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Heart Breaker ~ Their Journey From Hatred to Love

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“I wish I had never left you.”

“I wish I had never met you.”

“I was a fool to let you go.”

“I was a fool to fall for you.”


“All I wish is your forgiveness.”

“A liar like you should never be forgiven.”

“I hope to see you again.”

“I hope that we never cross paths.”

“I love you.”

“I hate you, from every drop of my blood, from every cell of my body, from every fiber of my being, for you are nothing but my HEARTBREAKER…”


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(A/N: Both these incidents here are taking place in a different setting, so please do not get confused.)


10:30pm , in a Posh Office in London.

The 25 years old man sighed as he had been flipping through his files. His back was aching as well as his muscles were sore sitting in his swivel chair for the last nine hours. Even the 10th cup of coffee could not eradicate his throbbing temples.

He was dead tired after attending meetings since morning and checking through the heap of files lying on his table. Stress was clearly painted on his face as there were several creases on his forehead. All he wanted to was lying down on his cozy king-sized bed and have a good seven hours sleep but that would just be a dream as he had to go through the papers and re-correct the ‘corrections’ made by his secretary.

“Indolent fools. Why do I even hire staff when I have do the work all by myself?” He grumbled, as he pointed out several errors in the tender that he was going through, creasing his forehead further. The young CEO was so annoyed with the presentation of work that the air-conditioner of the room could not help him cool down. Even with loosened tie and folded sleeves, he could feel both heat and anger radiating off his body.

Placing the file on the ‘corrected’ lot, he gently massaged his strained neck. As he picked up the next one, a tap at the door was heard. “Come in.” He said, massaging his temples with a scowl on his face.

“Why are you still here in the office while the rest have left?” The pink-haired man who entered asked.

“Because I am working. Lots of work has piled up which I am going to finish by tonight.” The man on the swivel chair deadpanned. “What brings you here for third consecutive day in my office? As far as my knowledge goes, should you not be with your boyfriend now?”

“I am worried about you. For the last few days you haven’t slept properly Jungkook. Just look at yourself, tousled hair, bags under the eyes, stubbles not shaved. What have you done to yourself?” The concerned man said, with his hand on his shoulder.

“Jimin, thank you for your concern but I can look after myself.”

“You can’t. Don’t you think there should be someone waiting for you at home, after a hectic day at work, whose warm smile can expel all the tiredness away from you, one who will lend you his shoulder to cry on, who will treasure you like the most precious gem, who will love you unconditionally for who you are?”

“Look Chim, after my several failed relationships, I don’t even want to attempt searching for one. I am fine without it.” Jungkook said strongly, reverting his gaze to the sickening sheet of paper in front of him.

“No you aren’t. Kook, your previous relationships ended in a failure because your past lovers were after your wealth. As long as you pampered them with expensive gifts, they continued to pretend to be in love with you but after your father’s death, when the company began to crumble, none of them stayed. All those promises of their so-called everlasting love were nothing but fake. ”

“What stirred an interest in you for my past love life, Park Jimin? Your boyfriend Yoongi doesn’t like you mingling with me.” Jungkook smirked, his hands were behind his head.

“We may have separated four years ago but don’t forget that we have been friends since middle school. Yoongi may not like me mingling with you but we both are in the same field of work and I do not let my professional life meddle with my personal life. Yoongi and I have known each other since we were kids, so I don’t think he would mind it.”

“Good for you. I am better off alone” Jungkook smirked.

“You can lie to the rest of the world, but you can never lie to me. I know deep down you still regret your mistake five years ago. You still miss him, right? Don’t you think it’s high time you should repent for your mistakes?”

“Chim, that was my past which I have left far behind. It would be better if you don’t dig up the past graves. It’s high time you leave otherwise your beloved beau would come down chasing me.”

Evoking a sigh, Jimin turned on his heels and walked up to the door. Twisting the door knob, he set one foot outside. “I know you still love him. Stop being a delusional fool and admit it, you pabo!” He said softly before taking his leave.


9:30pm, Somewhere in the heart of Seoul, in a Lavish Apartment.

“Kim Seongyoon stop running around the house and drink your milk!” A certain young man of 23 years was chasing his 5 years old son.

“No no no. Yooni doesn’t like milk. Yooni wants chocolates!” The kid blurted while hiding behind the settee.

The tired man thud down on the couch with his eyes closed. Seeing his father unresponsive, Seongyoon came out of his hiding place. Placing his little hands on his wide shoulders, he shook them.

“Appa?” No response.

“Appa?” He shook again. “Yooni is a bad boy. Pwease wake up.” He pouted. The unresponsive man finally opened his eyes and pulled his adorable kid into a hug.

“Yooni was scared?” He asked his little child, who nodded in response with his eyes wide.

“Yooni will listen to appa?” Seongyoon nodded.

“So drink your milk like a good boy now. And if you listen to appa, he will bring you chocolates tomorrow.”

On hearing this, the kid perked up. “Pwomise?”

“Promise sweetheart. Now finish your milk and go to sleep.” After the child finished the nutritious liquid in one big gulp, the brunette carried him upstairs in his room and tucked him in. He read him a fairy tale, he kissed him good night and slid out of his room quietly.

“Did Yoon fall asleep, Jin?” A red-haired man asked the man who went by the name Jin, who joined him in the couch downstairs,

“Yeah Hoseok hyung. Finally.” The man named Jin set his fashion magazine on the table. He gaze all of a sudden fell on a picture stand holding his picture with his son, when he was just few months old. A smile automatically formed on his lips.

“Seongyoon has grown up. I feel like a proud uncle. It seems like yesterday we brought him from the hospital.” Hoseok said, wiping his fake tears.

“I know hyung. He is also very bright like me.” He flashed his wide grin.

“And smart and handsome too, just like Jung-… I am sorry, I did not mean to reopen old wounds. Please forgive me Jin.” Hoseok apologized profusely.

“It’s alright hyung. It doesn’t bother me. Past is past. Time heals all wound though.” The younger man replied with a smile.

“Jin, if you don’t mind, may I ask you something?” The older between the two asked, slightly frightened.

“Yes of course hyung!”

“Jin, I think you should get settled.” Hoseok stated.

“What do you mean hyung? I am already one of the models of top fashion brands in the country as well as outside. Am I not settled?”

“I mean not financially. Don’t you think you need a partner who will love and cherish both you and Yoon? For the last five years you have been a single parent, managing your schedule, studies as well as your kid all by yourself. The one who will have you will be the most fortunate and blessed one in this world.”

Placing his hand reassuringly on Hoseok’s shoulder, he said, “Hyung, I have already told you before, I am fine all by myself. For the last five years, have you heard manager-nim or my son complaining? No. And I could manage all of them together because I have wonderful friends like you and Namjoon hyung. You looked after both me and Yoon, for which I will forever be indebted to you. As for a partner, I am fine without it. Five years or fifty years, I will never settle down with anyone. When I have friends like you, why should I ever think of settling down?”

“You aren’t getting my point Jin. What he did to was five years ago. You have every right to be happy. I truly want to see you happy with someone who deserves you. Yoon also needs a father. Don’t you feel heartbroken when you see your colleagues happy and contented with their significant other?” The concerned red-head ran his fingers through the younger’s hair.

“Hyung, Kim Seokjin is happy to have best of friends like you, so he doesn’t need anyone in his life. I have been looking after my son single-handedly. Do you think it is possible to believe in ‘love’ after what he did to me? I have no room for romantic feelings in my heart. In other ways, I am devoid of it. My only goal in life is to make the best out of whatever I have and provide Seongyoon with a good future. I want him to become virtuous unlike certain someone who doesn’t even value his dear ones.” Seokjin abruptly got up from the settee and marched towards his bedroom, leaving his friend bewildered.


(A/N: Imagine both these scenes taking place simultaneously just like in any drama but in a different setting. Bold letters
refers to Seokjin here.)

After having a hectic day, Jungkook finally was able to lie down on his cozy bed. Closing his eyes shut, he tried very hard to let sleep consume him but he felt like an insomniac. For the last one hour he had been staring blankly at the ceiling. After several tossing and turning, he just could not bring himself to sleep while on the other hand, someone else seemed to be facing the same problem.

The older of the two pulled out an old diary. Flipping through the pages, he finally found an old picture of a certain individual. Meanwhile Seokjin pulled out a crumpled picture from his drawer, which he straightened it with his hands.

Both of them stared at the pictures. Countless memories from the past swept across their minds as tears escaped from the corner of their eyes. Most of them were painful and regretful. They wished they never had to go through the turmoil.

Processing the words of his friend Jimin in his mind, Jungkook let out a shaky breath as realization struck him. The truth, which he had been running from, was finally revealed, as he had been living in a lie for all those years.

“You can lie to the rest of the world, but you can never lie to me. I know deep down you still regret your mistake five years ago. You still miss him, right? Don’t you think it’s high time you should repent for your mistakes?”

“I know you still love him. Stop being a delusional fool and admit it.”

On the other hand, bitter feelings filled the heart of Seokjin once again after reminiscing the painful memories of his past. He wished he could go back in time and fix everything, then he would have lived a normal life just like the others but on the other hand he was thankful as the Almighty had blessed him with an angel named Seungyoon, who became his reason to breathe, a reason to live, after the tumult he had gone through and was in the verge of giving up on his life.

They may appear to be joyous and cheerful in front of others but deep down, they both were suffering. Pain, anger, sorrow, regret and multitudes of other feelings. True happiness was missing in their lives. It was just like a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Wiping their tears, they finally came to a conclusion.

“I wish I had never left you.”

“I wish I had never met you.”

“I was a fool to let you go.”

“I was a fool to fall for you.”

“All I wish is your forgiveness.”

“A liar like you should never be forgiven.”

“I hope to see you again.”

“I hope that we never cross paths.”

“I love you.”

“I hate you, from every drop of my blood, from every cell of my body, from every fiber of my being, for you are nothing but my HEARTBREAKER…”


Hey guys, this is your author. If you are wondering who is Seongyoon, then he is the member of the band name Golden Child. His stage name is Y and is rumored to be Jungkook's lookalike.


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“It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?” Seokjin murmured in awe.  Jungkook and him were both sitting on the edge of the wooden platform with their feet dipped in water. They were watching the sunset at the lake.

The sun cast its golden rays upon the clouds that drifted across the sky, turning them into bright, reddish-orange. They watched with amazement the line where the heaven touched earth . Seokjin’s eyes were steadied on the horizon, witnessing the glowing collision. Like a pot of molten lava, the sun poured out its brilliant hot oranges and reds into the clouds. Silhouettes of birds flew across the tangerine sky.

Jungkook watched his face, aglow with the last orange rays of the sun before twilight beckoned the stars. He could not tear his gaze away from him his countenance.

Beautiful. ” Jungkook spoke in an undertone, not wanting the person next to him hear . What did he just say? Was it directed to the sunset or the fellow being beside him drinking in the phenomenon?

It was a lie. Everything was a lie. It was supposed to be a mere bet, right? To take his revenge on him? To make the nerdy boy suffer from humiliation, just like he did? Then why having Seokjin around, he felt calm, relaxed and so…complete? Either he didn’t know, or he did not want to confront the truth.

All his life he thought, that life was meant for partying hard and enjoying it to the fullest but it was Seokjin who taught him that one must find happiness in small things. He began to view life from a completely different perspective.

“Sunset symbolizes completion of a day’s work and of end of life’s journey. It also symbolizes the beauty and mystery of life itself.” Seokjin mused. Who knew that one could marvel over a daily natural phenomenon like sunset ?


“Hey look! A comet!” The younger pointed out at the comet that was traveling across the now evening sky, with his eyes wide. He quickly joined both his hands and mumbled something incoherent.

“What are you doing?” Jungkook asked him, puzzled by his actions.

“Praying. I wish we could be together, forever.” Seokjin replied, with his arms draped around Jungkook’s and his head resting against the crook of his neck.

‘Together, forever.’ Jungkook felt his heart skip a beat. Normally, he would just smirk and shove his hand away but he didn’t do either of the two. He would always make a mockery out of the younger’s words in front of his own friends, calling him a romantic fool or a hopeless romantic.

Yet, for the first time ever in his life, he felt himself being fooled by his own words

Placing his index finger beneath his chin, Jungkook brought his face closer to his. Their lips were just centimeters apart. He could easily hear the younger’s racing heartbeat. The distance narrowed between them with each passing moment, lips almost touching each other….


Jungkook was woken up from his catnap by a knock on his door. “Come in.” He instructed the person outside to enter.

 It was his secretary, Hyerin. She walked in, slowly and seductively, the heels of her 6 inches stilettos hitting against the marbled floor. Her legs were on display as she was wearing a black mini skirt, trying her best to entice her boss. Little did she know, that the young CEO had no interest in sluts like her.

“Sir, these are the files you asked for.” She handed him the files which she had been carrying.

“Alright, place them on the table and leave.” He spoke sternly. Even after 5 minutes of her arrival, she didn’t seem to budge. She was staring longingly at the pile of magazines on the centre table.

The boss whipped his head to her direction and realized the reason behind her reluctance to leave. The assemblage on the table comprised the latest edition of popular Korean fashion magazines for women.

“You want those magazines?” He asked, quirking his eyebrow. The secretary nodded timidly, gulping down the lump in her throat in nervousness. What stirred her interest was, there were several pictures of a new, hot and handsome model, whom she and her fellow female colleagues would fangirl over.

Jungkook had nothing to do with any of them as he has no particular interest in such magazines, particularly which were solely meant for women. Heck he is too busy to even spare a proper glance at the newspaper, the only article he reads was the stock market. He was about to throw them away but luckily they would be some use to someone, so without thinking twice, he gave them away to Hyerin, oblivious to the contents inside.

After she left, he stared at the sky outside. It was sunset. Jungkook watched with an unwavering gaze, as the fiery red orb of light slowly sank beneath the horizon and threads of light lingered in the sky.

The beauty of sunset only intensified Jungkook’s pain. Without Seokjin, nothing is beautiful. Without him, there is no meaning, no purpose of his life.

Just then, he was startled back to reality from his train of thoughts, when his phone rang.

“Yes mom?”

“Jungkook, come home right now. It’s urgent.”

“What urgency? I can’t just leave office unnecessarily.”

“Just come home. I don’t want to listen to any lame excuses of yours.” And she disconnected the call.

 Letting out a sigh, he grabbed his car keys and left his office. Within an hour and half, he reached his penthouse which was just 40 minutes away, all thanks to the traffic jam.

“Mom why did you….” Words appeared to be lost when he found his father’s friend and his daughter in the drawing room.

“Jungkook, Mr. Oh is asking for your hand in marriage to his daughter Chaeyoung. That’s why I called you here.” Mrs. Jeon said. He stared at his mother and the guests dumbfounded.

“Oh Jungkook, you have grown into a fine young man. Had your father been alive, he would been so proud of you.” Mr. Oh patted his back. “So you see, to strengthen our family relation, I ask for your hand in marriage to my daughter. Both of you would make an amazing couple.”The old man said proudly.

The puzzled young man changed his gaze from his mother, who had a small smile on her face, to the joyous Mr. Shin and then to the bashful girl, who was way too shy to look at him. Everybody was in anticipation for his answer, specifically a positive one.

Jungkook closed his eyes for a while and the very moment a familiar image appeared on his mind. Letting out a shaky breath, he opened his eyes and spoke, “Thank you uncle Oh for your offer. Chaeyoung-ssi is indeed a pretty young lady and any man would be lucky to have a wife like her, but….” All their smiles suddenly disappeared. “…I am extremely sorry. I cannot marry your daughter.”

Both the father and daughter stood up abruptly from their seats, astounded. “What do you mean that you can’t marry my daughter? What does she lack? Do you doubt that she won’t make a good wife?” The angry man hollered at him.

“Uncle, I never said, that your daughter lacks anything. She indeed is a fine young lady but, I love someone else. So I can’t marry your daughter. I am sorry.”

“Mr. Oh, I am sorry for my son’s misconduct. I will make sure he accepts the proposal. Just give him some time. He is exhausted right now and is not in the right state of mind.” Mrs. Jeon pleaded.

“Mom, please don’t beg. Uncle, with heartfelt apology, I reject this proposal.” Jungkook spoke, not meeting the eyes of the old man.

 Mr. Shin was fuming with anger. He clenched his fist and lashed out the poor old woman. “Is this the way you insult your guests Mrs. Jeon? When you knew that your son loves someone else then why did you offer the proposal in the first place? Is this the way you raised your son? Don’t forget that the huge empire which your husband had created, was on the verge of meltdown after his death and it was who me helped you rebuild it. Think of it as a favor to help you reestablish your firm. Without my aid, you would be probably begging in the streets.” The old man sneered.

“That’s enough Mr. Oh!! I refused the proposal, so you have no right to rebuke my mother! I apologize once again for the inconvenience caused by me. And as for your help, I have already repaid all the debts and for your kind information, our yearly turnover is ten times than yours. Anyways, thank you once again.” He bowed respectfully.

“We have had enough. Chaeyoung, let’s go.” The rankled father marched out the house. With a respectful 90⁰ bow, Jungkook apologized to the girl. “I am extremely sorry for rejecting the offer but I truly love someone else from the bottom of my heart.”

“It’s alright Jungkook-ssi. I didn’t want to be married off so early either. Good luck and hope you lead a happy life with your loved one.” She turned towards Mrs. Jeon and spoke, “Aunty, thank you for kind hospitality and I apologize in behalf of my father for his unkind words. I would take my leave now.”

 “What did you do Jungkook? Why did you decline the proposal? What’s with this drama of yours? Do you even know how worried I am because of health? Just look at yourself, you are home late almost everyday, skip meals, getting skinnier day by day. What have you done to yourself?” Mrs. Jeon queried when Chaeyoung left.

“Who would look after you in my absence? So I wanted you to get married. To be honest, I really liked that girl.”

“But you even liked Jin, didn’t you?” Jungkook asked, with glassy eyes and a ghost of a smile on his lips. His words left the mother flabbergasted.

“Jin? After so many years? You still remember him? I thought it was-”

“I love mom. I really do.” He wiped the tears that brimmed in his eyes.him

“I had told you five years ago. I truly liked the boy. He was your perfect match but you never listened to me and instead, lived a life of a committed hedonist. I had asked you to mend your ways but look what you did… You broke that angel’s heart. Do you even know what a grave mistake you made?” Mrs. Jeon berated her son, who was almost in tears.

He wanted him. He wanted to fall down at his feet and apologize to him for his sins, beg before him to take him back. But he didn’t know where he was.

“Yes mom, I know committed a sin and without earning his forgiveness, I can never feel guiltless. I can never be happy without him. Mom, I want him back. Please help me.” He implored to his mother who was carding his inky black strands.

This was the first time in two years he had a proper conversation with his mother. After his father’s death, he alone took over their company which was on the verge of crumpling down. With rival companies gawking at them and office staffs gossiping of his incompetency, he worked day in and day out, bringing back the company to its feet. During this while, he secluded himself from his mother. Day by day, he felt himself drifting apart from his only family. On the other hand, Mrs. Jeon engaged herself in small gatherings and the NGO’s she supported, though she missed her son immensely.

“Then what are you holding up for? Begin searching for him now! You have my full support. Make him realize how much you love him. It’s better late than never.” The elderly woman assured her son.

“But…” Jungkook suddenly fell crestfallen.

“What is it dear?”

“What if… what if he has already found someone?”

“Then you have to acknowledge it and move on in life, son. In case he finds happiness with somebody else, at that point you ought to be cheerful for him.”

 “Thank you. Thank you so much mom. No matter in whichever portion of the world he is in right now, I will inevitably find him out.”

 With renewed vigor and encouragement, he began his quest, hoping that he might still have a chance. He searched for him in almost every social media but to no avail. There were thousands of people with the name Kim Seokjin and some even bore striking resemblance with him. He wondered if he was still the same or not.

As if on cue, his prayer was heard. His phone rang. The caller ID displayed Jimin’s number.

“Hello Jimin?”

“Kook! I think…I think I s -saw him!”

“Saw whom?”

Jungkook was flabbergasted when he heard the name of a certain someone.


 Before Jimin could say anything further, the call got disconnected. He tried calling back several times but his phone went unreachable.

“What’s the matter Jungkook?” The concerned mother asked seeing the change of expression his face.

“Mom, I think my prayers have been answered.”

He dialed his long time caretaker’s number. “Hello? Is it Mr. Kang? Please get the mansion ready. We are returning.”



“All right guys, hurry up. The guests have already arrived. The show is about to begin” A budding fashion designer Lee Jaehwan instructed his models. The make-up artists and the hair stylists pulled up their socks and tried their best to finish their job before time.

It was a fashion jamboree organized by famous cosmetic brand The Face Shop in collaboration with famous clothing brand Kuho for young fashion designers to showcase their talent. Several renowned personalities like famous television and silver screen actors had been invited, apart from them, the guest of honor was the popular idol rapper Min Yoongi aka Agust D who would inaugurate the event.

“Guys, we will be on stage in 5 seconds.” The event managers instructed the designers and their models.

As decided, the commencement of the show began with Yoongi walking down the runway. The audience watched him with heart eyes. Among the audience, there was his boyfriend Jimin who was adoring him as if he was struck by cupid’s arrow.

After the inauguration, he took his seat beside Jimin. “You looked hot on stage.”Jimin teased him.

“And you looked so love struck.” Yoongi smirked, earning a blush from the younger.

“W-what did you say? You saw me?”

“Of course! I had my eyes set on you sweetheart.” The older removed some strands of his pink hair from his forehead but he quickly swatted his hand away.

“Not now. It’s a public place. One small move and you would be in the headlines of the newspaper tomorrow.” The flustered male reminded him. Being a public figure holds a lot of responsibilities as they are constantly under the watchful eyes of both fans and haters. Though the dating news of Agust D and Jimin was nothing new, yet they had to be cautious as a slightest display of affection in public can ruin their image.

One by one, models walked the runway, displaying the unique designs and latest collection of every designer. Every participant had their own set of models and show stoppers.

During the ongoing of the event, Jaehwan was freaking out, reason being, his show stopper all of a sudden fell ill and was send to the hospital. He tried to contact his other fellow models but most of them were either out of town or were busy. His chest was puffed up in anger and began to pull his hair in frustration. This event was a turning point in his career and he might be disqualified if he didn’t have a show stopper. No sane man on earth would let such an opportunity slip away from his hands.

“What the actual fuck? None of them are free?” Jaehwan was about to punch the wall hard when realization struck him.

“Why didn’t it occur in my mind before? If I ask him, I am sure he won’t back out. We have been friends for so long.” He fished out his cellphone from his pocket and dialed a particular number. After three rings, the concerned individual received the call.


“Jin, I need your help. I am in great trouble and only you can be my savior.” Jaehwan narrated his problem, to which the person on the other side listened attentively.

“So, you will help me by being my show stopper?”

Seokjin gazed at his ailing son. He was sleeping peacefully as his fever had subsided. He didn’t have the heart to participate in the show, leaving his debilitated child behind but he didn’t want to upset his long time companion who had always been there for him but Hoseok assured that Namjoon and himself would look after Seongyoon in his absence.

