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Must Be Dreaming

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Izuku Midoriya’s POV


Toshinori Yagi’s (All Might) POV

Groaning softly as the young boy came to, Deku lifted a hand to his eyes and rubbed them with the back of it, wondering where he was. The light that filled his vision was blinding, was he outside? Everything felt groggy, but at the same time, he’d had a feeling that he knew where he was. Whatever he was laying on was unusually hard and uncomfortable, and the entire backside of his body was wet as if he’d been laying on top of a moist surface. There was a soft warmth that surrounded him as he got up and made his slowly drying clothes cling to his skin. Blinking a few times to adjust to the light, the boy yawned and stretched his arms out, quickly recovering and getting a better look around.

The school buildings that surrounded him looked normal… though perhaps in a tad bit better condition than he was used to. Yuuei…? What had he been doing, sleeping in the courtyard? Why couldn’t he remember why he was there? Where was everyone else? There was a spiraling feeling in his mind as Deku tried desperately to piece everything together, failing horribly as every memory he tried to pull from the past 24 hours was clouded and empty.

What… what’s going on…? This is strange. Why can’t I remember anything…?

Any coaxing for the truth simply failed, and Izuku figured he would have to do a bit of digging on his own. The sound of the school bell reverberating through the air was enough to pull him from his silent panic, and he’d turned towards the direction of his classroom. Perhaps it would have been easier if he started with that from the beginning. Chances were, a classmate would be able to tell him what was going on.

The bell! There’s no time… gotta get to class.

Izuku got up and started jogging towards the classroom, turning back to look at where he was laying. The bench he’d been laying on was next to the planter, a very familiar sight… wait, wasn’t there supposed to be a tree there? It looked as if there was a sprout at least, but…

As he’d gotten to the classroom and he’d opened the sliding door, a very unfamiliar sight filled his vision. The desks looked like they were pulled from a time so long ago that his mom would have called it history. On top of that, the room was full to the brim with faces he didn’t recognize. A chill was crawling up his spine, and he took a deep breath of air, trying to piece the puzzle together.

What shook him to the core, however, was when he noticed someone who he felt he may have known. Judging by the hairstyle, the likelihood of the person in his vision being who he’d thought it was was particularly high. The thing that had caused him to pause, however, was that he was young. Too young, rather.

A… All Might…?! He looks… Amazing…!

Izuku didn't know how to digest the information that was currently overloading his mind. It was at this point that dots began to connect and things were beginning to make the slightest bit of sense. The way the buildings appeared to look so new, the sapling where the tree was supposed to be, and now his teacher looking so young and as attractive as ever.

Am I in a different time…? All Might in high school… What could have even brought me here? How am I going to get back? If I mess with things here, will it mess with the future? Is this a completely different timeline? How am I supposed to proceed?!

Midoriya was relatively confident that his head was going to explode, but he’d miraculously managed to hold it together. Perhaps it would be best for him to remain calm and go with the flow? Then maybe things would line up, and he could return to his time. Trying to play off his presence upon catching All Might’s attention, Izuku had merely waved and chuckled nervously, clearly sweating. Then his hero had started to actively take steps towards his panicking self, even going so far as to call out to him.

“Hello, Midoriya!”

O - Oh God, what do I call him?!  Wh - what did Gran Torino call him again?! T - Toshinori, or something?! Why don’t I know his name?!

“O - Oh, hey T - Toshi…!”

… Nailed it…? Wait… Toshi!? Did I just call him Toshi? Ugh, I had one job and I can’t even do that right. Toshi’s way too friendly… but I mean, we’re friends, right? At least here we seem to be, so I guess it’s okay? It’s probably okay! Hmm, are we friends normally? I mean he’s my mentor, but we’re close….super close! Maybe when things go back to normal I could call him Toshi...Toshinori? No - no that’d be weird. At least here we’re the same age so -.

Before he could even finish thinking, Toshinori had already given Izuku a motion that calmed him down a bit, the next words coming out of his mouth as if by habit.

“H - How are you?”

“I’m great, I’m always so happy to see you, Midoriya.”

Midoriya blushed from ear to ear at this point, knowing that All Might enjoyed his company, but not quite letting the thought set in until the words reached his ears. Thoughts were muddled and replaced with a dense fog of nervousness mixed with affection.

“I’m h - happy to see you t - too, Toshinori…”

“I think I like when you call me Toshi better.”

“Oh - okay! Toshi!”

I - I guess what I said earlier was okay, then… That’s good…

“Alright, maggots, get to your seats!”

The command came like a boom into Izuku’s ears and made the boy turn his head quickly to see the source. Another shocker, it seemed. The mask and the yellow uniform were all too familiar for him now since he’d spent the internship having that same yellow boot in his face. Izuku gulped nervously and his mind was back into overdrive with relentless thoughts.

I - IS THAT GRAN TORINO?! He’s so tall! I - Is that a transformation?! How did he shrink so small?! Wait, is he going to realize that I’m not supposed to be here…?

“Of course, Gran Torino-sensei.”

