin from everything bad in the world and watch him flourish bubbles up inside of him as he watches his cheeks flush as he mutters about a mistake he made on a spreadsheet last week.

“I’m talking too much.” Jimin giggles, flushing.

“No you’re not, but I wouldn’t mind even if you were.” Namjoon is quick to answer, and he wouldn’t. He could listen to the soft lilt in his voice forever, watching as his plump lips move to form the words he gracefully speaks.

“So tell me, what’s it like being the head of architecture?” Jimin looks up at him, eyes wide and earnest, truly interested.

“Stressful.” Namjoon shrugs. “Some, well, lots of, late nights but it’s okay. I have a great team around me so that makes my life easier, and Yoongi, my deputy director is great. He really eases the load.” He smiles “Although that doesn't ease the pain of an 8 hour board meeting.” He laughs, shaking his head.

Jimin nods but his lips turn down “Next one is on Wednesday right?”

Namjoon nods and grabs a crisp, munching away.

“Don’t over work yourself Joon.” The corner of Joon’s lips turn up into a smile at the nickname “I need my lunch buddy fit and healthy and you need to make sure you have a life outside of this place.” He waves his hands around. “No more late nights.” He points at him.

Namjoon laughs, nodding “I’ll try.” He looks down at his watch. “Anyway, I guess I’ll have to tell you the rest another time. It’s already two.”

Jimin makes a disappointed sound, standing up collecting their rubbish, he walks it over to the bin.

“Don’t forget we have our meeting at three.” Jimin says following Namjoon out to the elevators.

“I’m on it. Although I am surprised it’s you chairing it? No offence, I’m happy it’s you, but I just usually have them with Hobi.”

Jimin nods, looking around, the elevator area is filled with people also going back to their desks. “He’s going to Asia to travel for six months and I’m going to be temporarily in his position. So, you’ve got me.”

“Oh wow, I didn’t know. Congratulations!” Namjoon grins as the elevator announces its arrival with a ding.

“Thank you.” Jimin grins, “the interview was hard work.” They get in along with everyone else, finding themselves squished together in the corner.

“Well you must have done great in order to get the job.” Namjoon smiled encouragingly.

“I hope so.” Namjoon could see him worrying his lip and his hand itched with the need to reach up and pluck it out from his teeth, stroking the soft skin of his cheek.

He coughed and looked away instead.

“Just, please go easy on me.” Jimin muttered as the doors opened to the side of them.

Someone from the back needed to get off, so they all shuffled around to make space.

Namjoon is pushed from behind by someone and is forced off balance falling forward. His hand reaches out to grab something, anything for balance and it lands directly on Jimin’s hip.

Jimin feels an explosion of tingles up and down his side from the spot Namjoon currently held on to. He wanted Namjoon to keep it there more than anything else in this world right now. If he was being greedy he’d ask for Namjoon’s other hand to fall into his, their fingers intertwined.

Namjoon dropped his hand as soon as his brain realised where he had placed it. Coughing slightly in an attempt to hide his embarrassment. Jimin tried desperately not to whine at the loss of contact.

Namjoon shook his head clear as he attempted to go back to their previous conversation. “I promise to go easy on you Jimin, but I’m sure you’ll be able to handle whatever I throw at you.” he smiles.

He didn’t mean it to come out with such a potential undertone and he snapped his eyes back to Jimin’s about to apologise. Instead he’s met with a smirk and a look of something in his deep brown eyes. “I hope so.”

Jimin gets out on the floor above him “I’ll see you in an hour.” Jimin waves and saunters out of the elevator swinging his hips as he makes his exit. Namjoon watches him walk away, biting his lip.

He snapped back to reality as the elevator opens again on his floor and he quickly ducks away, flushing. Avoiding looking at the others inside who all probably just watched him check out Jimin’s ass.

He swipes his pass and walks into the open planned office. He felt as if he were floating after spending just an hour with Jimin.

Yoongi watched him carefully as he fell into his seat smiling. “Sandwich boy?”

Jimin” He says pointedly, “is an angel, and we are all mere mortals in his presence.”

Yoongi looked at him for a few seconds before throwing his head back laughing. “Well considering he already has you whipped after a sixty minute conversation, he must be.”

“Fuck off.” Is Namjoon’s only response.

“HR.” Yoongi grinned before pouting as Namjoon nudged his foot under the desks.

Namjoon gave up on the presentation he’d been pulling together after five minutes of continually staring at the same slide. He turned his head and stared out of the window, watching the planes fly by and the people walking down below, hurrying about to their next appointment. His brain filled with thoughts of the blonde haired man on the floor above him.

He felt a tap on his shoulder and he nearly jumped out of his skin, spinning in his chair “Jungkook!” He breathed heavily, hand over his heart.

“Sorry, I tried calling to you but you were out of it.” He looked up at Yoongi who nodded, trying to hold in a laugh.

“Oh, shit, sorry. I was thinking about this presentation.” He motioned towards his now locked screen in embarrassment. He heard the snort of laughter come from across the partition. He wanted the ground to swallow him up.

“It’s okay, I just wanted to go through what you need to bring up with finance.” He pulled a piece of paper from his notebook, it had a bunch of scribbles on it “I highlighted everything you need to be aware of, or look out for.”

“You’re a star Jungkook, thank you.” Namjoon smiled and took the paper from him.

The younger grinned and practically skipped away from his desk, pleased with himself.

Namjoon checked the time and stood, gathering everything he needed for his meeting, he turned away and then thought better of it, turning back.

“Yoongi…” His second in command hummed in acknowledgement, not looking up from his screen. He played with his lip in concentration, a habit he picked up from Jin somewhere over the years. “Do me a favour and find Jungkook a full time job, in this team. We need to keep him.”

Yoongi tore his eyes away from the screen as he plucked through the mountain of paperwork on his desk. He made a sound of victory and handed Namjoon a stack of papers. “This one. Paperwork is filled in, just needs your signature.”

Namjoon took it smiling “And that’s why you’re my favourite.”

“Fuck off.” Yoongi laughed, shaking his head and looking back at his screen.

“HR.” Namjoon quipped as he turned away from his desk once more.


He walked into the small room and waved at Jimin, smiling politely at Hobi.

“Namjoon!” He grinned, bright as sunshine. “This is Jimin, I’m not sure if you’ve met. He’s my right hand man. I’m going travelling at the end of the month and he’ll be taking over.” He grasped both of Jimin’s shoulders in his hands as he leaned towards him.

Jimin smiled shyly at Namjoon and he felt his heart beating faster. “I’ve looked through the accounts…” he pulls out multiple documents from his notebook, moving his finger to point out different things.

Namjoon nods along, distracted by the way Jimin’s nose scrunches up in concentration as he speaks. How soft his skin is as he runs through the numbers. It’s impressive. Namjoon is floored by how eloquently he puts his opinions and decisions across. For someone who had been so nervous in the elevator not an hour ago he now exudes confidence, taking everyone’s opinions into account. Hobi barely needs to interact with the meeting, Jimin has everything covered.

He has to force himself to snap out of it as they stare at him waiting for a response at one point. He thanks the universe and all that is holy for Jungkook as he pulls the paper out of his notebook and starts going through some of his points, adding in things he’s missed along the way.

Once they’ve all come to an agreement on the way forward they smile at each other and move to leave.

“Hobi!” Jin shouts as he walks towards them “I need you to take a look at these numbers. Hey Jimin!” He waves at the smaller man.

As he passes Namjoon he reaches up patting him on the head, messing up his hair.

Namjoon tuts and fluffs it back into position. Jimin watches the exchange with raised eyebrows.

“He’s one of my closest friends, it’s not as weird as it seems.” Namjoon smiles.

“I thought it was cute.” Jimin hugs his notebook to his chest, smiling.

“Hey, you did great in there, you shouldn’t have been so worried earlier. You’re going to do great in the role.” Jimin bit his lip, nodding.

“I hope so, I think it was easier because it was you though.” Namjoon flushes, smiling.

“Well if you ever need me to sit in a meeting with you, or even a pre-meeting for emotional support, just tell me.”

“Really?” Jimin looks up at him eyes wide, hopeful.

“Of course. I’m literally just down there.” He points in the direction of his desk, “come find me any time. Ignore Yoongi, he grumbles when anyone but our team or Jin comes up to us. Don’t let it fool you, he’s a softie deep down.” Namjoon grins.

Jimin’s smile only widens and his eyes crinkle up. Namjoon wants nothing more than to see that smile forever. “Thank you Joonie.” He says before skipping off in the direction of Hobi.


Namjoon falls into the seat next to Yoongi again. “Yoons…”

“You’re in love, we get it.” Yoongi murmurs not looking up from the screen.

“He called me Joonie.” Namjoon spins in his chair.

“You know we have staff right, teams. It’d do you good to not look like a lovesick puppy every day.” Yoongi looked up, raising an eyebrow.

“Honestly Yoongi, I really don’t care.” He spins again grinning like a school boy.

Jin walks over laughing “How’s my little lovebug?” He pinches Namjoon’s cheek and he makes a cooing sound.

“He’s still in love. That’s all you need to know.” Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“He called me Joonie, Jin. Joonie.” He kicks his legs out, as if to rid some of excess energy that’s being created by the amount of adrenaline pumping through his veins.

Jin threw his head back laughing. “Oh my God.” He looks at Yoongi. “He’s smitten.” Yoongi nods ‘I told you’ written all over his face.

