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The day was peaceful, it was such a contradiction to the event that was planned to occur. The man glared at the picture of his target with disgust. 'At last,'  he thought. He had waited years for this day.

He can finally get rid of the creature that ruined his life. 

It was a bittersweet moment. He wished things had never taken place the way it did for him to make such choices. But it has to be done. 

'He should have known that I would not be his puppet forever, that no matter how long it would have taken, I would have found out what happened. He should have known that I will stop him, especially after knowing what he had done.'

He smiled wryly at the sky. He can finally end it. It would be extremely hard to explain what happens to those who might discover that it was he who was behind everything, but he did not care.

No matter how many rules he had to break, even if the company he had chosen to work with was less than scum in the eyes of the society, this was it.

It all ends today.




"From today, you're officially an adult. So please be more responsible, Tae!"


"It doesn't matter because you're more of a father to me, Uncle!"


'This beautiful both happy and sad at the same time...'


"How do I look? These clothes are so pretty. I like this body. I can hardly wait to see the look on the young master's face when he's betrayed by his most loyal servant."


"Min Yoongi is so cool! I think I'm in love!"


"I won't let you hurt this boy. No one is allowed to touch what's mine."


"Kim Taehyung, your sin is your very existence."