Toshinori spoke frankly, patting Midoriya on the back with a small smile before guiding the two of them over to their seats. Izuku had to be grateful for that much because he hadn’t known where his seat would have been, sitting down while lost in thought. It would have made sense if his seat was the empty one once everyone sat down anyways, but the help was appreciated. It took him a bit of time to realize that he was seated in the spot next to Toshi’s, though, and he felt a bit of internal dread. At this point, he was already a ball of nerves and sitting next to his hero in such a young and quite an attractive form was putting him at wit's end.

“Alright, here’s what’s happening today. We’ll be covering basic tactics and combat scenarios. At this point in the year, you’ve all gotten quite used to using your quirk in certain situations and creatively finding solutions. However, it all boils down to fundamentals, and all of you can use a bit of sharpening in that regard!”

Gran Torino’s eyes turned onto Izuku and for the briefest of moments they had made eye contact, the piercing stare of his teacher’s teacher putting him through a few flashbacks from the internship all over again. Izuku was the only one shaken from the contact, however, and Gran Torino continued his lecture, turning around to face the board and writing several words and drawing in diagrams of the situations that he’d wanted to present to the class.

I guess I am supposed to be here after all… this is so bizarre.

“As you can see here, remembering your position in a battle can make or break a situation. Find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and, well…”

Izuku watched as Gran Torino picked up some chalk and -- at a breakneck speed that the student only barely caught -- threw it right at Toshinori’s face. The contact was enough to make Midoriya cringe a bit, wondering about just how much that had hurt.

“Stop spacing out, Toshinori! For that, I’m going to be putting you through some extra drills!”

Yikes… Suddenly the training I had with Gran Torino makes so much more sense…

“Let’s go ahead and head out now. Hurry up, kiddos.”

Midoriya nodded and got up from his desk alongside the rest of the class, but watched curiously as Toshi had still been sitting at his seat, spacing out again. The child’s eyes immediately turned towards Gran Torino and noticed that he was already prepping another chalk shot and landed it handily onto Toshi’s forehead.


“Let’s go, Toshi! I’m not getting any damn younger! Time is of the essence!”

Midoriya had laughed a bit, and they’d all departed towards the dressing rooms and put on gym clothes, the remainder of the class taking on a much more standard approach. Rolling to and from cover, how to close distances on an opponent, how to create space between you and the enemy. Midoriya was actually learning a lot since it seemed that Yuuei was much more focused on honing quirks and developing abilities in the present. It was like a breath of fresh air.


Toshinori’s eyes shot open in a sudden panic, gasping for air and sitting up quickly, reaching an arm out at empty air and grasping nothing. Cold sweat beaded his forehead and the hero looked around, trying to gather his bearings. Things felt strange, yet familiar all at the same time. Something was off… As things began to click in his mind, The intrepid hero realized he was sitting on the rooftop of Yuuei. What had he been doing before this?

It was at this point that he’d looked at his hand and something was unsettling him. It looked like his hand, without a doubt. The only difference being that it lacked a few details, namely the scars from his years of being a hero. Almost as if he’d never… been… a hero…

Something’s not right here.

He’d continued looking around, noting that it was damp around him and his clothes were sticking to his body. Actually, it was quite damp all around the roof and puddles had littered the entirety of it. Had it been raining? Toshinori’s eyes continued to wander until they’d made contact with a puddle, the hero’s eyes widening and shock grasping at each and every one of his nerves. His hand reached up to his face and his fingertips lightly pressed into his cheek.

How could this be? How is this possible?

The reflection that stared back at him was his own, only younger. Much, much younger. Was this some sort of dream? Why did everything feel so real? What was going on? What brought him here? So many questions had whizzed past in his head and he couldn’t be sure what the answers were. Rather, he’d found himself quite lost. Yagi was torn away from being lost in thought at the familiar tone of the school bell ringing.

Perhaps I should proceed as normal… I still don’t know what sort of world I’m in…

Toshinori made his way down the stairs to the classroom and looked around at the other students who were filling up all the rooms. So many faces he’d recognized, many that he hadn’t seen in decades. Things didn’t really seem out of place other than the fact that he shouldn’t have been there. His mind continued struggling to find a reason for him being here, but it only served to make his head hurt.

Before too long, Yagi had opened the door to his class and he was about to head to his seat when another friendly -- yet out of place -- face had shown itself.

Young Midoriya…?! Now I’m sure this has to be some sort of dream.

Everything up to this point had seemed so surreal and there was a lot that he didn’t know yet. If it was a dream, then it would make sense for Midoriya to be here and for it to be in the past. Regardless of any explanation, Toshinori couldn’t help but feel a warmth in his heart upon seeing the boy, feeling quite at peace. Things in life were going so strangely, so the fact that he could take solace in the presence of one of his students was more than he thought he had the right to ask for.

Perhaps I should take this time to relish this opportunity. I’ve always had to watch my words with Young Midoriya when I’m around him and be careful of my behavior. Now, in this dream world, I  can indulge in the fantasy of being his friend rather than his mentor. Ah, the thought is simply delightful.