“Oh! Jin, while you’re here. Jimin’s desk phone…”

Yoongi snorts turning back to his desk. As Namjoon tells Jin the dramatic tale of Jimin’s broken phone.


The next day Joon bites at his pen lid once again, staring at the clock on the wall as it reaches 12:57.

“Just go.” Yoongi looks up at him, they’re currently sat in a meeting room surrounded by paperwork, working on their presentation for the board next week.

“We’ve still got so much left to do Yoons, I can’t just leave.” He motioned at everything on the table in front of them.

“And it will all still be here in an hours time. Go. I need to eat anyway. Jin made my lunch today, so you know it’s going to be good.” He stood up and walked to the door.

Namjoon looked at his watch 12:59. He walked quickly to the elevator and stepped in the second it arrived.

The brunette rushed towards the line, but looking around but there’s no sign of Jimin. He frowned, trying to remind himself not to be too disappointed, there could be a million reasons he’s late or possibly not coming. He faintly hears his name being called.

He looked around searching for the source, when a frantically waving hand caught his eye. Jimin sat towards the back of the room in the same seats they were in yesterday with two meals in front of him.

Namjoon smiles in relief and walks over. “Hey.”

“Hey, I knew you wouldn’t let me buy you lunch as a thank you for yesterday, so, I got here early so you couldn’t argue.” He tilts his head smiling.

“You didn’t-”

“I did. Now, how are you today Joonie?” Jimin looks at him genuinely interested and he feels his heart speed up.

“I’m good, a bit tired, me and Yoon’s are working on our presentation to the board so we’re trying to nail down who we want to work with and why. All the boring things no one cares about.” He shakes his head. “How are you Jiminie?”

“I care.” He says quickly and Namjoon could feel how much he did in his voice. As if to hammer the point home Jimin reached his hand out and held onto his. Tingles, along with a warm buzzy feeling explode between them when their hands connect.

Jimin continues “But, I’m good, I went with Tae to the gym this morning and then I came here, I’ve mostly just been training with Hobi today.” He shrugs smiling “There’s so much that goes into his day that I just didn’t realise. It’s fascinating but daunting.”

“You’re going to do great, trust me Jimin.” Namjoon smiles, squeezing his hand and awkwardly picking up his sandwich with his free hand and taking a bite.

Jimin shrugs, unsure, but not wanting to debate it any longer. “Anyway, you didn’t finish telling me about your job yesterday.”

“It’s boring.” Namjoon shrugs.

“You’re not though.” Jimin smiles at him sweetly before he picks up his sandwich with his free hand, he pulls it off a lot more gracefully than Namjoon.

Namjoon shakes his head, bewildered that someone like Jimin is so interested in him, although he tells Jimin about his days nonetheless. He tells Jimin his usual tasks and the boring things he does behind the scenes that no one really thinks about. He laughs, reminiscing on the time they turned Yoongi’s desk into a cat shrine. Sticking picture after picture over his screen and desk. He shakes his head as he remembers how much Yoongi grumbled.

Jimin wipes tears from his eyes as he laughs, picturing the desk in his mind. “I desperately want to do that to Taehyung now.”

“You should, we had a blast, it really brought the team together too. We had a competition to see who could find the cat that most resembled him.” Namjoon giggles, shaking his head, eating the last of his sandwich.

They both continue talking for the rest of their lunch hour, full of laughter and smiles. They eventually start to move to their desks with a sense of disappointment. It was only as Jimin exited the lift that Namjoon realised their hands were still intertwined.

He sighs as he slips into his seat in the meeting room he and Yoongi had commandeered for the day.

“Good?” Yoongi looks up from his notebook with a raised brow.

“The best.” Namjoon sighs dreamily.

Later that day after they had resurfaced from the room, back at their desks, presentation all but complete, his desk phone rings. He answers it without thinking.

“Namjoon Kim.” He says in a bored tone.

“You got me a new desk phone?” Jimin’s voice came through the line.

“You said…” Namjoon pauses hoping he hadn’t crossed a line.

“You… Remembered?” Jimin asks, voice full of bewilderment.

“Of course I did.” Namjoon says simply.

“You’re… I… Thank you, Joonie.” He can hear the smile in his voice as they hang up.


They continue on like that for the next week, meeting every day for lunch as they learned all about each other, their likes and dislikes. Where they grew up, and all their favourite hobbies and interests.

Namjoon learnt that Jimin loved to dance. His dance teacher wanted him to become a professional but he suffered from extreme stage fright and wasn’t really comfortable performing in front people, especially those he didn’t know. So now he danced mostly as a way to keep fit, the finance team were all secretly dancers, unbeknownst to Namjoon and the others in the office. They would hire a studio nearly every other week and dance until their legs gave in. They would make up silly routines and fall about laughing as they attempted a move that wouldn’t even be possible for Beyonce, let alone them.

Jimin learnt all about Namjoon’s love of books, and he spoke animatedly about his favourite ones and how they’ve impacted his life. He filled Jimin in on his love of crabs and going to the beach for the day in search of them. Jimin giggled, confused, until Namjoon pulled up a search on his phone of the small crabs he meant and not the big snappy ones Jimin was imagining. Jimin creases over at the way Namjoon throws his arms around describing his favourite crabs and exactly where you needed to go to find them. The elder pouts as he shows Jimin the little scar on his hand where he had been bitten as a child by one and Jimin rubs it better with his thumb.

On Saturday and Sunday Namjoon found he missed Jimin more than he could say. His body physically knew exactly when 12:58 hit, he stared at the clock miserably until the time passed. It would have been sad to admit the amount of relief that flooded through him when lunchtime hit on Monday and he all but ran out of the office to the elevator.


Today is the day before the big board presentation. Namjoon had entered the office at some point before six am, coffee in hand as he pulled together an exhaustive list of everything they still needed to finalise. Two hours later Yoongi stumbled in with breakfast for Namjoon and a second coffee, sitting down he grabbed the two do list and prepared for the day.

Jungkook joined them at some point, helping as best he could, with the lesser knowledge he held. He was still an asset however and Namjoon made sure to tell him at each given opportunity.

Jin walked into the room later during the day, placing lunch in the centre of the table. He forced them all to stop for a second and actually eat something. It was at that point Namjoon looked up at the clock and groaned, it was long gone two. He’d completely missed his daily Jimin time, he frowned and looked down at the food in front of him, no longer hungry.

He was about to put it down and go back to work, but the intense gaze of Jin caught his eye. He bowed his head, making effort to eat every mouthful.

It was now long gone ten. He’d sent Jungkook home at four, too disappointed in himself for not ensuring his intern had taken lunch, he was therefore intent on ensuring he at least got to enjoy his evening. He’d protested vehemently, but Namjoon refused to listen. He liked his intern too much to see him burned out or overworked.

Yoongi left next at about half eight. He had been more than willing to stay but Namjoon didn’t want to submit Jin to a night alone. He pushed his bag into his hands and forced him to his feet.


He dropped his head into his hands as he looked at the presentation. It was nearly there, just one more figure to be added from finance but that could wait until tomorrow.

He sat at his desk now, surrounded by piles of papers and empty coffee cups. The only one left in the office at the end of a long day.

He decided to run through everything one more time and scrolled back up to top of the presentation, running through his notes and speech through silently in his head. He didn’t see or hear the person drop into the seat next to him until they spoke.

“I missed you today.”

Namjoon jumped out of his skin as he all but screamed in shock. He whipped his head to the side and laughed as relief flooded him.

“Jimin? It’s nearly eleven, what are you doing here?”

Jimin held up the bag in his hands as if it held all the answers, Namjoon looked at him in confusion.

“I went to Brenda’s leaving drinks.”

“That was tonight? Oh shit.” Namjoon groaned.

“It’s okay, I heard Jin give her yours and Yoongi’s apologies.” Namjoon nodded relieved waiting for Jimin to continue his explanation. “I stayed later than intended. Even if I got the next train I wouldn’t be home until gone one, so I decided to work from home tomorrow.” Jimin held up what Namjoon now realises is his laptop bag.

“But what are you still doing here?” Jimin eyed him. Putting his bag on the desk and coming up behind him. He wrapped his arms around Namjoon’s shoulders, leaning his head against his.

Namjoon’s leant into the feeling and closed his eyes for a long moment, unwilling to answer and feel Jimin pull away from him just yet.

Jimin must have got the hint as he brought one hand up to twirl into the strands of Namjoon’s hair, massaging his scalp lightly.

“I was about to go home, I just wanted to run through this one more time.” He pouts as he opens his eyes looking at the presentation currently opened to slide 5. He hadn’t even got half way.

Jimin looked at the screen and registered how far in he was. “Oh no you don’t.” He moved around the chair, quick as lightning. He grabbed Namjoon’s hands from where they laid on the armrests of his chair, pulling him up as best he could given his short height and Namjoon’s lanky body.

Namjoon groaned as he stood up, stumbling forward slightly. He let go of one of Jimin’s hands to rub his eyes in turn as he yawned loudly.

“You’re such a baby boy sometimes.” Namjoon slowly opened one eye as he looked at him pouting.

“Am not.”

“Are too.” Jimin said, poking him in the ribs, smiling.

“Ow.” Namjoon whined as he doubled over in pretend pain.

Jimin giggles. Namjoon pouts.

“I missed you today, at lunch.” Jimin repeats moving himself forward into Namjoon’s personal space.

“I’m sorry... Today was...” He trailed off as he takes the bottom of Jimin’s sweater in his hand. He must have changed out of his shirt before going to this evenings drinks. He twists and twirls the material around his finger, looking down guilty.

