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Drabble Collection

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"Auntie Medea! Auntie Medea! Did you hear?" Rin squealed as she slammed the sliding door open. She held a magazine as if it were the Holy Grail itself.

"YES!" Medea had gotten her own copy of it while her surrogate daughter was at school. "The July issue of the Saber magazine! Summer Special Swimsuit Edition!" The older woman clutched the booklet to her chest, tears streaming down her face.

"I tried to come here as quickly as possible," Rin sat down next to Medea. "Thanks for waiting for me, Auntie."

They reverently stared at the magazine's cover for a few moments before opening it to the first page, flipping past the table of contents. They knew every Saber model by appearance, after all. The women went through the magazine, taking time to appreciate every model.

"Quick Queen looks fine as hell! And her girlfriend looks ready to jam!"

"Proto's really hot! DelightWorks should totally start hiring more dudes."

"Yeah, but these girls are sexy as fuck too! I mean, look at Mo-chan!"

"And Alter! Damn, she's rocking that maid outfit!"

"I prefer it when the swimsuit actually shows skin. Look at this snack!"

"Lancer shows lots of skin in her normal outfits, Rin. I prefer more modest ladies, like MHX."

"Oh, it's Red!" Before they knew it, they had reached the penultimate page. "That means the next one is..." Rin looked at Medea. "Blue," they said in unison.
Medea delicately handled the corner of the page. Knowing DelightWorks, Blue, the star of the show, would get a two-page spread. The fangirls held their breath as she started to turn the page and-

"Sister! Auntie! Dinner's ready!" Apparently, they had spent a little too much time appreciating the other models.