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Scent of old books and something else tantalising

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Severus Snape sat watching the Great Hall, dark eyes flashing across the few hundred students attending Hogwarts. It took a great deal,of focus and strong Occulumany shields to block,out the mass of stimulation his brain was assaulted with. So many youngsters crowded into one room, forced to sit through the Sorting of new students, the various announcements then the many coursed feast, was enough to try his patience, which as an Alpha was already low.
Beside him, glad in a horrid array of pink Dolores Umbitch, no Umbridge sat. A beta, yet she wore perfume as if she’d been bathing in it. A number of other betas around the Hall we’re struggling with the overpowering smell, let alone those of Alpha or Omega designations.
Albus was droning in about something, when Dolores interrupted him and started prattling away. Tuning out her words he allowed his eyes to rove across the assembled students, taking in the new faces, the odd polite incline of the head to one of his Snakes, a sneer when he spotted the boy who was both a thorn in his side and a painful reminder of his youth.
Turning his head away from the Gryffindor table he paused and looked back. Something was different. There was a scent coming from the table, almost familiar, yet new and slightly enticing. His more feral brain prickled with recognition supply hints of memories from where he’d smelt it before.

The first time he caught the scent, it was the day he visited Poppy in the Hospital Wing to check the De-Petrification potion had worked. Of course it had. The little know-it-all was awake with a potions book in hand. Sneaking a peak, he rolled his eyes. Of course, she was reading about the potion that cured her.
As he walked away, the faintest touch of something drifted passed his nose and activated part of his brain often suppressed. The infirmary always carried many scents, medicinal potions, students who’d come in, blood and Poppy’s unique soothing but motherly Omega scent.
He shook his head before walking back to discuss the medicinal potion restock with Poppy.

The second time was also the night he faced the wolf a second time.
Snape stood, arms spread, attempting to shield the three young teens behind him. Remus Lupin, the only one of the Marauders to present as an Alpha, now stood in his were form. It made sense Remus couldn’t stand his sire Greyback, they were both alphas by designation, and Moony was nit a wolf that backed down for others.
When Hermione spoke just after Lupin changed, he’d paused, head cocked to observe her, before snarling, not at them, but the scent of another Alpha, eyes narrowing upon Severus.
There’d been a spike of scent just briefly whilst Lupin and Black struggled before the werewolf took off after hearing a howl from within the Forbidden Forest.
Again it had been fleeting but caused his Aloha instincts to perk up.

The third time he caught the scent was after the Yule Ball the year of the TriWizards Tournament, or as he preferred the year his life went all to fuck, again.
It was late in the evening, not yet curfew for those present at the Ball, but fast approaching. To avoid the throng of sweating teens, with their cloying sexually charged hormone induced scents, Snape has taken to patrolling the halls. The corridors were cooler, air flowing freely dispersing the intense scents. His feet were silent as he swept about, looking fir younger students attempting to sneak down, or the older ones that gave in to their hormones in dark alcoves. He’d found four couples and one triple so far. The couples were all given detention and docked points. The triple had been one of his Snakes with two visiting students. All three had received a tongue lashing and told not to get caught again.
The faintest trace of the scent that made his Alpha itch to be free, drifted towards him as he turned down another corridor. The sound of soft sobs and Draco’s drawl reached him.
“Why aren’t you in there with Krum Granger?”
“What do you care Malfoy?”
“I don’t. Just seems strange that the girl who somehow caught the attention of a professional quidditch player, would be sat crying due to the words from a jealous weasel. Just proves you don’t deserve to be here if you can’t handle that, mudblood.”
There was a scuff of shoes and steps retreating away. A few moments passed, in which Severus just stood listening. The sobs slowly stopped then there was the swish of fabric, as though someone was standing up in robes.
“Thank you Draco. You’re right.” The words were barely a whisper, spoken into the empty halls, before he heard the soft click of heeled shoes climbing towards Gryffindor tower.

Umbridge returning to her seat and Dumbledore commencing the feast drew him from his memories. A frown formed as he looked again at Minerva’s cubs. Trying to inhale discreetly, he couldn’t confirm if the enticing scent was coming from them, or was something else. It was gone once again.
Severus Snape had enough to deal with this year thank you very much. With a disgruntled sneer he shook his head sharply before stabbing at his food. The sooner he ate, the sooner he could retreat to his private chambers and escape the odours in the hall, especially Umbitch’s perfume!