“I’m sorry.” He repeats.

Jimin let’s go of Namjoon’s hand and he makes a little whining sound at the back of his throat. Jimin feels as though he’s just been admitted into the gates of heaven.

He puts Namjoon out of his misery quickly and wraps them up and around his neck, going onto his tiptoes. Thankfully Namjoon’s head was already dipped slightly and he’s easily able to place their foreheads together. He runs his nose along the bridge of Namjoons.

Namjoon makes a content sigh as he moves his arm out from between them. Wrapping them around Jimin’s waist and closing his eyes.

“I’m so tired.” He murmurs, stifling another yawn.

“What time did you get here this morning?” Jimin snakes one hand up into his hair and twirls the baby curls at the back of his neck around his finger.

“Six, maybe earlier. But I was working until at least one last night.”

Jimin makes a sound of protest in the back of his throat. “Joonie, you can’t work like that, you’re going to make yourself ill.”

“I know. It’s just hard. This contract means a lot of things to a lot of people. I need to make sure it goes well, I want everyone to be happy, I want to provide all the jobs we’re hoping it can provide.” He groans shaking his head slightly, careful not to dislodge Jimin’s forehead from his.

“Shh, it’s okay.” Jimin whispers “It’s all going to be okay.” He could feel the slightest of nods against his forehead and he smiles.

The duality within Namjoon is one of Jimin’s favourite things about him. One moment he could be strong and in charge. Ready and willing to run into a burning building at a moment's notice. The next, he’s soft and small, despite his stature. In desperate need of love and attention, as he shows you a picture of his favourite crab. Jimin would do anything to protect this side of Namjoon.

“I’ve got you.” He brings the hand not entangled in Joon’s hand to lightly rest on his cheek, stroking his skin with his thumb lightly “I’ll make sure everything’s okay.”

Namjoon nodded again, closing his eyes.

Jimin takes that as his sign and brings their lips together softly. Namjoon squeaks in surprise but his arms only squeeze Jimin tighter and closer.

Jimin feels as if he’s floating, an explosion of warmth floods through him as they continue to kiss one another for the first time.

Jimin feels a giggle burst up in him at the absurdity of it all and Namjoon pulls back pouting. “Is it.. Am I…?”

Jimin gasps realisation flooding him “no Joonie, no, I’m sorry. That was just, honestly I have no idea how to describe what that was, but in a good way. A really good way.”

“Oh.” Was all Namjoon could say in response as Jimin tipped his head down with a slight nudge from his hands and he was able to recapture his lips once more.

They stood frozen in time as they kissed for a while, soft pecks as they got to know one another, both stopping to smile and giggle every now and then.

Jimin lightly licked along Namjoon’s lower lip, begging for entrance and their tongues melded together softly, almost timidly so. Namjoon could still taste some of the wine Jimin must have drank earlier. Jimin moaned into the kiss faintly as Namjoon nibbled on his lower lip lightly before tangling their tongues together once more.

The sounds of computers whirred around them as they kissed, the office silent. Half the lights switched off from lack of movement with the exception of the one above them and the lights streaming in from the city outside. Jimin had no clue how he was going to get home tonight, he’d probably missed the last train home by now, but he also really didn’t care. He’d crash on Taehyung’s couch if he had to.

Confident Namjoon slowly started to come to life at some point and he felt the kiss start to become a little bit more intense. Namjoon brought him closer as he sneaked his hand up and under his sweater, stroking the skin at the bottom of his spine. Jimin moaned encouragingly and kissed him back with fervour.

Jimin gasped as he was suddenly picked up and placed on Namjoon’s desk, the paperwork around them scattering to the floor as the kiss became more intense. Jimin wrapped his legs around Joon’s waist and pulled him towards him, holding him in place. Namjoon brought one hand up from his back to hold his cheek, stroking his neck lightly with his thumb.

Jimin made a garbled moaning sound, arching his back, pushing his chest up against Namjoon as he broke away and began to kiss down his neck. Jimin tipped his head back in order to give Namjoon more access, scratching his scalp and tugging at his hair occasionally.

Namjoon placed kiss after kiss, nipping lightly as he made his way across, lathering every spot with the same love and attention as the last. Jimin was all but gasping for air by the time Namjoon’s lips met his again.

Jimin felt his insides turn to molten lava as he moved to the edge of the desk, dragging Namjoon closer against him. Their hands are everywhere, in each other’s hair and running all over the parts of each other’s bodies that they can reach. Jimin had pulled Namjoon’s shirt out from inside his slacks at one point, determined to feel some kind of skin, now tracing the lines of all his muscles with his finger tips. Every now and then he would graze the skin with his nails lightly, trying not to moan at the little whine that comes from the back of Namjoon’s throat when he does.

Before they know it they both find themselves grinding up against one another as their tongues collide harshly, teeth clashing. Papers being strewn onto the floor around them, giving little care to anything but one another. Jimin is almost to the point of laying back and pulling Namjoon with him when the computer lights up behind them. They both jump at the sudden light in their eyes and Jimin realised he’d placed his hand directly onto the keyboard forcing the computer to life.

Namjoon stands up straight, the spell broken and scratches the back of his neck. “I, erm, sorry.”

“I’m not complaining.” Jimin reaches up to place a hand softly on his cheek and stretches up to peck their lips together.

Jimin turned to the side to look at the clock on the wall. Half twelve.

“Well, I’ve missed the last train.” He giggled.

“I’m sorry, that was totally on me.” Namjoon groaned.

“It’s okay, honestly. I’ll just crash at Tae’s.” Jimin reaches into his back pocket for his phone, pulling it out and bringing up his texts.

Namjoon picks Jimin up, and places him gently on his feet, kissing his forehead before kissing his lips once more.

“You are going home, right?” Jimin looks at him suspiciously, not quite trusting that he won’t sit down and do another couple of hours work.

Namjoon sighs “Well I wasn’t, but you’re right.” He turns back to grab his jacket.

“Where are you going?” Namjoon says. Jimin tells him Tae’s address as he pulls it up on his phone.

“That’s just past my place, let me grab a taxi for us.” He pulls up an app on his phone.

“It’s okay, I can just get the underground.” Jimin shrugs.

Namjoon looks at him as though he’s insane “At this time? No. No way, too many weirdos on the underground at night.”

Jimin shook his head smiling, unwilling to argue.

They walk down and out of the building with their hands intertwined, waving at the night time security guard as they exited.

They stand outside the building for a little as they wait. Namjoon’s arms wrapped around Jimin’s as they shiver slightly in the night breeze. Jimin giggles at the asymmetry of Namjoons dimples, poking his fingers into the indents of his cheeks as Namjoon pretends to bite at them. The pair completely unashamed that they’re acting like love sick teenagers.

Eventually the taxi pulls up and they both reluctantly pull away from each other, Namjoon helping Jimin into the car as he settles in the other side.


Jimin refusing to be separated moves across to sit in the middle, leaning so his head is supported against Namjoon’s chest and he closes his eyes, snuggling in. Namjoon’s arm squeezes between him and the seat and wraps around him, hugging him close as he looks out the window.

After about ten minutes of riding in silence, enjoying the feeling of each other being so close, Jimin leans up and pecks Namjoon’s cheek. He moves his head, kissing Namjoon’s chin, his button nose, the space just above his top lip, the freckle just below his bottom lip.

Namjoon feels the giggle bubbling up inside him at the tickly nature of Jimin’s kisses. He scrunches up his nose and Jimin doesn’t miss a beat, kissing the small lines that appear.

Jimin takes his finger and lightly taps Namjoons cheek that’s facing away from him asking him to turn his head. Namjoon complies and brings it to the side only to be met with fluttering of kisses across his other cheek.

Namjoon actually does giggle this time, completely unabashed at the driver sitting in front of them as Jimin connects their lips once more. They kiss over and over again, their lips barely parting, both so wrapped up in each other they don’t realise the taxi has pulled to a stop until the driver clears his throat.

They break apart from one another completely flushed with embarrassment. At least on Namjoon’s side, Jimin looks slightly smug about the whole thing. Namjoon mumbles his apologies.

“I’ve seen worse.” Is the taxi drivers response, smiling at the love sick pair.

Namjoon turns to Jimin biting his lip, nervous to ask but also desperate. “Coffee.”

“Coffee?” Jimin looked at him smiling, Namjoon heard the taxi driver snort and his face flamed.

“Coffee… I have coffee… if you want…”

He could practically feel the taxi driver holding in his laughter and he wanted the ground to swallow him up.

He could hear the giggle in Jimin’s voice as he took him out of misery “I would love a cup of coffee.”

Namjoon paid the taxi driver tipping him generously in his embarrassment. He gets out and holds his hand out to help Jimin out of the car. Not that he needed to, but any excuse to feel his skin against his, he would take.

They walked through the lobby hand in hand as Jimin looked around, he whistled “Fuck Joon, how much money do they pay you?”

Namjoon laughed and waved at the security guard “not enough given the shit I have to deal with some days.”

They stepped into the elevators and Jimin came up in front of him, wrapping his arms around his waist and going up on tiptoes, pouting. Joon dipped his head and brought their lips together once more.

Jimin moved back slightly in between their kisses, wrapping his arms up and around his shoulders instead as Namjoon brought his down to his waist.

Namjoon nibbled on Jimin’s plush bottom lip, smiling at the little sounds that came from the back of his throat.

