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Family is What You Make It

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All Tony is aware of is pain. The pain of the cold seeping into his suit, the pain of his barely hanging on chest the pain of the enormity of what Steve had done.

But most of all the pain of spending decades blaming Howard for killing his mother. Decades of ignoring Howard's grave and even trying to get his mother's grave moved away from his. Howard hadn't been a particularly good parent, had berated Tony, bullied Tony, made him feel insignificant, and ignored him entirely, but Howard hadn't deserved that hadn't deserved Tony's hatred and nightmare filled curses upon his spirit for the accident.

Tony doesn't know how to feel about Barnes. Yes it was his hands that punched Howard and choked his mother but it was HYDRA controlling the action. As a ex-weapons maker Tony knows that responsibility falls on the person with the trigger.

He's sure he doesn't want to kill Barnes. If he had Barnes would be dead. After all his suits have missiles in them. He could have flown outside and blown the whole place to hell of he had wanted to.

So, he's not as mad at Barnes. Torture and mental manipulation are things that Tony has experience with. Things he knows and can empathize with. He isn't sure how far that understanding reaches. Maybe enough to get him some medical help in Denmark or Finland or some other country with decent healthcare. But Tony isn't sure about much farther than that.

The person he's most angry with is Rogers.

Rogers knew his parents were killed. Sure he claims to not have known it was Bucky, and Tony is willing to overlook the unlikeliness of that, but Rogers knew it was murder.

Tony is self-aware enough to know that had Rogers lied about who had done it that Tony would still be pissed. Maybe still deliver that punch. But after he's have been calmer. All Rogers had to do was tell him about it being murder, and this whole thing would have gone easier.

Tony's also pissed that Zemo’s fucking unnecessarily complicated plan worked as well as it did. Come on, the man's plan was the equivalent of a cartoon villain coming up with some stupid way to kill the hero involving balls triggering axes to cut ropes to move blocks, to trigger a mouse trap to snap the hero's head off.

Tony lays in his suit, the cold numbing the pain, cursing everything that led him to this point. He can see every manipulation he was put through, every tactic used against him. He wants to make them all pay. Pay for using him, for abusing his trust, and most of all for hurting him.

He can see it. He could have Wilson dishonorably discharged maybe even court marshalled. He could get bug boy in so much trouble with someone. He could take Barton’s family away Laura is probably already pissed a few pieces of information and she'd probably drop kick him off the planet, he would lock up Romanov, remove Maximoff’s powers, and then he would help Bucky and ruin Steve's reputation. He can see himself doing all of it, deep down he knows that Pepper and Rhodey would help him. He knows that in his bones.

But… That would put him on par with them. He'd be no better. Happier but no better, vindicated but no better. He won't destroy them. Not fully. Wilson never really made an effort to fully reach out. They were on okay terms before Ultron but after he stopped trying. And Tony doesn't even know who bug boy is. He'll leave those two alone completely. He'll get Laura and the kids to a safe house and give her information if she asks but he's willing to let her be the one to punish Barton. There's probably nothing he can do about Romanov, she signed and then betrayed the accords. He won't actively pursue her for trial but he won't stop others from doing it, or lending a hand if he's asked. He'll let America revoke Maximoff’s Visa if that's what they want.

The one he wants to hurt most is Rogers. He wants to destroy him. Rogers but he'll settle for exposing some of his checkered past and present.

He doesn't want to ruin them completely but he's been abandoned to die in a bunker in Siberia. He deserves to indulge in a little revenge and pettiness. The most important thing is that the public no longer treats them like infallable gods. Rogers will learn to be accountable for his deeds. Without Tony to guide him through it because Tony is done with coddling them like spoiled children. Hell Rogers is technically older than him anyway.

Tony is snapped out of his fantasy of Rogers having to return to those dancing monkey days in order to help fund his team without Tony by the sounds of several jets landing.

Hope surges in his chest at the idea of being rescued, but it quickly dies out when he realizes that there are too many sets of feet for it to be a rescue from his side or Roger's. Maybe it's the Russian police. Tony is here legally, so that's not a problem. They'll take him to a hospital and when he's good enough to go he'll head to the US.

That hope lasts about as long a heartbeat before Tony realizes that the Russian police wouldn't arrive by jet. Tony blames his stupidity on the fact that he's dying.

When his brain is done running through probabilities he's left praying to a god he doesn't believe in that the dying made his numbers wrong because the absolute last thing he needs is for HYDRA to find him.

There's only so much one guy can take in a couple of days.

