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Fill in the blanks

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When he wakes up, everything is too much. Weak sunlight filters through a grubby window, too bright; the sheets of the bed he's lying in scratchy, almost painful. And his entire chest hurts like hell.

His breathing goes ragged as his sole memory floats up unprompted: waking up elsewhere, moonlight barely visible though cracks in the dirt weighing him down. Empty. Empty. He doesn't want to say it, would rather say anything else, isn't really sure why. He settles for a low, panicked "nnnn."

This would still be a lot better than last time if everything didn't hurt so much.

He's hardly begun to take stock of the tiny room, rough construction and scant few signs of living, when the door creaks open. He flinches back from the noise. Just when he'd started to get used to the light, this new thing has assaulted his senses. Isn't it grand.

Green fingers curl around the door, and a huge set of ears and eyes slide tentatively into view. "Molly?" the newcomer rasps, and he realizes, oh, right, he's Molly, isn't he? But he's not sure what to say about it. In any case the yellow eyes have gone even wider and the little green person-- goblin, girl, his brain supplies on a bit of a delay, rushes into the room. He knows her, somehow. Fond exasperation. Not too clear on the details right now. "Molly, you're awake!" she shouts, loud enough to make him wince again. "...Do you still know who you are?"

He shrugs. Mostly what he knows right now is that he's Molly, but fuck knows what that means, and that this is better than last time, whatever happened then.

The goblin girl doesn't really seem to like that answer. "Well, shit," she says. "Stay here, Molly or whoever you are. I need to get the others."

A moment later, pounding footsteps-- luckily noise is starting to hurt less-- and two humans burst in, goblin behind them. One's pale and scruffy and the other is dark and wearing blue robes and it occurs to him that he's immensely happy to see them and the goblin both, and his face breaks into a wide smile. He's not sure why he's so happy about this yet, but he's just going to go with it.

"Well, he seems to... Like us, at least?" the human with the robes says, tentatively stepping forward. "Molly. Mollymauk. Obnoxious one. You in there?"

Now that's hilarious, and rings some kind of bell. He lets out a bark of laughter, shrugs, and nods, then immediately regrets those actions as pain shoots through his lungs again. The monk (hey, new word) pitches forward, a whirlwind of emotions on her face, and collides with him hard. "Ow! Fuck!" Her arms are wrapped tightly around his chest and she's shaking.

"Fucking figures that's the first thing you'd say," she snaps, voice full of-- yeah, that'd be holding back tears. "You better be in there, you asshole, you scared the shit out of us and we went through all this trouble to get you back--" Her tirade drops off as Molly puts his arms around her and holds her close. She's family, he knows that much, and so are the other two. He's very glad to see them. He lets go with one hand to beckon them closer. "Once you're back to normal we are never mentioning this again," the monk grumbles into his shoulder. He snorts.

The other human inches closer. "Mollymauk, are you able to speak right now?" he asks cautiously. Molly considers. Tries to put together more than a couple of words, frowns, shakes his head. "But you know who we are?" the man continues. "Beauregard and Caleb and Nott?"

The names fall into place and Molly nods decisively, earning a grumble from Beau, who has yet to actually let go of him. He gestures again to Caleb, scoots a little to make room for him to sit down. He'd really like to hug everyone in this room, right now, but he seems to recall that Caleb isn't usually particularly comfortable with that-- neither is Beau actually, but hey, she started it. And for that matter he's not entirely convinced of his ability to sit up right now. He settles for laying a hand on Caleb's forearm as the wizard sits down gingerly next to him. This, at least, Caleb doesn't seem to mind right now.

"I don't get it, does he remember anything or no?" Nott pipes up, clambering onto the foot of the bed to scrutinize Molly. He flails his right hand noncommittally-- a little? as Beau continues to grumble into his shoulder. He can feel a damp patch where her face is pressed into his shirt; he'll have to give her shit for crying on him later.

"Your name is Mollymauk Tealeaf," Caleb tells him quietly. "That is Beau and that is Nott the Brave and I am Caleb Widogast. You know us, ja?" Molly nods. "And Jester and Fjord and Yasha, do you remember them?"

"Yasha," Molly repeats decisively, and glances around the room. Yasha should be here. Why isn't-- oh, shit. Yasha is gone sometimes and usually that's fine but this time it is really, truly not fine. Caleb puts out a hand to keep Molly from struggling to sit up.

"The three of them are not with us right now, do you remember that? They were captured and we are going, we were trying to rescue them. But Molly, you died," Caleb says simply. "You died and we were able to bring you back only about thirteen hours ago. You need a lot more rest before we can figure out what to do next."

"Caleb are you sure it's him?" Nott persists. "You're not just telling this to some stranger, or something? Or Lucien, or Nona-wossname?"

"Yes, Nott, I think--"

"I'm Molly," Molly says forcefully. This is very important and he thinks he will probably remember why later. Caleb is right, he needs a lot more rest. He elbows Beau to free up some space to get more comfortable; she kicks him in the shin. "Tired."

"Ja, I would expect so," Caleb says gently. "We will let you sleep some more, but we are very glad that you are back."

Molly smiles, pats Caleb's arm, and drifts again.