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Dark Mirror

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Two sides of a coin,
two halves of a whole,
two flickering shadows
with opposite goals.
I am your dark,
you are my bright.
We both stand in twilight,
but I face the night.

That is your burden,
that is your fear,
that whenever you face me,
your shadow is near.
Whenever you're near me
that like calls to like,
your last beam of sunlight
quenched by my night.
My darkness it tempts you,
your light calls to me…
a last glimmer of honor
upon a dark sea.

So, come to me, Avon, in silver and black.
Let me clothe you in evil,
stretch your soul on my rack.
'Til there's none of you left
and you're here by my side,
you my dark consort, I your black bride.

Black upon darkness,
no shade of gray left,
no brief gleam of twilight,
your soul is bereft.
Power now your lover,
your lover is here,
the black queen triumphant
with no more to fear.
The dark angel is fallen,
his honor is fled,
wrapped up in the night,
chained safe to my bed.

So, come to me, Avon,
in silver and black.
Let me tarnish that silver
upon my dark rack.

(March 23, 1987)