“Alright, I will be your show stopper .”

With a heavy heart, he replaced his hand with a gigantic bunny plush toy, planting a kiss on his forehead, he quietly slid out of the house.

It had been an hour already. Yoongi had to leave, being a celebrity, he had other important commitments, so pair left the auditorium and went to a 5 star diner nearby to have their dinner peacefully.


“Oh my goodness! Jin! You finally came?” The over excited designer engulfed his friend in a bear hug when he saw him backstage.

“Of course I had to. My friend was in trouble and I had to save your bacon, for the sake of your career.” Seokjin winked. “Anyways, please can it be done quickly? I have left my unwell son under Hoseok and Namjoon hyung’s care and if he wakes up, he will search for me and wreck havoc.”

Jaehwan gasped. “Oh no! You left Seongyoon just to save my career! Please forgive me. I wish I had known.” He profusely apologized.

“I said it’s alright. And if you want to apologize, then treat me and Yoon later on for saving your ass.” Seokjin giggled.

“Fine fine. I will. Your clothes are ready in the green room C. I will send the make-up and hair stylist noonas to you. You have just 10 minutes. Understood?”

“Roger.” With the rest of his fingers of his right hand bended and thumb over the knuckles, he extended his index and middle fingers and saluted his friend.

Within 10 minutes, the model got ready. Discarding his caring parent image, he switched to his professional mode and was prepared to rock the stage with his captivating looks and killer smile.

 All the while, the audience was bored to death, seeing the expressionless faces of the models and show stoppers. Some even yawned openly. The blaring music was the one which was keeping them awake otherwise they would have been off to their la-la land.

As soon as Jaehwan’s show stopper arrived on stage, all their languor vanished within moments. Their jaws were hung open to see an angel walking on the runway. Some even recognized him.

“Isn’t he the one who appeared on the Puma commercial on TV?”, “Yes he is the one. I even saw him on the Givenchy commercial and other leading clothing brands. My younger sister is head over heels for him.” “Gosh! He is so hot! I wish he was mine.” “Nope. He is mine!” “If he is so hot on stage, I wonder how hot he will be in bed.” “Yah! Stop saying perverted stuffs about my husband!” Gossips circulated among the spectators. They were all swooning over the “angel” on stage, who was stunning the crowd with his poise and beauty. He had a hint of smirk on his lips, as if mocking them.

Among the spectators, was the prominent idol turned actor named Kim Taehyung, who could not take his eyes off the show stopper.

“Wow! Beautiful! Why didn’t I see him before?” Were all he could utter. He felt his heart skip a few beats and words remained stuck in his vocal cords.

“I want this guy.” He whispered to his manager who was seated beside him.

Seokjin could feel his chest swell with pride. He wanted this. He wanted people to adore him, to appreciate him, to want him, and that’s what he was being loaded with. From a nobody, he grew up to become one of the leading models of the fashion industry. People only saw was the confident, optimistic and the beautiful Seokjin but what they could not see was his ugly past and the sacrifices he made to achieve this notability. Who would have thought that a destitute, orphan boy would become a super model one day?

The event was a success. All the participants were congratulated and awarded for their hard work. While the concluding speech by the CEO of Kuho was being delivered, several eyes were searching for the super model who was absent on the stage.

Seokjin was in the green room, taking off his make-up. A phone call caused him to surge outside towards the elevator. Seongyoon had woken up with fever and started to cry.


Taehyung wanted to talk to that nameless beauty who made his heart somersault in the first glance, so, when he made it to the green room, he saw a silhouette of a man racing towards the elevator.

“Hey! Wait please!” But the man seemed to be in a hurry as he had a worried look painted on his face.

“Well, never mind. Whoever you are, I will eventually find you.” A smirk played on his lips.

Seokjin sprinted towards the car that was awaiting him in the parking zone.

Jimin and Yoongi exited the restaurant and walked towards their car in the parking area. Yoongi had held the younger protectively. His hands were secured around his waist as Jimin was a bit tipsy.

“Yooooonngggiiii… Chuu are soooo chweeettt…” He slurred while talking.

“You pabo, I told you not to drink so much!” The rapper reprimanded him but he giggled in return.

As they were about to sit in their car, Jimin noticed someone sprinting towards a red car. He blinked his eyes several times, even rubbed his eyes to confirm what he was seeing.

“Seok….Seokjin?” His eyes went wide.

“What are you saying? You must be imagining things. This is why I tell you not to drink so much.”

“I think…. I think I saw him…”

“Who did you see?”


“Jimin, he might be someone else.”

“Nooo…. Look carefully.” The younger pointed his finger at the male who was sprinting towards his car in the parking area.

Yoongi peered his eyes to have a better look. Indeed, the man resembled his long-time junior in college.

“I am going to inform Jungkook. He needs to know.” Without much ado, Jimin dialed his friend’s number.

“Hello Jimin?”

“Kook, I think…. I think I saw him.”

“Saw whom?”



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Chapter Text

“Yoon baby, see this, your favorite Cooky plushie!” Hoseok held the stuffed toy before the crying child to appease him but to no avail.

“Yoon is a good boy, so he will listen to uncle Joonie. Yoonie will play with his favorite Iron man toy, isn’t it?” Namjoon was trying to pacify the crying boy but the figurine accidentally slipped from his hand, breaking it into two halves. Well, that did not placate the kid, but he began to cry louder, flailing his limbs, wrecking havoc in the house.

“Goddamn Joon, you and your destructive genes! Can’t you be a bit more careful? See what you did to Yoonie now.” Hoseok hollered at his husband, who was smiling sheepishly.

“Aww… baby, please don’t cry, uncle Joon will buy you more Iron man toys.” Namjoon assured, wiping his tears.

“I want appa.” Seongyoon hiccupped in between his cries, slapping his hand away.

“Baby, appa will return soon. Please stop crying.” The two males were getting impatient. It’s not that they found the child annoying. They loved him to pieces but he was suffering from fever and crying could worsen it. All they could do is silently pray for Seokjin to return.

“No no no… I want appa…” The child was now lying on the floor on his stomach, hysterically kicking the carpet and hitting the floor with his little palms. The couple could not cater to his whim as they did not know when his parent would return. They tried calling Seokjin several times but his number was unreachable.

Just then, to everybody’s relief, a sound of a car pulling in was heard. In no time, Seongyoon raced towards the window to peep outside, defying his two uncles’ pleadings.

“Sorry for the disturbance manager-nim and thank you for dropping me.” Seokjin bowed respectfully to his manager, who smiled calmly at him.

“It’s alright Seokjin. Seongyoon must be waiting for you. Good night.” And he drove off.

“Appa!” The boy cried out seeing his parent outside, who quickly glanced up to see that he that his kid was heaving himself up on the window sill, trying to find the shortest way to reach his appa.

“Baby go back! You will fall!” To his relief, he saw Hoseok pulling his son back.

When he unlocked the door and swung it open, he was enveloped by his little bundle of joy around his legs. He squatted down to the child’s level to hold him closer.

“Appa, where did you go? I mish you. I had a bad dream.” He sobbed. “You…you left me…” And he began to narrate his nightmare incoherently in between his sobs while Seokjin held him as close as possible, rubbing comforting circles on his back, shushing him. Very soon he heard faint snores from his little boy.

“Hyungs, I think Yoon has fallen asleep. We will talk tomorrow. Thank you for watching over him.” He whispered as to not wake his boy up while they replied with a smile. Weariness was clearly visible on their faces.

Judging by the situation, the couple too retired to their bedroom which was in the far end. They chose the room in the corner because they were very ‘noisy’.

Only for the sake of Seongyoon, Seokjin returned home as early as possible, despite the fact that the show organizers wanted to talk to all the participants. Besides being very honest with his profession, he also had a loving family, his only child, his little angel, without whom, his life had no meaning. Having his son in his arms was heaven for him. Raking his fingers through his child’s hair, Seokjin slowly fell into a deep slumber after a tiring day.


Taehyung took a deep breath and plunged into the turquoise waters of his swimming pool with a loud splash, situated in the backyard of his penthouse. After swimming for about half an hour, sharpening his freestyle and backstroke skills, he came out of the pool. Droplets of water dribbled down his sun-kissed skin.

Wearing a bathrobe and securing the strings tightly around his waist, he reclined on one of his beach benches, sipping on his lemonade.

“So, any news, Jihoon?” He asked the young boy named Park Jihoon, who happened to be his manager who had just arrived.

“Yes, Taehyung-ssi. This file contains the information related to Kim Seokjin.” He replied timidly.

“Very well. Let me have a look at it.” He took the file from his hands and began to read its contents. As he read, he pursed his lips, nodding his head in approval.


“So, Kim Seokjin is a model under the Career Shine agency. He passed out this year with flying colors. Seokjin even participated in a talent hunt where he stood first. Wow! Intrigued by his breathtaking features, various agencies tried to hire him, one of them being Career Shine. He first appeared in a chocolate commercial, followed by a non-alcoholic beverage commercial, when he was 19 years old. Judging by the number of commercials he gets featured in, he is quite a known face in the fashion industry, appearing in almost all fashion magazines.” He tossed the file back to his manager.

“Let’s give Seokjin the surprise which is awaiting him and I am sure that he would love it.”

“But,Taehyung-ssi, what about the inauguration of your restaurant today?”

“Cancel it for today. Say that I have some personal commitments to take care of.”

He walked back inside, with his manager tagging alone. Wearing his Gucci shirt and dress pants, that perfectly hugged his sculpted body and spraying his Gucci Guilty Pour Homme cologne, he set out, with a flirtatious smile plastered on his face. His Gucci sunglasses were hiding the mischievous glint in his hazel eyes.


“Jin! We’re leaving for college now. We will drop Yoon to school on our way. Don’t forget to lock the windows and doors properly before leaving.” Hoseok instructed the man at the breakfast table before leaving. The Namseok couple were both teachers, who taught physics and dance respectively.

The previous night was very laborious as the model had various photo shoots at different locations. Seokjin returned home after 2 at night. Being a model, who is the face of renowned products ain’t easy. Thankfully, his manager Seijin dropped him otherwise he would have reached later than the said time.

Setting aside his newspaper and washing the dirty dishes, Seokjin proceeded towards the kitchen to cook himself his routine low calorific lunch- a whole-wheat tuna sandwich, a bowl of salad and chicken stew and then went upstairs to take a bath. He came out in his bathrobe and wore a pair of skinny denim jeans, a white with deep blue striped t-shirt and a denim jacket on top. He dabbed some generous amount of sunscreen on his pale skin and lip balm on his rosy lips. He stared at his reflection in the mirror for a good two minutes. The Tommy Hilfiger apparel perfectly fitted his svelte body, displaying his slender waist and the curves of his buttocks, which every girl would die to have.

“You’re strong and beautiful. Don’t let anybody bring you down. What you are now is the best version of you.” He said to his own reflection and gazed at himself with confidence and determination when he was interrupted by the sound of his manager’s car pulling in, honking his car horn, ready to pick him up. Seokjin had always admired how punctual the older man was in spite of their 10 years age gap.

“Jin are you ready?” The manager shouted from his car.

“Yes, I will be down in a jiffy.” With that, he carried out Hoseok’s orders and headed down.

Seijin was not his personal manager. Along with Seokjin, he managed and prepared the schedule of three other fellow contemporaries of his, though Seijin preferred Seokjin. Despite being a famous model, never threw a single tantrum nor did anybody ever hear him saying a cross word or cussing. He did not allow himself to be lost in the world of glamour. He was so diligent that even the staffs and his fellow colleagues loved him.




That was the life of the model. Posing in front of the camera all day and giving his best shot. He didn’t mind the blinding flashes of the camera nor the lights radiating heat around him, as long as he was getting a handsome sum of money after every shoot and providing his son with a good life which he was entitled to.

Not everyone had the luck to become a famous model like Seokjin. Despite the fame and money, he felt an unending void in his heart. He would watch his fellow mates happy with their partners or be blushing furiously while talking about their significant others. He could not help but feel a tiny bit of jealousy, but when things went overboard, he chided himself, reminding him as to why he chose this path and his hatred towards the man named Jeon Jungkook grew bitter.

After the session, when Seokjin was having his lunch with his staff members, he was informed by a staff that the CEO wanted to see him immediately in his office. On being asked the reason, he said that he was unaware of it.


“Seokjin actually…” The CEO’s glum face suddenly turned into all smiles. “…you have been casted by Starfish entertainment to appear on one of their albums! You are recognized by an agency like Starfish, isn’t that great?” The older man exclaimed.

“Seokjin? Earth to Seokjin! Are you paying attention?” He snapped his fingers but to no avail. The younger man was daydreaming.

“Oh yes… Oh yeah... What did just happen?” He was snapped from his reverie when he felt his shoulder being jerked by the CEO.

The manager facepalmed. “I said that you have been selected by Starfish entertainment to appear on one of their music videos. Aren’t you excited?”

“What? Really? That’s a great new sir. But” The huge grin on Seokjin’s face gradually grew fainter.

“What happened, son? Are you not delighted on learning about it?”

“But how did that just happen? I mean, there are so many trainees and idols under the Starfish, why did they specifically assign me, who is just a model?”

“Remember the fashion event you participated in last week? Among the guests that night, some staffs of the said label happened to be present that night, whose interest you piqued. I got a call last evening from Mr. Moon Jae Bin, the casting director, who gave me this piece of information. Jin, this is a golden opportunity for you. You are the only one from the modeling section to receive this recognition and don’t ever underestimate yourself because I believe that you will do your best, after all, you are one of my best discoveries.” The older man patted Seokjin’s back.

“I will give my best sir and make you feel proud of me.”

“That’s like a good boy. Oh dear me, see I just forgot the deliver this information to you. Moon Jae Bin has asked you to meet him this evening. It’s high time you leave because it’s 2 pm now. You must not delay, what if they change their minds?”

“Alright, sir.” Seokjin noticed a hint of distress in the eyes of his boss but he brushed it off, thinking it might be due to the work stress.


Seokjin had been sitting outside the Moon Jae Bin’s office for the past one hour, with his hands on his knees. He glanced at his watch several times. It was already 3:30 yet there was no sign of the concerned individual. On top of that, he didn’t know anybody from there. He tried to ask the receptionist, but, instead of getting any sort of help, he got snapped at.

“Look, young man, you are not the first one with the hopes of becoming an idol, so just sit quietly and wait for the audition and DO NOT PESTER ME.” The middle-aged woman thought that Seokjin was an aspiring idol, oblivious of his true identity. The young man, politely apologized instead of creating a scene out there, as he always maintained a low profile in public.

The unfamiliar environment and the penetrating gazes of the people added to his discomfort. Seongyoon had been picked up from school by his hyungs, which brought him momentary relief. He spotted his favorite idols from afar, to whom he bowed, some bowed back, while some threw him a scornful smirk.

A few minutes later, to his relief, the casting director made his appearance.

“Kim Seokjin, right? It’s a pleasure to meet you. I must say that you have a lovely photogenic face. I still have the magazines where you have appeared in.” The man extended his hand for a shake, which the younger gladly took. From his look, he appeared to be a generous-looking man in his early thirties, or that’s what Seokjin had thought.

“Thank you sir, the pleasure is mine. I am truly honored to be noticed by a huge label like Starfish. Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity sir.”

“Hey, you need not be formal with me. Come in, we will have a talk in my office.” The kind man guided the model to his office. Twisting the key which he produced from his pocket, he swung the door open. He switched on the lights and the air-conditioner.

“Please have a seat Seokjin.” Seokjin took a seat opposite to the director. He was glancing around, taking in the vastness of the room. None of the office rooms in Career Shine had room as vast as this.

“Tea, coffee or anything else?”

“No sir, I am fine. This is my curriculum vitae.” He pushed forward the file which he had been holding.

“I don’t need it, but I need something else.” Jae Bin left his seat and sauntered towards the model, with calculated steps, leering at Seokjin which made him feel uncomfortable.

“W-what do you mean sir?” He stuttered and pulled his jacket closer to his neck.

Jae Bin hunched over the seated man with his hands resting on the armrest. “I mean, I have not casted you for nothing. What will I get in return for this favor, huh?” He lewdly ran his index finger along Seokjin’s jawline. The younger flinched at his touch and swatted his hand away. He pushed the man and abruptly got up.

“I am sorry but you have chosen the wrong person.” Seokjin turned around to leave but at the next moment, he found himself pinned against the wall.

“Where are you going, huh? Just look at you, you look so sexy when helpless. Tsk Tsk. Such a waste of youth, if I don’t get to taste that delicious skin which you have been hiding under the layers of your clothes.” Jae Bin chuckled sinisterly while Seokjin squirmed under his grasp. The older’s grapple was so strong that he could not even move an inch.

“No please...” He begged and pleaded but to no avail. He had heard many stories about casting couch and always ignored it, considering it to be just a myth, but never even in his wildest dreams, he imagined that he would be experiencing it. “Just compromise with me Seokjin. One night with me, and I promise you that I will make you a star.”


Jungkook frantically woke up, covered in cold sweat. He rubbed his eyes and found himself seated in his flight. Taking a glimpse of his left, he found his mother gazing at him, with worry clouded over her eyes.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, mom. I was a little…um…tensed.” He replied in a soft voice, actually lied. He did not want to narrate the horrid dream that he had.

“Oh, I see. We will be landing soon so you need not worry. You pulled three all-nighters in a row in your office, try to get some sleep.”

Wrapping up a month’s schedule in a week had exhausted the young CEO. Spending almost the entire week in his office made him feel like a zombie and when he returned home the previous night, his mother could not even recognize him.

He even tried calling two of his best friends- Jimin and Yoongi, for the last one week but neither of them received his call. Yoongi was on tour in the States and Jimin followed him, just like the rats followed Pied Piper in the very famous tale. He always went along to show his support, leaving all his work behind for Jungkook to complete.

Support, my ass. Yoongi must probably be fucking the life out of Jimin. Those two are always joined at the hip.

Seeing his miserable state, Mrs. Jeon wanted to cancel their flight but her son was adamant on leaving. Jungkook turned a deaf ear to all the begging and imploring of his mother, saying that if he traveled then it might worsen his health, they were now in a plane, which would be landing on Seoul, their very destination, in an hour.

Jin, I am coming, my love.


The poor and helpless model was writhing in pain, imploring the demon in disguise to stop, just then, the entryway flung open and everything happened in a flash. Seokjin was pulled behind someone while Jae Bin was lying on the floor, covering his bleeding nose.

“That’s enough Jae Bin. This isn’t the way a gentleman should be behaving. We have been hearing complaints against you but never paid attention to it. Collect your resignation letter from CEO’s office and do not ever show your face again.” A deep but soulful voice of Seokjin’s savior boomed throughout the room.

The said man turned around and gave him a reassuring smile. “Are you alright?” He asked the man, whose eyes went wide and was so flabbergasted that his voice seemed to be lost as if he had been bewitched.



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~ Previously~

The said man turned around and gave him a reassuring smile. "Are you alright?" He asked the man, whose eyes went wide and was so flabbergasted that his voice seemed to be lost as if he had been bewitched.

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"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to  Incheon  International Airport. Local time is 12:30 pm and the temperature is 28 C.

For your safety and comfort, please remain seated with your seatbelt fastened until the Captain turns off the Fasten Seat Belt sign. This will indicate that we have parked at the gate and that it is safe for you to move about.

Please check  around your seat for any personal belongings you may have brought on board with you and please use caution when opening the overhead bins, as heavy articles may have shifted around during the flight.

If you require deplaning assistance, please remain in your seat until all other passengers have deplaned. One of our crew members will then be pleased to assist you.

On behalf of British Airways and the entire crew, I'd like to thank you for joining us on this trip and we are looking forward to seeing you on board again in the near future. Have a nice stay in the Republic of Korea!"

"They must have arrived! C'mon hurry up otherwise we'll be late!" Jimin scuttled across the road towards the airport entrance while his driver was parking his car.

"Hurry up! Who are you waiting for?" Jimin almost shouted from a distance, not intending to grab attention.

"Your attention please, at local time 12:30 pm, flight number BT21S has safely arrived from London. The allocated gate 8D has been vacated to accommodate the new arrivals. Personnel is on standby."

Upon hearing the announcement, the pink-haired man hurried towards the assigned gate. Fifteen minutes later, a familiar mop of raven hair and a gentle looking middle-aged woman beside him caught his attention among the crowd.

"Ah finally! Welcome back, Kook." Jimin enveloped his longtime friend in a warm embrace. "But why do you look like a zombie dude?"

That's because of you, you fucking idiot!

"I am tired from this journey." Jungkook replied with weariness lacing his voice. There was a pulsing ache in every inch of his body.

"Of course you are. Oops! I forgot aunty." He broke the hug and bowed to Mrs. Jeon. "Welcome back aunty. Let me help you with the luggage." While the driver helped them with their belongings, which were not much, Jimin guided them through the crowd to his car at the parking zone.

After 2 hours, they finally pulled in at the entrance of a mansion which had been erected on a huge estate. The huge iron gates were opened by the watchman for them to enter. Seeing their own abode, evoked Jungkook as well as Mrs. Jeon with pure nostalgia. The manor, which Mr. Jeon had built, with his blood, sweat and tears, the one in which Jungkook had spend his childhood. He could clearly recall the moments when they lived together as a happy family, but, everything changed after that fateful incident, which was burnt into his memory.

While the rest were exchanging pleasantries with the caretaker and the attendants of the mansion, Jungkook headed straight upstairs to get some sleep as the throbbing of his temples had aggravated. The drive back home nauseated him, the reason being the traffic jam and the honking of the vehicles on the road.

It was around 4 pm that he woke up, fresh and revived. The monstrous headache had gone by then. Taking his car keys and other necessary belongings, he first peaked into his mother's room and saw her sleeping. He left a note on her nightstand, saying that he would be home by night.

At first, he decided to visit his office as he would be resuming his from the next day. Turning the steering wheel, he took a left turn and ended up in an upscale and fancy society, also called the economic hub of the city. Apart from his office, it was also the nerve of various other financial establishments of the city.

Jungkook tipped his head back and followed the line of the building that went all the way up to the slender ribbon of the sky. The Jeon Empires was a colossal tower with a sleek spire piercing the clouds.

As he was about to make his way through the ornate-copper framed revolving doors, he felt his heart skip a beat as if he sensed Seokjin's presence in the vicinity but when he turned around, his intuition proved to be futile. With a sigh, he walked inside.

I wish it was really him....


"Hey, are you alright?" The deep as ocean voiced man asked Seokjin again, who seemed to be in the dwam, but to no avail, so he snapped his fingers, causing the fazed young man to startled back to reality.

"K-Kim Taehyung!" He clasped his mouth with his hand which had hung wide open. Before him, was his favorite idol/actor, his inspiration, Kim Taehyung, whom he had venerated for long.

"Yes, I am." The said man replied with a calm smile gracing his handsome features. "Are you alright?"

"Y-yes... I... I am..T-thank you." Seokjin was mentally cursing himself for stuttering and making a fool out of himself. His breathing had become labored through his parted lips and his heart was racing in his chest.