“You’re so cute.” Namjoon murmured before licking on his bottom lip begging for entrance. Jimin granted it instantly and their tongues clashed.

The lift pinged announcing their arrival at Namjoon’s floor and they walked along the corridor. When they reached his door Namjoon grabbed his keys unlocking his apartment and he felt Jimin’s arms snake around him in a back hug.

They walked through the doorway and both toe their shoes off. Jimin re attaches himself to his back before they start moving again. They reach the centre of his apartment and Namjoon turns within the embrace to kiss Jimin’s forehead. “Home sweet Home.”

Namjoon watched Jimin’s eyes flit around his apartment and they light up. Namjoon had spent a lot of time crafting the decor and he’s really pleased with the results, so to see Jimin smile made his heart flutter all the more.

The apartment was medium sized, all open plan with three doors that lead to his bedroom, guest bedroom and the bathroom. The walls were white with a warm chestnut flooring running throughout. The majority of his furniture are in dark rich tones, giving the room a homely feel but also leaned towards being clean and modern. A long line of windows stretched out across the back of the room which looked out over the skyline. Namjoon’s apartment is on the 20th floor so there’s just enough height for it to be able to see over the smaller buildings.

They walk over towards the kitchen and Jimin jumped up onto one of the bar stools that sat in front of the island. He turned the Nespresso machine on and brought his box of options round in front of Jimin. They both looked at the different flavours making the same murmurings of distaste or intrigue until they both reached for the caramel flavour their hands touching.

Namjoon turned his head laughing at their similar taste in everything food related only to find Jimin staring back at him with a slight predatory look to him. Namjoon gulped and before he could register the turn in events Jimin threw his arms around his shoulders, leaning all his weight onto him.

Their teeth and tongues clashed together as Namjoon’s arms instinctively reached out to hold onto Jimin’s thighs, as his legs moved to wrap around him. He moved, attempting to get them to the bed, or any kind of soft surface. Eventually making it to the sofa, sitting with Jimin in his lap.

Namjoon moves his hands so that they are resting on his round globes and he squeezes them through his jeans, earning a light moan out of Jimin. “Why is your butt so perfect?” Namjoon wonders aloud between kisses as he squeezes once more.

Jimin giggles and kisses along Namjoon’s jaw. “Because of squats, maybe.”

Namjoon moves them so they’re laying down on the couch now, legs intertwined as they continue to kiss one another softly. After a while Jimin rolls Namjoon onto his back and crawls on top so he’s straddling him. They’re tongues begin to meet with more purpose now, both battling for victory over each others mouths as their hands explore over each others clothes.

Jimin begins to grind himself down against Namjoon and they both hiss when they meet one another, synchronising into a rhythm. Their breaths coming out stuttered and disjointed as they both begin to feel one another between their jeans.

Namjoon reaches out grabbing the youngers hips and flips them so he is now lying slightly on top of Jimin, kissing down from his lips. Jimin’s hand comes up, tangling in Namjoon’s hair as he starts to kiss up and along his jawline. Namjoon nibbles at his earlobe, before taking his earing into his mouth, pulling at the loop a little. Not enough to cause any pain but enough to make Jimin gasp into the quiet air that surrounds them.

Namjoon continues to kiss downwards, mouthing at Jimin’s adam’s apple, feeling it bob underneath his lips as Jimin gulps. He mouths at the skin, kissing down until he reaches his sweater. Jimin can hear the disappointed whine Namjoon makes at running out of unclothed skin.

Jimin holds back a giggle as he tips his head up “Baby, what do you want me to do?”

Namjoon slides his hand underneath Jimin’s sweater from the bottom and rucks the material up as he runs his hands up and along Jimin’s chest, tracing his fingers lightly along the muscles of his chest. Jimin sits up slightly and pulls the last of it over his head.

Namjoon leans up to peck Jimin’s lips in thanks before moving back to kiss along his chest. He runs his tongue along the indent in his muscles as he slides his hand down to palm Jimin through his jeans. Jimin begins to rock forward against his hand, making breathy whines as Namjoon presses harder, allowing him more friction. Namjoon eventually gets tired of not being able to feel more than a bump and moves his hand to the buttons of Jimin’s jeans “Can I…” He started.

“Yes. God, yes.” Came Jimin’s response. Namjoon undid the button and pulled the zip. He moved back slightly, pushing Jimin’s jeans and boxers down and away. Throwing them off the couch somewhere. Namjoon moves up once more and reattaches their lips, running his fingers up and down Jimin’s length, teasing the tip of Jimin softly with this thumb. Jimin feels the molten heat pooling in his stomach, slowly becoming fully erect. He whimpers into the kiss, causing Namjoon to moan at the sound. Taking him fully into his hand and beginning to move his fist up and down Jimin’s length as he bucks up, breathing in shuddering gasps of air.

Namjoon pulls back from Jimin and he whines at the bereft feeling that bubbles up in his chest, surging his head forward to try to reattach their lips. Only finding air in response, his brain slowly registers that he should open his eyes to look for Namjoon, too far gone into the smokey realm of pleasure. Suddenly he feels Namjoon again and he relaxes, he feels a torso up against his and he realises that Namjoon must have removed his shirt and he smiles into the atmosphere, desperate to look but also unwilling to open his eyes just yet.

Suddenly and without warning the tip of his length is encased in something wet and warm and it causes his back to arch involuntarily up from the couch. His hand immediately goes to the back of Namjoon’s heard and they tangle in his brunette locks. Namjoon licks his tip almost kittenish before taking him back into his mouth and swirling his tongue. Jimin lets out a breathy moan, Namjoon’s mouth feeling so warm, so wet, so welcoming.

Namjoon continues to swirl his tongue around him, pausing every now and then to suck on his tip as if he were a lollipop. Jimin scratches his nails against Namjoon's scalp and he feels the corresponding moan reverberate through him.

Namjoon brings his attention away from his tip as he sucks in his length, bobbing his head slowly as Jimin grabs handfuls of hair. His other hand moving up and into his own hair, pulling, attempting to feel grounded in some sort of way.

He feels Namjoon’s hand land on his calf, running up and along his leg, his thumb stroking lightly. He can barely feel the fingertips of the other fingers but he knows they’re there. Just barely feeling the palm that follows them, leaving heat in its wake. A tingling feeling explodes in any spot Namjoon touches, leaving Jimin a shaking mess by the time he reaches the space between his thigh and his groin, he runs his fingers along the skin, barely so and Jimin lets out a whimper.

The fingers move up slightly to reach his perineum, Namjoon softly strokes at the skin there almost teasingly so. It’s in complete contrast to Namjoon’s mouth which had only become more intense as he seemed to be have his own private competition of taking more of Jimin’s length in each time he sunk his head down. Swallowing around him whenever he reached his limit.

Namjoon sneaks his finger up towards Jimin’s rim and the younger arches forward in surprise, moaning out the elders name. It causes Jimin to force himself deeper into Jimin’s mouth and he quickly tilts his head up “I’m so-.”

Namjoon pulls off of him with a pop and looks up “It’s fine, don’t apologise.” he smiles and kisses his thigh, taking a moment, nuzzling his cheek against the soft skin. His other hand moves to continue working Jimin’s length as looks up at him smiling. Jimin reaches down with the hand he had in his hair and strokes his cheek lightly. Namjoon closes his eyes and Jimin can see just how tired he really is.

“Joonie, I don’t mind if you just want to go to bed you know.” Jimin bites his lip. Unsure if he wants Namjoon to tell him to shut up and continue, or if he’d rather see Namjoon get the sleep he so desperately needs.

Namjoon’s eyes open and he looks at Jimin as if he’s insane in answer to his unspoken dilema. “No, you taste too good for me to stop now. I was just having an intermission.”

Jimin chuckles, “are you seriously comparing this to a play?”

Namjoon shrugs, smiling. “Do you want me to stop?”

“God no.”

Namjoon grins before taking him back into his mouth. As if to prove he was awake, he started to move with more purpose now, his fingers trailing over every bit of Jimin’s skin they could reach before two of them settled, resting on top of Jimin’s plush lips.

Namjoon nudged at his lip a couple of times. Jimin took the hint taking them into his mouth and moaning. He moved his head up and took them in their entirety. He heard Namjoon moan around him and it caused his hips to twitch upwards, he didn’t apologise this time. He swirled his tongue around the digits, licking along and up them until spit was spilling down his chin as he swallowed around them.

Namjoon removed his fingers allowing Jimin to catch his breath and he found he missed them. He started to pout and was about to say something when Namjoon’s fingernail lightly skirts across his balls. He massages them between his finger and his thumb before he moves down to his rim, circling the skin there as Jimin’s leg twitches next to him.

He pushes the first digit in and Jimin bucks up again forcing himself deeper into Namjoon’s mouth. Namjoon swallows around him before pulling back a little, attempting to do the same again after a moment and Jimin groans at the feeling of being so deep in Namjoon’s mouth.

Namjoon pulls back as he slips his second finger inside Jimin, moving them in and out slowly, the drag feeling both delicious and painful as the same time. Namjoon concentrates on the tip of him once more, and Jimin is about to ask him to get some lube, something, anything, so he can ride him into tomorrow morning when Namjoon takes him completely back into his mouth and pushes himself down until he feels himself hit the back of Namjoon’s throat.

Jimin lets out a sound he’s never heard before as Namjoon swallows around him, he does it once more and Jimin can feel his breathing increase and waves of pleasure crash through him as he takes him deep and swallows again and again. Jimin knows he’s going to have a raspy voice tomorrow if he continues like this.

