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It’d been yet another stress-filled day in Khura’in. Their backlog of cases seemed like it’d never end, Nahyuta insisted they power through and soon enough, the workload would subside soon enough. Meanwhile, Ema’s frustration had only been growing as her Snackoos stash diminished.

Carrying a stack of files, she trudged into the Regent’s office. He looked up from his work and smiled warmly at her, watching as she unceremoniously dropped her documents at the corner of his desk and plopped down in the chair across from him.

“Can I just be unprofessional and complain about how we hardly have time for each other these days?” she all but spat. His smile was quickly extinguished, a concerned frown replacing it.

“I feel it just as direly as you do, however it cannot be helped. I need to perform this victim’s last rites as soon as possible. Soon enough, I’ll personally make sure we can be together unperturbed.” His fingers gracefully curled into what Ema knew only as an ‘okay’ sign.

“It’s been three whole weeks since we had even a quickie. I know you don’t like the mess we leave when we go at it here, but it’s not like there’s ever any time to do it anywhere else,” she said completely ignoring the case at hand. All she could think about was sitting on his lap, and running her hands up his chest to wrap around his neck and...

“I understand your frustration, my dearest. Please believe me, I too long to hold you. There’s not a day that goes by that I do not wish had more hours so we could be intimate. But know that I will make the wait worth it, this I promise you,” he said with a not often seen lecherous glint in his eye.

“Yeah? And how are you planning on doing that?” Her left eyebrow rose.

“I will give you a full-body erotic massage,” he says that as both his hands contorted into his go-to meditative pose, serenely closing his eyes with the slightest hint of a smirk.

Ema involuntarily crossed her legs tightly, rubbing against herself. She had to contain herself from moaning just at the thought of it.

“How soon are we talking?” she uttered with barely enough composure.

“ another three to four weeks.” He went back to his ‘okay’ sign.

“And you expect me to wait that long— You do know I’m almost jumping you right now, right?”

“I never said I would not welcome it.” He leaned forward, placing his elbows on his desk, his eyes never leaving hers.

With that, she wordlessly stood up and swiftly made her way around his desk, he couldn’t just look at her, challenge her like that and expect her to sit still. She intended to straddle him on his chair, but by the time she made it around he was already up. Her arms flew around his neck, almost yanking his face down to hers. Their mouths almost crashed onto each other, their tongues meeting almost instantly. His own arms snaked around her waist, pulling her firmly against him as he lift her off the ground and leaned her back against his desk.

The table’s weathered look didn’t do its sturdiness justice, it had supported her weight time and time again as he took her on top of it. His lips never left hers as he gently moved the documents he’d been reviewing out of the way, while sliding his other hand up to thread his long fingers through her hair. Maybe today they’d leave less of a mess, but just feeling his hands on her like that, Ema just couldn’t bring herself to care.

As his body pressed hers into the edge of the desk, she ran her hands up and down his chest and abs, admiring how his sherwani cling tightly to his lithe body. Even months working under him (in more ways than one), she still caught herself staring, except now she got not only to touch, but to see his body free of the confines of clothing. That moment never came too soon.

When he ran his teeth against her lower lip, before moving to nip at her neck, an almost primal groan escaped her. His breath against her neck alone made her arch into him, sending a shiver right down her spine into her core as she pressed against his erection, it made her frustrated at their excess of clothing. Ema began undoing his coat buttons frantically and he backed away to gracefully let it slide off of his shoulders, she slid his red, snug fitting turtleneck up and above his head immediately after.

The sight of his smooth, bare torso never ceased to make her jaw drop. Her mouth and hands almost involuntarily closed their distance, tracing the lines of his sculpted abdomen as she planted kisses on his chest. She loved the vibration of his moans against her lips when she licked his nipples. Ema slid her hands down to his buckle, but he pushed her back, reaching for her shirt.

She helped him by undoing her tie, not wanting to wait a moment longer than needed. Nahyuta didn’t even bother sliding her shirt off, he simply freed her breasts by slipping her bra out of the way before leaning down and taking a nipple into his mouth.