Seokjin had seen Taehyung on TV always but for the first time ever in his life, he was viewing him live. Not live in a concert but right before his eyes, exchanging words with him, sharing the same space with him. He had always known him to be one of the most handsome actors in the industry, but in close-up, he was just....ethereal. Like a Prince Charming, Taehyung rescued the damsel in distress, who was none but him. And that oh so deep voice, added more oomph to his persona. Whose face did he see after waking up? The day was sure his lucky day.

"So, Seokjin-ssi, I, on behalf of our CEO, apologize for the inconvenience caused. Many of our trainees had complained against Moon Jae Bin for harassment but no action was taken against him because he had been working here for a very long time. Instead, their contracts were terminated as they tried to defame our employee, but, even then the complaints never stopped. So I devised a plan of catching him red-handed by discreetly implanting a microphone under his table. Unfortunately, you became his supposed target, but thankfully, we were able to curb his actions on time."

"So...I was just a scapegoat in your plan." Seokjin felt slightly heartbroken.

"Oh no Seokjin-ssi, you are absolutely wrong. We did not intend to scapegoat you. It was just an unfortunate situation. I really want you to appear in my comeback album."

"Y-your album!" Seokjin's eyes went wide as if they would pop out of their sockets any moment.

"Yes. I wanted to cast someone new in my M/V. Auditions were held but none of the contestants were appealing enough. Last week, we happened to be in the fashion show and on seeing you, we, meaning, Jae Bin and I eventually decided to assign you. When I went to the green room, you left in a hurry. Please Seokjin-ssi, it would be very grateful if you accept this offer. If you are worried about what you had experienced a while ago, then I am assuring that you would never have to face such inappropriate situation ever." Taehyung requested with puppy eyes.

Seokjin took time to mull over Taehyung's words and the various possibilities. The offer was indeed alluring as it would boost his modeling career. His first ever project with none other than Kim Taehyung himself. Thinking about his son, he could provide Seongyoon with a better upbringing and on top of that Taehyung had given him the assurance, so he found no reason to reject the offer.

"Alright Taehyung-ssi, I agree."

After signing the contract and having a small discussion with the CEO of Starfish, and the other producers, it was finally decided that they would begin with the shooting from the next day onwards.

"Words aren't enough how to express my gratitude Taehyung-ssi. I never expected to be spotted by you." Seokjin was still in awe of the man. He had known celebrities to very haughty and snobbish but Taehyung was far from being supercilious. Though he insisted on returning home all by himself, Taehyung would not take no for an answer. He was purely a true gentleman.

"Oh, that's fine. I am the one who is grateful and looking forward to work with you, who is so drop-dead gorgeous." Taehyung inched closer to him and spoke, causing the younger man to blush furiously. Seokjin quickly turned away and began to take deep breaths to allay his racing heart and hide his tomato-red face. He had received compliments before but this was way too sexy. During the process, his gaze landed on the tall tower of Jeon Empires three buildings away. He clenched his fist as memories which were deep down buried in the previous chapters of his life shuffled through his mind like black deck jack.

"Ehem...Seokjin-ssi, shall we leave now?" Taehyung's voice snapped him from his reverie.

"Oh yes...Sorry I had just spaced out..." Seokjin murmured.


Addressing all the employees and receiving seductive glances from most of the female workers, Jungkook left his office in the evening, and straightaway headed to the place where he had intended to visit the moment he landed in his nation.

He was now somewhere near the outskirts of the city which used to be the residence of lower middle-class people. A mile or two would bring him to the periphery of the neighboring town. The city had changed so much within the span of five years. He could clearly recall that the place used to be a residential zone. Jungkook was desperately searching for a particular small house with ferns and algae growing on the outer walls, where Seokjin lived but he could not. The area had turned into an industrial belt, with a few houses here and there, most probably of the factory workers and with a eutrophic lake behind, which once contained clear and drinking water. Thick black smoke evolving from the chimneys rose high up in the sky and disappeared into the clouds, poisoning the air

He asked a passerby with the hope of some news about Seokjin or his family. "Excuse me, a family used to live here, the Kims, a young boy with his uncle and aunt. Could you please tell me where are they now?"

"I am sorry but all the houses here were demolished four years ago, so I have no clue."

Feeling heartbroken, then he decided to go to his college and ask if he could gather any information about him, which again proved to be futile. He had left the college five years ago, so they had no record of Seokjin.

Crestfallen, Jungkook then called Jimin and began to narrate his misery.

"How could I just forget about it? Goodness, I am such an amnesic!"

"What's wrong dude?"

"Meet me at xxx auditorium right now!"

"But why?"

"That's where I had seen last, most probably."

A concatenation of curses came in as a reply from the other side of the line, causing Jimin to flinch and distance his cell phone from his ears.

"You fucking idiot! You are telling me now?" Jungkook growled, running his fingers through his hair in frustration. Jimin swore he could feel both heat and anger radiating from the other side, even though both of them were situated in different parts of the city presently.

"Sorry buddy, it just slipped from my mind."

"Sorry, my ass. Only if you could think of anything productive other than getting your fucking ass wrecked by Yoongi! Whatever. I am on my way and you better be there otherwise I would leave no stones unturned to strangulate you!"

He disconnected the call before his friend could reply.


"Last week there was an event, so we can ask for the participant list." Jimin stated as they were walking towards the office of the caretaker.

"What event?"

"A fashion event. Yoongi inaugurated it." Jimin replied with his hands clasped and heart eyes.

Jin? Fashion event? No way! Is Jimin kidding me?

"Um, excuse me, sir, can you please give the list of the participants of the event last Saturday night?"

"But why, may I know?"

"We...we are from an advertising agency and want to hire models, so it would be very appreciable if you help us by giving us the list." Jimin fabricated a lie.

Buying his words, the man handed him over the register. The both of them scanned through the record but nowhere the name 'Kim Seokjin' was present. Since he was a replacement, his name had not been registered.

With a sad smile, Jimin returned the record book. An angry Jungkook left the office with heavy strides, with the shorter man tagging along.

"Kook, please listen to me for once!"

"Not now! I am very pissed off at you." The taller man hollered at him while tramping down the hallway with heavy steps which echoed.

"Wait! Please listen to me. We have not checked the parking zone's CCTV footage. That's where Yoongi and I had seen him. Kook, please, let's check there for once."

"What if it this turns out to be in vain?"

"It won't. I can assure you."

"Fine, since you are insisting so much, I would give it a try, and if this turns out to be fruitless, then I would forget that I have a friend named Park Jimin."


"Excuse me can I please see the footage of last Saturday night of this parking area?" Jimin asked the operator.

"Sorry sir, but we are not allowed to give away any information unless it's for investigation purpose."

Jungkook knew that the man would not budge in as he kept on refusing, so he used his influence to take the lid off. The man complied with him as he bribed him with a handsome sum of money.

They watched the footage for about good one hour. Jungkook was on the verge of losing his patience. The little mochi could feel the dark aura emanating from him as if the tall man would bury him alive with his penetrating gaze. Just then, something grabbed their attention. A man was darting towards a red car. Recalling the events of that night, even though he was drunk, blurry images played on his mind like a reel. There was a red car which was parked and a silhouette man hastening towards the vehicle.

"Yes, there he is!" Jungkook followed the direction of Jimin's index finger and observed the scene carefully which was on replay. Indeed, the man in the footage did have broad shoulders like Seokjin, but his face? Even after zooming, less than one-third of his face was captured in the footage, and that too his side profile, which was not even a proper evidence to prove that the person was Seokjin. Were Jimin and Yoongi mistaken?

Jimin knew he was a dead meat as he could feel Jungkook throwing daggers at him. He wished Yoongi was here but that prick of his boyfriend disliked any sort of interference when he was in his oh so 'Genius Lab.'

The enraged young CEO stomped off to his car, leaving his friend behind to do the needful. He had had enough and needed a few drinks too soothe his frayed nerves. He didn't want to go to a bar as he had already informed his mother that he would be home at night. His bar cabinet was also empty, so he stopped by a supermarket to buy a few drinks.



"So Seokjin-ssi, what are your hobbies?" Taehyung asked the model sitting adjacent to him.

"I would prefer if you call me just Seokjin. I am just a petty model, so you can drop the formalities."

"If you insist... but I would like it too if you drop the formalities as well."

"No Taehyung-ssi, how could I just do it? You are an eminent personality."

"So what? I prefer to be candid with my co-workers as it helps me to understand them better, and, since we would be sharing the same screen space, I would like to know you better. Just call me Taehyung." Being convivial was just an excuse to know the young man sitting in the passenger seat, whose attention he garnered. Taehyung had come across a lot of people but none could be likeable enough. They either tried to flirt with him or get into his pants. Seokjin, on the other hand, was different. Initially, it was his face which attracted him but after interacting with him, he realized that the young man was too pure and innocent for this nasty world.

"Can I call you hyung instead?" The shy model asked.

"Um... alright then." The actor replied with a smile decorating his handsome face.

The both of them got along so well as if they had known each other years. Taehyung's vibrant and amiable personality broke Seokjin's shell of awkwardness. He never had the slightest clue that the serious looking actor would be so laid-back in reality. They talked all the way through the ride like friends. Seokjin would crack some of his lame jokes to uplift the atmosphere. As time went by, Seokjin got to understand Taehyung better. Was he always this cheerful? He wondered.

Seeing Seokjin longingly stare at the glass front of the supermarket, Taehyung abruptly halted the car. "Seokjin, do you need something?"

"Umm...hyung, I just needed to check something. It's alright. I can do that later on."

"No, it isn't. I am accompanying you and no refusing. Wear this face mask for your safety." Taehyung handed him a white mask which covered his face beneath the eyes and wore a black one himself. This was the first time he went out of his way to help someone, especially his co-star.

At the store, Seokjin was scrutinizing the toys section. He had promised his little son to buy him his favorite Iron Man figurine which his Joonie uncle had broken out of carelessness. Taehyung found it amusing that his soon-to-be co-worker had a fetish for toys.


He was completely absorbed in his thoughts when he realized his phone buzzed in his pocket. "Oops! Sorry, it's an important call so I will meet you outside." Taehyung excused himself and left his companion in the mart.


After filling his trolley with a carton of beer cans, few bottles of champagne and some snacks, Jungkook walked towards the cash counter. While crossing the drinks section, he had the same feeling which he experienced afternoon outside his office and this time, with a greater intensity, which got him all ecstatic. Whipping his head left and right, he tried to find Seokjin. No, this time he won't let him go, he was determined.

At the end of the toys section, he found a man reaching out for a toy on the top shelf. As the man's back was facing Jungkook, he was unable to see his face but, he did have broad shoulders.

I think I have found him.

With slow and calculated steps, he sauntered towards him. Nervousness was clearly detectable on his face. He could feel butterflies in his stomach. Swallowing the lump in his throat that had formed out of apprehension, he stretched out his quivering hands which landed on the man's shoulder softly.


Jungkook squeezed his eyes shut, afraid of the failure of his instincts, but when the concerned individual turned around to reveal his identity, the realization left Jungkook's mouth agape with incredulity.




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Chapter Text


Jungkook could feel his heart racing with presentiment, after all, his eyes were going to be blessed by the face of the person (or at least he had thought so) whom he had been searching all day long, the one whose thought never left his mind for the last five years.

Five years. For the last five years he had been living with the guilt of breaking the heart of an angel. He hoped that the object of his affection forgives him for the collateral damage that he had caused years ago, with the promise of repairing it with whatever it takes. Heck he would even take his very heart of his body and present it at his feet if he ever asked for it, so intense was the young chairman's determination.

Time appeared to have stopped. Jungkook could even feel the thrumming of his heart in his head with anxiety. His eyes had grown wide and his palms were sweating in fear. Five seconds, no five and a half seconds it exactly took for the man to turn around (Jungkook had actually counted) and reveal his ipseity. He had squeezed his eyes shut as to not panic in a mart full of people.




He took three deep breaths before opening his eyes, slowly, imitating the blooming of a flower.



The voice seemed very unfamiliar. On opening his eyes, Jungkook was greeted with a disappointing sight. The man whom he had taken for Seokjin was not him, to begin with instead, he was just a stranger. He felt as if his heart, which had swelled with happiness and anxiety, had deflated like a balloon.

"I'm sorry." Jungkook mumbled a quick apology and took his leave.

Maybe, his quest for his beloved caused him to imagine Seokjin everywhere around him. Maybe he was weighed down by both physical and mental exhaustion. Maybe it was due to the jet lag and needed to rest properly. It could have been either of the reasons. Or maybe he didn't know the reason at all.

With slow steps, he trudged towards his car parked outside. Tossing the contents of his hand in the backseat, he plopped down in the driver's seat and drove back home in a pensive mood.


"Finished buying your toy?" An amused Taehyung asked Seokjin when he saw him approaching towards his car, against which the older was leaning.

"No hyung." Seokjin pouted. "The figurine which I wanted was nowhere available. I have searched for it in every supermarket, they are now out of stock. I couldn't buy it for my s-" The younger was interrupted by the ringing of his cell phone in his pocket.

"Oh yes hyung, we are almost there." Seokjin disconnected the call after an extremely short conversation.

"So, ready to go?"

"We've almost reached. My home is just a block away from here."

"Oh, that's great! I'll walk you back."

"Are you sure about it?"

"Yes I am certain, Seokjin." Taehyung replied with determination. He chuckled mentally as he would be reliving this very famous scene of the lead actor walking his love interest home, which is shown in every romantic drama and had even performed it.

The streets of the city rested in silence as the starry black sky swept over it. Street lamps cast their sulfurous glow on the faded asphalt. Small, green trees swayed on the roadside as the strong breeze hit them. Even for a time like 8 o'clock, the road was surprisingly desolate.

The walk to home was as pleasing as the drive. Having their identities hidden, none of the passersby could recognize them. In no time, they arrived at the entrance of a 3-storey apartment complex. The watchman snored comfortably on his mahogany brown stool. Seokjin sighed at the sight and made an entrance into the premises.

The other residents of the building hardly lived there, so for Seokjin, living there was peaceful, where nebby neighbors would not poke their noses or meddle with his affairs.

"So Seokjin, it was very pleasing to meet and know you and I am eagerly looking forward to working with you. Have a good night." Taehyung said with a sweet and appealing smile on his face.

"No hyung. You have to come inside and have dinner with us tonight." The young model whined.

"I can't. I have to go now. My dinner has already been cooked."

"Please!!! Give me a chance to be hospitable." The younger was looking at him with unavoidable puppy eyes.

"But Seok-"

"At least come inside and have some refreshments. I am not letting you go just like that."

"Fine fine. Since you are insisting so much, I will come in, but won't be staying for long as my house is quite far from here."

"Yippee!" The young model was jumping in joy. For a moment he had forgotten that he was being observed by his guest who happened to be a notable personality. It was evident from Taehyung's mirth that he found Seokjin to be quite appealing.

So adorable!

"My family would be so surprised to see you."

"Now that you have mentioned it, I forgot to ask you about them."

"You'll eventually get to know them." The younger giggled.

Ding dong.

Seokjin pressed the calling bell switch twice. From the other side of the door, he heard some shuffling sound and footsteps hurrying towards the entryway.

"Coming!" Hoseok yelled from the other side. The younger chortled at the thought of Hoseok's unanticipated reaction on seeing none other than Kim Taehyung at their doorsteps.

When the door flung open, an inhuman shriek echoed throughout the four walls of the living room followed by a loud dramatic thud, frightening the living daylights out of Seokjin and his fellow companion.

"Hyung! Hobi hyung! What happened to you?" Seokjin rushed to help the swooned man.

"What did just happ-... Oh my goodness! Hobi? What happened to you?" Namjoon queried, who had left his work immediately on hearing the commotion in the living room. He carried his husband and gently placed him on one of the settees. On sprinkling water on his face, Hoseok regained his consciousness.

"Uh, what did just happen? Why am I here?" Hoseok spoke, scratching the back of his head in confusion. He cast a glance to his dongsaeng, who had just returned, "Jin-ah, when did you...." He clasped his hand over his mouth when he realized that their guest was standing just beside the younger.

"A-are you actually Kim Taehyung? Am I dreaming?" The fazed redhead clasped his hand over his mouth in complete astonishment.

The actor tugged a warm smile on his lips. "Yes, I go by the name Kim Taehyung. Please do not faint on me."

The evening turned out to quiet delightful despite the unexpected encounter. The actor marveled over the tidiness and the embellishments of the apartment.

'Seokjin has a good taste in art and furniture. He might have a good taste in men like m- Control yourself Tae.' He faked a cough to dismiss his lewd thoughts about his costar to be.

Hoseok was still nonplused as he continued to gawk at Taehyung who was getting along quite well with his better half.

"Who would've thought that you would be working with none other than Kim Taehyung himself?" He muttered to Seokjin who was seated adjacent to him. "He seems to be interested in you." The older chuckled.

"Shh... It's not like that hyung. Stop speculating." The younger shushed him down.

"Oh sweetie, stop being so naïve and look for yourself. Just look at him stealing glances. Had I been in your place, I would have pounced on him by now."

The redhead's little confession earned him a glare from his dongsaeng. Indeed, he was known to overreact over trivial matters. Seeing the little commotion, Taehyung darted a glance towards the younger.


"Um... nothing. Lemme grab some refreshments for you." Having said that, the younger raced towards the kitchen before their guest could utter a word of protest. While the rest were busy conversing with each other, a pair of footsteps waddled towards the living room. Taehyung lifted his gaze and the sight turned him into all smiles with eyes crinkling into tiny crescents of the moon. A little boy of around 5 was clad in blue PJs with bunny prints all over, holding a rabbit plush toy was staring at him with eyes wide while tilting his little head to a side.

"I think I have seen you, mishter..." The little child asked, confusedly.

"Yoon baby, remember the video appa and I were watching last Sunday and you said that you want to sing like Kim Taehyung?" Namjoon tried to remind the kid of the M/V they were watching where he tried to sing the verses which sounded pretty good. Seong-Yoon nodded his head fervently in response as he recollected the incident.

"He is Kim Taehyung, baby." Utterly bewildered, Seongyoon's lips remained agape like a fish when taken out of water and eyes went wide as if they would pop out of their sockets any moment.

Seeing the overloaded cuteness in one single package, Taehyung motioned his hand and beckoned the child to come closer, with Namjoon encouraging the boy to mingle with their guest.

Namjoon excused himself for while to check up on his husband, leaving Seong-Yoon with Taehyung in the drawing room. The clinking sounds of the cutlery could be heard from the kitchen. The actor ruffled the child's hair and sat him on his lap.

"So, what's your name baby?"

"Kim Seong-Yoon!" He chirped. He was old enough to pronounce his name correctly.

A while later, the couple returned and was cooing at the sight of their special guest playing with the kid. Indeed, he was very fond of children. Who would've thought that a public figure like him would be so amicable in reality and they would get the golden opportunity for his hospitality? Taehyung must have said or done something as the entire room erupted with fits of laughter of the child.

"Yoon must be having fun, isn't it baby?" Hoseok said as he took a seat opposite to the man with the child on his lap.

"Yes!! Uncle Tae Tae is very handsome!!!" Seong-Yoon exclaimed raising his hands high up in the air and spreading them apart to describe the handsomeness of the star. Their guest was amused by the adorable nickname given by his cute little fan.

"Baby, come here, you must be disturbing him."

"Oh no Namjoon-ssi, he isn't disturbing me at all. It's been very long since I have played with kids. I must say that your son is extremely lovable."

Both the male got startled for a moment. Their son? He was mistaken by Seongyoon's surname. Indeed they loved and had raised Seong-Yoon like their own child but he definitely was not their biological son.

"I think you are mistaken Taehyung-ssi, we do love Seong-Yoon but he is not our son." Hoseok informed, causing Namjoon to facepalm.

"Sorry?" Taehyung asked confusedly.

"Appa!" Seong-Yoon got off Taehyung's lap and ran towards the male who was approaching the drawing room, whose hands were occupied by a large tray full of snacks and drinks, enveloping his parent around his legs.

"Baby carefully! The tray will fall."

"Yoonie is sowie." Flashing his endearing bunny smile and scratching the back of his head, he apologized.

As the scene unfolded before him, Taehyung was left discomposed. He was completely flabbergasted and taken aback when the truth unraveled.

No way!

"Seokjin has a child?" Taehyung exclaimed, just loud enough for the couple to hear only.

"Yes, that's what we were going to inform you. Seong-Yoon isn't ours but Jin's child." Namjoon replied with a sigh.

Taehyung glanced again at them. Anybody from afar would definitely have cooed at the adorableness of the parent and his child but he certainly was not amused, either captivated. On taking a closer look at Seongyoon, he did find his features similar to someone but he could not recall whom.

"Appa where is my Iron Man?"

"I am sorry baby, Iron Man toy is not available in any of the stores." Seokjin replied, crestfallen as he had promised to buy his son his desired plaything.

"Then what about his partner?" Taehyung asked, his eyes not leaving the gleeful sight, which of course was distressing to him.

"Just don't even talk about that bastard!" Hoseok grumbled. "He is the one responsible for my Jinnie's ruination. He impregnated my baby brother and left him. If I ever find that scum, I would just-" The redhead was interrupted by his better half's firm hand on his. He eyed him as he was about to reveal everything to their guest who also happened to be their brother's soon to be co-worker. How were they supposed to trust someone whom they had just met? (A/N: Seokjin is not their biological brother but they love and cherish him a lot, so I would refer him to as their brother. I hope you'll don't mind.)

"Jin-ah, why are you making Taehyung-ssi wait?"

"Oops! Sorry, Namjoon hyung! There you go." The youngest of all placed the tray on the center table. He handed everyone a plate full of snacks and espresso coffee except for Taehyung as he knew he didn't like espresso, so he handed him his signature drink, Rosy Latte.

Taehyung's head was full of thoughts. The delicacies before him were indeed mouthwatering but he lost his appetite at the sudden revelation of truth. What had he actually thought? What was the couple hiding from him?

Disconsolate, he spoke in an undertone, "Is Seong-Yoon your-"

"Oh, you met my son already? He is the soul of this house, isn't it baby?" Seokjin cuddled his son sending him to fit of laughter. He was never ashamed of his son as he was both his strength and lifeline. All his coworkers in Career Shine knew about him having a son but not about his biological father.

Taehyung glanced at the other three men who were engaged in a conversation and then shifted his gaze to Seong-Yoon who was seated on his parent's lap. The information which he was apprised of was too much for his brain to process. The overloaded information was making his head spin.

"I think I should take my leave." The actor abruptly got up from his seat.

"But hyung-"

"It's a pleasure to meet such a wonderful family. Thank you very much for your kindness. If I have caused any inconvenience, then I would like to apologize." He bowed to the family.

"No, not at all. It's an honor to serve a superstar like you." Namjoon responded with a warm smile.

As he was progressing towards the door for his exit, Hosoeok murmured in Seokjin's ears, "At least escort him to his car."

"Oh yes!" He shoved Seongyoon to Hoseok and hurriedly followed him to usher him to his vehicle parked down.

"Good night." He raised his car's window and twisted the key. As the car roared to life, he pressed his foot on the gas pedal and set off. Seokjin bid him farewell and went back to his house.