Feeling confident that his actions wouldn’t have any repercussions, in particular, the future Pillar of Justice had waved over to the boy with a beaming smile and started walking to his position, ignoring everyone else and simply looking to speak with Midoriya. Before any words could leave his mouth, though, Toshi had to catch himself from saying “Young Midoriya.” In this dream, they were the same age and calling him that might just weird them both out. At the same time, “Izuku” seemed too forward - he wasn’t quite sure if he should call him that just yet… A person couldn’t really ever go wrong by using the family name, right?

“Hello, Midoriya!”

… It was strange to say regardless…

“O - Oh, hey T - Toshi…!”

Suddenly being called by his nickname threw Toshinori off, pausing for a bit to try and gather his bearings. Of course, they were friends now. Now he was feeling bad for not going with “Izuku” instead since in this dream Midoriya was being particularly close. Besides that, the boy seemed to be sweating nervously, just as he normally does when he thinks he’s made a mistake.

Toshi couldn’t help but admit to himself how cute the kid was and couldn’t help but feel a warm endearment towards his friend. A small chuckle left his lips and motioned with his hand that it was okay. Thankfully, it seemed to calm Izuku down a bit.

“H - How are you?”

“I’m great, I’m always so happy to see you, Midoriya.”

Which was a completely true statement. Toshi always found himself more at ease whenever he was around his students and hoped that he could provide the same sort of reprieve for Midoriya. Perhaps there was a bit of a misstep though, as he could see that Midoriya was blushing profusely.

“I’m h - happy to see you t - too, Toshinori…”

He was definitely embarrassed to say that earlier. It was really cute though… What a kid.

“I think I like when you call me Toshi better.”

“Oh - okay! Toshi!”


“Alright, maggots, get to your seats!”

A roar from an unmistakable voice. Toshi cringed a bit as he heard that and turned to see that Gran Torino had since entered the room. The bell had already rang, so he shouldn’t have been surprised that the teacher was here to do his job. It’d been a long time since he’d seen the pro hero at his prime height, so it was a bit strange to see him on eye level for the first time in a long time. It didn’t help that being in his muscle form made him tower over most people.

“Of course, Gran Torino-sensei.”

Toshinori spoke frankly, patting Midoriya on the back with a small smile before guiding the two of them over to their seats. Letting Midoriya take his seat, Toshi couldn’t help but smirk over at him. It was still strange to him to be friends with one of his student like this, but the opportunity was too good to miss. Since it was a dream anyway, it would probably be fine anyways -- maybe it would just help him to get in the right mindset when interacting with the real Midoriya? At this point, Toshinori felt that listening to Gran Torino’s lecture probably wasn’t of the utmost importance. It was material that he’d learned in the past and -- while it was certainly useful in his current position as a hero -- he wouldn’t have to go over it again.

Ah, Gran Torino’s lectures… he’s always so long-winded about these. I suppose he’s always been like that -- may even be why I avoided making contact with him for so long…  But there’s no mistake. This is definitely a dream about my first year at Yuuei. If this were actually the past, Gran Torino would definitely have reacted to Midoriya being here. It feels so real though… Perhaps it’s one of those lucid dreams I’ve heard of, I’ve never experienced one before so it was possible.

Gran Torino’s eyes went into his direction, but Toshinori realized that the old timer hadn’t noticed the student’s lack of attention. A sigh of relief left his mouth and he’d watched as the teacher started to go into basic tactics and stuff like that, writing on the board and setting up diagrams for the other students.

Well, we can see how this turns out now, I suppose… I can see how students take this information on their end now.

The next thing Toshinori knew, a stick of chalk was flying at his head and hit him right between the eyes. A groan of pain erupted from his lips as he lifted a hand to lightly rub against the now sore spot on his face.  The whole class had started snickering amongst themselves and Gran Torino had a smug grin on his face, seeming to be proud of his displayed accuracy. A bit of red started to glow on Toshi’s cheek due to embarrassment.

“Stop spacing out, Toshinori! For that, I’m going to be putting you through some extra drills!”

Even in my dreams, I can’t catch a break...

“Let’s go ahead and head out now. Hurry up, kiddos.”

Memories of his training with Gran Torino and Nana flooded his mind and he wondered if he’d be seeing his predecessor in this dream as well. What kind of interaction would it be? There was so much that he’d regretted not telling her that he couldn’t help but imagine a tearful reunion. Though another piece of chalk later, Toshi was pulled from his trip down memory lane and Gran Torino was starting to have the students get up and head to the gym. He was the last one inside of the classroom, and Gran Torino was already displeased as it stood.

“Let’s go, Toshi! I’m not getting any damn younger! Time is of the essence!”

Getting up from his desk, they all departed towards the dressing rooms and put on their gym clothes. The remainder of the class taking on a much more standard approach. Rolling to and from cover, how to close distances on an opponent, how to create space between you and the enemy. These were all things that Toshi made sure to internalize from all of his years in his career, but realized that this sort of stuff wasn’t something that the Yuuei students in the present were exposed to. Perhaps spending a period on the fundamentals wouldn’t be the worst idea ever...