Namjoon’s fingers manage to find that little bundle of nerves and he massages it to life, causing Jimin’s hips buck up accidently and unannounced. He can hear and feel the little whine that comes around his length from Namjoon. He wants to apologise, he really does but he doesn’t have the ability to form words right now.

All Jimin can think of is Namjoon’s deep voice talking to his team, talking in the board meeting tomorrow, with a slight twinge to it, a slight difference that you could barely hear but he would. He’d knew how it came to be, he’d know he’d been the one that caused it. The thought had him bucking his hips up again, this time semi-intentional, his toes curling as he lets out a guttural moan.

Namjoon started to stroke the little set of nerves inside him as he continued to take him into his mouth and Jimin felt the pressure building inside of him, his breathing became quicker and more intense as the hand that was still tangled in Joon’s hair tapped him on the cheek to give him warning.

Namjoon pulled back, suckling on his tip, waiting. Jimin’s grabbed at the back of his head once more and he felt himself spill into Namjoon’s mouth, as he made a sound akin to his name over and over.

Jimin tipped his head up for the first time in a long time and looked down. Namjoon was currently licking up all the stray bits of come that weren’t captured in his mouth, Jimin felt himself twitch at the sight, oversensitivity coursing through his veins. “Joon, that was…” He stopped unable to finish the sentence, Namjoon would know the sentiment anyway.

Namjoon smiled up at him sleepily and moved up on the couch so his head was against his chest. Jimin moved out from under him and laid to the side so they were facing each other. “Want me to…” His eyes flicked down towards the obvious bulge in Namjoon’s slacks.

Namjoon shook his head and closed his eyes. “Sleep.” His voice sound gravelly and slightly scratchy in the way that Jimin had imagined and he had to bite back a smile. He leaned forward to kiss Namjoon’s nose, wiping the tear tracks away from his cheeks.

“You know I can’t let you sleep here right?” He pushed the hair up and away from the tallers ones face.

Namjoon’s eyes opened in panic and he looked at Jimin “You’re not staying?”

“What? No Joonie.” Jimin watched the relief wash into his eyes “I can’t let you sleep here. I need to get you to bed.” Jimin stroked his cheek softly and kissed his forehead. Namjoon closed his eyes, content. Snuggling back into the couch and Jimin. “Joonie, come on, I need you to work with me, okay?”

Namjoon’s adrenaline rush had completely gone and he was now dead on his feet as Jimin helped him off the couch, walking him towards the door Namjoon pointed to. Namjoon was already mostly asleep before his head hit the pillow. Jimin pulled off his trousers and placed him under the covers. He made a small sleepy sound and Jimin giggled, kissing his forehead.

He took a moment to glance around Namjoon’s bedroom, it followed the same colour scheme as the living room but this was more messy, more homely. There were random objects, that must hold sentimental value cluttering the sides. Pictures in frames were strewn about on surfaces, he recognised Namjoon’s deputy, Yoongi and Jin the HR director and others were filled with people he assumed were his mum, dad and sister.

Jimin moved back out into the living area, placing his boxers back on and folding his clothes up, leaving them on the couch. He opened and shut multiple cupboards in the kitchen before he finally found the glasses and filled two of them them with water from the fancy filter tap. He mused that he would need to get Namjoon to let him to re-organise this kitchen, the glasses being the complete opposite end to the sink will annoy him rotten in time. He reminded himself quickly that they weren’t even dating yet and maybe he should get that title before he’s setting himself up to stay.

He grabs his phone from his jeans and shoots a quick apology text to Tae, telling him where he was and that he promised to explain everything tomorrow. He walked back to the room with the glasses of water and his phone setting them onto the side.

Jimin switched the light off, moving around to the bed and slipping under the covers. It didn’t take more than a second for a pair of arms to wrap around him bringing him to his chest, kissing his hair.

Jimin snuggled into the warmth of Namjoon as they both fall into slumber.


Jimin woke up the next morning hot, burning hot. He cracked opened his eyes as the sun streamed into the room, his brain slowly registering the set of arms wrapped around him and the chest his back was laying up against as a smile spread across his features.

He moved his hand forward, careful not to disturb Namjoon and grabbed his phone. He looked at the clock and found it was five already, he groaned quietly, they would need to leave soon, but they could get away with another hour or so in bed. He had a text from Tae telling him to not do anything he wouldn’t do, followed by the winking and smirking emojis. Jimin shook his head, smiling. He threw his phone to the side, moving back into the arms that still cocooned him.

Namjoon cuddled forward in his half sleep, kissing his shoulder and making a whining sound. Clearly not ready to get up.

Jimin closed his eyes, smiling, enjoying the feeling of this man’s arms wrapped around him as they enjoyed their first morning together. After a while he started to feel a slight hard bump pressing into the small of his back. Jimin bit back a smile as he moved upwards slightly and pushed his rear back against Namjoon, he heard a broken moan come out from behind him as two arms pulled him closer. He swirled his hips, pressing back for a lot longer than his hips were forward twice and he felt Namjoon press himself forward slightly in his sleepy state.

He enjoyed his teasing for a time, allowing Namjoon to wake up to the feeling, biting his lip to stop an excited giggle springing forward. Hoping beyond hope that this would lead exactly where he wanted it to.

As if reading his mind Namjoon rolled forward and suddenly Jimin was pinned to the mattress. Namjoon now grinding slowly up against him, the hands that were wrapped around him now stroking up his sides.

“This what you wanted?” Namjoon muttered as he kissed along Jimin’s shoulder and up the side of the back of his neck. Jimin whimpered and nodded.

Jimin insides flip at the slight gravelly nature of Namjoon’s voice, his mind flashed with images of last night and he felt himself begin to harden at the memory. Namjoon’s consistent grinding up against him from behind aiding in his feeling of pleasure.

They stayed like that for the longest moment, both content, as sighs and gasps passed between them. Jimin started to move his hips, grinding down into the mattress below. He turned his head, tipping it back slightly and Namjoon brought his lips away from where they were kissing Jimin's shoulder and met his. They kissed deeply, tongues entwined. The position not being kind to Jimin’s neck, as it started to ache slightly, but the pleasure of being under Namjoon outweighed it.

“Make love to me Namjoon.” Jimin mumbled as they broke apart, foreheads resting against one another.

Namjoon breath caught in his throat as he nodded and jumped off the bed.

Returning after a moment throwing a small bottle and a condom on the bed next to them. He laid next to Jimin and kissed his shoulder, they both smiled at each other for a long moment, breathing each other in.

Namjoon’s hand moved out and brushed through Jimin’s hair. His sleepy eyes said a million things and Jimin didn’t need to hear any of them to feel them in his heart, in his bones, in his soul. He leaned forward and brought their lips together for a long quiet moment.

They broke apart smiling at one another, giggling at some unsaid, unspoken private joke between them.

Namjoon leaned forward and kissed along Jimin’s shoulder, continuing down the length of his spine, dragging his teeth and nipping occasionally. His hands had moved down to massage his round globes, pushing his boxers down. Jimin was laid with his eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of Namjoon exploring his body once more.

When Namjoon reaches the base of his spine he reached out blindly to the side moving his hand around the sheet looking for the lube. Jimin giggled at the cuteness and he picked it up, handing it back.

Namjoon coated his fingers and rubbed them together to warm the liquid up. Jimin felt the first finger slowly trace his ring of flesh and move inside slowly, the glide eased as he was a little loose from what had transpired not four hours ago. Namjoon moved his index finger in and out slowly and Jimin felt a moan escape him, burying his head forward into the pillow.

Namjoon stilled, kissing along his lower back. Jimin could feel his intake of breath against his skin and he knew he was about to ask him if he was okay.

Jimin preempted him, turning his head and looking towards him, as best he could from his position. “Please don’t stop.”

Namjoon kissed the base of his spine in acknowledgement, adding a second finger slowly. Jimin let out a breathy whine and moved his hips slightly, beginning to grind into the mattress below once more. He felt the bed dip and Namjoon move away from his lower back and he was almost disappointed until he felt a pair of lips on his shoulder. Namjoon kissed along his shoulder and nipped occasionally. He started to suck on the skin lightly, not enough to leave a mark, but enough for Jimin to feel the sting of both pain and pleasure from his mouth. His fingers began to explore the walls that surrounded them, looking for that little pocket of nerves once more.

Jimin began to make whimpering sounds in the back of his throat as Namjoon continued to stretch him. Each little sound made Namjoon’s heart pound and molten hot lava pool in his belly. He could feel himself twitching with excitement already. Neither of them could have thought of a more perfect way to wake up.

The elder felt Jimin clench himself around his fingers, and he knew he’d found that little spot once more. He kissed the skin of Jimin’s shoulder to hide his smile as he heard Jimin make a high pitch sound that seemed as though it was Namjoon’s name but neither could be sure. He took some time to massage the spot, drawing out the sound of Jimin’s small moans.

Jimin felt a third finger circle his rim at some point and Namjoon moved towards him to run his nose along Jimin’s jawline, nudging at it lightly. Jimin slowly turned his head fully out of the pillow and was greeted with two eyes looking at him as if he had hung all the stars in the sky. It took Jimin’s breath away for a moment before he was snapped back to reality as Namjoon brought their lips together. He sighed happily and Namjoon took that as his opportunity to seek entrance into his mouth.