An hour later, Taehyung was in reposing in his bedroom in his penthouse. It was indeed a tiring day but the unforeseen encounters rendered him spent mentally. Never, in his wildest dreams, he had imagined that his object of interest would have a child. So the information provided to him was fake?

His mind was in a complete haywire. He wanted to get close to Seokjin but luck played a nasty game with him, once again.

"Why me? Why is it always me? Why am I the one who always suffers at the end?" He screamed in frustration as he thought he had lost his only chance. Pinching the bridge of his nose, a thought all of a sudden crossed his mind.

"What was that redhead saying about Seongyoon's father before being interrupted by his husband?"

He recalled the words that were exchanged between them that evening before Namjoon interrupted him.

"He is the one responsible for my Jinnie's ruination. He impregnated my baby brother and left him. If I ever find that scum, I would just-"

The thought and thought. The more he thought, the clearer the picture got.

"So Seongyoon's father left Seokjin and he doesn't even know who his father is. I just need to know who this man is, so I could get rid of him before he becomes an obstruction in my path."

Taehyung dialed his manager Park Jihoon's number and informed him what he exactly needed to do. Though the young man, who was of Seokjin's age, was his manager, he was more like his personal sleuth.

"Is it clear to you, what you have been assigned to do?"

"Yes, Taehyung-ssi."

"That's good." He disconnected the call.

"Once I get to know this man, I will bribe him and convince him to forget about Jim, after all, money can buy everything, isn't it?" Taehyung evoked a victorious laughter.

As the oblivious young man was sleeping soundly, the two men, on the other hand, were drinking, of course for different reasons. While one was celebrating his probable victory, the other was drowning himself in guilt and self-pity.


The day was progressing at its slowest possible speed. Afternoon rolled in very slowly. After attending a meeting with his client, Jungkook was very hungry. He grew bored of eating in the office cafeteria, so he decided to try out the new café a block ahead.

Situating himself by the window, he began to sip on his drink which he had ordered along with fried rice. His order was delivered to him shortly. On taking a spoonful of mouthwatering fried rice in his mouth, his thoughts were drifted to Seokjin. The delicious taste reminded him of his cooking. It's been a week already, yet there was no sign of him. At times, he had even thought of giving up and leading his life the way he had been doing so for the last five years but it was his mother who had encouraged him.

"No matter what happens my son, never give up. Even Paulo Coelho once said, when you really desire something from the heart and soul, all the universe conspires you to achieve it."

With these words of encouragement, his determination and desire grew bigger. Better late than never. No matter how much time it would take, even if the world falls apart, he would find him.

As his mind was immersed in thoughts, he took a casual glance at the roadside causing him to look out of the window again. A child was sitting on a bench near the school gate, who looked quite upset as he wore a pout on his face. On reading the name of the school, he was hit by some sense of familiarity.

"Silver Springs Elementary School? I think I have heard the name somewhere." He scratched his head with his index, thinking hard trying to recollect something.

"Got it! Ji Eun noona works in this school! I wonder if she is still working here." And it was at that moment he decided to pay her a visit.

As he crossed the road and walked through the school gate into the premises, he found the little boy still on the bench with an adorable pout and hands on his jaws, longingly staring at the gate. The last student just left with his parent. The older man could not resist the cuteness and sat beside him, mimicking his posture.

The child glanced at him and shifted his gaze back to the iron gates of the school.

"Hey kiddo, are you upset?"


"Had a bad day?"

"My appa told me not to talk to strangers." The child finally turned around to let the older have a proper look. Jungkook could feel his heart melting by the sweetness of his voice and the noticeable similarities in their appearance. Anybody from afar could have easily taken them for a father and son.

"Ooohh... Your appa has taught you well. My name is Jeon Jungkook. See, now we are not strangers anymore." He extended his hand. "What's your name kiddo?"

"Jungkook! Here!" The said man turned around to the source of the sweet female voice that reached his ears.

"Noona!" He exclaimed in delight and took her into his embrace. Ji Eun was his cousin who worked as a teacher in that elementary school and has a son who was as old as Seongyoon.

"Oh my goodness! I can't believe that you are standing right before me. I had thought you would never return from London. What made you change your mind?" Words rolled out of mouth breathlessly.

"It's a long story. I would tell you sometime. How have you been? How are hyung and my little Jaeseok?" (A/N: Hyung here refers to her husband).

"MinJae is working in Dubai and Jaeseok is slightly unwell today, so he is at home. Mom is looking after him. If you can come tomorrow, then you might meet him as well. Oh my, I just forgot. Let's go inside, it's too sunny out here." She shielded her eyes with her hands.

Ji Eun ushered him in and lead him one of the empty classrooms. "Oops, I forgot." She turned around and called out for Seongyoon, "Baby don't stay out in the sun. Come inside." Upon hearing hi teacher's request, he waddled across the premises, following them.

Seong-Yoon sat on one of the chairs and pulled out a drawing book and crayons while the two adults were engaged in a conversation.

"Such an adorable and well-mannered kid! His parents have raised him so well." Jungkook said as he was looking at the boy who was drawing something. Probably completing his homework.

"Oh yes he is a real sweetheart and the brightest in my class, but-"

"But what?"

"His parent, I mean he is a single parent. He is always busy, so he sends someone to pick up from school. Since the person is always late in receiving him so he stays back and waits here." Ji Eun sighed.

"That's so sad. I wonder who his parent is." He took a quick glance at the child who was still drawing.

"Oh just leave that. I have something important to ask. Did he even contact you?"

Jungkook sighed and nodded his head in refusal. "He didn't noona. He doesn't want to be in touch with any one of us."

"It's been so long. I really wish he comes round. How long is he going to hold on to his grudge?"

"I wish the same, but-" They were interrupted by the honking of a car outside, upon hearing it Seong-Yoon hurriedly packed his bag and dashed towards the door.

"Bye bye ma'am!"

"Bye Seongyoon. Return home safely."

Seong-Yoon, what an adorable name like him!

Jungkook peeked from the door and saw a man older than him open the car door for Seongyoon to let in. The ball of fluff turned around and waved him goodbye. Jungkook continued to watch until the car went far away from his sight. Even though they just met around half an hour ago, he felt a strange inclination towards him.

He glanced at his clock and then realization struck him. "Oh shoot! I gotta leave now. I have a meeting in 10 minutes!"

"Well then. I am so elated to see after so many years. Do come tomorrow if you can." Ji Eun requested.

"Of course I will, to see Jaeseok and Seongyoon as well." He smiled ear to ear thinking about the kid.


Chapter Text




A/N: Picture above ain't mine. Credit goes to rightful owners.

Somewhere far away from Seoul, in an outdoor shooting location

"Lights. Camera. And Action!"

"Seokjin, what are you doing? Why aren't you paying attention?" The angry director Lee yelled, causing the young model to flinch.

"I am sorry sir. This will not happen again." Seokjin apologized with his head hung low. It was his solo shoot, yet he messed it up by becoming mentally remote.

"You know what, to hell with your sorry. This is the third time you have spaced out. You goddamn idiot! What am I to do with you? Just get the hell out of here right now!" The director slumped down on his chair and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Damn it! I don't feel like shooting anymore." The other crew members tried to pacify the seething director.

Upon hearing the commotion, Taehyung came out of his green room and noticed that the director was scolding his staff for no reason. He grabbed a folding chair and chair beside a sulking Seokjin. "Hey, what's wrong? Why is Lee yelling at everyone? And why that long face?" He asked. Despite being a pro in the field of his work, director Lee was also known for his bad temper and ill mannerism in the industry, so no one dared to mess with him. He had no control over his mouth and yelled at anyone, be it a crew member or any actor, irrespective of their occupation.

"Hyung, I am sorry. It was my fault. I was the one spacing out when it was time for my shot. It's been a week since we've come here, yet I could not talk to my son. This is the first time I have been this far away from Yoon. Even the network here is hardly stable. I miss him so much. It's because of me director Lee won't shoot anymore." Taehyung swore he noticed tears pooling in the younger's eyes.

As the shooting location was far away from the city, a pension was rented by Starfish Entertainment for everyone to stay. This was done on purpose so that the filming was to be finished on time.

"Relax. Just two days more then we'll be returning. Understood?" Taehyung patted his back as an assurance. "Hey, I am going to talk to Lee, so we can resume shooting, alright? Get a touch-up. I'll be back soon." The younger nodded his head without meeting the older's eyes.

Sitting on the empty chair beside Lee, who was massaging his temples, Taehyung asked, "What's the matter with you? Why are you yelling at everyone?"

"Taehyung, whom on earth did you cast in your album? There were thousands of other talented artists who you could have considered. He's nothing but a pretty face and a fuckable body with zero acting skills. I can guarantee that if I pick up anyone from the roadside, he would give a better performance." He scoffed. "Oh, don't mind my words though but I am seriously considering to replace that idiot."

What the fuck did he say? How dare this stupid ass director insult his Seokjin? With a narrow and piercing gaze, he watched how the man ogling the model who was sitting far away. He felt as if he would puke any moment. Anger seethed through Taehyung's veins. This bastard needs to be taught a lesson and make him pay for each and every word he uttered against him.

When he saw that everyone was busy, he took this golden opportunity to ask him. "Mr. Lee, I think you are just exhausted. Mind if we have a cup of coffee in private, in my green room? It would help you to calm down as well."

The director, unaware of the actor's intentions, agreed to his proposal and ordered one of the crew to bring them coffee to the said room.


Meanwhile, Seokjin who had just got his touch up done and was waiting for Taehyung and Lee, to arrive, got startled by the ringing of his cellphone, as the signal was weak, he could hardly call anyone, so getting a call after so many days was surprising enough. Upon checking the caller ID, he frowned.

"Unknown number? Who is it now? I better receive before the signal disappears." He mumbled.

He pressed the device against his ear and spoke, "Hello?"


"Oh my goodness! Yoon! How are you, baby? And from whose number did you call me?"…


As the staff left, Taehyung closed the door. Lee was sipping on the warm liquid, unaware of the younger's ulterior motives. "What is it you wanted to talk about Taehyung-ah?"

"Don't you think it time you regret what you said about Seokjin?" Taehyung's penetrating gaze was fixated on the man, which made him feel uncomfortable.

"W-what are you talking about?" Lee stuttered.

"Recall what you said a few minutes ago." The actor spoke in a monotone.

"Oh about Seokjin? I see. I was thinking of talking to the CEO and replacing him because he is good for nothing."

"And who do you think you are to replace him?" Taehyung shouted, causing the man to wince.

"How dare you Kim Taehyung? Do you know who am I? Don't forget who made you a star. I was the one who directed your first movie, which earned you accolades."

"Of course I know. You're a fucking cheater!"

"Kim Taehyung, I swear I will sue you!"

"Oh really? Then should I send this video to Mrs. Lee? I am sure both your children and Mrs. Lee would like to know where their father and husband stays away from home frequently." Taehyung fished out his phone and played a video of Lee fucking a woman in a nightclub.

The older man felt as if his soul had left his body. The secret which he has been keeping for years was finally disclosed.

"Lee Seung Woo was just a struggling assistant of a famous film producer. As he had no money, he deceived his daughter by making her believe that he's head over heels for her despite having a lover and married her for the large sum of money that she would be inheriting from her father and boom! He won the jackpot. He's now the heir of the company." Taehyung clapped his hands thrice out of sarcasm. "Mind-blowing Mr. Lee!"

"How do you know these about me?" Lee hollered, grabbing Taehyung's collar and jerking him violently.

"Oh calm down Mr. Lee, calm down. You wouldn't achieve anything through the use of violence, rather it would affect you adversely." The raging man left him and threw a punch on the wall. "Well, it's a top secret, you know. Anyways, the woman featured in this amazing video must be your lover, amirite?" He didn't reply. "I knew it that I was correct." Taehyung threw a nasty and devilish smirk.

"What do you want?" Lee spoke, gnashing his teeth. His grapple on Taehyung's phone was so tight that it would break into several pieces.

"The deal is fair. You are neither going to scold nor raise your voice even by slightest on Seokjin, let alone thinking about replacing him, and you will keep a safe distance from him, got it? Don't even try to destroy the evidence as I have several copies of this video."

Lee evoked a sigh of relief. The deal was simple, right? Thank goodness he did not ask for anything extreme. He shouldn't further mess with this man and just comply with him.

"W-what, is the assurance that you won't vouchsafe this secret to my wife?"

The younger smirked again, " Mr. Lee, the clip has been with me for over two months, so you shouldn't worry about it. I am a man of my words. Anyways, let's get back to shooting. Everybody must be waiting for us." Taehyung twisted the doorknob and unlocked it with a ‘click'. Before heading out, he heard the director asking him something.

"Who is Seokjin to you?"

Without turning back, he replied, "He is my obsession."

Four months ago, in a nightclub, Taehyung had seen Lee walking towards a private room, along with a woman. The grumpy director was all smiles, which amused Taehyung to the greatest extent. At first, he didn't pay much attention to it as the extra-marital affair was quite common in the world of showbiz, but as time passed by, whenever he visited that club, he would find Lee with that one particular woman. So he followed them one night and found them engaged in the act of fornication. On scrutinizing, he found out that the woman is his lover. He felt the necessity to inform Mrs. Lee about her husband's infidelity as she was one of the shareholders of Starfish, but no, he decided to make a good use of the evidence. So he fixed a hidden camera in the private room and recorded their session.


Silver Springs Elementary School, Class 2-A

"Last week, I had asked you'll to learn 9's table. Who can recite?" The maths teacher Ms. Hwang was taking her class. When no one raised their hand, she picked up one student.

"Jinwoo can you try?"

"I forgot to know ma'am."

"How can you be so forgetful? Who can recite?" As she was scanning the class to see if anyone would volunteer, her gaze fell upon Jaeseok, who was reading a comic book hidden inside his desk.


On hearing his name, the boy immediately stood up. "Yes, ma'am?"

"Recite the 9's table allowed."

The nervous boy fidgeted his fingers and began to narrate.

"Um… Nine ones are nine. Nine twos are…uh…" He scratched the back of his head with his index, pretending to recollect.

Ms Hwang sighed. "Leave it. If you have not learnt it, then own up, instead of pretending. Better pay attention to what is being taught in class and give me that book that you were reading."

"Ma'am please, please don't take…"

"I said give it to me."

The boy reluctantly gave his comic to the fuming teacher. "Is there anyone who has learnt the table?"

Seongyoon raised his hand "Ma'am, I have."

"Yes please try."

"Nine ones are nine. Nine twos are eighteen… Nine tens are ninety."

"Excellent! Jaeseok, I think I should complain about it to your mother for being inattentive. Why don't you learn something from Seongyoon?"

Seongyoon Seongyoon Seongyoon! What's with the goody two shoes, that every teacher, even his mother is fond of him?

By now Jaeseok was seething with anger. Even though he was very small, his pride was hurt and he would not let the matter slide so easily, so he thought of taking revenge on Seongyoon. Sounds funny, isn't it?

As the teacher was writing on the board, Jaeseok took out his wooden box from his bag with small holes on top. He opened the box and eyes at the content in it, which was a black stag beetle which he caught a few days ago.

"Jaeseok, what are you going to do with this beetle?" His seatmate whispered.

"Just wait and watch."He let out a small giggle, confusing his friend further.

Jaeseok took the beetle in his hand and aimed it at Seongyoon, who successfully dodged the attack, by bending down to pick up the fallen pencil and someone else fell a prey to his stratagem. In the attempt, he had taken a note of his classmate's turpitude.

"Oh no! The beetle got stuck on teacher's hair! What to do?" Jaeseok's seatmate whispered. The culprit was panicking as he might be expelled.

"Don't look in her direction."

Ms Hwang, unaware of the little conspiracy, ran her fingers through her silky strands. That's when realization struck her hard. The beetle sat on her hand innocently. She let out an inhuman scream, causing a ruckus not only in the class but in the entire hallway also. The teacher fervently shook her hand to shoo away the awful looking bug, which fell on the teacher's table and began to crawl. Staffs gathered with fire extinguishers to see if a fire had broken out.

"What's wrong? What happened miss?" One of the staffs asked.

"There is a huge bug on the table! Please…please throw it away! I am very scared of bugs!" She said a fear reflected in her tone. She was so frightened that she stood up on the chair.

"Relax miss it's just a stag beetle. Please get down. You're scaring the children."

"Whatever. Just take horrid that thing away!"

Carrying the beetle on a spade, the staff threw the insect in the school garden. Upon hearing the commotion, the principal came running.

"What-what's wrong? I heard a scream. Are the kids alright Ms Hwang?" The principal asked.

"Sir, someone threw a loathsome stag beetle on me!" Ms Hwang complained.

"What? Who dared to bring an insect in class? Own up right now!"

"We don't know sir." One of the students spoke.

"What do you mean by you don't know? I am sure some of you must have seen. Stag beetles don't fly, so there's no chance of it to come flying and settling itself on Ms Hwang. Someone must have brought it to class. Own up otherwise I am going to suspend the class for a month." The principal warned.

Several eyes were on the culprit, asking him to admit his mistake but he didn't seem to budge. They were all scared to stand against the class bully. Just then, Seongyoon, mustering all his courage, stood up.

"Sir, it was Jaeseok who did it."

And hell broke loose. Jaeseok was immediately taken to the principal's office. Ji Eun, who was also summoned, had her head hung low in shame as the school's head continued to penalize the both of them.

"We aren't done yet. Wait till you reach home."Ji Eun gave a fair warning to her son before heading to the teacher's room.

Consumed by rage, the little kid marched towards the vacant ground as all the students had left. He was determined to teach that midget a lesson. Luckily, he found him sitting on a bench under the tree.

"Yah you, come here." Seongyoon turned around to see the bully of the class beckoning him to come closer. Without a second thought, he went.

"What is it?"

"You complained to the teacher against me. Now pay for it and never try to go against me!" Jaeseok pushed him hard on the ground, resulting in Seongyoon having a scraped knee and elbow. Leaving the crying child alone on the playground, the offender ran inside.

Tens minute later, a black Bentley stopped outside the school. Jungkook had been regularly visiting the school to see both his cousin and nephew as well the kid that captivated his heart with his sweet smile and dulcet voice.

Jungkook walked through the gates and the first thing he noticed was the crying child. Without temporizing further, he immediately rushed to the injured child. Picking him up, he advanced to the nearest tap and washed the blood as well as his face. Then he took him to the infirmary. As none of the nurses was around, he opened the drawers and pulled out the first aid kit.

"Baby, how did you get hurt?" Jungkook asked. "Did someone hurt you?" He tried to placate the child by ruffling his hair but he didn't stop. He was shuddering in fear. Jungkook never asked him anything further. He pulled the kid closer to his chest and began to rub soothing circles on his back.

"There there, it's alright. Seongyoon is a strong boy, nae? See, I have bandaged your boo boo. So don't cry anymore. Okay?" He rocked the 5 years old in his arms and very soon he quieted down. Jungkook didn't mind getting his white shirt dirty by the blood or the tear stains, as long as the child was comfortable in his arms.

Other than Seokjin or his uncles, for the first time, Seongyoon felt safe in a stranger's arms. Even though he had known Jungkook for only a week, he had become quite fond of him. He even addressed him as "Koo Koo uncle" as he couldn't pronounce his name properly and Jungkook's heart would flutter with the overloaded cuteness. Even though he has encountered a lot of kids, nobody was able to enthral him like Seongyoon. To Jungkook, he was cuteness personified.

With utmost care, he rose from his seat and walked out of the infirmary. Seongyoon had stopped crying. Only faint sobs could be heard. The older stopped by the room where he knew his cousin would be. With a light push, he opened the door and saw a frustrated Ji Eun scolding her son. Jaeseok, on the other hand, seemed as if he was about to cry.

"Noona, why are you scolding Jae so much? What did he do?" He set Seongyoon down, who immediately cowered behind Jungkook on seeing the bully.

"Don't even ask. I am so fed up with him. Being a teacher myself, I couldn't even discipline my own son." She huffed in annoyance and narrated the incident which took place in class. Jungkook emanated a hearty laughter, clutching his belly.

"Noona, if children aren’t mischievous, then do you expect us adults to be so? He is just a kid. Don't scold him too much."

"But not in class. You know how humiliating it was to be penalized by the principal?" Her gaze travelled to the boy crouching behind her brother's legs. "What happened to Seongyoon?"

"I exactly don't know. When I arrived, he was injured already. I even tried asking him how he received these injuries but won't just admit it." Jungkook sighed.

"Let me try." Ji Eun squatted down to his level. "Seongyoon, tell me how did you get hurt?" He fervently shook his head. "Tell me, please. Did you fall while playing or someone pushed you?" And at that moment, Jaeseok gasped and both the adults heard him. Whipping their head in his direction, he found Jaeseok trembling.

"I didn't do anything eomma. I didn't push Seongyoon."

"Park Jaeseok! So it was you. Is this what I have taught you? You will be punished for this." Ji Eun was about to raise her hand when Jungkook stopped her midway.

"No. Don't use violence noona. Let me solve this. Jaeseok, come here."

"Yes, Kookie uncle?"

"Do you know what you did was wrong? Very wrong? Children should be mischievous. I was one myself when I was small but don't ever be disobedient. Do you know how much your eomma was hurt? Did you like her being scolded by the principal?" Jaeseok shook his head. "Now promise me that you will be obedient from now on." Jungkook extended his pinky which the younger grabbed with his own pinky finger.

"I promise uncle."

"That's like a good boy. Now apologize to Seongyoon and be friends with him."

"I… I am sorry Seongyoon." He awkwardly mumbled an apology.

"It's okay. I forgive you."

"Um… friends?"


"Alright, boys, who want an ice-cream?" Jungkook asked.

"Me! Me!" The kids yelled in unison.

"Well then, let's go go go. Noona you too come with us."

"You take them. I'll just lock the door."


Jungkook took the boys to the ice-cream vendor outside the school. "So which flavour do you want?"

"Mint choco chip!"

"Cookies and cream!"

"Omo! Seong-Yoon loves the same flavour as you Kook! Are you sure you two aren't related?" Ji Eun joked, obscurely she hit the correct note.

"It's just a matter of coincidence noona but I would have definitely rejoiced if we both were related."

When the kids were handed their desired ice-cream flavour, Seongyoon noticed a kid, of around his age or maybe younger, sitting outside their school, clad in torn and tattered clothes. He looked like he hadn't eaten anything in days. He was hungrily looking at the delicious dessert in their hands. Without a second thought, he ran to him, ignoring the injury in his knee.

"Seongyoon wait! Where are you…"

He gave him his share of ice-cream. "Take this. You must be very hungry." The child had the brightest smile tugged on his lips and thanked him with all his heart.

"Bye-bye!" He bid the child farewell and ran back to the rest.

Seeing this, Jungkook felt a sense of déjà vu. His heart skipped a beat. Several years ago, his heart was moved by someone's act of kindness.

‘It can't be… It couldn't be…'

Not only Jungkook but Ji Eun as well as Jaeseok were amazed by his generosity. Jungkook made a mental note of thanking his parent for inculcating his child with good manners and education.

"Koo koo uncle, I am not hungry, so I gave him my ice cream." He said with his signature bunny smile on his face, resembling Jungkook.

