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Harry Potter and the Golden Path - Year Five

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Summer Begins
Date: Summer Before Fifth Year, Late June

"How may we help you sir?" Asks a waiter at an upper scale restaurant in Potter's Hill Hundred, which is literally right next door to Potter Manor.

Glancing up from his menu to give a quick smile Harry looks back down and says, "Oh lord, I don't know, so many options look really delicious." A pause, "So what would you recommend?"

A grin, "well sir if you are interested in fish the lobster bisque soup is amazing as is the penne ala vodka with shrimp." Upon seeing Harry grinning happily at the suggestion he stops and says. "I guess that's to your approval?"

"Hmm, oh yeah, it sounds quite delicious. I will definitely go with that." A pause as he does a quick glance over at the apps, "oh and an order of sausage bread."

The waiter grins and then turns towards Sirius and says, "How about you sir, what would you like?"

With a grin on his face at Harry’s antics, Sirius gives his own order, all the while thinking about how glad his life has become what it has become.


"Despite the way matters are developing I must say I am glad to be here," Harry says with a smile as he lays back on the couch in one of the common rooms.

"Well its nice having you here as well." Remus then stops and laughs. At Harry's inquiring look he says, "I was just thinking about how good it felt to come back here after your third year. I remember thinking 'home sweet home', which was surprising to be honest."

Harry grins at that, "Not surprising at all, rather it's right. You deserve to feel as if this place is home." He then looks about with a smile on his face, "I know I sure do!"

A soft clearing of the voice leads to the two looking up and seeing a grinning Sirius at the door holding a game board in his hand.



"Master Harry youz is needed in the conference room!" Says Toppz, one of House Potter house elves.

Putting down his book he looks towards Toppz and asks, "From who is the summons from?"

"Master Remus sir, he sayz that a crisis has occurred."

Harry sighs, which gets a smile from the House Elf who knows his Master Harry is mostly kidding. He then stands up and puts down his book.


Dobby appears before Harry, looks him over and then snaps his finger, which then sees Harry clothed in the proper attire of the Lord and Head of a Great House.

"Thank you Dobby, I appreciate the assistance."

"Not a problem Master Harry, Dobby be happy to help." A pause then, "If Master be ready Dobby will slide him to the door of the conference room."

"Thank you Dobby and yes. But not the entrance bring me to the room right next door. I want to get an update before walking into the room."

"Dobby understands and Dobby will do!"

Before Dobby enacts the magic, Harry turns towards Toppz and says, "Thank you Toppz, can you keep my drink cold for me." Once he got the nod he then gestures for Dobby, who nods, snaps, which leads the two to slide away.

A moment later Harry, alone, appears in the room right next to the conference hall. Standing there, well, leaning there would be more accurate, is Sirius.

"Hey pup," is the grin filled welcome, "So I figured you would come here first."

A smile, "Hey Sirius. So what happened?"

"The sheriffs of three hundreds and the reeves of two estates are here, and they are upset." He then gestures towards the document on the table next to the door. As Harry reaches for it he continues, "It seems that a situation developed in their five person co-operative, with each blaming the other for the troubles to their holdings."

With a shake of his head Harry begins flipping through the document in order to get a general idea of what he is going through. Though he knows there is no way he can pull off walking into the meeting for much longer.

Still, he could try. Which from the grin on Sirius' face the man knows exactly what he was thinking, and probably approved.


"So Harry how has summer been so far?" Asks Charlie by mirror.

A grin his the response he gets. "Oh great, I mean its only been a week or so but honestly its been relaxing."

"Especially after last year I bet," Charlie says with a nod of understanding.

"Oh Merlin yeah, especially after. Especially since I doubt this coming year will be any more peaceful, considering Riddle's return. So I might as well enjoy it while it lasts."

"Good mindset Harry," Charlie says with a grin. Then he pauses, "Oh, so I think you will find this story funny. So a few days ago we were working to expand the size of one of our dragon caverns. Now this is necessary due to us restricting some of the natural dragon magics." A pause and shake of the head, "Anyway, as we were digging it out we broke into a nearby cave, a mud filled slime covered cave."

Eyes widen at that part of the story.

Which leads to Charlie nodding, "Yes, exactly. So mud started flowing into our own cave and began pooling at our feet. As this was going on Tatyana slightly lost her footing which led to Radovan laughing at her." Another pause as a big grin comes to his face. "Which caused him to loose his balance and then fall into the mud."

"Wait really!" Harry says chuckling, "what happened next?"

"After silently casting the protection magic Tatyana starting declaring that is why one shouldn't speak shit." Another pause, "Which of course led her to missing the incoming dragon and fall into the mud herself." After stopping to chuckle widely, Charlie then continued, "So I whipped out my own wand, cast the protections, but didn't say anything."

"You weren't going to tempt fate were you?"

"No, no I wasn't," Charlie says with a grin. He then shakes his head, "of course it didn't stop the two and the dragon throwing mud at me as soon as they came back up."

While still chuckling slightly at that Harry asks, "So was there anything in the room?"

A small smile, "Actually yes, which made the situation all the more useful."

At this point the conversation gets a bit more technical as he shares information on some of the relics and artifacts, mostly aesthetic rather than magical, found within the cave site. After almost three hours of them talking about it Charlie realizes the time, which leads him to sadly ending the call for his need of sleep.