As they kissed Namjoon pushed his third digit in slowly and carefully, he stilled his hand for a moment allowing Jimin a moment to settle into the feeling. Namjoon felt Jimin nod slightly into their kiss and he started to move his fingers. Slowly thrusting his fingers in and out of the smaller man as they continued to kiss.

Jimin slid a hand out from where it laid tangled into the sheets below and took the waistband of Namjoon’s boxers in his hand. He pulled at them trying to make Namjoon understand what he wanted without breaking their kiss. He felt Namjoon shake with silent laughter as he made no moves to rid himself of them.

He felt himself pout into their kiss, determined to make Namjoon feel half as good as he did right now. He pulled at the boxers and manoeuvred his hand inside, it wasn’t particularly graceful, but it worked and that’s all that counted. He felt Namjoon’s entire body twitch the second he finally took him in his hand.

It was an awkward position for Jimin that didn’t allow for much movement but he finally had Namjoon in his hand and he was going to enjoy every second. He took a second to synchronise their movements. Eventually he managed it, ensuring each time Namjoon pushed his fingers into him, Jimin would move his hand. They both became moaning and quivering messes as they continued to kiss sloppily. Every now and then Namjoon would brush against Jimin’s prostate and he would cry out in response, his hand on Namjoons stuttering out of rhythm until he found it again. Namjoon’s boxers and Jimin’s hand a mess, now covered in pre come.

Namjoon pulled away from the kiss after a long moment, pecking his lips once more and reluctantly removing his hand from Jimin. The younger pouted as he slowly removed his hand, but he was soon placated as Namjoon stood from the bed and removed his boxers and Jimin finally got to see him in full naked glory. Namjoon laid on the bed next to him, but not before Jimin got a chance to let his eyes travel up and down his body. Namjoon’s entire body glowed in the early morning sunlight, golden and long, muscled in all the right places. Jimin couldn’t wait to feel him inside of him.

Namjoon rolled on the condom next to him and lubed himself up. Jimin rolled over onto his side as he faced Namjoon, smiling. Namjoon turned, pecking his lip and taking him into his arms. “How do you want to...?” Namjoon tilted his head to the side looking at him inquisitively.

Jimin giggled, pecking his nose before spinning and resting on his side facing away from him. He crooked one leg up and turned his head slightly looking over his shoulder as best he could.

Namjoon moved forward, leaning to kiss along Jimin’s shoulder once more. Namjoon slowly pushed himself into Jimin, inch by inch. He paused often, kissing another part of his shoulder allowing Jimin to adjust to him slowly, not wanting to rush anything. Jimin felt him bottom out after a long moment and Namjoon shifted so his chest was flat against his back.

Jimin felt his two arms come around his front and hug him close. Namjoon layered kisses up and along the top of his back and up his neck, snuggling his nose into his hair, breathing in his scent.

Jimin dropped his leg slightly and he felt Namjoon begin to move for the first time, his lips mouthing along the curve of Jimin’s neck as he held him close. Jimin brought his hand to lay on Namjoon’s hip. His other moved to connect with one of the hands Namjoon had resting on him, they both intertwined their fingers without thinking.

They both move slowly with one another, both still tired from the night before. Jimin felt bad for not allowing Namjoon this time to sleep, but a larger, more selfish part of him, was enjoying this way too much to care.

Jimin breathed out Namjoon’s name as he shifted himself slightly and his thrust started to graze his prostate. Jimin shifted his hand slightly and held himself open, easing the glide and they both groaned in appreciation.

Namjoon kissed along the side of his neck as he continued to thrust into him, sucking a light bruise on the skin of his shoulder. Jimin couldn’t bring himself to care about the mark or the questions it could raise.

Namjoon started to wake up as they moved with each other. His moans becoming more pronounced and his thrusts became more fluid, less sleepy. After a moment he shifted his hips and this time, instead of simply grazing his prostate it slammed into it straight on. Jimin practically screamed into the air in front of him as he continued to hit it directly.

Namjoon’s hand that wasn’t currently intertwined with Jimin’s snaked across him, wrapping around his length for the first time, his fingers playing with the tip. Namjoon dragged a nail lightly against the head and Jimin hissed, arching his back allowing Namjoon to thrust deeper inside him.

Namjoon moved his wrist, starting to glide it up and down, in time with his thrusts. Jimin’s eyes screw shut as he gasped for air.

They both moved with each other, their movements becoming more erratic as time passes. Jimin starts to move backwards, meeting his thrust and then he would push himself up into the elders first. He was surrounded by Namjoon, he was all he could breath, all he could feel, all he could hear.

Jimin knew he was close as he felt the waves of pleasure begin to pool downwards. He started to moan Namjoon’s name into the air around them as the elders cries only became more intelligible, his voice box still tender from last night.

“Joon, I’m going to…” he breathed.

He felt Namjoon nodding against his shoulder, his forehead leaning against the curve of his neck as he concentrated on giving Jimin as much pleasure as possible before he fell over the edge. He slammed in harder against his prostate, relentless in his speed.

Jimin screwed his eyes tight and screamed out Namjoons name as the elder pumped him through wave after wave of intense pleasure. He felt as if he were drowning. Namjoon cried out his name as he followed him moments later, hips stuttering as he twitched behind him.

They laid there for a time, both catching their breath and coming down from their highs. Jimin snuggling deep into the taller ones arms as Namjoon kissed at his neck softly every now and then.


All too soon, Namjoon's alarm breaks their bliss and they both groan. Jimin rolls over so he’s laying face down against the pillows. Namjoon kisses his back, between his shoulder blades, nuzzling his head against the skin there softly.

“Why don’t you just work from home here?” Namjoon still has a slight croak to his voice and it makes Jimin’s toes curl.

He stands up and sorts out the long forgotten condom and Jimin starts to feel the now dried semen on his stomach. He cringes slightly, his body crying out for a shower.

“No, I’ll go. I need to hear all about the big board meeting and the fancy schmancy director who’s going to blow everyone’s socks off.” He moves up to his knees and throws his arms around Namjoon's neck, pecking his lips once more.

“Fancy schmancy? You do realise you’re about to be the finance director…” he picks up Jimin, who squeals, giggling. He walks them through to his en suite.

“Temporarily. I’m still just part of the finance team.” Namjoon sets him down on the counter and Jimin swings his legs grinning.

“Don’t say ‘just.’ You’re an integral part.” He raises an eyebrow at him, kissing his nose.

Jimin nodded “yeah, I know.”

“But, does that mean I get to be the fancy schmancy director who seduced one of the finance team?” He switched on the shower and came back over to wrap Jimin in his arms again.

“No. It means you get to be the fancy schmancy director who’s dating one of the finance team.” Jimin looked up at him biting his lip with a hopeful look in his eye. It dropped the second he caught the pout on the elders face.

“I don’t even get the title of fancy schmancy boyfriend?” Namjoon stuck his bottom lip out.

“If you want the title of fancy schmancy anything it’s yours.” Jimin grinned, leaning his forehead against Namjoons.

“Let’s stick with boyfriend for now.” Namjoon grinned as he brought their lips together, picking him up once more.

Namjoon walked them into the shower and placed Jimin on his feet, turning him around so he could wash his hair, massaging his scalp as the suds fell down around them.

Jimin turns when Namjoon finishes up, taking his hands away from his hair and grabbing the shower gel, handing it to Jimin.

Jimin shakes his head and holds his hand out towards the shampoo. He motions for Namjoon to turn round.

“I’m too tall…” Namjoon starts.

“Then dip.” Jimin responds simply.

Namjoon looks at him bewildered for a second before dipping his head. “No one's washed my hair since I was a child.” He muses.

“Well I want to take care of you just as well as you take care of me.” Jimin massages his scalp and makes sure it’s all clean before leaning forward and kissing the crown of his head.

They both clean their bodies off, Jimin taking a moment after Namjoon’s stepped out to get the last bits of dried cum off of stomach.

Jimin looked at the shower confused for a long moment before finally figuring out how to switch it off. He thankfully only managed to change the temperature once by accident.

He moved to step out and Namjoon held a big fluffy towel stretched out in his hands which he wrapped Jimin in, rubbing his sides.

They giggled as they dried off, sharing kisses in between. Eventually they stepped out and Jimin looked around pausing.

“Joon, I… erm, don’t have any clothes. Well, I do, but I can’t really get away with a sweater.”

“You can borrow a shirt?” Namjoon walked over to his large wardrobe and flicked through it, Jimin came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his chest, hooking his head over his shoulder, standing on his tiptoes.

“This is the smallest one I have.” He pulled out a pale blue shirt that was still too long for Jimin. “Tuck it into your jeans. You’ll look smart casual?”

Jimin pursed his lips for a moment, thinking. Eventually he nodded and moved back, grabbing it and putting it on. Namjoon walks over to his chest of drawers and throws him a pair of boxers. “These are the smallest ones I have. You might need to leave some clothes here.” Namjoon shrugged and walked back to the wardrobe picking out his own shirt.

Jimin stared at his back, amazed by the casual discussion of a relationship milestone. He held in a squeak of happiness.


They walked into the office at just gone eight. Jimin couldn’t remember the last time he’d been here this early. Usually he gets in at half nine, maybe nine on a good day. Today was different though, he had a skip in his step as he walked into the elevator holding Namjoon’s hand.

“So, are we going to tell people…” Jimin looked up at Namjoon.

“I’m not hiding it, if that’s what you’re asking?” Namjoon looked at him, his bottom lip sticking out slightly.