"Lying is a bad sweetie. Since you were kind, you will get a reward and that is," He gave him another ice cream of the same flavour, while he pulled out a chocolate bar from his pocket "And this. Happy?"

"Yippee! Thank you!"

"Where is mine?" Jaeseok pouted.

"Aww… I have one for you too as well." And the older male gave him another bar.

"Thank you so much Kookie uncle."

"Anything for you. Seongyoon, will you appa come to pick you up today?" Jungkook asked. Upon the mention of his parent, Seongyoon's smiling face was cast with dark clouds of gloom. "What happened baby?"

"Appa has gone out for work over a week and he did not call me." He moped.

‘What the hell? What kind of a parent is he? Does he have no sense of responsibility towards his own son?'

"It's alright baby. Don't cry. Would you like to talk to your appa and give him a surprise?" And his face lit up with his smile. "Do you know his number?" He nodded.

"Take my phone and call him." He unlocked his phone and gave it to Seongyoon.

As he pressed the gadget against his ear, he felt a tug on his hand.

"Seongyoon, let's go and sit there." Jaeseok proposed to which the latter agreed and sat on the bench under the tree, leaving the cousins to have their private conversation.




"Oh my goodness! Yoon! My baby! How are you? And from whose number did you call me?" Seokjin bombarded his son with overloaded questions.

"This is Koo Koo uncle's number."

"Koo Koo uncle? Who is he? Baby, I have told you not to talk to strangers."

"He is my new friend appa. He also gave me chocolate and ice cream today. Koo koo uncle is Ji Eun ma'am brother." He replied while rolling his tongue over his dessert.

"Oh, I see. Then its fine I guess. How are you, baby?"

"I am fine appa. I got a boo boo on my knee and elbow today."

"Oh my goodness! How did you get hurt? Did the nurse tend the wounds? Is it hurting? Should I return right now?"

Seongyoon chuckled on hearing how his father got concerned. "I am fine appa. Koo koo uncle applied that painful liquid. And I also made a new friend."

"That's a great news sweetheart. I miss you so much, baby."

"I miss you too appa. When will you come?"

"I will come soon love. I-" The call got disconnected.

"Appa? Appa?"

As soon as the call got disconnected, he saw a familiar car pulling in. He handed Jungkook's phone to his new friend and bid all of them farewell.

"Bye bye ma'am, Jaeseok and Koo Koo uncle!"

"Bye Seongyoon. Go home safely."

Jungkook would have escorted him to the car owing to his wounded knee but the familiar man carried him instead. He peeked his little head out of the window and waved at them till until the car took a turn.


While Seongyoon was talking to his father, Jungkook was engaged in a conversation with his older sister.

"I really wish to meet Seongyoon's father. How could he just neglect his own child?"

"Kook, you know, over the week, you have been only talking about Seongyoon. You're so concerned as if he is your own son."

‘I wish so.'

"C'mon noona, aren't you concerned as well? He is your student and you should think about their welfare being a teacher."

"Of course I am! I would definitely discuss this matter in the next PTA meeting but you're getting overly emotional."

"You won't understand noona. Ever since I have met Seongyoon a week ago, my loneliness disappeared." Jungkook sighed. "His voice, his smile, his entire existence too adorable to be ignored."

‘Adorable just like Jin.'

"Alright alright, I got it." Ji Eun let out a laughter. "You know what I can guarantee that you would be a wonderful parent."

"I really wish both Jin and I were his parents. Then I would have showered all my love on him." He murmured.

"Um… did you say something?"

"Ah, not really. Hey, I gotta go. It's 2:30 already. Cya."


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Chapter Text



Sunlight entered through the mullioned windows, which was partially being blocked by the curtains flitting in the morning breeze. The brunette flinched at the feel of sun rays on his face, but soon was replaced by calmness when he felt them to be blocked.

A certain grayish-blonde male drew the curtains, completely blocking the sunlight and sat at the edge of the sleeping man's bed. He was staring intently at the perfection who was sound asleep.

‘Angel.' All he could pronounce in his mind. God must have created him with a lot of patience. Every feature on his face screamed perfection. He is so perfect that it could put the word "perfect" to shame. He's quintessential, an angel descended on earth.

But now he wants the angel to be all his. Only his to own and no one else. His face frowned at the very thought of his angel in someone else's arms. Seokjin is a demure beauty, whom he wants to bare all to himself.

Unconsciously, his fingers began to trace the sleeping male's features. He begins by removing his tresses that were lazily draped across his forehead and then his eyes, cute button nose and then ended at his lips.

That pair of pink, plush and sinful lips, which he dreams of every night. The grayish- blonde man licked his in ecstasy. How would it feel to kiss that soft flesh or the string of lustful moans eliciting from his mouth agape when he's taking him or when those lips would be stretched around the circumference of his…

He cleared his throat to shake off those raunchy thoughts which were hovering over his mind, but it went all the way to his dick. The slight sound woke the sleeping person up. The moment he opened his eyes, he was startled to see his co-star's face so close to his.

"Hyung!" He jolted up awake.

"Good morning Seokjin," Taehyung spoke calmly, with a smile on his face, but internally he was worried, what if Seokjin notices his bulge? "Sorry I woke you up. It's interesting to watch you sleep."

"Um?" The younger looked away as he felt the heat rising in his cheeks.

‘Did he just blush now?' Taehyung smirked. He felt relieved as the younger didn't notice.

"Never mind." The older shook his head. "Quickly freshen up, we'll be going for breakfast."

"Yeah, sure." Seokjin slid out of his bed and proceeded towards the connected bathroom. Within 15 minutes he was done. On stepping out of the bathroom, he noticed Taehyung standing at the entryway of the room.

"A special breakfast is awaiting us in the backyard. Shall we go?" The elder spoke.

"But, don't we eat with our crew members?"

Taehyung felt a pinch of anger bubbling in his heart. "That's what we were doing for the last one week. Consider this to be a friendly breakfast date. You have been feeling low since the day you have arrived here, so I thought of uplifting your mood. As a friend, won't you keep my word?" Taehyung pouted, making an adorable puppy face.

How could Seokjin refuse Taehyung's charms? He was his favorite actor for goodness' sake, not to mention that he is so freaking handsome. Taehyung was the first one who ignored their positions in the industry and extended his hand of friendship and cordiality. The man had been nothing but kind to him ever since they met. Within a very short time, they found themselves to conflate. It appears that the younger got accustomed to his kindness. To be honest, he liked being around Taehyung, not for the sake of some benefit; only for companionship as him being a superstar himself, never judged him. He provided him with a sense of security right after his hyungs.

"Since you have arranged, I definitely will."

"So, shall we?" Taehyung extended his hand to the brunette.

Section hesitated a moment, then took his arm. "Let's go."

The both of them walked down the hallway with arms locked, earning doubtful stares from some crew members.

"Are they together?"

"They look so cute together."

"Aww… just look at them walking hand in hand like newlyweds."

While Seokjin was lost in his own thought about Seongyoon and his hyungs, Taehyung continued to smirk as those words of rumor began to spread already. Rumors. That's exactly what he needed.

In no time they reached at the backyard of the pension where a breakfast table was laid, on top of which, various dishes were mounted, covered with lids. Like a gentleman, the older pulled out a chair for the younger and then he sat on the opposite one as soon as Seokjin was seated.

"Now help yourself." Taehyung removed the lids and the delicious aroma wafted into their noses.

"Mmm… Traditional Korean breakfast! The aroma itself is so appetizing. Thank you so much hyung!"

"My pleasure." Taehyung smiled in return. Having served the both of them, they both began to eat, with a little conversation.

"It's so delicious hyung!" Seokjin exclaimed while munching on the food while Taehyung chuckled at his amusing expressions. The older appeared to be enjoying the view right in front of him rather than the food.

"Hey, you have some sauce on the corner your lips," Taehyung spoke and before Seokjin could wipe off the sauce, the older wiped it with the pad of his thumb.

"T-thank you." The younger stuttered.

"Ah, mention not."

"Hyung, how did you know that I like vegetable omelet and red and black bean rice for breakfast?" The younger asked while taking a bite of the omelet.

Taehyung almost choked on his juice. Scratching the back of his head, he spoke, "I… also like these for breakfast so I thought you would be having a similar taste." He let out a fake laughter. The previous night he had called Hoseok to learn about his favorite cuisines.

"By the way hyung, when are we leaving? It's a long journey from Yangpyeong County to Seoul and I can't wait to see my little boy." The young model asked while sipping his fresh fruit juice. A glint of excitement shone in his eyes.

"Oh no Seokjin, sorry to say, but the schedule has been extended by three days." He made an apologetic look on his face.

"I see." The younger had already begun to mope.

"Hey, don't worry. It's just a matter of three days. Since it's a day off today, let's go for sight-seeing. Hm? After you get home, you can give a detailed account of your adventure to your family." The actor suggested, to which his co-star readily agreed.

"Alright then, I'll get ready then." Seokjin chirped happily.

"See you in half an hour."

As soon as the model left, Taehyung licked the semi-dried sauce off his thumb.

‘Extension of schedule is being just an excuse to get closer to you my dear Seokjin. For me, it was just a piece of cake.' He threw a lopsided nasty smirk. ‘Indirect kiss huh? Very soon, I'll be the one to kiss those lips and claim you, and after that… but right now, I need to take care of something very urgent.' He looked down at his bulging erection behind his sweatpants.


"Hello, may I speak to the CEO of Starfish Entertainment, please? It's director Lee Seung Woo."

"Hello sir, I have called to inform you that I had to extend the shooting schedule by three days. Since we are using some special props, I have ordered them from the city as they aren't available here."

"Thank you so much sir and sorry for causing you inconvenience. Have a good day, sir."?

As soon as Lee disconnected the call, he felt relief coursing through him. He was hella scared as well nervous.

"Your job is done." He whipped his head to the man on the couch who was twirling his phone in his hands. His signature smirk plastered on his face. "Are you satisfied now, Kim Taehyung-ssi?"

"Oh, thank you so much, Mr. Lee, you're great." He got up from the couch and approached the man who was throwing daggers at him. "I definitely won't inform your wife about this sex tape. Thank you so much." The younger proceeded towards the door.

"Don't chase your tail on unnecessary stuff. Obsession, to a certain extent, is fine, but when it exceeds its limit, it becomes unhealthy as well as dangerous. Mark my words." Lee warned, but the younger seemed to pay no heed to his words as he left the director's private room and proceeded towards his.


"Ah… Seokjin… ah" Taehyung moaned as he stroked his erection. His mind was still occupied with smutty thoughts about the younger. He was sitting on the floor of his bathroom with his back leaning against the wall. His head was thrown back and eyes closed, utter strings of curses as he was imagining bonking the brunette into oblivion.

"Ugh… Fuck… Seokjin-ah… fuck you're so hot." He groaned as he increased the pace of his hands. A drop of sweat trickled down from his temple. Hair disheveled. Drool trickling from the corner of his lips. But he couldn't care less. When it's just him and no one, he lets his wildest fantasies about Seokjin lose. One of them being- Seokjin lying blindfolded on his bed with nothing but lacy panties on, his hands cuffed above his head.

He was so absorbed in jerking off to the younger that he did not hear the knock on his door. As the door was kept ajar, the person on the other side entered and found himself in an empty drawing room.

"Hyung? Are you there?" With slow steps, he made his way to the balcony and found it to be empty as well.

"Maybe he's in his bedroom." He knocked on the bedroom several times but he got no response. Instead, he heard faint whimpers from the other side. Thinking something serious might have happened, he twisted the doorknob of the bedroom and heard a loud groan coming from the bathroom.

"Hyung! Are you alright?"


"Arghh…" With a loud grunt, Taehyung came on his palms. Wiping his hands on the tissue he had brought along, he tossed it in the dustbin which was half filled with it tissues already.

"Hyung! Are you alright?"

‘Crap! Seokjin's here! What if he has heard?’ Taehyung's hands turned cold. There was a spike in his heartbeat. ‘Just act normal.' He quickly fixed his Gucci apparel, splashed water on his face, fixed his hair with his fingers and removed the traces of semen on his clothes with tissues and water.

‘Relax. Take a deep breath and open.'

With a smarmy smile when Taehyung opened the door, his eyes met a worried Seokjin.

"Are you alright? I heard you groaning."

"I… I… just slipped on the wet floor. He he... nothing much." The older replied with a sheepish smile.

"Is it hurting? Should I call for some help?"

"Oh, not at all." The grayish-blonde male grabbed Seokjin's hand who was attempting to call a crew member for help. "I am absolutely fine. See I can even walk." In order to make Seokjin believe, he even walked up and down the length of the bedroom. "Let's go now. Hm?"

"Alright. If you say so."


"Wow! Yangpyeong county is such a beautiful place!" Seokjin exclaimed in pure bliss. He captured every natural feature that he came across. The climate, the habitat, everything was way different from the main city. This small province was like a replica of Eden. The only which he could think of was "peace".

The first spot they visited was Semiwon Garden whose attraction is the water-based flowers. The garden has a huge pond filled with blooming lotuses and lilies. The second spot was Yongmunsa shrine which they visited on the request of the younger. It's one of the major shrines of Namhae. Programmes like walking on the trails of the forest, tea making, wish writing on ginko leaves are conducted apart from religious preaching. As they had already spent a lot of time in the garden and were not allowed take pictures inside the shrine, they just walked down the forest trails and captured the surroundings. While the younger marveled in beholding the scenic beauty, Taehyung rather derived pleasure just by witnessing the jubilant male.

The forest was opulent with a variety of wild and nameless vegetation growing. While strolling, they had come across a stream which divided the forest into two parts. The only way to cross the stream was the old wooden bridge, which no one would dare to step on. Lush green moss was growing on the wooden planks and the iron girdles were already rusty. Seokjin regretted coming here, but if they wanted to leave this spot, then this was the shortcut otherwise he would have to go all the way to the temple which was seemingly a longer route. As they were asked to return to the pension by evening, they had no other alternative other than crossing the lethal bridge.

Taking a deep breath, Seokjin stepped on the bridge cautiously with Taehyung following him. With every step they took, the bridge creaked dangerously only, without causing any damage. Till the midway, they walked without any trouble. When they were right in the middle, Seokjin made a wrong move. He stepped on the moss, which caused him to lose his balance. Before he could fall into the running water below along with the bridge, his camera as well as Taehyung a pair of arms wrapped around his waist protectively.

"I got you, relax." He whispered in Seokjin's ears.

"T-thank you."

Both their faces were few centimeters apart. Eyes lost in each other. All Taehyung's mind was screaming ‘Kiss! Kiss!' His dick twitched dangerously behind his dress pants at their close proximity. Having the demure beauty he desired every night in his arms, how could he let this opportunity slip?

Seokjin gulped nervously. Their bodies were pressed against each other. He didn't know how the situation turned out to be so compromised. He took a whiff of Taehyung's Gucci Guilty Intense perfume. He was way too embarrassed at their closeness, his cheeks had turned beet red. Was this some kind of Shoujo Manga?

They averted their eyes when they heard an ominous cracking sound. The plank under their weight had started to give way; just a few fibers of wood were keeping the structure together. Without lingering further on the dangerous wooden link, they breathlessly darted to the other side. And then everything occurred just in a flash. As soon as they reached, they watched the wooden structure crumble under the force that was just removed and flew along with the water body which was gurgling underneath it.

Hysterical laughter boomed amidst the silent forest. They were reclining on the lush green grass and grinning at their own silliness until their stomachs started to hurt.

When their laughter died down, Taehyung was the first one to speak to break their shell of awkwardness. "I never thought we would end up in a situation like this." He was still breathing heavily.

"I never knew I would be running like a madman. That bridge got me scared in the first place." The latter replied, still reclining on the grass. "I am still trying to comprehend what just happened a few minutes ago. Phew!"

"Seokjin, about that thing," Taehyung scratched the nape of his neck, "I am sorry. I had no clue that the circumstances would be such where you and I… Please forgive me."

Seokjin wasn't angry because, to him, Taehyung was someone for whom he held high regard. He was rather embarrassed.

"It's alright hyung. I am not angry." Seokjin replied. "Let's go." Hoisting up from the the moist grasses, Taehyung helped the younger one and soon they left for their last spot.

The last destination was Dumulmeori. The attraction of this spot is that it's the meeting point of two rivers. Seokjin had seen several pictures of this place, but the camera always cannot capture the real beauty of a place or a person. He was just spellbound. He wished he could bring his son, but the situation was unfavorable. On the other hand, Taehyung discreetly took pictures of the brunette. He was contended by just watching him. The place is scarcely populated at present brought him relief otherwise he would have received unwanted attention from strangers.

Walking almost the entire day had wearied them, so they stopped by a nearby café to rest their aching feet as well as fill their empty, rumbling stomach, before returning to their pension.


As soon as the both of them returned, they were greeted by an annoyed director. His lips were pressed into a thin line and eyebrows furrowed. Seokjin, who already had a taste of the man's wrath, cowered behind Taehyung.

"Good evening Mr. Lee."

"You were asked to return by 6. It's 8:30 already. What took you so long?" The pestered director asked, narrowing his eyes towards the younger. "Don't you know it's not safe for you to roam around in an unknown place without your managers?"

"We didn't take note of the time. If you could excuse us, we will be retiring to our rooms. Good night. See you tomorrow in the sets." While the older actor marched away casually, Seokjin bowed apologetically to director Lee and before returning to his assigned room.

As soon as Taehyung hit the bed, he gave wings to the fantasies about Seokjin.

"Seokjin… you're so fucking delectable…. God. I'm so obsessed about you that it's difficult to resist myself."


Early morning mist began to clear. Sun rose in the east, casting its orange rays onto the thin layer of clouds.

Walking out of the gazebo situated in the backyard of his mansion, he began to stroll on the dew-laden grass. Jungkook was never a morning person, to begin with, but, for the first time, he woke up to the sunrise.

The night before, he had an extremely adorable dream of Seongyoon and him playing in their garden, who accidentally addressed him as "papa". After that, he frantically woke up and a quick glance at the digital clock on his wall notified him that it was 4:45 am already. He stayed still staring at the intricate designs of the ceiling, with a smile tugged at his lips.

‘Damn. It was just a dream.' He thought. Only if had known the truth. The greatest truth of his life. The truth untold.

He slid out of the room, cautiously and headed to the mansion's garden as he knew that sleep would nowhere get next to him.

While wandering in his garden, a white flower came twirling down in the morning breeze and landed on his head and then fell on his hand. After a quick inspection, he gazed up and found himself standing under a gigantic Yashino cherry tree.

"Isn't it the tree that he planted years ago?"


"Yah Jin, why the hell are you digging up my garden huh?" Jungkook asked the younger with hands on his hips and eyebrows furrowed. Seokjin had been digging the ground for the last 15 minutes.

"Just a bit more hyung , then I am done." Said the spectacled boy, who was busy scooping out the earth with a shovel in his hands. Jungkook rolled his eyes at his ministrations.

As soon as he examined the hole that he created was good enough, he shoved the sapling that he had brought with him and secured its upright position by filling up space with the upheaved earth. After patting the base and pouring ample amount of water, he evoked a sigh of relief.

"What was all of this about?" Jungkook inquired, raising his hands in the air out of confusion.

"Ah, Hyung," Seokjin wiped the sweat dripping from his forehead with his muddy fingers. "My employer gave me this Yoshino cherry sapling yesterday before closing the flower shop since no one bought it. I had thought of planting this somewhere near my home, but you know that my aunt will never allow and I didn't have the heart of throwing away a life, so…"


"So," The younger played with the hem of his T-shirt. "I thought of planting it here as this portion has no trees." His voice wavered. "And… Yoshino cherry trees are rare to find and they are extremely pretty. As you have a huge lawn, it would beautify your garden too." He grinned nervously.

Jungkook suspired. "Fine." The stern look on the older's face softened a bit on seeing the young tensed up. "You and your antics though."He ruffled his already messy hair. Seokjin smiled heartily. The ravenette swore that he felt his heart skip several beats.


Jungkook beamed at the memory that played on his mind. He touched the tree trunk, looking at it in awe.

‘"You've grown so big! The last time I saw, you're just a sapling."

As he was admiring one of the most beautiful trees of his glorious garden, he was interrupted by the ringing of his cell phone.

"Ah noona, why did you call so early this morning?"

"Jungkook, before you get busy and fix a schedule, let me tell you that its Jaeseok's birthday and you have to be present. It is his earnest wish. Otherwise, he would never talk to you."

"Is that so?" The younger chuckled. "Let me talk to him then."

"Kookie uncle you have to come to my birthday party. I will never never never talk to you if you don’t come." Jaeseok huffed in annoyance. The elder could actually feel his nephew jutting his lips out.

"Alright my little bean, I will come. Happy?"

"Happy happy happy! Yeah!"


The guests had arrived by evening, which comprised of Jaeseok's school friends, their parents and some teachers who were Ji Eun's colleagues. Among the children, Seongyoon was also present, who was dropped in by Namjoon. Ji Eun had asked him to stay, but he left as Hoseok was all alone and would pick up his nephew by 9:30pm.

Within a few days, the both Seongyoon and Jaeseok became good friends. Who would have thought that the bully would befriend his victim? Jaeseok was never happier and his happiness had intensified as his father had finally returned to Seoul.

It was almost time for the birthday boy to cut the cake, yet there was no sign of Jungkook. Swarms of noisy children ran through the house, as balloons drifted aimlessly on the floor, causing a ruckus. A stack of unopened gifts wrapped in colorful papers and ribbons were lying on the table. Everybody insisted Jaeseok on cutting the cake. Even the candles were lit, but the child was adamant on his wish of having his favorite uncle beside him on his natal day.

"Dear, Jungkook must be very busy. Why don't you just start? The others are waiting." His mother insisted.

"No no no!" He fervently shook his head. "I want Kookie uncle." He crossed his arms and pouted adorably. He was almost tearing up.

"There there, don't be angry sweetheart. He must be very busy- oh wait, he's calling. Talk to him." She handed her cell phone to the kid.


"My little bean, happy birthday!"

"I am angwry! You never came!"

"Aww… my little bean is angry, but what about the gift that I bought for you?" Right at that moment, a pair of muscular arms wrapped around Jaeseok.

"Kookie uncle!"

"Liked the surprise little one?" He kissed his head.

"Yes yes yes!"

"Now cut the cake quickly! I am very hungry."


Mouthwatering cuisines brought relief to everyone. The children sat with their parents and were being fed by them. Jaeseok was being pampered and loved by both his parents. Seongyoon, on the other hand, was sitting in a corner, playing with his food. He grimaced seeing his friend getting cosseted.

"Seongyoon, where is your appa?" A parent of his classmate asked. "Had he again forgotten about you and enjoying his life somewhere? Hah! Poor child, such a careless parent, you have." The woman sighed, displaying her fake concern.

"Excuse me, ma'am, being a mother yourself, don't you think you have displayed an extreme level of insensitivity?"

Singing turned around and a huge smile tugged at his lips seeing his defender. "Koo Koo uncle!" He wrapped his tiny around the man's waist.