“Well well I must say, the loss of the Winter Soldiers is a price worth paying to have the esteemed Merchant of Death in our possession,” a man says as he and his crew circle Tony in.

“Haven't y...y... you heard? I'm the merchant of cellphones now. If you want the n... next Starkphone so badly you can have one,” Tony says trying to keep his teeth from chattering.

“Don't worry. I give you about a week before you'll be our own personal Merchant of Death,” the head HYDRA goon says and Tony sighs. Of course they're probably going to torture him and Tony doubts that HYDRA is as stupid as a back alley terrorist group. He'll have a much harder time escaping.

“I'll never be that again,” Tony says and the goons laugh.

“You won't have a choice,” head honcho says reaching down to grab the leg of the suit. Tony laughs when he can't move it.

“This suit weighs more than any of you will ever be able to lift alone or together. Why do you think I haven't just walked off? I can't make it move. Also moving me is not a viable option. I'll die before you make out of the bunker if you worsen my injuries by moving me,” Tony babbles. He can't go with them. If they mind control him no one will be safe. He won't be responsible for any deaths. His fingers feel along inside his suit for the self destruct button, thankfully he had the foresight to have it one several forms of power for it, not just the reactor in the suit. He can save the world from himself and destroy a couple of HYDRA operatives in one shot.

Before his fingers can find the button a metal bulkhead bends and wraps itself around the HYDRA goon above his head and squeezing him until he's no longer able to move. Tony can also hear the sounds of the other goons being taken out by things or maybe people. Tony can't tell because he isn't able to see over the rise of his suit. He sees a metal box flying across the room and it smacks into someone.

There are more grunts of pain from Hydra and chuckles from whoever is doing this. More metal starts shooting across the room. Hitting people and trapping them.

Tony strains to look around and try to see who is doing all of this and suddenly there's a face above his and Tony groans. Of course he'd have to be found by Magneto of all people.

“I'm not helping you overthrow humanity,” Tony says closing his eyes.

“You owe me five bucks Kurt. I told you that'd be the first thing he’d say,” a relatively young voice says and there's a voice that curses in German.

“Don't you watch the news? I have turned over a new leaf. I have started working with Charles to get more legislation passed. It is a more long term solution,” Magneto says.

“I've been a little busy getting betrayed, trying to keep the world from falling apart, and nearly being killed,” Tony says which gets a laugh from Magneto.
“I'm going to peel away some of this metal. Make it easier for you to move and breathe. Johnny! I need you to come in here,” Magneto says and Tony sees a boy join his field of vision.

“I want you to start a fire. But away from him. We need to warm him up without sending his body into shock,” Magneto says and the kid makes a fire ball in his hand and Tony stares at it.

“Cool,” Tony says as the kid leaves his view.

“I need to know if anything is wrong,” Magneto says.

“Besides the obvious?” Tony asks.


“The suit is the only thing keeping my ribs in place. I have an artificial sternum in place. You might be able to keep it in place with the metal screws,” Tony says shyly. Hating that he's admitting a weakness to Magneto of all people.

“Okay, can I remove the leg and arm parts? I don't want that much weight on your body,” he asks and Tony nods. There's the sound of tearing metal and Tony sighs in relief as he feels like he's slowly starting to warm up from the kid... John'

“Should we make sure he's aware?” A voice with a heavy German accent asks.

“Alright then. What's your name?” Magneto asks peeling away metal.

“Anthony Edward Stark.”

“How old are you?”

“Google it,” Tony says.

“What is the name of your best friend?”

“Colonel James Rhodes,” Tony says.

“I'm convinced. Can we get out of here. It's really cold,” someone says.

“Alright Peter. Go to the ship and get it set up to transport him. Kurt can you teleport Anthony to the ship?”

“No. There are too many solid objects. I could get hurt,” Kurt says.

“Alright, P...and he's gone,” Magneto says and pulls off his helmet. After a minute two more people come in.

“Do you think that the two of you with my help can carry him?”

“You admitting that you need help? Have you been replaced by an LMD?” A gruff voice asks.

“If I lift him by the metal then his spine might be damaged unless supported,” Magneto says with a repressed sigh.

“I've got it. Wolverine might not be gentle enough,” a Russian accented voice says.

“Listen bub, I can be gentle. Can you? You're made if metal. That's not exactly soft and huggable,” the gruff voice says.

“Ladies you're both pretty. Now would one of you grow up,” Magneto drones and suddenly Tony feels himself being lifted.

“So, where are we going? You got a super secret lair or something?” Tony asks.

“A worse, school,” the German voice says.

“Oh...okay. I think I'll just pass out now,” Tony says and everything goes black.