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The Masterless Samurai

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Avengers POV

The Avengers team had been assembled, but this time it wasn't an alien invasion or Norse gods.

"Sir," Steve greats

"Captain," Fury replies handing him a file"we have assembled the Avengers initiative to track down this target, his names Ronin Japanese for masterless samurai or lone warrior he is an international assassin that never misses."

"Do you have anything else on him?" asks Tony sarcastically "cause that file looks thin"

Fury ignores tony's remark and continues "He has over 700 confirmed kills and has been on shields radar for over five years"

"Director" starts Natasha "if he's been active for over 5 years how come we are only bringing him in now?"

"Yeah" agrees Bruce

"Because in the last 5 years, only now have we gotten his location, can you complete this mission or not," Fury asks

"We'll take the mission," Steve says before anyone can argue

"Who made you captain" snaps Tony

"Shield," Steve replies heading to the jet as Tony huffs

-avengers jet-

"Team" Steve greets "the target Ronin has been spotted in Budapest, our mission is to capture the target with all means possible"

As the Jet was landing Bruce activated ghost, a protocol that camouflages the jet, and prevented incoming transmission.

"We're ready to go" state's Bruce "protocol ghost is active and the target should be entering the warehouse any moment now"

"Good job" replies Bruce as he turns to the rest of the team "Natasha, thor you're stationed on the roof and Tonys with me"

As everyone was getting into their positions they spotted a man in black and gold robes matching there targets description

"Wow that guy full on ninja" Tony exclaimed

"Shut it stark" snaps Natasha "captain?"

"Engage target" orders steve and within seconds the Avengers are surrounding Ronin

"Come quietly," says Steve "you have no chance to beat us all"

Instead of answering ronin unsheathed his katana and dropped into a battle stance then said "come at me" his words leaked with arrogance and hate.

All the Avengers attacked at once dodging hurricanes, flying blades and more

"Who is this guy," asks Tony out of breath "he's like the bruce lee of Budapest"

"Stark, he is a lot of things" answers Bruce through the coms "but definitely Bruce Lee-"

"Focus" Natasha interrupts

The fight lasted well over 30 minutes until Ronin dropped down, he had taken down steve with nunchucks, Ironman with 2 roundhouse kicks and a well-aimed jab at iron man's arc reactor before Thor seemingly took him down with a lightning bolt.

"That was exhausting" states tony "not even Ultron took that long, we definitely needed to bring Wanda and Pietro on this mission"

"They are on vacation tony" Steve replies "I wasn't going to interrupt them"

As Steve walked over to cuff Ronin Pain exploded in his chest as he felt his ribs snap. His breathing becomes labored. He wobbles as ronin punishes him with an uppercut that sends him into the wall.

"Shit" snaps Natasha running to attack Ronin, "I thought you said he was out!"

"He was" Tony snaps back "well at least I thought he was, who can still be conscious after being hit by a lightning bolt!"

As Natasha started to fight Ronin he fires foot and fist into her repeatedly, like he's exercising on a heavy bag rather than hitting a person.

"This guy crazy" shouts Tony as he fires lasers

"Hadn't noticed" Natasha snapped back having enough of Tony's attitude then suddenly there's a flash and Pietro stands over the unconscious Ronin

"Wasn't that hard" states Pietro

"I thought you were on vacation," asks Tony out of breath

"Come on team," Steve says "let's get this guy to shield"

-shield base interrogation room-

"Do you know who the guy is Director?" asks Natasha staring through the glass at the prisoner

"I was hoping you and your team could figure that out," says Fury

"Steve" Natasha snaps as she enters the room before anyone can argue "you're with me, the rest of you wait here and watch"

Clint's POV

As he gains consciousness he immediately sees the redhead he was fighting earlier

"Who are you?" The redhead asks does she think I'm stupid why would I give her any information

"I was hoping you wouldn't answer" the redhead continued as she punched his head into the table "now let's do it my way"

After an hour at most Natasha had not gotten anything out of Ronin

"Why don't you just take his mask off," asks a voice from outside he identifies as ironmans

"Because it wouldn't come off" Natasha snapped expecting to have to lecture stark but she interrupted "I can get it off," says Tony as he enters the room, oh shit Clint thinks "like this" and the mask pops off

"See-" Tony says about to snark back until he sees Ronin's face, apparently he is not the only that's shocked because Steve and Thor rush into the room

"Is this a joke" Steve snaps to Fury staring at a boy that looks to be about 16 and an 'international assassin'

"Odin's beard," says thor mouth agape "tis a young boy doing on a battlefield?"

"Shut it!" I snap at the Avengers "this is the exact fucking reason I don't tell anyone anything about me! now if you would be so kind to either execute me or send me to prison!" I hate being treated with kid gloves do they know how hard and long I worked to gain my reputation

"How old are you," asks captain America ignoring my outburst

"I might be young" I state voice harsh and deadly "but I am Ronin, the marksman that never misses, the shadow that scares you at night, and I capable of making you too unidentifiable for even your closest friends will not know where you went"

There is shocked silence for a long time until they leave, then I can finally drop my act

-meeting room-

"Director," Natasha asks "you have any new information on him?"

"Yes" fury answers looking at the group " his full name is Clint Francis Barton, he is 15 and has an older brother named Charles Bernard Barton who is presumed dead. Fury states leaving the group in shock, they had known he was young but they didn't realize how young "his brother and he went off the map and the age of 7 and 14 where they both worked in the circus for a few years until Charles Bernard sold Clint to Hydra. Clint worked with hydra as Hawkeye until he escaped their grasp and that's where the name Ronin comes from, The masterless samurai."

There is a long silence while everyone takes in the information then the question they are were waiting for was said

"What do we do with him," asks Steve