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Tiger's Chains

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“Stay where you are!” a guard yelled pointing his arrows down at the wolf at the gate.  “You do not belong here wolf, this is Nekoma kingdom!”


The wolf smiled, lifting his hands into the air.  “I am here to trade with the royal family, I offer something they wish to have,” he told the guard, unmoving when the arrow flew past his head, hitting the ground behind him, not once flinching.  A test, one would run away from, but he stood his ground.


“State your name wolf.”


“Kuroo Tetsurou,” Kuroo’s smile widened as the gate slowly opened as he dropped his hands to the side, he’s been through these ropes before with trading with different kingdoms, the Bear kingdom was the most difficult, he almost lost an arm getting past the guards, it was thrilling.  


The wolf walked past the outline village of the kingdom, the villagers staring at him, holding their children close.  Wolves weren’t part of a kingdom, they roamed the lands unclaimed and in between kingdoms, they were known to trade, to kidnap, to be paid to steal from other kingdoms.  He stole a precious gem from the Crow kingdom for the Eagle kingdom, they paid him nicely for that. He stopped as a child bumped into him, he stared down at the girl, her hair more red than gold with black tiger stripes in it.  Her tiger ears flattening as she ran off, to an adult hugging him around the legs.


Kuroo smiled, waving towards her, gaining the civilians trust slowly, not wanting to cause anymore tension.  He walked on, going deeper into the kingdom, the richer part of it. The bazaar was full of villagers, the voices quieting down as he walked through.  Really, he didn’t think his look was intimidating, was it his wild hair? His choker? The tiny furry vest what hid nothing? It was probably all of him.  


Though the tigress’s were pretty, the male tiger’s were equally as intimidating.  Most of them wore their hair in mohawks, their tiger stripes on their scalp. Some had tattooed tiger stripes onto their bodies.  He walked, hearing some hiss towards him as he walked up to a jewelry shop, looking at the gold hoops. “How much?” he asked looking up at the tigress, eyeing him waringly.  


“Four gold pieces,” she spoke, eyes narrowing as the wolf took his pouch off his belt.


“Is that all?” Kuroo hummed as he took out four gold pieces, giving it over to her as he picked up the hoop earring, he smiled as he took out the stud in his wolf ear, replacing it with the hoop.  “How does it look?” he asked as the tigress just frowned at him. “Alright, alright, I’ll leave,” he chuckled leaving the shop, heading towards the castle.

“Wolf!” An elder yelled horrified.


“No, a sheep!” The wolf yelled back, rather annoyed by the villagers, if he wasn’t on a job he’d bite all their heads off and eat the young, but he had to behave.  For now. It wasn’t long before he was at the castle gates, the arrow pointing at him again, whizzing past his head, to the ground behind him. He stared at the guards as the gates opened up.


The Tiger Kingdom’s castle was smaller than most, it was done in reds and golds, in the sunset it was beautiful, the sun causing the gold to glitter in the light.  He walked past guards that stared him down, one leading him to the throne room, where the tiger king sat upon. He kneeled down, his head face the ground.


“Stand,” the king spoke to the wolf as he stood up.  “Speak your name and reason.”


“I am Kuroo Tetsurou, I am here to bring a gift to the kingdom,”  Kuroo spoke eyeing the prince next to the king, he looked much more threatening than the old tiger looking down at him.  


“What kind of gift,”  the prince frowned raising his nose. “We need no gift from a wolf.”


“It is tiger’s eye, a stone you’re kingdom has been looking for, the stone what only tiger’s can read” the wolf watched as the prince and king stared at each other.


“We have no need for the stone anymore, we already have our heart,” the king replied, leaning back against the throne.  “You are dismissed.”


“My lord,” Kuroo barked quickly.  “Then I offer it too you, to place in the kingdom, I have no need for it,” he bowed, his ears twitching as he heard something behind the curtain, he tilted his head slightly, catching a small male tiger peeking from behind the red silk, the fur on his ears standing up as he hid again.  


He straightened, turning from the king and prince, walking towards the doors, the image of the small male tiger burned into his mind.  The wide golden eyes, the shoulder length black and gold hair. The tiger he needed, was him.


Kuroo looked at the guards with their back turned away from him, slowly he slipped away.  Hiding behind statues as he moved to find another entrance to the castle. He hid as a group of maids stood talking.


“I want to see The heart so bad, the prince talks about his innocent looks all the time, that his wide eyes can read right through someone!”


“I heard he can talk to the animals in the kingdom!”


“I heard he was saved by a goddess, and given powers to protect the land!”


“Is that why he seems to never age!”


