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Less Like Him

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Franziska sighed, scrunching her nose and holding a hand to her head. Nightmares weren't a nightly thing for her, but they happened more often than she cared to admit. A soft sigh drew Franziska's attention, her eyes sliding to look over at the person sharing her bed. Franziska's face, previously wrought with wrinkles and displeasure, now held a small smile and kind eyes.

"Huh...?" Ema's eyes cracked open, and blearily she moved to a sitting position.

"I'm sorry, did I wake you?" Franziska asked, as Ema yawned. Ema stretched, lowering one of her arms around Franziska and grinning, albeit sleepily.

"Nope, but I'm sure glad I'm awake now," Ema said. Franziska fought back a smile, which ended up not being too difficult as her mind brought her back to the nightmare that had awoken her. "Hey, what's wrong?" Ema changed position so Franziska was turned towards her, and both of her hands rested on Franziska's shoulders.

"It's nothing, just a nightmare," Franziska replied, her no-nonsense business tone making it's way into her voice involuntarily. Ema frowned. The two sat in silence, Ema's stare firm but not intrusive. Franziska exhaled, shoulders slumping. Instead of speaking, she raised her hand to her shoulder, shifting Ema's hand over.

"Hm?" Ema leaned back slightly, allowing her hand to be moved. Franziska slid the neck of her nightshirt over, displaying a circular scar. Ema glanced at the scar, her eyes soon flicking back up to meet Franziska's. However, that proved difficult, as Franziska was staring downwards. "Hey," Ema said, placing the hand that had previously been on Franziska's shoulder on her face and tilting it upward gently.

"It's nonsense," Franziska said, finally meeting Ema's eyes, her own slowly blurring with unshed tears. Ema's chest constricted, but she smiled.

"Fran, you are nothing like him." Ema looked back at the scar, an idea beginning to form. Ema leaned in slowly, gently pressing her lips to Franziska's neck. Franziska let out an almost imperceptible sigh of contentment. Almost being key, because kissing someone's neck puts your ears close to their mouth, and Ema didn't miss it. Ema smiled as she moved her lips down, trailing kisses from just under Franziska's jawline to her collar bone, making sure to spend extra time on Franziska's sweet spots. Ema knew them all by now, but she didn't let them deter her from her purpose.

Ema stopped just before the scar, leaning back enough so she could meet Franziska's eyes. She didn't say anything, but Franziska knew what unspoken question she was being asked. Franziska had kissed many of Ema's scars away, small, mostly barely noticeable, from different failed experiments and scientific endeavors. Franziska didn't have nearly as many, and she had never considered asking Ema to make any of them disappear. "Can you... please?"

Ema smiled. "Of course." Her lips brushed against Franziska's scar, and Ema felt the rough texture of the scar gradually smooth over as she kissed it. Her lips lingered on Franziska's skin, but eventually she sat back, straightening up and looking at Franziska. "AH! Are you okay??" Ema said, as tears slipped down Franziska's cheeks.

Fransizka let out a choked laugh. "No, it's all right. I'm... glad."

"Okay phew because I would do a lot for you but getting you a new scar to replace that one is not one of them," Ema replied, visibly relieved. Franziska rolled her eyes.

"Thank you," Franziska said, putting one hand around Ema's waist and tangling the other in Ema's soft, messy brown hair. Franziska pulled Ema's mouth to hers in a kiss, on the lips this time.