Ruffling his hair, he spoke firmly, "Seongyoon has a lot of people who care for him. I request you to enjoy my nephew's birthday party. Children have innocent minds, please don't spread malice."

The woman left, embarrassed, mumbling an apology.

"Little one, sorry I did not see you. How are you feeling now?" Jungkook carried him in his arms with one hand while holding his plate in another and walked them to an empty armchair in the corner. He sat the kid on the lap while the plate was set on the armrest.

"I am fwine!" Seongyoon raised his arms in the air, displaying his adorable and signature bunny smile that Jungkook was weak for.

"And why are you not eating?" He asked, taking a glance at the untouched plate of delicacies.

Seongyoon protruded his lips and pointed his forefinger at the birthday boy who was being fed by his parents.

"Is that so? Then say along with me

Johnny Johnny? Yes, papa

Eating sugar? No, papa

Telling lies? No, papa

Open your mouth

Ha ha ha"

And the older shoved some food in the kid's mouth. Seongyoon clapped his tiny hands fervently in excitement. Not only did Jungkook feed him, but also got fed in return and it continued until all the contents of the plate were finally devoured. Jungkook attacked the child with tickles and mellifluous giggles filled the huge drawing room, setting a smile on everyone's face.

Seeing the two them bonding, other parents cooed. Some even took that handsome man for his father. Women ‘awwed' at the overloaded cuteness. Jaeseok's father nudged his wife to get detailed information about the endearing scene that was unfolding before them. When his wife narrated everything, he made an ‘O' shape with his mouth, rather amused.

"I never knew Jungkook was this fond of kids. I think it's high time he should get married and have his own children."

"I know right? He always comes after school to play with Seongyoon."

"Ji Eun, I have a cousin who lives in the US. She is young and unmarried. Quite attractive too. What if we introduce the two of them on a dinner date?"

"But, how can we decide on that? Shouldn't we first inform aunt? What if Jungkook rejects? He even rejected the previous proposal."

"Well, leave that to me. As far as Mrs. Jeon is concerned, I think you can explain to her." He assured. "Now let me talk to him in private."

When Jaeseok took Seongyoon with him to play, Mr. Park found the right opportunity to talk to his brother-in-law.

"Um... Jungkook-ah, a word with you. Can you please come with me for a moment?"



While the brothers-in-law were engaged in conversation in the backyard, it was time for Seongyoon to leave. The clock had struck 9:30 and Namjoon, his guardian was exactly on time. Bidding farewell to all his friends and teachers, when Seongyoon was searching for Jungkook, he didn't find him in the vicinity. So he left as the person was waiting.

"Hyung, it's decided. Neither you nor noona is going to bring up this marriage topic again." The younger said firmly.

"But Jungkook-ah…"

"No ifs, no buts. That's final. I really respect you, so I request you not to invade my personal space, and- where's Seongyoon?"

"He left just now." Ji Eun replied who walked up to them with two mugs of coffee upon hearing the disagreement between the brothers-in-law.

"What? So early? I wanted to meet his parent."

He craned his neck at the door to see a sleepy Seongyoon being carried by a tall man. Even from afar he could realize that he wasn't the one who comes to receive him from school.

"That person is his uncle though. What was his name? Ah, I forgot. Anyway, Jungkook-" She turned around to see her cousin nowhere.

"Jungkook where are-" He was looking outside through the window. As the tall man took a left turn, his dimple came into view.

‘Why does he look familiar? Have I seen him before?'



The most awaited part is coming soon!!!! Till then stay tuned. I just realized that this story is more like a drama. XD XD

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Chapter Text




The most awaited moment is about to arrive.

Warning: Long post ahead. Read at your own discretion 😉


"Wow! These pictures have come so well!" Hoseok exclaimed as he was going through the snaps that were captured during the shoot. "You look so freaking good Jinnie! Just look at Taehyung, he looks no less than a prince." He marveled over the shots that were taken by his DSLR. "By the way Jinnie, how was the shoot? Were the crew members good to you?"

"We did give our best. And thanks to your dancing lessons Hobi hyung, I was able to learn the choreography within an hour but the acid test will come only after the release of this album."

"And by the way did you enjoy your date with Taehyung?" The redhead teased but immediately clasped his hand over his mouth as it was supposed to be kept a secret.

Seokjin quirked his eyebrows in suspicion. "How did you know that hyung? Did Tae hyung ask you?"

"Ya Hobi, hold your horses on for a minute, will you? Jin has returned home last night. Give him a break please!" Namjoon hollered at his redhead husband.


"Hyungs!" Seokjin interjected their bickering and settled himself in between them on the settee. "I am fine. I will tell you everything in details but first, I need to appease my little boy, who is very angry with me. Apparently, there was an extension of the shoot for three more days, otherwise, I would have returned earlier." He sighed.

"Oh yes, now that you have mentioned it, since the day before yesterday, Yoon has been very erratic. I even tried asking him but he won't budge in. I even found him grumbling nonsense at the dining table. Our Yoon isn't the one to throw tantrums. I tried talking to him but all he wanted was you." Namjoon mentioned. "He even asked me that… well, nevermind. Yoon missed his appa a lot."

"Thank you so much hyung. Had you not been there, I don't even want to think what would happen to us."

"Hey, it's alright. Yoon is our son too." Namjoon tousled the younger's hair.

"Moreover, you should just take a break and spend some quality time with him. Poor child, I have seen him sulking when he sees other children play with their parents." Hoseok affirmed. Namjoon nodded in acknowledgment.

"Even if I want to, I can't. I still have to pay one year's loan for this house to the bank and have to retrieve the land seized by them. I want to reopen my parents' orphanage and provide a shelter to all those homeless kids. Also, I want to provide Yoon with a better life which he deserves. A life where he won't be deprived of his desires. That's why I am not leaving behind any modeling offer you see." Seokjin shrugged his shoulders.

"Aww… my sweet baby brother." Namjoon pulled the younger closer, letting him rest his head on his shoulders. "Why do you have to burden your shoulders with all the responsibilities? We are there for you. Don't forget that we are your foster parents too. Uncle and aunt had always looked after us. I know we can never repay whatever they have done for us, but at least by looking after you, their departed souls would be in peace."

"You have done more than enough for us hyungs, which my kin could have never done and will forever be indebted to you."

"Now, now, don't get us all emo." Hoseok faked a sniff. "Go and take your son out. Have fun with him and you better not return before 8! Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir!" Seokjin saluted accompanied by a mischievous wink.


"Yoon? Baby wake up! It's morning already."

No response.

"Baby? See, your appa is finally back! Won't you give appa a huggie?"

Again no response.

"I see, so Yoon baby wants this," And the older attacked the child with tickles, filling the room with euphonious giggles.

"I missed you appa!" Seongyoon wrapped his tiny arms around his father's neck and plopped down on his lap.

"Appa missed you too baby! Sorry I could not come earlier, darling." Seokjin kissed atop his head, basking in the happiness of holding his son in his arms. How much he missed his little angel.

Suddenly something struck him. Scrambling through the sheets, he rolled Seongyoon's pajama pants up in haste. "Show me the wound. Is it hurting my baby?"

"No appa. See? I can even run." The wound was healed, only the scar was left behind and there was not even the slightest amount of pain in it.

"Thanks goodness!"

"But Yoonie is angry." The kid crossed his little arms across his chest, lips jutting out in an adorable pout. Seongyoon spoke in third person on three occasions- elation, fright or anger. This time it was the lattermost case.

"Umm…" Seokjin pretended to think hard by titling his head, tapping it with his index finger. "How about we spend the day out?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" The younger jumped on the mattress in delight with arms raised high.

"Where do you want to go, baby? Movie or –"

"Amazement park! Amazement park!" Seokjin chuckled at his son's endearing incorrect pronunciation.

"Baby, its amusement park. Now quickly brush your teeth like a good boy while I clean your bed and prepare breakfast." Seongyoon jumped out of the bed and hopped to his bathroom, clad in his Daffy Duck pajamas.

"Appa I want to eat pancakes with strawberry syrup!" Seongyoon said, popping his little head out of the connected bathroom.

"Alright sweetheart."


Jungkook was reading some reports. The workaholic CEO was engaged in work even on a Saturday. The young man had not been out of his study since yesterday, pulling an all-nighter. Mrs. Jeon had always discouraged him slaving over work in spite of the of the employees the company has amassed and not engaging himself in any social gatherings. She even complained to her niece Ji Eun who was also upset about it. So she proposed the idea of involving her son because she was certain that Jungkook would never refuse his nephew.

When he extended his hands for the glass of water kept at the end of his table, he noticed an old picture of a seventeen-year-old Seokjin cased inside a frame. How much his heart longed for him? Regardless of his efforts, he still has not found him yet.

‘Where are you Jin? Please come back and fill my empty heart with your love.'

On Saturday, Ji Eun arrived with her family without Jungkook's prior knowledge. It was time for her to play her ace card. Jaeseok tiptoed to his beloved uncle's study and covered his eyes from behind snapping him from his trance.

"Hm…" Jungkook hummed, his hands were gliding over the younger's soft one. "Soft little hands and," His hands traversed down his belly, fingers skimming on the materials of his t-shirt, causing the kid to burst into a fit of giggles, "melodious laughter, which belongs only to my Jaeseok!" He pulled his hands away from his eyes and sat the younger on his lap, planting a sweet kiss on his forehead.

"When did you arrive little one?"

"Just," Jaeseok began to count on his finger, "one, two… ten minutes ago!"

"And is your mother here?"

"Yes yes, Jaeseok's mother is also here." Jungkook craned his neck at the entryway and found his elder cousin standing with her arms folded.

"Noona! Why didn't you inform that you would be coming over? I would have picked you up."

"That's not necessary Jungkook but we are here to take you with us to Fantasy Land. As Jae's father has gone to Jeju Island for some work, you are accompanying us." She announced, rather commanded.

"But I have a lot of piled up work to complete."

"No buts. I am not at all going to pay any heed to your lame excuses. You are coming with us and that's all I know."


"Pwease Kookie uncle!" Jaseok pleaded, and Jungkook realized that he can never win against his crazy family.

"Alright." He sighed, shutting the big black file with a loud thud. "I'll tag along. Happy now?



"Yoon! Stop playing around with Pikachu and bring your ass down here!" An annoyed Seokjin hollered at his son who was running about the house naked with a stuffed toy tucked in his armpit. Ever since it was announced that he would be visiting an amusement park, he gamboled the entire house in jubilation.

"Appa I wanna take Mr. Pikachu with me. Pwease?" Seongyoon looked at his parent with adorable puppy eyes.

"But baby, Pikachu will get dirty if we take him to the park." Seokjin reasoned. He tried to avoid his son's puppy face but at the end, he gave up. "Okay, we will carry him in your little bag. Now come here and let me get you dressed."

"Yippee! We will have lots of fun Mr. Pikachu!" The ardent little kid twirled around, holding the stuffed toy in both his arms.


Manager Sejin drove them to their desired destination, despite Seokjin's cry of protest. The older man loved the child and was a great fan of his unavoidable cuteness.

As the streets of Seoul were busy on a Saturday, Sejin veered the car towards a different route and a beautiful mansion appeared in their view. "Wow! Appa look! The house is so, so big! Just like those in movies." Seongyoon's eyes doubled the size on beholding the manor that was erected on a huge plot of land, through the raised window of the vehicle. His little hands and his face were pressed against the glass. There's a white fountain right in the entrance, adding beauty to the villa.

"Whose house is this? Can we live here?" Seongyoon asked on impulse. Seokjin felt a sudden spike in his heartbeat.

"Yoon baby, this house belongs to the –" Sejin was punctuated by Seokjin. He knew whose mansion it was, so he tried to avert the topic of discussion.

"Manager-nim, please take a shorter route to the park." He raked his fingers through Yoon's soft strands. "Yoon is very eager ." He breathed out a sigh of relief when the child didn't question him anymore regarding the house or its inhabitants.


Seokjin dressed Seongyoon in overalls (A/N: Jungkook's costume in Run Ep 30) and a pair of black converse to match his black striped t-shirt. His hair was parted on his left, exposing his forehead. Had he wore a yellow t-shirt he would have looked like a child minion cosplayer. He slid his little rabbit printed bag on his shoulders which contained Pikachu, a small bottle of water and other items of necessity like a handkerchief, tissues and so on.

On the other hand, his father was sporting rather a casual look- a simple grey t-shirt which was partly tucked in, faded blue jeans, slightly ripped on the knees and Ray-Ban sunglasses which complimented well with his pale skin, without any makeup. As it was a family outing and not a shoot, he wanted to blend with the crowd and not stand out from them, garnering unwanted attention.

The moment they alighted at Fantasy Land, Seokjin grasped his son's hand as the boy would run off in excitement. To be honest, Seokjin himself was ebullient. Seeing children having fun, his inner kid pranced in elation. Shouldering ample amount of responsibilities hardly gave him any moment for recreation. How long has it been since he visited an amusement park? It was with Jung- he dismissed his train of thoughts with a fervent shake. Why should he think of something unpleasant when he should be enjoying the beautiful day with his son?

"Appa?" Seokjin was startled back to reality by his angel's dulcet voice, who was tugging on the hem of his t-shirt. "I want that one!" His gaze followed the direction at which his child was pointing.

"An Iron Man stuffed toy?" Seongyoon nodded furiously.

"Well then let's get my baby his favorite superhero." Grabbing his little hand in his, he walked him to the stall which read "Hit Me."

There was a huge queue outside the stall of kids being held by their parents. Everybody was trying their luck to achieve the target of throwing all the stacked plastic cups in one throw, but none of them were able to hit the jackpot. The cups mounted on top were the ones that fell, the base ones remained intact.

When it was Seokjin's turns, he narrowed his gaze at those stacked cups, mentally calculating the force with which he had to throw the ball to achieve his target. Seongyoon, on the other hand, was cheering for his appa.

"Hana! Dul! Set!" Assembling all the strength he had, he aimed the ball just below the center. All the 11 cups tumbled down. The 12th one was still twirling, standing out amongst the muddled ones. The onlookers fisted their palms, silently cheering for a success. A drop of sweat trickled down Seokjin's temple, in anticipation of a positive outcome. The booth owner gritted his teeth in tension. The cup continued to swivel on its imaginary axis.















Alas! The last yellow cup stood steady.

"Oh…" The spectators pitied him. Seongyoon protruded his lower lips in gloom. Seokjin carded his son's hair, assuring him that it was fine. As they were about to walk away, the booth owner called for them.

"Excuse me, sir! Won't you claim your prize?"

The parent-child pair turned around. "Sorry?"

"I mean, you did not hear the about the second prize, which is a toy plane."

Seokjin gazed at his son, "Do you want an airplane baby?" The boy nodded eagerly and immediately sprinted to receive the prize.

Seongyoon marveled at the baby blue Pororo airplane. "Thank you so much, uncle!"

Seokjin squatted down, leveling his son to take a selfie. "Baby, let's make this day memorable by taking pictures. So what do you like in a sandwich, butter or cheese?" Asked the young parent, squishing him, his son and his newly received prize to fit on his smartphone screen.



The cute little family ambled around, licking on their ice-cream, trying their luck in other booths. Bystanders awed at the cute pair. Whispers and chattering went around about the pretty looking man and the lovable looking kid. The brunette regretted not carrying his face mask, thinking that a no-makeup look with sunglass would make him appear like a commoner. But he was so, so wrong.

Delicious aroma of freshly baked cookies wafted into their noses and it was at the same time their stomachs grumbled noisily. The both of them laughed at their endearing coincidence.

Grabbing his father's hem, Seongyoon dragged him to the food stall which read "Yummy Junction!" Seokjin bought two burgers, French fries and two glasses of strawberry milkshake. For at least one day, he could kiss his diet food goodbye. After payment, the girl at the counter gave them a fortune cookie, saying, "Since our stall inaugurated today, we are distributing fortune cookies to our first hundred customers. Have a good day sir."

Sitting on a bench not very far away, the older spread out the contents of the brown paper that he was carrying. As Seokjin took a bite of his fortune cookie, a strip of paper rolled against the velvety muscle of his tongue. When he pulled out the paper, he read aloud his so-called prophecy.

"Expect the unexpected."

Seokjin snorted. Crumbling the paper and throwing it away, he continued to chow down his food. On taking a glance at his son, he noticed him staring at an object far away, his half-eaten burger was still occupied in his little hands.

"What is it, Yoon? Why aren't you eating?"

"Appa! That's circle is so big and scary!"

Seokjin tried to muffle his laughter at his son's incorrect pronunciation. "Do you what circle is called?"

Seongyoon thought hard, trying to recollect the name of the colossal circle that he had read in his school's textbook. "Fris Wheel."

"No baby, it's called Ferris wheel. Would you lie to have a ride there?"

"If I fall?"

"Don't worry baby, appa is there to protect you. You trust me, right?" The little one bobbed his head up and down in a nod. "C'mon Yoon, let's have a race to see who reaches at the counter first. Can my little boy defeat me?" And both of them ran. Seokjin, basically walked, letting his son win their little race.

"Yeah, I am the winner!" Seongyoon hopped on his toes as soon as he reached the ticket counter. His father was lagging behind, approaching with heavy strides.

"Yes my baby, you're the winner. Let's get in." They boarded one of the colorful cars with wooden floor. Seongyoon scooted close to his parent. As soon as the car began to advance upwards, the boy began to squirm. Seokjin, sensing that his son was getting nervous, pulled him on his lap.

"Are you scared, Yoon?"

"Yoonie is a little bit scared." He hid his face in the crook of his father's neck. And that was the cue for the older to switch over to his protective mode. Caresses on his back calmed the boy down. He shifted his gaze from the father’s tee to the view through the window, completely awestruck by the scene of the park from an elevation.

When their car was at the pinnacle, they observed a panoramic view of their city. Seoul looked amazing from a bird's eye view. Tall towers sticking out the surface and objects like cars looked like ants.

"Wow!" The child exclaimed.

"Do you see that baby? This is Seoul. Liking it my love?" Seokjin chimed in. The boy nodded furiously, still amazed by the scenic beauty of their homeland.

It was a perfect moment to capture before their car went down. Aligning his phone to the correct angle, he brought both their faces closer, with the city view as their background.

"Now say we love Seoul." The father instructed. "So, 1. 2. 3.-"

"We Love Seoul!"


Seokjin was pretty exhausted, his soles ached and desperately needed to sit somewhere. Searching around, all the benches were occupied, so he had no other option than to walk over to the other side of the amusement park that is the attached family park.

Walking Seongyoon along, they finally found a spot in the shade to rest his aching legs. He sat on the soft tuft of grass in a reclining position, arching his feet forward and backward.

Seongyoon, who was still full of energy, began to run in small circles with his toy plane in his hand. His father who was watching over him smiled. Sometimes he did envy his son for being so energetic. He wished he had a normal life just like others, without worries but the very thought of a life without his precious one chilled him to the bone. No, he should not think of ominous things now.

"Appa! Catch me!" The five-year-old giggled while running around in the playground in a zig-zag fashion with his toys in his small hands.

"Yoon, don't go very far sweetie." Said the 23-year-old model who was doing some hamstring stretches to ease the tension in his muscles. Even while exercising, true radiance and beauty were exuding from his very being. Girls of various age groups were fangirling over the handsome father, not to mention, some guys even licked their lips seductively at the glimpse of the beauty but he seemed to be nonchalant. All of them wondered, how can a human being look this beautiful without the slightest ounce of makeup.

"Finally a break from one week of the hectic schedule. It's been long since I bonded with my own kid. Yoon looks so happy." Seokjin sighed heavily, clouded by guilt. He wished he could be a better parent. Just to see a smile on his angel’s face, he could do anything. A sudden gust of wind blew. He inhaled the earthy scent of the breeze. "I think it's going to rain." He resumed his exercise.

He was intervened by a phone call. On seeing the caller ID, a smile etched on his lips.

"Hello, Seokjin. How are you?" A deep voice spoke from the other side.

"Oh! Taehyung hyung, I am fine. I am out today with Yoon." ………

Being completely immersed in his conversation, he forgot the count of time as well as about his son.

The child ran to the other side of the playground and bumped into someone's legs. "Ow!" Seongyoon rubbed his little nose.

"Hey, little boy. Are you hurt?" The man asked the child. He picked up his toy airplane which he had dropped on the ground. "Oh hey, champ! Wassup little one?" He was amused to see Seongyoon when he raised his head.

"Koo Koo uncle!" The five-year-old instantly snaked his tiny arms around the man's waist. Leveling Seongyoon, Jungkook gently ruffled his soft dark locks.

"Why are you running around alone Seongyoon? What if a bad man takes you away?" The older queried. He was strictly against leaving small children all by themselves.

"I came with appa but he is sitting under the tree there." Seongyoon pointed his finger but never found his father at that place. That's when he realized that he had come very far away. He protruded his lips out in an adorable pout.

"It's alright little one. I will take you to your appa. Hm?" He squished his chubby cheeks. "Oh, by the way, Jaeseok is also here. Do you want to play with him?"

"Yes! I will play with Jaeseok."

‘A good opportunity to meet his parent and give him a good lecture on parenting skills. How can he just simply abandon his child?'

"Jae is actually on one of the rides. Wait let me call his mother and ask where he is. Just stay put, ‘kay?" Jungkook pressed the device against his ears and turned around as he was talking.

"Yoon!" A familiar voice cried out. On hearing his name, Seongyoon turned around and a smiled appeared on his lips as he saw his frantic parent running towards him.

"There you are, my baby. Where you huh? Why did you separate from me? Do you know how much appa was scared?" Seokjin enveloped his son in a tight embrace, still breathing heavily.

"Appa, I was with Koo Koo uncle?" The both of them craned their necks to the man who was still talking on the phone.

"Seongyoon dear, lets-" Jungkook was greeted with a familiar face which he has seen years ago and was engraved into his mind. His eyes almost bulged out of his socket. A chill went down his spine. He could feel goose bumps appear on his skin.

"J-Jin…" The man stuttered. Words seemed to betray his mouth, he felt tongue-tied. His eyes shone in the joy which was unable to express by words. The older man didn't realize that he had been staring at his desirous person for the last five minutes. Despite the complete makeover he underwent over the years, Jungkook was able to recognize him. How could he not? He loves him damn it!

On the other hand, Seokjin was going through a whirlwind of emotions. His mind went completely blank for a moment. Lips pressed into a thin line. He felt like an inarticulate man. The man whom he hated the most (or whom he had loved the most once upon a time) was standing right before him. A prickling sensation was experienced by him.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, he spoke, "Do I know you, mister?"

"Don't say that Jin that you don't know me. I am Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook. Do you remember me now? You look so… so different from before. I mean you look breathtakingly beautiful."

Of course, how could he even forget about the name which was the reason behind his miseries? The one who broke his heart into innumerable pieces. He had cried nights after nights for him. How could he easily forget about the traumatic occurrences he had experienced?

‘No Jin. Don't lose your confidence. Trust yourself. Have faith in yourself. You can do it.'

"Oh yes, Jeon Jungkook. The well-known playboy Jeon Jungkook, whose favorite game was to play with innocent hearts." He addressed him with confidence which he was on the verge of losing. "How could I just forget about you, huh?" He scoffed.