“I wish I worked in the basement, I want to see him too…”


Kuroo scoffed rolling his eyes.  There was no such thing of any of them having magical powers.  Though he was more curious of the tiger. He would be the perfect gift, for another kingdom.  He hid until the group dispersed, leaving him alone in the outside hall. He watched where the maid that does see the tiger, walked off too.  He stalked behind her slowly, watching as she took out keys to a door. Kuroo watched closely as she opened and closed the door, walking next to the door, he tested the knob, mentally cheering as the maid didn’t lock it behind her.  He opened the door quietly, peering inside, a set of stairs going down was all what was behind the door. It must lead to the basement.


Carefully he descended his down the steps, the fire of torches lighting his way down.  Further and further he went until he could hear the maid’s voice talking to someone. He peered around the corner, seeing a wooden crate beside him.  He moved, hiding behind it before peeking out. This wasn’t a basement, it was a chamber. The ceiling went high above, light from the sun shining down into it.  There was a soft circular bed in the middle with red silk blankets covering it, and there on top of the bed was the tiger. The small tiger he had seen hiding behind the curtain.  He wondered how he got here so fast, if there was another way out he had made, with the door being locked.


Kuroo kept his eyes on the tiger.  He was gorgeous. A perfect gift. His skin appeared to be unmarked, his hair untouched.  Simply breathtaking. Yet? Was he not a bride to the prince? Was he not a servant either?  


“Our dear heart, there was a wolf here today, he wanted to gift us the tiger eye stone, surely we made the right decision to turn him away.”


“A wolf has ill intentions, destruction comes whenever they appear, may the kingdom be in peace…”


The tiger’s voice was soft and quiet, just like his features.  Though Kuroo couldn’t say he was wrong, he smirked watching the two.  Was the tiger like a priest to them? A seer of sorts? A pure tiger. That is why he is untouched.  His smirk grew, licking his lips. The maid turning from the tiger, walking back to the stairs. The wolf pressed himself close to the crate, watching as she ascended up the stairs.  Peaking back out from the corner, Kuroo watched the tiger yawn, laying down on the bed, tail flicking. His robe he wore laying losely, revealing his chest and bottom half, his thigh covering his private part.


Kuroo straightened as he walked from behind the crate.  “You sure know a lot about wolves, don’t you?” he spoke, amused as the tiger jumped from his lying position, covering himself with the robe he wore, eyes wide, the fur on his ears and tail standing up.  “So you’re what the call the “heart of the kingdom”,” the wolf hummed as he circled the bed, looking at the unmarked skin.


“Get out,” the tiger spoke, keeping his eyes on the wolf.


“Or what?  That maid that just left and locked the door will save you?”  Kuroo chuckled, approaching the bed. “Come now kitten, I just saw you hiding up there behind the curtain and thought you looked interesting, you don’t look like the other tigers, your frame is much smaller, your hair is longer, your skin,” he paused, grabbing the tiger’s leg, tugging it out, listening to him yelp as the robe fell.  “Unmarked,” he grinned, looking at the exposed male.


The tiger hissed as he kicked himself free from the wolf’s hands.  Covering himself back up. “I’m not a kitten, and I’m not a prize for your taking,” he hissed, swiping his hand towards the wolf.


“Tsk, sadly, you’re not a, you’re a gift to someone who is going to pay me a very large amount of gold.”


“You will not take me anywhere, the kingdom will not allow it, the guards will come for me when I scream.”


“My little tiger,”  Kuroo chuckled grabbing the male again, taking hold of his chin, pulling him close.  “If only the kingdom was going to still be alive,” he cooed, as the ground shook, the tiger’s eyes widening.  “I feel like playing, I’ll let you hide...and I’ll find you,” he grinned shoving the tiger’s face away, as the door was busted open, a large rock rolling down the stairs.  


“Start running.”


He watched the tiger scramble to get up from the bed, the ground shaking causing him to wobble before rushing up the stairs.  


The wolf tilted his head, counting to himself, giving the tiger time before he took off after him.  He ran up the stairs, hearing people’s screams as he climbed, before reaching the opening. Beautiful.  The kingdom was inflames, wolves and snakes cutting, tiger knights and maids down. A head rolling in front of him.  Yes, he was going to be paid very nicely.


Kuroo lifted his head sniffing the air for the tiger’s scent, catching it as the castle caught fire.  He howled, running in the direction of the tiger’s scent, his pack joining him, howling as they ran from behind.  “Don’t hurt him, we need him unscratched and unharmed,” he yelled at the pack as they closed in on the tiger, what had fled to the forest part of the kingdom, the fire spreading through the trees.  He grinned, slowing down as he approached the tiger hiding behind the bush. “Hello kitty!” he howled the tiger jumping from his spot, trying to run as the wolf grabbed his robe’s. The tiger letting it be pulled from his body as he ran naked.


