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Short Fuse

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Today had just been like all the others - lectures, individual training, and doing other activities related to strengthening your quirk. Besides your freaky homeroom teacher and wild classmates, you enjoyed UA High and its academic environment. It was, to say the least, a huge upgrade from your former high school in America. Here, there was definitely some formidable competition.

It was going on for nearly 2 A.M. now, and your face was still crammed in a bunch of notes and assignments from last class. Tonight in particular, for whatever reason, it was hard for you to fall asleep. After lying in bed and staring at the ceiling for what felt like hours on end, your brain suddenly decided that now was the time to haul ass and get studying for next week’s exam. Yep, just another regular ‘ol peaceful night.




Until a fucking hole was blasted into the wall behind you.

Upon hearing the disturbingly violent explosion, your entire body stiffened up. Shit, you were able to feel the dust and wall debris get all over you and your precious notebooks. Your mind was racing. A villain attack at this time of night? In the dormitories? Within U.A.’s borders?

Using your foot that was anchored to the floor, you turned yourself around on your swivel chair to see just what the hell had happened. And standing right in the opening, across the room, with his arm still stretched out mid-punch…

Was Katsuki fucking Bakugou.

Your mouth reacted before your brain could process the situation. “The hell’s your problem?!” You yelled.

The expression Bakugou wore went straight to your nerves, somehow as if he was asking the same question without actually having to speak.

“You- I don’t have a fucking problem!” He so eloquently stated. “I-”

“Why did you destroy my wall?!”

“First of all, it was an accident , and second...”

Realization flashed across Bakugou’s faced as he seemed to finally recognize who he was speaking to.

You … I’m fucking pissed!” He exclaimed. “Transferring from America a month into the school year, and you immediately get individualized training and shit? The fuck’s up with that?!”

Bakugou squinted his eyes at you, a vein popping out on his forehead, “No one even knows what your shitty quirk is!”

You remained silent, still seated in your swivel chair with your eyes practically burning holes into Bakugou. You’ve heard stories about him during training and had to suffer through his insolent shouting during homeroom every class, and now he storms into your room in the middle of the night, breaks your stuff, yells at you, and insults your quirk? It’s as if he’s saying you weren’t worthy enough to be where you are now.

Wait, scratch that. That’s exactly what he’s saying. After years and years of training and preparation, you were accepted into U.A. through an official recommendation, which is already hard enough to accomplish on its own, not to mention also being a transfer student from another country . The standards were through the roof, and this Bakugou guy was standing there spitting on them!

“Watch yourself.” You were seething. “I don’t know about you, but I worked extraordinarily hard to be able to attend U.A., so unless you want us to both be expelled, how about we fix this before someone finds out?”

Reminding Bakugou of the potential consequences of his actions seemed to give him a slight nudge in regaining his composure, at least to an extent. You were not going to let yourself be expelled for misconduct, of all things.

You stood up and walked towards the gaping hole joining his and your dorms and looked Bakugou straight in his blood red eyes, jabbing a finger into his stiffened chest.

“I don’t know what issues you have with me today, but I’ll be more than happy to fight it out with you tomorrow during training if a fight with me is what you’re looking for.”

He slapped your hand away. It was almost funny how many of his veins were throbbing with unbridled anger.

“I’ll kill you,” he threatened.

“Yeah, how about you do that after we clean up?” You suggested, dismissing his threat. You bent down to grab a piece of the destroyed wall. “Grab a trash can, would you?”

“Don’t fucking tell me what to do, you extra. I’m not a moron.”

Jeez. The nerve of this guy…

You sighed in annoyance and tried your best not to lash out at your newly found… neighbor? No, no. New roommate . Being so focused on your studies and excelling in the Hero Course, you didn’t really pay attention to who else shared the same dorm floor as you, as it wasn’t something you considered to be that important. After all, it’s only been a little while since you moved in, and you also weren’t exactly here to make friends, but it was also just your luck that the person who lived next door was the most irritable, egotistical, and unbearable person in your class. In fact, the list could go on.

Sometimes you wondered if the universe was out to get you.