"Jin please, I am no longer that playboy. I am a changed man." Jungkook pleaded. "Please listen to me. I am extremely sorry and ashamed of what I had done. I know that it would be difficult for you, but please find it in your heart to forgive me."

Seokjin clenched his fist to hold back the tears that threatened to fall. He was trembling. His throat felt constricted. His lips quivered. Sensing something was wrong, Seongyoon immediately wrapped his arms around the older's waist in a comforting manner.


"It's alright baby. I am fine." He assured his son in his croaked voice.

‘Appa? And the ring in his finger? Does that mean, he's already married? I… I have lost my chance. At least I can beg for his forgiveness and move on.' The ravenette grimaced.

"I see… You're already married. Congratulations Jin. He must be a very lucky man to have you." A ghost of a smile appeared on his face.

"Appa is not married. I will be the one to marry appa when I grow up. My appa is very handsome." Seongyoon blurted out in his limited vocabulary while clapping his tiny hands and Seokjin smiled at his son's innocent reply.

Jungkook perked up upon hearing the innocent child's little confession. ‘That means I still have a chance.'

"If you're not married, then what about the ring on your finger? And the child?"

Jungkook carefully observed the metal that sat on Seokjin's beautiful fingers. It looked familiar. It was one of the pairs of rings the younger bought for the both of them when they were in college. A couple's promise ring. Alas, the promises were broken.

But what about the child? He began to examine the boy’s features which were strikingly similar to his. The more he observed, the clearer the picture he got. The clouds of doubt which had overshadowed his mind got drifted away and a small flashback played on his mind.


Seokjin was lying on his bed, clutching onto a pillow tightly. He had just discovered that he was pregnant with Jungkook's child and had been crying non-stop.

"Jin, I think you should inform him at least once. He has the right to know." Namjoon suggested, being the wise one, he tried to bring the situation under control. He had slipped a sleeping pill in Hoseok's water who was sleeping soundly, otherwise, he would have wrecked a havoc on Jungkook for deflowering their little brother and impregnating him.

"I… I am scared hyung … What if…" Seokjin queried. His voice was laced with both doubt and fear.

"We are with you, my little brother. And put the phone on speaker. Let me also hear what he has to say."

With trembling hands, he dialed Jungkook's number.

"Hello?" The man on the other side slurred, clearly evident that he was drunk. Blaring music blasted in Seokjin's ears.

"He... Hello Jungkook? It's me… Seokjin. I… am…" Namjoon rubbed soothing circles on the younger's back, easing him from the panic attack that was about to wave in. "I am… pregnant…"

"Hey, baby? Why aren't you dancing with me? C'mon let ’s dance." A foreign female voice spoke and then the line went off. The call got disconnected. Seokjin dialed his number several times which never got connected. Out of anger, Seokjin added his number in the block list.

Namjoon suppressed his anger and held his bawling brother closer to his chest. He could not lose his composure. Being the level-headed one, he has to remain calm and comfort the younger. "Jin, you have us. We will look after you, brother."


Jungkook recalled the incident. That night he was in London, in a nightclub, drinking. He could recall getting a phone call. He was so drunk that night and a girl pulled him to the dance floor. On recollecting further, he realized that the voice belonged to none other than Seokjin's. It was then realization struck him hard like a truck.

Seongyoon is his son. His. Own. Son!

The ravenette was shocked as well as elated at the same time. He clasped his hand over his mouth to suppress a scream. How could he not recognize his own kid?

"Jin… Seongyoon is my son!"

"No! This child is only mine. I raised him alone. And as far as the ring is concerned, it's a reminder of your betrayal. A life's lesson never to trust and love anyone more than yourself." Seokjin shrilled.

"Jin, please, forgive me. Please let me just fix everything. I need both you and Seongyoon in my life. I beg for your forgiveness." Jungkook slumped down on his knees, imploring with his hands joined. His eyes were glassy.

"Forgiveness? Really Jeon Jungkook? You think it's some cheap commodity available in the supermarket? And on what grounds should I forgive you? For making me believe in your fake love or to break my heart beyond repair? I am not longer that naïve Seokjin anymore. I am stronger. Do you even have the slightest clue what obstacles I had been through while raising Yoon all alone, without his other parent? Can you even comprehend how does it feel to get mocked and ridiculed in the society to bear a child without a father? Oh, why even bother as it’s your hobby to play with feelings. Just like you played with mine, snatched my innocence and left me for the worst after having your share of enjoyment, just like you did with others. Playing with innocent hearts and tossing them later on is your pastime, isn’t it?" By now Seokjin was in all tears. His subdued emotions got the best of him, resulting in an outburst.

"I am sorry Jin. I know that I am your offender but I am extremely sorry. Please believe me when I say that I tried calling your number again which only got disconnected. I know I had been a coward but please show some mercy. Please give me a chance."

Seongyoon too started to cry along with his parent. Both his cheeks and ears were red and puffy. "Appa, don't cry. Yoon will not let you cry." With his tiny little palms, the five-year-old wiped his parent's tears. Seokjin embosomed his son, seeking comfort.

"Seongyoon?" Jungkook called out. "Baby, I am your papa. Please come here." Jungkook extended his arms. He was dying to embrace his own son.

"No, you are not my papa. You made appa cry cry. I don't like to see my appa cry." The child reprimanded, which led the older to withdraw his hands. He was hurt but at the same time time proud of how protective his little son was.

"Appa is fine baby. Let's go home now." The brunette clutched onto his son's little hands for his dear life and turned around.

"Jin, please! Just give me a chance to prove myself."

‘To prove my love for you.'

Seokjin turned around one last time. "Chance? Do us a favor and never show your face to us. I regret the day I met you Jeon Jungkook." The words pierced Jungkook's heart like a sharp knife.

‘Please don't leave me… I love you.'

He watched the two retreating figures until they were completely out of his sight. Lightning flashed and thunder cracked. Heavy rain came down pouring. All the other inhabitants of the park were running helter-skelter for shelter but the raven-haired male remained fixed on the ground. Tears cascaded uncontrollably and unstoppingly from his eyes. He was paying for the grave sin that he committed five years ago.

It made him nostalgic as five years ago, it was him who had played with Seokjin's feelings, leaving the poor and innocent young lad in tears after shredding his heart into millions of pieces. Now the tables have turned. Now it's time for him to make amends. It's time for him to make Seokjin believe in his love.


'I promise Jin, I will make you believe in love again. Seongyoon , I promise that papa will never leave you.'


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Chapter Text

Seokjin sat on a bench with little Seongyoon comforting him, both of them were completely soaked in the rain. The child tried to make funny faces which the older would always do to his kid whenever he was upset. Instead of bursting out in a fit of giggles, he clasped on to his son's little form and cried out bitterly. The rain had stopped long ago but on the inside, he was surrounded by dark clouds of gloom. The child too began to weep seeing his parent in an agonizing state. Manager Sejin was already informed and was on his way.

"Appa, don't cry. Koo Koo uncle is bad. I will not talk to him." The five year old hiccupped. The redness of his eyes and cheeks resembled a tomato.

Seeing the parent-child pair reduced to tears, onlookers began to crowd around them. Some even asked them what was wrong while others were assuming things.

"I think I saw him with a gentleman out there." One of the men said.

"Excuse me pretty boy, what did the man do to you? Let us know and we'll teach him a good lesson." Obviously, seeing a pretty damsel like Seokjin in anguish would melt their hearts and were trying to fish in troubled water.

The subject of their fake concern was in no condition to speak and meekly told the bystanders to leave them alone, but to whom was he requesting? They kept on bothering him questions until he was felt anxiety wave in. Before he could have another emotional outburst, Sejin came on time shoving those prying spectators away.

"Enough. Please step aside. Don't bother us." Taking little Seongyoon in his arms, who had already fallen asleep, Sejin made way through the crowd to his car that was stationed at the parking zone.

Carefully buckling the child, as to not wake him up, the manager sat in the driver's seat and started the ignition. When the engine roared to life, he drove off. Seokjin was seated in the back seat with his head resting against the vehicle window. The view outside could not register in his mind as it was clouded with thoughts about one particular being- Jeon Jungkook. His offender.

At around 7 they arrived home. The Namseok couple was sprawled naked in their bed, tired after an 'eventful' day, with clothes scattered all over the place. (😉 ) They were half asleep. The bell rang, disrupting their privacy. Hoseok rolled to the other side, thinking that it might be his imagination but the bell continued to ring incessantly.

"Ah, Joon, can you please answer the door?" He shook his husband awake. Namjoon tsked. Hurriedly getting decent, he rushed downstairs to open the door.

"Who is it- Sejin hyung? Jin?" The tall man stepped aside, letting them in. By then Hoseok had also descended from their shared bedroom and was taken aback to see their baby brother in a completely ungroomed state, as if he was one of the survivors of a raging tempest. But no storm could be analogous to his inner turmoil. Dried tear was clearly observable on his cheeks.

On the unending request of both Namjoon and Sejin, Seokjin changed into something comfortable else he would have caught a cold. Taking the sleeping kid in his arms, Hoseok tucked him in his room after changing his clothes and dashed downstairs where the rest were seated. The couple was worried on observing the present state of Seokjin. They took the younger in their arms as he began to wail again.

"Sejin hyung what happened? Why is Jin crying?" Namjoon asked. Hoseok on the other hand was rubbing comforting circles on his back.

"I think it's better if you ask him instead. It was my duty to drop them on time and that's what I did. Please look after him. If he wants, I can cancel his schedule tomorrow." Sejin spoke in a tone laced with worry.

"Thank you Sejin hyung. And sorry for the inconvenience caused. Good night." They bowed to each other and Namjoon escorted the elder man to the gate. As soon as he returned, he asked the crying male the reason behind his distress, the question which had been hovering over his mind ever since he returned from his outing.

"What happened, Jin?"

"Hyung- I... I m-met Jung-Jungkook today." The younger male sobbed. Slowly, he narrated the incident which took place in the park.

And hell broke loose. Hoseok was cursing under his breath. Namjoon clenched both his fist and jaw. He was ready to punch that scum hard. How dare he show up after so many years? And even had the audacity to ask his brother to come back to him after what he did.

"Hyung, I'm scared. What if... what if he takes Seongyoon away from me?"

"Nobody will take our Yoon away from us. And if he tries to, then I swear I'll bury him alive!" Hoseok growled. Namjoon continued to rub soothing circles on the younger's back to calm him down.

"Appa..." The trio whipped their heads to the sweet voice calling out to his father.

"Baby," Seokjin quickly wiped his tears and replaced it with a fake smile. "Why are you awake? Let's go to sleep."

"Is Koo Koo uncle my papa?" The question tumbled out of Seongyoon's mouth was like a bombshell, startling the three adults.

"Baby you should not-" Seokjin was interrupted by Namjoon's hand on his shoulder.

"You should just tell him."

"But Joon-ah, is it necessary?" Hoseok asked.

"Indeed. Yoon has the right to be enlightened about his other parent. How long are you going to hide it from him, Jin? Do you know how upset he gets whenever he sees kids playing with both his parents? When you were away, he even asked me about his other dad. What was I supposed to say? Don't you think it would be better if he learns about his father from you instead of someone else who might misuse the information for their advantage? Someday or the other he has to learn about the greatest truth of his life." Namjoon cited.

"Should I?" The youngest of the three asked, gazing in Namjoon's direction for support, who nodded in reply.

"If you say so, then I will definitely inform him." Seokjin was determined to unveil the truth. "Yoon, come here baby." The five year old waddled across the floor and plopped down on his father's lap. "You wanted to know about your papa, isn't it?" He asked while carding his son's hair with his fingers. The kid nodded.

"Yes darling... Jungkook is your papa."


The rain had stopped. Jungkook had no clue how long he had been rooted to the ground. When the sky started to clear and stars twinkled in the evening sky, it then struck him that it was late already. His drew out his phone from his pocket and typed a message to his cousin, stating that he had some work and they should leave without him in his car. He lied. The man had just discovered about his long lost love and their child. All he wanted was to be left all alone, to let the fact sink in him. He glanced around the park and found only a few individuals apart from him. It was 8 already and amusement park would be closed down.

Hauling himself from the ground, he stood up tired and began walking where both his legs dragged him. He aimlessly roamed about in the streets and ultimately stopped in front of a beerhouse which was located at a direction further away from his house. His head throbbed painfully. He needed something strong to ease the unendurable pain in his heart. The pain which was taking roots over his heart and soul.

"One bottle of beer please." He ordered the bartender after he took his seat in the furthest corner, away from the people's sight. As it was a weekend, the amount of customers was more than usual. Dim lights, sounds of chattering and the soft, romantic melody filled the cold air but nothing could dawn on his mind. Despite some acquaintances who tried to approach him, he remained silent, drowning himself in his inner despondency.

Jungkook didn't know how long he stayed or how much he drank. With a thud he fell on the sofa on which he was seated. The empty bottle was rolling merrily on the ground while the glasses were muddled on the table. He was the only customer left and it was time for the bar to close down. His phone had been ringing unceasingly but he never bothered to answer.

"Sir? Sir it's time to close down." One of the bartenders shook his body but to no avail. He only groaned in reply. Just then his phone rang for the umpteenth time and the bartender received it, informing the person on the other side the present situation of his friend and requested him to take him back.


Mrs. Jeon had been pacing the length of the living room. It was already 12:30 in the night and her son had not returned home yet. On top of that the man wasn't even answering his mother's calls, which further intensified her tension. She called each and every number in her contact list, even some of the employees to ask her son's whereabouts but none came up with a positive reply.

It was already late at night. The maids requested her to retire to bed as it was not good for her health and even insisted that they would wait for their young master instead, but how could a mother be at peace knowing that her son was nowhere to be found?

Finally fifteen minutes later, a gush of relief coursed through the elderly woman when Jimin informed that he found her son and was returning home.

It was around half an hour later when Jimin arrived with a tipsy Jungkook, who held on to him for his dear life. Instead of standing shocked for a good five minutes like any typical mother would do, the quick-witted Mrs. Jeon passed down the order to clear the passage that was being crowded by the maids who were standing like porcelain dolls with hands on their cheeks and mouths agape and the butlers to carry her inebriate son to his bedroom.

"Thank you so much Jimin. I am extremely sorry for disturbing you at an ungodly hour but what can I do? You are the only friend he's close to." She bowed apologetically

"It's alright aunty. I was as it awake, working on my new project and thank goodness you informed me on time otherwise we would have had to file a missing complaint." Jimin assured the elderly woman.

"Jungkook was never this drunk. I was aware of his previous habits but he never drank to oblivion. Do you have a clue?"

"Not that I know of. We can get to know only when he gets back to his senses the next morning. It's quite late and I should get going. I might come to see him with Yoongi tomorrow."

After seeing her son-like Jimin off, Mrs. Jeon carried a bowl of cold water and towels to her son's bedroom. She was relieved that Jungkook was finally home, safe and sound but at the same time worried of his present drunken state. What could have happened that led him to drink to the point of insensibility? She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't realize that she was standing right outside Jungkook's bedroom.

With a slight creak, the door opened, revealing her son lying on the king-sized bed. The butler had changed his clothes so he could feel comfortable. Incoherent world tumbled out of his mouth. His mother set the tray on the nightstand and dipped the towel in the bowl of water, letting the material absorb adequate amount of water. A moment later, she took it out and wrung the towel, rinsing the excess water off. She wiped the sweaty face of her inebriate son with the moist material.

Seeing her son's present state wrenched her heart. The bags below his eyes were so noticeable. The glow in his face was lost. Creases formed on his brow every now and then.

"Jin..." Jungkook uttered a familiar name. "Please, don't leave me."

'Oh, so it's because he was missing Jin so much, that he got himself completely  drunk.'

Mrs. Jeon wished she could put an end to all his miseries. She had every right to hate Seokjin but how could she when she liked the lad and her son was the reason behind the tribulation of the poor orphan? As a mother as well as a human being, she could never have the heart to do so.

"I need you... I need you in my life... Please come back."

'I really wish the same  son.'


Seongyoon was lying peacefully in his bed. Seokjin had just disclosed the truth about his other parent. Instead of nagging his troubled parent like any other child would do, he quietly listened to his father and promised never to leave him.

It was already 2 in the morning. The ticking sound of the wall clock rung in his ears. Sleep nowhere got next to him. The brunette had been knee deep in thoughts about Jungkook. He rolled to the other side and came face to face with his little pill of happiness who, was sound asleep. Serenity was evident on his face. On close inspection, he realized how much little angel resembled his other biological parent. Apart from inheriting Seokjin's humility and intelligence, every single feature on his face screamed Jungkook- starting right from his midnight black hair to his bunny like teeth.

With utmost gentleness, he began to trace the child's features, not to wake him up, which took him to down to dusty corners of his memory lane.



(A/N: The main story starts from here

(A/N: The main story starts from here. The pic above is  Jin's  previous appearance)

'Finally! I got into my dream university!' A young lad of seventeen years of age looked up at the sky, with his hands clasped. "Appa, eomma, I hope you are happy now. I have fulfilled your wish to study in this prestigious university. Please be by my side always." A lone tear slid down the orphan's chubby cheeks, as he reminisced his parents.

Seokjin was not an orphan since the very beginning. At a tender age of fifteen, he lost his parents in a tragedy. It was during his final exams. Their parents had gone out to attend a relative's wedding, leaving him all alone at home to study. Little did he know about the dirty game that his destiny was about to play with him. Right after dinner, when was busy revising his study materials, he was interrupted by a phone call from his uncle who was at the local hospital. The young lad was notified about his parents' accident. Without further ado, with tears in his eyes and a heart filled with sorrow, he left for the hospital.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Seokjin was informed that the bus which was routed to Seoul from Gwacheon, in which his parents were travelling, fell off a cliff while taking a turn on the slippery road and majority died on the spot. Seokjin was all agog, searching for his parents. His heart contracted painfully at the calamitous and poignant sight of people hunched over dead bodies of their beloved, crying their hearts out. The bodies were covered with white sheet, probably because the condition in which they were retrieved was too horrific to look at.

Grief and misery lingered in the hospital air. Bodies kept on arriving at the hospital. He wanted to pull the white cloth just to confirm that they didn't belong to his parents but a part of him was afraid of facing the truth which his fate had in store for him. As his eyes panned over the ward, he found a familiar looking hand which was smeared with blood and watch fastened on the wrist. For a fraction of a second, his feet got cold. With agonizingly slow steps, he approached that body, with the fear it might belong to his father.

He curled his fingers around the edge of the cloth that was clouding the face of the individual and was about to yank it off when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

He turned around and saw someone familiar. "Uncle?"

"Son, this is your father's body." The man stated with grief reflecting in his voice.

"No... appa? You must be lying uncle. I want to confirm it." Saying, he turned around and was about to pull the covering off in his second attempt when he was interrupted again.

"Seokjin, I know it would be hard for you to believe me but the body indeed belongs to your father. Unfortunately he didn't survive the accident and died while he was being transported to the hospital. I have seen his state and let me tell you that you wouldn't like to see either. His body is mangled beyond recognition and I wouldn't like you to see since you're so small."

Seokjin suppressed a wail with his hands clasped on his mouth. As much as he tried to hold it in, the pain came out like an uproar from his throat like a silent scream. The beads of water began to fall down one after another, without a sign of stopping.

"Uncle... where is eomma?"

"Come with me. She wants to see you." Taking the younger's hand in his, the older man took him to the ICU where is mother was being treated.

On seeing his mother, Seokjin choked a sob.

"Seokjin..." She called out his name in her broken voice. "Come here darling." He obliged. His breath hitched at the horrifying sight of his mother wrapped in bandages and several tubes connected to her body. The ECG was keeping a track of her heart rate which was slowing down every passing moment. The deathlike pallor on her face was clearly evident.

"Mom, please don't leave me." Seokjin croaked. He already lost his father and could not afford to lose his mother. How was he supposed to live without them?

"Son, my time is coming to an end. I have to go my child. Your appa is waiting for me. Always remember, appa and I love you a lot and will always be by your side, watching over you. Take care, my baby." She then diverted her attention to her brother who had been weeping interminably.

"Oppa, Seokjin is now your responsibility. Please take good care of him in my absence and fulfill the last wish of your dying sister."

"Yes, I will." Taking her icy cold hand in his, he promised.

With that, she took her last breath and flatlined. Seokjin went berserk. He hunched over his mother's lifeless body and howled. Tears burst forth like a dam, spilling down his face. His uncle pried him off her body and pulled him closer to his chest. He unceasingly sobbed into the older man's chest, clutching his shirt. His uncle held him tightly, afraid that if he let go of the boy then he would fall, rocking him slowly as tears soaked his chest. The searing pain of losing his parents was several times more than a gaping wound.

"It's alright son. I will look after you."

With confidence and pride, the nerdy guy with old- fashioned thick-rimmed glasses and a worn out pair of jeans, walked through the iron gates of the prestigious University of Seoul. It takes a lot of effort and struggle to get into a reputable university but for a dedicated and intelligent student like Seokjin, it was just a piece of cake. Despite all the challenges that life has thrown at him, he was not only able to make it through, but passed the national entrance exam with flying colors.

He was walking down the corridor when a beautiful looking blonde who was in a hurry, collided against him, spilling the deluge of contents of the folder she was carrying in her hand. Papers went flying all over the place and landed on the concrete floor. Spectators watched and dodged the chaos. They kept moving as if they didn't see.

"Oops! Sorry miss." Seokjin flashed an apologetic smile, exhibiting the braces on his teeth.

"Watch where you're walking, you fool!" The woman hollered, disgusted by his old school looks. She should be the one to apologize instead of the innocent young lad.

"Let me help you!" Seokjin squatted down and began to pick up the notes that was littering the ground.

Stretching his hand, he tried to reach the sheet lying under that old cupboard which was stationed on the corridor for no reasons, when he ran into a pair of brown timberlands and skin fit ripped denim jeans, which he could afford only in his dreams. The young boy arched his neck, letting his line of sight to rise. The expensive clothing pushed few of Seokjin's buttons but it was the tall, muscular body that churned something inside him. He gulped audibly in nervousness. It wasn't until he reached the man's face which caused goosebumps to prickle on his skin.

The taller man sank into an elegant crouch right in front of him, hitting him with the exquisite masculinity at an eye level. Seokjin could only stare, stunned by the other's presence. Then something shifted in the air between them.

He stared back at Seokjin. His gaze was penetrating enough to suck the air of out his lungs. Reacting purely on his instinct, Seokjin shifted backwards and landed flat on his buttocks. His elbows thrummed at the violent contact with the concrete floor but he registered the pain.

Seokjin was mesmerized by the man right before him. Midnight black hair framed his sculpted face, with a slight parting on the left. Sharp jawline which could easily cut onions or any other vegetable with ease, tempting him to trace his finger along the length. A blade of sharp nose and a pair of jet black eyes that made him devilishy handsome.

The younger's heartbeat quickened as the man continued to bore holes into him. His breathing became labored. The smelled sinfully good. Was it cologne or shampoo? Maybe it could even be a body wash for all he cared. Whatever it might be, it was mouth-watering like the man himself.

