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Aravalie 1

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Smoke, dusk, the smell of the war. A naked figure stands on a pile of corpses, and her hair turns black from the flame red. The rays of the red sun fall on her face and her body as she walks away from the corpses toward the sun, to the East. Her body covered with blood and ashes, and she looks at the West as she hears the victory sounds coming from the Last Alliance. Sauron is now defeated, but she knows that her father is a mighty enemy. She knows that he'll appear back again, but this time she won't interfere, because she endured him enough. All those years she had to deal with his insane and corrupted personality, so she knew that he couldn't go back to his old magnificence at the beginning of Arda again. She stares at the Morning Star, and she feels like there was something important, but she has forgotten. She continues to walk and wants to disremember Ithrin Luin and their deeds. She wants to forget Allatar and his treachery and to forget the pain of the loss of Pallando. Suddenly she hears a sound and sees a young elfling wearing the clothes of Hildorien, and the girl laughs at her, as she runs away to the West. The sky darkens, and she remembers the First Age.
Now her story begins, the story of Ilwie Maironiel.

It was clear but a cold night. There was snow on the ground and yet no cloud in the sky. Inside a starlit room, a noldo elf was lying on the bed. She was pregnant and there were a few days left for her to give birth to her child. But that night was destined different for her.
She was sleeping and holding her belly. And then her eyes opened with a sudden pang and her water broke. She was about to give birth. Thence she shouted to Lóteriel, her maiden and her friend.
”Lóteriel! Where are you? Lóteriel!” But there was no one to answer her. Her labor pain was getting harder but she stood up and started to walk to find someone to help her. She tried to go further than her house but the secondary pang stopped her from doing that. She realized that she had to give birth to the baby on her own. So she went back to her room. Her eyes were darkened and then she saw her: A young lady, wearing an unknown armor, looking at her. She was beautiful and reminded her of Mairon. Thus she understood that was her daughter, which she was about to give birth. She disappeared and then Calarië felt another strong pang. She was hardly able to sit on her bed and her visions multiplied. She saw a bay and an unknown woman holding her daughter's hand. Then she saw her crying and covered in blood; her fiery soul and acting like a male warrior, and she saw her crowned and thousands were bowing to her. Her visions ended there and with another pang, she gave birth to her. At that moment she was looking at the starry sky and she saw Valacirca’s second star divided into two different stars. Then she heard her daughter's cry. Quickly she took her into her arms. She really was beautiful and Calarië cried too. She looked into her fiery blue eyes and they remembered her the fire. She smiled and caressed the little baby's head.
“Haldanaríë,” she whispered to her baby.
”The secret fire, that's your name from now on.” As she held her baby Lóteriel rushed to the room and saw the newborn baby. Her eyes opened with shock because there was still a week for her to be born. She was unable to say a thing and then they heard the horns.
Calarië felt the panic rushing in her veins, she knew they were coming for her baby. She suddenly grabbed Lóteriel’s hand.
”Go bring some clean water and clean clothes for me and the baby. Quick! We have no time left!”
Her heart was beating faster, she held the baby tightly.
Lóteriel came back with clothes and the warm water. They washed the baby and put some clothes on her. She was a cute baby with her black curly hair and her round face. Then Calarië put a dagger inside her swaddling clothes. The dagger was given to Calarië by her father and its meaning was big for her house. She thought maybe if their roads will be separated the dagger may reunite them again one day.
She felt a pain inside her heart; she didn't want to left Haldanaríë. But she had to do that, thus she looked into Lóteriel’s eyes:
”I need you to do one last favor to me,”Her tears fell.
Hide her in the secret room and go to my dad; tell him that I was sorry.”
Her voice was trembling, and Lóteriel looked at her with a declining expression:
”No, my lady if you want me to go to your dad then you should come with me! You can't leave little lady on her own, you know what happens when a newborn left motherless!”
Calarië turned her eyes to somewhere else, her eyes were harsh. She closed her eyes,”I can’t,” she said with a ruthless voice.”I already said to them only my corpse will return there, so it will be,
”Haldanaríë will be raised by a more valuable mother than me. Thus I have no regret.”
Therefore Lóteriel accepted to take the baby away and informing the Lord about what's happening.

Now Calarië left on her own again. She stood up once again and then the second baby moved inside her belly. The baby was about to come but she was unlucky. Calarië grabbed her cloth tightly. She wasn't aware that she was carrying twins. And now she was heading to her death with her unborn child.