“Ah…” she gasped, grinding against him as she unclasped her plain black bra, grateful for her decision to wear a front opening one that day. The way things had been going, she wasn’t expecting anyone to see her choice of undergarments. Her nipple hardened from his tongue’s attentions while he vigorously massaged her other breast.

Nahyuta pulled away to undo her belt and pull her pants and underwear off in one swift motion, she whimpered from the loss of contact. He was usually one to take his time and tease her into almost ripping her panties off, then ever so slowly pull them down and kiss his way back up her inner thigh. This time, however, he merely pushed her butt a little further into the desk, then sat down at the edge of his chair pulling her legs over his shoulders.

“There will be ample time to savor this and ensure you multiple orgasms in the near future, but right now I only want you ready for me,” he purred in that sultry voice of his, before unhesitantly planting a wet, open-mouthed kiss on her slit.

Ema arched back violently as she moaned louder than she could contain herself. An equally loud noise filled the room; she’d knocked something off the table. She looked over her shoulder in an attempt to identify her blunder. So much for not making a mess, but she’ll have to deal with that later.

“I’m sorry…” she stammered with a goofy smile, “I didn’t mean to—” which was replaced by a sharp inhale as Nahyuta flicked his tongue across her clit.

Her mind went blank, but as she was about to prop herself back onto her elbows, he pulled away and she whimpered in frustration. He stood back up and claimed her mouth again, not bothering to wipe it before. Ema didn’t care, she only desperately reached for his belt whilst kissing him and tasting herself, she wanted—no, needed—him inside her now.

He helped her with the buckle and she pulled his pants and underwear down only enough to free his throbbing erection. Ema leaned a bit back, pulling him with her as he wrapped her legs around his waist. Nahyuta gasped as the tip of his cock pressed against her entrance, he grabbed his shaft and rubbed it against her arousal. She shivered with need, her patience was wearing thin. She grabbed his hand and steadied it as she pressed against his tip.

They moaned in unison as he entered her, sharing a brief kiss before he started moving. His thrusts increased tempo fast, soon he was pounding into her as she clawed at his back. The creaking of the table only served to remind her that despite him also being her boyfriend, she was still being fucked by her boss on his desk. Any guard patrolling the area would know exactly what they were doing. Part of her wanted to keep her voice down, but the other just couldn’t bring itself to care.

He reached between them to thumb her clit between his thrusts and she grabbed at whatever happened to be within reach, which happened to be his braid. Ema tugged and it only seemed to make his thrusts more furious. She clung to him as felt her walls tighten around him, quieting down her moans until one final resounding one.

Nahyuta groaned along with her as he backed off a bit, clearly pleased with himself, allowing her to catch her breath, but she pulled him right back down to kiss him passionately. She wanted his climax to be just as amazing as the one he’d just given her, she began turning around, bending over the desk to offer herself to him.

“No. I want to see your beautiful face as I climax.” He stopped her, returning her to her original position. Seemed she wasn’t as good at anticipating his desires, but that didn’t make less determined. She kissed him again as he re-entered her.

As Nahyuta’s tempo picked back up, she held onto him with one hand at the back of his head, the other caressed his chest, paying special attention to his nipples. Ema made it a point to hold his gaze, not that she’d ever tire of staring into his blue-green orbs, their breaths almost in unison.

Soon his thrusts grew sluggish, but harder, until his final one came with a drawn-out groan. She felt the warmth of his seed filling her. Nahyuta pressed his forehead against hers as he regained his breath.

They share a few short kisses before he pulled out ever so slowly, but his release quickly trickled out of her onto the floor. So much for his wariness, Ema suppressed a chuckle, Nahyuta sighed.

“Wait here, I’ll have to go fetch a towel,” he said pulling his pants back up, somewhat annoyed.

“Bring a few.”

He shot her a quizzical glance.

“If you’re gonna make me wait that long 'til we get some quality time together, you better be prepared handle that,” she pointed to the small puddle on the floor, “again until then.”

Nahyuta sighed but smiled at her.

“I shall keep a towel chest here.”