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The Boys meet the Vocaloids

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A man is in his kitchen drinking his coffee while typing on his laptop.


“Master!” called out a little boy’s voice in alarm.


The man sighs as he walks toward the voice.


“Those twins better not break something again...” he muttered in frustration.


As he walks through the hallways, there are so many photos of him with the Vocaloids.


Len and Rin Kagemine runs towards the man both look very nervous.


“Master Hurry up!” said Rin fearfully.


“What’s the matter kids? I’m in a middle of writing your songs” said the Master in annoyance.


“Gumi needs help! Somebody broke in! Master!” said Len fearfully.


The master’s eyes widen and he runs faster as the twins led him.


“You should have told me sooner” he said as he pulls out his taser gun.


When they finally reach the room, the Master sees a pair of bruised handsome brothers tied up and scarves gagged their mouths and there's tuna fishes all over the floor... Gumi stands in front of them wearing nothing but her towel with crossed arms... Meiko is sitting on Dean’s chest while Luka rest her boot on Sam’s butt... all of 3 are smiling seductively yet sadistically.


Sam is blushing while Dean is somewhere between enjoying this and pissed off….


“Oh nevermind you can go back to work Master” said Len smiling dumbly which Rin slaps her brother’s head.


“What an idiot” said Rin.


“WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?” said the Master.


“You see, we hear Gumi screaming in her room when she just came out of the shower into it and then we see those guys run out her door and then---” Rin was interrupted by


“Master, Luka~, and everyone we’re home!” said a deep voice.


“I brought more ice cream and it’s your favorite Meiko~” said a cheerful voice.


Gakupo, Kaito, and Yuuma come inside with the grocery bags.


Kaito sees Meiko on Dean and he suddenly drops the bags he was holding, he begins to cry as he runs off.


“Kaito wait!” shouted Meiko chasing after him.


Dean looks to Sam awkwardly and Sam looks away trying not to focus on Luka's boot on his ass.


Gakupo’s face darkens…”Luka...who is that man?!”


Sam's eyes widen in fear and Dean looks at him with the same feeling as well.


Gakupo was about to pull out his sword when...there's a fire alarm and Miku runs out her bedroom door with smoke.


"MASTER WE HAVE A SITUATION!!!" said Miku fearfully and she looks at the brothers.


"Hey! YOU'RE THE MAN WHO STOLE MY POCKY STICKS!!!" said Miku angrily at Dean.