Anyways, back to the main issue. Shit was everywhere ; dust, bits of wood paneling and stone was scattered around your room, yet Bakugo’s was left practically untouched. It was totally unfair and it didn’t seem like there would be any rational way to explain the mess to your teachers… without getting anyone in trouble, at least. Yeah, you were nice like that. You weren’t going to rat him out. Even if Bakugou was just another undeserving asshole, real heroes don’t put others down for their own satisfaction.

Bakugou set his trashcan nearby and begrudgingly began cleaning up as well. For the most part, the both of you were silent and quite efficient in tidying up your dorm, despite the unspoken, unresolved tension that was hanging heavy in the air. Or to put it in better words: a fight just itching to happen. You tried your best to keep the insults on your tongue.

By the time the mess was fully taken care of, it was already past five in the morning. Psh , it’s not like you needed rest tonight anyways. And besides, you probably wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep even if you tried. Guess it was just one of those unlucky days.

You tied up another stuffed garbage bag and dragged it off to the side while Bakugou was sweeping up whatever bits of dust remained on the floor. It surprised you how thorough he was, the way he used his broom with a vigor previously unknown to you. But then again, it was his fault your room ended up like this, so you decided it was reasonable to settle for nothing short of spot-free.

Well, spot-free excluding the giant fucking hole. That would have to be taken care of later.

“I’m going to bring down the trash now, so…” you said to him from your room.

“Whatever,” Bakugou huffed.

It was a bit difficult to get two gigantic garbage bags out of the small doorway, but you somehow managed. As silently as the crinkling plastic allowed, you dragged the hefty load down three flights of stairs, then to the nearest dumpster outside the building. The muscles of your arm strained as you tried to flip the weight over your shoulder, though you were successfully able to get both of them into the damned thing.

Phew, tough it up, buttercup. This is just the beginning. I can do this, you thought. Being a hero would involve more than just being able to use your quirk correctly. Physical training and keeping your body in top shape was one of the many factors you had to maintain, and of course you would have to deal with other people as well; citizens, heroes, and villains alike. You expected as much, though you never had to deal with anything even remotely close to the disaster that was Bakugou.

You dusted yourself off and began making your way back inside the dorms and to the stairway. It was still early and the sun was just barely starting to peak over the surrounding trees. Even then, no one else seemed to be dwelling around the common room and halls. Probably meant everyone else was still asleep. Good. Excellent. There was still enough time for a well-deserved, peaceful shower.

From the hallway of the third floor, Bakugou and your dorms looked perfectly untouched and normal. Unless someone were to try and break inside either room, the calamity that occurred within would safely remain undiscovered. You treaded lightly to your door and gave the knob a gentle turn and push, taking care in not making any additional sounds. Bakugou seemed to have already beaten you to bathing, if his empty room and missing uniform that was folded up on his bed said anything (when had you noticed it was there?). You grabbed a clean uniform of your own from your now roughed-up closet, and headed down to the girls’ bathroom for a shower as well.




“Ah, I’m so tired,” Yaoyorozu yawned. “I couldn’t get any sleep for some reason! I swear there was this huge noise last night…”

You sucked in your breath, feeling a hotflash run through your body. The heavens were not pleased today.

“Yeah, uh, me too,” you said, rubbing the back of your head. “I couldn’t go back to sleep after I heard it.”

Hey, at least it wasn’t a lie.

You were waiting with Yaoyorozu outside of Class 1-A for the first bell. Ever since you got accepted, she’d been very helpful in showing you around the school, as well as being a great study partner. Having friends wasn’t really your primary goal, but Yaoyorozu was definitely the closest thing you had to one in this school. You guys had a sort of morning routine going; she would meet you in the common room after your shower, you would travel together into town to grab a quick breakfast, then you’d walk back to U.A. and finish your food by the time you returned to the classroom door. It was kind of her, going out of her way to help you familiarize with the area.

Inside the class, Iida was already in his seat, back straight and both arms on the desk like he was playing an arcade game. You admired how dedicated this guy was, always the first to show up and usually the last one to leave, too. You and Yaoyorozu entered the room after she finished her breakfast. Your desk was located in the back left corner of the classroom, right in front of Yaoyorozu and behind Midoriya. A girl named Jirou had told you that the previous occupant of your seat was expelled for repeated instances of offences that were… rather sexual in nature, though thankfully it allowed you to be fit into 1-A even after the semester had begun.