“No, no! God no. I just, didn’t want to talk about it if you didn’t want me to. The second Tae gets in he is going to ask me a million different questions and he’s incapable of not telling Jungkook everything.” Jimin giggled.

Namjoon laughed as the lift landed on his floor, he leant over placing a soft kiss on his cheek. “Then answer away.” He winked and walked off to the doors of the office.


Namjoon walked to his desk with a bounce to his step as he settled into his chair, his computer still whirring slightly, on from last night. Some papers still littered the floor, which he picked up and sorted into their rightful place on his mess of a desk.

Yoongi sauntered in about half an hour later, handing Namjoon a coffee.

“Did you leave here at a sensible time last night?” Yoongi raises an eyebrow as he settles into his chair.

“No… Yes... Kind of.” Yoongi looked at him confused but was distracted as Jin came up behind them.

“I made you both overnight oats. Eat, I packed it full of goodness.” Yoongi makes a sound of confusion.

“If I’d had given it to you on the train you would have eaten the whole thing before our stop.” He handed them both their designated tubs with spoons he’d grabbed from the kitchen.

Yoongi was straight in to the food, eating it greedily.

“Thanks.” Namjoon smiled up at him.

Jin looked at him with his head tilted to the side, a slight pout to his plush lips. “Your voice sounds funny, are you okay?”

“Yeah.” Namjoon coughed, covering up his embarrassment. “It’ll pass.”

Jin nods and leans down whispering a good luck to Yoongi, pecking him on the forehead before their staff arrive and he has to go into professional mode.

Namjoon looks down as his phone beeps. A good luck message with a heart emoji sits staring up at him and he can’t help the smile that explodes across his features.

“I’ll see you in the room Joon.” Jin looks to Yoongi, crossing his fingers. “I’ll see you at some point.” Jin walks away, back to his section of the office.

Namjoon stands up fixing his tie and grabs all the three hundred and twenty papers he needs for today’s meeting. He groans as he flicks through them.

“I’ll text you when the slot before us starts so you can prepare.” Yoongi nods.

“I’ll figure out what that finance number is too, for the 15th slide,”

“You’re a star, Yoons.” Namjoon smiled but Yoongi could see it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“It’s going to be fine Joon.” Namjoon wanted to believe him, but the only person who could truly calm his nerves was sitting on the floor above.

It was silly, how quickly Namjoon came to rely on Jimin but he muses that maybe that’s just how it’s meant to be for the two of them.


Jimin sat on the floor above tapping his pen against his lip. He waved as Hobi went down to the board meeting, sending a quick good luck message to Namjoon. He was nervous, he knew Namjoon could handle it, but he just wanted everything to go perfectly for him.

Tae bounded into the office dead on half nine, holding two iced coffees in his hand. He passed one to Jimin as he sat down next to him.

“Thanks.” Jimin said in a sing song voice, taking a grateful sip,

Tae wheeled his chair in close and looked around, dipping his voice when he saw the admin girls at their desks.

Please tell me you ditched me in order to have mind blowing sex, because if you didn’t I am going to be so fucking pissed at you.”

“Maybe.” Jimin grinned at his best friend and winked.

Tae nearly jumped up from his seat in excitement as he spun closer to him, lowering his voice.

“Tell me everything. What position? Was he big? How many times did you come? Is this his shirt? Do you have a big deal director boyfriend now?”

“Side. Yes, very. Twice but on different occasions. Yes. And yes.” A soppy smile spread over his face at his last answer.

“Side. Nice, nice.” Tae nods in approval “sleepy morning sex?” Jimin nods.

“It was so…” he sighed dreamily as Tae giggles at him.

“And the other time?” Tae cocks his head to the side.


“You said you came twice on two separate occasions.” He held two fingers up, emphasising his point. “I said tell me everything, Jiminie.”

“Oh. That was more of a, head type, situation.” Jimin’s cheek flamed as he remembered Namjoon’s slightly gravelly voice this morning.

“Fuck! You’re so lucky, he has the best lips. The things I’d...” Tae spins in his chair, with his head tilted back.

“Tae, that’s my boyfriend.” Jimin looks at him, smiling with his eyebrows raised. One of the admin girls turns her head at the word boyfriend and they both smile politely at her, waiting for her to spin back around. As soon as she does they look back at each other.

“Jimin, Namjoon Kim is your boyfriend. Your boyfriend.” he whispered the word.

Jimin giggled at the statement, cheeks flushing red as he sucked on his coffee in order to not respond, it didn’t matter though. Tae was gone.

“Namjoon Kim. The Namjoon Kim” Tae shakes his head “the man who is going to be CEO of this place when Mr. Bang retires. The man who forced health and safety to rewrite an entire rule book because he thought someone might be hurt.” Jimin nods. ”The man who walks into a meeting with legal and doesn’t even break a sweat.” Jimin nods once more.

“The Namjoon Kim who walked into a room with Mr. Bang and threatened to leave if he made the job cuts he proposed to the board and saved all our asses from being jobless.” Jimin smiles, Namjoon had no idea how much he was revered outside of his little bubble.

“The Namjoon you’ve been too scared to speak to for months!” Tae splutters.

“Yes, that Namjoon.” Jimin cuts him off. “The funny thing is, he’s actually the softest cutest little thing when you get to know him. He gets the respect he deserves but he’s a lot less intimidating than some people would have you imagine.”

“His second in command is Yoongi, Jimin, Yoongi. I’m still terrified of him and I walked in on him making out with Jin in the stock cupboard.” They both burst out laughing at the memory of that day.

Once they calm, Jimin pipes up, “I hate to break that illusion too, but Joon told me he’s a complete softie.”

Tae throws his arms up in mock defeat, “is nothing as it seems in this world.”


They worked for about a couple of hours, stopping to chat about the latest celebrity rumour, or something they read in an online news article every now and then. Numbers and spreadsheets becoming boring after a while.

They hear a cough behind them and they both jump out of their skin. “Hi.” Yoongi waves as he eyes Jimin up.

Jimin feels himself flush from head to toe under the scrutiny. “Hi.” He squeaks and quickly closes the page in front of him with the huge flashy Kylie Jenner headline.

He hears a low chuckle emit from Yoongi’s direction and he panics. Hoping he hasn’t come off as some airhead bimbo before he’s even had a chance to impress his new boyfriends best friend.

“Can you give me this number for the presentation?” He places the print out of a slide in front of them. Jimin turns around quickly, flustered, going into the relevant part of the system. He finds it quickly scribbling it on the paper.

Yoongi thanks him before he starts to turn away “Kendall is my favourite, by the way.” Jimin spins in his chair looking up at him shocked “Jin, forces me to watch it.”

He walks away from the pair quickly. Jimin lets out the breath he’d been holding.

“Did you just get best friend approval?” Tae stared at him with wide open eyes. “Yes, you did, you just got best friend approval!” He jumps up and down in his seat grinning. Jimin blinks, confused, before his face transforms into the biggest smile he could manage.

“Does that mean Joon just needs to gain yours now?”

“He had it when he saved my job two years ago.” He sipped from his drink and winked.


A few hours later Jimin nervously walks up to the desks which house the architecture team. He had planned to wait for Joon at his desk, but as he approached and a few eyes fell to him in curiosity he chickened out turning around and coming face to face with Yoongi.

He raised an eyebrow at him “Hey kid.”

Jimin stuttered out a hello and felt the blush rising to his cheeks as more eyes fell to him.

Yoongi looked up at his team and cleared his throat, they all snapped their eyes back to what they were doing.

“Intimidation is a wonderful thing.” Yoongi smiled at him. Jimin noticed, for the first time, how cute it was, all gums and radiating happiness.

“Are you waiting for Joon?” Jimin nods “Come, sit.” He pointed at the seat next to his and Jimin took it gratefully.

“How did it go?” Jimin asked, worrying his lip.

“Better than expected, but I don’t know the final outcome.” He smiled softly turning back to his computer and unlocking it.

Jimin stared blankly at the desk in front of him, feeling the intrigued looks he was receiving every now and then on the back of his neck.

The door opened and suddenly everyone became distracted, snapping their heads up and walking over to the center of the room, surrounding Namjoon.

“First of all.” Namjoon says loudly out towards the group “I want to thank you all for your hard work.”

He looks pointedly at Jungkook, stood towards the back of the group, by the window “especially Jungkook who showed extreme tenacity and has proven himself to be one of the most valuable members of our team.”

Jungkook grinned and the others murmured in agreement.

“regardless of today’s outcome, I want you all to continue working with the same passion and vigour you have shown over these past few months.”

Jimin turned his head to find Yoongi completely enthralled as Namjoon speaks, smiling out across his team.

“But, for now. I want to bring you the good news that everything passed and we start work on this project immediately.”

They all cheered and patted each other on the back.

“The hard work starts tomorrow. For now, go home. Celebrate. Enjoy.” They all nodded moving back to their desks, no one making the move to leave.

Yoongi muttered behind him “that’s when you know they respect you, none of them will leave until they speak to Joon individually.”

Namjoon looked up and noticed Jimin, he smiled in such a way that Jimin knew him being there meant the entire world to him. He frowned just slightly at the end and held up five fingers, an apologetic look over his face.

Jimin nodded and smiled. He could wait five minutes.

“Jungkook.” Namjoon said as he walked past him “come with me.” Jungkook looked around confused for a moment before following along behind him, they disappeared into one of the smaller meeting rooms.

Jimin looked at Yoongi bewildered.

“Jungkook is about to find himself the owner of a permanent job.” Yoongi grinned and looked back towards his screen, typing away.