Kuroo nearly laughed as the tiger thought he could run from him as a net was thrown on top of him, pulling him to the ground, his pack surrounding the small tiger.  


“How did you find me?”  the tiger yelled struggling in the net as the wolf approached him.


“Don’t you know, wolves have their own way of finding their prey,” The wolf grinned, fire behind him as he watched the tiger’s expression turn scared as his pack removed the net, holding him down as they placed a collar and chain around his neck, giving the chain to him before forcing to tiger to his feet.  “Now, I believe we have a present to give to Nohebi.”

The tiger’s mouth ran dry hearing the snake kingdom’s name leave the wolf’s mouth.  He was tugged forward, the kingdom burning around them. His eyes filled with horror as they past fallen villager’s both old and young.  “Nohebi did this?” he shook, looking behind him as the castle started to crumble.


“All because of you,”  Kuroo replied, pulling the tiger close to him, his hand stroking the male’s hair, rolling it between two fingers.  “If only you hadn’t been pure, if only the snakes weren’t watching you the whole time, maybe Nekoma wouldn’t be burning now.”  He laughed tugging the tiger forward as they walked past the kingdom gates, Nohebi knights following behind them as they walked, he was amused by the tiger, covering his front with his hands now, embarrassed being naked in front of the pack and knights as they walked.


They walked up a hill, stopping.  He looked down seeing the tiger turn to look at the falling Nekoma kingdom.  They could see the fire clearly from up top. “Even when it’s burning, Nekoma is still a beautiful kingdom,” Kuroo muttered looking back down at the tiger, his ears flat against his head, striped tail laying flat, he could see the tears in his eyes. The wolf bit the inside of his cheek turning around, tugging on the chain, the knights walking ahead of them.  


“All because of me,” the tiger whispered, following the wolf.


“All because of you,”  Kuroo replied, leading him down the hill.  “But don’t worry, your new home will treat you well, and it’s just as gorgeous.”


“You’re lying, you’re selling me to Nohebi, a kingdom known for kidnapping and burning small kingdom’s for pleasure, I’m not a villager there, I’m a slave,” the tiger hissed.


“A very special slave, the last tiger on this planet, one for the king himself,” the wolf kept his gaze ahead.  “Though if you’re not careful,” he purred looking down, pulling the tiger close to him again. “I think I might take you for myself too,” he laughed as the tiger swiped at him with a crimson face.  “But, I’m not in the mood to be on the other side of the Nohebi’s kings anger today, no matter how much I like pissing off the bastard, I have a feeling he’ll be extra protective of you.”


Silence fell between the two as they got closer to the Nohebi kingdom.  “What’s you name?” The tiger finally spoke, looking at the snakes wrapped around the trees, his stomach twisting in knots.


“Kuroo Tetsurou,”  Kuroo told him, a snake snapping at them, as he bared his teeth at it.  One of the Nohebi knights yelling at it to stand down. “What’s your name?”  


The tiger stayed silent as he stared in front, the gates to Nohebi slowly opening.  “Kenma,” was all the tiger said before yelping as a sack was placed over his head, hands grabbing hold of his arms as his wrists were tightly tied together.


“Well, Kenma, thank you for making me rich.”


Kenma yelled as he struggled against the restraints, the chain attached to the collar around his neck pulling him roughly as he stumbled blindly.  He couldn’t see, he was in enemy territory what just murdered his home and he was cared, scared for what was to come. He struggled and cried, the bag making him feel claustrophobic, he could hear people talking, people laughing as he walked through the kingdom naked and blind, he was embarrassed.  At least the sack saved him from the villager’s seeing his scared, crying face. He heard the large doors opening, the difference of the ground turning to stone made it clear he was in the Nohebi castle as he was brought in, he could hear gasps and whispers.


Kuroo stared up at the throne, the Nohebi king sitting on it, his bored expression turning to interest.


“And what do we have here?”  Daishou asked, a smile appearing on his face as he lift his head from his hand, looking down at the wolf and naked male brought to him.


“A gift from the higher ups your Highness, last of its kind,”  Kuroo spoke, a hand on Kenma’s bottom pushing him forward. “Some might even call him,” he moved, lifting the sack off of the tiger’s head.  “The Heart of Nekoma,” he grinned, watching as the tiger stared down at the floor. “I know you always wanted a cat to play with…


And he’s all yours.”