“I wonder what Mr. Aizawa has planned for us today,” Yaoyorozu said. “I’m so jealous that you get your own training!”

You set your bag down and started to take out your notebooks and pens. “I don’t think it’s anything too different from what you guys do,” you replied. “My instructor told me it would only last for a little while; after they collect enough information about my quirk, they said they’d fit me back into the class activities.”

“How exciting!” She beamed. “I never asked before, but what exactly is your quirk? Not to be rude or anything, of course.”

You gave her a light smile and waved off her concerns of being impolite. “Don’t worry about it. My quirk’s called Water Manipulation. It’s just as simple as the name implies; basically I’m just able to control water molecules. Nothing too fancy.” Not yet, at least.

“Ah, that’s so fascinating! I’ve never met anyone with a water elemental quirk before,” Yaoyorozu exclaimed, her eyes lighting up in genuine excitement. “I’ll be looking forward to seeing you in action sometime.”

You nodded to her as she went to sit down behind you then looked down to your phone. 8:58 a.m. Class was going to start soon. Your peers slowly filed into the class, some in small groups, others came in by themselves, making the existing friend groups rather obvious. Tokoyami wordlessly took his assigned seat to your right, as well as Midoriya who sat in the desk in front of you. You didn’t mind where your own assigned seat was. On a good day, the only person you’d have to talk to would be Yaoyorozu and that Kaminari kid who would routinely ask if you had any plans later in the day. Seriously, that one is relentless; no matter how many times you’d politely decline his invitations to eat or ‘chill’, he’d always come back the next day to ask the same thing again. Poor dude really can’t take a hint.

Your attention was shifted to the door as your scruffy homeroom teacher shuffled inside.

“Morning, class,” Aizawa greeted, voice barely any louder than a half-assed mumble. He dragged himself to the podium in the front of the class. “Today we’ll be doing graded partner quirk training in order to assess how well you can cooperate and utilize your abilities.”

Ah, you forgot. Today you didn’t have your independent lectures or training because of this co-op exercise. It’ll be the first time you’ll be able to work with one of your peers. You immediately turned around and gave Momo the ‘hey-let’s-be-partners’ look only to see that she had beat you to it. This was great! Now you’re guaranteed to get a partner you can work well with and-

“Half of you will draw your partner randomly from this bucket,” Aizawa announced, giving the container he was holding a shake, earning a collective groan from the rest of the class.

Shit. Okay.

It seems like the people who will be choosing from the bucket was already pre-decided, judging from how Mr. Aizawa selectively skipped certain people. When it was your turn, you gave the tags a good shuffle and took one. Yaoyorozu also had to take a tag, ensuring that you guys won’t be teamed up at all. You must be cursed or something.

Well, actually, it can’t be all that bad. You looked around the class to assess your chances. Midoriya didn’t have to draw, and neither did Todoroki or Asui. You looked down at the folded tag. Normally you wouldn’t be this nervous, but Mr. Aizawa did mention that this would be graded . To stay competitive in Japan’s hero industry, you desperately needed to keep your place at the top. Especially as a foreigner, and especially in the country that is known for having the best heroes in the world.

You took the name tag in your hands and flipped it open. It was at that moment you realized the day could not get any worse.

Partner: Bakugou Katsuki

You slumped back in your chair and let out an audible groan. Of course, of all people in the class, of all the other names you could have drawn, your fingers reeled in the one person you already couldn’t stand. You could already see the dreams for your future slipping away.

“No! Snap out of it!” You scolded yourself. Heroes are supposed to overcome any obstacle thrown in their way! Heroes are supposed to persevere… to never give up. You marched your ass over to Bakugou’s desk and slammed the name tag onto it. Your eyes were met with a piercing red glare.

“Hey,” you said, forcing a crooked smile. “Looks like we’re gonna be partners.”

Bakugou looked at you. Then at the piece of paper. Then back at you. He blinked his eyes in slight disbelief.

“You’ve gotta be fucking joking.”