He held out his hand to the younger, holding the paper, exposing his expensive Rolex watch. He accidentally grazed his hand against Seokjin.

That touch was electrifying, sending a shock down his arm that raised his hair on his nape.

"Are you alright?" He asked. His voice was manly and smooth and had a rasp that caused his stomach to flip. Seokjin felt his throat turn dry. All he could do was stare at him with his doe-like eyes.

"Oh yes!" And came the annoying voice of the blonde, disrupting the moment between them. She took the sheet from his hand, flashing a huge grin and purposely grazing her hand against his. "Thank you so much." She bowed to him and immediately left, leaving the both of them alone.

'What the heck? Thanking him and not me who actually helped her?' The younger thought.

The man stood up with grace. Pulling the younger up with him. The eye contact was maintained because he couldn't look away.

"Hey, you alright?" He asked again, which send a shiver down Seokjin's spine.

"Um... yeah. I'm fine."

It wasn't until the man jerked his hand slightly that Seokjin realized that he had been holding his hands. "S-s-sorry." With a quick apology, the younger withdrew his hands away. The man wasn't just handsome, he was captivating.

'Well, fudge you for stuttering you idiot.' The freshman reprimanded himself mentally.

He bent down to retrieve the ID card that Seokjin didn't realize that he had dropped, freeing him from the pierce gaze. His brain was then stumbled back to gear.

"Here, take it. Seok...jin? Yeah? Seokjin." His name rolled enticingly out of his mouth.

"Thank-thank you." The younger stuttered and took his ID card from the man who was the epitome of handsomeness before he walked away, not giving a fuck.

Seokjin clutched his chest to pacify his racing heart. The mounds of his cheeks had tuned into a shade of red, like a teenaged girl in love. His eyes couldn't believe what he had experienced just a moment ago.

"I just... My crush just spoke to me!"


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Chapter Text

Ever since the fifteen-year-old Seokjin lost his parents, he has been living with his maternal uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Yang. The woman never approved of her nephew's freeloading at their tiny, two-roomed apartment. She detested having guests at her house, especially anybody from her husband's family.

As it is, Mr. Yang was a clerk in an office and earned enough just to feed both of them, with another addition to their family, there would be a shortage of money. Mrs. Yang tried many ways to convince her husband into sending Seokjin to a hostel but Mr. Yang, being a generous man himself, gave shelter to his nephew. This was the main reason why the couple constantly quarreled with each other.

Seokjin was aware of Mrs. Yang's dislike towards his presence and several times convinced his uncle that he would rather live in his school's hostel than having to see his uncle and aunt fight over him, which, of course, was refused. His uncle didn't have any children, so he loved his only nephew to pieces, on top of that, he had promised his deceased sister that he would look after her son.

The orphaned teen attempted several ways to appease his aunt by doing household chores, filling water early in the morning, even cooking but her stone like heart never softened for the poor lad. The merciless woman continued to express her displeasure towards her nephew. Seokjin even tried to look for some part-time jobs, but being underage, he was refused. He never demanded anything and always had the most appealing smile etched on his lips but nobody was aware of the agony in his heart, that he cried every night to sleep, yet he didn't let the glimmer of hope die, the hope that one day his aunt would accept and love him, but, it was only an illusion.

A year passed by. Seokjin had turned sixteen and was in the final year of high school. Things were the same since the previous year. There was not even a single day where his uncle and aunt would never fight but everything crossed its limit that afternoon when Seokjin returned from school.

Just like every single day, he heard the voices of Mr. and Mrs. Yang shouting at each other at the apex of their voices. While dragging his tired feet to his tiny room, a loud sound rung in his ears followed by the confession which sent a chill down his spine.

"Your sister's family is nothing but pests. As long as they were alive, you always favored them. It's good that they are gone forever but they left that Seokjin with us. Why did he have to stay alive? I had planned on selling the orphanage and earning some handsome amount of money but no... the bank seized the land and now it's upon us to retrieve it. That Seokjin is nothing but an ominous little-"


" dare you slap me?"

"Because you deserved it, heartless bitch!" He didn't care if he cursed. Never was the man so angry before. He threw murderous glances at his wife. If murder wasn't a crime, then he would have killed her that afternoon. "What harm did that innocent boy even cause you? Just because of your selfishness and greed, we were never blessed with a child. I have never come across such a stone-hearted woman before! I wish I had never- Seokjin!!!!" Mr. Yang was intervened by his nephew's presence in their room. The older man felt a pang of guilt seeing the tear-streaked face of the lad.

"I am sorry uncle... I am sorry..." Before his uncle could console him, Seokjin ran away.

"Seokjin! Stop! Don't go!" His uncle yelled but to no avail.

"He's gone for good. Hope he doesn't come back." Mrs. Yang made a scornful remark before passing her husband by, scoffing at his bewildered expression. He wondered what on earth did the Heavens made her of.

Instead of chafing at his wife for her imprudence, Mr. Yang immediately left his apartment in search of his nephew. He searched every possible place where Seokjin could be, even his school which had already closed for the day, but there was not even the slightest trace of him. It was already evening and he was going frenzied. Where was Seokjin? He had to find his nephew, for the sake of his departed sister whom he loved so much. He could not break his promise he had made to her.


The fiery ball of fire glimmered at the line where heaven kissed the earth, scattering its last few tangerine rays onto the lofty clouds, concluding the day. Silhouettes of birds flew across the orange marmalade sky. The autumn air bore a subtle crisp of winter along with it while the leaves twirled in the mild symphony of the breeze.

At the dusty doorsteps of the closed down orphanage, there sat a lad of sixteen, leaning against the pink, mossy wall. Through teary eyes he watched the sun fall behind the horizon, leaving behind a beautiful hue of red and orange.

The last orange leaf which was clung to the branch of a bare maple tree beside was blown away by the wind, just like his hope which was dying away. He was just a burden to his only family. Nobody loved him. Nobody needed him. Oh, how he wished he could have died instead of his parents.

The church bell rang, notifying him that it was 6 pm already and he had to return to his... home? How could he call that place a home where he not welcomed? That was just a temporary shelter that he had been provided with under the generosity of his uncle. Speaking about his uncle, he had just run away in the heat of the moment and that poor old man must be worried about him.

He let out a tired sigh. At least someone cared for him.

Grabbing the adjacent wall as leverage, he hoisted himself up and began walking towards the iron gates with tired legs. His stomach growled as he had not eaten anything since afternoon, though his hunger had died down already.

Caressing both his arms as the chilly wind blew, he made his way towards the exit. With a screech as soon as he pushed open the iron gates, a piece of paper flew and got stuck on his face. Pulling it from his face, he was about to crush it and throw it away when something exciting caught his attention. It was a pamphlet rather. An advertisement for hiring new employees for a cafeteria was printed on it. What escalated his excitement was that the café was hiring employees of every age group, even school students.

"This is an opportunity to prove myself that I am no more unworthy. I will no longer remain a burden and financially help my uncle and aunt and repay whatever they had done for me."


The clock struck 8, yet there was no sign of Seokjin. Mr. Yang was almost on the verge of losing hope when he heard the door creak open, revealing his tired yet utterly blissful nephew. He ran to him and pulled the younger in a warm embrace.

"Where have you been you idiot? Do you even know how scared I was?" The older man quickly wiped the tears that had pooled in his eyes. Breaking the hug, he cupped Seokjin's cheeks. "Don't you ever do that, understood?" A nod came as a reply.

"Now tell me, where have you been for so long? God! One more minute and I was ready to lodge a missing complaint."

"Uncle, see this." Seokjin fished out the folded pamphlet from his pocket and handed it to his uncle.

"What's this?" The curious older man unfolded the glossy paper and was surprised. "An advertisement for hiring employees? Jin, don't tell me that you have-"

"Yes uncle, I did apply for this job and guess what, I got selected."

"But what about your studies? Won't it be hampered?"

"Not at all! My shift starts right after school till 6 'clock, so I will have ample amount of time to revise my lessons."

"Son, you know that I personally don't want you to do part-time jobs-"

"I can understand uncle. All I wanted is to repay whatever you and aunt, have done for me. To be honest, I don't want to be a burden anymore to you guys. So please, as my guardian, allow me to do this job."

"But son-"

"Please uncle, please!" Who was his uncle to refuse to those pair of innocent, puppy eyes? He finally gave in. "Alright then, I will let you work under the condition that you will return home early."

"Yes yes of course! Thank you." The excited lad began to jump like a puppy.

"And every month, give me whatever you earn." Seokjin turned around to see his aunt leaning against the wall with crossed arms, disgusted at the little reunion of the uncle and nephew.

"You greedy woman! How could you-"

"Okay Auntie, at the end of every month, I will give you my salary." With that the teenager retired to his room, leaving his helpless uncle and vicious aunt, who had an evil smirk on her face, behind.


It was the first day at his workplace. In order to get a good impression, Seokjin arrived at the café- The Beany Business, half an hour ago before his shift. As the cafeteria was located just opposite to the University of Seoul, it was always crowded by college students.

Seokjin was the only youngest barista among the employees and soon became everyone's, even the customer's favorite not only because of his bubbly personality and mouthwatering snacks but also his famous dad jokes which he never failed to crack every often.

Having a bad day or worried about exams? Seokjin was always there to lifts the sunken spirits and bring a smile on their faces with his humorous notes which he served along with food. No wonder why everyone was so fond of him.

One fine day, during his winter vacations, there was a scarcity of employees in the café as most of them were either sick or had taken a leave. Seokjin being the generous little bean, agreed on substituting. He was tired after working arduously for hours. I was 9 pm. One by one, customers began to leave and it was time to close the cafeteria down. Seokjin stretched his tired arms and massaged his tensed shoulders. All he wanted was a sound sleep.

Just then, the doorbell chimed, notifying him of someone entering the café.

'Who could it be at this time?' He wondered. 'Maybe Irene Noona forgot her bag again.' On coming out of the kitchen area, he saw a man dressed in all black making his way towards the tables. Judging by his appearance, he looked unfamiliar to the lad, so Seokjin fixed his cap, apron, and spectacles to look presentable. The man sat at the table which was located at the furthest corner, with his head down.

Hiding his amusement caused by the customer's appearance, the cheerful barista walked towards the designated table and bowed down, tucking his body backward.

"Sir, your order?" He spoke in his sweetest voice to the man who was busy looking at his phone.

"Yeah, one black coffee please." Seokjin felt as if someone had just poured a bottle of honey in his ears. Even though it sounded tired, the man possessed an extremely sweet yet manly voice. Without getting distracted by further, the young barista scribbled the order down on the notepad.

"Anything else sir?"

"No. That'll be all." As soon as Seokjin raised his line of sight, he was met with the most marvelous view ever. His heart skipped a beat the moment their eyes met. He had never come across anyone this handsome before, but what astonished the lad was that the beautifully sculpted face had gloom overshadowing it.

'What could be the reason behind his sadness?' The lad wondered. 'Whatever it might be, Jinnie, get ready to upturn that frown into a smile.' The determined teenager walked briskly and disappeared behind the curtains which lead to the kitchen.

Fifteen minutes later, he arrived with his order. The man at the table was looking out of the window at the fleecy snow that had begun to fall. Seokjin set his order gently on the table and took his leave before taking another glance at the person who was engaged in looking at the snow outside. Though he felt sorry for the customer, he had to leave before the weather could turn worse.

The tantalizing aroma of the fresh coffee brought him back to his senses. When looked at the tray which was placed before him, he knitted his eyebrows in amazement. He had ordered just coffee, not any additional dish. Then why there was a cranberry muffin along with the coffee? Was he given someone else's order? He looked around and found that he was the only customer present. He was going to complain to the manager but he felt his stomach grumble in hunger, so without thinking much, he decided to eat the muffin.

As soon as he finished eating the muffin, he found a small a note which was tucked beneath the wrapper. He opened it and began reading the contents.

"When you're feeling sad, just remember that somewhere in the world, there's a moron pushing a door that said pull.


P.S: The cranberry muffin is a compliment from the great KSJ in exchange for your smile."

"What the heck?" The man almost yelled. With a frown on his face, he crushed the paper but instead of throwing it away, he unfolded it and re-read the contents. The frown was soon replaced with a grin. He safely kept it inside his wallet.

He wanted to see the one who had served him his coffee. He rushed inside the kitchen area but the manager stopped him.

"Sir you cannot go inside, this is the restricted zone."

"But I really need to see your employee who brought me my order." The customer pleaded.

"Sorry, but we cannot allow you. Only our workers are allowed in here. Please, sir, rules are rules and you have to comply with us."

He walked back defeated to his table to collect his belongings, mentally thanking the waiter who managed to do something which nobody ever did.

Little did Seokjin know that he succeeded in his venture of making his gloomy customer smile.

The man dressed in all black was had finished paying the bill when his phone rang. He fished out his phone and received the call.

"Yes, mom?"

"Jungkook where are you? It's so late!"

" I'm on my way home."

Ending the conversation, he put his smartphone back and headed towards the exit door, with thoughts about the little note and its sender clouding on his mind. He didn't even realize that he had been smiling all the time since he received the note. The night would sure be a memorable one for him.

"KSJ huh, I wish to meet you in person one day."


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Chapter Text



Though being born and brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth, the supposed only heir of the Jeon family, Jeon Jungkook had been an unruly child since his early teens which had aggravated over the years, the outcome of over-pampering of his parents, Jeon Junghyun and Jeon Jiwoo. His father, Mr. Jeon, the chairman of Jeon Industries was a reputed industrialist and the most benevolent and generous human being anyone has ever known but on the contrary, his son was a total brat who could care less about others.

Jungkook had a huge fan following in college. From freshmen, to final year, he was the universal crush, which he would always take advantage of, like making his fans do his homework or rubn a few errands. He would endlessly and shamelessly flirt with easy targets, only to break their hearts mercilessly later on, once his victim falls prey to his advances. He was known as the "Cold Prince" and very commonly as "Heartbreaker"

One thing he disliked vehemently was being addressed as "oppa". If any girl would call him oppa, then he would simply narrow his eyes, twitch his eyebrows and turn away, only to look back after a few steps and throw his signature smirk, which his fan would just die for, and say, "Not your oppa. Call me senpai**."

His group, rather gang consisted of the rich and spoiled brats with whom he had been friends since high school. His friends circle consisted of Mark Tuan, Jackson Wang, Kim Yugeom and Bambam. They were the most popular kids of the college. Together they would bully his juniors and play sickening pranks on them. Afraid of their status, their victims would not dare to complain against them as that would end up them facing dire consequences. Usually the other four of them bullied the most while Jungkook would just sit and back and watch, sometimes harass the poor students a bit and have his share of enjoyment. They targetted weaklings to serve their purpose and let out sadistic nature.

The oblivious Mr. and Mrs. Jeon were unaware of the little devil that resided in him. To them, Jungkook would, rather pretend to be a loving and doting son, whose advantage he would always take.


Ever since that day, Jungkook became a frequent customer of The Beany Business café. He would be present either with his gang or with his "date" which only consisted of rich and bratty girls but he hardly ever noticed them because the only person mattered to him was his crush. Jungkook was never into any serious relation. He preferred dating for a week, have some fun and would part ways. No strings attached.

Seokjin would always admire him from afar because he was afraid to face him. He knew he was no match to him because Jungkook was the perfect prince while he was just a pauper, trying to make both ends meet. From one of his contemporaries, the young boy came to know that he person on whom he has a crush is none other than Jeon Jungkook, the supposed heir of Jeon Empires. No matter how many times he tried to make himself look presentable, his confidence always dropped to the floor whenever he would see the man himself, which is why he would avoid his table while serving. His aura itself was enough to snatch his breath away, let alone be his adorable bunny smile.

The sixteen year old would often watch him, interacting with his peers behind the wall that separated the reception are from the kitchen. He was too afraid as well as timid to approach the prince of his heart. Even though he was a chirpy and chatty himself, his mouth seems to get automatically sealed whenever he would see the man he was so infatuated with. Seokjin was just contended adoring Jungkook from a distance and basking in the happiness in seeing him smiling.


Another year passed by, Seokjin was now a high school graduate and had made it to the prestigious University of Seoul as per his departed parents' wish. Since his childhood, he had always dreamt of becoming a media personnel, but owing to his not-so-attractive looks, he discarded the idea and instead, enrolled himself in Journalism course. At least, he could do wonders by staying in the background.

As he walked through the huge iron gates, he was in complete awe of the grandeur and the expansiveness the institute possessed. The campus was erected on a land of several acres. Buidlings were segragated according to the departments. The university was gigantic enough to encase a playground for soccer, a basketball court, a tennis court, a swimming pool, three auditoriums and central library. Apart from these, the every department possessed their own seminar hall which was used by the students of the respective department themselves.

While walking through the corridor, Seokjin came across a series of framed pictures hung on a stoned wall. The pictures belonged to the notable alumni of the university. At the end, names, course duration and their contribution to the society were mentioned. Among them, he came across a familiar name, Jeon Jung Hyun.

"Oh, so Jungkook's father was also a student of this school? No wonder people say, 'Like father like son'." He murmured. Lost in his thoughts, he didn't realize that he bumped into a blonde girl who dropped her stuffs which she was carrying, and a series of events occurred where his crush noticed him for the first time, rather he got noticed by his crush, and he found himself smiling idiotically for the entire day. So that was how Seokjin spent the first day of his college.

As a new academic year had begun, some teachers were on high alert, keeping an eye on the senior students to prevent bullying of the freshmen. The first few weeks actually proved to be tiring for them. Finally they breathed a sigh of relief when they saw none of the senior students were engaged in their. But as the saying goes, when the cat is away, the mice will play. As soon as the enforced emergency condition was taken down, the infamous quintet was back to their original selves.

Mark and Jackson were standing with their back against a pillar, searching for some easy targets, with a lit cigarette held between their fingers. The rest of the members were attending classes while the two of them decided to skip. As soon as the bell rang, swarms of students made their way out of their classrooms. Panning their eyes across the corridor, they finally found their scapegoat. A scrawny-looking fellow who could hardly carry the weight of his bag on his shoulders, even though he was 18, his undernourished look made him look no more than 15 as he came from relatively a poor family. The malnourished guy was immediately pulled by the two rouges to the corner by his collar.

"Hey you? What's your name?" Jackson asked who had gripped on to his collar, causing the junior student to yelp.

"Um... S..Sanha" He mewled.



"Look, we've got nothing to do with your name." Sanha was suddenly dropped to the ground and he immediately adjusted his clothes. "So starting from today, for this entire week, you will be our pet, understood? You will do everything that we say, but..." Mark inched a step closer, pulling the guy again by gripping on to his shirt, "if you try to escape or complain to the teachers," his mouth turned into a devilish grin while Sanha shuddered in fear "be ready to face the music. Is that understood?"

"Y...yes...sir" The poor fellow was shivering under their domineering gazes.

"That's good. Now polish our shoes."

Sanha looked around to see the spectators watching him helplessly. No one dared to utter a word. They were aware of the notorious quintet who always troubled their juniors.

Embarrassed, the student took out his neat handkerchief from his pocket and crouched down. With tears brimming in his eyes, he began to polish their shoes. He cursed himself several times, he didn't expect this to happen to him. He just wished that a teacher came by and would watch the ordeal that he was going through.

"Make sure it shines. The shoes are way too expensive you see and would cost you a fortune." The troublesome duo laughed as they made their "pet" do something so menial.

"Dust properly at the sides you idiot." Mark hollered, flinching the poor guy. While the senior guys were enjoying the task, the other students watched Sanha with pitiful eyes. They could do nothing for their fellow mate, afraid that they might be their next target.

Seokjin descended the flight of stairs and was taken aback to see the crowd of students. "Hey, make way! I'm getting late for my class!"

"That's enough. Get up now." Jackson ordered. Sanha immediately got up and threw his bag on his shoulders. Jackson took out some papers from his pocket and handed it over to the younger boy.

By then Seokjin had made his way through the crowd and was surprised to see the seen unfold before him with pure resentment.

"This is our assignment. Make sure you complete them by tomorrow, otherwise?" Sanha's trembling hands were about to hold the papers when he heard someone's voice.

"Making someone else do your homework, one who is unaware of your course, is that very right of you?" Seokjin spoke with eyes narrowing at them. Injustice was something he couldn't tolerate, especially inflicted on someone weaker.

"What do you mean? And who the bloody hell are you?" Mark yelled at him, surprised by his audacity. "Do you know who are we?"

"Who I am, is something you need not know but I know you guys are spoiled brats who take advantage of weaker people."

"You little-" Jackson had almost lifted his fist to throw a punch at Seokjin when he got interrupted by his words.

"I guess you don't even know your subjects properly that's why you make others do your homework." Few giggles were heard from the crowd, which annoyed the two senior students all the more.

"Just get the hell out of here!"

"I will, but first answer my questions. If you are unable to then you not bully others."

"And if we're able to, then?"

"Then I will be your slave for a month." Seokjin spoke with confidence.

"Seokjin no. Just leave it, I will do your homework sir." Sanha pleaded.

"Aww... poor baby got scared huh? Fine. Challenge accepted." Mark announced. He high-fived Jackson as he knew that he would eventually win the challenge.

"Okay, so answer me. What is it that goes up once but doesn't come down?"

"Um... what is it? Apple? No it falls down.. I cant understand."

"Why is it that to stop Windows 98, you have to click on Start?"

"Um..." They scratched their heads, trying to think of an answer but they were being bombarded with never-ending questions.

"Why does the sun lighten our hair, but darken our skin?"

They looked at each other with shear confusion. They couldn't recall signing up for this.

"Can blind people see their dreams?"

"Why is there an expiration date on sour cream?"

"Why isn't 11 pronounced "onety-one"?"

"If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?"

"If you mated a bull dog and a shitsu, would it be called a bullshit?"

"Why are Softballs hard?"

"Shouldn't the opposite of shut up be shut down?"

"Ya just shut up! Stop it. Enough is enough!" Mark and Jackson's heads were now spinning because of the questions. They had not expected that the shabby looking guy would be such a savage. The smirk of victory on Seokjin's face didn't go unnoticed by them. Bystanders watched how a show was made out of them in amazement. It didn't take long enough for them to realize that they would have be having a hard time because of him.

"You cheated us. None of the questions you asked were related to our course!" They yelled at the younger.

"Well well well, who said that I would be asking questions related to your subject in the first placed?" And the crowd burst into laughter, infuriating them more. Jackson was about to land a punch on the younger when Mark stopped him by placing his hand on his shoulder.

"Now that I have won the challenge, I'll take my leave. You see, I'm already 5 minutes late for my class." Seokjin walked away sassily, leaving the two of them to throw curses at him. The spectators too left, without paying a heed to them.

"First time... for the first time ever someone has insulted me so much in my life. I swear on my words Mark, had you not stopped me, I would have strangled him right then!" Jackson yelled, running his fingers through his hair in frustration.

"Don't be stupid Jack, you think I'm not annoyed? Hell I'm outraged as much as you are. Never did I feel so insulted ever in my life... but mark my word, I'll take revenge on him. He's a fiesty little one, isn't it? If not us, then we will use our trump card to seek revenge." A fiendish smile etched on his lips.

"You mean him?"

"Do you have a doubt?"