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Salome of the Stars

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"Everything has gone horribly wrong, my friend," the Minbari told his Centauri counterpart.

"You don't have to tell me that, Londo never listens to me."

"Ambassador Delenn still has not emerged from her cocoon."

"And that's another whole mess, Londo has been raising hell at council meetings because Delenn is incapacitated and G'kar is Maker knows where," Vir took another drink.

"I know that she is following her destiny, but I do not care for how long this process is taking."

"Me either, you are my only friend on this station Lennier, and I haven't seen you in weeks!"

"And I'm afraid I can't stay long," the Minbari man sighed, finishing his drink, "in fact, I'd better be off. I'll see you soon, Vir."

"See you later, Lennier, good luck with your ambassador."

"And you," Lennier bowed to his friend and moved from the bar.

It had been a trying few weeks for Lennier. His teacher and closest friend, Delenn, had gone into her chrysalis and he feared for her safety. To add to the mayhem, Sinclair had been transferred to Minbar and Earthforce had decided that John Sheridan, the feared Starkiller, should take command of the station. The Starkiller, a Minbari war story. Lennier had family that died when the Black Star was destroyed, and yet he knew he had to push the thoughts of revenge from his mind.

Lennier paused in the Zocalo, looking around and people watching to try and alleviate his stress. There were so many life forms here on Babylon 5, he always loved that about the station. There was so much you could learn by actually interacting with other species, and if there was one thing Lennier could always find comfort in it was learning. He did not care for being bumped into, however.

"Oh, I am so sorry, sir," the woman started to apologize.

Lennier turned to see her quickly brush her long dark hair from her face. He was startled by her, specifically her wide brown eyes. They seemed warm. Inviting. 

"Are you okay?"

"Ah, yes, I'm alright. Do not worry about bumping into me, the Zocalo can be a confusing place," he smiled, no longer irritated.

"Yeah, no kidding, I've been trying to get to my room since I got here," she brushed her hair from her face again and looked down at the paper in her other hand.

The Minbari took in her features again. High rounded cheek bones, a slightly convex nose, thick black eyelashes, and thick lips. He never ceased to be amazed by the differences in humans, none of them look the same. Maybe it was the hair.

"It's in a place called Green Sector, do you know where that is?"

"Green Sector? Yes, I'm headed that way myself!"

"Would you mind if I tagged along?"

"Ah, 'tagged' along?"

"Oh, sorry, it's an Earth expression. Can I accompany you on your way there?"

"Oh! Of course you can, what an interesting expression."

"You think so?"

"Yes! I find many Earth expressions to be amusing!"

"That's good, most people find them annoying or confusing."

Lennier smiled and ushered her along, watching her as she looked around the Zocalo.

"Are you an ambassador? If you don't mind me asking," the Minbari looked to her.

"No, why do you ask?"

"The Green Sector is the Diplomatic sector. It's reserved for ambassadors, diplomats and command personnel. Which are you?"

"Hm, which am I?" the woman hummed, biting her lip in thought. "A bit of a diplomat, I guess you could say."

"From Earth?"

"No, not Earth."

"Then where?"

"Are all Minbari this curious?"

She stopped to look at him, folding her arms in front of her with a crooked smile. 

"No," Linnear smiled in response, "I apologize if I have crossed a boundary of yours, uh..."

"Chava, Chava Iskowitch," she held her hand out.

"Ah, I am Lennier, I'm Ambassador Delenn's aide."

"Do you have a last name, Lennier?"

"We have clans, I am part of the Third Fade of Chudomo, part of the Religious caste."

"How interesting!"

"I am...glad you think so, Miss Iskowitch."

"Please, call me Chava, Miss Iskowitch sounds so formal."

"As you wish, Chava. If you don't mind, can I ask you what business you have on Babylon 5?"

"Mm, diplomatic in nature I guess. So that I can provide information from my superiors to whoever needs to hear it, that kinda thing."

"Your superiors?"

"All in good time, Lennier."

"My apologies-"

"This conversation seems to be mostly apologizing," she laughed as they entered a Core Shuttle.

"Make sure you use the foot straps and use a hand rail," Linnear advised, "the shuttle operates in low to zero gravity."

"Then I will definitely make sure to utilize both," the woman nodded, gripping the nearest handrail.

The rode the shuttle in silence, the Minbari man watching her as she occasionally made faces indicating she did not enjoy the zero gravity experience. As the shuttle came to a stop, Lennier motioned that they could disembark. The look of relief on Chava's face was amusing, to say the least.

"Now all we have to do is find your room," he smiled, "once you come here a few times it gets easy to navigate."

"Oh, you really don't have to help me anymore if you don't want to-"

"Please, the Minbari enjoy helping others. It's part of our moral code, so to speak."

"Well then, if you insist I won't argue against it!" she laughed, patting Lennier's shoulder as they moved to enter the Green sector. 

It took them a few minutes, only to find that her quarters were only a few doors down from Lennier's room.

"Well then, it seems that we will be seeing more of each other, Chava," he nodded with a smile.

"I look forward to it. Thank you for your help, Lennier of the Third Fade of Chudomo," she returned the gesture, before turning and disappearing into her room.

Lennier waited a moment before turning back to Delenn's quarters, thinking to himself.

"Perhaps, we've made a new friend," he told himself as he entered his friend's quarters, moving to the cocoon in the corner of the room, "Valen knows we need one right now."