Jin walked up to them after a moment, waving at everyone around them “I take it everyone’s ecstatic?”

Yoongi nodded. “Hey I’m gonna leave you with Jimin for a sec. I wanna go check on Jungkook and Namjoon.” They smiled at him and he clasped Jin on the shoulder as he passed. A silent message of love.


Namjoon looked at Jungkook smiling as he stared at him in awe “you’re serious?” Namjoon nodded.

Yoongi knocked on the door, opening it within seconds, sitting down in the third and last seat available in the tiny room.

“You want me to manage my own team? Really? I’m so young.”

“Age has nothing to do with leadership Jungkook. You’ve proven yourself to be bright, talented, capable and on top of all that you were willing to go all out, helping us when it came to crunch time. Attitude and persistence like yours do not go unnoticed Jungkook. Anyone would be lucky to have you in their team or call you their manager.”

Yoongi nodded. “You’ll report directly into me. Namjoon will still be on hand for anything you may need. You’re ready for this Jungkook. And we’ll be here, every step of the way.”

Jungkook bit his lip and looked between them “I don’t… I don’t want things to change.”

“What?” Namjoon said with a slight laugh in his voice.

“I’m just starting to get into the group… You, Jin and Yoongi are so close… I don’t want… None of the other managers are part of it and I don’t want to be forced out.” He looked down and played with his pen, embarrassed.

“Jungkook Jeon. I promise you, you are part of our group now.”

Yoongi piped up “Jin would kill me if you weren’t. That man is now your biggest fanboy.”

Jungkook looks between the two of them, worrying his lip in nerves. “Then… I accept.”

They both grin. Namjoon reaches his hand out to shake which Jungkook takes gratefully.

They sit and talk for a few moments. Jungkook querying the normal things such as pay, hours, and support he’ll receive as and when he does start to recruit his team. Once they’re all happy with the agreed terms they slip into more of a casual chat.

“So...” Yoongi moves and puts his feet up on the table in front of him. “Jimin.”

Jungkook looks between the pair confused. Having not been included in any of their previous ’sandwich boy’ conversations. He looks excited though, pleased to be in on the ‘guy talk’.

“What about him?” Namjoon asks around a soppy smile.

“Well, you go from lunch time dates, to him waiting for you after the board meeting, overnight. Something happened and I want to know what.” Yoongi raised an eyebrow at his best friend.

“He may or may not have found me after you left last night.” Namjoon shrugged, grinning.

“You and Jimin?!” Jungkook squeaked and bounced excitedly.

Yoongi grins “I approve. Any one who can get you to leave this office at a sensible time is alright in my book.” Namjoon nods, he was completely unable to wipe the smile off his face.

“Was it good?” Yoongi raises his eyebrows and Namjoon darts his eyes to their younger member who was leaning forward, eager to know.

“The best.” Namjoon stands, silently calling the meeting to a close


They all step out of the meeting room and walk back to their desks. Yoongi points to the desk Jimin is currently sat at “you sit there now Jungkook.” His unspoken way of bringing him directly into the fold.

They both sat on a cluster of four desks, two on each side. The rest of their directorate lay out in front of them, sitting on clusters of six desks in more of a desk hopping situation. Yoongi and Namjoon being the only ones with set individual desks, now Jungkook joins them in that arrangement. They’ve always been adamant that people can sit in the desks next to theirs but no one ever did. Preferring to leave them their own space to work.

Jin grinned up at the younger boy jumping to his feet. “Come with me Kookie, we have paperwork to sign.” He wrapped an arm around his shoulder and walked him off in the direction of HR.

“Hey, you didn’t… have to… I’m pleased you did.” Namjoon smiles.

“I had to hear the outcome from the fancy schmancy director himself.” Jimin smiled sweetly.

“Finance director.” Namjoon winked.

“Temporary.” Namjoon rolled his eyes as someone called his name.

He looked at Jimin, about to apologise.

“Go, I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Text me when you’re free, I’ll pop down.” Jimin stood up from the chair.

He walked out quickly as Namjoon went over to thank the individuals for their hard work.


One, or maybe two hours later Namjoon flopped down into his chair sighing.

The whole office had gone home now, there was only the four of them left. Yoongi span in his chair chatting about the latest song he’d become obsessed with. Jin sat on his boyfriends desk, legs swaying as he picked up random papers and read over them, half listening to Yoongi. Jungkook fiddled around setting up his desk just right, putting personal effects all over it, a random figurine here and a small picture there.

Namjoon grabs his phone and texts Jimin to pop down whenever he’s ready.

“You did well today, the both of you should be proud.” Jin grins as he kicks off his shoes and moves his legs to rest on Yoongi’s lap. It forces him to stop spinning but he grabs at the foot and massages it as Jin tips his head back.

Jungkook hops up to sit on his desk and faces out amongst the four of them. “You really should be guys, this is going to be great.” It’s said with the enthusiasm that only a new worker can muster.

Jin leans over and fluffs his hair “why are you so cute and where can I find one of you for HR.” Jungkook giggles and pushes Jin’s hand away,

Jimin’s blonde hair pokes round the door and they all look up “Has everyone gone?”

They all look around in confusion, nodding. Jimin grins and disappears from view.

They all start to turn back to each other, hoping someone else has the answer, when Jimin reappears with Hobi and someone who looks like Taehyung. Based on the profile picture he saw previously.

Hobi carries two bottles of champagne and Taehyung carries seven glasses.

“Congratulations!” They shout in unison as they walk over.

Jungkook jumps off the table, bouncing over to Tae to help him carry everything.

“What the… where did you get champagne?” Yoongi looks at them in confusion.

“Finance rule. We always have at least two bottles on hand, it’s tradition.” Hobi says as he looks at Jimin pointedly.

“I promise to uphold it.” He holds his hands up, grinning.

Jin jumps up from where he’s sat, helping Hobi to open the bottles and start pouring.

Jimin walks over, about to jump up on Namjoon’s desk when his arms open wide in an obvious invitation. Jimin quickly changes direction and plonks himself directly into Namjoon’s lap, curling up and nuzzling his head into his neck. A pair of arms snake round him, holding him close.

“We have so much to celebrate.” Jin says, smiling fondly at the pair “I don’t know where to start the toast.”

He hands out the glasses and stands in front of the group. Tae and Jungkook were now sat together sharing his desk chair, squeezed together but both looking very happy with the arrangement. Hobi sat next to Namjoon, grinning over at Tae.

“Congratulations to Jungkook - our new permanent member of the architecture team.” Tae gasps and wraps his arms around Jungkook’s shoulder “congrats!” He cries.

“Congratulations to Hobi - finally taking that trip you always wanted, we’ll miss you, but I’m so excited to see you go.”

“Congratulations to Namjoon and Yoongi, both of you worked so hard. You deserve this.” Their eyes meet over the partition and they nod at one another.

“Congratulations to Namjoon for finally getting the courage to speak to sandwich boy.”

Jimin’s head whipped up to look at him “you called me sandwich boy?” He giggles.

“Technically they did, I just mostly called you an angel.” Jimin makes an odd sound in the back of his throat and he pecks his lips. “You’re so cute.” He mumbles against them.

Jin clears his throat to have the attention back on him. Namjoon and Jimin turn, flushing.

“And lastly…” he looks at Yoongi, raising an eyebrow.

“Go on.” Yoongi says, “I won’t stop you this time.”

Jin squeals “lastly, congratulations to Yoongi and I who have officially been approved for adoption.”

They all gasp and Namjoon cheers. Cries of congratulations fly across the room.

“You didn’t tell me!” Namjoon looks over at Yoongi. “I knew you applied, but, approval.” He grins.

“It’s been a long road and it only came in last week, I didn’t want to derail the project with baby talk.” Yoongi shrugged.

“I’m gonna spoil that baby rotten, you do know that, right?” Namjoon looked at Jin.

“Counting on it.” He grinned sitting back down on Yoongi’s desk with his feet in his lap once more.

“It’s still a long road, we need to wait for someone to pick us, but we’re on the list, and that’s the start.” Yoongi brought everyone back to reality.

“Someone will.” Jimin smiled, “I know it.”

They all stay late into the night, chatting and celebrating. Namjoon gets to know Taehyung, when he moves over to sit with them at Jimin’s insistence. He seems slightly intimidated by Namjoon for some reason, but in an endearing way.

They all agree to make it a weekly thing, and decide they should head to the bar around the corner, instead of waiting for the office to clear out. Hobi makes them promise to not forget about him while he’s gone, forcing them all to pinkie promise him individually as they giggle.


As they exit the building they all split apart, going their separate ways home. Jimin watches, giggling, as Taehyung loops back on himself, breaking into a sprint in the direction Jungkook just walked.

He turns to face his boyfriend.

“Do you want me to walk you to the train station or…?” Namjoon shrugs, leaving the sentence open for Jimin to fill in as he pleases.

Jimin moves forward and wraps his arms around Namjoon, shrugging. “My apartments so far away though and yours is…” he points in the general direction of his route home “... so much closer…”

Namjoon rests his forehead against Jimin’s, his dimples proudly on display, “it is, much more convenient.”

“So much more” Jimin mumbles in agreement “and it’s so late. Nearly ten.”

“So late.” Namjoon nods, bringing their lips together.

They break apart eventually, smiling at each other.

“So does that mean I have a place to stay?” Jimin asks, you can hear hope laced into his voice.

“Always.” Namjoon mutters as he brings their lips together once more.