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Safe Haven

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There were no chains at this school.

Frankie had never left the lab before. She didn’t know how old she was. She didn’t know the people who took her away from the lab. She didn’t know where her maker was now. But she knew that this school was a good place to be. It was safe here. The tall lady who could take her head off was nice and she smiled, something Frankie’s maker never did.

Frankie liked the other students here. They didn’t laugh at her or say mean, nasty things. When she walked past a science class for the first time, she got scared, but no one made fun of her. A dragon girl took her to the guidance counselor, who told her that the science classroom at Monster High was very different from her maker’s laboratory.

“No one is going to hurt you here.”

Her maker kept her chained up. It was for the safety of those around her. She could electrocute them if she was angry, and then he would have to get rid of her. He brought in groups of medical students and showed her off, proud of his handiwork. She was the proof that life could be created in a lab. She could be preserved at sixteen forever.

The people who took her maker away took her Frankie as well. She was put in a hospital, and the doctors there were gentle with her. She liked it there, but she liked Monster High better. There were other kids here, people her own age! And in the dorms, she got a bed to sleep in. Her roommate talked constantly and sometimes cried in her sleep, but Frankie liked her anyway.