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Night and Day

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Jeremy jerked awake. What happened? Where was he? Squip? Michael? The play? Why did his head feel like it was burning? Why did it feel like his senses were turned up to eleven?

”Dude, chill out” Rich Gorinski called.

”Rich” Jeremy gasped. “Are you okay?”

”I’m fine tall ass” Rich assured. “How are you?”

”I feel like shit” Jeremy groaned.

”Yeah, I felt like my whole body was on fire when I first got the Squip removed” Rich chuckled.

”H-How did you get it removed” Jeremy asked. “Or deactivated I should say.”

”The anti-social headphones kid” Rich beamed. “Yeah, he’s been by like, a ton. He got me the Mountain Dew. What, is he like...your boyfriend?”

”Dude” Jeremy scoffed.

”What” Rich whined. “Didn’t you hear? Totally bi now.”

”Jeremy” Michael cried. “Oh god I was worried sick. Are you okay?”

”I feel like my senses were turned up to eleven” Jeremy sighed, embracing his friend. “How are you Michael?”

”Scared shitless” Michael frowned. “Your dad will be here soon.”

”What happened with the others” Jeremy whispered.

”Everyone’s been out of school, but from what I can tell it’s okay” Michael sighed. “But uh, Mr. Reyes, he didn’t...he’s gone Jere.”

”Oh god” Jeremy gagged. “He’s dead because of me?”

”No” Michael gasped. “I worded that wrong. He’s in a mental hospital. He isn’t dead. Completely lost it, he kept trying to beat up students and he just...crazy.”

”Okay” Jeremy nodded. “I’m glad that you’re alright Michael.”

”I wasn’t Squipped” Michael snorted. “Just promise me you won’t do something stupid like that again.”

”What am I gonna do Michael” Jeremy mumbled. “Jump off a building?”

Six Months Later

Jeremy jumped off the building he was perched on and swung off to school. Yeah it wasn’t the safest way to get around, but it was his way to get around. And it’s not like anyone knew it was him under the mask.

Basically everyone that was Squipped ended up with powers. And no one had the same powers. That’s what made it so awesome.

Jeremy was now Spider-Man, he could do whatever a spider could. Spin webs, crawl walls, etcetera. Jeremy honestly thought that the Human Spider was a good name but Brooke changed it.

Brooke, the lovely blonde, was the Wasp. She could shrink to the size of an actual wasp, shoot beams out of her hands when small, and could fly. She literally had wings that could sprout out of her back at any time, but they were easier to control when small.

Jake had the alter ego of Vision. He could turn his body into an indestructible metal, could fly, and shoot a beam out of his forehead. He also had a computer like brain when he was in Viz mode.

Jenna didn’t get the strongest, strong meaning muscle and all that happy jazz, of powers. She rarely came out and fought, but when she did people called her Iron Woman. Jenna got an advanced brain and made a flying suit of armor that was still in its testing days. She also made any tech that the team could possibly need.

Rich was now called the Human Toarch. Rich could fly, and his body could set on fire. He didn’t even burn the floor when he landed on it, and Jenna made him a special suit that didn’t burn like his clothes.

Christine was now called Captain Marvel. Christine could shoot blasts of energy out of her hands, she was nearly as strong as Jeremy, (they did the strength test, Jeremy came out on top) and she could fly.

Finally Chloe. Chloe had the name of Medusa in her roster. The young woman could grow her hair out to twelve feet long at will and it was like having extra appendages. When Chloe grew out her hair, it turned bright red. Chloe usually kept the length at six feet to keep from tripping. She often used her hair to get around, since she could make her hair into a wing like shape and control it to lift her off the ground, or tying up opponents.

So as you can tell, everyone could fly except Jeremy. Jenna had a suit that worked about 65% of the time, but close enough. Jeremy was the one who worked up a sweat to get around, and had to fill it commute across the city to get around. The others could fly above the buildings but Jeremy relied on them to get around.

Jeremy just landed on the roof of the school and pulled on his clothes over the red and blue suit. Jeremy peeled off his mask and gloves before hopping down to the ground and walking into the building.

”Spider-Man does whatever a spider can” Jeremy whispered. “But he also has school.”